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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 9, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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mother who gave me one as a role model as a woman and as a mother. and as a citizen of the world, and i'm hoping to pass that on to my babies after brunch. a quick stroll around the lake was the perfect ending. a gruesome discovery just outside of a busy east bay park . what we're learning about a body that was found not far from a children's play area. also ahead of developing story in alameda this morning, where investigators are still at the scene of an early morning house fire that fire sending three people to the hospital. as crews battled the flames will have the very latest on their conditions, plus think of these women as people and that people can have their own autonomy to make their own decision. simple as that abortion rights rallies continue as the supreme court could be poised to overturn the landmark abortion ruling roe versus wade. this comes as congress is
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meeting this week to try to pass a new law that would legalize abortion nationwide. good morning. welcome to mornings onto the nine today is may 9th. it's monday. we're looking live at san francisco and the bay bridge. it's clear whether we're going to get a little bit more about the cold start. we had this morning for some, anyway. interest a little bit. new figures show that most people in the bay area who are looking to move are interested in staying here in the bay area, according to this year's migration analysis from redfin 76% of bay area, users of the real estate listing website have been looking for homes within the region. however a good number of people are still looking to move to other metro areas within the state like sacramento, which tops the list, followed by l. a but outside the state. the most searched destinations were seattle, denver, austin and porton right behind it, so we still have, you know, kind of a migration because i think because of the pandemic and because of housing prices. good morning. let's welcome claudine
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and i was asking both of you earlier. if you had a nice mother's day, it was great. i got to do the best thing in the world, which is spend it with my mother and my sisters who are mothers. they couldn't have asked for more you and i think that's when we talk about they even that migrations where people leaving and going my family's all here. others places may have a may be cheaper to buy a house pretty much every definitely will have that. you know, but they don't have the weather and they don't have a family and they don't have things that are the intangible. some of those polls don't don't show that if you leave, you know you lose a lot of stories of people who've moved and then the regrets they have, like. oh, i didn't realize and you're like, yeah, i lived in other states. do you work all over the country as well? so i think that makes coming home. even more impactful. it does. and if you have this in seattle gets a little gray for people, so just something to consider when you're considering all your options, alright, well, turning to some more serious news at this hour because we're following some developing news for you. there was a man that was found shot in the oakland hills. this was near tilden park . so we want to go back to ktvu.
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sally rasmus. now she joins us live with the latest information that she's getting from police. good morning to you, ali. good morning, claudine will open. police say it was around seven o'clock last night when they responded to a call about a person who had been shot. this was near grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road in the east bay hills near tilden park and police say when they arrived. they found a man who was suffering from gunshot wounds, and that man died from his injuries outcome. police are now investigating this as a homicide , the city's 41st homicide this year. the area where this crime happened is near children park, but it's also near several neighborhoods in the oakland and berkeley hills. one woman who lives nearby, who didn't want to give us her name, says she was saddened by the news but not shocked. it's a neighborhood that's pretty wealthy, so you would think that it might be immune to gun violence and violence. but there are people that meet up on these hillsides. on the weekends and, you know people have shot afghans before and firecrackers and caused
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fires. oakland police are not yet releasing the identity of the man who was shot. they're still trying to notify his family members but say this is an ongoing investigation and they would like anyone who may have seen anything or witnessed anything to give them a call, and they also add that crime stoppers of oakland is going to be offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this homicide investigation. live in oakland. ali rasmus ktvu. fox two news, ali. thank you. across the bay. firefighters in san francisco are working to learn what started a fire at a former hotel in the south of market district last night. video here posted to the citizen app shows the scene at the rosa building that used to be a hotel but is now supportive housing for people who used to be homeless. it took crews less than half an hour to get the flames under control. they say no one was hurt. we're still working to learn if anyone was displaced by this fire. firefighters in alameda are investigating what caused the house fire. three people are now recovering in the hospital. ktvu is james torres is live near buena vista and eighth street
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where the fire happened. he has details coming from the fire chief and family members, jamesw confirming to me that the people who are living in this house are an elderly grandmother, grandfather and their grandson, adult grandson and they say they were all home when this fire broke out super early this morning just before 3 30 this morning. and now they're all recovering in the hospital. as of now, they took the hands of the entire city of alameda fire department to get this fire under control. pretty massive flame this morning, firefighters say when they got here, they found the grandson who had run out of the house to safety. they've been rescued the elderly grandmother and the elderly grandfather, pulling them away from the fire through a side window. alamitos fire chief tells me when it comes to what started all of this. it's still a little too soon to tell. could be anything. sometimes electrical sometimes. candles left burning. sometimes the fireplace. you know, at this point, we are an initial stages
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of investigation and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that we can determine what started this. this incident. family members also tell me they were all just here yesterday celebrating mother's day and the grandmother's birthday, according to the fire chief. two of those victims are in critical condition. they don't specify exactly who critical but stable mostly due to smoke inhalation one is also suffering from minor burns. family members tell me since their grandparents are elderly, they worry how much that smoke they have damaged their lungs. firefighters for the most part of cleared the scene here, the roadways along a thin buena vista are now reopened. they were closed and shut down for about a block in each direction for a majority of the morning. the city of alameda fire investigation team is working to figure out exactly what started this fire. once we have that information, we will let you know. and our live this morning in alameda. i'm james torrez. ktvu fox two news, james . thank you. spring storm over the mother's day weekend cut many drivers in the mountains off guard. chp is warning people about winder conditions this
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morning, saying they could be in effect for a few more days. at one point yesterday, traffic was completely stopped on interstate 80 keep this in mind here. if you're going up chains are still required on interstate 80 between king veil and truckee. also you'll need chains on highway 50 between twin bridges and myers. let's see what's happening here in the bay area because we're expecting a pretty dramatic change. like in the coming hours. steve paulson, i would think so. it's already beginning to bubble up. as we say here after a really cold morning for us here, but we'll start up in this year as well because yesterday but 2 to 5 inches of snow fell i know what the uc berkeley central syria still have that over four. that's by soda springs by donner summit. this is part of the third part party of the third part. excuse me driving over echo summit on us 50 on sunday may just afternoon. now again, the roads remember the roads never warmer now because it's may it's not february. so some areas maybe didn't stick. but there's more on the way and now they're getting a little bit of a break right now. but there will be more today tonight and
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definitely tomorrow before things start to calm down. already beginning to you can see developed rapidly. they had some partly sunny is now it's turning. mostly cloudy to cloudy. so i don't think it'll take long to get more snow up in the mountains again. they're forecasting about 2 to 4. i wouldn't be surprised. isolated area 5 to 6. take a look at our pattern. it's also going to start to really rapidly developed from mostly sunny to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and i do think we'll get some scattered showers and possible thunder showers later today. this is a really cold air mass for may 9th and it's coming right over us still been very active up on parts of the mendocino coast up into lake county yesterday, the whole system is digging towards us. there's two systems one system within the system. secondary one is coming down, but it's making a beeline right for the bay area, and it'll form right over us late tonight and be over tomorrow morning. that's when the coldest there will arrive. mount diablo dropped 30 degrees this morning. there are currently 32. they've gone up a teeny bit, but still that is extremely cold air so we can get some snow. we get them on the bay area peaks. no doubt here.
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probably late tonight. tomorrow morning, the fifties on most of the attempts. we had thirties and forties this morning as the low drops in, we'll look for the activity to develop as far as scattered showers could get some hail out of these systems. no doubt about it. we won't have a lot of rain out of this, although there could be isolated areas where you get some downpours. brief heavy rain, maybe maybe a quarter of an inch or so. the sierra that will continue to look for more snow, probably into wednesday morning, so that system kicks out fifties sixties and season we call for us tomorrow will be more of the same will start to move it out wednesday than it does get better. they'll be so cold lows next couple of mornings, but it does look better as we head towards the end of the week. alright thanks, steve will rallies continue as the country awaits a decision from the supreme court about roe versus wade coming up on mornings onto the nine. we're going to look at the latest law the senate is trying to pass this week. that would legalize abortion. plus the war in ukraine continues to intensify this morning as russian forces are pushing forward in eastern ukraine. the reason russian president vladimir putin is now saying that his country was trying to
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this morning. we know the names now of both victims of friday's deadly plane crash in marin county. one person on the plane was jennifer fox, a mother from sacramento. marin county sheriff's department now confirms that michael brie are also died and also was from sacramento flight tracking data shows the plane made loops over the golden gate bridge before it went down north of the bridge. aviation experts say the flight path showed those terms were very sharp, especially considering the heavy fog at the time. the war in ukraine continues to intensify, especially in the eastern part of the country, as vladimir putin is blaming the west. trading spaces in key this morning with the latest. russian forces pushing forward in their
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eastern offensive on day 75 of the war in ukraine. it's a stark contrast to the mood in moscow as russia marks its annual victory day holiday celebrating the world war two victory over germany. vladimir putin using his speech to justify the invasion. claiming it was a forced response to western military support for the ukrainian government, which he again accused without evidence of being neo. absolutely unacceptable threat was created for us just next to our borders. everything indicated that a clash with neo was inevitable. ukraine's president below the mere zelinsky pushing back against those claims in his own victory day address. russia has forgotten everything that was important to the winners of world war two. but ukraine and the whole free world will remind them putin had been expected to use the occasion to declare victory in mariupol, but stubborn resistance there and the ukrainian counter offensive near the hard hit city of kharkiv is making it difficult to claim success in the east.
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some observers now suggesting putin could be concerned about losing support not just from his inner circle, but the russian population as well with russia's economy cratered and a lot of soldiers not coming home to their parents. russian citizens have to be thinking that that they've been sold something that just doesn't correspond to reality. another big announcement tied to victory day. the top u. s diplomat has returned to the embassy here in kiev tree angst ktvu fox two news. let's talk more about the war in ukraine by welcoming back to the nine professor of politics stephen zunes at usf. thanks for being with us. we'll be with you. president putin spoke to the russian military on the anniversary of the soviet union victory over germany. he did not say how much longer russia's assault on ukraine would last or how it would end. we're almost three months into this war, where does russia's military and perhaps its exit strategy stand? unfortunately i don't think there is an exit strategy. the war is being
9:15 am
perpetuated on this myth that these are neo that nato is surrounding russia even though nato countries only border 6. of russia's land boundaries. but you know when you have these, uh , maximalist goals about defeating this a nonexistent threat that opens things up for an indefinite war, especially if you're not doing well. it's widely agreed that russia's losses are far greater than what's being reported. we know sanctions from the u. s and other countries are mounting. russia has yet to capture a major ukrainian city. i know in the beginning of the war. the story, if you will, was that ukraine's surprised russian forces with their own strength. what do you think is happening now in the balance of power? clearly the russians were not able to conquer the country quickly or easily as they as they thought, unfortunately, given that they have indeed sees portions of ukraine they they are now in the defensive position and relative to ukraine , counter offensives and what we
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were looking at, unfortunately as a long bloody stalemate, with perhaps some advances by ukraine , some areas of advances by by russia and others and i don't see an, uh an end anytime soon. i just see a lot more death and destruction. we're seeing death destruction. entire buildings leveled what conditions are people in ukraine living under right now and where is the greatest area of concern there? yeah certainly the areas in the eastern and southern parts of the country where the fighting is, obviously things are worse but even in cities far further away, like odessa are being struck with a long range missiles and the like. there's a there's an and even in kiev they president of european union had had to run for cover, along with other people in the city just just yesterday. so it's the course that the most disturbing part, of course, is that given that russia is a nuclear power,
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given that the western countries are pouring in more and more aid , given the paranoid nature of the whole russian narrative about the 20 million who were killed during world war two, which were which it was being emphasized so much today and the anniversary, you know celebrations. the there are all sorts of very frightening scenarios that one could consider. we're seeing more world leaders get involved largely with words we know. the pope said that he would like to meet you have face to face meetings. he has called a number of times for a stop to the assault on ukraine. we just saw first lady dr jill biden in ukraine. she met with that country's first lady. president vladimir zelensky has invited president biden to come to ukraine. the white house says there are no plans to do that. how much of an action change do you think we should expect from the united states as this war continues? i think we'll see more of the same in the sense that certainly ratcheting up sanctions where possible, increasing military assistance. i think the big debate right now
9:18 am
is whether that the focus should be simply on defending ukraine or a weakening russians and military russia's military power. in a broader sense, the logic there being we want to make sure that russia doesn't engage in this kind of aggression again. but also that raises the very real risk of mission creep that it could, you know, make the make the war even longer, even more people killed and risk. a direct confrontation between russia and the west. do you see president biden going to ukraine? it's possible obviously depend on the security situation , primarily but he doesn't have to be physically present to show his solidarity. i mean, president biden, along with other western leaders have been quite forceful. in their support for ukraine's struggle, so it it is not a necessary step, but one that's probably still they're still thinking about at least it seems every other day we hear ukraine's president, asking for
9:19 am
more from the united states and other major countries more in terms of money more in terms of firepower. what more can the united states do? was quite understandable. i mean, if my country is being attacked, obviously one of those as much support from the outside as possible, and it's never enough , you know when you when you are facing a kind of kind of enemy like russia at the same time, of course there is there needs to be caution here. there needs to be a you know, given russia's apparently paranoia, given the ultra nationalism, given the narrative that somehow they're the victims of the of western aggression, not that they are the aggressor. one has to be really careful and calibrated in terms of what kind of support is given, so it's a difficult situation. i mean, i've been on this. i've been on your show and a number of times talking about a number of international issues over the years where i can tell you exactly what i think the
9:20 am
united states should do. but in this case, i really don't know. it's a tough one here. no, no question, stevens. well, i'm sure we'll have you on many more times. this now continues. thank you so much for joining us again this morning. my pleasure. thank you. and coming up on mornings onto the nine. it looks like it's from the latest end of the world. hollywood blockbuster the help one bay area city is receiving to start cleaning up a massive homeless encampment. also ahead. federal health officials are warning that the us could see another covid search in the fall and the winter up next. why health experts say investment in vaccines and therapeutics should prevent high levels of prevent high levels of hospitalizations and deaths. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex
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whoever you are. you have a style. and we want to help you own it. with top brands. great value. and inspiration you need. so you can own your style. of baby formula, and that's getting worse. the best selling brands reporting that they are only able to ship about half of their normal amounts, and that's led to some stores to limit how many people can buy at one time. to just one or two containers of formula and the problem is
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difficult for all parents, but it is especially hard for parents of babies who have sensitive stomachs and who can only tolerate one or two brands. think about it this way. if you're an adult, and you are lactose intolerant and you go to your local grocery store, and there's no lactose free milk, so you have to buy the regular milk. i mean, you can drink it. but how uncomfortable would you be? so that's what these babies are going through. these problems stem from its supply chain issues that did begin last year, along with a major recall by one manufacturer. doctors say parents of babies with various specific needs can try to ask their pediatricians for help. otherwise they say, parents just have to keep checking back at those stores. federal health officials say we could see millions more covid cases in the coming months as jonathan syria reports that projected number could double the total u. s case count. we could be in for another cold weather covid surge, the white house warns. we could see 100 million
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coronavirus infections this fall and winter. since the start of the pandemic, the u. s has seen 82 million cases. a senior administration official made the projection during a background briefing. the forecast assumes ah macron and its sub variants. will continue to dominate new infections during the pandemic if we don't get ahead of this thing, we're going to have a lot of waning immunity. this virus continues to evolve, and we may see a pretty sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths has fallen winter states are already seeing an uptick and infections nationwide. we're averaging about 71,000 new cases per day. roughly double from a month ago. health officials are now urging congress to approve additional covid funding, saying investments in covid vaccines and therapeutics could help prevent hospitalizations and deaths. rising cases. and as we've seen when, when you've got significant numbers of people who are unvaccinated or significant numbers of people
9:25 am
who haven't gotten their booster that puts you at more risk. meanwhile the r macron variant continues to have an impact. overseas daily case. numbers have started to decline in shanghai, but chinese health officials are doubling down on the country's zero covid policy. that means increased covid testing and government quarantines for millions of residents here in the us, the cdc says the ah macron sub variant b a two remains the dominant covid strain in atlanta . jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. as covid restrictions continue to lift more couples are planning weddings and finding the related costs are higher than in recent years, largely due to the same supply chain and labor issues that are plaguing many sectors of the economy. according to the wedding report. back in 2020, the average cost for wedding was just over $20,000.01 year later , the average cost was 27,000. this year, the united states is expected to have 2.5 million weddings that's the most in 40 years. i had contacted so many
9:26 am
vendors for different things make up and hair and most of them had already been booked a year out. so you feel the pressure and that also weighs on your budget. wedding planners say more couples and are looking into weekday ceremonies and receptions. since there is typically more availability on weekdays in the cost can be lower than what you get on the weekend. prices are expected to continue to increase over the next several months, making travel plans much more. complicated for americans looking to get away this summer. analysts say the prices are going up as more people return to traveling after the last two years of fewer people at the airports. however travel experts believe the rising prices will not stop people from taking trips. so be ready for some big crowds. with so many air travelers. security lines are quite long, so you should plan to leave a little extra time to check in and get to the gate we're seeing, you know unprecedented levels of demand. people are out there traveling
9:27 am
again. people are really eager to get back out there and rediscover places that have been closed for so long. to deal with the unprecedented number of air travelers. the t s a plans to hold hiring events in the coming weeks develop positions as it continued to deal with staffing shortages nationwide. or the drought could impact more than just our water supply. coming up on mornings onto the nine the additional problem that the low water levels could cause during the summer. that's the warriors looking to defend home court tonight as they take on the grizzlies at the chase center up next we're talking live with 95 7. the game host matt steinmetz, about the intensity and the controversy that we've seen so far in this series.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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we make sit-down chicken... ...stand-up chicken... backyard chicken... ...oops chicken... ...lots-a-time chicken... chicken. if there's one thing we know, it's chicken, chicken and chicken. more choices. more wow. more to love. tyson. chid morning for so many of us if you're waking up here in san francisco all across the baby
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ready for that, whether to change those clouds are going to creep in. so say goodbye to that son. let's talk about what's happening today over on the peninsula, facebook's parent company, opening up its first store in the bay area, the meta store is on airport boulevard and burlingame. shoppers can head there and try out things like smart glasses and virtual reality games, including golf and fishing. we tell analysts say, this would be a challenging venture for that social media giant though i think this is very much a test and let's see what happens concept because putting stores all over the country is a really resource intensive thing to do, and facebook has resources, but at the heart of it, there's still technology forward. they like to build stuff. they're not really always in the business stuff of supply chains and you know, physical stores, which is a whole other ballgame. the megastore in burlingame is open monday through friday from 11 am to six pm you can head out there and check things out. what do you say so, you know, i don't know if i would. but you know, another tech company that has the retail game down, obviously
9:31 am
is apple. they've been in it for a long time. right so i'm wondering if any of the meta people were maybe poached from apple. you know, maybe got some people who run the retail division in store experience because there are obviously a lot of expert people doing that. and maybe they could. you know, maybe you know how there's they changed within companies. the biggest shift for me is that you know, facebook, their product is something that we don't need to go into a store for right, and they have to shift consumers to say this to maybe that's why the meta change as well to say we have things you can buy. and things that you can try and you should come in to try our glasses, and i think that's been a struggle for them. and so we'll see if having brick and mortar brings people back to try things out. grab stuff. apples a phone, right. you need to go grab it and have someone help you write all out, so it'll be interesting to watch. all right. let's turn our attention to what's happening across the country because protests are expected to continue through the week as the u. s. is waiting for the supreme court to release their final ruling on federal abortion rights foxes lauren blanchard is on capitol hill
9:32 am
this morning with the latest. a weekend of coast to coast protests over abortion rights. no major violence, however, there was an attack on a pro life organization in madison, wisconsin, with this spray painted on the side. if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either people who perpetrated this against us that um they again they're free to disagree with us. but they're not free to destroy property. they're not free to threaten. individual lives and safety. police are investigating a white house official saying president biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of any stripe. americans continue to wait for a final ruling by the supreme court, which in a leaked draft opinion appeared to be ready to overturn roe v. wade and toss abortion rights back to the states. however senate minority leader mitch mcconnell suggested in an interview with usa today that a national ban on
9:33 am
abortion could be possible if republicans regained control of congress and eventually the white house opinion became the final opinion legislative bodies not only at the state level but at the federal level. certainly could legislate in that area. not all in his party agree. i think that's inconsistent with what we've been fighting for. for four decades. trust in democracy on the state level is probably the way to go. i think that's what jurors from the left and the right of center. wednesday the senate is planning to take up abortion protection legislation. democrats are not expected to have enough votes for it to pass in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. it's not exactly one week since documents leaked, became public, indicating the united states supreme court could be poised to overturn the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion. mother's day turned into a day of protest by many who are concerned the nation's high court is ready to strike
9:34 am
down roe versus wade, one of the largest demonstrations here in the bay area was in san rafael. this is where hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a march and rally. some entire families took part in this demonstration. i can't imagine a better way to spend it truly, truly. i think it's really important to support all the women out there with this going on. we think it's so important to advocate the demonstration ended in a large rally outside the marin civic center. organizers say they plan to hold more such abortion rights rallies in marin county in the days and weeks to come. rise up for abortion rights, right? supporters of abortion rights also took to the streets of berkeley gathered for a march and rally and martin luther king jr civic park. there were similar demonstrations in cities across the bay area. we have more on the latest on that draft ruling leaked from the u. s. supreme court and the battle over roe v. wade on our website ktvu .com. what warning to the chronicle. there's a wide range of the number of estimated
9:35 am
people who are experiencing homelessness in san francisco. totals ranged from 8000 to more than 19,000. and the chronicle says the discrepancy comes from the different methods that are being used to count people who are homeless. the federal point in time report last done in 2019. showed san francisco's homeless population and just over 8000 people. a chronicle analysis from data from the city's health department that relies on how many homeless people access access services. chosen estimated population of more than 19,000. well california is setting out grants in 19 communities to help the homeless. oakland is going to receive nearly $5 million to improve conditions at the homeless encampment, which is that would and 26 streets there are about 300 people living in tents and rvs under the freeway surrounded by trash and burn down cars. people living and working in those surrounding neighborhoods say cleaning up that encampment would improve their lives, too. we have a lot of lot of abandoned vehicles
9:36 am
that's really apocalyptic landscape and some money could be spent removing those, um i believe money should be spent, uh, establishing and enforcing a buffer zone. so the businesses and residential properties can operate. one of the requirements to receive the state grant is that the city must create a tiny home community for about 50 people, and that community must meet standards of the state can point to as an example of a model program. okay four of the warriors best of seven playoff series with the grizzlies is tonight at chase center and joining us now is 95 7 the game house, matt steinmetz to talk about this. good morning, matt. what's going on, buddy? how you doing? not much, man. you know, this game has been mired in controversy after john marin went down with his knee injury and then we had a lot of people, you know, saying at least from the memphis twitter side, at least that that jordan's pool that had something to do with
9:37 am
it. um, but as i look at the tape myself, it just looks like a basketball player to me. i can't compare this to the same thing that happened with dillon , brooks and gp two. what do you think? uh looked inadvertent to me. um, and even if you know, he pulled on the light a little. it just didn't seem like it was very significant. obviously, i'm not gonna moran so i don't know how it either did or didn't affect me. but i think the larger point here sal is this is what happens during the nba playoffs. one team feels like they were victimized. if you will by the officials, then their coach comes out and says, uh, you know, things got to even up and we go back and forth. i really think that you know not to pick sides here, but i do think memphis react. memphis was not happy with the reaction of steve kerr. um he harped on the dillon brooks play. the warriors
9:38 am
kind of kept out in the forefront, and he took offense to steve kerr saying, you know that the grizzlies made a dirty play and that that's kind of the way their team is. and now the grizzlies have gone back and picked what may have been an instigated, insignificant play. tried to build that up as some kind of controversy, and now we had to gain for tonight. who knows what's going to happen? because now we've got dillon brooks back. but it's par for the course in the playoffs, but there's no doubt that the warriors and the grizzlies, this aspect of it has escalated a little bit. yeah, the teams don't seem to like each other, and that's a part of the competition. tell me what happened on saturday night. that game really got away from the grizzlies. it looked like the warriors were going inside quite a bit. they didn't rely on the three pointer. they came inside , and i'm wondering if memphis is going to react and adjust to
9:39 am
that and not let the warriors either go inside or shoot from the perimeter. yeah what would seem to happen on saturday? sal was the warriors had some success on the interior? and then there are three point shots started falling. most basketball people tell you that three pointers are even better when the ball gets kicked to a three point shooter from the inside. so i think what happened on saturday, memphis started to over defend the interior. and then all of a sudden here come the warriors making threes. nobody was gonna beat the warriors on saturday night. they shot the ball simply too well. sometimes that happens in the series, but you know, there's an old player named larry bird played for the boston celtics have heard of him. yes and he always said that the biggest game of a seven game series is game four, which would be tonight because it's gonna dictate whether it's 22. and it's the best of three or whether the warriors go up. three wanted, get and get into
9:40 am
total command of this series. what adjustments can be made. it's obvious that the warriors are going to try interior attack because it's working for them, and they're going to keep doing that until it doesn't work for them. what do you think memphis can do about this? well i mean, one of the things memphis likes to hang a tat on is defense on the perimeter. um, they've got a lot of length. they've got quickness on the perimeter, and one of their strategies is to take away the warriors three point shot. or at least better contest three point shots and what happens when you started standing the defense out that far, it opens up the middle of the lane for driving opportunities, and so it's a case of sometimes against the warriors. you gotta you gotta pick your poison a little bit. and if you really want to run the warriors off the three point line, that's ok, but you've got to have some kind of backup plan when the warriors start to utilize those driving lanes for drives to the basket, and then
9:41 am
even worse drives to the basket and kick outs. the three point shooters diamonds is just about to go on his radio show, along with the guru 12 to 3 on 95 7 the game. but he stopped by to chat with us. thank you, man. all right, so i'll have a good one, buddy. all right, brother. coming up on mornings onto the nine. it's a trial that many of us are watching. johnny depp vs amber heard of next we're talking live with extra correspondent billy bush for more insight on
9:42 am
big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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and 50 teachers and faculty at city college of san francisco are losing their jobs. the board of trustees voted for job cuts because of a $7 million budget deficit that they say is threatening the accreditation of
9:44 am
the college. 38 full time faculty members and more than 130, part time teachers will be cut and that will take effect before the start of the fall semester in august. happening today, president biden and vice president kamala harris will announce a new program with commitments from 20 internet providers to cut prices or increased internet speeds for millions of homes. it is part of the affordable connectivity program, which was included in the infrastructure law passed last year. the white house says households with low incomes will receive internet service free of charge. it could be months before you get money from a statewide rebate to help pay for high gasoline prices. governor newsom and state lawmakers are still debating on how to provide financial relief. the government nerd has proposed sending $400 per vehicle via debit card. but democrats in the state legislature considering refund checks, newsom says that idea could be delayed. until the october since the board is busy with tax season. here in
9:45 am
california at $5.83 set to the prices here, drivers are paying 55 cents more a gallon than anywhere else in the country. statewide gas prices are up eight cents from last week. according to triple a drivers here in the bay area are starting to see prices above $6 a gallon that includes in san francisco, san mateo and marine counties. the most affordable places to fill up our mendocino lake and solano counties. we are now getting a much clearer picture of how supply chain issues are hitting auto repair shops. mechanic say they're keeping cars longer than usual because they can't find the parts needed for repairs. some shops, a supply chain issues have doubled the turnaround time with reduced number of new cars being delivered that's impacting other parts of the auto industry. i would say, on average, maybe from three to maybe six months, depending on the type of part, um carmaker does not have a microchip to build their cars. the demands goes up because new cars not
9:46 am
coming to the market. rental car companies say they're also feeling the pinch because they have fewer cars available. the biggest struggle here in getting new cars to market a lack of computer chips. it's a case many of us are following johnny depp and amber heard and death is suing his ex wife for $50 million after she described herself as a victim of abuse and a 2018 op ed. both actors accused the other of physical violence and the relationship. the former couple will not be in courtroom and until next week. they're taking a break this week and joining us now is extra. correspondent billy bush. billy good morning. every time i see this, billy, i think that amber heard probably didn't realize what she was doing when she wanted to essentially air out her dirty laundry. and you know, and started this whole thing. and now we're in the middle of this. it looks bad for both of them. well i mean, it's a it's a toxic relationship, right.
9:47 am
johnny suing her for 50 million, she's countersuing for 100 million. neither one of them are going to get paid, but this isn't about money. johnny depp is trying to get his career back. he's essentially been canceled, right? i mean, he was on the table to get $22 million for the next, you know, for the sixth installment of pirates of the caribbean, the deal fell apart. he's absolutely sure it's connected to this relationship. so what he's trying to do is just a route there laundry and come out on top. he's got a lot of fans a lot more than her. they packed the courtroom. 180 strong. um and it seems to me like his strategy is somewhat effective. he seems to be doing pretty well now. amber's team had got very lucky. they made a very strong statement about johnny. she got very emotional on the stand. and now there is this pre scheduled hiatus. this week where people will wait and have that to sit on until the case returns a week from today and amber continues. then she'll
9:48 am
be cross examined by johnny's people, but this is i mean, this is unheard of. we're interviewing jennifer gray tonight. she used to date johnny depp back in the day, she says the loveliest things about him and so far a lot of women do, which is helpful to johnny normally when there's an abuser. there's someone else that comes forward and you know in corroborates, let me follow up on that, billy because can either of these actors get their careers back? yeah i mean, i think that's the listen. i hate to say it, but in this town you know, it's a lot of wind blowing. right let's see. how does someone feel about this person? are they okay? are they are they good? the moral high ground is usually just a convenience. so if it's determined that the for example , johnny depp has a film at cannes film festival right now. it's because he is doing well in the courtroom. a lot of people come forward and make a big high bid for it. i think that comes back around to hollywood. and they say, wait a minute. there's a demand for johnny. we can go. he's got the green light. so
9:49 am
what he's doing right now is trying to say i may be a nut. i may be a bad drinker, but i'm no abuse. alright dave chappelle was attacked at the hollywood bowl. everyone was talking about this kind of linking it up to the will smith incident and now comedians are saying anyway, on their twitter accounts that they're scared that this kind of thing may happen again in chappelle was saying, hey, why was it this guy who attacked me charged with felonies? and now you know that is coming up. what do you think is happening? number one with you know the environment around comedians, comedians sometimes tell offensive jokes on their sets. are they in danger of being attacked? yeah they they are. i mean, i just interviewed howie mandela, adam. soon as this story happened, i called howie and i knew i just run into his manager a couple nights before and he had told me how he's backing off the touring in a major way. and sure enough, i talked to him, he said. look it's not safe out there. you know, i connected with jim
9:50 am
jeffries, who was punched in the face on stage in 2009. i believe it was uh, yeah, it's getting to be more of that place where people don't like what they hear. they act out just decorum . this sort of set of rules we had. you know, where's that going now? when will smith does it at the oscars? that really doesn't help. all right. you know, one last thing here before we let you go, nick jonas, who is you know known for being kind of private now showing pictures of his baby and i've seen more celebrities. now, billy, showing pictures. i think in the instagram era that we're in or the tiktok area that we're in, they realized that you know people are doing this. it used to be that stars were very private here. but here we are, and there's a there's a icon emoticon on her face, but you know, these pictures are out. a beautiful baby, a born with born with a heart on its face so much love. no, they, uh, 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit
9:51 am
for that baby born in january, so what a mother's day to come home and share the first picture, even though we don't see the contours of the lips and the nose. you get the idea. they're happy family. so um, that's probably the sweetest picture we've seen from mother's day, and that's a good way to end it. uh despite all the other stuff we talked about that was more serious. billy bush. from extra. thank you so much for joining us and giving us the details of all these things. cousin sal. thank you. all right, billy. thank you still to come on mornings onto the nine more snow has made its way to the sierras kind of unusual, but the spring storm did catch. a lot of visitors off guard will give there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus. ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener.
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worsening u. s. drought monitor says our state's two largest reservoirs are critically low the time of year. they should be at their highest, like oroville , is that 55% capacity shasta lake is at 40. there's also not
9:55 am
much hope for any good snow runoff because of course, snowpack is just 4% of normal drought monitor says years of low rain and snow, along with intense heat has had a big impact on california's water supply. there's a water emergency. now in venetia and all residents and businesses there have to temporarily cut their water used by 30% because of a pipeline break at the water treatment plant happened over the weekend. the repair work continues this morning. the water is safe to use, according to city officials that 30% mandatory cut in water use, though, means no car washing, no landscape watering and people have to cut back on using water wherever possible. disorder in venetia could last several days . providers are warning about the real possibility. we will see rolling blackouts this summer. the west coast drought is to blame many hydropower plants, including those that chest a and orville lakes might have to go offline because of dropping water levels. the same goes for the hoover dam, which provides power for more than a
9:56 am
million people. one way you can help keep the lights on this summer is to set your thermostat a few degrees warmer and avoid using power at all, if you can, from 3 to 7 a spring snowstorm in this year a caught many drivers off guard as brian hickey reports from king veil. if you are planning a trip up to tahoe, you know you have those chains handy. a lot of drivers heading up into the sierra today caught off guard by this spring snowstorm that brought overnight flurries here to the sierra. and with that chain controls chain controls this morning in king veil from king veil to truckee, so just the highest part of donner summit where drivers are needing those four wheel drives with snow tires or chains, and a lot of folks just simply caught off guard by this either. they didn't have their chains so they couldn't go anywhere or if they did have chains. didn't know how to put them on and this time of year just starting a lot of chain installers out here. a lot of them have moved on to other jobs this time of year. and so this is time here when you need to be prepared, not only with
9:57 am
the chains but also the knowledge of how to put them on in case you need to do the job yourself. and that is what we run into this morning with a lot of drivers up here. just not ready for these conditions. and just not expecting that. in the month of may, but that is spring in california, where we've got snow right now and forecast the temperatures in the nineties by next weekend, so again, that is the springtime just needed to be ready for these conditions. on donner summit. i'm brian hickey back to you. don't blink. it all changes alright choppers in one city or town encountered more than they expected when they went to rent a movie to baby bears were holed up behind a red box dvd rental machine in truckee over the weekend take peak. police say the bear's mother was nearby. but the cubs just wouldn't leave, so they managed to capture them, and then they released them into the wild. where they were reunited with mom. there they go up the tree so quickly. they're like mom, let me tell you what happened and she's like, don't ever do that to me again. you scared me. i think we've all had that talk with our little ones.
9:58 am
the owner of a studio in australia has done a lot more than teach dance for the past 17 years. she's also helped young girls deal with stress and anxiety because you worked so closely with them, she's able to see warning signs of what could be serious mental health problems. you can just say that. they just start looking like they're withdrawing and their mood is low. quite often, they'll say, i've got tummy pains or something like that. but you know, it's probably anxiety. julie share has developed a personal relationship with hundreds of students over the years, many of the teenage girls come to her for advice on how to deal with anxiety and depression. some say she helped save their lives. a little bit before my 14th birthday. i attempted suicide for the first time. but i don't think it's uncommon for people 13 14 years old to be going through some really serious kind of troubles. the dance studio owner gives the young girls words of support and comfort and direct them to professional help to help them overcome their mental health struggles at
9:59 am
school for the blind in macon, georgia gives its students some very special yearbooks. it's a three d printed your book with the faces of all the students said that georgia academy for the blind. the students say they were easily able to identify their classmates by touching the faces in the yearbooks. morning close it and i can hang out with people who are more like, uh, you know, actually, who is more like me like, you know, since i have a vision impairment, my, uh the people who surround me also have a vision impairment. students at nearby mercer university, make the yearbooks every year and deliver them to the academy. what a great idea. i love a good yearbook. i think i still have all mine from mendenhall middle school and granada high school, probably falling apart. they're so old. that is so good. i have to, like, look mine up, but then i look it up and i'm like wow. did that hair? that's what we did back in the eighties. the awkward years. thank you. appreciate it. you guys want a good laugh? i'll show you my
10:00 am
yearbook someday, but not for air. yeah yeah, i got a good one. i remember that. my hair is something else, but we won't go into that. thank you for joining us today. ah and we will have more on the new news coming up. have a nice morning. >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ >> how you doing, wendy? >> now, here's our special guest hosts leah remini and michelle visage. >> yea! >> hello, lady!


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