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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 9, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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opee latest on this investigation as police look for the person responsible plus protests continue over abortion rights, as the republican senate leader says it's possible one day there could be a federal ban on more in blanchard in washington, the latest on the issue coming up. and free internet for tens of millions of americans. the plan just announced by the biden administration. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian plotting wang, keeping an eye on the weather here in the bay area. we're looking at those cooler temperatures and a chance of showers. taking a look outside of the oakland estuary rights p, but you maye on these changes, d that snow we're seeing in this year a prey wre
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talking about chains here in may . yes there's snow levels that brain stomachs all the way down about 4000 ft at this hour high. garcia, hi, claudine and hello to all of you. let's not forget the wind is very breezy out there in the brisk conditions will continue for today as well. look here is storm tracker to where we are on the southern edge, most of the action going on to the north of us, but we will have that possibility of scattered showers as claudine mentioned and an isolated thunderstorm not out of the question that could bring a little bit of lightning. perhaps some small hail as we get into the sierra again. the snow levels are quite low for this time of year. the snow showers will continue here as well. so do expect the wintry weather there if you are traveling over the next 24 hours or so. meanwhile the breeze continues. heyward reporting a wind gust right now to 24 san jose 17. it remains a breezy in our hills as well. oakland hills north and south, reporting anywhere from 10 to 20 mph and our temperatures well below average 10 15 degrees for some right
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now. 54 degrees in san francisco , a very chilly 48 degrees in santa rosa. better details on this system. how long the unsettled weather is going to last and what you can expect for the rest of the week. coming up. thank you. rosemary investigating that cities 41st homicide of the year. a man was shot in the berkeley, berk caldecott tunnel in tilden park , ktvu erasmus live now with an update on the investigation. ali was around seven o'clock sunday night when oakland police got a call about a person who appeared to be injured in an open space area near grizzly peak boulevard . within hours, it became a homicide investigation. a mile away from this intersection, grizzly peak and fish ranch road is where oakland police found a man who had been shot sunday evening. the man died from his injuries. i'm really sorry that this happened to an individual that's another life lost and it's really it's not just where it happens that it happens at all. the area where the crime happened is near tilden park in
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several neighborhoods in the oakland and berkeley hills, one woman who lives nearby, who didn't want to give her name, says she was saddened by the news but not shocked. it's a neighborhood that's pretty wealthy, so you would think that it might be immune to gun violence and violence. but there are people that meet up on these hillsides. on the weekends and, you know people have shot afghans before and firecrackers and caused fires. police are not yet releasing the identity of the man who was shot and killed . they're still trying to notify his family members and there is no other information about the circumstances surrounding his death. this is oakland's 41st homicide this year, police ask anyone who may have seen something unusual near the crime scene to contact them and help with the investigation. welcome police tell ktvu. they are offering a reward through the city's crime stoppers program of up to $10,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. in this case, garcia and claudine back to you. alright. thanks, ali. firefighters in alameda are investigating what caused a house fire. three
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people are now recovering in the hospital. ktvu james torres tells us what investigators and the family know so far. family members confirmed to me those living inside this house or elderly grandparents and their grandson. they say they were at home when the fire broke out, and they're now recovering in the hospital. it took the hands of the entire city of alameda fire department early this morning to get this fire under control. firefighters say when they got here just before 3 30. they found the grandson who had run out of the house to safety. they then rescued the elderly grandmother and grandfather, pulling them away from the fire through a side window. alameda fire chief tells me when it comes to what started all this fire. it's still too soon to tell. it could be anything. sometimes electrical sometimes, um. candles left burning. sometimes the fireplace. you know, at this point we are an initial stages of investigation and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that we can determine what started this. this incident. family members
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tell me they were all just here yesterday celebrating mother's day and the grandmother's birthday. according to the fire chief. two of those victimstiont stable mostly due to smoke inhalation. he did not specify which one of them is also suffering from minor burns. family members say, since their grandparents are elderly, they worry how much the smoke may have damaged their lungs. firefighters mostly cleared the scene by about eight this morning. around the same time, police officers reopened eighth street and one of vista, which was closed in one block in each direction for a majority of the morning. the city's fire investigation team will determine the cause of the fire. and once we have that information, we'll let you know. reporting in alameda. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. and fire crews in oakland tackled an rv fire this morning, people shared video of the smoky fire on the citizen app. you can see the heavy smoke that was visible from the macarthur bart station . oakland fire tells us the rv caught fire near 39th and martin luther king. so far, there are
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no reports of any injuries. protests are expected to continue through the week as the us wait for the supreme court to release its final ruling on federal abortion rights. lauren blanchard is on capitol hill with the latest. a weekend of coast to coast protests over abortion rights. no major violence, however, there was an attack on a pro life organization in madison, wisconsin, with this spray painted on the side if abortions aren't safe than you aren't either people who perpetrated this against us that um, again, they're free to disagree with us. but they're not free to destroy propertynot free to threaten.idual lives and safety. police are investigating a white house official saying president biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of any stripe. americans continue to wait for a final ruling by the supreme court, which in a leaked draft opinion appeared to be ready to overturn roe v. wade
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and toss abortion rights back to the states. however senate minority leader mitch mcconnell suggested in an interview with usa today that a national ban on abortion could be possible if republicans regained control of congress and eventually the white house opinion became the final opinion legislative bodies not only at the state level but at the federal level. certainly could legislate in that area. not all in his party agree. i think that's inconsistent with what we've been fighting for. for four decades. trust in democracy on the state level is probably the way to go. i think that's what jurors from the left and the right of center. wednesday the senate is planning to take up abortion protection legislation. democrats are not expected to have enough votes for it to pass in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. now to water emergency indonesia as all residents and businesses have to temporarily cut their water used by 30%
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because of a pipeline break at the water treatment plant happened over the weekend. the repair work continues today. the water is safe to use, according to city leaders. that 30% mandatory cutback and water use means no car washing or landscape watering. people must also cut back on using water wherever possible. the order in venetia could last several days. more than 150 teachers and faculty at city college of san francisco are losing their jobs . the board of trustees voted for job cuts because of a $7 million budget deficit that they say is threatening the accreditation of the college. 38 full time faculty members and more than 130. part time teachers are going to be cut and that will take effect before the start of the fall semester in august. at noon, the white house says free high speed internet will be accessible to millions of low income families under a new federal program. president biden and vice president harris rolled out the program in the rose garden this morning as part of the trillion dollar infrastructure law, they say 20 internet companies have agreed to take part covering places
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where some 80% of americans live. the white house says 48 million households will be eligible. for schoolwork, telemedicine standing starting a business and so much more. and we finally get connected reliability and affordably. president biden praised the companies taking part in the affordable connectivity program, including comcast, at and t and verizon householder eligible if they are at or below twice the federal poverty level. making about $55,000 a year or taking part in certain assistance programs. well still to come at noon game four of the warriors best of seven playoff series with memphis is tonight at the chase center. we're gonna take a look at the preps underway and the challenges the team faces during tonight's game. plus we could see millions of more covid infections by the end of the year. i'm jonathan, syrian
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get more with nature's bounty. dow. the s and p is down to almost one half percent in trading right now, after coming off its fifth straight losing week. that's the longest such streak in more than a decade for the s and p. we see the dow jones is down by over one full percentage point. but the big story here really is the nasdaq. the nasdaq is down by three and a third percent. will gain four of the warriors best of seven playoff
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series with memphis is tonight at the chase center, and winning tonight would put the victories just one victory away from the western conference finals. the memphis grizzlies point guard dameron is likely to miss tonight's game after suffering another injury to his right knee . that happened in game three on saturday. and yet there's a lot of controversy over that injury . you're watching what happened there on your screen. midway through the fourth quarter, moran was being double teamed by jordan pool and andrew wiggins. pull knock the ball loose, and as moran and wiggins each trying to gain control that you see pools, hand hitting maran's knee , memphis coach taylor jenkins says that play is when morant was injured. brent left the game and was not able to practice yesterday. jenkins had said that he wanted league officials to look into that play, implying that pool could be suspended. but the athletic now reporting that the nba is not going to take any action against pool now, with the best of the grizzlies gone golden state one saturday by 1 42 to 1 12 final
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score was an absolute blowout and after saturday's game the warriors talked about it. we found great shots. we didn't we didn't just settle for good shots. we found great shots, and they went in with the emergence of jordans and you're doing his thing tonight and staff and myself. we got so much firepower on this team that when we trust each other, and we just hit the open, man, we got so much great shooting that we're capable of nights like this. yeah they were hitting all those shots. there had already been tension between memphis and golden state. after the war is gary payton second was injured in game two by dillon brooks of memphis. now peyton suffered a broken elbow and he may not be back until next season, and brooks was suspended from saturday's game. he is those scheduled to be back tonight. now if you're looking for tickets for tonight's game. there are still some available. we just checked a couple of minutes ago, and i found some
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for under $200 barely under $200 , and i found some really great ones for $9200. so there is a range there, but if you're going just a reminder to you, the giants are hosting the rockies at oracle tonight at 6 45 that's less than a mile away. warriors game starts at the chase center at seven so right on top of each other. they're expect traffic heading into the city and all those neighborhoods near the bay. federal health officials say we could see millions more covid infections in the coming months as jonathan siri reports that projected number could double the total u s case count. we could be in for another cold weather covid surge, the white house warns. we could see 100 million coronavirus infections this fall and winter. since the start of the pandemic, the u. s has seen 82 million cases. a senior administration official made the projection during a background briefing. the forecast assumes ah macron and its sub variants. will continue to dominate new infections during the pandemic if we don't get ahead of this thing, we're
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going to have a lot of waning immunity. this virus continues to evolve, and we may see a pretty sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths has fallen winter states are already seeing an uptick and infections nationwide. we're averaging about 71,000 new cases per day. roughly double from a month ago. health officials are now urging congress to approve additional covid funding, saying investments in covid vaccines and therapeutics could help prevent hospitalizations and deaths. we're seeing rising cases and as we've seen when, when you've got significant numbers of people who are unvaccinated or significant numbers of people who haven't gotten their booster that puts you at more risk. meanwhile the akron vary and continues to have an impact. overseas daily case numbers have started to decline in shanghai, but chinese health officials are doubling down on the country's zero covid policy. that means increased covid testing and government quarantines for millions of residents here in the us, the cdc says the ah macron sub
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variant b a two remains the dominant covid strain in atlanta . jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. the rise in covid cases has the city of san jose reinstating a mask mandate for city workers. the temporary measure comes as santa clara county is seeing about 480 new cases a week on average. compared to 140 per week in mid march. the city says it expects to lift the requirement in two weeks. all nine bay area counties currently fall in the high level for covid covid transmission rates, according to the cdc, with more than 100 cases per 1000 residents in the past seven days alright, let's check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo as we take a look behind us rosemary blue skies. it's beautiful, but the water's moving and got that wind again that that we had so much wind yesterday as well. yes ladies. it's definitely more comfortable indoors today. so stay put. if you can. we are looking at breezy conditions. cool conditions, especially by may standards, and there's even
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a slight chance that a few scattered showers. some showers falling over areas of santa rosa at this hour giving you a live look here a from ktvu across the oakland estuary. and in the san francisco it is a pretty view in those cumulus clouds looking quite nice temperatures into the afternoon today are going to be just as cool as yesterday. right now, 48 degrees reported in santa rosa and look at the icon , some rain over areas of santa rosa at this time 57 degrees right now in san francisco, we have upper fifties and conquered. san carlos and san jose. temperatures are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday. some of ted cooler summit had warmer. this is going to be the trend, at least for one more day, and the breeze is going to be with us as well. fairfield reporting a wind gust right now to 22 mph. oakland reporting 15 conquered, gusting to 18. pulling it back for you here and showing you where the storm is primarily to the north of us, and you can see more of that going on. but for us, we will call for the possibility of a few sprinkles today, as well
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as an isolated thunderstorms. lightning small hail pretty much over our hills. we're seeing some some of this actually hitting the ground. i mentioned santa rosa just a moment ago windsor and farther north in the lake county. few scattered showers there along the coastline. we're seeing some and over our hills. let's get into the hills. we're talking about the sierra mountains and we are looking at again. the snow level ride around four or 5000 ft and the rain snow mix down to about 4000 ft or so for areas along i 80 blue canyon immigrant gap right there around that 10,500 mark. so the snow continues here anywhere from 2 to 4 inches expected over the next 24 hours into tomorrow night before it finally moves out for us. we're looking at just a small amount of accumulation in areas. it's really hard to say where we will get the sprinkles and that possibility of a thunderstorm but a few 107 inch or less expected for us here and the future cast model will show you
12:20 pm
we just continue to see some of that wrap around stuff going on all the way until about tuesday night. so today and tomorrow going to be very similar. come wednesday, we dry out and we do begin to rebound for the afternoon today take a look at the average compared to where we expect 59 today for santa rosa 57 san francisco upper fifties in oakland, as well as livermore and 61 expected over san jose, you're going play later today. it's going to be cool. it's going to be breezy. have a look. at that forecast and what we can expect for the rest of the week. coming up. rosemary thank you still to come at noon. we're learning new information about that deadly plane crash in marin county, with flight tracking data showed prior to the crash and the new information we've learned about
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frin county. one person on the plane was jennifer fox and mother from sacramento county sheriff now confirms michael briar, also from sacramento, died in the crash as well. flight tracking data should the plane made loops over the golden gate bridge before it went down north of the bridge. aviation experts say those turns were very sharp, especially considering the heavy fog at the time. hundreds of firefighters in new mexico continued to battle one of the large wildfires ever in that state. it started nearly two weeks ago in a rural area some 120 miles north east of albuquerque. the spire is burned through more than 275 square miles. the fires destroyed nearly 300 homes and businesses and forced the evacuation of some 13,000 people. firefighters
12:24 pm
say the powerful winds that have been fueling the flames are showing no signs of letting up. we've had wind of its. you know, we've seen wind events they last a day or two. this is an unprecedented wind event. this is a bend event of 56 days here . 60 hour red flag event is just really unheard of in this part of the world for sure. so far, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. investigators say the fire began as a controlled burn that got out of control due to strong winds. construction will begin this month at six parks that were partially destroyed by the 2017 tubbs fire. the parks are in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood project involves removing and replacing fire damaged vegetation, fencing, signage, picnic benches, irrigation systems and the play equipment at for a rich park. construction cost is estimated at $1.5 million. the funding was obtained through fema, cal o. e s and p g any settlement funds
12:25 pm
the state is giving oakland millions of dollars to improve conditions at one of the city's largest homeless camps, ktvu lamonica. peters talked to a nearby business owner who hopes this will have a ripple effect on the surrounding community. just last month, an audit show the city of oakland was unprepared to handle its homeless crisis. oakland would need more funding resources and better management. now the state says it will allocate $4.7 million to help improve conditions at the encampment on which street the safety of everybody here. the fire trucks can't drive down the street that's fires a lot of fires in october, 2020 oakland city council implemented and encampment management policy, which includes strategies to help mitigate health and safety risks and encampments. right now . there are at least 300 people living on wood street intents under the freeway in rvs and surrounded by trash and burned out abandoned cars. we have a
12:26 pm
lot of lot of abandoned vehicles that's really apocalyptic. landscape and some money could be spent removing those um, i believe money should be spent, uh, establishing and enforcing a buffer zone, so the businesses and residential properties can operate and function. since march of last year, there have been about 90 fires at the wood street encampment, and one man was found dead in an rv after a fire broke out last month. we have to coexist. we have to find a way we have to set some boundaries. we have to set some rules so we can all be down here together. oakland is one of 19, california communities receiving grants from the state. to help provide housing and shelter for those experiencing homelessness . lamonica peters ktvu, fox two news. still to come. at noon. mother's day turned into a day of protest for some in the north bay. they're concerned when it comes to the nation's highest court, possibly overturning roe versus wade, plus vladimir putin
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ourh the week as the us waits for the
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supreme court to release its final ruling on federal abortion rights advocates say they fear the majority of the justices will stand by that leaked draft opinion. that indicates the court will overturn roe v. wade after nearly 50 years. meanwhile senate minority leader mitch mcconnell suggested in an interview with usa today a national ban on abortion could be possible if republicans regained control of congress and eventually the white house. not all in his party agree. gets inconsistent with what we've been fighting for four decades. trust in democracy on the state level is probably the way to go . i think that's what jurors from the left and the right of center. on wednesday, the u. s. senate is planning to take up abortion protection legislation passed by the house democrats are not expected to be able to put together the 60 votes needed to pass it on mother's day turned into a day of protest over reproductive rights across the country. ktvu zach sauce has the message from one group of protesters in san rafael. body is up poverty's majority draft
12:31 pm
opinion by the u. s supreme court appearing to strike down roe v. wade, mobilizing this group in san rafael sunday, i was absolutely heartbroken organizer medal and larson organizing the rally after a friend reached out, unable to find a pro choice event in her community. my friend on tuesday just texted me and was like do you know of anything in the area, and i said no. and so i just made a fire for tuesday we had about 30 people show up. said this would be a really powerful thing on mother's day. larson says she never expected the turn out to be this large. and the crowd of andres del. we're going backward in time instead of forward is still vividly remembers the day the landmark decision from the nation's highest court came down in 1973 decision that would directly impact her own life. yes. i have made a choice to have an abortion, so i know what people go through. it's not. it's not a flippant choice. it's very personal choice, and some
12:32 pm
people don't want to go that route. people need to make their own decisions nearby, ashley winehouse, who says she awesome received an abortion after complications during pregnancy, i needed that abortion. and i can't imagine what it would have been like if i was denied that rally continuing for hours outside the marin county civic center, families like the block , setting aside mother's day plans to make their views on abortion, known in a better way to spend it truly, truly, i think it's really important to support all the women out there with this going on. we think it's so important to advocate and just down from the blocks j. harris with this message for the u. s. supreme. in court. think of these women as people and that people can have their own autonomy to make their own decision. simple as that. ktvu fox two news, oakland city council member wants the city to become a sanctuary for women seeking an abortion. council president pro tem xiang tao is introduced emergency legislation
12:33 pm
that's now scheduled to go before the full council for a vote. councilwoman house says the measure is designed to send a clear message to women across the country. we are signaling to the rest of the nation to all the women out there that we are a sanctuary city for you and that if you come out here, we will protect you. and you can have the services, which is health care services. that you need the proposal in oakland is similar to a statewide measure put forth by governor newsom and other democratic lawmakers. they want to make sure the entire state of california is a sanctuary for women seeking an abortion. a mother is behind bars for the murder of her three children in southern california , los angeles police said the mother admitted to killing her children with the assistance of a 16 year old suspect believed to be her son. this all happened in the west hills area of los angeles. now he has also been arrested as part of the investigation that children killed were a 12 year old girl and eight year old twin boys. police say the woman had seven children. three other children
12:34 pm
lived out of state with their father. and three americans are dead in 1/4 person has been hospitalized after they got sick in the bahamas. police say a couple went to the hospital on thursday night with nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. they were treated and released, but the next day they were found dead in their villa. another man was also found dead in his villa. that same day. 1/4 person woman was also airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. fox news is medical contributor . dr marty mccurry says her condition might provide some answers. this appears to sound more like an environmental exposure pollutant or a toxin could have come from an industrial source of so many different sources of rare toxins that that's certainly one of the plausible explanations. the u. s state department says it's closely monitoring local authorities and their investigation into the causes of death. and the war in ukraine continues to intensify, especially in the eastern part of the country, as russian
12:35 pm
president vladimir putin is blaming the west is in kiev this morning with the latest. russian forces pushing forward in their eastern offensive on day 75 of the war in ukraine. it's a stark contrast to the mood in moscow as russia marks its annual victory day holiday celebrating the world war two victory over germany. vladimir putin using his speech to justify the invasion. claiming it was a forced response to western military support for the ukrainian government, which he again accused without evidence of being neo. absolutely unacceptable threat was created for us just next to our borders . everything indicated that a clash with neo was inevitable. ukraine's president below the mere zelinsky pushing back against those claims in his own victory day address. sister russia has forgotten everything that was important to the winners of world war two, but ukraine and the whole free world will remind them putin had been
12:36 pm
expected to use the occasion to declare victory in mariupol, but stubborn resistance there and the ukrainian counter offensive near the hard hit city of heart. kiev is making it difficult to claim success in the east. some observers now suggesting putin could be concerned about losing support not just from his inner circle, but the russian population as well with russia's economy cratered and a lot of soldiers not coming home to their parents. russian citizens have to be thinking that that they've been sold something that just doesn't correspond to reality. another big announcement tied to victory day. the top u. s diplomat has returned to the embassy here in kiev tree angst ktvu fox two news. it could still be months before californian sea a statewide rebate to help with high gas prices. governor newsom and state lawmakers are still debating how to provide financial relief governor newsom has proposed sending california's $400 per vehicle in the form of a debit card. democrats in the state legislature are considering refund checks. governor newsom says that idea could delay the
12:37 pm
rebate until october since the board is busy with tax season, very drivers are still paying the highest prices in the state and the country 55 cents more per gallon than the us average. statewide gas prices are up eight cents from last week. gasses well over $6 a gallon at stations in san francisco, san mateo, marin counties and elsewhere. mendocino lake and solano counties have the least expensive gas in northern california. well new at noon. san francisco mayor london breed has reportedly appointed matt dorsey to fill the vacancy on the board of supervisors. dorsey has worked as a spokesperson for the services co. police department since 2020 before that he was press secretary for former city attorney attorney dennis herrera. dorsey is going to fill the remaining term of matt haney, who is now in the state assembly. firefighters in san francisco are trying to figure out what started the fire at a former hotel in the south of market district. last night video here posted to citizen app shows the scene at the rose a building that used to be a hotel but is now supportive housing.
12:38 pm
for people who used to be homeless cruise less than a half hour to get this under control. they say no one was hurt. we're still working to learn if anyone was displaced by the fire, and alameda county sheriff's deputies being treated for injuries after a suspected drunk driver in oakland crashed into the deputies suv. we have video of what happened yesterday morning at 16th and photo boulevard in oakland san antonio neighborhood around 4:30 a.m. the sheriff's office says the driver was speeding, ran a red light and crashed into the deputy's car. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. you see the aftermath of the crash year. deputy was treated for injuries and is expected to survive sheriff's department said in a tweet we are thankful nobody died. in richmond police a suspected drunk driver there was speeding saturday night crashed into a police officer's motorcycle. police were conducting a traffic stop at the time. the officer was not on the motorcycle when the car crashed into it. the driver took a breathalyzer test. police say it showed a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. san francisco could be
12:39 pm
the latest city to limit traffic styles by police as part of an effort to reduce racial bias. the city's police commission will discuss in order this week that would prevent police from pulling people over for minor infractions, such as a broken tail light so that they can investigate the driver for something else. research shows that those stops are often used on people of color at a higher rate. police say they're useful to help fight crime. other cities such as oakland, philadelphia and los angeles, have recently made efforts to limit these low level traffic stops. a final vote on the policy likely won't happen until later this year. and new at noon . a rally in oakland this morning highlighted what many are calling a crisis in affordable childcare, a group of union childcare providers, parents and advocates gathered outside of children's fairy land for what they call a day without childcare. they said that the pandemic has only highlighted the need for stable childcare for working parents, and they're calling on state and federal lawmakers to help raise wages for providers. as well as to
12:40 pm
help childcare workers afford healthcare and retirement. i know childcare providers with decades of experience that are leaving the field because they don't have the ability to pay for their businesses to stay open to beat their families. and to save enough money for retirement plan. they say that child care workers are often women of color, who are among the lowest paid and most underinsured in the country. they say the state should use some of its budget surplus to help boost pay and benefits still to come at noon sticker shock for those who plan to travel this summer if the price is set to skyrocket even higher. next. how you can get away for a trip without breaking the bank. cool breezy, unsettled weather in the forecast for your bay area monday, lasting through tuesday, before we begin to see some changes in warmer weather on the way better details in the extended forecast coming up
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12:43 pm
lowr today as renewed worries about china's economy pile on top of markets already battered by rising interest rates. the dow jones is now down by almost two full percentage points. s and p is down by three. nasdaq is down by almost four and a quarter percent. markets closed at one our time. if their prices are expected to continue to increase in the next several months, making travel plans much more complicated for americans
12:44 pm
looking to get away this summer . analysts say the prices are going up as more people return to travel after the last two years of fewer people at the airport. travel experts say most americans won't be dissuaded by the high cost of travel, and they're telling people to be ready for some big crowds. with so many air travelers. security lines are quite long, so you should plan to leave a little extra time to check in and get to the gate we're seeing, you know unprecedented levels of demand. people are out there traveling again, and people are really eager to get back out there and rediscover places that have been closed for so long. to deal with the unprecedented number of air travelers the plans to hold hiring events in the coming weeks in hopes of building positions as the agency continues to deal with staffing shortages nationwide. power providers are warning about the real possibility that we will see rolling blackouts this summer. the west coast drought is to blame many hydropower plants, including those that shasta and orville lakes might have to go offline because of dropping water levels. and the same goes for the hoover dam,
12:45 pm
which provides power for more than a million people. one way you can summer. such a thermostat just a few degreia's drought is worsening. the u. s drought monitor are critically low at the time of the year, where they should be at their highest lake oroville is that just 55% of capacity. shasta lake is at 40% and there's also not much hope for the run off the snowpack is just 4% of normal. the drought monitor says years of low rainfall and snow along with intensity waves. has had a big impact on our water supply. we are getting a spring snowstorm in the sierra, and it did catch many drivers off guard as brian hickey reports from king veil if you are planning a trip up to tahoe, make sure to have those chains handy. a lot of drivers heading up into the sierra today caught off guard by this spring snowstorm that brought overnight flurries here to the sierra and
12:46 pm
with that chain controls chain control this morning in king veil from king veil to truck, just the highest part. of donner summit where drivers are needing those four wheel drives with snow tires or chains, and a lot of folks just simply caught off guard by this either. they didn't have their chains so they couldn't go anywhere or if they did have chains. didn't know how to put them on and this time of year just starting a lot of chain installers this time of yo this is time of year when you need to be prepared not only with the chains but also the knowledge of how to put them on in case you need to do the job yourself. and that is what we run into this morning with a lot of drivers up here. just not ready for these conditions. and just not expecting that. in sprg in california, where we've got snow right now and forecasting temperatures in the nineties by next weekend, so again, that is the springtime just needed to be ready for these conditions on donner summit. i'm brian hickey back to you. the restrictions today, but a few weeks ago,
12:47 pm
people were skiing and snowboarding and t shirts. rosemary oroczo yes, it's a back and forth right now truckee tahoe area in the upper twenties to low 30, so freezing in areas over the sierra right now, and the flurries continue to fall giving you a look here at what's happening from our doors ktvu across the oakland estuary over towards san francisco. we do have mostly blue skies. we also have those cumulus clouds providing us with a few scattered showers and that will continue for not only today but into tomorrow is well. we are looking at temperatures well below average for this time of year and we are looking at the breeze to continue as well, giving you a look here at some of the numbers 48 degrees. right now in santa rosa, santa rosa reporting a little bit of rain there you can see on the icon san francisco conquered san carlos, as well as san jose. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper fifties upper fifties low sixties at best for today. very similar to yesterday. as you can see there, the winds are onshore
12:48 pm
. fairfield reporting it wouldn't get to 21 conquered reporting. 18 oakland reporting 15 and will continue with the breezy conditions throughout the afternoon as the system continues to work its way to the east. it is going to continue to bring us that moisture. into tomorrow, and we're looking at the possibility of not only a few inches of snow, but the possibility of some rain here as well. accumulation less than 10th of an inch, perhaps just a few 100 with the snow line right now, right around 5000 ft. 2 to 4 inches of new snow expected tonight and into tomorrow and for us we're looking at just a few 107 inch scattered showers and the possibility of thunderstorms really hard to tell exactly where they're going to hit as that wrap around, moisture continues, she just moved through and then finally out of here by tuesday night. so for the afternoon today we'll go 57 degrees for san francisco 59 in oakland. i showed you in the last half hour. these numbers are 5 10, even 15 degrees below the average upper fifties and
12:49 pm
napa for today at the inner east bay 59 in livermore. and for the south bay 62 over morgan hill. if you're going to see the giants play, do be prepared for the cool, breezy conditions. partly cloudy skies, 54 degrees and west priest about 20 mph game time. 6 45 at oracle park temperatures will remain in the low fifties. for most of the evening are the extended forecast to showing you temperatures don't change much tomorrow, perhaps even a tad cooler. before we begin to rebound as the pattern switches up, breezy conditions expected on wednesday. dry conditions a bit warmer and then take a look at what begins to happen. we're looking at temperatures nearing 80 degrees for inland cities on friday. and then upper eighties as we get into saturday, just slightly cooler on sunday, so warmer weather in the forecast for your weekend back to you, rosemary oroczo. in truckee over the weekend. police say the bear's mother was nearby. the
12:50 pm
cubs would not leave. they managed to capture them and release them to the world where they were reunited with mom as they scurried up a tree back where they belong. the baby fox rescued over the weekend from a construction site in san francisco will be released back into the wild firefighters helped save the fox from the construction site. admission rock near oracle park, the ideas, power saws and water to free the pup, which was stuck in a pipe. fire department in animal rescue, says the baby. fox will get care until it's healthy enough to be returned to the wild. still to come at noon. facebook's parent company, meta is opening its first store up next what shoppers can expect and why retail analysts say there are challenges ahead for the social media giant.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey?
12:53 pm
new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. it is notifying the campus community about a disturbing
12:54 pm
discovery. officials say a noose was found hanging in a tree outside of brander hall, which is an undergraduate residents. and this was about 7 45 last night, stanford said in a statement. quote a noose is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence. that will not be tolerated on our campus. that incident is being investigated as a hate crime. buckingham palace says queen elizabeth will not attend the opening of parliament tomorrow amid ongoing mobility issues. the palace issued a statement today that this that said the decision was made in consultation with her doctors. and that the 96 year old queen had reluctantly decided not to attend. prince charles will read her speech, which sets out the government's agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session. prince william will also attend . queen elizabeth has attended only a handful of public events in recent months, though she continues to hold virtual audiences regularly. a shortage of baby formula is getting worse
12:55 pm
, the best selling brands reporting that they're only able to ship about half of the normal amounts, and that's even lead to some stores, limiting how many people can buy at one time to just one or two containers of formula. now that problem is difficult for all parents, but it is especially hard for parents of babies who have sensitive stomachs and who can only tolerate one or two brands. think about it this way. if you're an adult, and you are electricity tolerant and you go to your local grocery store, and there's no lactose free milk, so you have to buy the regular milk. i mean, you can drink it. but how uncomfortable would you be? so that's what these babies are going through. the problem stemmed back to supply chain issues that began last year, along with a major recall by one manufacturer. doctors say parents of babies with very specific needs can try to ask their pediatricians for help. otherwise they say, parents just have to keep checking back at those stores. we're now getting a clearer picture of health
12:56 pm
supply chain issues are hitting auto repair shops, mechanics say they're keeping cars longer than usual because they can't find the parts needed for repairs. some shops, a supply chain issues have doubled the turnaround time. and with the reduced number of new cars being delivered that's impacted other parts of the automotive industry. i would say, on average, maybe from three to maybe six months, depending on the type of part, um carmaker does not have a microchip to build their cars. the demands goes up because new cars and not coming to the market rental car companies say they are also feeling the pressure because they have fewer cars available. the biggest struggle in getting new cars to market a lack of computer chips. we're getting a look at a project meant to upgrade moffett field's historic hangar one. the new project is just getting underway. in mountain view, google agreed to a $1.6 billion.60 year lease with nasa to take over the site. tech giant wants to repurpose those three airship hangars and turned them into labs for
12:57 pm
developing robots, rovers and drones. google says it hopes the renovations will be done by 2025. today's the first day of voting in san francisco city hall for next month's statewide primary election on june 7th people across the bay area should be getting their ballots in the mail soon for people in san francisco. it's already the third election of the year along with state and federal offices. voters in the city will vote on several ballot measures, including a recall measure for san francisco's d a chaser boudin deadline to register to vote for the june 7th election may 23rd as covid-19 restrictions lift more couples are planning weddings and finding that the related costs are higher than they've been in recent years, and that's largely due to the same supply chain and labor issues we've been talking about. that are plaguing many sectors of the economy, according to wedding report in 2020, the average wedding cost just over $20,000. just a year later, the average was $27,000. this year. the u. s is expected to have $2.5 million in weddings, the most in 40 years.
12:58 pm
i had contacted so many vendors for different things make up and hair and most of them had already been booked a year out. so you feel the pressure and that also weighs on your budget. sorry to correct what the u. s. is going to have 2.5 million weddings this year, wedding planners say more couples are looking into weekday ceremonies and receptions, since there is typically more availability on those weekdays. and costs can be lowered when you compare it to the weekends. facebook's parent company is opening its first retail store in the bay area where people can try out the company's gadgets. the meta store is on airport boulevard in burlingame, shoppers can try out things such as smart glasses and virtual reality games, including golf and fishing. you tell, analysts say this will be a challenging venture for the social media giant. i think this is very much a test and let's see what happens concept because putting stores all over the country is a really resource intensive thing to do, and facebook has resources, but at the heart of it, there's still technology forward. they like to build stuff. they're not really
12:59 pm
always in the business stuff of supply chains and you know, physical stores, which is a whole other ballgame. the meta store in burlingame is open monday through friday. 11 a.m. to six p.m. a school for the blind and macon. georgia gives its students some very special yearbooks. they are three d printed yearbooks with the faces of all the students at georgia academy for the blind. the students say they were easily able to identify their classmates by touching the faces in their yearbooks. for one student. it's his last year with the school and he says the yearbook will help him remember. the people he became so close to morning. close it and i can hang out with people who are more like, uh, you know, actually, who is more like me like, you know, since i have a vision impairment. the people who surround me also have a vision impairment. students at nearby mercer university, make the yearbooks every year and deliver them to the academy. never seen
1:00 pm
that. all right. thank you so much for joining us at noon. our news is always on the ktvu news and ktvu .com. our next newscast is at four. so we'll see you then. >> y'all ready for this? >> we're dishing up sizzling sliders. >> from mini burgers to ooey gooey pull apart sandwiches. >> we've got hacks. >> the perfect way to make your burger sliders. this is genius and tricks. brush your thirsty buns do it! do it! are you cake is love. >> we're baking with chef nadiya hussein. >> how to make a buttery croissant ice cream pudding. oh, yes. that's next. >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but i'm a mom trying to get dinner on the tabl


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