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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 9, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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4 3, the deputy who was assigned to patrol transit busses was returning to a station when a driver ran a red light at 16 and 40 all in the san antonio neighborhood. the impact, not the suspect's car onto the lawn outside of church and caused a small fire in the deputies vehicle. the deputy was able to radio in the crash was able to speak to him today, and he's feeling very sore, but he's okay and thank you thankful he's alive, learned that the suspect 21 year old gregorio batista, garcia, was cited and released for misdemeanor wi. authorities say his blood alcohol level was 0.16 about twice the legal limit alcohol containers that made it obvious that the driver was under the influence in a separate incident at about 10 30 saturday night, a richmond police motor officer had pulled over mini cooper for speeding on i 80 vehicle struck the rear end. of the motorcycle and pushed it into the mini cooper. the driver of the mini suffered minor injuries. the officer was not hurt. the driver of the ford fusion who hit the officer was
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arrested on suspicion of do you i was on probation for wi fi had a active warrant for his arrest for d u i and he was, um approximately three times the legal limit. please say these incidents are reminders to why they go after. do you y drivers even as some drivers like this one in san carlos, avoid checkpoints have many. units out there trying to discourage drunk driving. and this is exactly why we do that. there is horrific accidents that occur on a daily basis. these crashes are proof that no one is immune from drunk drivers, and that includes innocent victims and civilians, young and old, as well as police officers live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu box very close calls. they're glad to hear no one suffered any serious injuries. alright, henry. thank you. one man died and four other people were severely injured in a crash on highway four in antiochus. the chp says the car veered off highway four near laurel crashed and rolled over shortly before midnight
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yesterday. a 21 year old passenger in the car died at a hospital. the driver sustained life threatening injuries and the three other passengers sustained major and minor injuries. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. she was later released to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. and in santa rosa traffic stop led to the arrest of a man wanted for several firearms related warrants. shortly before four o'clock this morning, santa rosa police stopped a car in the area of dutton and bellevue avenues. the officer recognized one of the passengers 28 year old devin braddy to be a wanted man and quickly arrested him. a search of that vehicle turned up a loaded 45 caliber semiautomatic pistol in the glove compartment. a suspect was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm and other charges. new details from friday's deadly plane crash in marin county. we now know the names of both victims. the marine county sheriff's department confirms that michael breyer of sacramento was the second person on that plane.
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jennifer fox mother, also from sacramento, had already been identified. flight tracking data did show the plane made several loops over the golden gate bridge before it crashed. homicide investigation is now underway in the oakland hills were body was discovered last night. police found that body in an open space area near grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. investigators say the victim was killed elsewhere and then brought to that location. officers responded to the area after a witness reported seeing someone dumping a body off grizzly peak crime reporter henry lee has learned that the victim was shot twice in the head and wrapped in clear plastic before his body was left in the hills. oakland police reported a spike in the number of armed robberies over the weekend, investigators say. on friday, the department received reports of seven robberies as well as two carjackings. on saturday, there were nine additional robberies and attempted robbery and carjacking. and then yesterday police received reports of four
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robberies, one carjacking and an attempted carjacking, investigators say, and most of the incidents the criminals were armed with either a knife or a gun. police arrested three people in connection with at least seven of the cases. call it bad timing during a drought, a pipeline broke at the initial water treatment plant, causing a major water shortage and forcing residents to cut back even more on their water. use ktvu tom baker joins us now live in venetia with the new mandatory requirement. tom. for 29,000. people here in beneath should depend on the water treatment plant for their water. but right now they're being told they need to cut back 30% that is a very big ask. but the reason being without that cooperation, they're simply not going to be able to get through until this pipe is fixed. sometime over the weekend, a critical water pipeline broke underneath the initial water treatment plant. like every city we struggle with aging infrastructure, public utilities director says that
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caused a shortage. that forced the city to require all residents and businesses to cut their water used by 30% that's about 1.2 million gallons a day. this requirement could last for several days. it's very difficult pipe to fix its very old over 50 years, maybe 60 years old and we're working on fixing that right now by trying to bypass it and putting in a temporary fix activities such as car washing lawn, sprinkling, landscape watering or swimming pool filling. are prohibited. there's no danger in drinking the water, but in this situation , the pipe is buried under several layers of concrete with close by pipes and utility lines , which they do not want to interfere with. we don't have an exact timeline on when those long term fixes are going to be completed. water agencies a bar you've been asking for 10 to 15% reductions. to deal with the drought. but when you ask for 30% that's a very big ask. but
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the people have been isha are coming through. we're getting outstanding response and we're very appreciative of our customers and residents for being receptive to that. you just don't have the water stuff. and right now it's too windy to be warm and stuff anyway. what are your car? domingo sense because your worst car off and just when both of dirt oliver's i think we should cooperate. it's the right thing to do is probably going to have to do it anyway. because shortage. because of the drought, really preparing us for what's ahead. now the huge borrowed finery is exempt from all of this, and that's primarily because they used primarily, almost always untreated water, which there's plenty of it's the treated water that's in a shortage now. tom baker ktvu fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. today san francisco mayor london breed appointed matt dorsey to fill the vacancy on the board of supervisors after matt haney was
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elected that the state assembly , the mayor's swore in dorsey in a ceremony at the delancey street foundation. this afternoon, dorsey has been the san francisco police department director of strategic communications since 2020 but has not held public office. he said that he has personally struggled with drug addiction and, he says, addressing addiction out there on the streets will help solve a host of other problems. from retail theft and burglar, auto burglaries and homelessness, street conditions, public public safety and more, much more, in fact, because it would also save lives. dorsey also expressed support for the police department and for adding more affordable housing to his district and dorsey has already said he plans to run for a full term in november, and it's likely to be a crowded race because of redistricting. district six no longer includes the tenderloin, but it still covers mission bay south of market and treasure island. voting at san francisco city hall got underway today. this is for next month statewide primary election residents across the
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bay area should be getting their ballots in the mail soon. the deadline to register for to vote for the june 7th election is may 23rd immigration expected to be a very important topic in the midterm elections and associated press poll finds that two thirds of americans say they believe that a diverse population makes a strong america, but about a third of americans say that an effort is underway to replace us born americans with immigrants for electoral gains. the poll also finds that 36% of americans are in favor of restricting the number of immigrants into the united states. that's warriors and grizzlies and game four out of the chase center tonight in san francisco, golden stay will tip off with a 21 lead in the best of seven series, and a win tonight will put them in a solid position to punch that ticket. to the conference finals. joe fonzi is in the mix and joins us live from chase center with the preview of game for egypt. how you doing, mike? yes. you know, you hit it right on the head. the warriors trying to
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take a commanding lead in this series. i'm going to step aside and show you guys that's warming up right now. who is a very important person? that is the fact that he is out there playing right now we're going to talk a little bit more about why jordan's pool is such an integral part of this series. but first of all, there's a real anomaly when it comes to this series. and that is the fact that they played three games. and in all three games, someone has been ejected from the game and it started in game one. brandon clarke, hard foul by draymond green. this was ruled to be a flagrant too. and draymond left the game as a result, then the same thing happened again in game two, except this one was a lot more fragrant gary payton, the second going up for a lamp for the first warrior points that the game he was hammered to the ground by dillon brooks. this was ruled a flagrant two as well. brooks was not around for the end of this game, and he was suspended a game as a result. and then in game three of this series, it was kyle anderson, who got double technicals and was also not around at the end.
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but that is not the thing that people are really talking about when it comes to game three, and that was jama rant. the star memphis player who was fouled by jordan's pool late in the game. moran to left the game after it appeared that pool made inadvertent contact with his knee. maybe injured his knee actually earlier in the game, but there was a lot of talk about that moran tweeted that he had broken the code talking about jordan pool and that was referenced to what steve kerr said all the way back in game two, when peyton was knocked to the ground, but either way, morant is not expected to be playing tonight. but steve kerr knows that. that will not influence how the warriors play . the grizzlies are very good team with or without moran. memphis went 20 and five without him, um they're a #### of a team for a reason. they're really deep. so um, well, it may change. ah a scheme or two terms of how we're guarding. um, it doesn't change our respect for
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what they're capable of. um so we, um will be prepared either way. and you're getting a look at dillon brooks now who made his first public comments today and said that he was not a dirty player and actually apologize for that hit on gary payton the second, but after his one game suspension, he's out here for the first time tonight since that suspension, so here we go. we can expect nothing except a motion for this game. desperation time for the grizzlies. the warriors know that if they can go up three games to one, they'll have a stranglehold on this series, and this has been an emotional physical series already. we can expect it to be cranked up a notch tonight. no question about it. reporting live from san francisco. i'm joe fonzi back to you guys in the studio someone other than staff, clay or even jordan. paul who do you think steps up tonight to have a big effect? big impact here on game four. well you know, it's interesting. we're waiting to hear what steve kerr is lineup. it's you know, if you recall
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back in game three started jonathan commingle earlier in this series, he started gary payton the second, so i think the kind of wild card is who steve kerr decides to go within his starting lineup. jordan's bulls come off the bench. he had a great game last game coming off the bench. he's gone with that three guard lineup some of the time, so you know, i think the nice thing about the warriors is that they are so balanced. we haven't even talked about andrew wiggins, who has the ability to heat it up as well. so the warriors are very diverse, and i think the biggest key is to see who steve kerr decides to put in the starting lineup because he loves to play that match up game. very balanced. indeed alright, let's go get the w joe fonzi there. the chase center joe. thank you. if they area police departments want to beef up their equipment, they will need local lawmakers to sign off coming up tonight at 5 30. we're taking a look at the new approval process, vladimir putin doubling down on his reason for invading ukraine, but some are noting it's what putin didn't say that we should be paying attention to and whether
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whiplash we are one month away from summer and another snowstorm is passing through northern california. yeah the weather's kind of hanging on around here. we've got the opportunity for more snow showers. tomorrow we've got a chance for a thundershower in the bay area as well. have all that back here in a minute.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases.
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now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. homn elderly couple and their grandson had to be taken to the hospital. flames could be seen coming from the house located on buena vista avenue. firefighters say they arrived on scene around 3 30 found the grandson who said he had run out of the home to escape the flames. and firefighters moved quickly to rescue his grandmother and grandfather pulling them out of the home through a side window.
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you can see on the side of the building where we had to open up the side window, and that's where we were able to rescue the victims out of the side of the house is the quickest way out. firefighters say two of the victims are in critical condition, mostly due to smoke inhalation. one did suffer minor burns. family members say they were all at this house just yesterday celebrating mother's day and the grandmother's birthday. the cause of the fire is not yet known. firefighters in san francisco are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a former hotel in the south of market district. video posted to the citizen app shows the area last night cruise say it happened at the rose a building that used to be a hotel but is now supportive housing for people who used to be homeless. it took crews less than half an hour to get the fire under control. no one was hurt. oakland is slated to receive almost $5 million in state money to improve conditions at one of the largest homeless encampments in the city about 300 people live in the encampment located
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in the area of wood and 26 streets in west oakland. the city has been directed to come up with a plan for a new community of cabins or tiny homes. state grant comes after an audit show the city was unprepared to handle its homeless crisis and that oakland would need more funding resources and better management . a bomb sniffing dog received distinguished courage award from ukrainian president vladimir zelensky patron, a jack russell terrier has helped ukraine. de mining team by locating explosive devices planted by russian troops, according to ukrainian emergency services. the dog has located more than 150 devices since the invasion began. the us is suspending its 25% tariff on ukrainian steel imports, all in a show of support for the country's beleaguered economy. the commerce department said it would withdraw the terrorists for a year today, the president of russia and ukraine used victory day speeches to rally morale and explain why they're fighting. fox news trading has more now from kiev. yeah yeah,
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back and forth continues in eastern ukraine. russian forces taking papa sna, a key strategic city after two months of fierce fighting while the ukrainians push back with a counter offensive near heart kiev. but far from the front lines. vladimir putin worked to build support for the war during a speech celebrating the russian victory over germany. putin marking victory day by justifying his invasion of ukraine, as quote, forced and timely claiming conflict was inevitable as nato expanded into russia's sphere of influence. regular deliveries of the most modern weapons from nato countries. the danger grew every day. russia has preemptively repulsed an aggression, but some observers note the speech was significant for what putin didn't say there was no nuclear saber rattling or threats of further escalation. assigned some say of his growing understanding that this war won't be over quickly. he didn't claim victories over anything like mario pole or kherson. he
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didn't even talk about intensifying his efforts. inside ukraine. the russians are also still largely stalled in mariupol, where some 2000 ukrainian troops are holed up in a steel mill under heavy bombardment, and with little progress on the ground. some are now suggesting the ukrainians might have a chance to push russian forces back across the border. it is very possible that ukraine will break the russian army, the pentagon says more badly needed weapons have arrived in ukraine, including at least 85 pieces. of heavy artillery and keith tray angst. fox news it is a case of weather whiplash know back in the sierra and the highway patrol is now warning of hazardous travel conditions. this video is from the u. c berkeley central sierra snow lab as of this morning recorded more than four inches over the past 24 hours. for more on this winter like weather, our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now to bill pretty rare to have at this time of year. it is it's getting late in the season here to be seeing
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snowfall, and it's going to continue through tonight and tomorrow the potential for scattered snow showers by the time it's all said, and done like tahoe, not like tall, but upon the passes, they could see a foot foot and a half of snow. windy around here again today. not quite as windy as yesterday. but still pretty windy. that is the that's an interesting perspective. hmm which camera? is that? you guys? somebody whispered to me what that is. i don't even know because that's something that's the same until san mateo bridge, right? thanks, emeterio bridge. nobody's talking to me. okay everybody's hustling it up anyway. beautiful shot. i'm looking back at the east bay, obviously, and you can see that winds are blowing. you see, a little bit of clouds actually think you're looking you know what? you know what that is. that's the that's amarillo. that's emeryville camp pointed out. we haven't seen that camera shot just a shop never seen and so that's baby going on to the bay bridge, and that's brisbane in such down the way anyway, it's windy and the breezy conditions appropriate. we're showing the bridge because it's windy on the bridge that wind is blowing out of the north northwest. and it's um you know , we'd advisories for the high
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profile vehicles on all the bridges in the bay area as the winds continue from this weather system and it's called one. it doesn't bring. a lot of rain doesn't mean a lot of moisture because it's cold. right. so cold, cold air mass isn't holding a lot of water, but it does have a lot of cold air, which is unstable in italy, and so when it gets this, the daytime heating you get things like this. you get a thunderstorm. the ground gets hot. the air rises, the cold air allows it to rise further and faster. you get condensation and you get these thunderstorms like you've seen up here. and you broke city that slashes a thunderstorm. um and then i see see some other ones. i don't think i see any other ones. but the idea is that scattered showers possible and not just today. but tomorrow and tomorrow is our best chance. for a thunderstorm, especially in the east bay, vacaville napa those areas. i'll show you in the model coming up because he scattered showers down around hollister, that little blip off of the peninsula here. that's that's nothing. that's just some clouds. that's not producing any rain or anything, but maybe up a paterson in turlock, so this
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system has legs and in the mountains, it continues to snow. the winter weather and the winter special interstate. whether statements are going on up there, there definitely have issues with chaining up the last couple of days. they're going to have issues on and off again. so if you're going to the mountains, definitely if you if you don't have forward drive take chance because in the next 24 hours. it's all on the table that winterbourne. well, that's due west. right there. you got 22 mile an hour gusts at nevada 24 miles an hour. the wind is kind of the story today as well as a very low to cool temperatures. sfo's gusting to 28 that's pretty manageable. sustained in livermore 20. miles an hour, so breezy conditions. grip makes for great air quality , but it drops the temperatures and tonight the winds died down a little bit overnight lows are going to get deeper lower than they were last night. last night, we had some upper thirties tonight. we're going to see tomorrow morning. we're going to see some mid thirties, maybe even low thirties. i don't know if i see freezing. you're like, but but santa rosa could hit 34 tomorrow morning. that will be one of the coolest ones
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you've seen in a while. so as you travel around and get ready for your morning and your day tomorrow, be aware maybe some frost on the windshield and inland valleys. kids will need jackets. the day ends up a little warmer than today, but not much, and then we start to warm after that. and we get into some significantly warmer weather towards the weekend. all right, bill. thank you hope for parkinson's patients glove is showing early success on several parkinson's symptoms and coming up tonight at six in state college tuition is going up, and that has more people questioning the true value of a california the true value of a california college education. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma
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that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ fri. stanford doctors are now testing a new treatment that may have the ability to slow or even reverse symptoms. views and rubin reports. a pair of vibrating gloves seems to help not only with tremors but with speech walking. imbalance. joan flak is determined to fight
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parkinson's with everything she's got. these 10 years have been tough, you know that. it's a challenge, and you have to be a fighter. and now thanks to stanford medicine shall have a new weapon in her arsenal. these vibrating gloves. yes gloves are supposed to counteract many of the worst symptoms of parkinson's tremors. what balance skate all these smell and taste. we don't have that we don't smell anything in parkinson's. this is supposed to bring all that back to our brains. so yeah, it's a game changer. for sure. dr. peter test has been developing the gloves for decades. this is how they work. they vibrate in a specific pattern, essentially tricking the brain into forgetting it's abnormal patterns. the advantage of the glove is that these pathways, the sensory pathways so to speak, bring the signals the stimulating signals exactly to the areas and neurons we want to be stimulated and unlike the current treatment of drugs and brain surgery, the gloves are noninvasive. so far, stanford
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study of them has seen amazing success. take, for example, this patient who had trouble walking without a cane after six months with the glove, he was not only able to walk normally. but he ran his first marathon. another patient went from issues with his gate. two incredible feats at the gym. i think it's just the start. just the beginning. you can do a lot. very, very mild type of intervention and you do not need to treat invasively joan flak is hopeful the gloves will help her to she's enrolled in a new clinical trial to test them. oh my gosh. am i ever i am convinced it's going to work. the hope is that the effects of the vibrations are lasting. even after the gloves come off by doing this exercise and weaning off the gloves supposed to just make the change for the rest of my life. that's just a miracle. that is literally a miracle in front of me. and pretty excited about it. the clinical trials about to get
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underway, but they are still enrolling a few more patients. the study is expected to last about 14 months, and they will be seeking fda approval after that. in palo alto and ruben ktvu, fox two news. a new state law is putting new requirements on local police departments that want to use military style equipment, and we'll show you some trucks that san jose pd wants to buy mark sayer. i'll have that story in a live report after the break. also ahead tonight. his taste of freedom is over how the missing alabama inmate and the corrections officer accused of helping him escape were finally tracked down after 10 days on the run.
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andt has been a big debate over the years and now bay area agencies are updating their policies. a new california law states that departments want to buy and use such equipment. they need the approval from their city council or board of supervisors. ktvu marks airline tonight for us in the city of san jose with a closer look at the issues mark we'll make next month the san jose city police department will come here to the san jose city council to request the purchase of two new military style vehicles. but in addition to the normal budget request process, they now have to get the council sign off on how and when to use such equipment. in an emergency
5:32 pm
every second counts. in the case of an active shooter, for example, there may be victims that need to be pulled out of the area before police can even identify the shooter. that's where this vehicle called a bearcat med vac would come into play. it is one of two new military style vehicles, which are being requested by the san jose police department. this type of equipment and vehicle as utilized oftentimes in a mass casualty incident, something similar to shooter some kind of terrorist event or terrorist incident where there is ongoing threat to the public where there are people who are casualties recently signed by governor newsom, known as a b 4 81. all local police departments must get approval beyond just a budget for such gear departments must also reporting annually on what equipment they have, how it is being used and document and report on any complaints. in addition to that our community members have asked many times over for transparency and a
5:33 pm
little bit. inside view of what we do here at the police department, and we've heard them. many other bay area departments have been going through the same process in recent weeks, including piedmont , san mateo, nevado, brentwood, santa clara in los gatos. in the case of san jose. it is also requesting this modified tractor called a rook for members of its bomb squad to safely approach and neutralize any kind of hazardous device type of equipment, although it's not used on a daily basis is something that we utilize in a very critical incident in a very serious emergency. now tonight, the city of daly city will be the latest city to be taking up these issues to comply with the new state law in daly city. they're simply going to be ratifying some new policies not actually requesting any new equipment purchases there tonight. reporting live in san jose. i mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news and mark are you hearing from any groups out there opposed to the actual plans? well we did talk to a group called berkeley cop watch
5:34 pm
today. that group is opposed to any police department anywhere, having any kind of military equipment. but the spokesperson for the group does say that he did believe this new state law is a good idea because it has these additional reporting requirements, including if the public were to complain to a city council say about the use of this equipment in their community that is important data that could drive policy change. over the long term, according to the berkeley cop watch group marks airline tonight there in downtown san jose. mark. thank you. police arrested a man for breaking into a goodwill store in palo alto and stacking up items to steal. officers responded to a tripped alarm at the store on camino way last thursday night. police say they found an open door in the back of the building and 55 year old desmond stites inside. he was arrested for burglary at the time of the arrest. police say the suspect was wearing a pair of gloves. stolen from the store . a noose was found hanging from a tree outside student housing at stanford university campus. police say the news was found shortly before eight o'clock
5:35 pm
last night outside brenner hall . that's an undergraduate residents. police removed the news and retained it as evidence. and a hate crime investigation is now underway. in a message to students. stanford officials condemned the crime, they said a noose is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on our campus. this is not the first time in news has been found at stanford in recent years. another broad selloff on wall street today sent the dow and the s and p 500 to their lowest points of the year. traders worry that interest rate hikes and covid restrictions in china economic growth worldwide. the dow tumbled 653 points today. nasdaq fell, 521 points more than 4% and the s and p lost 132 tech stocks were once again the hardest hit. energy shares also fell. gas prices in california up nearly nine cents from last week, according to triple a
5:36 pm
gallon of gas is averaging $5.83. that's a dollar 50. more than the national average here in the bay area drivers in san francisco, san mateo and marin counties are starting to see prices about $6 a gallon triple a, says mendocino. leg and solano counties are the most affordable places to fill up near the bay area. food prices have soared in the bay area, and that's putting a lot of pressure on the local independent grocery stores. oftentimes we get products and we don't we don't have, um what we order. so then you go without that product for a period of time, or you replace it with a different products that perhaps is not as well known with with the community so, therefore the results unless sales lupe lopez says. over the past three years, she has seen a 38% cost increase for milk and a 24% cost increase for tortillas . childcare workers are calling on state and federal lawmakers to help raise wages so they can
5:37 pm
afford to keep their doors open. a group of union childcare providers, parents and advocates gathered right outside children's fairy land for what they call a day without child care. they say that child care workers are often women of color, who are among the lowest paid and most underinsured in the country. they say the pandemic has only highlighted the need for stable childcare for working parents. without making childcare providers jobs , high quality with livable wages and benefits. there won't be enough childcare programs available for families here in oakland and across the state. as well as the nation to enroll in. workers and advocates say 30% of small child care providers closed over the last two years. they say they want the state to use its budget surplus to boost pay and benefits and employees that state subsidized childcare programs. 10 days after an escaped alabama inmate and former prison official made a
5:38 pm
prison break. they are now back in custody. this comes after search teams received a key tip regarding their whereabouts. fox news austin westfield joins us now live from outside the lauderdale county courthouse in florence, alabama, with the latest austin. actually we have been following this case for about a week and a half now having regular conversations with the local sheriff of those conversations have not been that optimistic. the sheriff day in day out kind of coming to us every morning like sorry. we don't have any huge development to share with you. well today was a little bit different. take a listen. so this has ended a very long and stressful and challenging week and a half ended the way that, uh, that we've did would they are in custody? what i'm very thankful for tonight is that no one was hurt. no citizens were hurt. no law enforcement officers were
5:39 pm
hurt. as a result of this escape. now just to rewind a bit. this is casey and vicky white. and although they have the same last name, they're not related, but are said to have a special relationship that they that they developed in jail. they walked out of the local jail over 10 days ago, vicky being one of the higher up corrections officers, and casey being a murder suspect. now they had not been seen until today in indiana. what we know so far is that the u. s marshals spotted and pursued the couple's vehicle in evansville, indiana this afternoon. the marshals rammed the car to stop it and crashed into a ditch. vicky was driving at the time and after crashing, she pulled out a handgun and shot herself. she is alive right now, but she is in serious condition. casey surrendered to police. there have been no updates on his condition, but he said to be in the hospital as well now. lauderdale county sheriff rick singleton says that the couple will eventually be brought right back here to
5:40 pm
lauderdale county for arraignment on charges. vicky will not be confined in the detention center that she used to work at. if she does come back here, and he made a point at the end of that press conference to say that casey will be in a cell by himself here. he will not be with other people. and he will be cuffed at all times. that way, he can assure that he does not go anywhere again. now the sheriff could not share any details yet as to why the couple might have gone to indiana or at least why they're in indiana today. earlier today, there was some security footage released of the couple. possibly casey at a car wash. and then it was just hours afterwards that the police pursuit ensued and ultimately the two were caught. and. much happier feeling in this town talking with the sheriff, and it has been in the past week and a half. julie austin from the pictures that you were showing that they went to great lengths to change their appearances. did authorities say anything about
5:41 pm
whether someone on the outside may have helped the couple in their plan to escape? yes that's something that they have been discussing as this investigation has gone on throughout the week. i don't believe the sheriff addressed or or as as sure at this point what exactly transpired who may or may not have helped them. we do know at this point that an orange vehicle was recovered that's considered their escape vehicle from lauderdale county area that was found about two hours north of here. and then there are presumed to have gone into another vehicle and possibly headed even further north up to indiana, that was 175 mile drive from where their first escape vehicles found. to where the two were found earlier today, so there's still a lot of questions to be answered and a lot of updates for the sheriff to give us alright. austin westfall in alabama for us tonight, austin. thank you. still to come here at five pfizer's antiviral pill, causing some concern as officials brace for a possible
5:42 pm
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briy workers for a couple of weeks due to a rise in the number of covid infections. the temporary measure comes as santa clara county is saying about 480 new cases a week on average, compared to 140 cases a week in march. the city expects to lift the requirement on may 20th, but officials say the date could be extended depending on case rates. some covid patients are relapsing after taking visors, antiviral pilpacks lab, it has become the go to option against the virus because of its at home convenience and impressive results in heading off severe disease, but doctors have now started to report cases of
5:45 pm
patients who see their symptoms returned several days after treatment. as boxes. jonathan serrie reports. this comes as public health officials warn of a big covid surge in the coming months. new covid-19 cases are ticking up nationwide, according to the cdc. the seven day average for new infections doubled over the last five weeks to about 71,000. now federal health officials are issuing a grim new projection for the pandemic. the us could see as many as 100 million covid infections during the fall and winter that would more than double the country's total case count some of the newer variants some of the near emigrants sub variants. might lead to a bigger surge. health experts say a surge is possible given waning immunity from vaccines. there is also concern and increasing cases down south could exhaust the nation's supply of covid tests and antiviral medications . the white house has asked congress to approve $22 billion in covid relief money. what
5:46 pm
about pre paying for some booster vaccines that actually cover omicron? it's not coming out to the fall and maybe not, by the time we need it. meanwhile authorities in shanghai are once again tightening covid restrictions. residents in several areas have been ordered to stay home even as cases declined. chinese health officials say are micron and its sub variants continue to dominate new infections. shanghai has been conducting genetic sequencing of the novel coronavirus samples. no new variant with stronger infectivity has been found. so far, the white house is expected to hold a second global covid summit on thursday in atlanta. john siri fox news. alright just into our newsroom here, golden state warriors head coach steve kerr has tested positive for covid 19 cur entered the league's health and safety protocols, and he will not be on the bench for game four tonight against the memphis grizzlies. tip off here just about an hour 15 away. associate head coach
5:47 pm
mike brown will take the lead on the bench. brown recently accepted that job as the sacramento kings next head coach. as steve kerr had been wearing a mask here for the past several days before his positive test today. joe fonzi by the way, is that the chase center we'll check in with joe in a live report coming up in the next hour. forensic experts are sounding the alarm after tracking a rise in a new group of deadly synthetic drugs known as frankenstein opioids. in a few thunderstorms showing up in the central valley. we might see some thunderstorms. tomorrow we'll look into that. but right now that's what you have outside, breezy and cool. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start.
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celebrity cruises.
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wrog a threat for law enforcement departments are giving them the name frankenstein opioids, and they are starting to show up almost everywhere boxes. stephen going live tonight in cleveland and stephen, these drugs have been around here for decades now. that's right, mike these
5:50 pm
drugs. they were studied first in the 19 fifties and their recently been hitting the streets again having a deadly impact. officials here in ohio are leading the charge to understand and curb this problem before it becomes even worse. a dangerous new group of synthetic drugs, at least seven different opioids called nitya zines are quickly spreading across the country mixed with other substances and flooding communities already at risk for overdose deaths probably routinely see a new drug. once a month to every other month, the ohio bureau of criminal investigation forensics experts are sounding the alarm after tracking an increase in night scenes like esa, which can be 10 to 200. times more potent than fentanyl. anything that you could see fentanyl being abused in it's likely that they could also contain a night is in compound as well. but going in, you don't know the safety concern that they present ohio reporting 143 night is in cases and just the first three months this year. this is a spike some
5:51 pm
something new. uh frankly, something kind of worrisome massive increase, prompting a warning from ohio tony general dave yost about what he calls frankenstein, opioids and other drugs coming from china and mexico. things that are produced on the black market and they're they're really in a lot of ways. chemistry experiments taking aim at the issue. ohio outlaw night acenas in april and the d e a classified them as schedule one drugs back in december. still, experts warn those efforts may not be enough to keep nitya zines off the street because that's what dealers are looking for drops that are very, very potent. and at the same time are going to be harder to identify. now after the worst year on record for deadly overdoses, driven in part by synthetic drugs. the threat is only growing as officials try to gain the upper hand. and while still not clear how many people have been impacted or killed by night, a zines, the ohio attorney general warrants. these
5:52 pm
drugs have such high potential for addiction and accidental overdose. when they are used. they are often deadly. in cleveland, stephen golan ktvu. fox two news, stephen, thank you for that. an update now to a story we told you about on friday, the oakland animal shelter says with the help of mornings on to it had an incredibly successful adoption weekend 90 dogs, including 70 big dogs were adopted from the shelter over the weekend because of a news story. the shelter said it was so grateful for ktvu is help in sharing the urgent need. alrighty as we take a look at the temperatures out there from today, it was a pretty good one. we saw temperatures that were a little warmer but still cool on the coast. big strong, onshore wind bringing in that cool sea surface temperatures. sea surface temperatures because of the winds are down to like 49 50 degrees so you can see why the temperature in pacifica and san francisco or significantly cooler than the 62 eniac in fairfield tomorrow is going to be very similar. chance for
5:53 pm
showers. scattered showers or thundershowers back in the forecast. you can see some of those alto cumulus clouds indicative of that cold air masses, not a lot of moisture with this thing. it's just a cold air masses dropping snow in the mountains. uh concerns up there for chains. obviously a thing. there is the system and as you go through the next few hours about four am check out this. this is the model. but check out this down run monterey, so there's something going on there. we move it forward, and then you see this line of showers here around santa rosa down through vacaville and fairfield. that's tomorrow afternoon, and then this thing wanders on off. so the big news for us is that chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and it looks something's going to happen out there by vacaville, fairfield, it could bleed into the napa valley. so there is the system now is it sits offshore can kind of see it up close and it's just , you know, it's not that i did is unusual to have it there. it's not unusual to get a cut off low once in a while, but it is unusual that it's this time of year. we are seeing thunderstorms up around the city. we're seeing thunderstorms up in parts from your reading
5:54 pm
and up by bernie and around here. we're just seeing the little bit of shower activity up here by uk but not a lot up towards a clear lake area and then the lake tahoe area tonight a real possibility of change being an issue and again tomorrow and they're going to see like tom, not the lake, but upon the passes, they could easily see a foot to a foot and a half of snow winds are blowing . it's still breezy. it's very noticeable. hence the cooler tablet. lower temperatures. but it is definitely less windy than it was last night at this time. last night. this time we were up to 45 50 miles an hour in some places at sea level, so there are the winds tomorrow is going to be a very similar day, less wind and let's win tonight as the wednesday down, the temperatures will get pretty darn cool. overnight lows tonight are going to end up down into the mid thirties. um certainly upper thirties and a lot of spots that aren't used to seeing it that cold. here are some of the forecast overnight lows. and you can see that we'll get frost and some of those north bay valleys as well. the temperatures basically are going to be like this tomorrow afternoon sixties low sixties just like today. that afternoon
5:55 pm
. say around 34. o'clock, max. daytime heating. we have that chance of a thunderstorm in the east bay. far east bay up, i fill a hole and northeast bay. let's call it and then there's the five day forecast it warms up quickly. um and nicely as we head into the bay area weekend, so just another day of kind of unusual feels a lot like the summer. it's gotta december vibe to it. or maybe maybe late october. i'll see you all back here, with the full forecast at six. sounds good. thank you. bill ellen sue san jose mayor sam liccardo of using a personal email account for city business coming up tonight at six. the new signs that he is willing to let those emails be made public . also ahead, ports workers and shipping companies about the hold contract talks as supply chain issues linger and the stakes.
5:56 pm
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38 d connection with the deaths of her three children and a teenager, believed to be the woman's son has also been arrested. officers say they found the bodies of the children inside a home yesterday in the woodland hills area of los angeles. paramedics said it appeared the children a 12, year old and eight year old twins had been dead for several hours. the mother, angela don flores was immediately detained. neighbors say she appeared confused and was speaking incoherently. brought her out on the stretcher and she was laying down and would just pop up out of nowhere and yell. where's my bible? the woman, 16 year old son reportedly ended up at a neighbor's house. law enforcement sources say he has since been arrested in the investigation. this is ktvu fox two news at six. another reminder about the dangers of drunk driving to enforcement
5:59 pm
officers in the east bay were out on patrol in two separate cases when they say they were hit by suspected d u i driver's it's horrific accidents that occur on a daily basis, and we're lucky that our deputy survived this accident few more feet and he would have been severely injured if not killed in that crash. in both cases, both cases the officers were fortunate. they were not seriously hurt. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. those two drivers were charged with d u i and his ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports here. east bay authorities are once again telling people to be careful. out there on the road. the surveillance video is shocking. suspected drunk driver runs a red light kelly, sheriff's deputy in oakland, lucky that our deputy survived this accident a few more feet and he would have been severely injured. if not killed in that crash happened at about 4 30 sunday morning, the deputy who was assigned to patrol transit
6:00 pm
busses was returning to a station when a driver ran a red light at 16th and photo in the san antonio neighborhood. the impact, not the suspect's car onto the lawn outside a church and caused a small fire in the deputies vehicle. the deputy was able to radio in the crash was able to speak to him today, and he's feeling very slower, but he's okay and thank you thankful he's a lot learned that the suspect 21 year old gregorio batista, garcia, was cited and released for misdemeanor wi. authorities say his blood alcohol level was 0.16 about twice the legal limit alcohol containers that made it obvious that the driver was under the influence in a separate incident at about 10 30 saturday night, a richmond police motor officer had pulled over mini cooper for speeding on i 80 vehicle struck the rear end. of the motorcycle and pushed it into the mini cooper. the driver of the mini suffered minor injuries. the officer was not hurt. the driver of the ford fusion who hit the officer was arrested on suspicion of do you i was on probation for d u i he had


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