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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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toct party. it's a little mellow tonight. anybody who knows basketball. you can't take anything for granted. warriors fans watched their team pull off another playoff win this time without head coach steve kerr, calling the shots because of a covid-19 diagnosis. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. it was a wild night out at the chase center in san francisco. the warriors came out a little flat, but then turned it up midway through the fourth quarter to come from behind and get the big win and take charge of this series. all of this played out with coach steve kerr away from the court. joe fonzi joins us now live from chase center with this nail biter for fans, joe yeah. julia never know what you're going to get in playoff basketball. the warriors did know coming into this game that they had a chance to take a
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commanding 3 to 1 lead in this series over the memphis grizzlies. they also knew that the grizzlies would be without their star john marin. what they did not know is that they would be without their head coach steve kerr. we found about found out about that just before game time occurs. usually scheduled press conference, and then it was announced that he had tested positive for covid and that mike brown would take over in his spot as the head coach. now, mike brown is no stranger to nba coaching, is the former head coach of the cleveland cavaliers . he took the calves all the way to the nba championship. around that year he was coach of the year that year, is a former coach of the lakers. he's been steve kurtz assistant for seven years, and we found out last saturday that he's going to take the sacramento king job once the warrior playoff run is over, but the words then launched into one of the worst shooting halfs in nba playoff history when auto porter finally hit a three that broke a string that saw the words over 15 before he hit that they only scored 38 points in the first half. then when desmond bein hit a three to end the third quarter, the warriors were down by seven. finally
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steph curry made a field goal to tie the game at 90 with about 3.5 minutes left to play. that was just the second tie of the game for the warriors. they then proceeded to make 11 of 12 free throws down the stretch. there was a stretch there where curry made six in a row, and that's how the warriors ultimately squeaked out a win here 101 to 98, a game in which they trailed almost the entire way until they took the lead. with free throws after the game curry talked about, you know, this team has overcome a lot of obstacles, and they had nothing but confidence in mike brown. you're talking about historically bad shooting. a lot of history has made he was named head coach twice 24 hours . we got traded to the king's overnight. i don't know how to explain how it is obviously happy for him and his next gig, but for him to step up, but you know the last minute call car out, so that's what we're about
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oscar and his staff. they all do it together all year long, so i know coaches at home right now. it's super proud away that we perform the way coach lead. whole staff, so we have to keep doing it until coach gets back. well you remember this saying they've been saying about this team for years strengthened numbers, and that doesn't only apply to the 15 guys on the roster. it applies into the entire coaching staff. the entire organization never better demonstrated than tonight as the warriors squeak one out by three to take a 3 to 1 lead in this series, and now they can wrap it up when they had to memphis. porting live from san francisco . joe fonzi back to you guys in the studio. great effort from the team tonight and, yeah, let's hope they wrap it up on wednesday and get some rest and hopefully punched that ticket to the conference finals. alright, joe. thank you. well fans outside thrive. city had a good feeling about tonight's game, with many predicting a win. we gotta go over there 31 for sure . we don't like memphis do it. conference finals five baby.
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fans say they are excited and feeling much more at ease knowing the warriors are going back to memphis with an advantage. tonight dozens of people are back home after having to evacuate due to a gas leak in el granada right there along the san mateo county cause. firefighters ask people and more than a dozen homes near montecito avenue to leave the area. because the construction crew actually hit a gas line. it took a few hours for that problem to be fixed. new attendant santa ros, a 15 month old girl is dead and her parents are in custody on child abuse charges. santa rosa police say they were called to a home on sonoma avenue around 10 30 this morning. for a report of a toddler who was unresponsive. first responders quickly arrived and performed life saving measures. the toddler was transported to a hospital where she later died. police say they located suspected fentanyl and drug paraphernalia inside the home. the toddler's parents 26 year old evan frost, iq. and 23 year old madison bernard were arrested in connection to the child's death. a seven year old
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child was rushed to the hospital today after a shooting on interstate 80 in bocca ville. the chp says it happened at 4 20 this afternoon on eastbound i 80 west of alamo drive. the honda accord shown here was struck multiple times by gunfire. the chp says the child was riding in the rear seat of the car when the shooting occurred. the child's injuries are described as non life threatening, authorities say no one has been arrested and a motive in the shooting not known at this time. anyone with information is asked to call the chp, another violent weekend in oakland, where police are investigating two dozen armed robberies that took place within a 72 hour span. in most cases, police say, a knife or gun was used. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now live in oakland with how police and community members are responding. alyssa. but police say that these incidents happened citywide and they're closely monitoring this trend. they now plan to send more officers to the hardest hit areas. it makes me really,
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really sad because i do own a business here. walton and wesley dewan are the owners of loyal to the soil oakland on broadway. they say crime is hurting small businesses in oakland and want to see more enforcement and accountability from the city going to be accountable as far as the tearing the crime getting people to stop doing it. they can at least pay when people do do it because they're putting businesses out of business has a start with what are we doing for these young people? to get jobs training anything other than looking at crime as a way of making money. oakland police say they are closely tracking crime trends friday, there were seven robberies and two car jackings saturday, nine more robberies and car jacking and sunday four robberies, carjacking. police say these incidents happened across the city with north oakland uptown and the fruitful areas hit. the hardest. officers took three people into custody in connection to at least seven cases. organized ring. city
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council member noel gayo represents the fruitvale, the neighborhood where he grew up, he said. residents call and text him all the time about crime. they sometimes send him videos like this one that shows a catalytic converter theft having grown up here in east oakland. we've been through this before, but the reality that we need now as we do definitely need to increase our police officers on the street said the city is going through a budget process soon. he wants to see more police on the streets, the violence prevention program to be more visible and better recruitment for opd. the only thing that they endorse individuals will understand. is to push back that if i catch you doing it, you're going to jail. nobody's safe now. today they ortiz, the owner of la perla, puerto rican cuisine, has done outreach and worship with youth over the years. recently he was horrified to find his own family in a dangerous situation. surveillance video shows masked men robbing his son outside the
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business just days ago, ortiz is now making hundreds of flyers with pictures of the gunman to distribute around town. his message to those targeting people in oakland. find someplace out because your time is coming pretty soon they're going clean the street in auckland and you hear committed crime? you know where you're going that up? there is a public safety committee meeting happening tomorrow at two pm told me that they plan to talk about opd recruitment and violent crime, among other issues, reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. administrators at stanford university tonight are publicly condemning a racist act. a noose was discovered hanging from a tree right near one of the dorms last night. interviews lamonica peters live tonight at stanford with more on the discovery and how students are reacting lamonica. when i talked to students, some of them off camera, they all told me the same thing. they don't feel like
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there's racial tension on campus . but just last night, someone hung a news from a tree here on campus by one of the dorms, and now the university is responding to it. certainly disturbing information to hear doesn't necessarily make you feel comfortable on campus at 7 45 sunday night, stanford university officials say student affairs received a report of a noose hanging in a tree outside of brand or hall residence for undergraduate students. honestly i was kind of shocked when i first saw the email stanford says it sent an email to the entire university community alerting them about the noose incident on campus. hamad a freshman who says he lives in brenner, hall. believes the news was spotted hanging from one of the trees just behind brenner. he says there are black students living there and that the residential hall is racially diverse. the university also released this statement, saying in part we cannot stay strongly
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enough that a news is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on our campus. as a community, we must stand united against such conduct. and those who perpetrated bearing in mind that this is not the first time this has occurred at stanford in recent years, potentially charged like hatred behind that is just unsettling. stanford's department of public safety responded to the incident and has since removed the news, keeping it as evidence. there's just so much division in our society these days, and it permeates everything. from the legal field to, um to pretty much you know any sort of any sort of academic or professional field. the university says it has opened an investigation and that mental health services and support will be available to anyone who needs it. mike and investigation we will no doubt continue to follow lamonica peters there at stanford
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tonight. lamonica. thank you. new attend. authorities in sonoma county say a woman was found dead at the bottom of a cliff in sea ranch over the weekend. authorities say cruz responded to an area right near bluff reach around 7 45 last night and found the woman about 50 ft. below the cliff. rescuer who was sent down confirmed that the woman was dead. a chp helicopter was called in to lift the woman's body up from the rocks. the death is under investigation. homicide investigation is underway in the oakland hills were a body was discovered last night. police say they found the body in an open space area near grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. investigators say the victim was killed elsewhere and then brought to that location. officers responded to the area after a witness reported seeing someone dumping a body off grizzly peak. our crime reporter henry lee has learned that the victim was shot twice in the head. and wrapped in clear plastic before his body was left in the hills. protesters
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takeover streets outside the home of a u. s supreme court justice coming up how people here in the bay area are weighing in on the country's debate over abortion rights. winds have died down for now, and it's going to create a very cool temperature pattern in the morning, so temperatures in the mid thirties when you get going tomorrow we'll have that full forecast after the break and a new record for san francisco's commercial vacancy raid, the latest company to downsize its space and how it's weighing on others coming up at 10 30. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions
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from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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new attend leaders in the fight for abortion rights, came together tonight to talk about california's role in a post roe v. wade world. the discussion was held at manny's in san francisco. among the speakers with jessica pitney, the executive director of access reproductive justice. terry says volunteers within her organization are ready to start housing women in need of abortions. that practice was put on hold during the pandemic office. at least our volunteers can also ah volunteer to drive people to and from appointments
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, and we will work to coordinate that care on our end, so we match volunteers in the area wherever you're coming from or wherever you're going to access , and its network of volunteers also help women who are in need of abortions with their hotels, childcare and food. senate majority leader chuck schumer intends to call for a vote on abortion wednesday. this is a live look now at the us capitol tonight, where he wants wednesday's vote to codify abortion rights in the federal law. schumer says he understands the vote would likely be symbolic because democrats lack the needed 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster. despite that, he says, members of both parties need to go on record about where they stand. abortion rights supporters hope gathering outside the home of a u. s. supreme court justice samuel alito will convince him to reconsider where he stands on the issue. he wrote the draft opinion suggesting the court may overturn roe versus wade. fax news. alexandria hop has the
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latest now on the pushback from people who are upset about that document. we're certainly not suggesting anyone break any laws after a molotov cocktail was thrown into a pro life organizations office in wisconsin, the white house issued a statement saying that the president supports freedom of expression, but quote that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism or attempts to intimidate. authorities are investigating the sunday morning attack on the office of wisconsin family action. madison police have yet to name a suspect but have acknowledged that the group's anti abortion stance is what made them a target hater. violence do not advance any costs. increased concern has been raised for supreme court justices following the leak of justice alito's draft opinion which could overturn roe v. wade. a protest at his northern virginia home is planned for this evening. president plan to condemn the leak of the supreme court draft opinion or the doxing of the justices. now that we've seen violence unfold. well
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i would say that we have been clear in the president's position has long been that we should not see protests that takes the form of violence that takes the form of vandalism and that threatens anyone that has long been his position for his entire career and continues to be his position. psaki added that the justices have not been victimized by violence at this point. in a letter sent to colleagues today, house speaker nancy pelosi lauded the protests, writing quote. we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action last week, senators john cornyn and chris coons introduced bipartisan legislation to increase protection for supreme court justices and their families by expanding security around the clock. there have been a few snags in getting this bill through as quickly as planned. and in addition, there is a federal law prohibiting an attempt to influence somebody involved in a court case by picketing outside of their home. when asked about this sake, said that they do not encourage anybody to break the law. from the white house. alexandria hoff
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fox news. strongest he wins challenging firefighters out in new mexico. they are battling the calf canyon hermits peak fire that's actually started as two separate fires that have since merged into one. the fire has burned nearly 190,000 acres in his currently the largest wildfire burning in the country . evacuations were ordered on the north end of this fire as winds were gusting up to 60 mph yesterday over the weekend. this is a long term event it's getting in the country that is continues to be extremely inaccessible, unsafe for us to put folks in steep, rugged terrain. so in the end, you see that's in the wilderness that's moving further north into some some of that type of country so it will continue to grow to the north. authorities say at least 172 homes have been burned with thousands of residents remaining evacuated. this fire is currently 43% contained drivers on interstate 80 and the sierra can pull off their chains, but you should continue to check for updates on driving conditions from the look of 80 near castle
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peak. chp officers lifted the chain requirements for a few hours this afternoon, only to reinstate them for a few hours tonight. but now again, conditions have improved enough to pull off those chains. spring snow showers continue today in the sierra the surprise snowstorms cut many travelers off guard yesterday, a lot of people were out and about in their shorts and tank tops, expecting the sun. it also snarled traffic on highways, highway 50 and interstate 80. today people were better prepared and traffic as you can see flowed nicely, but the sierra may soon see more snow before the sun returns. yeah. and in sonoma county, some people got caught in a little hail today's video from the santa rosa fire department are fighters say the hail came down consistently for several minutes . chief meteorologist bill martin with us now it feels like we have a little bit of everything here, bill. yeah that's typical for this time of year. when you do get a weather
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system in here, mike, it goes off. you get the thunder and the lightning. you get the #### you get the snow in the mountains and again, not unexpected. we saw this coming. the snow walk continue to accumulate tonight into tomorrow in the lake tahoe area. they're going to get over a foot of snow and all said and done, we're going to see maybe a scattered shower again tomorrow. these were the highs from today. a little bit of warmer in some places than yesterday. tomorrow's house. it can be very similar, and we've got a good chance for an opportunity for a late afternoon thunderstorms, so we'll get to that in a minute. but as we look at the outside shot, it's gonna be cold tonight that basically the story is the winds have died down or are dying down. and as they do overnight lows are gonna have an opportunity to get into the thirties, the mid thirties and upper thirties, which is as cool as it's been in a while. last night, it was upper thirties. the forties. tonight, a little bit cooler, less wind. there's a system it came from far north, so it's very cold and you can kind of see where the showers are and where they aren't most of the activity now is up on 80 little bit on 50. you can see it by grass valley. there were thunderstorms earlier this
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evening. that's all dying down as the sun sets, but tomorrow, the same cold air mass unstable air mass stays in place. the sun comes up heats the day and somewhere around 34 o'clock, we have a chance for a thundershower or scattered shower again and then the mountains. same thing. thunder showers possible and more snow. so that's the plan cold start to the day tomorrow temperatures the same afternoon thunderstorm real possibility much more so than today. i'll see you back here with that forecast and the five day in a few minutes. thank you. we are following a developing story out of the labor right now. police confirm that they are investigating a shooting. involving at least three victims. this happened just before 8 30 in the 200 block of avian drive. police say each victim was shot at least once, but had no further details to pass along. they are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact the police department. of course, as we get more information into the newsroom on this developing story. will bring it to you, authorities say in alabama corrections officer has died after she shot herself during a police pursuit. vicky white was pronounced dead at the hospital hours after she and murder
10:22 pm
suspect casey white, spotted at an indiana motel, then chased and arrested by officers. the two are on the run for 10 days. vicky white was the assistant director of corrections at the lauderdale county detention center. and is accused of helping casey white escaped from prison. we got a dangerous man off the street today. he is never going to see the light of day again. and you know that's a good thing for not just our community, but that's a good thing for this country. casey white is a convicted felon facing murder charges. he is currently being treated for injuries suffered from the crash . authorities say vicky and casey white, we're not related but shared a special relationship. wall street starts trading this week on a sour note coming up with president biden plans to do tomorrow to ease concerns about the economy and find out where some
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mhm. the washington nationals cathedral, honor the lives lost to covid-19 with a special ceremony. the cathedral rang it's morning bell 1000 times once for every 1000 american covid-19 deaths. as of this morning, the cdc listed the total number of covid deaths and more than 995,000. the city of san jose is bringing back a mask mandate for city workers for a couple of weeks due to a rise in the number of covid infections. temporary measure comes as santa clara county has seen about 480 new cases a week on average, compared to 140 cases per week back in march. the city expects to lift the requirement on may 20th but adds that the date may be extended, depending on case rates. billions of dollars in covid relief money ripped off, leaving small businesses all across the country empty handed in tonight we have new numbers
10:26 pm
on just how much money landed in the hands of people taking advantage of the program. as foxes. david spun reports one couple ended up scamming the government for nearly $20 million. more than two years into the pandemic. multiple oversight officials estimate that fraudsters stolen least $100 billion in covid relief loan funding to help small businesses survived. i think people made a conscious decision, we're going to get the money out. and if there's fraud, you'll chase it later. and that's just not acceptable. model fox news sat down with justice department inspector general michael horowitz, chair of the pandemic response accountability committee, a group made up of inspectors general overseeing covid relief fraud. the treasury department has a do not pay system. well turned out. 57,000 loans were paid out in those first few weeks to individuals who are on the do not pay list. that list includes known fraudsters, authorities have arrested hundreds and fox news is told more are in the pipeline,
10:27 pm
according to court documents. richard abkhazian and his wife, marietta, terra bellion, adopted fake identities and secured at least $18 million paycheck protection program loans, both on the run. richard was sentenced to 17 years. his wife six you selfishly. took it literally out of the mouths of babes. nancy cala musa owns a small business that helps feed infants with medical issues. she was denied covid relief related loans multiple times and blames fraudsters for taking advantage of the system. you took it out of my patient smells. my pocket my employees, and that's not okay. michael horowitz says his oversight committee is set to expire in september 2025, but it could be extended if there are more cases. that come before investigators in washington. david spun fox news. bay area tech company downsizing in san
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francisco as the work from home economy continues. a lot of people like remote work. and because of that there, you know, there isn't really as much of a push to come back to the office next to 10 30, the impact on other businesses and why there's still optimism things will return to normal plus. music tonight to #### coming up how this bay area concert will help the people of war torn ukraine and more on the warriors. big win coming up later in sports. we're going to hear from the team after they take a commanding 31 series lead against the grizzlies. suspected dui crashes, injuring law enforcement officers prompts a new reminder for everyone to be careful out on the roads.
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putting a large chunk of its
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office space back on the leasing market. it is the latest indicator that the work from home economy isn't going away, and it reflects the commercial real estate market throughout the bay area. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live to explain, janna. julian mike. it used to be from the east bay. if you're looking towards san francisco, you see a lot of lights on in those downtown office buildings, but not so much now that work from home has become part of the workplace, and that is taking a toll on the downtown commercial real estate market. it was six years ago when splunk moved into its san francisco headquarters in the shiny new south of market building at 2 70 brandon street . now the data analytics company has decided to downsize, giving up its lease at the 215,000 square foot space. a company spokeswoman sent a statement to ktvu saying. quote san francisco remains monks headquarters. we are consolidating our operations. to a newly renovated
10:32 pm
office space at 2 50. brandon splunk began that building at 2 50. brandon is just half the space of the current headquarters for close to 24% vacancy for office space in the city with regan, vice president of the bay area council, says that 24% vacancy for commercial real estate in san francisco is a new record. we didn't see numbers that high after the financial collapse, um or after the .com bust, so these are pretty uncharted unprecedented times throughout downtown san francisco, the impact of work from home pandemic policies is evident in the number of four lease and rent signs in the windows. things are not at 100% capacity winner on a hybrid schedule. to my office started like three days a week. it's a requirement to get in the office and be there retailers and small businesses that depended on those office workers also have felt the pain at the center
10:33 pm
station tavern wet your whistle stop on market street for 25 years, happy hour. crowds are far smaller than pre pandemic levels. right now, it's like 30% hoping the businesses come back and i'm hoping that you know, i think the real estate in san francisco oh, hi. and hopefully it goes a little bit lower. even so, it's so much vacancy right now. area council says pre pandemic office rents have fallen from $90 a square foot to $76 a foot but that is still high historically and compared to other similar markets nationwide. there's definitely still some optimism in the commercial real estate world that things will return to normal. an analysis by the firm cbr e estimates some 100,000 new workers will need to come to san francisco in order to fill the current vacant space in the bay area council says one thing that might bode well for san francisco is that younger
10:34 pm
workers see more inclined to return because of mentorship opportunities, and that social aspect of collaborating and workspace so with the tech industry being so big in san francisco that could bode well for the city moving forward julie you can only hope so. it's amazing how much has changed in san francisco over the past few years, gina thank you. new tonight a concert of compassion benefiting the people of ukraine was held in san francisco. people packed the historic congregations share with israel to hear a classical music concert in support of ukrainian refugees. proceeds from the special events support three different charities that are assisting with the people of ukraine. tonight. a new law in the united states is designed to help ukraine. every day. ukrainians pay with their lives and they fight along against the atrocities that. the russians are engaging in just beyond the pale. and the cost of the fight
10:35 pm
is not cheap. but cave into aggression is even more costly. that's why we're staying in this. president biden made those comments about the conflict in ukraine today just before signing the ukraine democracy defense land lease act of 2022. the new law allows the u. s government to streamline the process of lending or leasing military equipment to the country. fox news trading shows us how russia is trying to send a signal it is not backing down in its conflict with ukraine. russian tanks and armored vehicles rolled down the streets of moscow on victory day. as the country commemorates the day germany surrendered in world war two russian president putin spoke about his war on ukraine as the road you know you are fighting for the homeland for its future so that no one forgets the lessons of world war two so that there is no place in the world for executioners, punisher and. while the russian
10:36 pm
leader didn't make any announcements about broader military mobilization, as some expected he did falsely accuse the ukrainians have been and planning to build nuclear weapons. poland also held events to commemorate victory day at one memorial in warsaw, russia's ambassador to poland was doused in red paint. by anti war protesters ahead of the annual celebrations. ukrainian president below the zelinsky addressed the russian invasion, russia has forgotten everything that was important to the winners of the world war two. but ukraine and the whole free world will remind them so that then no one will forget. his remarks come as ukrainian forces successfully pushed back a russian advance around the city of kharkiv. analysts believe russian troops in this area could retreat over the border within days. in the south. russian troops continue to encircle the as of style steel plant, where an estimated 2000 ukrainian troops are holed up underground. ukrainian officials
10:37 pm
confirmed over the weekend that all civilians had been successfully evacuated from the plant after being trapped for weeks through humanitarian corridors organized by the united nations. a spokesman for ukraine's ministry of defense, says his troops are still defending the facility direction the enemy continues to blockade at troops near the edge of style plant and with the help of artillery fire and tanks conduct assault operations tonight, russian forces targeted the city of odessa with missiles as their attempts to take more of southern ukraine. continue in keith tree angst, fox news police in santa rosa say they believe a homicide last week was a murder suicide officers were called to a home on aston avenue at about 4 30 on thursday afternoon, detectives say 23 year old anthony romero shot his girlfriend, 17 year old leslie fierro noriega before turning the gun on himself. investigators say they are still trying to piece together more
10:38 pm
information. this is the fifth homicide investigation in sonoma county since the first of the year. east bay. authorities are now reminding people to be careful out on the roads. the reminder comes after two law enforcement officers in east bay were on patrol in two separate cases and hit by suspected dui drivers as ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports, the officers were just inches away from being seriously injured. the surveillance video is shocking. suspected drunk driver runs a red light kelly, sheriff's deputy in oakland, lucky that our deputy survived this accident a few more feet and he would have been severely injured. if not killed in that crash happened at about 4 30 sunday morning, the deputy who was assigned to patrol transit busses was returning to a station when a driver ran a red light at 16th and photo in the san antonio neighborhood. the impact, not the suspect's car onto the lawn outside of church and caused a small fire in the deputies vehicle. the deputy was able to radio in the crash was
10:39 pm
able to speak to him today, and he's feeling very sore, but he was okay and thank you thankful he's a lot learned that the suspect 21 year old gregorio batista, garcia, was cited and released for misdemeanor wi. authorities say his blood alcohol level was 0.16 about twice the legal limit alcohol containers that made it obvious that the driver was under the influence in a separate incident at about 10 30 saturday night, a richmond police motor officer had pulled over mini cooper for speeding on i 80 vehicle struck the rear end. of the motorcycle and pushed it into the mini cooper. the driver of the mini suffered minor injuries. the officer was not hurt. the driver of the ford fusion who hit the officer was arrested on suspicion of do you i was on probation for d u i he had a active warrant for his arrest for d u i and he was, um approximately three times the legal limit. please say these incidents are reminders to why they go after. do you y drivers even as some drivers like this
10:40 pm
one in san carlos, avoid checkpoints have many. units out there trying to discourage drunk driving. and this is exactly why we do that. there is horrific accidents that occur on a daily basis. these crashes are proof that no one is immune from drunk drivers, and that includes innocent victims and civilians, young and old. and police officers. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. vandal targets an american flag in napa, and a surveillance camera captures the entire incident coming up at 11. police are asking for your help to find him. and breezy conditions will continue into tomorrow night as windy but windy and temperatures will begin to warm as we get towards the middle end of this week. and a northeaster that brought big wins is creating a new problem. the beach erosion causing concern just before the summer season.
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yeae a much better trading session on wall street tomorrow. another broad selloff on wall street today since stock prices plummeting, the dow fell 653 points. nasdaq dropped 521 more than 4% and the s and p lost 132 tech stocks were once again the hardest hit. energy shares also fell. president biden has plans to talk about the economy tomorrow. in his speech, he is expected to lay out plans to combat inflation. south bay democratic congressman ro khanna hosted a roundtable discussion today with mom and pop groceries workers. they discussed the soaring cost of food. oftentimes we get products and we don't we don't have, um what we order. so then you go without that product
10:44 pm
for a period of time, or you replace it with a different products that perhaps is not as well known with with the community so, therefore the results unless sales lupe lopez, owner of ortega's food center, says over the past three years, she has seen a 38% increase in the cost of milk. and in the past eight months, the food price index has risen by more than 8. residents indonesia are facing water emergency on top of the shortages brought on by california's ongoing drought, a critical pipeline at the beneath a water treatment plant broke over the weekend. the cause likely aging infrastructure. now residents and businesses are being asked to cut their water use. by 30% and that requirement could last for several days. it's very difficult pipe to fix its very old over 50 years, maybe 60 years old and we're working on fixing that right now by trying to bypass it and putting in a temporary fix. activities such as car washing, lunch, sprinkling, landscape
10:45 pm
watering or swimming pool filling or not allowed right now , and there is no danger when it comes to drinking the water. the massive valero refinery is exempt because they uses non potable untreated water in its processes. we're not the only one seeing late spring storms coming up. see how a northeaster is impacting beaches in new jersey tonight. it's a bit of a cold spring evening out across much of the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the complete barrier forecast, including when we may actually see a warm up.
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
10:48 pm
heay nor'easter that some are calling the mother's day storm leading to beach erosion at the jersey shore beach. towns like ocean city won't know the damage until the winds die down later this week. for three days in a row. the coastal storm has brought strong, gusty winds of up to 40 miles an hour. we get the storms occasionally. but what we do we nourish the beach as well. so this is a low spot in the cycle . and once you get repetitive storms like this you tend to get erosion as you see here, so the last time it's been this bad erosion hasn't been for a while. maybe a year or more. minor coastal flooding is possible tomorrow. right back to bill. we go. winds are backing off your bill, but the temperatures are dropping temperatures tonight.
10:49 pm
mike are gonna be real gold. real cold, chilly, much more so than we've seen the last couple of mornings and that's because the winds like you say die down. and it is cold air masses lingering. it's going to be here again tomorrow, and that sets us up with the potential for a thunderstorm and certainly more snow in the mountains. he's really highs from today. highs tomorrow. color so we kind of hold with the low 60 theme upper fifties and the wind comes back up again tomorrow afternoon. so it's kind of more of the same. this low again has come from a lot, you know from the north, and so it's very cold. it's just the whole air mass itself, and it's just staying put. but for the last couple of days, it's going to remain through tomorrow. there's no fog to concern ourselves with for tomorrow, but we do have some wind back in the forecast. there's the low. you can still see some scattered showers. the winds right now they're kind of calm their light and that's why the temperatures will drop tonight down into the mid thirties. but again tomorrow afternoon, the winds will pick up kind of cool the afternoon with winds up to tomorrow afternoon back up to 30 35 miles an hour. so the calm winds out there now no fogger speak up.
10:50 pm
like i said. the forecast for wins. you can just look at numbers. i look at the contours where the reds are conscious representatives higher wind speed. this is the model. this is tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon. when things start to clear out there's a slight chance for thunderstorm will show you that, too. but this wind pattern will pick up especially along the coast goes away. and then wednesday afternoon, it lights up again. look at stinson beach at 40 miles an hour, so a breezy period through tuesday. in the wednesday and then it should start to back off after that, and so the winds, of course, will keep temperatures cool. when the winds died down. we're going to wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures will start to come up. but right now the temperatures are low. these look like overnight loads for this time of year for cool overnight lows, and it's just early evening at this point or not early and late evening, but more time to go you can see out in the city. there's no fog to speak up and we've got basically clear skies which will promote these very cold overnight lows. frost in the forecast in the inland bay valleys. a chilly night called one for the kids as
10:51 pm
they head out tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow afternoon, it warms up slightly back into the low sixties. so here's tomorrow morning. see that chance of a thunder shower down by santa cruz. that's five a.m. and then the afternoon around mount tamil pot or mount diablo, a chance of a shower around nine a.m. and then this is the best chance for scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. but you see how hit and miss it is so the chances of any any of us really seeing anything are pretty slim. i mean, if somebody's gonna see something but it's probably not going to be you. you know that works because these are the forecast size lots of the sixties, the 62 fill a host 64 concrete, just like today. the five day forecast be nice with those showers amounted to something, but they probably won't in the mountains of the snow is piling up, so they're going to end up with a foot foot and a half the time it's all done. alright so let us know unusual to see this time of year bill. thank you. the first minister opened to the public today in burlingame, shoppers can try out technologies such as smart glasses and virtual reality reality games. retail analysts say this will be a
10:52 pm
challenging venture for the social media giant. i think this is very much a test and let's see what happens concept because putting stores all over the country is a really resource intensive thing to do, and facebook has resources, but at the heart of it, there's still technology forward. they like to build stuff. they're not really always in the business stuff of supply chains and you know, physical stores, which is a whole other ballgame. the minister in burlingame will be open mondays through fridays from 11 am to six pm it is located on airport boulevard. well despite a tough night, the warriors came through in the clutch. we're going to hear from the team on their come from behind win. jason is up
10:53 pm
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
10:54 pm
good evening, everybody. the
10:55 pm
warriors learned about two hours before tip off that head coach steve kerr tested positive for covid. and then they went out and played one of the ugliest halves of basketball in recent memory. and yet they're headed back to memphis with a win and they can close it out on wednesday night. not bad. mike brown and for steve kerr tonight , 11 or no filling in for er in the 2000 and 17 playoffs. john moran out with right knee soreness, acknowledges jordan's pool before the game. here's what i mean by ugly. the warriors missed their 1st 15 3 point attempts before otto porter finally gets one to drop with 3 24 to go before the half the warriors 38 points at the break their fewest in a playoff game. since 2015. meantime memphis hitting shots like this one desmond bein from just past mid court to beat the third quarter buzzer as the grizzlies take a seven point lead into the fourth. but after trailing by as
10:56 pm
many as 12, the warriors come alive, clay thompson off the inbounds pass. it's a two point game and then a few possessions later, andrew wiggins with the block jordan's pools, going the other way splitting defenders. it's a layup 14 for pool less than a minute later, curry the baseline fadeaway gets it to go and we're tied at 90. and yet it was stressful for warriors fans tonight. warriors first lead of the game comes on this steph free throw with 45 seconds to go . he then goes 6 to 6 from the stripe down the stretch came down to this. warriors up three. need to stop and there it is. jared jackson blocked by draymond green curry. he gets fouled, and then he fires up the crowd before he even goes to the free throw line. that is confidence. my friends, curry finished with 32 points. the warriors got it out 101 to 98. and they take a 31 lead in the series. it was a tough night for us, but again it a at this point
10:57 pm
in the year you win ballgames. it doesn't matter how you get there, but you win ball games and we found a way to win tonight. that's why i'm excited at this time of year. how that matters is that win and i'm so proud of everyone in this organization for how we fought tonight. and even though they're missing their best player, they still had a great great record without him, and they play very good defense and um just a gutsy performance all around tonight. yana started to camp on the box hosting the celtics in game four and another monster game for auntie to compose sores in for the dunk in the third and stares down. al horford 34 points. 18 rebounds for anti decompose, horford took issue and then he let his game do the talking, turning back the clock, the dunk and a foul. he's about as fired up as you'll ever see him. he finished with the playoff career high 30. the celtics close strong and they went at 1 16 1 oh eight. that series tied up at two games apiece and make it back to back most valuable
10:58 pm
player awards for denver nuggets center nikola jokic. it's not official, but a former announcement is expected later this week. the 27 year old from serbia averaged 27 points 14 rebounds. and eight assists per game all top 10 in the league, philadelphia's joel and bead likely to come in second with anti de campo third when the voting is announced. this one is official monty williams of the phoenix suns has been named the nba coach of the year. williams family surprised him today in phoenix, a great scene there. with the trophy. the suns finished with the best record in the nba during the regular season, and they are currently all square at two games apiece and their series with the mavericks. it's early in the season in the baseball season, but you know, still pretty remarkable that all five teams in the giants division have a winning record. one of those teams the colorado rockies, in town for three games, and urban
10:59 pm
had himself a night. giants are born. nothing in the third one to bond gets ahold of an austin gamber pitch and takes it to the deepest part of the yard. two run homer. nice souvenir for lucky fan sixth inning two on robert stevenson wild pitch. both runners advanced, and when elias diaz throws into left, wilmer flores comes in to score . giants scored three in the sixth. they win at 8 to 5, and it's their third straight win. how about the aids mark qazi? and the a's in detroit tried to end their longest losing streak in a decade scoreless in the third when tony kemp connects for his first home run of the season, the solo shot puts the a's up one to nothing. paul blackbird pitched six innings of shutout baseball. he got help from his defense along the way. nice grab by jonathan by kevin smith to rob jonathan. scope of extra bases the aids they shut out the tigers and good news. they're losing streak comes to
11:00 pm
an end nine games so good night for bay area teams trifecta. of winners and i'll be back that i like that trifecta of like it and we got more coming up at 11 25. all right, we'll see you then. jason thank you. next at 11. the canopy has a start with what are we doing for these young people? to get jobs training anything other than looking at crime as a way of making money. oakland police officers working tonight to solve dozens of robbery cases to hit the city within 72 hours. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. good evening. once again, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. some small business owners in oakland are calling for better policing and accountability after two dozen robberies were reported around the city over the weekend, and in most of the cases, the robbers were armed. ktvu elissa harrington live for us tonight. in oakland, alyssa did police make anyrr


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