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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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an end nine games so good night for bay area teams trifecta. of winners and i'll be back that i like that trifecta of like it and we got more coming up at 11 25. all right, we'll see you then. jason thank you. next at 11. the canopy has a start with what are we doing for these young people? to get jobs training anything other than looking at crime as a way of making money. oakland police officers working tonight to solve dozens of robbery cases to hit the city within 72 hours. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. good evening. once again, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. some small business owners in oakland are calling for better policing and accountability after two dozen robberies were reported around the city over the weekend, and in most of the cases, the robbers were armed. ktvu elissa harrington live for us tonight. in oakland, alyssa did police make any arrests so
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far here? mike julie. police did take three people into custody they believe were involved with at least seven of those cases. they say investigators are closely monitoring these crime trends, and they will put additional officers in the areas hardest hit. it makes me really, really sad because i do own a business here. michelle walton and wesley dewan or the owners of loyal to the soil oakland on broadway. they say crime is hurting small businesses in oakland and want to see more enforcement and accountability from the city were not going to be accountable as far as deterrent to crime, getting people to stop doing it. they can at least pay when people do do it because they're putting businesses out of business has to start with. what are we doing for these young people? to get jobs training anything other than looking at crime as a way of making money friday, there were seven robberies and two carjackings. saturday nine more robberies, carjacking and sunday , four robberies and a carjacking. unorganized ring.
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city council member noel gayo represents the fruitvale, the neighborhood where he grew up, he said. residents call and text him all the time about crime. they sometimes send him videos like this one that shows a catalytic converter theft. he wants to see more police on the streets, the violence prevention program to be more visible and better recruitment for opd. the only thing that they end those individuals will understand. is to push back that if i catch you doing it, you're going to jail. nobody's safe. now today he's the owner of la perla. puerto rican cuisine has done outreach and worship with youth. over the years, surveillance video shows masked men robbing his son outside the business just days ago. ortiz is now making hundreds of flyers with pictures of the gunman to distribute around town his message to those targeting people in oakland find someplace out because your time is coming pretty soon they're going to clean the streets in auckland. tomorrow guys said
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he's going to be part of a public safety committee meeting . he said they plan to discuss violent crime. find things reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. a seven year old child was rushed to the hospital today after a shooting on interstate 80 in vacaville. the chp says it happened at 4 20 this afternoon on eastbound i 80 west of alamo drive. the honda accord shown here was struck multiple times by gunfire. the chp says the child was riding in the rear seat of the car when that shooting occurred. the child's injuries are described as non life threatening. authorities say no one has been arrested and a motive in the shooting. not known at this time . anyone with information is asked to contact the chp tonight in santa rosa 15 month old girl is dead and her parents are in custody on child abuse charges. santa rosa police say they were called to a home sonoma avenue,
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10 30 this morning for a report. of a toddler who was unresponsive. first responders quickly arrived and performed life saving measures. the toddler eventually transported to a hospital, where she later died. police say they located suspected fentanyl and drug paraphernalia inside the home. the dollar's parents, 26 year old evan frost, iq and 23 year old madison bernard were arrested in connection to the child's death is on tonight for a 59 year old woman who went missing cerrito. lucy karanja is considered at risk because she has early onset dementia. karanja lives in albany, but police say she was last seen on liberty street in el cerrito at 12 30. today she has black shoulder length hair that she wears in braids. she's described as spite but to weighing about £180 and has brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a red and yellow floral print dress. anyone with information is asked to call el cerrito police tonight. leaders in the fight
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for abortion rights came together to talk about california's role in a post rovi wade world. the discussion was held at manny's in san francisco . among the speakers with jessica pinkney, the executive director of access reproductive justice, she says volunteers within her organization are ready to start housing women in need of abortions. practice was put on hold during the pandemic. our volunteers can also volunteered to drive people to and from appointments and we will work to coordinate that care on our end, so we match volunteers in the area wherever you're coming from or wherever you're going to access, and its network of volunteers also help women who are in need of abortions with their hotels, childcare and food. and expect to see congress wayne on the country's debate over abortion this week. here's a live look out at the us capitol, where senate majority leader chuck schumer intends to call for a vote on wednesday. this vote would be designed to code of i
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abortion rights into federal law. senator schumer says he understands the vote would likely be symbolic because democrats do lack the needed 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster. despite that, he says, members of both parties need to go on record about where they stand. the discovery of a noose at stanford university has administrators they're condemning racist act as ktvu lamonica peters reports. the news was found hanging from a tree and it's not the first time. the potentially charged. like hatred behind that is just unsettling. at 7 45 sunday night , stanford university officials say student affairs received a report of a noose hanging in a tree outside of brand or hall, a residence for undergraduate students. honestly i was kind of shocked when i first saw the email stanford says it sent an email to the entire university community alerting them about the noose incident on campus. hamad a freshman who says he lives in brenner, hall. believes
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the news was spotted hanging from one of the trees just behind brenner. he says there are black students living there and that the residential hall is racially diverse. the university also released this statement, saying in part we cannot stay strongly enough that a news is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on our campus. as a community, we must stand united against such conduct. and those who perpetrated bearing in mind that this is not the first time this has occurred at stanford in recent years. certainly disturbing information to hear doesn't necessarily make you feel comfortable on campus. stanford's department of public safety, responded to the incident and has since removed the news, keeping it as evidence . there's just so much division in our society these days, and it permeates everything. from the legal field to, um to pretty much you know any sort of any sort of academic or professional
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field. stanford says it has opened an investigation into the noose incident and that mental health services and support will be available to anyone who needs it. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. new details now from friday's deadly plane crash in marin county. we now know the names of both victims. the marin county sheriff's department confirms 57 year old michael breyer of sacramento was the second person on that small plane. 52 year old jennifer fox , a mother, also from sacramento , had already been identified. a friend tells us fox worked as an aesthetician and was always thinking of others. she made everyone feel like they were part of her family and. she will never be forgotten for that spirit that she holds in all of us. flight tracking data shows the small plane made loops over the golden gate bridge before it went down in the marin headlands. aviation experts say
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the turns were very sharp, especially considering the heavy fog at the time. why your fans are celebrating tonight's come from behind win against the grizzlies. we gotta go over there 31 for sure. we don't like memphis do it. conference finals five baby. golden state didn't take the lead against memphis until the very last minute of the game, and the team played without head coach steve kerr, who tested positive for covid just prior to tip off. we're going to hear more from the team about their big win later. in sports surveillance camera captures images of someone destroying an american flag and napa coming up call goes out to help find the vandal. also ahead tonight how barrier agencies are updating their policies that will impact how they use military equipment.
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sayp in identifying the man who destroyed an american flag that was hanging on someone's front porch. according to security video. the incident took place last thursday around 10. pm police say the man, use scissors to cut and rip apart the flag. if you are able to identify him , you're asked to call napa pd. well today, san francisco mayor london breed appointed matt dorsey to fill the vacancy on the board of supervisors after matt haney was elected to the state assembly. he represents. what hope is. hope for a new
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future hope for transformation. but more importantly, in knowing matt for so many years. what i appreciate is his willingness to build bridges to work together to make the hard decisions. and to focus on the work that's important to san franciscans. dorothy was sworn in during a ceremony at the delancey street foundation this afternoon. he has been the san francisco police department director of strategic communications since 2020. and he also says that he's personally battled drug addiction. i want every san franciscan who struggles with addiction or alcoholism to have the same access to care. i had and to know that they have the support of a city that won't give up on them either. dorsey says getting more addicts into treatment would help address an array of other problems in the city, including street crime, retail theft and homelessness. dorsey has said that he plans to run for a full term come november, and it's likely to be
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a very crowded race because of redistricting. district six no longer includes the tenderloin, but it still covers mission bay south of market and treasure island. voting at san francisco city hall got underway today. this is for next month statewide primary election residents across the bay area should be getting their ballots in the mail soon. the deadline to register to vote for the june 7th election is may 23rd. today was the last day for ballots to go out for the june primary, and all registered voters in the state should be getting their ballots in the mail anytime now in person. voting also got underway today at san francisco city hall and other locations. all counties will also open drop off locations for vote by mail ballots. the deadline again to register to vote for the june 7th election is made. 23rd mayor sam liccardo is asking the city to release emails that are at the center of a lawsuit accusing him of violating public record laws. the san jose spotlight filed a lawsuit against the mayor and the city back in
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february. it accused the city of refusing to release emails the mayor sent on a private account while conducting city business. the mayor's office says only the city council can approve releasing those emails and the mayor will last the council to do that, at tomorrow night's meeting the use of military style equipment by police departments has been a big debate over the years and now bay area agencies are updating their policies. mark sayer tells us a new california law states if departments want to buy and use such equipment, they need the approval from their city council or board of supervisors. in an emergency every second counts. in the case of an active shooter, for example, there may be victims that need to be pulled out of the area before police can even identify the shooter. that's where this vehicle called a bearcat med vac would come into play. it is one of two new military style vehicles, which are being requested by the san jose police department. this type of equipment and vehicle as utilized oftentimes in a mass
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casualty incident, something similar to shooter some kind of terrorist event or terrorist incident where there is ongoing threat to the public. where there are people who are casualties under a new law recently signed by governor newsom, known as a b for 81, all local police departments must get approval beyond just a budget for such gear. departments must also reporting annually on what equipment they have, how it is being used and document and report on any complaints. in addition to that our community members have asked many times over for transparency and a little bit. about inside view of what we do here at the police department, and we've heard them. many other bay area departments have been going through the same process in recent weeks, including piedmont , san mateo, nevado, brentwood, santa clara in los gatos. in the case of san jose. it is also requesting this modified tractor called a rook for members of its bomb squad to safely approach and neutralize any kind of hazardous device equipment,
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although it's not used on a daily basis is something that we utilize in a very critical incident in a very serious emergency. the city council in daly city is taking up this issue of military style equipment. in daly city there simply updating existing policies in conjunction with the new state law and are not considering any new equipment purchases at this time reporting in san jose, i'm mark sayer. ktvu fox two news. thousands of miles away from ukraine. music is helping the people of that war torn country coming up. we will take you to tonight's bay area relief concert and a closer look at how a hillside comes crashing down up in alaska. we're checking in on those winds. it's flowing a little bit out there, but it's not as much so we're going to see cooler overnight lows and the wind overnight lows and the wind kicks back up tom under district attorney gascón,
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i prosecuted car break-ins. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit but when chesa boudin and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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newf compassion benefiting the people of ukraine held in san francisco . people packed the historic congregations share with israel to hear a classical music concert in support of ukrainian refugees. proceeds from the special event will go to support three different charities that are assisting those refugees. russian tanks and armored vehicles rolled down the streets of moscow and victory day the day germany surrendered in world war two. russian president vladimir putin didn't make any announcements about broader military mobilization in ukraine as some expected but he did falsely accused the ukrainian zbig who are planning to build nuclear weapons on the battlefield. ukrainian forces successfully pushed back or
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russian advance around the city of kharkiv. analysts believe russian troops in this area could retreat over the border within days. in the south, russian troops continue to encircle a steel plant or an estimated 2000. ukrainian troops are holed up underground. no at 11, an avalanche in alaska caught on camera here, authorities say see words says authorities in seaward say dozens of trees, rocks and dirt came tumbling down onto a roadway over the weekend. landslide measured 200 ft. long and 300 ft wide. it is expected to take up to two weeks to clear some lingering showers have brought some fresh snow up in the sierra earlier chain restrictions on interstate 80 over donner summit have been lifted. snow has been causing problems for drivers in the area for two straight days now. yeahe
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living in the north bay saw some hail today. this is video from the santa rosa fire department. let's go now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin for a look at what to expect next bill. little bit more of the same tomorrow. julie i think we're looking at more scattered showers. breezy conditions again in the afternoon. not a bad day today. i mean, these are the temperatures. it wasn't warm, but it was certainly plenty of sunshine. despite those showers , a hail and even thunderstorms up around the butte county area upper east of sacramento. snow in the mountains. these are the temperatures from today highs tomorrow will be very, very, very very, very similar about the same and outside. there's no fog to speak of winds have died down. that means overnight lows. you're gonna get chilly, right? you know that when the wind dies down cold air in place. inland valleys, certainly up around santa rosa rincon valley. those areas you're going to be doing doing getting temperatures down in the mid thirties, so they'll be frost even inland, while the creek conquered those areas eastern livermore southern santa clara valley. there are so few scattered showers out there, but
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it's real light the winds as you can see much less than they were last night at this time, and with less wind again, it gives me gonna get cold temperatures will be down into the thirties. certainly mid thirties. the wind tomorrow afternoon comes back up starts off pretty light, but then look at the contours. the reds along the coast will be the heaviest winds around the bay, too. so that's going to blow a bunch of sand across the great highway. and you know what happens in not only sand tomorrow, but sand, blowing sand in strong winds again on wednesday, as the winds pushed at 40 miles an hour forecast had censored so the westerly flow is going to continue with breezy conditions. wednesday does start to warm up a little bit, but we still have breezy conditions, so it's been kind of, you know. spring that's a signature of spring obviously, is some breezy conditions. current temperatures look like boy, this is like, you know, these were really cold overnight lows for us a couple of days ago a couple weeks ago, and now these are just starting out overnight lows are going to get all the way down into the thirties. like i said, and so
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we're looking at 35 in santa rosa 37 napa. 45 in oakland, you'll get frost and fairfield potentially out towards the antioch and some of the inland areas. the model brings those scattered showers and perhaps around five a.m. down around santa cruz. and then again down east of san jose on hamilton's about nine a.m. and then in the late afternoon. this is our best chance for a thunderstorm. about five pm napa, santa ros, eastern, santa rosa conquered and fairfield so with that in mind more of the same tomorrow, with temperatures like these very mild to cool and then the five day forecast like this, and you can see that there's that chance of a shower. the real story here is wins kind of keep going into wednesday in and temperatures start to come back up. and by saturday and sunday, we're back into kind of a warm pattern. nice pattern so snow in the mountains do not go up there tomorrow without chains because it will be on turning on off again. tomorrow. a foot of snow real possible up there. all right, bill. thank you knew at 11 u. s house speaker nancy pelosi said at a climate conference in florida today that
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russia's invasion of ukraine has made energy independence more important than ever. we can no longer be slave and slaved to oil or other energy products from countries that will use that as a security and national security of global security issue. we must diversify. and i think speaker, pelosi said during the opening session of the aspen ideas, climate, 2022 gathering that the house has already passed legislation to combat climate change, and we will continue to work with the senate to gain bipartisan support. coming up after the break. the warriors come through in clutch time. jason appelbaum is here with the highlights of thrilling game four coming up next
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out-of-state corporations wrote
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an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. budf
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emotions for the warriors. tonight is they learn about two hours before tip off that head coach steve kerr tested positive for covid. but the team was in very capable hands with assistant mike brown running the show, however. the warriors started out oh, for 15 from three point land grizzlies without jammeh rant. meantime memphis was hitting shots like this one. desmond bein wow from just beyond mid court. that puts memphis up by seven. heading into the fourth quarter. the warriors they scratch and claw their way back curries. fade away from the baseline ties the game at 90 with 3 25 to go. and yeah, warriors fans would have to sweat this one out all the way down to the finish. 45 seconds to go when the warriors take their first lead of the game on this stefan currie free throw, he would go six of six down the stretch the grizzlies a chance to tie with 12 seconds to go. but draymond green comes up with the block of the game on jeremy jackson. curry gets
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fouled. he's firing up the crowd before he goes to the line and knocks down his free throws. he finished with 32 points. the warriors. they gut it out one on 1 to 98 to take a 31 lead in the series. you know when you come into the fourth quarter with no flow offensively, and you're still within, you know, three or four possessions of coming back like that feels some motivation behind that. and then, like you said, we've been here before. we know how to pulled off games like this, whether it happened or not, it's about just how you approach it, and we made that happen. wires and close it out wednesday in memphis. it's early in the baseball season, but still pretty remarkable that all five teams in the giants division have a winning record. one of those teams the colorado rockies in town for three games and mauricio dubon, he had himself a nice little game tonight. giants up one. nothing in the third one bond gets ahold of austin gamber pitch takes it to the deepest part of the yard
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bounces out of the bullpen and a nice souvenir for that lucky fans sixth inning two on robert stevenson wild pitch both runners advance and then alias diaz throws it into left field. wilmer flores is coming in to score the giants. they scored three in the sixth, and they went at 8 to 5 for their third straight win. how about the aids? they were in detroit, trying to end their longest losing streak in a decade. scoreless top three tony kemp gets them going. with this solo home run, his first of the season. one or nothing. paul blackburn pitch six innings of shutout baseball. you got some nice help from his nice little play right there. kevin smith, rob's jonathan scope of extra bases the shut out the tigers to nothing and they're losing streak comes to an end. at nine games. the greatest san jose shark of all time, is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. we're talking about patrick marleau, sharks franchise leader in goals and points score scored, and last
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year marla became the nhl's all time leader in games played as well, and they have a press conference tomorrow morning. expected to announce his retirement career you go. all retirement career you go. all right. thank yo (jay) as great as it is bringing a baby home from the hospital, there's one sound you absolutely dread waking up to... (women laughing loudly and speaking spanish) relatives. i really never saw these wedding pictures, mamá. how handsome and young papá looks. ay, it makes me sad. ay, i know that you miss him. no. look at my ass. there are two things in that picture i don't have anymore. ay, mamá, qué loca. sonia, can i help you? no, no, she's fine. it keeps her busy. we need more corn. gloria, where is your garden? i will harvest some. they don't live that way, honey. gloria, give me the keys. we'll go to the market. hey, you're all awake. i didn't hear you. oh, look at my two handsome men. mi niño, my little fulgencio umberto.


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