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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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morrigan through other tours are available. reservations are not required, but they're highly suggested if you have not been to this gem of california, i recommend that you do now that it's back open. crackdown on water wasters in the south bay as the ongoing drought continues to get worse, the new finds that could be on the way for those who aren't conserving water also ahead. some of the newer variants of the neuro microns sub variants. might lead to a bigger surge. experts say we could be in for another covid surge in the next few months. that warning comes as millions of americans are vaccinated, boosted and still getting infected. we're talking live with the doctor about what's driving this latest jump in cases, plus a new plan for rising inflation. but president biden wants the federal government to do began iraq the drastic price increases we've been seeing. alright to quote dave clark. we have made it to
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tuesday tuesday. by the snot monday. look at that big, beautiful cruise ship. it's tuesday, may 10th and here we are opening up the nine the weather is going to be okay. it's a little cold for me, to be honest. we'll talk about that. coming up new this morning. legendary nfl quarterback tom brady has already made plans. once his days on the playing field are finally over. when will that be? i don't know. foxes announced. the same motel native has signed a multi year deal to work as its lead football analyst when he retires. brady would be the likely replacement for former fox lead analyst troy aikman, who left fox sports to step into the monday night football booth at espn. it's estimated that deal could be worth more than $20 million a year and as i bring in garcia and andre. also joe buck left. so kevin burkhardt, who have interviewed on this show is going to be the new number one. so they in football, they have a number one team the most important games. it used to be joe buck and troy
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aikman. and now it's going to be kevin burkhardt. and tom brady. tom brady is going to be there, probably until he's 100 years old, right? 120 20 jeans and his body is going. yeah interesting to hear more from him in, you know, kind of from that aspect of love to hear from him from reporting on the game from from that aspect of things, just knowing so much about the game and training so well for it and being probably the best player in the game. we great to hear from him. i'm looking forward to it in 10 years or so, anyway he retires 10 years. in the south bay. let's go right to something that could cost you hundreds of dollars and that is using too much water. the senate clara valley water district is set to talk about a plan to cut down water usage. ktvu james torres is live from the water district headquarters with more on the plan and why the water district says it's needed. james sounds all thanks to the growing threat of the california drought, the santa clara valley water district said last year to ask those who conserve cut back on some of that water by 15% but it
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seems as though since then not many people have been doing their part, officials told residents. 15% is where they wanted to be. they also asked city governments to limit household watering lawns to just about two days a week. most cities allow three days a week while others don't enforce any restrictions. the city of mountain you, for example, says they only get about 10% of its water supply from valley water, and the majority comes from san francisco, which only requests a 10% conservation. they do not offer any restrictions during the week instead of water usage going down in santa clara county , the water district reports usage went up 30% when you compare march 2019 to march of this year. board members say sources for water are starting to run dry and it's now becoming expensive, buying additional water from federal suppliers. as a result, valley water ceo said in the past board meeting the district now preparing to pass a two year budget for the first time in 20 years. the drought that we're in the middle of this
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truly unprecedented and the need to purchase emergency water supplies for silicon valley is absolutely critical for our region. this afternoon, the board will fine tune a plan for what they call water cops enforcement officers who will have the job of finding people who aren't conserving water and hand out fines, possibly up. 2 $500 that meeting set to start at one this afternoon. and that's just iron out the plan to actually approved and ratified the plan that won't happen for another two weeks at another district board meeting. that those enforcement officers should that plan move forward. they can start being and showing up in your neighborhood by this summer, and we'll hear more from valley water district authorities and officials coming up at noon. we're not alive this morning in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news, james. thank you. also on water news today, a virtual media briefing by state water officials about california's drought and why conserving water is so important. experts with the department of water resources and the state water
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resources board will tell us the latest on the drought after january through march, was the driest period on record. happening right now. president biden is laying out his administration's plan to fight inflation. there's a live picture right now the president is speaking and we all know this. gas prices have gone up again in recent days, and economists expect new numbers out tomorrow will show the rate of inflation is slowing. compared to past support. still though, the cost of just about everything is higher than last year following months of record inflation, so ktvu harassment. she is monitoring what the president is saying right now, and she will have the latest on what he had to say in the speech coming up at 9 30. we'll get to the latest now in the covid pandemic, as public health officials are warning there is another covid surge underway. the cdc says that new infections have doubled in just the past five weeks. joining us now for more insight. we welcome dr rita in the physician in chief at kaiser, oakland, thanks for being with us doctor good morning. thanks for having me
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like to get your thoughts on. i think what we're all seeing and hearing that people who have done everything right vaccines, boosters. masks are now getting covid. yes so even with wearing masks, washing hands, frequently getting vaccinated, distancing wherever possible and trying to do everything right? my three little ones they just 25 and seven all had sniffles and coughs this past weekend over mother's day. how did sniffles that we've all had growing up. so now as a mom these pandemic days, of course, i was worried that it was covid. so we all did. our covid task kept them home from school in quarantine until we were sure they were negative. so no mom guilt allowed during these crazy times. we're all simply doing our best. um, so now i'm gonna put a little bit of my doctor's hat on and i'm here to tell you that it's possible to get covered even if you're trying to do every single thing, possibly right, so don't feel guilty. like you or others. did something wrong if you do contract covid we can all expect that there will be more cases as we start to socialize more
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removed mass and come out of the isolation of the last two years. doctoring have you heard from people? as i have to say? look i have a trip coming up this summer that i cannot miss. maybe i hurry up and get it now, so that i won't have it right before i have to fly. don't do that so called of covid-19 is not like the common cold yet. it will be one day, but it isn't over right now, and we're still in the middle of the pandemic, like it or not. so the covid cases are rising again in the community and across the nation, making your chances of coming in contact with someone with covid higher, so i have five simple tips for you for staying safe. number one. i'm going to start with the good news while cases of covid are rising hospitalizations remained low, and this is directly related to the efficacy of the vaccines and preventing severe disease. so get vaccinated and boosted. don't try to get covid on your own get vaccinated. well, let me ask you, doctor and i hate to interrupt, but on the subject of vaccines, fewer than half of all eligible americans have gotten
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the first booster dose, according to the cdc. why has there been such a reluctant uptake among so many when it comes to boosters? and could they have helped keep us from the situation? we're in now? absolutely so the vaccines are safe and efficacious, and i think there's a lot of misinformation out there. so if you have questions, talk to your physician, talk to your friends and family who have gone the vaccine. they are safe and preventing severe illness and disease. and that's one of the big reasons why we're not seeing a rise in the hospitalization even though the covid numbers are going up across the nation right now. i know many parents are very young children are just waiting for that approval for vaccines for very young children. where does that effort stand? excellent question, so i'm one of those pitch parents that's eagerly awaiting so the fda is slated to meet in the next few weeks to discuss data and the more you earn a vaccine for children and the age of five. so far they are not yet approved for this age group. when it comes to masking. i go to the grocery store once a week, and i've seen fewer and fewer people masking in public.
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we heard from marin county health officials and there are some outbreaks in marin county, but they say we're not bringing back mandatory masking. where do you stand on reimposing the early pandemic measures we saw, such as mandatory masks. yeah. so. even though some of the restrictions have loosened. i think wearing a mask is something that's simple and easy in the right situations, so make smart, educated decisions. where your mask when you're in a large unvaccinated crowd, orphan people who might be having symptoms around you, especially if you're traveling, going on vacation or sitting in something like an airplane, for example. when it comes to covid. i know that you've reported. we've said as well that fewer people are getting severe cases. the hospitals are not overrun as they have been over the past two years. getting covid can be a huge inconvenience. it takes you out of work. it takes you out of school as a parent. i know you understand being, you know, kind of locked in that one room until you test negative. can you talk a little bit about that aspect of what's happening in our community now? yes forgetting covid is a huge inconvenience
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and, um do your part in society . so if you have symptoms, get a test quarantine and prevent the spread of germs at all possible . if you are negative, then that's very helpful and good news. if you're positive, keep those in all of you around safe by quarantining and not spreading. the virus. alright doctor in kaiser's oakland physician in chief, thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you so much. alright let's get over to rosemary oroczo, who is talking about the weather was pretty cold in some spots for may this morning, rosemary very chilly. even a little bit of rain. snow mix over mountain hambleton. so yes, indeed. a cold storm for this time of year. and that cold storm is adding to the instability that is providing the risk of thunderstorms once again for today. good morning to all of you giving you a live. look here over sfo. it's just one of those days where you could see it. all right. you could have the clouds the sunshine a little bit of hail and scattered shower or two and
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let's not forget the wind. we typically see the winds pick up and gusty conditions when we are experiencing a thunderstorm. here's a view of storm tracker to and you can see just over areas of northern california along the sierra and for us, we continue with that unsettled weather. for one more day, it will begin to wind down tonight a few scattered showers possible over our higher elevations in the north bay along the coastline looks like from point reyes south and then as we get over into areas right near nevada, san rafael, maybe a few sprinkles for you there along the coast over near pacifica and half moon bay and again that shade of pink. they're right over the mountain hamilton's area indicating a rain snow mix into the sierra quiet at the moment, but the snow showers will continue here as well. no advisory for travel, but do expect to slick roadways and the possibility of maybe even chains or snow tire requirements, at least about this evening. the winds are not quite as breezy as we were yesterday, but we do expect it to be just a bit
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breezy as into the afternoon. nevada reporting in northwest breeze at 14 mph conquered right now we have at six and our temperatures sl mentioned a lot chillier in many spots 48 now in santa rosa, but santa rosa dipped into the thirties earlier this morning forties and san francisco 50 walnut creek, so we are rebounding, but we do expect to remain below average for this time of year. i'll have a look at that in just a moment, as far as snowfall could see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of additional snow by tonight in the sierra, and for us, we could see a few 107 inch really, really hard to pinpoint exactly where you'll see the scattered showers or thunderstorms with this type of pattern, but you can see how it just kind of lights up on the east edge there. of areas near the napa valley napa area and then over towards areas of fairfield. maybe antioch's brent with the inner east bay could experience some of that finally winds down and then we begin to see another pattern switch by tomorrow. 56 degrees. the
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afternoon hyper san francisco upper fifties and napa 60 degrees for you, livermore and here's a look at the extended forecast. we're again. temperatures are expected to warm just slightly as we get into wednesday a little bit more on thursday and then take a look at the weekend actually sitting quite nice if you like. the warmer weather saturday looks to be the warmest day upper sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay. eighties for our inland cities a little bit cooler on sunday back to you. thank you so much alright. new warnings of a recession now coming up on mornings onto the nine. the reason. strategists from a major bank are saying the risks are on the rise. and bridging the equity gap in business up next. we're talking live with the man behind a nonprofit that's providing free services, local small businesses and entrepreneurs. you never know what opportunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, enbrel can help you say i'm in for what's next. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in. ready to earn that “world's greatest dad” mug? -i'm in. care to play a bigger role in this community? -i'm in.
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enbrel helps relieve joint pain, helps stop permanent joint damage, and helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. with less pain, you're free to join in. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. when opportunities come your way, be ready to say i'm in for what's next. ask your doctor about enbrel.
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resn equity gap of wide equity gap
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for businesses across the country. check out these numbers . in fact, according to a 2020 report from the u. s census bureau, just 19% of all businesses in the us, where minority owned 6% were owed by veterans and 21% of businesses were female owned. additionally research shows there is still a wide equity gap with low numbers of women and people of color, securing business loans with venture capital and venture capital as well, but i knew nonprofit is aiming to bridge that gap across the country, including right here in the barrier. it's called impresario and joining me now to talk about it is quintin strobe, who is the nonprofits. founder and ceo, thank you so much for joining us today. so last i checked. minorities do want to own businesses. so what is the issue , keeping them from being able to get these business launches secure loans and open these businesses for the most part capital. so if you think about black or brown businesses across the country um, that capital gap has been sort of things that that held him back. um empresario really is an option
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to help to fill that gap. so for black and brown business, having friends and family capital that's invested, uh, it's pretty much non existent. mhm so impresario should help those be a families who are able to offer that exactly right. exactly so if you needed 50 grand to support starting from a family member, not easy so everyone could fill that gap. 10,200 is going to be our target, and we think we'll be able to help those businesses raised that money through a crowd fund. so how does that part of it work? i'm a small business i want to sell, you know. game cards or something, and i want to grow my business. how does that process work through your company? you're not similar to kickstarter or go fund me but very focused on underserved businesses. so the business would actually come into our platform get training. secret sauces are training. i will have three different options for training. one is set up for a company that's ready to go. that
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has a real following. and things of that nature. one is we're partnering with an organization that idaho called crowdfund better. who will do white glove service for those companies? they'll they'll basically trained them over a period of weeks and get them ready. for crowdfund. they have a 90% success rate for helping businesses actually hit their goal and hitting their goal is really what we're all about. i have an idea. i want to come to you that one. you'd have to go through the training process to qualify for getting some of this crowdfunding money. correct you would. yeah you have to go through a training. our secret sauce again is the training so is not sitting down and looking at a video. it's really more actually a high touch high, um, hand holding process that would allow us to be successful at helping you to get to where you want to be. so your company provides the crowdfunding aspect
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of things, and this other company that you've partnered with provides a training. we do a little both. so we'll do the crowdfunding piece and we'll do some training. the other company will do training that's a little deeper than than we are. so our focus is on the folks who are who are ready to go. today and we'll give them a little training the other company crowd feeling better would go a little deeper and actually helped to do research and things of that nature to get them to where they need to be. so you have these different tiers for companies and even have business plans and those that don't need to get them ready for the folks who are watching right now says hey, i want to start my business. i'm ready to go. um what does the process look like? the process. you would enter the platform, you would actually get a call from one of my team who would actually help you to decide whether you're going to go through our training or through crowdfund better training? um once you get there, it's basically you know, filling out your list and getting yourself started. um, well, actually run
9:20 am
those those processes on our platform and actually um. it gives you an idea of what kind of how things are going to go. right. so you can you kind of set it up and kind of preview everything before the folks actually go through the process as you can see what's going to happen. so what does the user pay for something like this if you're giving them access to such funding services are free. um we have a couple of foundations that are private that have given us money to get this thing started. if you hit your goal, there's a 5% charge for hitting your goal that comes to us. into our partners for you know the work that we've done to actually help you to achieve your goal. $6200 is what is what business can sweet spot your sweet spot, but we'll focus on businesses that are looking for five or $10,000. so again. we're targeting underserved communities. um have a number of them here in the bay area have a number of them in l a and across
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the country, and that's that's really where we want to play. these are local communities. they always have a tough time starting their businesses, women, people of color, so any little bit helps, and this is another entry to the crowd that could possibly help them start their business and launch. exactly when you're trying to do a quick stroll. thank you so much. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. great idea that good luck on the success for it. all right. thank you. all right, still to come on mornings onto the nine a showdown at bay area ports. the reason workers are upset over plan that could result in ships being offloaded faster, plus a disturbing discovery on the campus of stanford university students are reacting to the news that was put in a tree ne hey you two, go outside and play. ♪ ♪ create a season full of playfulness.
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at hampton by hilton, contactless arrival means she can skip the front desk, go straight to her room, unlock her door, and head right to bed. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton. sang child abuse charges in connection to the death of their 15 month old daughter. police were called to a home on sonoma avenue yesterday morning around 10 30 about a toddler who was not responsive. paramedics arrived, took the toddler to the hospital. that's where she later
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died. police say they found what's believed to be fentanyl. inside the home. police arrested a toddler's parents, 26, year old evan frosting and 23 year old madison. bernard police are investigating a new set was found on the stanford university campus. university says it was found on a tree branch sunday night outside brenner hall and undergraduate dorm for juniors and seniors. discovery is causing concern and alarm on that campus. certainly disturbing information to hear doesn't necessarily make you feel comfortable on campus, potentially charged. like hatred behind that is just unsettling. so stanford sent an email to students, letting them know the university had launched an investigation. this, by the way, is the third time in three years and news was found on the stanford campus. federal law enforcement and health agencies are now warning about a strain of synthetic drugs. they have nicknamed them frankenstein open opioids, and they say they are
9:25 am
far more powerful and dangerous than the already deadly fentanyl. authorities say a form of these drugs have been around on and off again for 70 years, but they're starting to show up again. a spike something new. uh frankly, something kind of worrisome these things that are produced on the black market and they're they're really in a lot of ways chemistry experiments. this all comes after one of the deadliest years on record for drug overdoses in the united states. federal agencies report synthetic drugs played a major role in those deaths last year this morning to state lawmakers are calling for the president of sonoma state university to step down. came the same day, faculty members voted no confidence in judy sakaki over allegations she retaliated against an employee who reported sexual harassment against shakaki's estranged husband. about one third of the faculty participated in that no confidence vote, which past democratic state senators bill dot who represents the district
9:26 am
, including the school and mike mcguire, a sonoma state grid or both calling for the president to leave her job. for today is the first full day on the job for san francisco's newest supervisor. he represents. what hope is. hope for a new future hope for transformation. but more importantly, in knowing matt for so many years. what i appreciate is his willingness to build bridges to work together to make the hard decisions. and to focus on the work that's important to san franciscans. you heard mention. is this man here? matt dorsey. he was appointed by mayor london breed to fill the vacancy on the board after matt haney was elected to the state assembly. dorsey has been working as director of strategic communication at the police department since 2000 and 20, and he says he has personally battled drug addiction. i want every san franciscan who struggles with addiction or alcoholism to have the same access to care. i had
9:27 am
and to know that they have the support of a city that won't give up on them either. dorsey says getting more people into treatment will help address an array of other problems in the city, including street crime, retail theft and homelessness. ballots are on the way for the june 7th primary election. yesterday was the last day for counties to send out ballots to voters in person. voting is already underway. in some counties. all bay area counties will also open drop off locations for vote by mail ballots, the deadline to register to vote for the june 7th election. is may 23rd coming up erase to address record inflation next year on the nine how the biden administration just now is laying out plans to reverse the trend ahead of the midterm elections. also had the warriors lost a key team member right before a big game, how they bounced back after head coach steve kerr came down with covid.
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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nine it is a cool slash cold morning out there. i know it doesn't feel like what we're used to in the beginning, middle of may, but there are some more big swings headed our way. let's talk about work, right? your first job. your second job. turns out that teenagers are helping business owners who are struggling with the definition, diminishing number of available workers. wall street journal says that more young people are working right now than at any time since the start of the 2008 recession. climate experts say that teens are especially important to retail, tourism and hospitality. those areas of course, suffered the most is the beginning of the pandemic. not as many adults have come back to those jobs that we're seeing more and more young people step up and say, all right, i'll do that work. you know when we talk about the recession, and we did some good reporting here on the way back then. adults were taking whatever they could find , and i spoke with so many people who said. i have a master's degree, but i'm not putting it on my resume. because at this point i just need something. the tightest has
9:31 am
changed. i always try when i see teenagers on the job. i always try to be. you know, nice to them a little bit outside because i remember me is my first teenage first job. i worked as a wreck leader in daly city as a you know, handing out balls to students and you boy had to deal with some parents right now. little nervous oh, i'm 17 years old dealing without full grown man. it's like it's tracking. you really want to know what my first job was? that's where we asked addresses a mattress for this mattress company this mattress store and go out and wave on the side of the street like twirling the side didn't have a sign. i dressed as a mattress, and that was the big advertisement. it was embarrassing. cool something that no. and you're not. even if i did. i wouldn't show them to you. thank you so much. salad. got your mother? alright yeah, so it's but it's nice. you get to pick your pick of the litter now. we didn't have that chance back then what job you want at this point because everyone's hiring right now, alright? well that's it for my story. alright right now president biden is speaking about a plan to slow down the rising cost of food and
9:32 am
energy and housing to ktvu sally rasmus is monitoring the situation in washington, d c and what the president wants to do. but the problem of inflation alley president biden just wrapped up his speech, talking about his plan to address the issue of inflation. he spoke for about 20 minutes from the white house and then took about 10 minutes of questions from reporters. now the issue of inflation as of march, the latest month we have data available. the consumer price index was up 8.5% so that means things are more 8.5% more expensive now than they were just one year ago, and that is the steepest climb in the inflation rate nearly eight years. the polls show that voters heading into the midterm elections this year are very concerned about this with eight out of 10, saying this is a major issue and they want the president to do more about it. the problem is, presidents are limited in what they can do to address inflation. president biden began his speech by talking about the causes of this problem supply chain disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic over the last two years and now
9:33 am
international conflict. and this year we have a second cause. a second cause mr putin's war in ukraine. you saw we saw in march that 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump. for gasoline. putin's war has raised food prices as well. because ukraine and russia, two of the world's major bread baskets, now. here are some of the things president biden says he is already doing and wants to do to address the problem of inflation include, among other things, releasing one million barrels of oil per day from the strategic petroleum reserve for the next six months that is already underway in the goal behind that is to hopefully reduce oil and gas prices. but the president says he also wants to do things like allowing medicare to negotiate drug prices and cap the cost of certain medicines like insulin. president says he also wants to provide additional covid-19 relief to small businesses and agricultural workers and the
9:34 am
amount of about $1 billion. that is something that congress would have to approve two, which is not likely to happen anytime soon. tomorrow the consumer price index will release new inflation numbers for the month of april. the inflation rate is expected to go up again, though not as much as it did in march. garcia salin andre will send it back to you, ali rasmus. thank you, one of the world's largest financial services companies warns the risk of a global recession is rising. morgan stanley economists made that forecast as inflation hit its highest level in 40 years, and the fed took steps to rein in consumer prices and demand. some economists have said they're concerned the fed could be moving too quickly, possibly sending the economy into a recession. speak of america, deutsche bank and fannie may have already predicted recession in the next two years. happening today, west coast ports, workers and shipping companies will continue their negotiations. the contract between the international longshore and warehouse union and the pacific maritime association is set to expire july 1st. sport workers union is upset over a study last
9:35 am
week from the shipping companies that promotes more automation at ports. 35 ships are currently waiting to unload their cargo at those ports, far below the record high of more than 100 in january. the warriors are just one win away from the nba western conference finals. it can happen as soon as tomorrow night in memphis, but they may have to play once again without head coach steve kerr ktvu joe fonzi highlights some of the big moments from last night's game. the warriors have a commanding 3 to 1 lead over the memphis grizzlies, but it didn't come easy. the warriors found out before game time that steve kerr had tested positive for covid, and he'd be replaced by assistant coach mike brown. brown is no stranger to playoff action. he has a former head coach of the cleveland cavaliers and los angeles lakers. and we found out on saturday that he'll be the new head coach of the sacramento kings, once the warrior's playoff run is over. he's been interim coach for a little bit and made his presence felt especially defensively leading this this year, so he
9:36 am
has a good presence about him. the warriors then proceeded to put together one of the worst halfs of shooting you'll ever see in an nba playoff game. they were over 15 from three point range before otto porter finally hit one. the warriors scored only 38 points in the first half when desmond bein beat the buzzer with this shot to end the third quarter. warriors entered the fourth quarter down by seven. i had a feeling we're gonna win the game when bain hit that tough shot the end of third . just we willed it before, and i just knew, uh, we can we were going to win the game. i just had a feeling that's playoff basketball sometimes, uh, it's grimy. sometimes it's gritty. battling from behind the entire game, the warriors tied it for the second time when steph curry hit this shot to even the game at 90 at the 3.5 minute, mark. don't let the first three quarters influence the fact that we still have a chance to win the game. shoot the shot you think you can make play
9:37 am
aggressive. take care of the ball. we did all those things. the warriors then made 11 of 12 free throws down the stretch to win it by a final score of 101 to 98. this is a team that prides itself in strength and numbers, and that applies to the coaching staff up and down on mosul day for me, too. but again , i you know all of our guys kenny ackerson, bruce fraser, christa marco and jama becky all of our coaches. were fantastic. so the warriors had to memphis now to try to close things out on wednesday. this game was tough. they know it will be even tougher trying to win their in game five. in san francisco. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. joining us now for more insight on last night's game is joe schatsky from 95 7. the game joe was so many bricks that could have built a new fireplace last night from both teams. that was awful . it was an awful game. the warriors won it, but my goodness, i haven't seen such bad shooting for a while. yeah you know what ends up happening
9:38 am
with john moran comes out of the game is actually defensively. the rating for the memphis grizzlies goes way way up there actually a better defensive team without john moran on the floor , and the warriors missed a zillion shots, but i think it's credit to the memphis grizzlies for closing out on the three point line, forcing the warriors into horrible turnovers, bad shots late in the shot clock. and how many times did the warriors leave their feet to try to pass to somebody or throw up an ill advised shot? it was just a very clunky first off. i mean, sally looked like my st cecilia's fifth grade team to be quite frank. you know what so last game the game before this one. they were going inside quite a bit. they were getting down the lane, and it looks like memphis was able to cut that off . but i didn't think that they would be so bad from the perimeter. do you think that this is a fluke? do you think that you know they're going to be right as they're going to have to go and play on the road and play much better? they're not going to win another game playing like this. no they're not. i mean to pull one out when you only scored 38 in the first
9:39 am
half is quite quite improbable to be to be honest with you. but here's the problem against memphis. they've now had two pretty poor shooting games. and i'm going to now say it's a trend, and it's because of memphis is defense there very long. they can test and they know what they want to do the warriors when you get into the seven game series sal. you know the tendencies. you know the plays. you know which direction stuff likes to go with the ball and draymond green, who had a very rough day because one of his close friends with was shot and killed. he was reluctant to shoot the ball. you know what? i'm going to give him a pass because it's such an emotional day for him, but if they're going to go four on five on offense and memphis is going to dare draymond green to shoot. he's got to be more assertive and take that little bunny runner in the lane. so i think it was a very congested game, and they were poorly shooting in jordan pool is over dribbling right now he needs to just dial it down. take a deep breath and when a shot presents itself, let it fly. what about steve kerr being out? because you know, i think that brown is a good coach, obviously, but you know
9:40 am
that feeling of familiarity, joe , when you know you change speak prayer was not on the bench. uh, and does that present a problem for these professional athletes who are used to? you know something being a certain way when they come out on the court? you know, i think for a younger team, it would be more of an issue for the younger players. it probably is more of an issue. but when you have staff clay and draymond, these guys are grizzled vets. they've played 10 years together, you know, seven deep playoff runs amongst them. i don't think it's that big of an issue. maybe for a jordan's pool. it is getting accustomed to it because the other day draymond green is, you know, screaming at jordan's pool on the floor, and steve kerr is the head coach mike brown is the assistant is able to put his arm around jordan's pool as they go to the huddle and give them that one on one time. maybe mike brown doesn't have that opportunity when he's the head guy, if that makes sense, so having a well rounded staff really does help some of the younger players where i'm most concerned, sal. were any of the other players exposed to any covid stuff. paul george miss a
9:41 am
game earlier this year in the playoffs with their team got bounced. that's what i'm most worried about. that's what you want to end this thing in memphis to reduce some of this exposure for the other players. yeah. joe schatsky. thanks for joining one last thing and we don't have to go into it. just going to say man was that awful play by dillon brooks down the stretch. i mean, i mean, saleh bin playing ball my whole life and watching ball my whole life . i was in the gym the other day at st thomas more the referees 1000 games. so that was the dirtiest play i've ever seen on a basketball court on any level. this is an independent guy who's not even a warrior fans. a laker fan, so it was pretty bad. in gp two. what a great story horrible that he got hurt that way. i mean, that just stinks. schatsky 95 7 the game. thank you for joining us, joe. thanks, sal have a great day to still come on mornings onto the nine fresh snow in the sierra. when we come back, we're going to talk live with coop kevin cooper about the conditions and if you should go up to tahoe for that last ski run, bring those rocks skis
9:42 am
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this year, and it's expected to continue on and off through tomorrow evening, caltrans reminding drivers heading up to lake tahoe arena they need to be ready to put on chains. chp has been enforcing chain requirements as the weather changes since saturday, officers say that will continue until the snow lets up, which should be tomorrow night. joining us now to talk more about the latest snowpack in the sierra. we welcome kevin cooper two mornings onto the nine thanks for being with us. thanks garcia . how are you doing today? okay i'll tell you look, i grew up here in the bay area. this feels so weird to me, but i kept i keep reading that it's not unprecedented. how off the charts is this you know, it's an
9:45 am
unprecedented we usually bad jeremy corbyn up here where you're starting to see mother nature kind of send some of those final storms of the season through but i'll tell you what. it's a blessing for the snowpack. you know, i'll find meadows and over towards the palestinians in olympic valley. they've seen up to 15 inches of snow in the last 72 hours, which is good news for the sierra snowpack. we only have one resort still in operation and that is the palisades and then mammoth mountain down at the eastern share, but it's just nice to see the basically get covered to get in snow. knowing that we're getting a little bit more in the snow pack up on donner. i think we're about 32% right now down towards fast 41% down towards carson passed about 40% so that's good news for us here this year aspire seasons on the way, so we better get prepared. our people still coming up to ski at palisades. yeah that's a great question. so i've been talking to a few inside folks there and during the midweek they're they're barely struggling by your ship by 23 400 skiers because down in the bay area when you see sunshine, the mountain bikes come out the tennis rackets.
9:46 am
come out the golf clubs come down. so it's kind of like, do we really want to drive three hours up the trial and by a lift ticket pass holders are there but it's just not enough to keep them going. they're going to close this sunday on the 15th #### i don't think i just don't believe that they're going to extend any longer. i know we talked about the guy over a boreal and we got a good punch of snow right at that least week weekend last week in the boreal was open, and he said we'd love to stay open, but you have to think about manpower availability. i mean, you can't just decide to keep going on a whim. yeah we've had human capital challenge all year long. that's just getting stacked up on the mountain. so most every resort including the big ones, your fail resorts and your artillery resorts to challenge just running their operations during christmas, new years and all the way through the season. towards the end here. they're probably going to start closing it down because that's when your cfo stepped into the picture and the director of stuff gets let go in the cfl pushes through. let's talk about driving 80 a donner pass echo summit over on 50. what's it like? just getting
9:47 am
up to the mountains. you know, i heard you mention driving right before we went on. and, yeah, caltrans, right now in the chp are struggling, getting people to be prepared. they're driving up your thinking winners over. it's springtime. you need to have your change tension, all that gear like winter driving. i 80 is closed down multiple times over the last seven days, and then we've also seen 50 closed down because people driving either in two wheel drive or without change. so slow your roll. when you come up to the shares. we're going to see snow today tomorrow through almost surprised that they will see residual snow showers, so just be prepared, and when you see chang controls, let's put them on and slow your roll. let's get through the season. be safe. absolutely let's let's talk kind of tahoe business. in general, we have spent it untold amount on the ribs and chicken wings over its smokies. i think in truckee, what are the restaurants? the hotels? what are those owners telling you about? the season. that was well , that's a great question, garcia and it's interesting
9:48 am
because usually you think a season is based on snowfall. how much snow did we get any year? however i'm just looking at some early numbers starting to come through the freelance that it really wasn't that far off when it came to skier count because the roads were open and clear that allowed multiple different families that we usually be deterred by big snowstorms. to be able to come up and over the holidays. the roads were clear and we just didn't have those big duck dumps that scare a lot of people away from the cso steer count wasn't that bad. however it just wasn't good for the water tables, but i think we'll see a good season all in all of this winter and then you know what chris turned 70 degrees. we're just going to roll right into spring and into summer, but those mountain bikes on the back of the car and head on up, coop. it's always a joy to talk with you. thanks so much for joining us. take care, guys, you have a wonderful water. we'll see you on the mountain. awesome things. happening today, staying up in that same area the final day of a year long cleanup around lake tahoe. divers have been picking up trash along the
9:49 am
72 miles shoreline of the lake and at least one quarter of a mile underwater. today is the final dive so far. they carried out more than 21,000 individual pieces of trash weighing a total of nine tons. organizers say the cleanup of the cleanup fully campaign was designed to keep maintain the lakes reputation as one of the clearest lakes in the world. as we celebrate aapi heritage month, we're shining a spotlight on some of the largest bay area asian american film festival coming up on mornings on tuesday night will introduce you to the organization behind it. that's dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of
9:50 am
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coni heritage month we take a look at camp fest and asian american film festival, which kicks off this thursday. it's organized by the center for asian american media ktvu frank mallicoat talked to the nonprofits, exhibitions director about the significance of this festival.
9:53 am
we are celebrating 40 years of our festival next thursday, may 12 it is part of campus center for asian american media. we're starting off with their opening night film called free chose slowly, riccio suli and will be playing at the castro theater. this is going to be our first year, going back in welcoming people to in person events does the pandemic started? um and at the castro theater is actually going to be a free film screening. so we're making this accessible to the public as much as possible. talk about just having people there. i know you've been virtual the last few years. how excited are you to actually that bodies and seats and to be able to pull this off. we're really excited. i think there's nothing like in person events, just the energy of being around people after two years of just isolation and just pandemic life, i think folks are ready to head back and really just being community with each other and free chose. julie is such an
9:54 am
important film for us and such an important film for the bay area. it's about a korean immigrant who was wrongfully convicted for a gangland murder in chinatown. and it's brought the asian american community together to help release him from president. they were able to do that successfully, so really talks about the power of community and fighting for justice documentary kicks off the whole film festival right thursday. um tell us the goal of the center of asian american media. what? what do you folks what to do? yeah so kim were really about bringing asian, asian and asian american stories to the broadest audience possible, so we fund a lot of asian american filmmakers as well as films and then this. this festival is our largest public event each year, and it's really a way for us to bring the community together. and to really um, expressed and share the breadth and diversity of the asian and asian american experience here in the u. s can
9:55 am
i ask you this kind of off the wall? but i love crazy rich asians. and what did that movie do? uh for the you know, uh, asian actors, agent producers, and i know they've got another one coming out or did it do anything? it did a lot. um you know, i actually interviewed john m two a few years ago, right before, um, eight crazy rich asians hit the big screen. and if you think about it, the last film that actually, uh, was produced by a big company or sorry by big distributor company and prepared on the big screen was in 1994. i want to stay with the joy luck club. so this was a huge moment for asian american cinema for the community, i would say and just to be able to see people who looked like you on the big screen as a hollywood film was just a really big deal for a community. um and it was a really momentous occasion. i remember a lot of people came
9:56 am
out to support that film and i would say crazy rich asians. it's not the end all be all right. it's the beginning and it's a continuation and it really helped pave the way for more films. so after that, we saw films like the farewell. we saw shinkai um and michelle yeoh's everything everywhere all at once. i think i think it's really part of a bigger movement. can you talk about watching a movie? with an audience. it's one thing to be at home and put in a tape or a dvd or watch streaming. but when you're with other people watching a film, it's just a different energy, don't you think? it is a different energy . you're there. you're vibing off each other. it's emotional and i would say it's just part of this collective experience of just sitting in a theater together and experience everything together the same time and even though we're having our own individual feelings, you're really feeding off fantasy of everyone next to us, and i remember the first time i went back to the castro to wash michelle heals everything everywhere all at once. the crowd was wild. they
9:57 am
were all we were all cheering. um every single scene people are clapping and yelling. it was really fun. remember camp fest is this thursday? 20 kicks off. and if you'd like to find out more information about the center for asian american media , just scan the qr code. you see right there on your screen and you can also lock onto our website at ktvu .com/ giving day like it alright, happening today, the sonoma county board of supervisors will consider a 45 day ban on new vacation rentals in unincorporated parts of the county. the new rules on july 1st limit the number of short term rentals allowed in some neighborhoods, and they banned them and all other rentals for other parts. because of that sonoma counties, seeing a big increase in applications by people trying to get approved before those new rules go into effect, if a 45 day ban has approved today would prevent any more rental properties from being grandfathered in. under the current guidelines, san francisco's commercial real estate market is still being hurt by the pandemic. right now . 24% of office space in downtown san francisco is empty . the highest vacancy rate has
9:58 am
been including the tony 2008 recessions, saying a lot and things could get even worse before they get better. many companies are still moving ahead with plans to downsize. i'm hoping the businesses come back , and i'm hoping that you know, i think the real estate in san francisco so high and hopefully it goes a little bit lower. even so, it's so much vacancy right now. the bay area council says the cost to rent a commercial space has dropped about 20% similar to markets nationwide. one study says 100,000 workers need to return to san francisco to fill the vacant office space. also a new poll finds most california say they think tuition at uc and state schools is becoming more and more out of reach. the pole was commissioned in part by the l a times. and it finds that 60% of californians say they think you see schools are largely or completely on affordable. 55% said the same of
9:59 am
csu schools, californians are also about evenly divided on whether a four year degree is valuable in response to the uc system, said it believes uc degree is still the most valuable investment option available to californians. some people are wondering now, you know, do you really need a full degree? especially when you're into computers? you can just do the training and tend to get a job from there. so with that massive student debt, it doesn't take four years. years of your young life. i think we might be the last generation. i mean, look, my parents made it very clear you will get a college degree. i'm looking at my two little boys. and i said to my husband, maybe they don't need one. i don't what will it be in 10 years? i have no idea depends. i guess what they're going to do and you know, we have to not saddle them with our expectations. let them do whatever is best for them now in this generation, so many opportunities available now than they were even different thing, isn't it? thanks so much for joining us. you're sticking
10:00 am
around to do the new newscast convinced me okay. alright. alright. i'm so happy. you hear that? stay with us. we'll see you at noon. news is always on ktvu .com. ♪ >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." and now, here's our special guest hosts leah remini and michelle visage. ♪ >> michelle: my lady! >> michelle: hello!


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