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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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could mean some strict new restrictions for two million residents. good evening and thank you for joining us here at five on mike mibach julie julie haener, the valley waterboard says current efforts to address the drought or simply not working. ktvu is mark sayer has the details now on today's discussion. the bottom line. residents are just not doing enough. the board of valley water last year asked residents to cut water use by 15% but instead it has jumped by 30% from march of this year compared to march of 2019 and now with urge. the board is looking at newman. in fine. published. the name of high use you. possibly even. new construction. they want to start sooner rather than later as california's drought situation worsens. we haven't met the goal. um and actually the trends that we're we've seen in the first three months just just aren't quite there, and in fact, there are alarming. and so one of the things that we're
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looking at is it's time for us to step it up at a board meeting, one director said. it is important to make sure that people making honest mistakes about water use are treated differently than those who are flagrantly violating the rules. but also if we're gonna be talking about fines at some point point. i think the fine has to fit the crime. um, some some person who over waters and lawn you know twice. uh just because they're they're elderly and don't know how to turn down their their water system shouldn't get the same fine that some elitist in one of our more fluid, uh, cities is watering, you know, five days a week, directors expressed concern the messaging about water use throughout santa clara county has been mixed and confused. different. have different rules for water. use. also their water. supply. from diff. sources. some water on san francis. had sketchy since. some get it important. from away. as, like. survey shin message is
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just not getting through. indeed the public has not responded in the way that we want to. yes we have to increase the amount of outreach and make it much more effective than it's been in order to make a stop trending in the wrong direction. the board is also considering hiring a dedicated team of water enforcement patrols with the initial goal of education but possibly moving to fines as high as $500 for ongoing violations. hey mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. and if you're a customer of east bay mud, get ready to pay more for the water you use to help finance additional water supplies and expenses related to the drought, the utility voted to impose an 8% drought surcharge beginning july one. for an average single family home. the 8% surcharge will amount to about 10. cents a day surcharge will remain in place until the drought emergency
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declaration is lifted, california officials say. while the drought is worsening, residents used more water in march than any march in the past seven years, water usage rose nearly 19% in march to the highest water used for that month since 2015 this comes despite governor newsom's request last july for everyone to voluntarily reduce their water use. by 50. per se. since then. californians have only cut back there. you by than four. unfortunately our big keystone rest worship there at lake shasta lake oroville. um didn't get as much of the winter rains . oroville fare better than shasta, and you also have to realize that geology going on with shasta, which has volcanic sand as it dries out, you have to re wet the landscape a lot more before you're generating runoff. news summary to the drought news by pledging to
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spend an extra $26 million on water conservation programs. that's in addition to the $190 million that he already proposed back in january. mateo counties alert system sent out the following message this afternoon and said there has been a disruption in the city of berlin games. potable water distribution system. in the berlin hills. area a water main break. the water division will send out more information when it becomes available, and as we get more information about this situation along the peninsula into our newsroom, we will bring it to you. a mother and father are in jail tonight after police found their 15 month old daughter unresponsive in their apartment. police say the apartment was filled with fentanyl. the baby died at the hospital are crime reporter henry lee joins us now at the santa rosa police department with the latest on this investigation, henry. this couple is now behind bars accused of creating a dangerous conditions in the home they shared with their 15 month old daughter, charlotte. this
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apartment building on sonoma avenue. just 800 ft from the santa rosa police department was where police found lifeless 15 month old charlotte crossed her home filled with fentanyl. we found it strewn throughout the bedroom, as well as on the bed where the child was sleeping. santa rosa police sergeant christopher mclaren says officers were called to the home by the girl's mother, who was hysterical officers were the first on scene. check the baby for vitals and realize the child was 15 months and unresponsive. charlotte died at a hospital. how she died is under investigation. right now. we're not 100% sure if it was the exposure, which is actually the cause of death at this point. sonoma county sheriff's department is going to be doing through their corners, office and medical examination as well as a toxicology report to determine the actual cause of death. police say they found fentanyl, both packaged and unpackaged, as well as fentanyl paraphernalia at the apartment. the girl's father, 26, year old evan frosting and mother 23 year old madison. bernard were arrested. both of the parents in this case were actually arrested for felony child cruelty that could cause death because they
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had drugs and act that the child had access to a shocked a bunch of cop cars and like, usually, it's whatever like there's cops all over down here inside. it's literally a tragic story. you would have never thought children around is to keep them safe to recognizing that people are in the throes of their addiction and how devastating this is, as a parent, sarah brewer is executive director of face to face located just a block from where the couple lives. the organization provides fentanyl test strips narcan and sterile needles. we're here to help you. in the way that you're ready to help yourself and that we meet you, regardless of who you are, where you are. what's going on with, you know judgment. this case bears similarities to the fentanyl related deaths here in santa rosa of a father and his 13 month old son. back in 2019. several people were convicted by the feds in that case. now, this latest after i reached out to the baby's grandmother, who says she wasn't ready to speak publicly, but because it's way two of setting by the way today is the first ever national
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fentanyl awareness day live in santa rosa, henry lee ktvu fox two news. alright, henry. thank you for that in oakland man appeared in federal court today in san francisco, charged with possession with the intent to distribute fentanyl. minority scotto was ordered to remain in custody. the 20 year old was arrested in san francisco's tenderloin on february 16th. police say he had 345 g of fentanyl wrapped in baggies in his sweatshirt. also in his backpack. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison is next quarter appearance is scheduled for may. 23rd santa clara county is marking what is the first fentanyl awareness day, officials say overdose deaths have risen from 29 2019 to 135 in the county last year. south bay officials want to increase efforts on education and outreach. newly formed fentanyl working group started meeting last month, and it includes parents of teenagers who died from fentanyl poisoning. the best way to reduce demand is to educate and we are using social media platforms to do that. unfortunately those same social
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media platforms can be used to discover and transact. which in many cases that occurs with young people. but most importantly, they can be used. to educate. officials said. just a few weeks ago, police seized 11,000 fentanyl pills, which they say is enough to kill everyone in santa clara county. in san francisco 640 people died from an accidental drug overdoses last year. that is a nearly 190% increase from five years earlier when 222 people died from drug overdoses. the rise occurred as the extra lethal synthetic opioid fentanyl replaced heroin as the main opioid causing drug overdoses in the city. but new research from the san francisco public health department shows if the drug narcan was not available, the death toll would be much higher . narcan helps save lives by reversing the effects of an opioid overdose. santa's a police released bodycam and surveillance footage today showing a police shooting that left a man injured. officers say
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they received 911 calls of a fight at taqueria la victoria on march 27th. they say surveillance video shows 20 year old k on green, punching a man on the ground shortly afterward , a second man brian carter, has seen brandishing a gun. police who responded say the fight moved outside and green was holding the gun. they say officers opened fire after he refused to drop the weapon. he was shot four times this afternoon. he told us he acted in self defense. it's still way more to it than them. just saying i didn't bring the gun. they still want me to look like the aggressor. as you can see in the video. they acknowledged that messed up a guy's face and all i was doing was defending myself. green says he disarmed the gunman. green has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of san jose, the contra costa college student says he won't be able to return to play football this fall, but hopes to recover for the following season. a
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seven year old boy is recovering tonight after being shot on interstate 80 in vacaville. it happened yesterday afternoon on eastbound i 80 west of alamo drive. the chp says the child was in the backseat when several bullets hit the car he was riding in. he is expected to recover. so far, no arrests have been made in. officers have not released a motive for the shooting. if you have any information, you're asked to call the highway patrol. moments ago, the san jose city council passed an ordinance outlawing the possession of so called ghost guns. the move is designed to lessen the impact of gun violence in the city. ktvu jesse gary live tonight there at city hall with more on this new development, jesse. good evening. mike good evening to you. the vote was unanimous. 10 0, the san jose mayor says sam liccardo believes that giving police officers the ability to search a suspect. for either ghost guns or the components to make a ghost gun, ultimately lead and getting illegal weapons off the streets of san jose. i
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think it's important for every city step forward. we're seeing rising gun crime in every city mayor sam liccardo points to the recent arrest of matt fruit and bloom. police investigators say the 24 year old son, evil man was selling stolen property but also had a cache of so called ghost guns and parts to assemble ghost guns, guns. have become the fodder for criminal organizations, particularly gun trafficking rings. there's no serial number on any of these guns get those resources. the new ordinance would make it illegal to own, have assembled or distribute guns without serial numbers, commonly called ghost guns. in california, nearly 30% of weapons seized by the t f r ghost guns. and then san jose. detectives say approximately one quarter of the 963 firearms taken by police officers in 2021 did not have serial numbers during the cinco holiday. just this past week, we received a large majority of ghost guns as well, and there
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are also sees from people who are prohibited persons. who are most likely going to commit additional crimes. experts say. misdemeanor law such as this attack the symptoms, but not the cause of gun violence. this is really an area that there's a lot of focus on here because it's novel, but not because it's a huge threat that other types of stolen weapons are. i don't think it'll make much of a dent dent in the crime rate, the mayor believes any dent coupled with a concerted effort. to attack a mainstay of street crime will break the pattern of gun violence. this is just one more tool in the toolbox. as i said the vote was unanimous tended. nothing will be a second reading on may, the 17th. the ordinance would go into effect. a month later, however, city says they will not start enforcement for six months to give people a chance to turn in either their ghost guns or the kids that make ghost guns finds range up to $1000.06 months in jail. we're live outside san jose city hall this evening just
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to gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. jesse thank you coming up at 5 30 a fight for funding immigration support the decision today by contra costa county officials that could prove costly for people who are here illegally costly decision. the gilroy garlic festival cancelation coming up how the 2019 festival shooting and covid pandemic are both to blame. tackling the homeless crisis, mental illness and open air drug use. after the break, we go one on one with san francisco's newest supervisor, matt dorsey. and most likely, it's nice for you are now but parts of the bay area, saying some thunder and lightning and heavy rain with hail will look into that we'll look at the forecast, and it does include if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions
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issues matt dorsey attended his first board of supervisors meeting this morning, just one day after being sworn into office. christian captain has more on supervisor dorsey's priorities and his path to becoming the city's newest lawmaker. pressure university. tuesday matt dorsey took his first votes as the city's newest supervisor. dorsey is no stranger to city hall, having worked on the staff of former city attorney dennis herrera. i started work here over 20 years ago. and i never thought that i would be a member of the board of supervisors here district includes a portion of the city's south of market neighborhood, one of the areas in the city facing the challenges of homelessness, mental illness and open air drug use, but if we could pick one issue to make progress on getting people who are active in their addiction on the other side of it into rehab into recovery. i think we would
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see progress on things like retail theft and auto burglaries , dorsey says his background as a recovering addict himself gives him a unique insight into the issue. he says his experiences working for san francisco's police department, including a regular call with the medical examiner's office, opened his eyes to the human toll addiction and mental health struggles were having it's the monthly death call. it's the number of people who died in the last month of drug overdoses. dorsey says that around the time the mayor issued the tenderloin emergency order in december, he realized he could help look for a long term. solution. including what he calls right to recovery plan looking to eliminate any obstacles to getting people to enter and stick with treatment programs. he's also looking to propose what he calls a sober new deal, putting former addicts to work. i feel very strongly that the solution to our shortage of drug counselors are the people who are doing drugs right now in the tenderloin. let's get him on the other side of their disease, and let's
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let's let's get him on, you know. solving the problem until last month south of market in the city's tenderloin were part of one supervisory district. new redistricting has put the tenderloin into district five with dean preston as the supervisor. preston says he looks forward to working with the city's newest supervisor on issues that impact the adjoining neighborhoods. how do we bridge some of the divides that were created through this redistricting process and make sure that these two neighborhoods that have worked so closely together for so many years can continue to do so and have support both from his off. and from mine. sand. mayor. door to fill out the remote of matt julie haener. term. after he want to in the state. assembly. some state lawmakers say they are taking new steps to protect reproductive rights. julie right here, not just in california or bill, but i'll keep going. at a
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news conference today in sacramento, members of the legislative women's caucus called the expected reversal of roe v. wade by the u. s. supreme court an actual attack on women, they say women of color will be disproportionately affected in states that are likely to ban abortion assembly member maria banta says the bill being introduced would bar other states from issuing subpoenas for people who get abortions in california. we in california trust women and birthing people to make difficult, heart wrenching decisions of whether and when to have a family. let's continue providing women here and across the country with the tools they need to continue to make that choice. in washington , d c tomorrow. senate majority leader chuck schumer intends to call for procedural vote on a bill to put abortion rights into federal law. democrats do lack the 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster, but democrats say they want lawmakers to go on. record. about where they stand. the latest spring storm brought more
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than six inches of new snow to the uc berkeley sierra snow lab in soda springs. the lab posted this video on twitter today, writing the new amount brings the season totaled 396 inches, or 33. ft. which is 110% of average, it adds. our snowpack is still set to leave early, but only by a few days now for more on the weather. our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. so, bill, how are things looking? well it's sort of interesting weather going on right now. these low pressures when they come in this one that's been with us now, for a few days. they're very unsettled. so we're seeing some thunder and lightning. we're seeing some snow in the mountains. we just showed you and some breezy conditions. last six our last 24 hours over six inches of snow up on the peaks, and we could see another few inches tonight. when all said and done. lake tahoe on the hills could have up to a foot. maybe a little more than a foot of snow. so right now, i like this shot a ton number one because it's beautiful. it's so don't dramatic. but number two you're looking at you see these dark bases out here. those are thunderclouds are the basis of
5:21 pm
thunderstorms their dark because the clouds so thick right? the sun can't get through it and you've got rain showing up in these areas, so there's a live camera shot. what i do is i pop it over to the radar and we'll see what it looks like underneath and become one more in there is so right there. that's kind of we're actually looking more a little more towards the napa valley out towards fairfield. but these storms out towards. they're popping lightning. and they have for a while. back it up. i can do the last three hours and we can do the same thing. so see him just all over the place and that's it. you know, i got to tell you the models. i was pretty amazed that models did such a strong, um, timing job on these stories. we talked about it last night. remember we were looking at the model of what? the 24 hour model and it was like at around three or four. it brought this stuff in an almost exactly a little further north than we had anticipated, but almost exactly in the same area
5:22 pm
very close. it was more a little more centered on fairfield. anyway, you're seeing the showers there. you're not by clayton. let me stop it down. now. live radar you can see out by, uh, mount diablo area. you're seeing. some build up. quick. i don't suspect that. i think that's probably just dry. i think it's just showing up on the radar. but these storms of north are significant now as the sun comes in, or the sun sets and gets lower, we know this right. the sun angle changes the ground quits radiating heat upward and these storms will die down. as a matter of fact, if i back up back this guy up a little bit see the fairfield storm. let's go all the way back to go back far enough, and they go back four hours only because i want you to see what the sun the sun impacts these things, so as you go back, you'll see can't really tell. sorry i thought i thought it some thunderstorms here. well like earlier in davis, you see that pop and this storm is just sort of sort of wither on the vine as the sun angle changes and they're right. they're right around four o'clock is when it was going off in napa. so we're back it out a
5:23 pm
little bit, and you can see the winds are still blowing. not as aggressive as yesterday. but pretty pretty windy tomorrow. breezy but warmer. the trend for drying up and warming up is coming our way. is gonna be knighted. states can be kind of chilly overnight. in the meantime, those thunderstorms will still kind of keep rumbling around out there out towards fairfield. eastern conquered out towards antioco and brentwood, so we'll keep posted on that, and we'll look into the long range forecast. want to see you back here in just a few minutes? all right, bill. thank you finger pointing when it comes to inflation still to come the debate between lawmakers on both sides of the aisle all while many prices continue to rise and coming up tonight at six hundreds of san francisco teachers and staff members were warned they could lose their jobs. now, the school board says jobs. now, the school board says it has a plan to avoid tho it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own.
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they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. rings an end to his central funding for nonprofits and youth organizations. since 1979. the annual food festival has raised millions of dollars for
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charities and participating nonprofits, schools, churches, service organizations and sports teams relied on those funds. the end of the festival is attributed to several factors, including the deadly mass shooting in 2019, as well as the pandemic. officials say. $10 million insurance premiums also forced the gilroy garlic festival association. to discontinue the festival, the gilroy gators swim team says it will also lose up to $10,000 that it usually raises at the festival from selling food, and the city says it will lose about $50,000 for the city's general fund from hotel taxes. us consumers are seeing record high grocery store prices, according to research by the u. s. department of agriculture. food prices in march 2022 were almost 9% higher than a year ago. at least one food company is seeing more money. tyson foods says its net income rose to $829 million from 476 year ago. tyson has increased the costs of its beef
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by more than 20% and chicken by more than 14% the meat industry's rising profit margins have drawn criticism from the white house, lawmakers, regulators and consumers on wall street stocks were mixed. today. after an up and down day of trading. the dow was down 84 points, the nasdaq gained 114. and the s and p ticked up just nine points. gains by big tech shares made up for losses by financial companies and real estate stocks now ahead of the next inflation report set to be released tomorrow. both republicans and democrats are now trying to pin blame on each other for the high cost of living. fox news. lauren blanchard has the latest now from washington. i think our policies to help not hurt washington, dc, now the center of a finger pointing fight over whose policies are causing record high inflation. march was at 8.5% tuesday. triple a said gasses now at 4 37 nationally an all time high democratic price actual likely be american families. new normal. both sides
5:28 pm
believe their party has the best plan to ease the burden on american families and hope to earn their vote in november. at the end of the day. what affects american people are prices tuesday, president biden spoke from the white house to address the high inflation, but it was also a chance for him to take a swipe at republicans. my plan and tax inflation and grows the economy. by lowering costs for working families, the other path is the ultra mega planned put forward by congressional republicans. to raise taxes on working families. republican senator rick scott has put forward a plan that would require all americans to pay some federal income tax. president biden said republicans have the economy backwards between the two growing personal every month. he's been office infection's gotten worse, so the easiest thing you can do for american bibles. quit resign. the man has a problem. bad has inflation really gotten? we'll get a better idea wednesday when
5:29 pm
the april consumer price index is released in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news there may soon be a new immigration court in the city of concord. but unless something changes, not enough representation for those who would need, it also had words of warning out of the south bay. what parents need to know to better protect their children from internet
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to grow this after the board of supervisors denied more funding to hire more public defenders. right now only one public defender handles all of the deportation cases. ktvu tom vacar has more on how this decision could affect the number of families who will be allowed to stay or who will be told to leave. fighting. forget no pharmacy people variety of public and private advocacy groups rallied their supporters in front of the contra costa county board of supervisors tuesday morning. they demanded fairness for potential deportees to be delivered in the form of legal representation for them, immigrants and refugees risked their lives, leaving their countries to come here for a better life. it's time for real immigration reform, and it's time for the public defenders to finally get this funding. one was hurt, despite universal support from those making public comments. there was a real fear that the supervisors would not fund it constitutional
5:33 pm
protections of due process and equal protection embodied in our constitution and bill of rights applies to every person. regardless of immigration status . after hours of discussion, the board of supervisors voted to deny the public defender's office request for 1.8 million in extra funding. that would have been used to fund three lawyers and support staff for more effectively fighting mass deportations from the county believer that budgets really represent the values. of the county. and the only message that this county is showing is that they are anti immigrant. next year, uncle sam most open a big new immigration court in this conquered office complex to hear some 7800 pending cases. a third of those people do not have legal representation, but studies show that immigrants who do have lawyers free or paid for when the right to stay as much as 70% of the time, but
5:34 pm
immigrants without lawyers when only 20% of their cases, families go defenseless to their court case against judge increased deportations, you would be letting them go defenseless, the supervisors say is over a visit the question later. in the meantime, the list of potential deportees grows in the county and the wait list for the one public defender who handles such cases grows at a rapid pace. tom baker ktvu fox two news. former heavyweight champ mike tyson will not face charges for punching a passenger on a flight at sfo. the altercation between first class passengers was caught on camera. the cemetery county district attorney announced today. he will not file misdemeanor charges against tyson or the other passenger involved and says the case is now closed. both men requested charges not be filed. a spokesperson for tyson says the man had thrown a water bottle at the former boxer , prominent national criminal
5:35 pm
justice advocacy group is pushing the justice department to support the release of women who were sexually abused by staff at a federal prison in dublin. families against mandatory minimums. is he asking for compassionate release for those who have been victimized at the federal correctional institution? it follows reporting from ktvu that revealed a toxic culture that enabled sexual abuse of inmates to continue for years. the centers. a police department is releasing a public service announcement warning parents about the dangers of sex predators targeting teens. the video features the mother of a teen who took his own life after falling victim to an extortion scam. the video also talks about a lack of funding for the department's internet crimes against children. program officials say it could hurt efforts to crack down on these types of crimes. the alabama murdered suspect and corrections officer who evaded authorities for more than a week were heavily armed and preparing for a shootout when they were captured that, according to a sheriff in indiana tonight.
5:36 pm
casey white is in custody, and vicky white is dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. law enforcement tracked them down in evansville, indiana, and that is where we find foxes. madison scarpino with the latest on the case, madison he make. yeah. so former corrections officer vicki white ended up shooting herself and later dying last night after she and casey white led us marshals and other local law enforcement on a short car chase and the new information that we learned today. like you said the pair had a bunch of guns in their cars, and they were actually planning on participating in a shootout with police and after vicki shot herself, casey surrendered and was booked into the local jail here early this morning. the vanderburgh county sheriff here in evansville says vicki and casey were staying at a local motel and had prepaid for a two week stay. police found them after surveillance video from a car wash showed them swapping their pickup truck for a cadillac. a cop noticed that
5:37 pm
cadillac and saw them leaving the motel, then jumped into their car and tried to escape, but u s marshals rammed their caddy into a ditch, and the sheriff says casey showed no remorse for the death of vicki and he says he's thankful things didn't turn into an even more dangerous situation. there were at least four handguns, semiautomatics, nine millimeters , and this is known as a r 15, which shoots 223 caliber round so any one of these weapons could have been used to ambush. our officers. he said that he was probably going to have a shootout. in at the stake of both of them losing their lives. and the sheriff says they also found $29,000 in cash in the car, along with some wigs, and investigators are still trying to find out what casey and vicky were doing while they were on the run, and lauderdale county deputies picked up casey here and they're taking him back to alabama tonight. in evansville, evansville, indiana. madison scarpino ktvu, fox two news. a
5:38 pm
texas woman has been convicted for stealing $2000 from san jose couple who thought they were buying a teacup. pomeranian elizabeth montes of san antonio was convicted of conspiracy and theft last month. authorities say she built the couple into paying for a dog named jake. that didn't actually exist. authorities say the website they used was traced to an africa based scam that has victimized dozens of other pet lovers across the united states. montes faces six months in jail when she is sentenced later this year. with the fighting in eastern ukraine, intensifying some political analysts say there is something russian president vladimir putin is counting on to be able to take the next step in his invasion also had educators at certain various schools are speaking out over what it calls high teacher turnover and a lack of support for students and the schools
5:39 pm
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evel worth preventing infection. that's because if you're sick, you're going to miss work. you're going to miss school. you might expose somebody else who's not going to do well with covid. and if you get sick with covid, you're at risk of long covid, which you really don't want to get. dr code. said. social are
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likely to a significant uptick in outbreaks at workplaces and schools to state lawmakers are calling for the president of sonoma state university to step down. this comes the same day faculty members voted no confidence in judy sakaki over allegations she retaliated against an employee who reported sexual harassment against shakaki's estranged husband. about one third of the faculty participated in the no confidence vote, which did pass democratic state senators bill dodd, who represents the district that includes the school and mike mcguire. sonoma state alumni are both calling for the president to resign. educators protested this morning outside summit prep school in redwood city. it is one of seven summit public school locations in the bay area. the union representing the teachers says it's protesting the charter school networks high teacher turnover. and lack of support for students. this comes before a fact finding hearing on contract negotiations. we were recognized as a union in 2019.
5:43 pm
and so pretty soon after we went into negotiations, pandemic hits , so many of these bargaining sessions have happened virtually and so this is our first in person hearing. and so this fact finding hearing is the last step before teachers can legally go on strike. in response to the protests. summit public schools released a statement saying in part through over 170 hours of listening, bargaining and mediation, we have made great progress towards a contract that will raise teacher pay support teacher retention and establish a fair and comprehensive teacher evaluation system. and who just returned from the war zone in ukraine is sharing his experience of helping people in that war torn country. wildfire burning in the southwest part of the country now threatening a piece of american history. and thunderstorms. still going off in parts of the east bay will look at that north east bay anyway, and then we've got clear
5:44 pm
skies pretty much everywhere else. windy though we'll have that forecast the five day that forecast the five day coming up ne what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma?
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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phon ramon regional medical center says nurse tracy brandon is this year's florence nightingale award winner. medical center. officials say the award pays tribute to nurses who have role models, compassion, strength and resilience during these challenging times. brandon is described by her colleagues as warmhearted, carrying and holding herself to a high standard. ukraine's president says russian forces have hit his country with more than 2200 missiles, and despite not receiving all of the outside support they have been pleading for his fighters are not backing down. a former vietnam refugee and american combat veteran has been using his decades of experience to help ukrainians in their own country. fox news. ashley soriano joins us now live from salt lake city after speaking with kwon when ashley.
5:47 pm
hi jolie. well, kwan win has seen all sides of war. he just got back from two months in kiev and lviv, ukraine, helping out refugees there, he says one of the toughest things he saw during his time was an injured four year old in the back of an ambulance calling for his mom. um. bella kwan win, is settling back into his utah home. he and his wife, amy, started the nonprofit task force 8 to 4 after russia invaded ukraine, august 24th is the date of ukraine's independence from the soviet union in 1991 1 week after creating the charity, kwan was headed to the war zone remnants of a t 64 russian tank . i think we are in bed one night and he just kind of looked over and i was like, i know what you're gonna say. in the initial days when i got into kiev it was a ghost town, kwan held to get refugees, shelter, transportation and critical
5:48 pm
supplies. food prices skyrocketed. so there were people that couldn't afford to. killed by a lot of groceries, so we made the decision. okay great. i'll just go to a local store grocery store and buy as much food as i can has experience in a war zone. he served in combat in iraq and afghanistan, and he knows what it's like to be forced from your home because he escaped vietnam following the war. we got on the fishing boat and unfortunately, the fishing boat the engine died , so we were left stranded. yeah um, you know, in the ocean for about a week or two, we had a rational water. and then eventually we were caught on says he sees himself in some of the refugees who had to pack up and leave at a moment's notice with just one bag of belongings and hand the memories of escaping vietnam and living in refugee camps. stick with him. now the memories of the ukrainian war will stick with him to task to, um, basically.
5:49 pm
sit in an ambulance with a four year old kid that was injured. they were transporting him from kiev to love eve, which is a 10 hour ambulance ride the medication wore off and he was telling his mom everything hurts. wild kwan was in ukraine . his wife, amy, she handled the logistics and social media of the nonprofit, but they both have plans to return to ukraine this summer, along with their three kids in salt lake city, utah. ashley soriano, ktvu. fox two news. he has incredible life experiences and just another example of the heroics and strangers helping strangers. actually thank you. the war in ukraine will continue for months that, according to america's top intel officials, but they also say there is little danger of vladimir putin using nuclear weapons. fighting on the front lines is intensifying, but neither side appears to be making much progress. today
5:50 pm
another day of fierce fighting along the front lines and the eastern part of ukraine. the russians are attacking the port city of odessa, hoping to disrupt shipments of badly needed weapons from the west. some political analysts say president putin is counting on the u. s and western allies to eventually weaken their resolve and stop supporting the ukrainian military. the acting u. s ambassador to ukraine says there is little chance of that actually happening. you want to make sure that russia not just stops their aggressive actions against ukraine, but make sure that they don't take further aggressive actions in the region, which were very concerned about ukraine's foreign minister says if the west keeps spending weapons, sending weapons, his forces can push the russians back across the border. and possibly retake the crimean peninsula. a wildfire burning in new mexico is threatening the lab that helped develop nuclear bombs. the syrup a lotto fire has now burned 41,000 acres right now it's only 11% contained and
5:51 pm
moving east toward the los alamos national laboratory. people in that area are being told to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. wins have been a huge problem for fire crews, along with dry conditions and high temperatures. nearly 900 firefighters are battling this fire, but because of the extreme and smoky conditions, their crews are being rotated out for their safety. alrighty checking in on the weather. we've still got some thunderstorms out there. we've got some temperatures today. they're a little warmer than yesterday. especially anti acne hit 67 degrees today, so pretty warm but 65 in black hole little warmer there. it was still cool out there and still breezy. but the story right now are these thunderstorms cut off to the east? you can see the darkness. this is looking a little more southeast as main storms are up more towards napa valley, but we'll get to those as we look at the radar satellite composite and you can see as we come in close. still, some lightning strikes now as the sun begins to set, which it is doing. the fuel for these kind of goes away. there's a lot there's already cold there and a little moisture, but the mechanism that
5:52 pm
really gets used to go is the heating from beneath right. and so when the sun sets to think starts to cool the earth, and these stories will die down, but santa rosa out by rincon valley we're not saying elena towards napa yonville. it's been going off and then that's that's kind of the progression there. it's dying down this in the last hour. you see that cell moving into back film fairfield just dying down as well. but these are pretty strong storms for a while there and you can see some activity now eastern livermore out towards tracy up around the west of this year in nevada by grass valley by reading this system is out of here pretty quickly. it's not going to be much long longer be here much longer. that low is going to move on in the cool, unsettled weather turns into warm typical spring weather with a big high pressure building, and now this is going to set up, but this low gets a little closer on thursday dropped temperature a little bit and add some clouds. rain to the north, but far north. so what's happening? we're warming up. were drying up. if you're underneath those thunderstorms and those winds as that low
5:53 pm
moves on the winds will begin to go away. they begin to lighten up. so the forecast overnight lows kinda like last night. we had reports of 35 degree temperatures in frost in many north bay valleys. i think that's the story again tomorrow morning, mid thirties to upper thirties and frost forecast highs tomorrow, yellows or seventies and they do come back. we haven't seen those in a little while so you can see that in the central valley, but that's sacramento, too. so the real heat doesn't show up for a little while here, the forecast highs 67 napa 69 conquered much warmer than it has been. you'll notice it so cool on the coast and again, great highway, probably getting buried in sand right now. but from all the wind, small craft advisories offshore there. there's a five day forecast saturday and sunday warms up nicely cools a little on sunday, but nice looking forecast. still, snow in the mountains carry chains, at least in the next the next 12 hours. if you're heading up there, everything all right, bill, thank you. home run call minor league baseball game just yesterday, already going viral. the minor league play by play commentator even brings in a
5:54 pm
little russian literature into this call, and some are calling this one of the wildest home run calls they've ever heard. t 22 vp and he says what? hide deep ear like there could be out of town. luckett in rocket. we stock it, president julie haener. read it do stewardship skied novel in a sentence candle kiosk. that's right. in case you didn't hear it, he says. read doyce dilevski novel in a scented candle chaos . let's get lit. he's joey's and bony. he is the play by play commentator for the fredericksburg nationals. they are the class a affiliate. for the washington nationals. coming up at six, a new twist in the attempt to recall san francisco's district attorney, an elected official in the city
5:55 pm
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pandemic of travel officials say in march, more than 830,000 passengers came through the airport. that was a 24% increase from february, the biggest jump of any bay area airport. and it represents nearly 76% of the passenger numbers from 2019 airport officials out at san francisco international or preparing for a very busy summer season. here's a live look right now out at sfo. where an
5:58 pm
estimated 120,000 passengers will kick off memorial day weekend at the end of this month , the airport is predicting 12 million travelers during the upcoming summer season, which is about 67% of pre pandemic levels. this all comes as covid cases arising in mask mandates are being lifted. masks are no longer mandatory. we do make them optional, and the cdc still recommends them for indoor settings like airports during transportation. and so cdc still recommends it and we want to make that okay for passengers. airport officials also recommend that you find out the requirements at the airport in city you're traveling to ahead of time. there is covid testing still available on site there at san francisco international gas prices climbing to a new high today amid rising inflation and president biden's restrictions on oil and gas production. according to a's. gas. price. the nash average cost of a regular gallon of gasoline hit a record $4.37 that is up 17 cents
5:59 pm
in one week and at five cents in just one day. analysts believe prices could continue to rise in california. the cost is $5.84 a gallon in the bay area. a gallon ranges between 5 82 in solano county and 605 in marin county. and that will wrap up the news at five tonight. the news at six starts now. this is ktvu fox. two news at six more guns ending up out there on bay area city streets, many of them manufactured illegally. and tonight the city of san jose becomes the latest city in the nation to ban the possession of so called ghost guns. earlier investigators know and track where are these ghosts come from, and they certainly come from a wide array of sources. whether it's the internet out of state gun shows or the locations or even manufactured here in the state of california, listen. police and city leaders hope the ordinance will make a difference in reducing gun violence in san
6:00 pm
jose. good evening, everyone and mike mibach julie haener, the san jose city council passed that ordinance a little less than two hours ago, ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary explains now what it entails, and why city leaders admit it's still going to be a challenge to track down illegal guns. i think it's important for every city step forward. we're seeing rising gun crime in every city. accardo points to the recent arrest of matt fruit and bloom. police investigators say the 24 year old son, evil man was selling stolen property but also had a cache of so called ghost guns and parts to assemble ghost guns, guns. have become the fodder for criminal organizations, particularly gun trafficking rings. there's no serial number on any of these guns get those resources. the new ordinance makes it illegal to own half assemble or distribute guns without serial numbers, commonly called ghost guns. in california. nearly 30% of weapons seized by the


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