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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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on s tonight sounding the alarm on drought conditions, with some agencies implementing surcharges as californians struggle to conserve. may june, july august . these are the months when we can make the greatest gains and conservation. these are the months that count. state water officials say what our usage jumped 19% julie haener mike mibach. those conditions have prompted another bay area water district to implement a drought surcharge. ktvu jana katsuyama live tonight in castro valley and jenna. we may be seeing some changes here at restaurants. absolutely and you know, east bay mud basically has already put in a 10% mandatory water use reduction, but now they're adding more and many
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residents and businesses like these are saying that they're doing their best, but the governor says that really more needs to be done. the drought is having one impact on dining out . some water districts are back to banning restaurants and bars from automatically giving water to customers at the cannery kitchen and tap in castro valley . they're asking customers to buy bottled water or bring their own. i feel bad for the day. we don't have water coming out the faucet. it's going to happen if we don't we don't get serious. on tuesday, east bay mud got serious. the board voting 6 to 1 to add a drought surcharge to customers' bills. it will take effect july one. and so beginning on that day, every time you turn on your tap, you'll be assessed in 8% surcharge over the amount that you normally pay for your water . bill east bay. mud says these photos from september of the party reservoir show how much lower the water line is, from its usual level, the statewide snowpack in the sierra nevada, which supplies the reservoirs was just that 27% of visits store average in april and the
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department of water resources reported tuesday that the majority of reservoirs are low, including shasta. just 40% full and oroville just at 55% full. we work with a variety of different business sectors. medical facilities, restaurants , food manufacturers, auto shops , salons lawrence nussbaum, with the california green business network says they provide businesses with free help to get green certified and check for water conservation with 4500 businesses now signed up 250 are in alameda county, and that's added up to a lot of conservation, 150 certified green businesses collectively. said 43 million gallons of water that level of water is actually equivalent to 121 bathtubs of frustrating in water per hour. oh, flow back here and tap got certified on earth day this year . so did the castro valley natural grocery next door. small
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steps. that they say make a big difference if we all take these little small actions today we can meet that 10% conservation target and save that water for next year in case it's dry again. today governor newsom pledged $26 million towards water conservation efforts in the state and many water districts say if you need help give them a call. they can go out to your home or business and doing evaluation to help you save on your water bill. it is conservation time for many districts here moving forward in those photos from party reservoir men, they do tell a story. alright, jenna. thank you for that report in santa clara county officials also say that residents are not doing enough to conserve water valley water last year. asked residents to cut water used by 15% but this march it jumped by 30% compared to march of 2019. and now with renewed urgency, the board is looking at new measures, including fines. publishing the
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names of high use users and even urging cutbacks in new construction. we haven't met the goal. um and actually, the trends that we're we've seen in the first three months just just aren't quite there, and in fact , there are alarming and so one of the things that we're looking at is it's time for us to step it up. director lizotte board director, said at the meeting that it's important to make sure that people making honest mistakes about water use are treated differently than those who are flagrantly violating the rules county issuing a reminder today, the farmers and ranchers impacted by drought conditions. federal funds are available in marin and other counties that were declared disaster areas in december. by the u. s department of agriculture. the funds are available for agricultural businesses and non farm small businesses that work directly with farmers and ranchers. those interested in a disaster loan can apply on the usda web site and in spite of the drought conditions, some wild spring weather in the north bay today in glen ellen. officials say
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lightning hit a large fir tree, causing it to catch fire. the homeowner says he saw the smoke right after seeing the flash of lightning and then hearing the thunder. went in front of my garage and looked up on the hill and there was smoke coming out of the tree, and that's when i called 911 homeowner says he's grateful moisture there on the ground kept those flames from spreading. and take a look at this hail coming down around the north bay from santa rosa to yonville viewer sent us these videos. you can see the piece sized hail coming down. even leaving a white blanket of hail resembling snow around some yards. let's go straight now to chief meteorologist bill martin with an update on the cool weather bill. it's been kind of a little bit crazy with this cold system coming in. we've had windy conditions the last few days. the scattered showers the thunder showers, which did materialize this afternoon, which were the models were pretty impressive how they picked it up yesterday where they were going to show up. there were a few miles north, but the thought the storms did
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show up right now we're talking about some snow in the mountains, 3 to 6 inches today alone. they'll get a little bit more tonight, and that should be the end of it. um and again, a foot of snow in many places accumulated over the course of a couple of days, so that's some good news. and for us, we had rainfall accumulations mainly in the north bay. but if you got under one of these cells like you're in yonville, half inch of rain in a very short amount of time, that's why you saw a little bit of street flooding. st helena. same thing. half inch of rain heavy hail, i heard reports of up to an inch deep inhale and some of these areas boonville to the north and then santa rosa just to hundreds of an inch of rain. so this helps a little bit really a localized area, though just the north day. we didn't see really much of anything anywhere else and i'll back it up. let's look at these thunderstorms as they move through, so we're gonna go all the way back to max heating today. right around 34 o'clock, you see the thunderstorms around fairfield? now at 4, 34 50, pop pop pop pop pop up now the sun is getting low the horizon so you're losing the daylight, daytime heating big bump there in santa roosevelt 6 18. and
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then it just dies out, and that's where we are. now the sun has gone away. the storms have died out, and temperatures are back on the cool side. the temperatures today we're like this kind of cool temperatures, probably about the same when i come back. we're gonna complete look at the forecast and look deeper into these warm up because temperatures on this weekend will be quite different than the temperatures we had just last weekend. all right, bill. thank you a little bit more now on that snow coming down in the sierra, the uc berkeley sierra snow lab posted this video on twitter today. writing the new snowfall brings this season's total to 396 inches, or 33 ft, which is 110% of average happening now a late night school board meeting in san francisco to reconsider hundreds of teacher layoffs. the board is expected to rescind most of those layoff notices issued this year. ktvu zach sauce joins us now from outside district headquarters with where things stand tonight. zach. well the board expected to vote on that resolution shortly would certainly be an about face for the district. many teachers here
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have been living in limbo for the last few months uncertain about their future. tuesday san francisco unified school board expected to change course after announcing in december that more than 200 teachers could lose their jobs during an evening meeting, the board instead expected to vote to reduce the number of layoffs to 2015 of them administrators who could be rehired next year. if there was better planning. we did not have to go through all the stress. the layoffs were expected to help the district close 8 $125 million budget deficit for the year. the district says it's seen a steep decline in students over the last few years, the biggest drop coming amid the covid 19 pandemic, with many families choosing to leave the city all together. that's where some of the teachers who received a layoff notice a lot of folks. yeah a lot of folks got it and immediately left. i'm resigning. this is enough. tuesday the district superintendent, acknowledging how it's stressful, the march 15th layoff notices have been to his staff but adding quote. it's an unfortunate reality than in
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light of declining enrollment, a structural budget deficit and ever changing outlook related to vacancies we needed to issue so many preliminary layoff notices . we are very happy that at this point in the process we are down to so few certificated layoffs. the district says a number of its educators who received a layoff notice also chose to shift into other vacant positions. media conference tuesday chinese bilingual teachers in the district, arguing that they weren't given timely notice that they could participate in that process district. failed to recognize our chinese bilingual teachers as credentialed teachers. eligible for repositioning, just like our general education teacher colleagues board of ed is here and they're listening to your stories. this matters your work matters and we're all very sorry that this had to happen. and the union says it's been having positive talks with the district on that matter. as for
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those layoffs, final notices on them would have to be issued on or before this sunday. julie all right. zack sauce reporting live for us tonight, zack. thank you to state lawmakers are calling for the president of sonoma state university to step down. this comes the same day, faculty members voted no confidence in judy sakaki. there are allegations she retaliated against an employee who reported sexual harassment against skokie's estranged husband. about one third of the faculty participated in the no confidence vote, which past democratic state senators bill dodd, who represents the district that includes the school, and mike mcguire, a sonoma state alum, are both calling for the president to resign. tonight the house of representatives passed more aid for ukraine. the vote was 368 the 57 in favor of the measure. ukraine will now receive $40 billion from the u. s that is $7 billion more than president biden requested just last month . the money will be divided evenly between defense and
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humanitarian programs. it will also provide $5 billion to address global food shortages. both republicans and democrats are trying to place blame on each other for the high cost of living the finger pointing cams as the april consumer price index is set to be released tomorrow. president biden address the rising inflation from the white house today, saying he wants to address inflation by releasing one million barrels of oil per day from the strategic petroleum reserve for the next six months. to try to lower oil and gas prices. he also wants to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices, and he wants another $1 billion in covid relief funds. my plan and tax inflation and grows economy by lowering cost for working families. giving workers well deserve raises, reducing the deficit by historic levels. making big corporations and very wealthy americans pay their fair share. republican senator rick scott has put forward a plan that would
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require all americans to pay some federal income tax. but that plan has received pushback from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. on wall street. another day of uncertainty ended in a mixed finish for the major indexes. today, the dow dropped 84 points, nasdaq gained 114 and the s and p ticked up nine gains by big tech made up for losses by financial companies and real estate stocks. a nationwide formula shortage, prompting a bay area mother to take action. be afraid to ask for help. um, i mean, this is your baby's well being coming up after the break how she says she's willing to help families feed their babies and elon musk criticizing twitter san francisco home base at 10 30. why he says the company's location is hurting the business.
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that's been helping moms feed their babies. human breast milk for decades. they welcome mom's , like crystal, walsh and others to safely donate here and help other babies in need. as the mother of a two year old daughter, crystal, walsh says it's been on our heart to donate milk since her baby was born. remember bringing home you know my baby after you know, giving birth and, um i was sitting in the rocking chair, feeding her and, um, i just kept thinking to myself. um you know, all the other moms out there who can't breastfeed their kids or don't have the formula. welsh sent out this tweet announcing she's willing to donate her breast milk to any mom in need. she says she cleared it with her doctor and will clear it with anyone else's doctor when requested. walsh has not donated to a milk bank yet, but she wants to send struggling. mom's a clear message. don't be afraid to ask for help. um i mean, this is your baby's well being. so in
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this freezer is milk that we received from mom's donating milk isn't a simple process. jonathan bautista is the executive director of mothers milk bank in san jose. he says. all donations are screened and donators have to take an infectious disease test before the milk is accepted and processed, so we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand for milk. compared to the same time last year. and we're seeing it across the board from hospitals and patients, and we really can't point the finger to formula shortages because we're we don't get that information when the requests are made. last week, data assembly reported that 40 to 50% of major formula brands were sold out in 26 states. and say supply chain issues are likely to blame major retailers like wal mart and target also starting to limit the number of baby formula products bought in one purchase
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. my wish is to raise the awareness of milk donation to the same level as blood donation, and when we raise that awareness, it gives us the ability to have the inventory. to meet the increasing demand that we're seeing. now bautista says that anyone can make a milk request and anyone can donate as long as they passed the screening if you'd like more information on mother's milk, you can go to ktvu click the link for this story. julie peters reporting live for us in san jose lamonica. thank you. the u. s food and drug administration says it is working to address the shortage of baby formula. the fda says it's working with manufacturers to increase production there also expediting certain manufacturing reviews and certificates for formula suppliers. the fda says it's also streamlining import reviews for products coming from overseas and as a reminder officials are advising against parents making formula at home
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as a city council passed an ordinance just this afternoon that bans the possession of ghost guns. city leaders say getting the kit guns off the streets will reduce deadly shootings. but as ktvu jesse gary reports, some experts say more needs to be done to address gun violence. i think it's important for every city step forward. we're seeing rising gun crime in every city. accardo points to the recent arrest of matt fruit and bloom. police investigators say the 24 year old son, evil man was selling stolen property but also had a cache of so called ghost guns and parts to assemble ghost guns. these ghost guns have become the fodder for criminal organizations, particularly gun trafficking rings. there's no single number on any of these guns get those resources. the new ordinance makes it illegal to own half assemble or distribute guns without serial numbers, commonly called ghost guns. in california. nearly 30% of weapons seized by the tf, our
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ghost guns and then san jose. detectives say, approximately one quarter of the 963 firearms taken by police officers in 2021 did not have serial numbers during the holiday just this past week received a large majority of ghost guns as well. and there are all seized from people who are prohibited persons. who are most likely going to commit additional crimes. experts say. misdemeanor law such as this attack the symptoms, but not the cause of gun violence. this is really an area that there's a lot of focus on here because it's novel, but not because it's a huge threat that other types of stolen weapons are. i don't think it'll make much of a dent dent in the crime rate. the mayor believes any dent coupled with a concerted effort. to attack, a mainstay of street crime will break the pattern of gun violence. this is just one more tool in the toolbox measure passed unanimously tend to nothing will be a second reading may 17th and then the law goes into effect next month, but the city says enforcement won't
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begin for another six months to give people a chance to turn into ghost guns or the kids to make ghost guns. outside san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu fox studios, san francisco district attorney chase a boudin announced a major bust involving an international auto burglary fencing operation. the dea, says investigators with his office used bait cars with tracking devices hit an inside of cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices were then left in plain sight inside those vehicles now once stolen. those items were then tracked and that led authorities to three suspects who were arrested, including the man who they say was the ringleader of the operation. we know that the operation we've uncovered and made an arrest in yesterday is a massive global operation shipping across the united states and across the world. um we look forward to being able to return as much of this stolen property as possible to the victims and being able to hold everybody involved accountable.
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investigators say they arrested quickly yesterday and he is being held on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. prosecutors say lee's wife owns a boba tea shop on larkin street and that the business was where criminals would hand off stolen goods for shipping overseas. in all more than 130 boxes of stolen items were recovered. the attempt to recall district attorney chase a. boudin has now picked up its first endorsement from an elected official in san francisco district to supervisor catherine stephanie is calling for bodine to be recalled. she told the chronicle she believes bodine is failing to deliver on a number of reforms he promised when he was elected. stephanie is a former prosecutor herself, but declined to say whether she would be interested in replacing bodine if he is recalled an arrest made in a violent armed robbery in the city of oakland, plus we found it strewn throughout the bedroom, as well as on the bed where the child was sleeping toddler found dead and fentanyl found all around her, the latest on the santa
10:22 pm
rosa investigation. also ahead tonight, the big change netflix consumed, making an effort to win back subscribers.
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marn oakland city council member says at least one arrest has been made in the case that individual was arrested. and that you saw with the gun was arrested and clearly identified today is the individual that did commit the robbery. that robbery happened last wednesday behind la perla, puerto rican cuisine on fruitvale avenue surveillance video captured several armed men approaching the owner and his friends at gunpoint. the men still cash and gold necklace. no word tonight on the whereabouts of the other two men involved in that crime tonight is santa rosa couple was in jail in connection with the death of their 15 month old child, santa rosa. police say fentanyl was located all over the apartment where the toddler was found unresponsive as ktvu crime reporter henry lee
10:25 pm
tells us investigators are now working to determine if the fentanyl caused the toddler's death. this apartment building on sonoma avenue. just 800 ft from the santa rosa police department was where police found lifeless 15 month old charlotte crossed her home filled with fentanyl. we found it strewn throughout the bedroom , as well as on the bed where the child was sleeping, santa rosa police sergeant christopher mclaren says officers were called to the home by the girl's mother, who was hysterical officers were the first on scene. check the baby for vitals and realize the child was 15 months and unresponsive. charlotte died at a hospital. how she died is under investigation. right now. we're not 100% sure if it was the exposure, which is actually the cause of death at this point. sonoma county sheriff's department is going to be doing through the corners, office and medical examination as well as a toxicology report to determine the actual cause of death. police say they found fentanyl, both packaged and unpackaged, as well as fentanyl paraphernalia at the apartment. the girl's father, 26, year old evan frosting and mother 23 year old
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medicine. bernard were arrested. both of the parents in this case were actually arrested for felony child cruelty that could cause death because they had drugs and act that the child had access to shocked a bunch of cough cars and like usually, it's whatever like there's cops all over down here inside. it's literally a tragic story. you would have never thought children around is to keep them safe to recognizing that people are in the throes of their addiction and how devastating this is, as a parent, sarah brewer is executive director of face to face located just a block from where the couple lives. the organization provides fentanyl test strips, narcan and sterile needles. we're here to help you in the way that you're ready to help yourself and that we meet you, regardless of who you are, where you are. what's going on with, you know judgment. this case bears similarities to the fentanyl related deaths here in santa rosa of a father and his 13 month old son back in 2019. several people were convicted by the feds. in that case now in this latest death, i'll reach out to the baby's grandmother, who said she was not ready to
10:27 pm
speak publicly because it's still way too painful. all this happening on the first ever national fentanyl awareness day. in santa rosa, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the curly has a strong left bias because it's based in term. francisco tesla ceo elon musk addressing what he calls twitter's bias, what it could mean for the company's headquarters in san francisco if he takes over the social media company and addressing the homeless crisis in alameda county, how much officials say it will cost to get everyone a place to stay next. also ahead tonight how big area leaders are sending a message to governor newsom urging him to take action on abortion rights. also history made in major league baseball tonight are joe fonzi is up a little later to show us what an angels rookie pitcher did injustice. 11th big league start.
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ceof his offer to buy twitter goes through, he might relocate the company outside the bay area. comments came during a conference in london, where musk also said he would allow former president donald trump back onto the platform. ktvu demagogues here now, with reaction from a member of twitter's trust and safety council. mike and julie elon musk said he thinks twitter is to left leaning as a platform and part of this problem, he said, comes from twitter being headquartered in san francisco. elon musk, speaking virtually at the financial times future of the car conference in london tuesday, elon musk said it is $44 billion takeover offer for twitter goes through. he wants to prioritize building more trust with users. that may involve moving the company headquarters. and then i think twitter needs to be much more
10:31 pm
even handed. it currently has a strong left bias because it's based in san francisco. so but within this, this this fails to build trust in in the rest of the united states, and also perhaps in other parts of the world. larry maggot runs connect safely dot org, a nonprofit internet safety, privacy and security organization and is on twitter's trust and safety council, suggesting maybe he'll relocate twitter's headquarters outside of san francisco, conceivable that he might move twitter to texas as he did with the headquarters of tesla. but the fact is that you know wherever it's going to be. it's going to be staffed by people probably educated people, but at the end of the day, it's how they implement their policies that matters, not how they might think or vote. one company policy. musk said he'd changed twitter's indefinite ban put on donald trump following the january 6th insurrection at the u. s. capitol. he told the financial times. peter campbell at tuesday's auto conference that banning the former president permanently was a
10:32 pm
mistake because it, uh alienated a large part of the country. and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice , trump told fox news last month that have given the option he wouldn't return to twitter ever . instead he's focused on growing his new online platform . truth social, where some on the political far right are going to a weak spot for the virtual town square. musk wants twitter to be mask becoming the owner of twitter is still not a done deal while his offer is expected to close this year, it's subject to shareholder and regulatory approval. reporting in studio emma goss, ktvu fox two news, a lot of changes coming to twitter. if that deal goes through, emma, thank you. netflix is telling its employees a less expensive version of its service with ads could be available by the end of the year. timeline is a lot sooner than the previous plan, which suggested it could be a two year rollout. netflix will also add an extra fee for those who share
10:33 pm
their password. last month, netflix posted its first loss of subscribers in more than a decade. us treasury secretary janet yellen is calling for more cryptocurrency regulation, she told a senate hearing. more government regulation is needed to police. the rise in cryptocurrencies to reduce the risk of fraudulent or illicit transactions, she said. a run on one coin terror usd this week illustrates the growing risks of the currencies. yelling called for potential legislation to be completed by the end of the year attend getting every homeless person in alameda county into stable housing over the next four years will cost $2.5 billion. that's the word from the home together. 2026 community plan approved by the board of supervisors yesterday. the plan is not a commitment to take direct action to build more housing. rather, it lays out exactly what it would take to get everyone in alameda county off the streets. plan calls for the county to more than double homelessness funding to create 24,000 units of housing by the
10:34 pm
year. 2026 we are hearing from san francisco's newest supervisor tonight, matt dorsey says his background and experience will help him tackle some of the biggest issues facing his district. ktvu christian captain has more university. tuesday matt dorsey took his first votes as the city's newest supervisor. dorsey is no stranger to city hall, having worked on the staff of former city attorney dennis herrera. i started work here over 20 years ago. and i never thought that i would be a member of the board of supervisors here district includes a portion of the city's south of market neighborhood, one of the areas in the city facing the challenges of homelessness, mental illness and open air drug use, but if we could pick one issue to make progress on getting people who are active in their addiction on the other side of it into rehab into recovery. i think we would see progress on things like retail theft and auto burglaries, dorsey says his background as a recovering addict himself gives
10:35 pm
him a unique insight into the issue. he says his experiences working for san francisco's police department, including a regular call with the medical examiner's office, opened his eyes to the human toll addiction and mental health struggles were having it's the monthly death call. it's the number of people who died in the last month of drug overdoses. around the time the mayor issued the tenderloin emergency order in december, he realized that he could help look for a long term political solution, including what he calls a right to recovery plan, looking to eliminate any obstacles to getting people to enter and stick with treatment programs. he is also looking to propose what he calls a sober new deal, putting former addicts to work. i feel very strongly that the solution to our shortage of drug counselors are the people who are doing drugs right now in the tenderloin. let's get him on the other side of their disease, and let's let's let's get him on, you know. solving the problem until last month south of market in the city's tenderloin were part
10:36 pm
of one supervisory district. new redistricting has put the tenderloin into district five with dean preston as the supervisor, francisco's mayor appointed dorsey to fill out the remainder of matt. hey, knees term after he won a seat in the state assembly. dorsey says he's already making plans to run for a full term. in november in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu , fox two news. coming up at 11 today is may 10th or 510 day. the celebration and protest in oakland that called attention to the issues. many people want city leaders to address the rain has ended for now for most of us, but we do have winds that will pick up again tomorrow. temperatures warm up, too, but the winds are gonna stay pretty strong and then a warm up into the weekend. i'll have that five day forecast next first covid testing plunging around the world. why scientists say this is a problem.
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tes, the billionaire philanthropist, made the announcement on twitter, saying i'm experiencing mild symptoms and following the experts advice by isolating until i'm healthy again. gates has been a vocal supporter of pandemic mitigation measures, including access to vaccines and medication for poor countries. the pandemic is getting tougher to track. his covid testing plunges around the world, partly because most home test results do not get reported to health officials. that means it's more difficult for scientists to track emerging viral mutants as they spread. experts say testing has dropped by 70 to 90% worldwide from the first to the second quarter of the year. officials say that's the opposite of what should be happening as new variants emerged. santa clara county is warning of a potential rise in covid cases as the omicron variant continues to spread, health officials say. the seven day average has gone from 193
10:40 pm
cases back on april 3rd 2 589 on may 3rd. they're also tracking covid in the county. wastewater covid levels in san jose are more than twice what they were two weeks ago. not surprisingly , we are also seeing a pretty significant uptick in reports of outbreaks from schools, work sites, um, and other congregate facilities. many of them are related to social gatherings. it's spring school is ending, and people are gathering and covid is spreading. health officials recommend wearing a mask in crowded indoor situations and getting tested if you have been exposed, airport officials out of san francisco international are preparing for a busy summer season. here's a live look right now at sfo or an estimated 120,000 passengers will kick off memorial day weekend at the end of the month. the airport is predicting 12 million travelers during the summer season, which is about
10:41 pm
67% of pre pandemic levels. this all comes as covid cases rise and mask mandates are lifted. masks are no longer mandatory. we do make them optional, and the cdc still recommends them for indoor settings like airports during transportation. and so cdc still recommends it and we want to make that okay for passengers. and in oakland airport, it is getting close to pre pandemic levels of travel officials say. in march, more than 830,000 passengers came through the airport. that was a 24% increase from february, the biggest jump of any bay area airport and it represents nearly 76% of the passenger numbers from 2019 area community bands. many single use plastics, also criticism from republicans after protests continue right outside the homes. of supreme court justices, also a day of sun clouds and hail around the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin is back after the break
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. thef supervisors today unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming the county's commitment to reproductive justice and the protection of abortion rights.
10:45 pm
the move also shows support for an amendment to the state constitution proposed by governor newsom. it would permanently protect the reproductive rights of california residents, 71 elected officials in santa clara county have signed a letter to governor newsom in support of that effort. it reads in part, the draft supreme court decision overturning roe would tell the women of america that they are not legally entitled to control their own bodies. that is not the case in california and we stand with you. as you make that very clear to women across our nation. the letter continued. abortion rights supporters continued to protest right outside the homes of some u. s supreme court justices, but federal law forbids protesting. with the intent to influence judges as boxes. aisha hasni reports, republicans are now calling on the biden administration to enforce the law. thank you, baby. night after night. pro choice activists protests outside the homes of supreme court justices
10:46 pm
and day after day. the white house supports them, and we believe, of course in peaceful protests, but critics say those demonstrations are illegal. federal law prohibits anyone from obstructing justice by picketing outside a judge's home. in order to influence them . republicans say the biden ministrations is playing politics with protests. chrissy from the left is really unbelievable. i mean, here we have the white house encouraging people. to go out and do engage in what amounts to harassment. attorney general merrick garland remains silent on the issue when just seven months ago he directed the fbi to look into threats made against school board members because, as he put it, threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values. we stand at the front line for democracy. and we all justices and federal court judges are at all levels need to be protected democracy demands this, the white house only going
10:47 pm
so far as to say there's been no violence committed against the justices yet. as for the chanting and picketing outside the white house isn't budging, protests and intimidation outside of their homes of school board members. the michigan secretary of state, uh you know, intimidation and threats against people seeking legal reproductive healthcare against our capital and american democracy also warrant some outrage. congress is taking action, though last evening, the senate approved a bipartisan measure to increase security for not only supreme court justices , but also their immediate family members at the white house. i might show hosni fox news all right. he was a breezy day again today. tomorrow's me breezy as well. temperatures are going to be a little warmer, but still not in by any sense, overly warm or hot. it's going to be a little warmer than today. so it was 67 antiochus. not bad, but then you can around oakland was just 59 degrees. it was just 59 in san rafael. the
10:48 pm
winds really kept things cool around here, plus the thunderstorms that showed up in the north bay. i mean, those things were really popping off for around +34567 o'clock this afternoon, some heavy rain as this system right here, this kind of low pressure center just keeps spinning it. it's out of here by tonight tomorrow morning, but it's created instability for the last two days, and finally today it did show us some activity. and some of these storm reports are just you know, these are folks that had unusual occurrences in their neighborhood that are trained observers. this was at 5 53 6 o'clock tonight, hail on the east side of santa rosa think we had lots of hill reports out there, but you get the idea. there are plenty of those plenty of snow porch in the mountains and as we go into tomorrow, it's not going to be a chance of there won't be a chance of rain, but there will be an opportunity for the those strong winds again. so you see right here. you've got a 10 a.m. you can see that. we've got a little bit of wind but watch what happens right there as we get into the afternoon hours. on thursday. i missed that out. but what i want
10:49 pm
to show you was tomorrow afternoon's wind speeds. basically the wind sticks around. it's pretty strong, right lot of strongest right along the coast. of course, you know, ocean beach great highway pacifica. northwest winds. this isn't a fire danger win. this is the onshore type of wind. these are the current temperature is gonna be cool tonight. the winter dying down. that'll do it. temperatures about where they were last night. it was called last night and reports of frost and freezing near freezing temperatures in the north bay. and in fact that will happen again tonight. it might be just a little bit court tonight than it was last night. so he experienced process morning or really low temperatures. you'll experience me in tomorrow morning, maybe a little cooler kids only jackets on the way to school. you'll be thinking about putting the heater on in the car a little bit on your way into work this cool air. is moving out. it has been here for about 2.5 34 days and as it moves off, the high builds in, but only for a short time is his next system. tweaks to the north brings some clouds on thursday, but it's subtle change at this point. so what's really happening here is the main event is over or ending . the cold will be the thing you noticed tomorrow morning. the wind tomorrow afternoon. and
10:50 pm
then as you get into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday temperatures just kind of work their way back up. so forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies greens are sixties. that makes sense, little warmer 71 in fairfield, 70 and antioch's 65 3 month tomorrow. so the five day forecast and you can see right here breezy little bit less wind about the same temperature. i think it would be a little warmer than 70. maybe 73 and then friday, saturday and sunday, especially on saturday, the warmest day things were up a little bit. didn't get a lot of rain out of this one. not many people did, but it did rain and snow in the mountains. so that was good for us. got a little something in the bucket? i'll see you back here, 11. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. a basic income program may be coming to the city of alameda next year. such programs provide residents qualify with a monthly cash payment. they can use to pay for anything they choose. council members will decide next week whether to fund that pilot program with $4.6 million from the american rescue plan act. similar pilot programs have
10:51 pm
launched in oakland, san francisco and stockton's marin county board of supervisors approved that ban on single use plastic for take out food. the band includes everything from to go. clamshell style containers, two straws beginning in november of next year, businesses will be required to use composed bulk containers, wrappers and straws . similar bands already in place. another bay area cities, including san francisco, berkeley, mountain view and l. cerrito. a community hero in san ramon was announced today. san ramon regional medical center says nurse tracy brannen is this year's florence nightingale award winner. medical center. officials say the award pays tribute to nurses who have shown compassion, strength and resilience during these challenging times. brennan is described by her colleagues as warm hearted, caring and holding herself to a high standard. alright coming up in sports giants on a nice little role joe fonzi up next to show us how they did against the visiting colorado rockies. then on the 11
10:52 pm
o'clock news, £15 of fentanyl and over $100,000 in cash seized in the east bay, and it was all found in the parking lot of an oakland high school. rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children. rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff.
10:53 pm
kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california... man: for all of us.
10:54 pm
good evening, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. the giants feel like they've righted the ship after that five game losing streak last week, there are sunsets. and then there's the one you saw if you were oracle park tonight. johnson rockies in the second inning, one run already in for san francisco when curt casali singles to right, tiro estrada comes home and so does brandon crawford won the ball takes a weird hopping hits. charlie blackmon, only one rb castle and what was ruled an error on blackman. giants and control this game the whole way they won't get to on this late, but it does show off the defense by
10:55 pm
estrada to get to the ball flip to crawford and get one. a strong pitching performance by alex wood, who goes five and a third, allowing just one run. giants win their fourth in a row 9 to 2. an unusual day for the oakland a's because of the lockout in week one of the season, the aids started a five game series in detroit that included a doubleheader today, which oakland was the home team in game one. so welcome to comerica park, the one game home of the kinase. scoreless game in the fifth when the tigers will castro hits a blueprint. the left off frankie monticello is andres going out, chad pinder coming in, they collide, the ball drops for a hit. that one had to hurt his andres leg hits pinder in the head. both players stayed in the game after taking inventory. the tigers got two in the inning. and, they added on in the six jonathan scope with the drive to the left field in the not so occupied seats there . that's his second homer of the year. the tigers win the first game six to nothing. so the age we're looking for a split in game two, when they actually were. the road team is already
10:56 pm
in front to nothing in the seventh when christian paci lined up hit the left to drive and kevin smith very much in need of a hit well below the mendoza line batting 1 67 domingo as available on the hill for the age of the eighth, and he likes this play by his second baseman tony kemp. stretches out just about as far as the guy can to take a hit away from heimer candelario, not a bird, not a planet's tony kemp. adrian martinez, who was called up from the minors for this game, goes five in the third scoreless innings for the win in his major league debut, 421 oakland and history made tonight in anaheim angels rookie read debt, mers gets tampa's yandy diaz to ground out for the final out of the game. injustice 11th big league start throws the second no hitter of the season. it's the 12th and angels history, the 316th in baseball history. the angels were 12 to nothing. winners warriors are one win away from making it into the nba's western conference finals
10:57 pm
. they'll try to wrap up their series with the grizzlies tomorrow night in memphis. we learned today that john marin will miss that game and is most likely out for the remainder of this series. no matter how long it lasts. they're still talking about jordan's pools. contact maran's need, but more likely contributor probably came when moret went high in the air to try to block a clay thompson shot. tomorrow night, the words will again be coached by mike brown was steve kirk under covid protocol brown today on marantz. you know, wish that upon anybody but we have to stay focused, stay locked in and understand. no matter who they put out on the floor. uh they're more than capable of beating us. you know, they went 25 without him during the regular season and so we have to have that appropriate fear. in order to get over the hump. nba playoff action tonight. dallas and phoenix suns fans get a closer look at look at dante's than they bargained for when they bought those expensive seats. and this will
10:58 pm
make the phoenix crowd happy. mchale bridges with the steal, then locked the cam johnson. the sun's ran away with this 11 10 to 80. they have a 3 to 2 lead in this series. it's survival time for the mavs back home on thursday night. poland beat and the sixers in miami with that series, tied two games each and beat already wearing the protective mask on his face gets whacked when dwayne dedmon swipes at the ball and beat recovering from a right orbital fracture that does not make his coach doc rivers happy and be able to stay in the game. but this game was all heat. they're already up 15 as they run the four in the third quarter. wild shot by p. j tucker doesn't go, but jimmy butler jam home to follow miami cruises to a 1 10 85 win to go ahead 3 to 2 in this series. they can wrap it up thursday in philadelphia. and the nba lost one of its iconic players tonight. bob lanier, a hall of fame big man who played for the detroit pistons and milwaukee bucks, has died at the age of 73, who once had a short stint as the warriors. interim head coach had been suffering
10:59 pm
from bladder cancer. he hadn't been on the ice since 2021. but patrick marleau was back at s a p center today and as usual, the reception for him was a warm one. marlow and his family in the arena where he spent 21 of his 23 nhl seasons. marlowe officially retiring today after an uncertain year when he was still looking for a team to possibly play for marlowe owns just about every significant sharks record, including goals and points in addition to a pair of olympic gold medals, marlowe's most significant record is the one he set last year in las vegas. he brought gordie howe's all time record for games played. fine career phenomenal career. yeah yeah career, especially in hockey, joe. thank you coming up next at 11. for the most most of our usf members. there will be no layoffs, but we know it comes also at a price of two months of stress, already stressful year
11:00 pm
late vote in san francisco tonight as the city's school board decides to change course and rescind hundreds of layoff notices. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now san francisco unified school district was poised to lay off hundreds of teachers, but tonight many of those jobs have been saved. the unanimous vote came just about 15 minutes ago. good evening. once again. i'm mike mibach julie haener. while teachers say they are relieved, they say living in limbo. the last two months has been stressful. ktvu zach sauce was at tonight's meeting and has new details. tuesday san francisco unified school board changing course after announcing in december that more than 200 teachers could lose their jobs during an evening meeting the board voting instead to reduce the number of layoffs to 2015 of them administrators who could be rehired next year. if there was better planning. we did not have to go through all the stress. the layoffs were expected to help the district close 8 $125 million budget


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