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stress, already stressful year late vote in san francisco tonight as the city's school board decides to change course and rescind hundreds of layoff notices. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now san francisco unified school district was poised to lay off hundreds of teachers, but tonight many of those jobs have been saved. the unanimous vote came just about 15 minutes ago. good evening. once again. i'm mike mibach julie haener. while teachers say they are relieved, they say living in limbo. the last two months has been stressful. ktvu zach sauce was at tonight's meeting and has new details. tuesday san francisco unified school board changing course after announcing in december that more than 200 teachers could lose their jobs during an evening meeting the board voting instead to reduce the number of layoffs to 2015 of them administrators who could be rehired next year. if there was better planning. we did not have to go through all the stress. the layoffs were expected to help the district close 8 $125
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million budget deficit for the year. the district says it's seen a steep decline in students over the last few years, the biggest drop coming amid the covid 19 pandemic, with many families choosing to leave the city altogether. that's where some of the teachers who received a layoff notice a lot of folks. yeah a lot of folks got it and immediately left. i'm resigning. this is enough tuesday, the district superintendent, acknowledging how stressful the march 15th layoff notices were to his staff, but adding quote. it's an unfortunate reality than in light of declining enrollment, a structural budget deficit and then ever changing outlook related to vacancies we needed to issue so many preliminary layoff notices. we are very happy that at this point in the process we are down to so few certificated layoffs. the district says a number of its educators who received a layoff notice also chose to shift into other vacant positions. media conference tuesday chinese bilingual teachers in the district, arguing that they weren't given timely noticed
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that they could participate in that process. the district fail to recognize our chinese bilingual teachers as potential teachers. eligible for repositioning, just like our general education teacher colleagues board of ed is here and they're listening to your stories. this matters your work matters and we're all very sorry that this had to happen, and the union says it's been having positive talks with the district on that matter. as for those layoffs final notices on them have to be issued on or before this sunday in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news administrators. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital say they need help identifying a patient. a woman was admitted to the hospital on sunday. just before midnight. she's believed to be in her sixties and is described as five ft. five inches tall, has blond hair and blue eyes. anyone with information is asked to contact the hospital. new at 11 tonight, a major drug bust in the parking
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lot of oakland's clemens high school. the alameda county sheriff's office says deputy seized £15 of fentanyl one kg of heroin and $139,000 in cash. four suspects are now in custody . deputies say no students are involved. investigators say the suspect simply chose the high school parking lot as their meeting spot, and for that they could face additional charges. we're getting new look at body cam video and surveillance footage of a san jose police shooting that left man injured officers responded to cause of a fight. to carry along victoria back on march 27th they say surveillance video here shows 20 year old k on green, punching a man on the ground. a second man, brian carter is seen brandishing a gun. police say the fight then moved outside. and green was holding the gun. they say green refused to drop the weapon and they opened fire shooting him for times. green told us this afternoon that he acted in self defense. green has filed a
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federal lawsuit against the city of san jose contra costa college students as he is not going to be able to return to playing football in the fall, but he does hope to recover for the following season. that or weather and the hail that came down around the north bay today. this is video from yonville viewer also sent us video from santa rosa. you can see it was really coming down this afternoon. and in glen ellyn, officials say lightning hit a large for tree, causing it to catch fire. the homeowner says he saw the smoke after seeing the flash of lightning and then hearing the thunder. the homeowner says he is grateful hail and moisture on the ground kept the flames from spreading. despite the weather, drought conditions continue to stretch statewide california water officials say water consumption did not decrease. but instead increased by 19% in
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march, as ktvu jana katsuyama reports there are new restrictions now coming from one bay area water agency, hoping to encourage conservation. the drought is having one impact on dining out. some water districts are back to banning restaurants and bars from automatically giving water to customers at the cannery kitchen and tap in castro valley. they're asking customers to buy bottled water or bring their own. i feel bad for the day. we don't have water coming out the faucet. it's going to happen if we don't we don't get serious. on tuesday, east bay mud got serious. the board voting 6 to 1 to add a drought surcharge to customers' bills. it will take effect july one. and so beginning on that day, every time you turn on your tap, you'll be assessed in 8% surcharge over the amount that you normally pay for your water bill. a mud says these photos from september of the party reservoir show how much lower the water line is, from its usual level, the statewide snowpack in the sierra nevada, which supplies the reservoirs
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was just that 27% of visits store average in april and the department of water resources reported tuesday that the majority of reservoirs are low, including shasta. just 40% full and oroville just at 55% full. we work with a variety of different business sectors. medical facilities, restaurants , food manufacturers, auto shops , salons lawrence nussbaum, with the california green business network says they provide businesses with free help to get green certified and check for water conservation with 4500 businesses now signed up. 250 are in alameda county, and that's added up to a lot of conservation, 150 certified green businesses collectively saved 43 million gallons of water. that level of water is actually privileged to 121 bathtubs of frustrating in water per hour. this is all low flow back here and tap got certified on earth day this year. so did
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the castro valley natural grocery next door. small steps. that they say make a big difference in castro valley. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. california regulators have released an ambitious plan for tackling climate change, and the document says californians will need to adjust aspects of their lives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. that will mean less driving less reliance on natural gas and switching to electric vehicles. most petroleum products would be reserved for planes, boats and trains, not cars or trucks. transportation accounts for 40% of california's greenhouse gas emissions. new at 11, oakland residents went out to lake merritt for 5 10 day on this may 10th. the free event is a celebration of all things oakland, but oakland residents say the gathering also serves as a chance to call attention to the cities of rapidly growing housing crisis in the pressures of gentrification that are forcing long term residents out of the area, and they say, 5 10 day is for everyone. it just
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stating that we belong here, along with everybody else has coming in. it's all about making sure everybody fit in where they belong. nobody's getting bumped out or squeezed out its anti transient fication gathering. that was about so remote. no problem with changes. we just don't like being pushed out of our own home. now because of the pandemic 5 10 day was held online two years ago last year, the event was held as a car caravan around the lake. organizers say it's great to be back to hosting a full scale in person event. still ahead tonight, a massive medical deal how fighter will spend more than $11 billion to buy another pharmaceutical company and the end of an era the iconic apple product that will soon no longer be
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it's n revenue from covid-19 vaccines advisor says it is set to buy bio haven pharmaceuticals visor said today it will pay $11.6 billion for that company with the hopes of boosting sales of a pill in a new class of migraine drugs. the boards of both companies have reportedly approved the deal. many parents across the country are dealing with a shortage of infant formula. as ktvu lamonica peters reports one bay area mother is now offering up to help by donating her breast milk. so in
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this freezer is milk that we received from mom's donating milk isn't a simple process. jonathan bautista is the executive director of mothers milk bank in san jose. he says. all donations are screened and donators have to take an infectious disease test before the milk is accepted and processed, so we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand for milk. compared to the same time last year. and we're seeing it across the board from hospitals and patients, and we really can't point the finger to formula shortages because we're we don't get that information when the requests are made. last week, data assembly reported that 40 to 50% of major formula brands were sold out in 26 states. and say supply chain issues are likely to blame major retailers like wal mart and target also starting to limit the number of baby formula products bought in one purchase
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. my wish is to raise the awareness of milk donation to the same level as blood donation, and when we raise that awareness, it gives us the ability to have the inventory. to meet the increasing demand that we're seeing as the mother of a two year old daughter, crystal, welch says. it's been on our heart to donate milk since her baby was born. remember bringing home you know my baby after you know, giving birth and, um i was sitting in the rocking chair, feeding her and, um, i just kept thinking to myself. um you know, all the other moms out there who can't breastfeed their kids or don't have the formula. welsh sent out this tweet announcing she's willing to donate her breast milk to any mom in need. she says she cleared it with her doctor and will clear it with anyone else's doctor when requested. walsh has not donated to a milk bank yet, but she wants to send struggling. mom's a clear message. don't be afraid to ask for help. um i mean, this is your baby's well being, but
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says that anyone can make a milk request and anyone can donate as long as they pass the screening. if you'd like more information on mother's milk bank, you can go to ktvu dot com and click the link for this story. tesla ceo elon musk hinted today that his if his $44 billion takeover offer to buy twitter goes through, he might relocate the company outside of the bay area. you know, and then i think twitter needs to be much more even handed. it currently has a strong left bias because it's based in terms cisco so but then this this this fails to build trust in in the rest of the united states, and also perhaps in other parts of the world. his comments came during the financial times future of the car conference in london, where musk also said that one company policy he would change was twitter's indefinite ban put on former president donald trump. following the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol must said banning the former
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president permanently was a mistake. because it, uh, alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. mr trump told fox news last month. if given the option, he wouldn't return to twitter ever. instead, he has focused on growing his new online platform. truth social. after more than two decades, apple is officially retiring. the ipod. today, apple announced it has ended production of the ipod touch, which is the most recent and only remaining model of the ipod. steve jobs introduced the first one in cupertino back in october of 2001, the original model held 1000 songs. and cost $399. apple went on to sell an estimated 450 million ipods worldwide. a mother's day theft coming up the flower shop asking for help after being targeted by thieves. the showers have stopped. for
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now the wind is still blowing is going to pick up again tomorrow and temperatures are going to start to warm but slowly icu back here with that, and new video of homes collapsing right into the ocean back along the east coast, what officials say is to blame.
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finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. mote thieves steal as many flowers as they can carry before walking out of this store. the shop owner says they got away with about $1200 worth of flowers. anyone who recognizes the men in this video is asked to call petaluma police today, the contra costa county board of supervisors shot down a proposal to find more public defenders to
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fight mass deportation as ktvu is tom baker reports. this comes as one east bay city prepares to open an immigration court to hear some 8000 pending cases. why do you forget? for miss variety of public and private advocacy groups rally their supporters in front of the contra costa county board of supervisors tuesday morning. they demanded fairness for potential deportees to be delivered in the form of legal representation for them, immigrants and refugees risked their lives, leaving their countries to come here for a better life. it's time for real immigration reform, and it's time for the public defenders to finally get this funding despite universal support from those making public comments. there was a real fear that the supervisors would not fund it constitutional protections of due process and equal protection embodied in our constitution and
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bill of rights applies to every person. regardless of immigration status. after hours of discussion, the board of supervisors voted to deny the public defender's office request for 1.8 million in extra funding. that would have been used to fund three lawyers and support staff for more effectively fighting mass deportations from the county believer that budgets really represent the values. of the county. and the only message that this county is showing is that they are anti immigrant. next year, uncle sam most open a big new immigration court in this conquered office complex to hear some 7800 pending cases. a third of those people do not have legal representation, but studies show that immigrants who do have lawyers free or paid for when the right to stay as much as 70% of the time, but immigrants without lawyers when only 20% of their cases, families go defenseless to their
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court case against judge increased deportations, you would be letting them go defenseless, the supervisors say is over a visit the question later. in the meantime, the list of potential deportees grows in the county and the wait list for the one public defender who handles such cases grows at a rapid pace. tom baker, ktvu fox two news prominent national criminal justice advocacy group is pushing the justice department to support the release of women who were sexually abused by staff at a federal prison in dublin. families against mandatory minimums is asking for compassionate release for those who have been victimized at the federal correction institution. this follows reporting from ktvu that revealed a toxic culture that enabled sexual abuse of inmates to continue there for years. dozens of employees are currently the subject of investigations. prison representatives have said they have no tolerance for misconduct. and we got some
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rain. if you got under some of those downpours today in the north bay, you noticed it big time, especially in yonville over a half inch of rain in a very short amount of time. st helena. same thing about a half inch lots of hail in that area as well as he storms, right? angwin too. they just sort of hung out. they moved a little bit, but not a lot, so they hung out. not by fairfield. there was some scattered showers as it was dying down napa 500, which is interesting, right? so saint alina 5000.48, which is just a few miles from napa. if that point oh, five so really was isolated. sort of pinpoint sort of rainfall. thunder lightning the whole bit today and windy conditions as well. these are the high temperatures were recorded temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit warmer, and we're gonna kind of hover tomorrow and thursday and about the same place though upper sixties low seventies and then we'll start to warm up rapidly. the winds are back tomorrow afternoon. check it out. so right along the coast and some beach 39 miles an hour again. not as windy as it was today, but still pretty windy and then check out thursday afternoon
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winds come back, and these are coastal winds. so you're getting small craft advisories along the coast. you're getting blowing, stand out in the avenues and just kind of a, uh, a repeat of what we've been seeing, really? for the last month. we had a pretty windy spring. certainly with we always get some breezes, but it's been very ah, the consistent and strong the overnight lows are gonna be cool tonight. current temperatures, of course already 39 in fairfield, so you know they're getting down below 35 or 38 napa. 37 in santa rosa. these are the forecast lows, frost will be forming in many inland valleys and be one of the colder mornings we've seen in a while. and then that low starts to leave, and as it does, lake tahoe area loses the snowfall. they got over a foot. the high pressure builds in tomorrow is a little bit warmer. thursday's about the same and on thursday, we'll see a kind of a weak system go to the north of us. no big deal. couple clouds, but it'll just be about the same. that's why it's not going to warm up much thursday because that system but next two days, very similar nice days forecast highs for tomorrow. and if you
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want just push this into thursday. greens are sixties yellows or seventies boom. nice day along the coast of swells are coming up a little bit. we're gonna see some high serve. i don't think we'll see a high surf advisory, whisking get bigger, so be safe out along the coastal sections we ate, you know 6 to 8 10. ft forecast highs tomorrow. warmer five day forecast warmer, especially on friday, saturday and sunday. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, we'll see you then. bill, thank you to homes crashed into the ocean off the coast of north carolina today. the national park service released this video showing the second beach house. coming off of it stilts into the atlantic ocean. this is the third outer banks home to crash into the water this year, officials say erosion and flooding are to blame. history made in major league baseball joe fonzi up next to show us why a rookie pitcher with the angels had his arms up in the air tonight, down in anaheim. but first, a beautiful sight from our camera on sutra tower this evening. take a look at those pink skies
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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hels feel like they've righted the ship after that five game losing streak last week, there are sunsets bill, and then there's this one that you saw fit park tonight. giants and rockies in the second inning, one run already in for san francisco, curt casali singles to right tire astrada comes home then so does brandon crawford when the ball takes a weird hopping hits charlie blackmon, only one rb for casa leon, what was ruled an error on black men. trying to control this game the whole way they won't get to on this plate, but it does show off the defense
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by estrada to get the ball, flip it to crawford and get one strong pitching performance by alex would resorts 503rd, allowing just one run. the giants win their fourth in a row. 92 welcome to comerica park . the one game home of the oakland a's due to the lockout earlier in the year scoreless game in the fifth when the tigers will castro it's a blueprint left frankie montas, elvis andres going out, chad pinder coming in, they collide, the ball drops for a hit. that one had to hurt. andres leg hits pinder in the head. both players stayed in the game after taking inventory. tigers got two in the evening. they get one more here in the sixth jonathan scope with the drive to left in the not so occupied seats there. that's his second homer of the year. tigers win 6 to 1 that was the first game of to the age looking for a split in game two. when they actually were. the road team is already in front two in the seventh one christian party line to hit to left to drive and kevin smith paci very much in need of a hit well below the mendoza line. batting 1 67 domingo acevedo on for the a's
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in the eighth, and he likes this play by his second baseman tony kemp, stretching out like superman about as far as you can. to take a hit away from heimer candelario. martinez who was just called up from the minors for this game, goes five in the third scoreless innings for a win in his major league debut, 421, oakland and history made tonight in anaheim angels rookie gets tampa's yandy diaz to ground out for the final out of the game is just as 11th big league start throws the second no hitter of the season, only one that's been a complete game. so far. it's the 12th and angels history, the 316 and baseball history. the angels work. 12 to nothing winners. lawyers are one win away from making it into the nba's western conference finals. they'll try to wrap up their series with the grizzlies tomorrow night in memphis. we learned today that john marin will miss that game, and it's most likely out the remainder of this series, no matter how long it lasts. they're still talking about jordan's pools contacted maran's knee, but more likely
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contributor probably came when morant went high in the air, trying to block a clay thompson shot tomorrow night. the words will again be coached by mike brown with steve kerr. under covid protocol. and check this one out miami at arizona. here we go foul ball in the stands. who needs a glove? when you've got a box of popcorn coming cares if you have to sacrifice a little popcorn to get the ball. how about that? arizona 93 winner over the marlins right in there. look at that and the yankees down two runs in the ninth against toronto. aaron judge hits what can only be called a prodigious home run. that is a three run shot, giving new york a 65 wins in 600 major league games. it's the first walk off homer for judge on the team with the best record in baseball at 21 8 and did i mention he went to london high school. i think that's his 10th of the year. proud of you are as you should be. yes exactly.
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season beautiful. alright, joe. thank you. have a good night, everyone. thanks for joining us, everyone. thanks for joining us, everybody. goodnight. okay, hold still, honey. i'm afraid you're going to hit me again. don't worry. i'm just putting this time. i'm not the strongest golfer, and i think it's holding me back in business. too bad deals aren't closed in a trampoline park. i'd just lazy-back into a rudolph into a quadriffus right up the corporate ladder. hey, dad, you coming to my play tonight? "your" play? you only painted the sets. yeah, and michelangelo "only" painted the sixteenth chapel. maybe don't keep your face so close to the paint cans. sorry, buddy, i'm getting a golf lesson and then i'm playing with a client, but i'll try to make your next performance. (doorbell rings, thud) phil! little busy. oh, you always do this. you cram stuff in the freezer without thinking about it. i opened the door, and a frozen turkey almost fell on my foot. i keep pulling it to the left. are we sure the house is level? are you not the least bit sorry? i could have broken a toe. honey, i'm sorry for dozens of things every day
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