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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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outa helicopter crash at a pg any training facility? what we know about the investigation so far, and the two people who were injured plus the latest inflation numbers are out lauren blanchard in washington. i'll tell you what they show and whether economists think there's any relief for americanswallets coming up. opposed to sigh of relief the stone in the san francisco unified school district has the district was able to save some jobs and how many teachers are now facing layoffs. the news and nude starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon to you. i'm andre senior gasia mikaelian. let's begin with breaking news. we're following in livermore. this is where a helicopter has crashed at a pgd training facility are jesse gerry's live at the seed to bring us what you've learned so far, jesse. this helicopter went down at what is called the psg and e electric training facility here in livermore. that happened just around 10 o'clock
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this morning briefing going on just to my right with battalion chief jim artman of the pleasanton livermore living more pleasant and fire department. he's telling me that this helicopter went down around 10 o'clock this morning. we have some aerial video that we can show you when i went down around 10 o'clock in the morning with two people on board, one with the pilot and one was a worker for pg and e who was outside of the aircraft. apparently they were doing some kind of training where they work online with one person hanging outside of the aircraft. we don't know what happened, but the helicopter went down it sustained severe damage but was intact they had to use tools. to get the pilot out. he says he's been rushed to a trauma center. the man who was hanging outside the aircraft was able to walk away, but he was taken by ambulance to a hospital to be evaluated. we do not know what caused the crash. at this point, the ntsb i'm sorry the
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faa is taking over the lead on the investigation of this at this point, so the fire department has turned it over to police, which are turning over to federal officials to uncover exactly what went wrong if i can get battalion chief artman here . come look at him in here just to give your comments but thank you. thanks. i appreciate it. we're on live on channel two right now. for the new news you were saying they were doing some kind of training. and when this happened, you know what type of training or how one person was outside the aircraft was this facility is a training facility. so they do all manner of training here from above ground to underground were. this is the primary area where they do a lot of the training for the area. and so at the time of this helicopter went down. they were doing obviously above ground training on online. they take it. ah it would be a helicopter air ops training that they do routinely you said when the helicopter went down, you had to bring in equipment to cut the
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pilot out of the aircraft. we had to use tools to get the pilot out to get him to safety. and his injuries at that time. uh i have no knowledge of his injuries. um, we he was talking to us, and we transport him to a trauma facility. he was conscious and talking. yes and the second man he was ambulatory at the scene. we transported him for evaluation. um at this point are who's taking the lead in the investigation? so at this point, it's been turned over to the ntsb. um the police determined that there are the livermore police need for further investigation from them and the ntsb will come in and ah, determined the cause of the aircraft accident. and anybody else hurt on the ground here, no other injuries and no more hazards. no damage on the ground at all, as as crashes going, particularly with helicopters. i
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mean, when you go down because of the amount of material that spinning at a high rate of speed. it can be deadly but also caused a lot of damage. so this crash, both people were conscious taken to the hospital , and it doesn't appear to be any other damage other than there was no ancillary damage that we saw other than the aircraft sound, chief. appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. jim artman with the president department appreciate your time. so as he said, the ntsb is now taking the lead on this crash that happened around 10 o'clock this morning here at the training facility, the pg and e training facility in livermore obviously will stay on this story. if we have more updates, will bring them to you throughout the hour and then a comprehensive report coming up before five and six tonight. reliable livermore. jesse gary ktvu fox news. we'll head back to you in oakland, jesse. thank you. the san francisco unified school district was poised to lay off hundreds of teachers. but late last night, many of those jobs we're saved ktvu medical down and brings us the details from the district office. hundreds of teachers are
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relieved. they say that they felt like they were in limbo the last few months, unsure if they would still have jobs. if there was better planning. we did not have to go through all the stress. in january, the school board announced more than 200 teachers could lose their jobs in order to close a $125 million budget deficit for the year. they say that was caused by a decline in students over the years and many families choosing to leave san francisco during the pandemic more than 300 preliminary layoff notices were sent out in march. but at a median tuesday night plans changed for the better. you can see, for example, that we projected a maximum lay off of 151. credentialed educators. you we will issue final laugh notices to five of those educators because we have no vacancies in those credential areas. those five teachers still set to be laid off include four in the high school j rotc program and one japanese language teacher. 166 positions were closed, but all of those
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employees were able to find other open positions. 15 and ministrations are also being let go, but they've either already been rehired or could be next year that so much of this stress and strife that we attempted to curtail starting in november with this is still very much real for students and families who are still advocating for d, or t c, and for an increased japanese program. hopefully you guys find, um, positions to retain them. it is not easy to have a teachers spend so much time and devoted to our school district. we can should try everything we can to retain them . in a statement, the superintendent said. the district is happy it was able to get the amount of layoffs so low, but it's still unclear how the district will close the deficit, saying they were able to rescind the layoffs because of a combination of staff, attrition and a better outlook for state revenue. but that budget won't be known until the summer. i know that the people who are on the school board or
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combing through the budget, making sure they're making responsible choices. and of course, we want to keep all of our educators intact. but they have some hard decisions to make . the teachers union wants to see the district create a plan for what to do when more teachers leave and how to get students to come back of grave concern is the coming vacancies and potentially heading off so many of the exodus tse that people had planned. this goes a long way towards that effort and making sure that folks know that they are secured in san francisco. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. also know the san francisco police commission today will consider whether to ban the practice of stopping drivers for minor offenses like broken tail lights. ktvu easily. rasmus joins us live to explain why a group of more than 60 organizations are calling on sfpd to bend so called pretext stops. ali andre san francisco supervisors, the city's public defender, the luau and several community groups are calling for this change in policy. the group
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is calling itself the coalition to end biased stops. they want the san francisco police commission to ban the use of what they're calling pretext stops now what is that? that's when a pedestrian cyclist or driver is stopped by police. for a minor issue like a broken tail light or not, using a turn signal or in the case of cyclists riding a bike without a helmet or ticketing someone for sleeping in their car. critics of the practice say the data show that black people in san francisco are six times more likely than whites to be stopped by police. oftentimes because of a minor issue like the ones we just mentioned. san francisco's public defender says it leads to racial profiling by police their fishing expeditions to prolong the stop to investigate something wholly unrelated to the stop. and there's your biased harm community relations and then still fear and terror and overly policed communities. other cities like l. a. washington d. c. philadelphia in the city of berkeley, have already banned the practice of
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these types of stops. san francisco supervisor and board president salmon walton spoke about his personal experience as a teenager in san francisco. stopped by police for riding in a car with several friends. as a 15 year old passenger being approached with guns drawn. it's terrifying. imagine if it was your child, your grandchild. or imagine if it was a young person that you were connected to the san francisco police commission will consider a proposal by one of its members to restrict these types of stops by the san francisco police. the public is invited to share comments on this proposed policy change at the commission's meeting tonight. gaseous back to you, ali. thank you. the april inflation report is out. and while it shows the run up in prices may have already peaked, inflation still remains high and is straining americans checkbooks with prices at 0.3% in just the past month. lauren blanchard reports from washington. april showed an 8.3% consumer price index the year
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over year a bit higher than predictions. but for the first time in eight months, the number is slightly down from march is 8.5% for me, there are really no signs that inflation is slowing down. there's no sign that the fed's policies are having any effect at all right now. over the last year, food up 9.4% meat and eggs soaring in price. also, sky high airfare jumping 18.3% from march to april. energy prices up more than 30% fuel oil up a staggering 80% affected by inflation by the cost of gasoline. by the cost of groceries by the cost of electricity going up over the last 12 months, wages have increased 5.5% compared to the more than 8% inflation rate. it means americans are still taking home less money. face it this this is a result of policies. it's a result that inflation
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joe biden king try to deflect blame all he wants. the president is pointing the finger at the pandemic. the war in ukraine and republicans for the problems and the white house says they're working to turn it around. our economy is gone. from being on the mend to on the move. gas prices hit another record again wednesday, according to triple a $4.40 a gallon nationally. in washington . lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news here in the bay area. consumer prices hit a 21 year high, according to the u. s. bureau of labor statistics. the barry inflation rate jumped at an annual pace of 5% last month. let's wait out to wall street here as stocks turned lower in late trading after inflation showed last month. it did slow last month, but it's still worse than what economists have feared. was he? the dow jones is down by almost one half of 1% losing 136 points. right now, snp is down by a full percentage point, nasdaq once again showing the deepest losses down by more than 2.5. well still to come. this new cracking down on ghosts
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since continue to stretch statewide california water leaders say amid calls to conserve water, californians actually increased their water use by 19% in march is ktvu jana katsuyama reports. there are new restrictions now coming from one bay area water agency, hoping to encourage conservation. the drought is having one impact on dining out . some water districts are back to banning restaurants and bars from automatically giving water to customers at the cannery kitchen and tap in castro valley . they're asking customers to buy bottled water or bring their own. i feel bad for the day. we don't have water coming out of the faucet. it's going to happen if we don't we don't get serious. on tuesday, east bay mud got serious. the board voting 6 to 1 to add a drought surcharge to customers' bills. it will take effect july one.
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and so beginning on that day, every time you turn on your tap , you'll be assessed in 8% surcharge over the amount that you normally pay for your water . bill east bay. mud says these photos from september of the party reservoir show how much lower the water line is, from its usual level, the statewide snowpack in the sierra nevada, which supplies the reservoirs was just at 27% of visits store average in april, and the department of water resources reported tuesday that the majority of reservoirs are low, including shasta. just 40% full and oroville just at 55% full. we work with a variety of different business sectors. medical facilities, restaurants , food manufacturers, auto shops , salons lawrence nussbaum, with the california green business network says they provide businesses with free help to get green certified and check for water conservation with 4500 businesses now signed up 250 are in alameda county, and that's added up to a lot of
12:17 pm
conservation 50 certified green businesses collectively. said 43 million gallons of water that level of water is actually equivalent to 121 bathtubs of frustrating in water per hour, although flow back here and tap got certified on earth day this year, so did the castro valley natural grocery next door, small steps. that they say make a big difference in castro valley. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. still no rain in the forecast, but we are dealing with cooler temperatures right now. meteorologist mark tamayo is here with more on that. hey, mark. either andre yeah, lots of sunshine today. after a cold start this morning, some neighborhoods in the thirties nice recovery this afternoon, but it has been an unsettled weather week to start things off yesterday. of course we had the showers and the thunderstorms and the reports of some hails so may we're talking about measurable rainfall. in fact, some pretty big amounts with those intense downpours and
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yonville st helena santa rosa one neighborhood reporting a quarter of an inch of rainfall in some areas, just a few hundreds and a lot of areas not picking up any rainfall yesterday, in fact, lots of sunshine but that that just at least the thunderstorm activity , which is really focused up in the north bay yesterday. that is moving out of town and we have clear things out quite a bit before today, compared to yesterday. the winds will be picking up this afternoon. there's still a bit of a breeze out there. in fact, we'll check on these panels closer to the coastline out toward sfo gusting to a right around 30 miles an hour and half moon bay gusty to 23. these numbers will likely go up as you would expect over the next few hours. current numbers after that cold start this morning, a pleasant afternoon at least temperature wise temperatures right now in the fifties to the sixties. today we begin our warming trend, but the real warming that is expected to move in by the weekend. here's a live camera checking out the view out toward the open estuary there san francisco and the distance with lots of blue skies and no fog to speak of just
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mostly sunny skies for today, tomorrow we will bring in a few clouds as a weak system up to our north moves out of the actually moved into northern california and kind of approaches the bay area so a little bit warmer today across the region here is that system dropping in for your thursday this could send in a few high clouds for tomorrow and another cold start tomorrow morning. this will kind of put a halt on the warming trend for tomorrow. and once this moves on out temperatures respond by warming up by friday and into saturday, so here's the plan for today, your forecast models showing you mostly clear skies. some cloud cover by tonight could be moving in. and we are expecting some clouds for your thursday so no, uh, not completely sunny for tomorrow for the north bay. in fact, you can see some rain showers not here, but up to our north. and then by thursday afternoon, we will begin to scale back on those clouds for today. mostly sunny and breezy temperatures. lots of sixties the warmest occasions right about 70 degrees. this temperature pattern will be repeating for tomorrow in your thursday forecast and get ready
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for warm up those readings going up a good 10 degrees by friday. saturday should be the warmest day of the weekend, and then sunday will cool things off a little bit, but it looks like this dry stretch wants to remain in place for quite some time in the weekend is looking nice to hear across the bay area. a stalemate continues on the front lines as ukraine makes a big move to isolate the russian economy. i'm t
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quarrel russia is fighting on the frontlines remains a stalemate. trading has more from kiev, ukraine. yeah. the russian offensive is intensifying in southern ukraine on day 77 of the invasion. russian missiles still hitting odessa, ukraine's biggest ports city, hoping to disrupt the flow of weapons to the front lines, transportation infrastructure is being increasingly targeted, but the pentagon says the weapons are still getting where they need to go to impact, too. the flow of and shipment of material into ukraine, either as a result of the strikes on odessa or the strikes anywhere else. that stuff continues to flow everyday . russians still haven't made any major breakthroughs, but they appear to be committing more resources to southern ukraine, hoping to connect forces in the crimean peninsula with the eastern line of attack . the ukrainians say the tactic
12:24 pm
won't work, and they're slowly pushing the russians back from major cities like heart. i'm grateful to all our defenders who are holding the line and showing truly superhuman strength to drive out the army of invaders. the economic battle , also escalating ukraine blocked russia from using a hub that supplies about a third of europe's natural gas pipeline operator says it will switch to another hub, but flows are already down about 25. most ukrainians say they're not concerned about economic retaliation. everything that we need, but price is getting a little bit higher. that's why sometimes it's support ordinary people. it's very difficult. ukraine's economy is expected to contract about 30% this year because of the war and keep tree angst. ktvu fox two news today. journalist for the al jazeera network was shot and killed while covering an israeli raid in the west bank. shereen abu buckley, well known palestinian reporter for the broadcasters, arabic language channel, died soon after being shot. crowds of
12:25 pm
people gather today and carried her body to the al jazeera office in ramallah, another palestinian journalist who was working as her producer, was wounded but is expected to survive. after initially suggesting she might have been killed by palestinian fire, israel's army chief leader said it could not be determined at the stage who fired the shot that killed her. and accused murderer who ran away from jail is back in alabama to face trial recaptured fugitive casey white was in court for an arraignment didn't respond to questions about his escape or the guard vicky white, who helped set him free this comes as newly released body camera footage shows the chaotic moments as their 11 day run from the law came to an end in indiana when law enforcement crashed into their car to stop them. the sheriff says vicki white shot herself as police approached her vehicle. she died at the hospital. a bipartisan group in congress is demanding the biden administration increase the pay for federal firefighters before the upcoming fire season. the group, which includes both
12:26 pm
senators in california, say there's a shortage of federal fire crews in large part due to low pay, they say last year they could not answer thousands of requests for help. recently analysis also found many federal wild land. firefighters can't afford to live in most parts of the western u. s. congress approved, approved pay raise to $20 an hour. but it hasn't yet been implemented. still to come at noon. some rare spring weather here in the bay area from hail to lightning will take a look at a fire sparked in the north bay, ny one homeowner says it could have been a lot worse, plus so we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand for milk. compared to the same time last year. nationwide formula shortage has some mothers looking for other options to feed their babies when beria mother is making a selfless offer to help those in need
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livermore. is where a helicopter has crashed, had a pg any training facility? the training facility is on national drive not too far from lost macedo's road in south vasko road, sort of on the far eastern edge of town. the faa confirms to people are on board and we're both taken to hospital. we see the helicopter here in the center of the screen there on the ground. just a short time ago, fire officials told us they had to use tools to get the pilot of
12:30 pm
the helicopter out. the pilot was taken to a trauma center. the other person, a pgd employee was taken to hospital by ambulance. we know the faa and ntsb are investigating what happened will continue to follow the story. bring you more today on the four and ktvu .com. with real v. wade in jeopardy. the u . s senate is set to hold a key vote today aimed at preserving access to abortion nationwide by making it a federal law. the vote is in response to that leaked draft opinion from the supreme court, indicating that justices may overturn roe v. wade as soon as next month. senators are set to begin deliberating the law in just a few minutes from now. the measure in the senate is not expected to get the 60 votes needed to defeat a filibuster, democratic senate majority leader chuck schumer says he wants republicans to go on record opposing abortion rights ahead of the midterm elections. the high court will meet tomorrow for the first time since the draft opinion was leaked to the public. many bay area elected officials are showing support for abortion rights. now the alameda county
12:31 pm
board of supervisors unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming the county's commitment to reproductive rights. it's also supporting governor newsom's proposal to amend the state constitution to permanently protect abortion rights for the people of california. now at 71 elected officials in santa clara county sent a letter to governor newsom supporting that effort. it reads in part, quote the draft supreme court decision overturning roe would tell the women of america that they are not legally entitled to control their own bodies. that is not the case in california. and we stand with you. as you make that very clear to women across our nation. health officials across our state are urging people to take more precautions as covid cases begin to rise again. the state of california is inching closer to a milestone of 90,000 people who have died of covid. the daily new case rate is up about 150% from just a month ago . experts are now encouraging people to resume indoor masking and other precautions. meantime stanford university is reporting the highest number of covid cases since it's spring semester
12:32 pm
began in march. the stand for daily reporting a one week increase of 56% among students 9% among employees rallies taking place at san jose state university to demand more protection for students against sexual assault. the rallies taking place in response to a former director of sports medicine being arrested and charged with sexually assaulting student athletes. nearly two dozen students have come forward to report assaults against scott shaw over several years. students are demanding san jose state fill at least four title line staff positions to ensure the safety of students on campus. we as students against sexual assault, believe that our students are 36,000 students deserve a staff that is on campus to be receptive to the students, so students know who they're reporting to. they know how to report and they trust that the title nine office will be responsive and supportive of them. the protesters are also
12:33 pm
they want the university to remove any administrator who is complicit in the case involving scott shaw. san jose state has not yet commented on the protesters demands. the san jose city council passed an ordinance that bans the possession of ghost guns, city leaders say getting the kits the kit, guns off the streets will reduce deadly shootings. but as ktvu jesse gary reports, some experts say more needs to be done to address gun violence. i think it's important for every city step forward. we're seeing rising done crime in every city . accardo points to the recent arrest of matt fruit and bloom. police investigators say the 24 year old son, evil man was selling stolen property but also had a cache of so called ghost guns and parts to assemble ghost guns. these ghost guns have become the fodder for criminal organizations, particularly gun trafficking rings. there's no serial number on any of these guns, resources. the new ordinance makes it illegal to
12:34 pm
own half assemble or distribute guns without serial numbers, commonly called ghost guns. in california. nearly 30% of weapons seized by the tf, our ghost guns and then san jose. detectives say, approximately one quarter of the 963 firearms taken by police officers in 2021 did not have serial numbers during the holiday just this past week received a large majority of ghost guns as well. and there are all seized from people who are prohibited persons. who are most likely going to commit additional crimes. experts say. misdemeanor law such as this attack the symptoms, but not the cause of gun violence. this is really an area that there's a lot of focus on here because it's novel, but not because it's a huge threat that other types of stolen weapons are. i don't think it will make much of a dent dent in the crime rate. the mayor believes any dent coupled with a concerted effort. to attack, a mainstay of street crime will break the pattern of gun violence. this is just one more tool in the toolbox measure
12:35 pm
passed unanimously tender. nothing will be a second reading may 17th and then the law goes into effect next month, but the city says enforcement won't begin for another six months to give people a chance to turn into ghost guns. or the kids to make ghost guns outside san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news nationwide shortage of baby formula some others are stepping in to help make sure babies get the critical nutrition they need. ktvu as lamonica peters reports on the growing number of women who want to donate their breast milk. so in this freezer is milk that we received from mom's donating milk isn't a simple process. jonathan bautista is the executive director of mothers milk bank in san jose. he says. all donations are screened and donators have to take an infectious disease test before the milk is accepted and processed, so we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand for
12:36 pm
milk. compared to the same time last year. and we're seeing it across the board from hospitals and patients, and we really can't point the finger to formula shortages because we're we don't get that information when the requests are made. last week, data assembly reported that 40 to 50% of major formula brands were sold out in 26 states. and say supply chain issues are likely to blame major retailers like wal mart and target also starting to limit the number of baby formula products bought in one purchase. my wish is to raise the awareness of milk donation to the same level as blood donation . and when we raise that awareness, it gives us the ability to have the inventory to meet the increasing demand that we're seeing as the mother of a two year old daughter, crystal, walsh says it's been on her heart to donate milk since her baby was born. remember bringing home you know, my baby after you
12:37 pm
know, giving birth, and, um i was sitting in the rocking chair, feeding her and, um, i just kept thinking to myself, you know, all the other moms out there who can't breastfeed their kids or don't have the formula. welsh sent out this tweet announcing she's willing to donate her breast milk to any mom in need. she says she cleared it with her doctor and will clear it with anyone else's doctor when requested. walsh has not donated to a milk bank yet, but she wants to send struggling . mom's a clear message. don't be afraid to ask for help. um, i mean, this is your baby's well being to says that anyone can make a milk request. and anyone can donate as long as they pass the screening if you'd like more information on mother's milk bank, you can go to ktvu .com and click the link for this story. lamonica peter's reporting nurses with seton medical center, recalling out leaders at the daily city hospital after teak, two key units were closed. nurses
12:38 pm
rallied outside the hospital this morning in front of missing posters of top administrators, who they say are doing their part to protect patients and nurses. the rnc. the two units that were closed over the past three months provided important services to vulnerable elderly patients, patients and families within this community depend on seating for their care. we provide given some do not drive and rely on public transportation to the hospital. abruptly transferring patients over 20 minutes away from this area has created obstacles for families to be able to visit as well as the adjustment for the patients to their new environment. nurses also say satan has an address persistent patient safety issues, adding the hospitals failure led to more than 65 nurses leaving in the past two years after a one day strike last month, hospital officials said they had already hired new staff. a national criminal justice advocacy group wants the justice department to release incarcerated women who were sexually abused by staff at a federal prison in dublin. families against mandatory minimums is asking for
12:39 pm
compassionate release for those who have been victimized at the federal prison. this follows reports from ktvu that revealed a toxic culture one that allowed sexual abuse of inmates to continue for years. dozens of employees and, uh, the focus of investigations. prison officials have said they won't tolerate misconduct. oh he saw some wild spring weather in the north bay yesterday in glen ellyn officials say lightning hit a large tree, a large fir tree, in fact, causing it to catch fire. the homeowner says he saw flash lightning than her thunder. and then he saw smoke. went in front of my garage and looked up on the hill and there was smoke coming out of the tree, and that's when i called 91 1 homeowner says he is grateful moisture on the ground kept the flames from spring. check this out. hill was seen in parts of marin sonoma and napa counties. our viewers sent us these videos . you can see the piece size
12:40 pm
hill coming down, even leaving a white blanket of hill resembling snow around their yard locations range from santa rosa to the author. well, new at noon, a museum dedicated to san francisco's hero. first responders has reopened. london breed police chief bill scott, fire chief janine nicholson and sheriff paul miyamoto attended the museum's reopening this morning. the first responders museum and learning center originally opened 54 years ago as the san francisco fire department pioneer memorial museum now has a collection of artifacts related to the history and heritage of all of the city's first responders. i also believe that this experience this first responders museum highlights the fact that all of us involved in public safety work collectively and together and keeping the community safe, and it speaks to the fact that we have grown from in a fire station, having a museum dedicated to not just fire but to all of us involved in public
12:41 pm
safety. the first responders museum and learning center is on presidio avenue between pile and bush. it's open to the public thursday through sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. still to come at noon , one win away from the nba western conference finals. the preparations underway for tonight's warriors game against the grizzlies. fans can watch the game at a watch party tonight at chase center. at a barrier. whether yesterday's unsettled pattern is moving out of town. we have more sunshine. today temperatures there'll be warming up by the weekend. we'll
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verw jones still down by more than 260 points right now, almost a full percentage down s and p down by almost 1.5 nasdaq, still the worst off down by three full percentage points. well the warriors play the grizzlies tonight, and if the dubs defeat memphis, they will advance to the nba western conference finals. golden state lead the series 32 what three games to one and only need one more victory. today's game in memphis starts at 6 30 our time both teams won't have key members of their team, though what we use assistant coach mike brown will again step in for head coach steve kerr, who is still recovering from covid-19, or the warriors will once again host a watch party at chase center. ktvu roberta gonzalez is live with what fans can expect when they attend tonight's big party, roberta. hi there we are outside of chase center that is the home
12:45 pm
of the six time world champions . golden state warriors now. did you see that right there? how cool. is that? see that big screen? that screen is 74 ft wide. it stands 42 ft. tall and that is the screen that will be hosting tonight's watch party right here. this is thriving city and thrive. city is the home of the golden state warrior fans. and about 3000 people we expect even more are going to come through these gates between four and five o'clock this evening, and once they arrive, we have lots of restaurants. we have fun activity games for the kids. there's face painting. there's basketball hoop shooting . and guess what we already even have a few fans arriving a little early. meet dana. we have wills and sierra. hi there. hi are you from i live here in northern california. we're from
12:46 pm
michigan. michigan what are you doing here at thrive city, so we flew in from mother's day, and now we're going to the game and we're going to come here and watch the after party. so you're going to the giants game? then you come in here for the big watch party. basketball big sports day for you. yes, it is a warriors fan, huge warriors fan ever since i could dribble seriously. and how long is that? that's been 23 years. so who's your favorite player, steph curry, and so the series can be wrapped up ton onto the western conference finals. they will play either phoenix suns or dallas mavericks. how do you call it? i'm saying that they're going to win tonight and then they're gonna they're gonna win 32 against the phoenix suns in the next round calling west coast against arizona. yes what do you think, sarah? i think the same thing. yeah and how do you feel with his mother's day? surprise oh, my gosh. i love it so much, and my opinion varies
12:47 pm
differently from his. it doesn't matter, though, because the warriors will win in the end. there you go. and if you're coming on out here to the watch party i don't know if you guys are all aware of this, but you could bring just about anything you want. people have been asking about that. can you come through these gates here? can you bring food? yes can you bring chairs? yes. can you bring blankets? what would that be? yes the only thing you can bring its alcohol and by the way on the other side of this arena here is another giant screen. so we welcome everyone on out here . the gates officially open about four or 54 or five o'clock tonight, but look, people are already coming, and it's going to be a watch party here at thrive city. outside the chase center roberta your home because you've got your name on that massive screen out there that everyone's going to be watching the game. all that's awesome. glad you're able to do that. that is cool. thanks very appreciated love the energy also like the sunshine because boy looks great out there early during mornings until we were shivering as we were coming in. but now marked my year outside as well. that good son is on
12:48 pm
your shoulders. yeah that's right. great weather for a watch party in san francisco later on today, so that called unsettled weather patterns kind of moving out out of town. it is still chilly start the morning hours, but temperatures recovered nicely into the afternoon. and by this evening, it'll be nice. but as you would expect, temperatures are cooling off satellite and radar. remember yesterday we were talking about some thunderstorms especially focused up in the north bay and also some serious snowfall. that activity is the kind of moved on out to the east. and right now we have mostly sunny skies there. just a few high clouds paints a visit right now. for this afternoon. now it's that time of year. the winds do pick up in the breeze will definitely settle in the winds will probably accelerate over the next few hours right now. sfo gusting to right around 30 miles an hour. current temperature is out there for the 12 o'clock hour. you can see lots of sixties so mild afternoon after that chili start this morning, a few neighborhoods starting out to the morning hours in the thirties, but looking pretty good this afternoon. this camera
12:49 pm
is also looking pretty good looking out toward the open estuary here towards san francisco, with lots of blue sky up above not much in the way of fog. probably the change. will be tomorrow. the next change weather change and that will be in the form of just a few extra clouds, especially for the north bay by tomorrow morning. that cold pool of air this has kind of been settling in over the past couple of days. this is a moving on out of town. this area of high pressure wants to build in. so this will be the source of a warming trend, which begins today. not much change for tomorrow, but the temperatures will be warming up as we head towards the weekend and here is a weak front is going to fall apart over northern california. maybe some rain showers up to our north up along the north coast. but for us just a few clouds of cold start tomorrow morning with partly sunny skies . here's the forecast model picking up on the sunshine this afternoon. here we are wednesday afternoon and then into your thursday looks like a few clouds rolling into the bay area. you can see some rain showers up to our north, but not here. so we
12:50 pm
do not have any arrange chance for your thursday, just expecting a few close to drift in from the from the north and spreading to the south, highest for this afternoon, ranging from the fifties coast side sixties and the warmest occasions will be right around 70 degrees later on today, so a bit of a warm up today, little change for your thursday and then you will definitely notice that warming trend by friday. by saturday. warmest occasions will be approaching the mid maybe the upper eighties. and then we're cool things off as we head towards the weekend, so some exciting weather yesterday that's moving on out of town. we have some warming temperatures good forecast this week. mark thank you. alameda counties plan to provide stable housing for every homeless person in the county will cost $2.5 billion, according to the home together 2026 community plan yesterday, elevator county supervisors approved the plan, which details exactly what would be needed to make sure everyone in alameda county is housed. the report doesn't directly call for the county to build new housing. but it says 24,000 new housing units would need to be created before
12:51 pm
the end of 2026, the city of alameda may soon have a guaranteed basic income program next year, it would provide people who qualify a monthly cash payment that can be used for anything they choose. the alameda city council will be deciding next week whether to fund the pilot program with $4.6 million in federal funding similar pilot programs have launched in oakland, san francisco, and stockton's well still to come this new and more americans are heading back to live performances what music lovers can expect this summer after many performances were postponed during the pandemic.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
12:54 pm
havo flights here in the united states. this comes as there are lower numbers of covid cases across the eu. european airlines
12:55 pm
are already announced they'd stop enforcing the mask mandate. here at home or in county is banning single use plastic for take out food. the board of supervisors voted to ban everything from to go containers and utensils. two straws starting in november of next year, businesses will have to use compostable containers, wrappers and straws. similar bands already in place in some bay area cities, officials with santa clara county working to help keep their voters informed ahead of upcoming elections today, the registrar of voters held an event to provide information on redistricting, how to cast a ballot and vote center and to explain the measures that are being taken to ensure safe, secure and accessible elections. one of the accessibility features described where the holes in ballot envelopes which can help me virtually or visually, rather appeared. voters are able to feel where the holes are running envelope and they can tell where the line is. this is the beginning of the line. the second hole marked the end of the line to voters who are visually impaired. do not need any assistance to sign their
12:56 pm
envelope and return that to us vote center was also set up to demonstrate equipment that will be used across the country. early voting is already underway and vote centers will be open may 28th through june 7th. including on memorial day. one breast cancer survivors using her own experiences and fashion skills to help make the lives of women battling the disease better. marianne rafferty gives us a look at the new inclusive company. we can show the world what cancer really looks like dana donna free is a breast cancer survivor. i had a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction on both sides, but after the fashion designer underwent her surgeries back in 2010, she wasn't thrilled with the selection of specialty bras available to her and other breast cancer patients . the market was incredibly limiting. um, i would explain it as being matron, utilitarian, uh , very basic with the one size fits all approach. donna free launched her own company on ono and 2014. creating flattering
12:57 pm
and functional bras compatible for women in various stages of breast cancer treat it comes to donna freeze designs, it's all in the details. you need something that's easy to get in and out of, so this is why we have the front hook closure, no elastic up against the skin. it also has a high neckline feature so it can mimic and hide any of our it can actually mask and hide any of the scars. according to the cdc. breast cancer is the most common cancer in women with more than 250,000 diagnosed every year in the us and whether it's in fashion shows or catalogs. donna freeze company is all about representing them. all of our models online have undergone a breast surgery or been diagnosed with breast cancer diagnosis. some preventative some stage four. oh, no is available at several online retailers, including soma and nordstrom. it's also coming soon to target .com. as for donna free, she's eyeing a
12:58 pm
collection of swimwear. next marianne rafferty, fox news. the nfl will release the regular season schedules of every team tomorrow. the niners already know they're playing the arizona cardinals in mexico city in november, and we'll learn the rest of the schedule for their games tomorrow night. games to watch this season include two against the super bowl champion los angeles rams, along with home games against tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers and patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs. the niners will also travel to las vegas, where they will face the raiders. the silicon valley home. we're facebook turned from a small college startup into a growing company is for sale. the home is endless. cotto's has six bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms it was once rented by 19 year old mark zuckerberg. dustin moskovitz and sean parker, who co founded facebook. the home features personalized sound walls and expansive backyard and gazebo. the list price, andre 5.3 million. but of course it will go for much more than more than that. here. probably go for a
12:59 pm
couple of million more. who knows? alright well, more americans are heading out to sea live performances again. concert ticket resale website stubhub released its annual summer tour preview. it says there will be twice a number of concerts this year than there were in 2019. step up, says there are more contracts this year because so many tours were postponed over the last two years. yes this summer is certainly jam packed, and there was just an abundance of tours. so really what we're seeing. it is kind of the emergence of the live events industry on the concert side really coming together, and all of us are going to concerts these days. if you ask me, there's very few people that don't seem to be wanting to go. check this out. step house. most in demand act of the summer features eighties rockers motley crue def leppard, joan jett and poisoned the old take the stage and oracle park in san francisco in september. who would have thought? you know you'd have your tight i shirts, bubble gum , neon lights, all 80 stuff sprays, gummy bracelets. what else did we do back then? that
1:00 pm
we now regret to talk about it. let's see how old i am a google search for those images exactly so much for joining us today. our news is always on ktvu .com. and the ktvu news app. >> oh, let's dish. this is our ultimate grilled cheese perfection show. crunchy, cheesy, gooey. everything we need in a sandwich. and! french toast. grilled cheese. in a lemon, raspberry, thyme jam. what!. >> plus, chef marcus samuelsson is cooking up a to die for fresh herb salmon. >> delicious. that's next. dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television,ut


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