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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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quickly. spreads within minutes , burning at least 20 hillside homes in orange county we saw today is not something we're used to seeing this time of year or even during these types of conditions. authorities say the coastal fire has burned more than 200 acres, with flames tearing right through multi million dollar homes. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener with a fire broke out just before three o'clock this afternoon near the laguna ridge trail southeast of laguna beach . right now, laguna niguel is under a state of emergency at this hour that the fire was reported. at just one acre, officials say strong winds quickly fanned the flames up the canyon toward homes in the hillside of the neighborhood. carrot coronado point tonight, authorities say as many as 20
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homes have been lost, but an exact number still is not known . photojournalist on the ground with our sister station stood alongside fire crews as they battled those intense flames. we have this structure here completely burned out. right next door to it. have another vehicle that's just completely burned out. i believe some of the well, i think we'll be here. we have a structure that's coming down right behind me. and you could just see. look at that. look at this. from here. you could you could feel the heat. at a briefing tonight, the chief of the orange county fire authorities at the dry conditions played a major role. the big difference is the vegetation. in our canyons here in southern california throughout the west is so dry that it is not taking much for that vegetation. you know that the few moisture is so low that there's fires are taking off and running off. and at one point mandatory evacuation orders were ordered for about 100 homes in
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that area of laguna niguel. and just a short time ago in our own newsroom, i spoke to count fires deputy chief jonathan cox to get his take on what he saw down south. you know, jonathan, this wasn't even an offshore wind event. i mean, what stood out for you regarding this fire? yes so i think the thing that really concerns us today is just the fact that you know we're not even in the peak of fire season yet, and we saw a wind driven fire go from a very small acreage to a very large acreage in a very short amount of time. and unfortunately, um, destroying structures in its path. what's the chatter among you guys at cal fire, but we should expect here. in the bay area in the coming months. the rest of the with what we're concerned about statewide with cal fire at the moment is really we have a underlying drought that some are saying is, you know the worst and over 1200 years and when you put that, on top of the fact that we have very dry vegetation on the ground, we have an outlook of potentially some hot heat waves this summer and some potential
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monsoonal moisture later in the year. you know, our fear is, you know we are not even in the first inning of fire season in california, and we're already starting to see fires go from very small events to destructive incidents, so it's a cause for alarm for us. what about the staffing? you guys skaff like you've never been staffed before we're gonna hit peak fire staffing even in the bay area before the end of the month, with all of our apparatus staffed or aircraft or helicopters all up and running. right? chief meteorologist bill martin with us now and bill, what are the conditions like tonight down there in orange county? well, that's the sort of the conundrum here, mike, you know that the winds were not helpful at all. the winds were strong and gusty, but they were westerly, which is not your traditional fire direction. they weren't down sloping diablo winds or santa ana winds. they were onshore winds. humidity right now and during the fire was in the 60% range are 55 to 60% range. as you look at pictures here of the fire zone,
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and we've got temperatures that were in the low sixties. and humidity is like i say that we're well up into the 60 percentile range so very unusual situation for a fire to start like, like the gentleman was just talking about and what we're what we're really looking. the underlying theme here is drought because that hillside was laden with low fuel moisture plants. low fuel moisture comes from not enough rain, not enough moisture. and so if you know that area if you looked at it all as you look at the live pictures. um if you can picture that area if you have been there, it's a it's a it's a chimney coming up from the road. it just funneled into that area. all along. drug pusher weren't any houses on that hillside because it was so steep, but once it got to the top of that ridge line, which is kind of where the flames are, where we're looking now it exploded on those houses right on the ridge line, and winds there were gusting to 35 miles an hour. beyond that we weren't seeing lots of spot fires, which is good news because the flames were the wind. the strongest one
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was right on that ridge line. it wasn't out beyond like in a diablo win. event or a santa ana wind event. so very scary situation and yeah, all about topography the way that terrain was set up the way that it funneled. and then you've got this drought that just keeps going on and on and creates these dry conditions that no one is used to many people. most people have never seen that scene it like that. this in the state of california, so winds are favorable temperatures are low humidities are very high winds have dropped off quite a bit. they should be getting a handle on these fires as we go into the evening hours with better conditions. all right, bill. thank you, and we do have continuing coverage of the destructive fire coming up in just 10 minutes a live report from laguna niguel with the latest on that firefight. thousands of warriors fans packed into thrives city tonight to watch their team play the memphis grizzlies on the road, but it was a disappointing night for dub nation after monday's
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nail biter come from behind victory. the warriors never got on a roll tonight they dropped this one to the grizzlies won 34 to 95 joe fonzi with us right now and not good. joe didn't look good going to have to come back. i think on friday that final score is actually better for the warriors than it was. at times tonight, teams often demonstrated entirely different personalities from game to game in the playoffs and the warriors better make sure that that's exactly what they do. on friday night, mike brown the lead guy on the bench again tonight for golden state with steve kerr still and covid protocol, the grizzlies in survival mode late in the first quarter, the warriors are down four but cut it to a point when clay thompson hits the three, but the grizzlies, then reeled off nine straight. to lead by 10 after one got worse for the warriors in the second quarter, memphis hitting inside and out desmond bane to the hoop, plus the foul, the warriors turned the ball over 22 times in the game, and the grizzly took a 27 point lead to the locker room, making a statement about their character . it was over midway through the third quarter. everything
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falling. so of course, this deep three goes for gerald jackson. jackson had 21 points. the warriors at one point were down 55 so there was absolutely no need to risk injury to the guys will be so important. on friday night back home, 1 34 95. the final warriors still lead the series three games to two. mike brown will not linger on memories. of this game. i like when you're in the bathroom. you just kind of grabbed a switch and push it down and it just goes right down the toilet. it's kind of how we're gonna do this one, you know, obviously we're gonna watch the film and try to learn and grow from it. but at the end of the day. like i said, our guys, they understood what happened out there. uh so there's no need to overreact, bill. we'll come out. we'll play better friday in front of our home crowd and see if we can get this win to close out. no one said it would be easy. tonight was a gut check for the grizzlies. the warriors will get their turn to share what they're
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made of on friday when they're back home again trying to wrap up the series. hometown crowd can rally them up. we don't know yet when steve kerr is coming back if you're mike brown, what do you say to your team to try to fire him up to get the job done? i think you say what he said tonight. ah we're going to take that one and we're going to just forget about it because that's not typical of their personality. and i think if you take any solace in the fact that playoff games typically demonstrate entirely different personalities from game to game and the real warriors better show up on friday night, nothing like being in your home building as well. exactly nice. alright. appreciate it. thank you. about what? your fans turned out for a watch party tonight outside the chase center in san francisco. ktvu is jana katsuyama was there and janet great pregame great crowd. just not the final score. we were looking for. oh you know, mike. it was a big disappointment for so many of the fans who came out here. it was cold. here. they came with blankets. they came with hats that came with gloves. not something you'd expect in may,
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but they were really fired up inside. a little bit disappointing, but you know, it was really impressive, and it wasn't just what happened on the screen. it was really what happened on the sidelines that i think was the most interesting and i think what meant the most to the families, fans came in all their colors wednesday. streaming into the plaza outside san francisco's chase center to watch nba playoff drama play out on a 74 ft wide screen. no fair weather fans here that thousands of people who came to this watch party cheered on the team even as temperatures and the warriors scoring took a dive, not cold. but gold blooded before the game. true blue fans waited hours to be the first to line up for the free watch party to all the watch parties, so i always have, like three hours before so i could be the first in line to go to the games with my dad and my brother back when tickets
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were probably like $10 or something, so i've been a fan for my whole life. all i want for my birthday is a warriors win. franco fin, the warriors, official hype man and all kinds of entertainers got the crowd going. breaking out moves with the little dancing and shooting hoops. there was also the warriors official dj pushing to get to the finals and get their trophy and bring it back. so you know, it's just a it's a beautiful thing to see all these people gathering and what made this event so special for many people, the family friendly field even for the youngest fans, the warriors had a special kids area with a balloon artists and fancy face painting in blue and gold colors. i'm really excited because i've never like i haven't been in a warriors game in the wild kids dreaming of becoming the next step. curry also got a chance to test their skills free throw practice. at a free event, many families who might not be able to afford game tickets a chance to still feel the thrill of being part of the
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nation to get community together . we've been cooped up for two years now. right, so it's nice to see everyone come out for the warriors. and it always amazes me how you had people from just down the block all the way to galileo who came here together a lot of really good camaraderie and you know, they have a couple of days to get those jerseys and everything. put him under the wash. put him back on, and they're really hoping that the next game as a very, very different outcome. i'm with him on that table fly home. the crowd will be waiting and ready to roll on friday night as they look to get that big fourth victory in this series. alright, janet. thank you. true workplace democracy requires taking everyone into the battlefields and really showing that we're fighting for all workers. the first starbucks stores in california vote to unionize. our college students led the charge to make history also ahead at teachers rally in the east bay their demands for the district after working nearly a year without a contract and a bill to
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codify abortion rights fails in the senate, but governor gavin newsom is doubling down on increasing access right here in california. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because every green thumb, 5k, and all-day dance party starts the night before. the 360 smart bed senses your movement and automatically
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adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night. and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. during our memorial day sale, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. only for a limited time. to learn more, go to thiw contract. what do we want? we
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want it. dozens of teachers, parents and community members circled right outside district offices while the school board met inside. the teachers union says it's been working more than 300 days without a contract. the main points include pay raises and benefits, as well as smaller class sizes and more staffing. the district needs to know that a first year teacher cannot even afford an apartment and fremont , which is just a travesty. we know that teachers need to be part of the community in which they live. and invest that time in their students and their families and their school. a district public information officer declined to speak about the ongoing negotiations. but on the district's website, though, there is a statement that reads . in part, the district remains committed to reaching an agreement with our labor partners that reflects and respects the expertise and dedication of our staff. workers at two starbucks locations in santa cruz made history today by
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voting to unionize. they became the first starbucks stores in california to do so. ktvu is lamonica peters joins us now live in santa cruz with reaction from one of the union's organizers and their supporters. lamonica. starbucks workers here saying wages, security issues and a lack of support from upper management are just a few of the reasons they decided to unionize about six months ago. guys. it's happening all over the country workers at major companies like amazon and starbucks are forming unions fighting for rights, they say are beneficial for all working class people. joe thompson is a shift supervisor for starbucks in santa cruz and a union organizer. we're showing that only can college students and young people organize their workplaces, but we're showing that true workplace democracy requires taking everyone into the battlefields in relation that we're fighting for all workers. the starbucks locations on mission and ocean streets will now join starbucks workers
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united, the national union for starbucks workers, the group's tweeted this message today celebrating the first starbucks in california to unionize even though starbucks has broken the law and the national labor relations board had said so. by threatening workers. uh the workers are still winning. um they're not afraid of this giant corporation. starbucks says it's stronger without unions. last week, it announced it would increase wages and u. s stores, increased training time and launch a new app for employees and i feel like using ionizing will give them a lot more options. on choosing their hours and you know, negotiating their wages and just other benefits that they might need. thompson says. 19 stores have already filed for union elections across the state and s b w you is being guided by other major labor unions. now supporters say this is the first step in making
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things better for starbucks workers. entire life is work. that's what our life is based around, so being able to dictate how it's affecting us and telling the people the problems with with the work because it's changeable, um but that's needed. thompson says that being able to negotiate a contract will be a game changer for workers here in santa cruz. he also says that over 230 starbucks stores across 33 straights are trying to form a union. julie lamonica. peter is in santa cruz tonight. lamonica thank you. the surge in prices for many everyday items has eased just a bit. the april inflation rates showed year over year it's at 8.3. that's just slightly lower than the 40 year historic high. in march, the labor department reported this april compared to last april. food costs were 9.4% higher.
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president biden again laid part of the blame for the rising prices on the war in ukraine, on wall street and early rally faded as investors took a look at the inflation numbers. the dow fell 326 points today. nasdaq dropped 373 more than 3% as tech stocks fell and the s and p lost 65 u. s. crude oil rose 6% today and shares in energy companies were also higher back now to the wildfire down south in orange county. it's acres and at least 20 homes. reportere that fire is burning. cocoa paint the picture tonight for us where the firefighters in this battle against the coastal fire good evening. so we are hearing that the coastal fire right now is 0% contained as you mentioned at least 200 acres have burned so far, and they also believe that 20 homes at least 20 homes have been impacted. we are in a
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neighborhood in orange county in laguna niguel, and you're taking a look at the devastating impacts of the coastal fire. what you're seeing right now is a gas line that is burning and fire crews tell us they're waiting for a gas company to come. to contain this area. and as we continue walking here, you can just see crews working extremely hard trying to salvage what they can from these homes that have been devastated by this fire. now, this neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods that has been evacuated from the coastal fire. and authorities tell us that they've had a lot of challenges throughout the evening as they've been fighting the flames . one of the biggest challenges is the fact that it was extremely windy for a number of hours earlier today, and they say, because of that. embers were flying, and therefore a number of these homes have now been destroyed by this fire. you can see that fire crews are working on a number of homes,
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but they're also work waiting for more rigs to come so that they continue. to fight these flames here and get some of these hotspots out. but we know the only good news that i can report to you right now is the fact that fire officials say there are no injuries to residents or firefighters at this time, but they plan to be out here throughout the majority of the night to continue fighting these fires, and of course you think about all the families that are going to be coming back here in the next couple of days and seeing their homes destroyed. back to you real quick. i mean, how did residents or even firefighters describe what they saw 34 o'clock this afternoon when this one just took off running right up that canyon. yes so people describe what they describe as a nightmare scene out here, the flames were going out a number of different homes and one of the fire officials tell us that another issue was the fact that some of these homes had things like ammunition inside of them. so as you were seeing homes with
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flames. you are also hearing those popping noises from ammunition. and also, as we've been standing out here, we've been hearing a number of crashing noises, and that's because what you can see. right now. some of these homes have crumbled even as they're not on fire because of all the damage that's been sustained, so this is really just a devastating and alarming scene for residents and fire officials. fire officials in for fight tonight coco mcevoy live for us tonight in orange county. be safe and thank you, coco. already yeah, the fire conditions out there. the winds have died down significantly earlier this evening when the fire started, the winds were gusting up to 25 35 miles an hour. the winds have died down generator below 10 miles an hour. it's still a westerly wind, so it's high humidity 60. temperatures are in the fifties . so for firefighters, it's a completely different set of metrics that they're dealing with this evening than they were this afternoon. when that thing spread and like, mike said, it's
10:22 pm
a steep canyon, and that's the thing to take away. this is a terrain event for sure, as well as a drought event. in that it's not. this isn't a red flag warning situation. this is about the terrain, which was vertical. right up from that with that pump house was where the fire is supposedly started. and right up into their if i wish i had a good satellite image of it for you, but it's steep. it's there's no houses in there. it was just a straight run up to the ridge line where the houses were, and so that's what we saw. we can take and that's and that's where we are right. that front line of houses that's probably where all most of the 20 houses were lost. you can see the temperatures and the humidity is 54 degrees in the near area. 68% humidity 74% humidity, said 57% and winds are really dying down again. they'll get a handle on this tonight. this wasn't a red flag warning, but it really does underscore the idea that we are in a drought. we're seeing things that you don't typically see, like everyone has said about this fire. you know, there's fuel moistures incredibly low for middle of may late may very
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, very low, especially in that zone, where they have fog and coastal breezes. right on the coast. we come back. we'll have our forecast and the five day forecast which does include a warmup sounds good. all right, bill, thank you still to come here and effort to expand abortion access in california governor newsom says he wants to spend more than $50 million on reproductive health care. also san francisco city leaders hosted discussion on homelessness coming up new a 10 30 the tough questions they face rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children.
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rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff. kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california... man: for all of us. we gotta see this selection for ourselves. kiyoko: make a better california... tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable!
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clear that a priority for all who care about this issue. priority should be to elect pro choice leaders at the local state and the federal level. however observers say abortion isn't likely to take center stage this fall when it comes to politics. i don't think it will be a bigger issue than inflation and the economy. however i think this is sort of a big, important side dish to a lot of voters. but i still think the you know the main dish is going to be. how are people feeling in their pocketbook? missile follows the leak of the draft opinion showing that the u. s. supreme court appears poised to overturn roe versus wade. sometime this summer, governor newsom announced a proposal to invest tens of millions of dollars to protect abortion rights right here in california and expand access to abortions. ktvu magus in studio with us now with more on the proposal and what it could mean for abortion providers, emma a big part of today's proposal includes $40
10:27 pm
million to better compensate abortion providers who perform abortions at low or no cost to patients. i think governor gavin newsom gave californians a preview wednesday of his forthcoming budget proposal seeking major increases to investments for access to abortion care proposal includes $40 million in grants for abortion providers to compensate them for providing low or no cost abortions. that's critical funding for the more than 100 planned parenthood's across california. seeing that investment was really great because it was a recognition of the work that our health centers do every day. um, and that investments going to allow that type of character continue for years also sets aside money for a state run reproductive care website. it's a resource that naral pro choice california and abortion rights advocacy organizations that's headquartered in san francisco has been pushing for and that is a one stop shop website so that people can access comprehensive
10:28 pm
information about where to access abortion care how to get financial assistance for that, how to get logistical support. i really to ensure that that it's all self contained right that people are not falling subject to misinformation. disinformation east bay assembly member rebecca bauer kahan is on the legislative women's caucus, which has championed for this additional funding. what you're seeing is a real commitment from the governor to put significant funds behind the ability to access reproductive healthcare and abortion and you'll see the same from the legislature. the next step is for newsome and the legislature to negotiate and then pass the budget by mid june , well timed for the united states supreme court's decision on roe v. wade to come out. anti abortion advocates have opposed these proposals in california, but blocking them will be difficult. reporting in studio emma goss, ktvu fox two news been up a debate over police stops in san francisco tonight's discussion that could change when and if officers can pull people over for minor
10:29 pm
infractions, plus homelessness, crime and blight how san francisco city leaders addressed some of the biggest issues. facing specifically the mission district. later in sports. more reaction from the warriors blowout lost tonight for the grizzlies play. thompson shares his thoughts on what went wrong. but first nearly a billion dollars for victims of the surfside condo collapsed details on the massive settlement coming up later tonight. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing.
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somt from residents in san francisco's mission district as that area contends, with spiking crime and widespread homelessness. ktvu zach sauce has more now on how the city says it plans to help zack. the problem is, we don't have enough shelter space. francisco city supervisor hillary ronen leading
10:32 pm
a public discussion with city leaders wednesday, tackling several hot button issues in the mission. ronan says the district needs new, temporary shelter beds to address homelessness in the area, but that most of the city's resources are being diverted to long term housing and the tenderloin. the city's only immediate plan to address the issue in the district. 35 new beds at a shelter on ben ness avenue, expanding shelter parallel strategy to expanding housing resources. we are more past strapped on the shorter side. still some in the audience, pointing out that neither plan fully addresses another pressing problem. the issue of mental health and drug addiction among the areas on housed there are cases where our hands are tied. around who is eligible for conservatorship or involuntary treatment. and that is still a challenge right now. property crime also on the minds
10:33 pm
of those attending supervisor ronan says she's hoping a new law she helped go author requiring street vendors to hold a city permit will help curb fencing. the sale of stolen goods in the mission, but some in the audience say they've seen measures like this before all of them failing to prevent crime. is this actually going to make a difference? reason why? i think that the federal legislation is going to work because we never confiscated anyone's good support under the law if a vendor isn't able to show proof of ownership. their goods are confiscated. and police say they're working with the d. a s office to build more effective cases against them in is the police department in my station mission station. police reports this legislation we will be out there and that new street vending law goes into effect on june 16th at that time, vendors will again be required to show proof of a permit or face further penalties. in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news, san francisco police commission discussed potential
10:34 pm
policy changes for so called pretext stops, traffic stops for minor infractions that some say disproportionately target people of color. these low level stops these pretext stops. are not making us safer. our own data shows that we uncover contraband and incredibly low rates. advocates say black people are six times more likely to be pulled over than white people in san francisco from minor infections. now the police chief says there is room for reform. but he said any new policy should not stop officers from doing their job. we have to have policies that still allow officers to do the job of protecting the public, and that balance is difficult, so there's a lot of work to be done on this policy. we do have to address disparities. this meeting is the draft measure would eliminate certain low level vehicle and bicycle stops, where there is no substantial evidence of other criminal wrongdoing. the commission could vote on a final policy in the fall. the san
10:35 pm
francisco police officers association said in a statement . officers focused on behavior when making traffic stops to enforce the vehicle code. not anything else. the reality is routine traffic stops can lead to removing illegal guns off of our streets and give given the level of gun violence our city is experiencing these traffic stops literally save lives. dublin police have seized a large amount of illegally packaged edible marijuana products. the products were packaged to resemble commercial snack food and candy. no word on any arrests in the case, but dublin police say the marketing of these packages is specific to children and poses a significant safety risk. the alameda county narcotics task force made a major bust, and sheriff greg ahern is now reacting to the million plus doses of fentanyl that were seized right near a high school as katie views henry lee reports, the sheriff says it's all about criminals risking human life. for profit. this was the meeting spot right outside my clemens high school in west oakland. on tuesday, a guy in a
10:36 pm
nissan ultima drove to myrtle street right near the campus and got into the passenger side of a toyota corolla, hoping to buy some fentanyl. the alameda county narcotics task force was watching and arrested both men and two others. coincidentally it was the first ever national fentanyl awareness stay. there is no shame, and it's all offer profit and it's causing people to die. county sheriff greg ahern says he's relieved that the task force was able to intercept the deal near the school and it's really alarming to see this, uh, amount of fentanyl coming in. which could in fact, employees in thousands and thousands of our citizens. ktvu got a close look at the seized drugs, which include £15 of fentanyl. this is called arco , adidas or rainbow in spanish because the fentanyl was died with these jars of food coloring to make it even more appealing. this yellow break is a kilo of fentanyl equivalent to a million doses. the task force also seized one kg of heroin as well as some methamphetamine, but buyer beware. authorities say drug users should never assume
10:37 pm
they're getting what they want finding that some of the organized crimes and the cartels are lacing the illicit drugs of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine with the fentanyl to make it more addicting. just two weeks ago, the same task force seized a staggering £92 of fentanyl from homes in oakland and hayward. any place is no good, but i mean, you know, it's a shame that it's in our own neighborhood here. margarito puebla lives nearby clemens high frankenstein drugs there, they don't know what the #### they're taking. you know, and i don't even see why they even take the risk of, you know, taking that chance, you know, but it goes to show you how desperate people are. these drugs will be held as evidence until the cases go through the court system. afterwards they'll be burned and destroyed. in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11 moving forward from tragedy. look at how b to started demolishing the building where a mass shooting occurred nearly one year ago. alrighty we are tracking the winds that have
10:38 pm
died down quite a bit, but it's gonna be cold overnight. warmer weather in the forecast, though we'll have the five day coming up first news from the u. s food and drug administration that could help ease the infant formula shortage. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable, and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. only for a limited time.
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in t has been reached in the deadly florida condo collapse. that settlement stands for made class action lawsuit brought by families of victims and survivors of last students. condominium collapse in surfside, florida. 98 people were killed when the 12 story chaplain towers south condominium suddenly went down. the settlement is still pending final approval. it involves insurance companies, developers of an adjacent building and other defendants. abbott is expected to resume the production of certain baby formulas following a massive recall earlier this year. that
10:41 pm
announcement by the us food and drug administration comes amid a critical shortage of baby formula. that is being compounded by supply chain disruptions. abbott issued a voluntary recall in february after complaints that four infants who consumed the formula were sickened by bacterial infections. two died. abbott says it maybe two months before the products returned to store shelves. judge says he will release former president donald trump from a contempt finding if he meets certain conditions. trump's business practices are under civil investigation by the new york state attorney general. those conditions said today by the judge include paying $110,000 in fines for failing to turn over documents in the civil investigation. it was also ordered to submit additional affidavits detailing his search for records and explain his company's document retention policies. the former president's lawyers told the new york times that they did not locate any new records in response to the subpoena. russia's war in ukraine is nearing its third
10:42 pm
month with no resolution in sight. russian troops are ramping up their attacks in eastern ukraine, trying to keep the ukrainian military from obtaining military aid. in response, ukrainian officials shut down russian natural gas exports to europe, closing a major entry point earlier today , the pentagon says the coming weeks will be critical as ukraine tries to defend major cities. our most urgent goal continues to be sending the ukrainians the capabilities they need most. right now. as a war has shifted to the donbas and to the south. meantime ukraine's top prosecutor is preparing to try the first war crimes case captured russian soldiers accused of shooting and killing an unarmed 62 year old resident back in february. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky is now scheduled to give a virtual address at stanford university later this month. the president . zelensky was on the stanford campus in september, when he spoke with students about his vision for a democratic ukraine
10:43 pm
. this time around, zelinsky will talk to students about the war. a date has not yet been announced. coming up a massive retail theft bust with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise recovered, plus. students are in the dark, and all we see is this tenure betrayal san jose state students demanding action why, they say administrators are not doing enough to address sexual assaults on campus. irwin's warmer weather on the way chief meteorologist bill martin is back after the break with that extended forecast going right into our weekend. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly.
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barg organized retail theft and conspiracy. the california highway patrol says a search of 45 year old julio queers, pittsburgh home and two storage units helped them recover $715,000 worth of stolen merchandise. the items were taken from multiple retailers, including cvs target and rite aid. san jose state university students are demanding action. they say the university has not done enough to address sexual assault on campus. as ktvu zen rubin reports, students announced the changes that they want to see during a rally on campus. on the san jose state campus. there is lingering anger that in the aftermath of the sexual assault scandal involving a trainer more hasn't been done
10:47 pm
to rebuild trust and improve procedures. students are in the dark right now. students are in the dark, and all we see is this tenure. betrayal? um tons of students coming forward and not being responded to for more than a decade, students came forward , accusing sports medicine director scott shaw of inappropriate touching. but nothing happened until the women swimming and diving coach spoke out to wasn't going to let this injustice set. and that's why i kept re reporting the matter over and over and over again and then ultimately reported it outside of campus in the fall of 2019 that lead to criminal charges, for which shaw has pled not guilty. there's also been a department of justice report. outlining changes the university needs to make and the results of a csu whistleblower investigation are set to be released next month. and i'm appalled by what happened here. we need to do better. we are going to do better. we'll do better by talking with people. san jose states. new interim
10:48 pm
president says he's not shying away from the issues. he attended a student rally, listening to their call for change. the students want more title nine staff hired plus more transparency and accountability when it comes to sexual assault, reporting what they're asking for reasonable things that we should be out front. we should be communicating. well we should be and are complying with everything the department of justice is asking us to do. students say the fact new administrators are listening is a good first step. but for us what's important is to see the action. so you can have a nice meeting with us, and you can say nice things, but until we see it , um, that trust won't be rebuilt. students say they are feeling more optimistic. they're set to meet with administrators on monday to discuss a plan of action in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. temperatures did warm a few degrees today got into the seventies and santa rosa after a day yesterday, boy that north bay got hit pretty hard with the lightning, the
10:49 pm
thunder, the hail and then, of course, snow in the mountains 71 in vallejo today, much cooler in san francisco at 59 57 pacific highest tomorrow will be very similar to what we had today. so it's going to be very similar day and then things start to warm up. you can see the trend here. cool off tuesday warmed up today stays pretty much even tomorrow and then we work our way up into friday and saturday where we drop off sunday and monday, so friday and saturday will be your warmer stage of the week and we could even see it could get up into the upper eighties low nineties on saturday. the clouds are coming in tomorrow. that's why it's not going to warm up that much so you can see the system to the north of us. it's not a rain producer, but it is a producer of clouds and the clouds will help to filter the sunshine and keep us from getting above much above 71 72 in the warmest inland valleys, so that's a good looking system again. but you know what it's going to do is going to kind of keep the wind going a little bit, and you get that low pressure keeps going by some winds will be secondly, as
10:50 pm
windy tomorrow, but still breezy day winds have died down quite a bit around here compared to where they were. earlier this evening, we had gusts out the airport. it's still 33 miles an hour on the gus at sfo, so still pretty breezy. i mean, it's been spring is breezy and windy. but this spring has been unusually, so we've had a lot of really dynamic win environments where we've seen gusty winds at the airport the other day, it was up to 50 miles an hour and consistent, you know, over the last few weeks, there's no fog at the coast sea surface temperatures are very cold, so the five when the wind starts to settle down a little bit. the fog is going to come back, probably in earnest, but not right away. the current temperatures are running a little bit warmer than they were last night at this time, 11 degrees warmer in santa rosa tenant fairfield so overnight lows tonight will be chilly, but not as cold as last night, but still with a little less wind. frost possible in the inland valleys and, you know, yada, yada yada. you know the deal, especially in the napa alibi. rincon valley garden field forest ville sebastopol. those areas, frost, probably a certainty. mid thirties upper
10:51 pm
thirties the rest of us low forties in the cold spots. these clouds move in tomorrow that keeps temperatures flatlined. so tomorrow is going to be like today. it's almost exactly with less wind. so to be maybe a degree warmer but not much. it'll be about the same as what we had today. and then high pressure builds on the weekend. mostly sunny, really nice weather temperatures on the weekend. like i say on saturday , potentially into the upper eighties, low nineties so these highs tomorrow mimic today. few clouds as well. and then the highs on friday will be noticeably warmer. the highs on saturday will be noticeably warmer from there and then we cool off on on sunday and monday. so nice looking five day forecast. be nice to get some snow or some rain. but this is not going to happen. we'll see you back here at 11. all right. we'll see them, bill. thank you. coming up in sports. it was a close out game that turned into one of the worst playoff losses in warriors. history are joe fonzi is up next to tell us how golden state was completely outmatched by the grizzlies tonight and then on the 11 o'clock news. after years of
10:52 pm
controversy, santa clara county will soon have a new sheriff. we're going to hear from three candidates hoping to take on the
10:53 pm
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get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. eveg tonight in sports history has shown us that teams rarely look the same from game to game and playoff basketball. the warriors will hope that is very much the truth as they track in on friday to close out their series with the memphis grizzlies. mike brown, the lead guy on the bench again tonight for golden state, with steve kerr, still in covid protocol, the grizzlies and survival mode. late in the first quarter. the warriors down four but cut it to a point when clay thompson hits a three, but the grizzlies then reeled off nine straight to lead by 10 after one the anthony milton part of that run as he hits at three after the pass from kyle anderson.
10:55 pm
lawyers were on the way to a 22 turnover game. it got worse in the second quarter. draymond green loses the handle the grizzlies run the floor. it's tyus jones for the three this started another grizzlies run 14 this time memphis shot 43% from three point range. and when the grizzlies weren't hitting from outside, they were scoring in the paint desmond bane to the hoop plus the foul, the grizzlies took a 27 point lead to the locker room, make a statement. about their character . it was over midway through the third quarter. everything falling. so of course, this deep three goes for jaren jackson. jackson had 21 points. the warriors at one point were down 55. so there was absolutely no need to risk injury to the guys will be so important on friday night back home. as for thompson's analysis of the game it was awful, embarrassing. um. from the opening tip. i mean, you have great flow and you know they were more aggressive than us. we all had the mindset.
10:56 pm
we're going to close it out tonight. but sometimes basketball is an exact science and we play like a shell or soon, so like i said, before, we'll watch film like necessary adjustments and you'll see a totally different effort on friday. in tonight's earlier game, the bucks in celtic squared off in boston tied at two games each boston four and trying to add on jalen brown will miss. but al horford is there for the emphatic follow, making a six point lead for the celtics. but of course it came down to the wire. jonah's auntie makopo is shooting what would be a game tying free throw with 14 seconds left? he misses, but bobby portis is there for the follow. he gets the roll. it's 1081 oh, seven. with 11 seconds left, the celtics got one last possession down three, which drew holiday steals the ball from marcus smart and the game is sealed. the bucks win their second on the road in this series. 1 10 1. oh seven. they'll try to wrap it up friday night back at home. we could go at this time, the giants were mired in a losing streak that
10:57 pm
had reached five games after this afternoon's game losing streak has been erased a throwback to the good old days at the stadium, listening to play by play. on the radio giants head of the rockies. one nothing in the fourth. joey barton drills, one up the middle of chad. cool. tiro strada comes home from second to nothing that interferes with from barters hitting 1 67. the giants got one more in the inning. and here's an adventure on a breezy day, sam hilliard. with a pop up down the left field line up alex cobb . luiz gonzalez goes into a slide and makes the catch more impressive on the replay when you see that that was a fair ball turns the appreciation of the picture, giants added on the bottom of the inning, brandon crawford with two outs and a runner on finds the arcade with his third homer of the year. giants in front five. nothing they go on to win 7 to 1 carbon four relievers limiting the rockies to just four hits as the giant sweep the series and when their fifth overall the eight
10:58 pm
still in detroit today and trying to win two in a row for the first time since april. 18th and 19th. this is the third game of what will be five in detroit . he's got it going right away, shawn murphy in the first reaches out loops of joey went pitch into no man's land in center chad pinder trots home from third and it's one nothing . this was the major league debut for went he showed a little nimbleness around the mound when he grabbed this ball hit back up the middle by ramon laureano. that's how wentz got out of the first, but the a's kept pecking away. then, in the third, kevin smith found the gap in left center off wins. that's a two run double once was gone after two and two thirds have been given up six runs on seven hits, adding on throughout the game, winning by a final of nine. nothing to more games to go in this series. check this out time on a wednesday night. we take you back to the celtics bucks game in boston. former celtic taco fall had a pretty good seat. problem is fall is
10:59 pm
seven ft. six inches tall. don't be behind that could make like tough on the person sitting directly behind him. that person wants to see the game so the stadium crew had a solution. request one. you get a booster seat booster seat. very nice couple booster seats to see over him. so that worked out and last night we had a no hitter. today we had a cycle in the major leagues. brewers in cincinnati, christian yelich had already had a double when he hit that home run in the third. then he had a single and so now he's in the ninth going for a triple its down the right field line. you know he's going for the whole thing. he's gonna get his cycle. that was part of a big inning for the brewers. but interestingly enough, they actually lost the game in a big game. but what what he did is that's his third career cycle, and they have all been against the reds. he likes playing the race like playing the reds, and he's the only six only the six person in major league history to have three career cycles against the reds. the reds better watch out for better watch out for christian yelich. alright, joe. thank you next at
11:00 pm
11. we continue to talk about a fire year. this is another prime example of that. another sign of the devastating drought. a brush fire quickly spreads up a canyon in southern california, destroying at least 20 homes. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. a coastal community in laguna niguel, left devastated tonight by the wind whipped fire. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach that fire started just before three o'clock this afternoon near the laguna ridge trail southeast of laguna beach. tonight the city is under a state of emergency now when the initial fire engines rolled up on scene, they reported it to be one acre in size. the orange county fire chief says strong, gusty winds quickly push those flames right up a canyon. toward homes in the hillside neighborhood of coronado point tonight. authorities say at least 20 homes have been destroyed, but an exact number still not known. one photojournalist on the ground


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