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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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fire year. this is another prime example of that. another sign of the devastating drought. a brush fire quickly spreads up a canyon in southern california, destroying at least 20 homes. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. a coastal community in laguna niguel, left devastated tonight by the wind whipped fire. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach that fire started just before three o'clock this afternoon near the laguna ridge trail southeast of laguna beach. tonight the city is under a state of emergency now when the initial fire engines rolled up on scene, they reported it to be one acre in size. the orange county fire chief says strong, gusty winds quickly push those flames right up a canyon. toward homes in the hillside neighborhood of coronado point tonight. authorities say at least 20 homes have been destroyed, but an exact number still not known. one photojournalist on the ground
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with our sister station stood alongside firefighters as they battled the intense flames. this truck will be hitting one and you'll see a hot spot. you'll swing around to the other one. so you just have these trucks doing everything literally everything they can just try to contain the fire within these properties. in a briefing this evening, the chief said, the extremely dry condition of the vegetation was a major factor in the rapid spread of the spire. enough that it's burning quickly and into the structures and unfortunately i believe this is what we're going to be experiencing. over the next several months or the next several years. at one point mandatory evacuation orders were issued for about 100 homes in that area of laguna niguel. now to san jose, where demolition has begun on the building where i disgruntled vita employee killed nine coworkers than himself last year. santa clara
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valley transportation authority crews started tearing down building be at the guadalupe light rail yard this afternoon, ta says demolishing the building will allow it to better meet its maintenance and operational needs. will supporting employees who experienced tragedy. the u. s senate voted down a bill that would have protected abortion access by putting that right into federal law. vice president harris presided over the procedural vote, which was 49 to 51 against the women's health protection act. it needed 60 votes to get past a republican filibuster. democrats are expected to make rovi weighed a major campaign issue in the fall. i think the democrats believe that this is an issue that could maybe make the margin of difference in some of those critical races and that could determine which party controls the senate, and that is all the marbles going forward, follows the leak of the draft opinion that shows the u. s supreme court appears poised to overturn roe v. wade sometime this summer , and california is now taking
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steps to expand abortion access . ktvu is emma gas live for us tonight? they're in the newsroom . with the proposal announced by governor newsom today, emma make a big part of today's proposal includes $40 million to better compensate abortion providers who perform abortions at low or no cost to patients. i think governor gavin newsom gave californians a preview wednesday of his forthcoming budget proposal seeking major increases to investments for access to abortion care proposal includes $40 million in grants for abortion providers to compensate them for providing low or no cost abortions. that's critical funding for the more than 100 planned parenthood's across california. seeing that investment was really great, because it was a recognition of the work that our health centers do every day. um and that investments going to allow that type of character continue for years also sets aside money for a state run reproductive care website. it's a resource that
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naral pro choice california and abortion rights advocacy organizations that's headquartered in san francisco has been pushing for and that is a one stop shop website so that people can access comprehensive information about where to access abortion care how to get financial assistance for that, how to get logistical support. i really to ensure that that it's all self contained right that people are not following subject to misinformation disinformation . east bay assembly member rebecca bauer kahan is on the legislative women's caucus, which has championed for this additional funding. what you're seeing is a real commitment from the governor to put significant funds behind the ability to access reproductive healthcare and abortion and you'll see the same from the legislature. the next step is for newsome and the legislature to negotiate and then pass the budget by mid june , well timed for the united states supreme court's decision on roe v. wade to come out. anti abortion advocates have opposed these proposals in california, but blocking them will be
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difficult. reporting live in the newsroom. emma goss, ktvu fox two news. emma thank you. a us appeals court ruled california's ban on the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under the age of 21 is unconstitutional. in a 2 to 1 ruling, the san francisco based ninth us circuit court of appeals said. the love violates the second amendment right to bear arms. in that ruling, the appeals court determined as san diego judge should have blocked what it called an almost total ban on semi automatic center fire rifles for young adults. the firearms policy coalition, which brought the case says the ruling makes it feel optimistic that other age based gun band will be overturned. 11 candidates forum tonight in san jose as the june primary nears to elect a new santa clara county sheriff. this event was hosted by eight different community groups. three candidates took part alto police chief robert johnson, santa clara county sheriff's sergeant sean allen. and retired captain
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kevin jensen each answered questions submitted by community members and sponsors of the forum and talked about what they meant what the job meant to them. things that always worked best. we're involving the community and sitting down and talking about something you're going to implement because they have viewpoints to and i don't think that our current sheriff has done that. i'm an advocate for finding resources, especially with those suffering from mental health illness. in palo alto were the only agency in the county municipality that has a psychiatric emergency response team that's an officer and a clinician partnered together responding to those in need. last december. a grand jury accused sheriff smith have seven corruption related acts, including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. sheriff smith has denied the charges against her and said that she will retire from the sheriff's office. for the first time, residents of hayward are voting on how to spend a portion of the city's budget. $350,000 is now
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available for projects across the city. things like improvements to a park to creating a pop up flea market to community fitness classes. also up for a vote, a community mural , a street food event and a mental health camp for teens, among other things. earlier today. on the four we spoke with mary thomas, management analyst for the city of hayward about this participatory budgeting process. the idea actually originally originated out of some concerns that community members had around how we think and approach community safety in our neighborhoods. and so in response to that the city reached out we interviewed and surveyed around 2000 residents. this was in 2020. and heard across the board. this is intuitive, but that residents feel safer when they feel connected to their so their neighbors. voting on the 12. different projects ends in just a few days. coming up on may 15th. you can only vote once and voting is open to anyone. 10 and older men survived a helicopter
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crash this morning in the east bay. that helicopter went down shortly before 10 o'clock. it happened during the mid air training exercise at a pg and e safety training facility in livermore. firefighters had to pull that trap pilot out of the helicopter. the pilot had been flying above p genies electric safety academy. there was no fire or cruz. uh we're able to quickly actually extricate the pilot from the aircraft, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. officials say the pilot was conscious and suffered serious but non life threatening injuries. second passenger api genie employee who was tethered to the outside of the aircraft, also survived the crash and was able to walk away. the ntsb will investigate the cause of this incident. warriors fans turned out for a watch party tonight outside j center in san francisco. deb nation turned out to watch the team take on the
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memphis grizzlies. but the outcome not what fans were hoping for. the warriors could have clinched the series tonight, but they fell to the grizzlies in a blowout. 1 39 and 95 fans tell us they still had a great time tonight and thrive city i've come to all the watch parties, so i always come like three hours before so i could be the first in line to go to the games with my dad and my brother back when tickets were probably like $10 or something, so i've been a fan for my whole life. it's free to attend watch parties at thrive city and stay with us a little bit later, joe fonzi will have highlights and reactions to tonight's game, which was 134. i misspoke to 95. again we'll have more on what happened to the warriors tonight. coming up a little bit later on in sports and coming up in just 90 seconds why the securities and exchange commission is once again investigating. elon musk also had a tragic milestone when the united states is expected to surpass one million deaths from
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the coronavirus.
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is a delay in disclosing his stake in twitter that, according to the wall street journal purchasers are expected to alert regulators within 10 days after buying more than 5% of the company's stock. elon musk, but about 9% in mid march, but did not file until april. 4th the delay in
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reporting also saved mosque around $143 million on his trades after ellen must investment went public. twitter shares soared. tesla is recalling 130,000 vehicles due to a software issue impacting their touchscreen. they say they're infotainment system overheats during fast charging this can cause the vehicle to lose rear view camera displays. and increase the risk of a crash . this recall affects vehicles from the 2021 2022 model s and model x lines, as well as the 2022 model three and model y lines. tesla says a software update will fix the problem. employees at to santa cruz starbucks made history today the workers became the first in california to unionize as ktvu lamonica. peters tells us, they say security issues and wages prompted the vote. the starbucks locations on mission and ocean streets will now join starbucks workers united, the national union for starbucks workers, the group's tweeted this message
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today celebrating the first starbucks in california to unionize even though starbucks has broken the law and the national labor relations board had said so. by threatening workers. uh the workers are still winning. um they're not afraid of this giant corporation. it's happening all over the country workers at major companies like amazon and starbucks are forming unions fighting for rights, they say are beneficial for all working class people. joe thompson is a shift supervisor for starbucks in santa cruz and a union organizer. we're showing that knowledge in college students and young people organize their workplaces, but we're showing that shoe workplace democracy requires taking everyone into the battlefields in relation that we're fighting for all workers. starbucks says it's stronger without unions. last week, it announced it would increase wages in us stores, increased training time and launched a new app for employees
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and i feel like using unionizing will give them a lot more options. on choosing their hours and you know, negotiating their wages and just other benefits that they might need. thompson says. 19 stores have already filed for union elections across the state and s b w you is being guided by other major labor unions. now supporters say this is the first step in making things better for starbucks workers are entire life is work . that's what our life is based around, so being able to dictate how it's affecting us and telling the people the problems with with the work because it's changeable, um, that's that's needed. thompson also says that 230 starbucks stores across 33 states are also trying to form a union. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. tomorrow president biden is expected to mark one million lives lost to covid in
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the united states. that milestone comes more than two years since the first cases were reported in the us the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic on march 11th 2020 at that time, 36 americans had died around the world 6.7 million people have lost their lives, although the world health organization believes the actual total could be closer to 15 million. coming up. if it could be a lot more difficult to find an airbnb in wine country, the ban on new vacation rentals in sonoma county next head addressing climate change in california what state regulators say needs to happen to cut down on fossil fuels. and we're looking at him warm up around here doesn't start right away, but it will get going into the weekend. we'll look into
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supy ban on new vacation rental permits in unincorporated parts of the county. the moratorium goes into effect immediately. it will allow officials to address a backlog of more than 200 permit applications. it will also give them time to develop an ordinance regulating short term rentals. such rentals have drawn concern from people who fear they're cutting into longer term housing. especially affordable housing tonight, san francisco city leaders addressed some of the biggest issues facing san francisco's mission district from crime and drugs to mental health and homelessness. right now, officials are looking for ways to get people off the streets in hopes of cleaning up the area. ktvu reporter zack sauce as the story. but the problem is we don't have enough shelter space. francisco city supervisor hillary ronen leading a public discussion with city leaders wednesday, tackling several hot button issues in the mission. ronan says the district
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needs new temporary shelter beds to address homelessness in the area, but that most of the city's resources are being diverted to long term housing in the tenderloin. the city's only immediate plan to address the issue in the district. 35 new beds at a shelter on venice avenue, expanding shelter parallel strategy to expanding housing resources. we are more past strapped on the shelter side, still, some in the audience, pointing out that neither plan fully addresses another pressing problem. the issue of mental health and drug addiction among the areas on housed and there are cases where our hands are tied around who is eligible for conservatorship or involuntary treatment. and that is, um, still a challenge right now. property crime also on the minds of those attending supervisor ronan says she's hoping a new law she helped co author requiring street vendors
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to hold a city permit will help curb fencing the sale of stolen goods in the mission. but some in the audience say they've seen measures like this before all of them failing to prevent crime. how is this actually going to make a difference? reason why i think that the bedroom legislation is going to work is because we've never confiscated anyone's good under the law if a vendor isn't able to show proof of ownership, their goods are confiscated. and police say they're working with the d. a s office to build more effective cases against them is the police department at my station mission station. police supports this legislation. we will be out there and that new street vending law goes into effect on june 16th at that time, vendors will again be required to show proof of a permit. or face further penalties in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news state regulators say california needs to take even more drastic measures to achieve its climate change goals, a new report from the california air
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resources board says the state should cut its use of fossil fuels by 91% by the year 2045. the report also says new home should have all electric furnaces and stoves in the next four years. the report's recommendations must go through a public comment process. and after that, the legislature and state offices will consider them. looking at your forecast for thursday. it's going to be a lot like today. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow are gonna be right there about the same not as windy tomorrow still breezy, but not as windy. a few high clouds tomorrow. kind of like what we're seeing here in this picture of a few more clouds, and that's going to keep temperatures flat. the warm up begins began today, but it kind of jumps up on on friday and saturday and then saturday. we could see temperatures in the upper eighties low nineties when you see the trend right here friday and saturday of the hottest or warmest days, highest temperature days of the week. there is a system to the north of us that system. looks good,
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but it's just gonna bring clouds and the clouds are going to filter the sunshine. it's gonna be a nice day, but it's not gonna be as it's not gonna be much warmer than today because the cloud cover. that's what i'm trying to say. i wish it was bringing random. wouldn't that be nice? it looks like a good system. i'm portland's seattle. they they've had their share of rain this year, and we are just constantly on the raw at the wrong latitude. the winds have died down quite a bit tonight. the winds tomorrow will be strong again. but let's see sfo's gusting to 20. they were gusting to 39 earlier this evening. the current conditions outside, there's not really any fog to speak up valley fog or coastal fog, but we could easily see some frost again tonight, new zealand bay valleys, which is what i would expect to see. look at the temperatures. they're running way ahead of where they were. last night. fairfield's 11 degrees warmer santa rosa's nine degrees warmer. that was because remember the system we had yesterday with the thunderstorms. that was cold air that got pushed in here and kind of hung out until the morning hours and got really cold so overnight lows tonight, not as
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cold as last night, but they're still going to be pretty cold. i mean, we'll have upper thirties low forties and you can get frosted 38 37 degrees 39 degrees so you might see some process some spots. so there's the high pressure. that's what load of the north. those are the clouds that will drop in tomorrow and then on friday saturday, the high just sets up owns us sets up shop. there's not budge. so tomorrow's forecast highs and then the five day forecast and that's what you'll see. you'll see your friday saturday. is the peak of the temperatures and then sunday and monday we'll actually sunday is not bad. and then monday starts to cool off a little bit so kind of a kind of a classic spring weather pattern and in terms of that fire in southern california winds have died down a bunch down there. humidities are high and temperatures are low. that's going to help firefighters a lot. all right, bill. thank you. the trail of 100 giants and giant sequoia national forest is scheduled to reopen on friday. the popular trails surrounded by 1500 year old sequoia trees suffered major damage from lightning sparked wildfires over the past couple of years. it's
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estimated that 1/5 of all sequoias died in the windy fire, and they can be complex fire. the area was designated a national monument in the year 2000 by then president bill clinton. about 800,000 people visit every year. coming up in sports a chance to shut down those grizzlies turns into one of the worst playoff losses in warriors. history are joe fonzi up next to tell us how golden state was completely outmatched.
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your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today! and everyone. the final score was lopsided, but that was actually better for the warriors than it was. at times tonight. teams often demonstrate entirely different personalities from game to game in the playoffs, and the words better make sure that's exactly what they do. on friday night, mike brown, the lead guy on the bench again
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tonight for golden state, with steve kerr, still in covid protocol, the grizzlies in survival mode. well like the first quarter, the warriors are down four but cut it to a point where klay thompson hits the three. but the grizzlies, then reeled off nine straight to lead by 10 after one. it got worse for the warriors in the second quarter, memphis hitting inside and out desmond bane to the hoop, plus the foul the warriors. turn the ball over 22 times in the game took a 27 point lead to the locker room, making a statement about their character. it was over midway through the third quarter. everything falling. so of course, this deep three goes for jaren jackson. jackson had 21 points. the warriors at one point were down 55 so there was absolutely no need to risk injury to the guys who will be so important. on friday night back home, 1 34 95 the final the warriors still lead the series three games to two. mike brown will not linger on memories of this game. through six. like when you're in the bathroom, you just kind of grabbed a switch and push it down and it just goes right down the toilet. it's
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kind of how we're gonna do this when you know, obviously we're gonna watch the film and try to learn and grow from it. but at the end of the day. like i said, our guys, they understood what happened out there. uh so there's no need to overreact, bill. we'll come out. we'll play better friday in front of our home crowd and see if we can get this win to close out. a week ago go at this time, the giants were mired in a losing streak that would reach five games after this afternoon's game. that losing streak has been erased. throwback to the good old days at the stadium. you listen to the play by play on your radio while you watch the game, the giants ahead of the rockies one nothing in the fourth joey barton girls went up the middle of chad. cool tarot estrada. comes up from second. it's two nothing that had to feel good for bart, who's hitting 1 67. the giants got one more in the inning, they added. on an inning later, brandon crawford with two outs and a runner on finds the arcade with his third homer of the year. giants in front five. they go on to win 7 to 1 carbon for
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reliving relievers limiting the rockies to just four hits. as the giant swept the series, and they win their fifth straight overall after consecutive wins in detroit in game three of a five game series. they got going right away shawn murphy in the first reaches out in bloops that joey wentz pitch into no man's land in center chad pinder. trots home from 30 to 1. nothing and the age continued to produce runs throughout the game. in the third, kevin smith found the gap in left center off went making his major league debut. that's a two run double wins was gone after two and two thirds, having given up six runs on seven hits the a's win by a nine nothing final two more games to go. in this series. check this out time on a wednesday night around 32 soccer's open cup. the quakes in seattle sounders down to the 11th round of penalty kicks. it's the sounders goalie stefan cleveland. who had that shot stopped by matt persona. oh, now it's personas turn. he scores on his fellow goalie. the quakes move on! yes, goalie against
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goalie in the 11th round. it's the second longest shootout. an open cut goodness for school and the goal is, you know you're down there, joe. thank you. goodnight, everyone. thanks for goodnight, everyone. thanks for joining okay, here's the number for poison control. ask for carol. honey, we're gonna be fine. enjoy your reunion. oh, it'd be a lot more fun if you were there. i really am sorry about that. i just can't miss the chance to bowl on jay's team. mnh. that's why i ordered these glide rights. if you break 'em in properly, they're supposed to give you a completely frictionless-- (thud) (groans) if i'm being honest, the reunion might be a little more fun if phil isn't there. otherwise, i spend the whole weekend telling him who's who and explaining inside jokes. and if all that explaining is going out, the alcohol is not going in. hey, mom. before you go, you have to sign this for school. mm. you don't have to read it. it's all boilerplate. honey, i am running really late. (whispers) ask your dad. right here, buddy. s--uhh! (thud) i have to get the letter signed because i failed my assignment on the revolutionary war.


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