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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 12, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ian southern california. what we're learning about the damage and injury to at least one firefighter plus coronavirus cases are rising. but do americans seem to care? i'm lauren blanchard in washington plus with the white house is doing the nearly one million americans lost to covid-19. and president biden getting an update on the baby formula shortage facing families nationwide, the calls for action to address the growing crisis. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian a senior. thank you for joining us. one firefighter was injured and hundreds of people remain evacuated after a fire spread through coastal community in southern california. ktvu easily . respites joins us live with an update on this story. ali andre the coastal fires burning in the town of laguna niguel, southeast of laguna beach. firefighters still investigating how it started, but they say the dry conditions are
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really fueled this fire. orange county firefighters spent the overnight and early morning hours dousing hot spots and keeping the coastal fire from spreading had some success setting up containment lines were confident that it's not going to escape those lines. however it's we're not putting it out to mop up stage because we still have to reinforce those containment lines has burned about 200 acres and destroyed at least 20 homes, but firefighters warned that number may go up. teams are still assessing the damage. the fire started shortly before three o'clock yesterday afternoon in a canyon coastal winds fanned the flames uphill and into neighborhoods. i was coming home three o'clock from san clemente and i saw some smoke. my wife was here and we saw a little bit of fire in the canyon behind our house. wind started kicking in. and then all of a sudden we saw this flames leap over crest behind our house . and then the helicopter came and said, hey, everybody has to get out. the homes in this community are palatial. one of the homes that burned is about
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10,000 square feet. it was listed for sale for about $10 million weeks before the fire destroyed it. the scenes of devastation left some of the few residents who returned nearly speechless. a lot of people have lost their homes. it's just hard to look at. yeah, that's probably all i can say. southern california edison did report some circuit activity in the area close to where the fire started, but the official cause is still under investigation asked for the firefighter who was injured, we don't have any specific information on what exactly happened. the assistant fire chief said only that that firefighter had a quote medical condition while fighting the fire overnight. the firefighter is expected to recover. garcia and andre will send it back to you, ali. thank you now to the covid pandemic. as today, president biden is marking a grim milestone. one million deaths caused by covid in the united states. this comes as the president is taking part in a virtual global covid summit. lauren blanchard has more from washington. by a presidential proclamation. flags have been
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lowered to half staff to ensure the nearly one million americans who have died from the coronavirus one million covid desk. one million empty chairs around the family dinner table. president biden, marking the somber milestone with a virtual summit with other global leaders. but back at home, a new gallup poll finds that two thirds of americans believe the pandemic is getting better, and more than half of americans say they're not trying to isolate in any way. still during the summit , president biden called on congress to pass more funding. for testing treatments and vaccines to prevent future outbreaks. the request also includes $5 billion to keep up our global partnership in the fight against covid-19, the president said the u. s will share health technologies with the world health organization and is starting a testing and treatment program for hard to reach areas around the world, but that funding faces an uphill battle. when the house passes it, we will do everything we can
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to get covid legislation passed , republicans are wary to throw more money at the pandemic and may force democrats to take up immigration issues before more funding. the only path i can see that right now for getting any type of covid aid is to leave title 42 in place cases have been steadily rising almost three times as many now compared to just a month ago. nowhere near what we saw this winter with the um akron surge in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. well this afternoon. the baby formula shortage problem has made its way to the white house with president biden said to speak with retailers and manufacturers about the ongoing issue, administration officials within announced additional actions to address the problem. it comes as parents across the country scramble a shortage linked to supply chain blockage and the closure of one of the nation's largest formula manufacturing plants. lauren green has the latest, including the hearing by lawmakers later this month. a shortage of baby formula has
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parents across the nation on high alert, the shortages impacting every state in the country, forcing some parents to scramble to find formula to feed their babies. so that's a real panic for parents when they go to the grocery store, and they see those shelves and then they have to drive 40 miles to get to the next one. maybe i mean, parents shouldn't be having to face this. officials are blaming the shortage on supply chain issues combined with the formula recall at abbott industries, one of the largest formula manufacturing plants in the nation. it's been a struggle. if nothing else has been a mental struggle, because as a parent you just want to provide for your childhood. your worst nightmare. if you're unable to do so, abbott industries was forced to close down a michigan plant back in february following concerns that some of its products may have been contaminated with harmful bacteria. lawmakers are now calling on the fda to look extensively into these claims and address the shortage. i think the fda knows urgency of the situation and that they need to get on with the investigation. meanwhile republican lawmakers are
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slamming the president as president. united states you're responsible for leadership in this country. we want to make sure that there is a plan and we have seen no plan from joe biden or the fda. the nationwide supply of infant formula has decreased by 40% since april. house members are expected to hold a hearing on the ongoing shortage later this month. in new york. lauren green fox news. the nine u. s. supreme court justices are holding a private meeting today. washington insiders say it is likely to be a tense one. it's just the first time they have officially met since the draft opinion on roe v. wade was leaked to the public nine days ago. as expected. democrats in the u. s. senate were unable to push a bill to protect access to abortion to a floor vote. vice president kamala harris presided over the procedural vote. it needed 60 votes to get past a republican filibuster. in the end, 49 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill 51 voted against it. this vote clearly suggest that the senate is not where the majority
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of americans are on this issue. it also makes clear that a priority for all who care about this issue priority should be to elect pro choice leaders at the local state and the federal level. while there is a lot of focus on what appears to be the likely reversal of roe v. wade, political analysts say there are many other topics that will also push voters to the polls. i don't think it will be a bigger issue than inflation and the economy. however i think this is sort of a big, important side dish to a lot of voters. but i still think the you know the main dish is going to be. how are people feeling in their pocketbook? the issue of abortion rights thrust into the political forefront following that leaked draft opinion showing the high court could be poised to overturn roe versus wade in the coming weeks. at the same time, governor newsom wants to spend tens of millions of dollars to protect abortion rights and also expand access to abortions in the state. ktvu
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sema gas has details on his new proposal and what it could mean for abortion providers. i think governor gavin newsom gave californians a preview wednesday of his forthcoming budget proposal seeking major increases to investments for access to abortion care proposal includes $40 million in grants for abortion providers to compensate them for providing low or no cost abortions. that's critical funding for the more than 100 planned parenthood's across california. seeing that investment was really great because it was a recognition of the work that our health centers do every day. um and that investments going to allow that type of character continue for years also sets aside money for a state run reproductive care website. it's a resource that naral pro choice california and abortion rights advocacy organizations that's headquartered in san francisco has been pushing for and that is a one stop shop website so that people can access comprehensive information about where to
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access abortion care how to get financial assistance for that, how to get logistical support. i really to ensure that that it's all self contained right that people are not falling subject to misinformation. disinformation east bay assembly member rebecca bauer kahan is on the legislative women's caucus, which has championed for this additional funding. what you're seeing is a real commitment from the governor to put significant funds behind the ability to access reproductive healthcare and abortion and you'll see the same from the legislature. the next step is for newsome and the legislature to negotiate and then pass the budget by mid june , well timed for the united states supreme court's decision on roe v. wade to come out. emma goss, ktvu fox two news. we're now hearing from san jose police about an officer who is accused of trading and methamphetamine pipe to a woman in exchange for information. please say the case has been under investigation since last december, the unnamed officer currently on administrative leave the police department says it can't go into
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specifics due to the law and officers right but says if any officer is found to have violated the public's trust, they will be held accountable product. today's police response is a statement by the police chief, anthony mata last week on recent incidents of officers accused of misconduct, saying quote when an officer is convicted of criminal conduct, i will personally walk them out the door. still to come. at noon, the san francisco board of education announced today will be the new superintendent will tell you who he is. and the other beary school district. he is coming from. plus making history in california reaction from workers at to santa cruz, starbucks as they become the first in our state to unionize. at a barrier weather tracking a few clouds today as we watch our front to kind of approach the north coast of california, but we have a warming forecast by the
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on s digesting yet another dire report on inflation. today jones is down by one and three quarters of a percent, losing more than 550 points. right now, percentage wise, the s and p is a little bit worse off. nasdaq's right about the same. well history has been made at a starbucks in santa cruz. it became one of the first locations in the state to unionize as ktvu semantic in town. it tells us this noon. security issues and low wages are two issues that prompted workers to vote for this change.
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i go to starbucks a lot. so, um so i want the starbucks people to be happy. merry graves feels like she knows all the baristas at starbucks, and she's seen them struggle while extremely low staffed. everyone's going to come from san jose. they're going to stop off here. there's only three guys working here today. and you can't do that to them because they're not gonna have bathroom breaks. everyone's going to be yelling at them. she's even seen their safety in jeopardy. i used to go to a lot to the starbucks on ocean street. and i know that the one over there had a lot of problems with homeless people coming in and berating people and the baristas were not treated very well. it's those security issues , low wages and a lack of support from management that workers say contributed to their need to start organizing a union six months ago. starbucks union that files for the workers united as part of the starbucks workers united union. it's you know, the bargaining happens at each individual store, and we're you know, we're fighting for specific things that work best
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for our store, but we're being helped and led by the national team baristas at both the mission and ocean street, starbucks in santa cruz have voted to unionize following about 50 other locations across the country that have unionized since december. it's a move many customers support the ceos. kid can have a tesla, but the workers can barely afford a honda. so go figure and who's working hard. so if you look at the disparity between wages and upper administrations, wages or their salary with stock options. then you see that workers need better pay and a bigger piece of the pie basically right, starbucks says it's stronger without unions and announced new benefits last week, including wage increases, expanded training time and improved sickly for employees across the country. but it says those unionizing will not get those new benefits. this is a clear violation of the national labor relations act, and it's a threat to all organizing baristas.
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while the starbucks here in santa cruz are just the first to unionize in the state, the union organizer here is now leading 19 other starbucks locations in california planning to unionize because now that we have the union we need to show the power of unions. and how and why we organized this union drive and more than 200 other u s locations could soon follow, too. i think that's a kind of gold star for santa cruz, because i think we're standing up for people to quintana ktvu, fox two news no. at noon. san jose city officials are considering reversing a ban on car cruising, calling it discriminatory against latinos and the low rider culture, but police say a reversal could lead to more crashes. san jose band cruising on specific downtown streets back in 1992 in response to crime and traffic related incidents. but according to the chronicle, city leaders say the crimes and accidents were often unrelated to the cruising itself. a city committee voted unanimously to direct the city manager to get rid of the ban as
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part of the budget process, switching gears down to look at your forecast. meteorologist mark tamayo is downstairs in the studio with a look at the warming temperatures today is kind of that transition day. mark. yeah that's right. that's kind of a weak system, halting the warming trend for today, but tomorrow going to warm up those numbers a bit and also as we head into the weekend, but if you looked up at the sky over the past couple of hours, you may have noticed a few high clouds, especially up in the northern half of the bay area, and that that system will bring some rainfall not for us, but up along the north coast of california. maybe a slight chance of a sprinkle up in the north bay. but the main activity is up to our north, and every thursday we get the new drought map here. not too much change. if you can't see here, the bay area dealing with the severe drought that extreme contour is the kind of expanding and coverages you can't see over portions of the bay area's so no improvement as you would expect with our with our status this week. here is the forecast, though tuesday remember that that was the coolest day of the week. we warmed up yesterday. kind of flattening now compared to yesterday, so not a big change in temperatures and then
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we'll notice that warm up for your friday and into saturday, so tuesday, the coolest day of the week saturday should be the war. mistake of the week. here is the satellite and the radar. some rainfall up to our north up on the north coast of california. and a little bit of activity moving into a mendocino county approaching sonoma county, so there's a slight chance of a sprinkle up there. but for us, we just have some clouds paying us a visit right now into the afternoon hours. by mid afternoon, these clouds will gradually clear on out current numbers out there right now we have san francisco only in the fifties 56 lots of sixties for santa rosa conquered and livermore and the warm spots this afternoon will be approaching the 70 degree mark. here is a look at our current wind speeds, and it has been breezy at that time of year. the winds are somewhat of a factor. fairfield southwesterly gusting to 24 miles an hour. and some more reports for you for san jose mountain view san carlos and sfo a bit of a stronger breathed gusting to 30.5 moon bay went out of the northwest at
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about 10 miles an hour. here's our live camera looking out towards oakland's jack london square, looking out toward the mount tam and not much in the way of fog. just some higher clouds visiting us this afternoon, and those high clouds will be around over the next 2 to 3 hours. so here's what's happening. our old system member on tuesday we had the showers and thunderstorms. kind of heading out heading out of town. today we have partly sunny skies and breezy conditions with winds like we showed you around 20 to maybe 30 miles an hour and then this area high pressure wants to return and this will send temperatures up for friday and into saturday, not a major warm up, but maybe a few spots could be flirting with 90 degrees, but saturday as we mentioned will be the warmest day of the week. here we are in the short term tracking from the cloud cover later on today will clear things out friday. looking pretty good with maybe a patrick you some fog near portions of the coastline. that's just about it, but we are still heading and do a bit of a warming trend by the weekend forecast highs this afternoon. san francisco 60 degrees santa rosa 68 conquered
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in the opera sixties. so if you like the temperatures yesterday are probably like the temperatures for today. pretty much a duplicate forecast for your thursday afternoon and then we warm things up beginning friday and temperatures up a good dough 8 to 10 degrees across the bay area for your friday saturday will be the warmest day of the week. and that could mean submit to possibly some upper eighties looks like a little bit of a cool down for sunday and into monday, but as you can see here kind of a quieter weather pattern of warm up, but at least we're not talking about any major heat in the berry forecast. mark, thank you still to come a building where tragedy and heartache on folded in the south beach reduced to rubble. the reason, officials decided the building were nine employees were shot and killed.
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latin the latest in a series of diplomatic moves that kremlin says or cause a threat to russia. greg palkot has more from kiev, ukraine. ukrainian military reporting more progress on the eastern front on day 78 of the russian invasion and on the diplomatic front, another big win from nato, finland, russia's neighbor, announcing thursday it has decided to join the alliance after decades of neutrality, putting another nato ally along the russian border finish. officials say their security depended on that delicate balance of power with moscow. which they say no longer exists. predictable behavior of russia is imminent issue, russia
12:24 pm
is more prepared to carry out operations that are also high risk operations. for russia itself. expansion is good news for ukraine, which is relied on weapons from the alliance to stall the russian advance in the east. president vladimir zelensky is also applauding a new $40 billion aid package from the u. s which he says will be crucial as the fighting intensifies in the coming weeks with these funds will be used quickly and without any red tape to strengthen the defenses of ukraine. it means weapons, ammunition and equipment for us on the front lines that ukraine's are counterattacking around kharkiv, the country's second biggest city in russian forces are reportedly now pulling back from that region as the eastern offensive. turns into a slow grind bass offensive. is stalled. and our assessment is it will fail. the russians will not succeed to take the entire down bat donbass region. ukraine also announcing the first war crimes trial of a captured russian soldier. he's
12:25 pm
accused of gunning down an unarmed civilian and the early days of the war. ukraine greg palkot, ktvu fox two news. demolition continues today in the south bay to tear down a building that was the site of last year's deadly wta shootings in which nine people were killed. cruz for the santa clara valley transportation authority started tearing down building be at the guadalupe light rail yard yesterday afternoon. in may of last year, a disgruntled employee shot and killed nine people there, then killed himself. wta says tearing down this building will be good for the traumatized vita employees and will help improve maintenance and operational needs as well. police are searching for a man they say opened fire inside a hair salon in dallas koreatown area, injuring three people. authorities say they don't know why the man shot the three female victims yesterday afternoon at the hair world salon in a shopping center with many businesses owned by korean americans. dallas police say the man dressed all in black parked in the shopping center parking
12:26 pm
lot, then walked into the salon and opened fire. the three victims were taken to hospital. they are expected to survive. a federal appeals court has ruled california's ban on selling semiautomatic weapons to people between the ages of 18 and 21 is unconstitutional. in a 2 to 1 ruling, the ninth circuit court of appeals. said the law violates the second amendment. the ruling called it an almost total ban on semi automatic center fire rifles for young adults. the group that bought the case says it's now optimistic that other age based gun bans will be overturned as well. we're learning. a man from palo alto drowned after falling out of a boat at lake tahoe last week, according to the bay area news group. authorities were called to meeks bay on the west shore of the lake last thursday after reports that two people had fallen into the water. one of the victims was able to get to shore but 58 year old theodore fletcher, drowned still to come at noon, a new lawsuit against mills college in oakland students say they were deceived with empty promises. also, we continue to follow the latest
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developments out of southern california. where a fire continues to threaten the coastal community. what we're learning about the damage as fire crews worked to bring the flames
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defw superintendent starting next school year, the new san
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francisco unified superintendent is matt wayne was currently the superintendent at the hayward school district, the job he's had for six years. this summer, he'll move to the top leadership role at san francisco unified when that district current superintendent dr vincent matthews retires. whiteness fluent in spanish, started his teaching career as a middle school language arts teacher. he worked for san francisco unified a decade ago as the executive director of elementary education , is first remarks after accepting his new position. wayne spoke about the need for everyone in san francisco unified to work together. over the past two years. i know we've been through a lot in education in general and san francisco has faced challenges in particular. and you know, i think we need to be real. it's been hard and people are tired. but so we need to come together and do some healing. the san francisco school board extended the search for a new superintendent in february after three members of its board were recalled. the district has faced backlash over declining enrollment, school
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reopenings and admission changes at local high school. the current superintendent, dr matthews is retiring next month after five years in that role. evacuations remain in place this afternoon in the wind whipped wildfire near laguna beach in orange county, so called coastal fire broke out yesterday afternoon. authorities still assessing the damage now, but so far about 20 multimillion dollar homes have been destroyed. winds have died down today as fire cruiser. trying to put out any flare ups. one firefighter has been injured about 200 acres, burned official cost of the fire yet, but southern california edison reports what it calls quote circuit activity at the time of the first, the fire first started. cal fire crews here in northern california say the coastal fire is a sign of what could be to come this fire season. i think the thing that really concerns us today is just the fact that you know we're not even into the peak of fire season yet, and we saw a wind driven fire go from a very small acreage to a very large acreage in a very short amount of time.
12:32 pm
and then, fortunately, um, destroying structures in its path. hellfire deputy chief jonathan cox there says there is concern about the intensity of the fire early in the season. our fear is, you know we are not even in the first inning of fire season in california, and we're already starting to see fires go from very small events to destructive incidents. the deputy chief says cal fire will hit peak staffing in the bay area and statewide before the end of the month. senator rosa catholic schools back open after shutting down for three days due to a surge in covid cases arise in the number of cases in the third to eighth grade's force that school to cancel class. ktvu tom baker has details from the sonoma county health department. this sunday. my secretary was constantly emailing me and texting me that she was getting a lot of positive results from parents and the uptick kept going and growing. the county health department agreed that the highly transmissible variant demanded action. pediatrician dr
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yeah. asuka fukuda is on the state department of health's outreach speakers. the best that you can do is limit much you are in contact with somebody who has, you know the current um, coronavirus, and that is why the principal out of an abundance of caution decided to protect the students, the staff, their families and the greater community so far from the parents that we've heard them, they've been very, very positive . it appears to have worked for a thursday, reopening strongly recommended that we have masks for all the students and staff indoors, and i am requiring that for thursday and friday what's really troubling how barea county stack up statewide 100,000 residents. santa cruz, san francisco marin and san mateo. have the state's highest infection rates, almost double the state rate, and all nine bay area counties are in the 41 to
12:34 pm
44 per 100,000 range. that puts them in the top 14 counties with the highest infection rates in the state beyond masking, distancing or not gathering at all to protect yourself and others way too many parents continue to show reluctance. to the very best option. the children between five and 11, where there's an emergency use authorization for the vaccine. have not gotten as well vaccinated. we know the statistics across the state is about a third in the last two weeks. positive news, california's death rate actually decreased by 18. tom baker, ktvu , fox two news update on a ktvu investigation involving allegations against richmond police, federal judges approving a jury's decision to award the plaintiff more than half a million dollars. authorities stopped the car and may of 2018 discovered it was stolen. several people were inside, including the plaintiff for carter hernandez chase, followed
12:35 pm
in which contra costa county deputy brian battles, hit hernandez with a flashlight and pointed a gun at him. hernandez says richmond police officer brendan hodges was at the scene but failed to stop the deputy from using excessive force. the county settled the same case for more than a quarter million dollars. san francisco's police commission will hold public forms before deciding whether to restrict police traffic stops. low level stops these pretext stops. are not making us safer. our own data shows that we uncover contraband and incredibly low rates. last night , the commission heard a proposal to prohibit officers from pulling over drivers from minor traffic violations, such as expired license plate and tinted windows. advocates say black drivers are six times more likely to be stopped then white drivers for these same infractions. police chief bill scott says there's room for reform, but officers must be able to do their job. we have to have policies that still allow
12:36 pm
officers to do the job of protecting the public, and that balance is difficult, so there's a lot of work to be done on this policy. we do have to address disparities. police can still site drivers for low level offenses. tickets would come in the mail or left on a parked car. a final commission vote is expected this fall. now the san francisco police officers association issued this statement that reads officers focus on behavior when making traffic stops to enforce the vehicle code. not anything else. the reality is routine traffic stops can lead to removing illegal guns off of our streets. and given the level of gun violence our city is experiencing these traffic stops literally save lives and quote. the documentary film about the fatal shooting of 13 year old andy lopez in santa rosa by a sheriff's deputy has been nominated for a bay area any award. got fired. i think the film is called three seconds in october the shooting of andy lopez. it chronicles the
12:37 pm
shooting of lopez by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy back in 2013. lopez was shot as he was walking through a vacant lot carrying an air soft gun. shares officials said the air soft gun resembled an assault rifle through interviews, police files and other materials. the documentary details a second by second account of the shooting and protests that followed. a new lawsuit claims mills college deceived students with empty promises to former mills college students are suing the all women's institution, alleging the school engaged in rampant deception by merging with northeastern university. in march of last year, mills made a surprising announcement, saying it had to close because of dire financial problems. it stopped enrolling new students with plans to give out its last degrees in 2023. then after negotiations, mills leadership finalized a deal to merge with northeastern university in boston and become coed, ending the colleges run as a private women's college. both attorneys maintained that mills college made empty promises to entice
12:38 pm
students to continue paying to attend the school who do not want to simply continue their studies somewhere else. switching down to keeping your eye on the ball. the warriors will play memphis tomorrow and try to close out the grizzlies at chase center from the warriors, of course, were crushed by the grizzlies last night. 1 34 95. memphis never trailed in this game, either and led by 52 points after the third quarter. the dubs are still up in the series. three games to two. but no, they must play better to eliminate the grizzlies, even if they won't have their star moret. for the rest of the series. they understood what happened out there. so there's no need to overreact. bill will come out. we'll play better friday in front of our home crowd and see if we can get this win to close out slowing down being more mindful understanding we can get great shots if we're a little bit more conscious of that. keep saying it and when we do it, right, we win when we don't we
12:39 pm
look alright. no word yet on whether head coach steve kerr can come out of covid protocol for tomorrow night's game, or assistant mike brown will remain as acting head coach. another concern by the way. is for auto part forward auto porter jr. who left with a sore right foot. a fan favorite, is promoting the importance of reading to young warriors fans wherever you fly. you'll be the best of the best. wherever you go. you won't stop all the rest. well this morning, retired player festus ezeli read to 200 elementary school students at mission dolores academy in san francisco. books included the dr seuss classic. oh, the places you'll go. this very is part of a project called read to achieve its an early literacy program involving the warriors and local libraries. come here severe weather hitting the midwest. we'll take a look at what's happening in minnesota and the damage there and other states in the midwest are preparing for dangerous weather
12:40 pm
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joeo address the nation wide infant formula shortage. the president spoke with retailers and manufacturers, including walmart target record in gerber to discuss ways to work together to do more to help families access
12:43 pm
infant formula. he announced measures in an effort to get more formula on store shelves quickly by allowing manufacturers to increase the speed and scale of their infant formula production. the president wants to increase the supply through increased import us normally produces 98% of the infant formula and trading partners in mexico, chile, ireland and the netherlands are key sources for imports. also calling on the ftc, its state attorneys general to crack down on any price gouging on baby formula. updating a story now we brought you yesterday as breaking news at noon and investigation is underway into that pea genie helicopter crash in livermore. that incident took place as those on board were taking part in a media training exercise at the utilities safety training center. firefighters pull the pilot and another person from the wreckage. there was no fire or cruz. uh we're able to quickly actually extricate the pilot from the aircraft, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. and they see officials see that
12:44 pm
pilot was conscious serious injuries but non life threatening injuries here at pg any employee who was tethered to the exterior of the helicopter also survived the crash. and was able to walk away in san francisco's considering a shelter expansion program to make the city a safer place for people experiencing homelessness , the board of supervisors, public safety and neighborhood services committee or considering supervisor rafael mandel, mons expanded a place for all ordinance supervisor. mandel misspoke ahead of today's meeting, saying people who are homeless without shelter have three times the mortality rate of those who do have shelter. i think it's time. to end san francisco's era of encampments. and i think that that is that is what this legislation is about. we know that in the last year there have been nearly 800 encampment fires folks have died . one of the real motivations for me in introducing this legislation in the first place back in 2020 was seeing a person emerged from an encampment in flames. they expanded ordinance
12:45 pm
, which is co sponsored by several supervisors would require the department of homelessness and supportive housing to submit a new plan and budget to the board the mayor to expand shelters over three years . severe storms brought damage, damaging winds, heavy rain and a few reports of tornadoes in minnesota. at least one person was killed in a crest that authorities say was caused by downed power lines. thousands tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power. now heavy rain flooded some streets and highways in the twin cities area, with several reports of vehicles stranded in the flash flooding. more severe weather is forecast for today in minnesota and other parts of the midwest to the data from the state show people in the north bay are doing a better job of saving water than those in the rest of the state. a study comparing the period between 2019 and 2020 2021 now shows healdsburg residents were the best in the state of saving water, cutting their water use by 40% cities in sonoma and warren counties also did well on the other hand, people in the city of el segundo and southern california we're actually increasing their water
12:46 pm
use by more than 40. statewide water use was up in march of this year compared to 2020 despite the governor's repeated pleas for water conservation. haven't gotten that much rain this year. we've seen it so just let that be a warning. i guess to some of us because we do need to save some of the water that we do have time to check. the forecast now, with meteorologist mark tamayo mark still no rain in the forecast. no, no rain. it looks like the storm track wants to get pushed up to our north and we have a dry weather stretch, which is actually would expect this time year but just kind of looking back on last winter and last fall just amazing when you think about that october storm. and then december really delivered. we're thinking oh, we're in great shape. and then january and february just just completely dry here in the bay area, so in terms of rainfall as you've been hearing, it's a dry week, basically coming up as we head toward the weekend and a warming trend as well. you can see temperatures by friday. and saturday, probably the two more mistakes of the week. and that means a few neighborhoods could be close to 90 degrees. now i am
12:47 pm
tracking some rain. not here, but up to our north up on the north coast, and there was a little bit little bit of activity approaching mendocino county, so not out of the question that we could have a sprinkler to approaching portions of the north bay, the north parts of the north bay. maybe closer to medicine. oh county northern sonoma county, too slight chance, but the main impact will be some clouds rolling into the region this afternoon wind speeds have been picking up a fairfield right now gusting to over 20 miles an hour. let's check out the sights for you with half moon bay northwesterly 10 miles an hour. sfo gusting to 30 mountain view winds are the north at 20 in san jose. gusting to 25 miles an hour. here's our live camera looking out above san francisco looking out towards the golden gate bridge, and his camera is picking up on some of the high clouds rolling into the region, so not completely clear will have that sun cloud mix this afternoon. and current numbers as we showed you in the fifties and the sixties. here's the overall weather pattern. remember on tuesday, we're tracking those north bay thunderstorms and the hail those
12:48 pm
storms are linked up to this guy, and this is moving out to the east. and now we're watching this week front fall apart over northern california, but this will send in some clouds. it will kind of halt are warming trend which started yesterday and the winds do pick up on latina unusual but still around 20 to 30 miles an hour and then it's the area of high pressure wants to return and this will be the source of some warming for friday and into saturday. saturday will be the warmest day of the week. and that means a few neighborhoods inland. could be approaching the 90 degree mark may be flirting with that point, but mainly most neighborhoods will be in the upper eighties by saturday for the warm spots. here is the plan tomorrow, though, for your friday we're expecting warmer forecast with mostly sunny skies. maybe patrick to some fog near portions of the coastline. and then this is your saturday and that will be the warmest day of the week. highest for this afternoon. kind of like the highest from yesterday. fifties coast side lots of sixties around the bay. orvis occasions close to 70 out toward fairfield and antiochus. later on this afternoon, right around four or five o'clock. here's a look
12:49 pm
ahead. your five day forecast and temperatures you will notice that warm up for friday temperatures up a good oh, 8 to 10 degrees from today's highs saturday will be the warmest day of the week. it will be the warmest day of the weekend, and then we bring in some more fog. it's still nice on sunday, but little bit of temperature dropped by sunday. and into monday those breezy conditions could return but definitely warming things up. as we start off the weekend saturdays are day mark tamayo thank you. sonoma county board of supervisors approved an immediate 45 day ban on new vacation rental permit in unincorporated parts of the county. it will allow officials to deal with the backlog of more than 200 permit applications. the moratorium will also give sonoma county time to develop an ordinance regulating short term rentals. rentals have drawn concern from people who fear they're cutting into longer term housing, especially affordable housing. well he is one of the few in major league baseball of asian pacific island set. how giants bench coach kai korea speak peace tribute to his native land of hawaii every native land of hawaii every game.
12:50 pm
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is e last checked in on them still underwater, but at this point down by just one half of 1% much better than where we were 20 minutes ago, this pattern is the same. the s and p is now down by only one third of 1. the nasdaq is down by just a quarter. today the senate confirmed jerome powell for a second four year term as fed reserve chair that gives bipartisan backing two pals high stakes efforts to curb the highest inflation rate for decades. the feds goal is to slow borrowing and spending enough to ease inflation pressures. well we are less than a month away from the june 7th primary and wild campaigns are ramping up. some say they aren't paying enough attention to let tino voters latinos make up about 40% of the state's electorate. but a new poll from the latino community foundation
12:54 pm
found 37% of latinos weren't sure if they vote in the november election experts say, campaigns have to do much more to reach those latino voters. knocking on the door of the going inside the sitting around the table talking to the family coming back again and again, which can be a little more time consuming, but we know that that those methods do work. a candidate or campaign has to show that they really care. that they are not just there for the vote, but there for the long haul respondents to the poll said the top three issues are rising cost of living jobs and affordable housing candidates forum in san jose last night focused on the race for santa clara county sheriff as the june primary is quickly approaching. now the event was hosted by eight community groups. three candidates took part. fellow lto police chief robert johnson. santa clara county sheriff's sergeant sean allen and retired captain kevin jensen each answered questions submitted by community members and sponsors of the forum and said they were right for the job. things that always work best. we're
12:55 pm
involving the community and sitting down and talking about something you're going to implement because they have viewpoints to and i don't think that our current sheriff has done that. but the leadership determines all those things. the battle of training, hiring, firing, promoting and what trying to do and how we hold people accountable and this department like many others, it's failing to do that. to date. i'm an advocate for finding resources, especially with those suffering from mental health illness. in palo alto were the only agency in the county municipality that has a psychiatric emergency response team that's an officer and a clinician partnered together responding to those in need. the racist to replace retiring sheriff laurie smith. last december. grand jury accused smith of corruption, including political favoritism, and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. smith has denied the charges against her. we continue our coverage of asian american pacific islander heritage month. today, we're spotlighting the san francisco giants infield and bench coach kai korea. korea grew up in hawaii on the big island, ktvu
12:56 pm
frank mallicoat reports on how his journey to the big leagues has captured a lot of attention. hours before the first pitch. oracle park is getting a wake up call for an afternoon game and 33 year old giants bench coach kai korea enters down the left field line the same way every game. with profound gratitude. i come in a way that forces me to walk through the field. and every day i leave in a fashion that forces me to walk through the field because in that moment, regardless of score, regardless of outcome, i get the remember. hey i work at oracle park. korea's rise in baseball started at birth. his grandfather and father are both coaching legends on hawaii's big island. he practically grew up in a dugout every single day. um that was my after school care so i would bring up my backpack and i do my entire base worth of homework in the dugout. i'd have that dirty binder, paper, notebooks and went from one class to the next. well, it worked. i played division three
12:57 pm
ball at puget sound, where he would later coach. his second coaching stop in northern colorado caught the eye of mlb. he describes himself as competitive, intense and obsessed with attention to detail is prepared number one. he's prepared. he's diligent. he's thoughtful. he's a real asset to the team to the organization to everybody in the dugout has improved the giants overall defense and his kapler's strategic sounding board during games. he's also become a huge role model in the api community less than 4% of mlb is of asian pacific islander descent. a step not lost by this east bay family , including this young girl. not everybody has to be one certain race and like when i looks different than some other people than it feels special to be unique. it is something that's important to me to be a role
12:58 pm
model to represent that group to have kids watching at home that might be asian, american or japanese, american or native wine. pacific islanders say. hey, that guy looks like me. and if he could coach in the major leagues, maybe i could have the opportunity as well. korea's love for a wife runs deep. in fact, every time he takes the field here at oracle, he honors his home state by wearing number 50. that's why i chose number 50 right for the 50th state, and so it's an important thing to meet up, you know, always remember where i'm from. and those coaches and those players back home really shaped who i am. and so it's a it's an honor to put that jersey on every night. frank mallicoat ktvu fox. two news elections are going on at uc davis this week when referendum on the ballot would change the school's musk mascot to a cow that the team named the aggies would stay the same the mascot image that would change from gun rock the mustang to a cow mascot dates back to the 19 twenties. organizers of the referendum, say u. c. davis
12:59 pm
needs a unique identity and a mascot that can build community. they point out. many other universities already have mustang mascots. they say uc davis students and relate more to cows that live on campus and some of them even right next to the dorms. while the new study suggests rewarding children were trying new vegetables might help them be better eaters in the future, researchers from the university in the netherlands study almost 600 children from ages. 1 to 4. they divided the children into three groups with different levels of exposure to vegetables and rewards. at the end of the study, children in the reward group were more inclined to try new vegetables. than others. your parents do that when you were little, they didn't give me rewards. they made me eat the vegetables i didn't have. i didn't have a choice. but i will say now that i'm grown, i am more apt. i know what's right and what's wrong. so even if i pretty bad, i know i can go back to eating vegetables to feel a bit better. but yes, i didn't have a choice. there were no incentives or you're gonna start. we grew up
1:00 pm
the same. yes this is what's for dinner like that. we turned out, okay. thank you so much for joining us here at noon on. it was always news is always on ktvu. com and, of course, that ktvu news app back here for next newscast, which is >> this is the moment guys. >> ready to set it and forget it. >> genius ways to hack a slow cooker. >> from easy weeknight meals. >> an all in one chicken burrito bowl. your family can do three different ways. look how delicious it is. and the chicken. so just you guys. >> two decadent desserts. >> sweet and salty, slow cooker candies. >> oh yeah. and tik tok superstar nikki giovanni puts his twist on a classic. >> oh yeah. that's next. we want you to kick up your feet and relax, because we're giving you some of your time back today. we're going to take it easy because we don't have to worry about dinner, slow cookers are doing the work for us. that's right, we're showing you some of the best set it and forget it weeknight meals plus a sweet


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