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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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you coming up at 11 25. thanks jason. thank you coming up next here at 11. a lot of my favorite items and a lot of the stuff. my kids like to snack on food wires has been increasing, of course, gasses going up across the state , california is struggling to keep up with inflation. tomorrow a new plan will be laid out to help the 11 o'clock news on ktvu . fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach governor newsom hoping a new $18 billion inflation relief package will help people keep up with the price hikes. jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom with a look at how he wants this to work and why the governor is getting some pushback. heather and mike. the idea that the governor has is basically to give back some of the money that's in the governor in the state surplus, where this record budget surplus, but some of the lawmakers in sacramento say they do not think that this is the best way to use those
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funds. inflation has hit people's budgets in many ways from getting groceries at the store. you can catch this on sale a lot of time to 79 3 99 regular prices now it's like 5 49 5 99 filling up the tank at the gas station. i used to beaca least 150 governor. gavin newsom wants to use some of the state's budget surplus for an $18.1 billion inflation relief package . the proposal includes $11.5 billion in aid to send $400 checks to car owners. 2.7 billion would go towards emergency rent relief 1.4 billion would help people with past due utility bills and $933 million would go to relief checks for some hospital and nursing home staff. the governor is also proposing $750 million for free public transit and other measures to pause the state's diesel sales tax. there would also be a waiver of
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childcare fees for low income families. some people, however, opposed parts of nuisance plan. a group of democrats and republicans say the state should temporarily suspend the states 51 cent per gallon gas tax, state senator scott wiener of san francisco says more of the surplus funds should go toward long term infrastructure projects. the embarcadero could be flooded the immunity bark tunnels could be flooded up and down the state. we have major infrastructure needs. i think the impact would actually be felt relatively quickly is more likely, it'll take longer to get it enacted, u c. berkeley economics professor jim wilcox says. while the relief will help low and middle income people who have been hit the is caused by e demand than available supplies, providing these extra subsidies . these extra checks will only increase the amount of demand. and therefore if anything will tend to make the inflation rate a little bit higher. and again, this is a record high.
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california's budget surplus could be as high as $68 billion , so there's sure to be a battle over how to spend that the governor is expected to release his plans tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. heather holmes that announcement. janet thank you. california's minimum wage will likely increase next year because of inflation if inflation estimates from governor newsom's office become a reality. the minimum wage will rise to 15 50 an hour it was already set to increase to $15 an hour. but state law indicates of inflation increases by more than 7% the minimum wage rises right there with it. governor newsom's administration announced today it projects inflation will increase 7.6% for the fiscal year organizers of a proposition calling for an $18 an hour minimum wage in california say they have enough signatures to put it on a ballot in november. well plans for the wage increases come as gas prices hit new record highs here in the bay area, according to triple a the average price across the nine bay area counties is
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san mateo county, though, has the, marin sonoma and napa counties are all seeing averages the rest are just a few cents below that $6 mark, except for solano , where it's 5 85 a gallon triple asis today, oakland, san jose and san francisco all recorded their highest average price. analysts say rising oil prices are driving prices up at the pump. when they were 11. tonight students in the berkeley unified school district are being asked to wear a mask for the rest of the school year. right now, it's not mandatory, but district officials say they are seeing a slight rise in covid-19 cases in schools. and would like students to mask up once again as the end of the year approaches. graduation ceremonies are also being planned, and district officials say they want as many students as possible to stay healthy so that they can attend. we have an update tonight in connection
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with the search for a missing oakley woman. oakley police detectives served a search warrant today at the home on ben tree way an antibiotic that is the home of alexis gabes. former boyfriend. it's also where gabe was reportedly last seen. investigators hope the search would help them figure out whether something happened to gave at this location. they have not revealed anything that was found yet. alexis gabe was last seen back in january, investigators tracked down the driver who was caught on camera, avoiding a dui checkpoint on the peninsula. a 16 year old girl. girl. camera was rolling last week when a driver refused to cooperate at the site of the dui checkpoint in san carlos. as that vehicle approached the checkpoint, the driver backed into a ditch, turned around the vehicle and got away traveling the wrong way down the street. san mateo county sheriff's office. investigators say they tracked down the vehicle this morning. they also say the 16 year old girl admitted she was
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the driver when investigators spoke to her and her parents, the teenager could face a number of charges, including hit and run. resisting and obstructing a peace officer. that vehicle by the way was impounded. the worst case scenario would be allowing people back into their homes than having them to re evacuate . our priority is to get those neighborhoods repopulated, but until there was just just structures are addressed. we can't bring the residents any residents back into that area. first responders there in southern california, asking for patients tonight from people anxious to know how much damage they suffered from the coastal fire and evacuation order for 900 residents in that upscale community of laguna niguel remains in effect at least through tomorrow morning as crews tried to contain the fire officials say that that fire is now 15% contained 200 acres have burned 20 homes in the upscale community were destroyed. 11 others were damaged. one family returned to their home of 30 years to see that only a
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birdhouse had survived. really not at all. how to describe it. it's my parents' pride and joy. two firefighters were injured battling the fire and steep terrain. both are now out of the hospital. meantime crews out there on the front lines are bracing for hotter weather about to settle in in the coming days. and while the coastal fire gets a lot of attention tonight, cal fire is monitoring another active fire. the house fire started yesterday and fresno county after burning 171 acres. there is some good news to report this fire is now 70% contained. we have no word of any homes or businesses destroyed. that's also good news. katie was elissa harrington, though, spoke to bay area firefighters who say now is the time to prepare your home for future fires, and they've already made arrest and a series of arsons. when the first one went off. our son was sleeping, so we kind of panicked. a little bit pulls house is just up the hill from
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hillcrest park in antiochus, the place where someone set six fires over the weekend, we hear crackling my wife came up and we saw the smoke coming in the backyard. and then the following day we heard it a little bit louder because it was right at the bottom of the walkway here. you can see those burned areas of the park. flames raced up the hillsides and came within feet of homes. scary situation for us steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district , said cruz responded to 33 arsons across the county in just a 48 hour time span. investigators were able to track down and arrest four people believed to be the arsonist working separately, even though those fires were mostly set near homes and businesses. we were able to get on them quickly and keep them from getting into those structures, so no structures were affected or lost by any of those 33 fires, hill said. firefighters train year round and there's plenty that residents should do as well. for example, the weed abatement deadline in contra costa county
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has made 31st. this includes mandatory brush clearing and tree trimming. many neighborhoods are also in the wildland urban interface. these are areas where homes meet up with the wildlands and are surrounded by highly flammable vegetation. the fire yesterday and southern california is just another reminder that we are in dangerous fire weather here. not red flag weather, but nonetheless, the conditions on the ground are very dangerous because the fuel is so dry, and there's so much of it. many fire agencies around the bay area also do evacuation drill so that residents in those high risk areas know how to safely leave their homes and conquered. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. extreme drought is worsening across california. the drought monitors latest man there on the left shows the dark red area of extreme drought across much of the central valley and inland counties. the bay area. drought picture has not changed in the far northwest pacific storms had a positive
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effect. the drought monitor says the cooler temperatures help delay the melting of the shallow snowpack, which is at 22% of normal firefighters working to put out a massive wildfire. new mexico welcoming help from the bay area tonight. the governor's office of emergency services tweeted today. images of san francisco firefighters and fire fighters from rancho cucamonga who have been deployed to new mexico. firefighters will join hundreds of others to help knock this fire down. it's burned about 260,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes. the cause of this fire is not yet known. mad your. you're via in your violated. i mean, you're just angry. thieves target several bay area coin exchange sharps coming up how the operators of a couple of those businesses prevented them from getting anything and a big bus in san francisco gets fentanyl that could have killed more than 50,000 people off the street coming up the other drugs seized in the case.
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shoy area coin dealer and a woman says her family's to businesses have each been targeted by groups of thieves and a span of just two months. these criminals were not able to get inside. but as ktvu amberleigh reports, tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage was left behind. they dropped one crowbar forgot to pick it back up. and started
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working on my second interior door. jennifer shows me surveillance video of the attempted burglary at her family's store, martinez coin and jewelry exchange that took place tuesday around 3 40 in the morning. two thieves use crowbars to pry open the glass entrance store and a second interior door. a third suspect waited in a getaway car. you're mad. you're you're via your violated. i mean, you're just angry. jennifer says that thieves were unable to pry open at third door thanks to special reinforcement installed a week ago, she says that was done after their filet host store was severely damaged during an attempted burglary in march. also in the early morning hours, it's your living. it's your livelihood. and now you've got to deal with this in the middle of the night, she says the filet host store remains closed. she's still waiting to get the doors replaced due to supply chain issues. jennifer says she suspects that some of the same
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people are involved in both burglary attempts. 13 to 15 other corn stores in the bay area has been hit by thieves since march and that the suspect descriptions are similar that thieves were hoodies masks and use three ft. long bright yellow crowbars. it's not just a property crime. you know, we're talking six figure losses for some of these businesses. that's a lot of money. i want him arrested and i want him prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. jennifer says. this is an image of the suspect vehicle in the martinez incident of four door sedan with a paper license plate. it starts with the letter b and ends with an eight and zero, she says martinez police have been responsive. she and other business owners plan to meet with filet host city officials monday to get answers in martinez amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. we're learning more tonight about the kidnapping case of that three month old in san jose last month. prosecutors said today that the couple
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charged in that abduction yesenia ramirez and jose portillo tried to kidnap baby brandon at least three times. before successfully taken the child last month, and one instance instance, portillo is accused of posing as a worker with child protective services, but left when the family did not turn the boy over. there have been multiple attempts to kidnap brandon dough since the beginning of march and that they have been planning, coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march. officials say text messages between the two suspects revealed they were obsessed with the little boy. the couple is now facing additional kidnapping charges. jose gets a step closer. to bringing back cruising the city streets coming up what needs to happen next to lift the decades old man? we can corner. now it's warming up just in time for and we'll continue our coverage of asian american
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pacific islander heritage month with a look at tonight's kick off campus.
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liso crack down on drug dealers, including those selling the very dangerous fentanyl want to show you now. a photo of what officers at southern station seized from the suspect last night. busted your mission and seventh streets. take a look more than 112 g of fentanyl, several grams of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, as well as more than $500 in cash group of san jose city council members wants to make it possible for low riders. to start cruising the city streets again. the council's rules and open government committee has voted to get rid of the city's cruising ban. the city made it
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illegal to cruise in 1992 in an effort to crack down on criminal activity. and the kids are cruising said the ban discriminates against mexican american culture, which has a decades long history of cruising . san jose city council member raul perales spoke candidly today about his own experience with cruising ny he supports lifting the ban. over the years , i was stopped dozens of times by the police, and nearly every time i was made to sit on the curb while i and my car was searched. and i was questioned about my presumed gang involvement. the city's budget process will determine next month whether finds and no cruising signage should be removed. the san jose accused f misconduct both on and off duty . it began when rookie officer dijon packer died of a fentanyl overdose at his home. well, then another officer was turned in for allegedly being drunk at work. a third officer matthew dominguez, was arrested yesterday for allegedly touching
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himself in a home in front of three female relatives of a mentally ill man. san jose mayor sam liccardo is now calling for random drug and alcohol testing for all officers. nothing angers. a good cop more than a bad cop. and i know that the. overwhelming majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am. other misconduct allegations, including officer driving drunk and most recently, another officer, allegedly giving a meth pipe to an informant in exchange for information. well tonight. ukraine says that russian forces have hit more schools in central ukraine. shelling also continued against ukraine's second largest city kharkiv, where at least two people were killed. meantime kentucky senator rand paul delayed senate approval of a new bipartisan aid package for ukraine until next he says he's demanding an inspector general to oversee the spendi
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paul's objection is not expectee congressional committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol has subpoenaed house minority leader kevin mccarthy and four other gop lawmakers. this marks the first time the select committee has sent subpoenas to its own colleagues in the house. each of the republican lawmakers had been asked to testify voluntarily in front of the committee, but refused. if the members do not comply, the house could vote to hold them in contempt. or the weekend is just upon us are almost upon us. tomorrow is friday and working our way into the weekend. it's warming up. temperatures today were pretty much like yesterday. yesterday was the warm up if you remember we gained about five or 10 degrees yesterday. today flatlined and then tomorrow and saturday. go like this. they go up and then sunday temperatures kind of come down a little bit, but subtle. no rain in the forecast winds are going to be lighter should be a really nice spring weekend. we haven't really had a straight up. um
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kind of typical spring weekend. i think this will be it in terms of you know, sun sunshine, a little bit of breeze. typical spring temperatures, so live camera shot. you're looking at the port of oakland. there's a weather system to the north of us can kind of see it up here brought a few clouds. that's the reason we didn't warm up a bunch today just because it was so close to us, uh, tomorrow we won't have anything like that. tomorrow. we've got high pressure. firmly in charge, and that will create the winds. there's some wind conditions right now, exactly what you'd expect for this time of year, this time of night, just three miles an hour out in livermore. and then as you look at the current temperatures, it's not going to be as cold tonight as it was last night. we had little bit of wind last night. when that cold there was still lingering from that system that we had earlier this week. so tonight or tonight won't be as cold. current temperatures are running a little bit warmer than they were last night. so tomorrow friday, plenty of sunshine you wake up with temperatures like these. cold enough that you might need to sweatshirt as you head into work, but i don't think it's going to be cold enough that you
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would need it all day. certainly will be temperatures tomorrow being the seventies and even some low eighties oranges or eighties on this map. you can see that right there, and it's going to be a good one and warmer still, as we head into saturday, warmest day of the week. these are the forecast highs. 82 fairfield 81. antioch's and the five day forecasts warmest day of the week. saturday little cooler on sunday, monday and tuesday, but still nothing to really sneeze. that's gonna be pretty nice, nice weekend ahead with no rain on the horizon, but that's typical for this time of year. i'll see you back here. tomorrow. all right, bill. thanks so much. while traditional commencement ceremonies have returned at cal state east bay. i don't know. it is the first time that an in person graduation has been held there on the hayward campus since the start of the pandemic , the classes of 2020 and 2021 were recognized today. the youngest undergraduate receiving a diploma was 18 years old. the
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oldest 82 class of 2022 graduates will be honored tomorrow through sunday. rachael ations to offer them at 11 tonight. campus kicks off tonight. that's right. the festival is put on by the center for asian american media, and it's celebrating its 40th year the film festival opened up at the castro theater. with the screening of the documentary free chose solely it's about a korean immigrant who was wrongfully convicted of murder in san francisco's chinatown back in 1973 runs through may. 22nd this is the first time the festival will be in person since the pandemic. warriors acting head coach mike brown says there's no need to worry, jason appelbaum. we'll have live . brown remains so night against the grizzlies sports is coming up next. we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable!
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green everybody the warriors will try and put last night's debacle in the rear view mirror and close out their series with the grizzlies tomorrow night at home and tough to explain that 39 point loss in game five. one in which the warriors trailed by as many as 55 simply put. it was one of the most apathetic performances and warriors history, the warriors looked tired and uninterested while the grizzlies play desperate and hungry. but it's just one game steve kerr still out with covid , so mike brown will be running the show for the third straight games. i truly believe that, uh , our team that they'll be ready, they'll be focused. they understand how hard it is and to have our home crowd. uh supporting us tomorrow night is going to be a big big bonus. our favor. lawyers fans with a keen eye on this series, chris paul in the sun's hoping to close out their series with luca dancing,
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and the mavs and game six didn't happen all. mavs luca, don schick going posted up chris paul backs him down. he had 33 points. 11 rebounds, eight assists. mavs win 1 13 to 86. they forced a game seven back in phoenix on sunday. joel embiid and the sixers in the eastern conference trying to stay alive versus jimmy butler in the heat, but the heat were in control the whole way. jimmy butler. follows his own miss, with all the sixers standing around and then calmly drains the three with james harden guarding him. butler at 30 to harden was held scoreless in the second half. he went 99 to 90. they take the series four games to two. next up either the bucks or the celtics. the nfl schedule was released earlier today, and we've highlighted a few 49ers games for you. season opener september 11th on the road in chicago, right here on fox to
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their home opener is the following sunday against the rival seahawks. the nine week forward to monday night matchup against the defending super bowl champion l. a rams that levi's if you want to catch that game in person week, 11, you're going to have to travel to azteca stadium. because that game is in mexico city, also on monday night. and week. 17 is the 49ers at the raiders on new year's day , right off the vegas strip, and that's only here on fox to the a nine game losing streak is but a distant memory after oakland's highly successful trip to detroit. that looks good. i might go home. and but, yeah, no , i should never be the same after that bases loaded for christian bethancourt. and he delivers two runs come in to score in the form of jed lowry and sheldon noisy. it's three days, but the tigers tied up at three days. don't fold. seth brown. he's breaking the tie in the eighth with that blast to write a two run homer. brown's
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3rd 3rd home run of the season, the a's win 5 to 3 and they exit detroit. mike you mentioned it felt like they were all week. they were they don't want to leave 1 45 playing them. goodnight, everyone. thanks for goodnight, everyone. thanks for watching. good night. clive bixby. what a sexy surprise. - quick question-- - mm-hmm? did it hurt when you fell from heaven? because you... fell... i'm gonna come in again. we are watching baby joe on valentine's day so my dad and gloria can... - make love. - ew. don't. - oh. - the point is, we are celebrating a day early. so they can finally be intimate. you've more than made that point. i'm just saying it's a long wait after giving birth. - six weeks. - ugh. i couldn't keep my hands off this one for that long. (both chuckle) i can only imagine what jay's going through. i should check on the kids. haley took 'em to a movie. she's not even gonna answer. i know, but, sweetie, i have a good reason to worry. luke had that nasty nosebleed this morning, and alex, as usual, fainted. she's fine, and dunphy men get nosebleeds. i told you this when we got married. it was in my vows.


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