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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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thrn jose. the new information we're learning about what happened inside a small church that police say led to the child's killing, plus fighting inflation here in california is rising costs continue to affect everyone how the governor says he wants to use the state's budget surplus. to give californians some financial relief. and elon musk says he is putting his highly publicized bid to buy twitter on hold what he says about whether he thinks the deal will go through and the reason for the pause. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm ali rasmus. we begin right away with breaking news in san francisco, where several people had to be rescued from the fire. let's go to ktvu henry lee live at the scene with the latest on that investigation, henry, what can you tell us? yeah good afternoon. we're here at an active fire scene. take a look behind me. the original address of ellison with good has now
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been updated to 10 inca lane. this is a multi story. three level apartment complex where we've just learned that a total of seven people have been treated for various injuries. when firefighters arrived earlier this morning, they found harry smoke and flames at this location on ink. elaine. they did end up taking five of the seven people to hospitals. of those five who were transported. two are in critical condition, two in serious condition and one with relatively minor injuries. you take a look here where we have a map up effort active on scene when we got a couple of firefighters on the roof and ventilated this complex. it is way too early to talk about a cause of this fire when we arrived again heavy smoke and flames. bystander's video showed a lot of damage to this complex. we do not know. what started this fire. we do have our american red cross here on scene there, helping 18 people who were displaced from this building. so again. this is a
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two alarm fire here at 10 inca. this is right around the corner. from st mary's cathedral. investigation into the cause will begin after mop up. efforts here are completed live in san francisco. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. thank you new at noon . san jose police have now made two additional arrests for the death of a three year old child. the child's uncle, rene aaron hernandez santos in her grandfather, rene trigueros hernandez, were taken into custody this week. the child's mother, claudia hernandez. santos was arrested in january. all three are charged with child abuse that led to the death of the victim. according to court documents. the little girl was tortured and killed in september by her family as they performed an exorcism ritual. initial reports from the coroner's office that implicated the mother as well as a statement of facts that we collected in evidence in january were enough to arrest her. the follow up done by the full coroner's
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report, which was released just very recently. this as of this week, i believe was later implicated the two individuals that were arrested just two days ago. the killing happened inside a small scene as a church where trigueros hernandez was the leader. investigators are asking anyone with information about this case or similar incidents involving the suspects. contact the police. governor gavin newsom wants to use some of the state's budget surplus to help californians deal with inflation could mean hundreds of dollars in refunds and other benefits for some ktvu amanda quintana explains what that plan could include and why some believe it may only lead to higher prices in the long run. amanda governor newsom's budget briefing this morning, he announced the states operating surplus is $97.5 billion, he says no other state in history has had a surplus that large he wants to dedicate $18.1 billion of that to an inflation relief plan all about getting some of the states surplus back into californians pockets. the unfortunate thing is this is
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california you know, and everything is a lot more expensive compared to those other states where everything is a lot less expensive, is taking its toll on californians and grocery stores, electricity and water bills and especially at the gas pump. yeah governor gavin newsom wants to help dedicating $11.5 billion of his inflation relief plan to sending $400 payments to car owners. but some don't think that's enough like that. he's trying to help us out. but i heard it was going to be 400 or a couple of $100. what is that going to do for me ? maybe help me for a week or two, and then i go back to spending $150. so they should do something more than that. the governor's plan also has 2.7 billion going towards emergency rent assistance and 1.4 billion would help people with past due utility bills. 933 million would address the stress on hospital
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and nursing home staff giving out $1500 payments to those who cared for the sickest patients during the covid 19 pandemic. we're looking to provide stipends because we're losing staff. it's a real recruitment challenge, and that would be made worse if we don't focus on retention. the governor is also proposing 750 million for free public transit and other measures to pause the diesel sales tax for a year. make health insurance more affordable and wave childcare fees for low income families. those who oppose the plan, want to see money used for other things. and say the aid should only go to those in the greatest need if we're going to give money back to people, it should not be based on who owns a car. the embarcadero could be flooded the money bark. tunnels could be flooded up and down the state. we have major infrastructure needs. others suggest cutting the gas tax. instead of giving drivers a refund. but economics professor jim wilcox says that's
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a bad idea. one virtue of giving payments for people who have cars is it's not directly tied to the price of gasoline, and we want the high price of gasoline to actually discourage people from using as much gasoline. there are other proposals in the legislature that aim to distribute this money differently of all the confidence in the world will be able to square those modest differences and we'll come around to a number. in a strategy that's in the best interests of california's. my interest is to get the money out as quickly as possible. people are feeling deep stress deep anxiety. in addition to this, the state's minimum wage will raise to 15 50. that will happen on january 1st now that is required when inflation goes over 7% live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. amanda thank you. elon musk says he wants to clear out thousands of fake twitter
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accounts once he takes over the social media platform, but for now, he says he's temporarily pausing his bid to buy twitter reporter c. j. poppa explains what may be behind that move. elon musk $44 billion twitter deal is in flux that tesla ceo tweeting this morning. quote twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users. he linked to reuters story about and appeo question whether twitter was under reporting how do you explain the fact that many people on this network gained tens of thousands of followers and five minutes? i mean, are those real people that are just suddenly following or unfollowed people shortly after must said he's quote still committed to acquisition. mosque has said removing spam accounts from twitter will be one of his priorities when he takes over the platform before the opening bell, twitter and tesla stocks
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reacted sharply to the temporary hold. twitter shares plummeted about 20% while tesla's jumped 5. musk has sold off more than $8 billion of tesla shares to finance his twitter purchase negotiation tactic to bring the price down lower and for him to scoop it up. cheaper the billionaires. tweet comes amid turbulent time for twitter. on thursday, the social media company fired two of its top managers there, also pausing most hiring and pulling back on non labor cost to ensure they are being responsible. and efficient. twitter ceo says the company has not hit revenue milestones this year after investing to expand its user base c j. poppa ktvu, fox two news new at noon, bay area health officers are urging the public to take more precautions as covid cases rise today, the 12 bay area health officers from the counties in our area stressed the importance of taking safety measures like wearing masks while indoors. the bay area is now considered a covid hot spot with one of the
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state's highest infection rates. health officials have also seen increased levels of virus in wastewater samples that they've been studying during the pandemic. although health officers did add that while cases have gone up hospitalizations so far have had only modest increases. health officials say the actual case rates may be higher than reported due to the popularity of at home testing. firefighters in orange county are gaining ground on a destructive wildfire in the upscale community of laguna niguel. nearly gonna beach the coastal fire now 15% contained after burning more than 200 acres. the fire has destroyed 20 homes in seriously damaged 11. others one family returned home yesterday to discover only a birdhouse had survived the flames and evacuation order for 900 residents in the area remains in effect, at least for the next several hours. as firefighters tried to get a containment line around the fire. one firefighter was injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a coalition of families, teachers and community groups has filed a lawsuit against the oakland unified
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school district over its plan to close schools. the suit claims that those closures will cause environmental harms to black and latino communities. the lawsuit accuses the district of violating the california environmental quality act because it didn't analyze the environmental impact of those school closures. the justice for oakland students coalition says the school closures will lead to increased traffic and pollution. as students who currently walk or bike to their neighborhood. schools will now have to commute often by car. passengers heading out of sfo had a messy start to their morning from network issues to cancel flights. many passengers found themselves scrambling to get onboard, ktvun line at terminal one here at the southwest ticket counter are frustrated for a number of different reasons they did not expect their morning at the airport to start off as rough as it did today. you could call it a superstition, but there was plenty of friday. the 13th bad luck at sfo this morning, the first round of issues starting just before seven a.m. the airport reported network issues
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, preventing their ticket counters from checking passengers into flights or checking bags that only affected american jet blue and southwest airlines customers alone. southwest dozens of times it's insulting. that issue lasted about an hour. around that time , many customers began dealing with some flight cancelations. people in line, frustrated over a last minute canceled flight to southern california from southwest airlines o'clock in the morning. to get here for an eight o'clock flight. jamie cotton and her friends had a trip to l. a plan for the last year, they had already checked their bags and walk to the boarding gate before finding out there wasn't a flight for them. it is a very pressuring day. so now five of us have to pack into a car. and drive seven hours to get to disney and check into a hotel and probably missed out on a whole day. sfo says it's network issues did not affect flights. southwest directed passengers to gate agents and online flight change forms. it's a friday the 13th these people will remember as they hope their
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bad luck turns around. at sfo. i'm james ford. still to come. at noon, president biden takesnn acres in alaska, his decision that comes as americans pay record high prices at the pump plus store shelves finally be restocked with enough baby formula. it could be months. the white house is now trying to speed that up lauren blanchard in washington. i'll have the latest on the baby formula shortage coming up. a notable warm up around the bay area. have a look at the temperatures expected for today, and how long expected for today, and how long this trend is goin pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water.
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maya source of stress and panic for new parents across the us lauren blanchard reports from washington, dc, to explain what led to the shortage and what the federal government is trying to do about it. it could be two months at least before products from a currently shuttered baby formula plant in michigan makes it two shelves. the white house announced steps they say will help like speeding up production at other plants and importing more formula. the president is going to continue to use every tool we have. in order to bridge that gap, and this has been work that has been underway for weeks and months. now however, right now there is little relief for desperate parents. it's really scared. i was in tears and the
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aisles at all the stories just kind of panicking shortages impacting most states with at least a 40% out of stock rate, according to data assembly. some states have more than 50% of their shelves wiped clean. it's affecting all moms. it doesn't matter if you have the financial means or not, doctors warned parents against watering down formula or turning to the internet for homemade recipes. amount of protein fats, minerals , salts, things like that have to be very precise. and so in the baby, if you get that wrong, there's a lot of risks. republicans have also begun to knock the bottom administration for what they say is a too little too late approach to the formula shortage. a florida congresswoman tweeting a photo of formula had a migrant detention center at the southern border. it's just infuriating because again, this is putting american moms, dads and kids last. the president also sent a letter to the federal trade commission asking them to crack down on price gouging both in stores and online. in washington
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. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. here at home in the bay area. you can see the sun shining through the windows here behind me, rosemary looking at some nice spring like conditions outside our doors today, what's in store for us this week? we're r to the coast low sixties, so we will have that span and as we get into your bay area weekend temperatures are expected. to climb giving you a look here over san francisco, a beautiful one with mostly blue skies, even the coast, enjoying some blue sky at this time again, we are looking at temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above yesterday's highs. tomorrow right now looks like it is going to be the warmest day of the weekend storm tracker to showing you where the storm is to the north of us. we've got a little bit going on over areas of the pacific northwest and northern california but for the bay area, we are dry. we are quiet. we're going to remain that way wins a generally light out there a lot lighter than what we have seen over the last couple of days. fairfield reporting calm
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conditions right now. nevada reporting 13 oakland at 10 in concord, at five. meanwhile the temperatures definitely the big story up by 11 degrees over areas of concord up by 11 over santa rosa. seven sfo half moon bay five degrees warmer than yesterday. half moon bay low sixties for you at this time 64 in san francisco as well as oakland, you go inland. it's a beautiful day in walnut creek at 75 in the north bay, 71 in napa and 71 in the south bay of san jose. here's a look at the future cast. we do have that possibility of a little bit of patchy fall. you can see moving closer to the coast as we get closer to sunset sunset these days, right around 8 11 or so depending on where you live, and then tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with a little bit of fog along the coastline, perhaps some just inside the bay. it doesn't last, though we do expect a partly cloudy to mostly clear skies away from the coast. will go partly sunny for the coast and temperatures a little bit warmer than where we will stand at this afternoon. here's a comparison from yesterday into today yesterday, santa rosa 70
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degrees today. going to 80 sixties in oakland today, 74. we've got 80 degrees expected in concord and san jose. you're looking at 78 so definitely going to fill it. here's a better look around. 64 expected for pacifica today in the north by 80 degrees napa's while the santa rosa for the south 80 degrees in morgan hill. temperatures warmer tomorrow. then we cool things back just a little bit for the end of the weekend. more on this coming up in just a bit. rosemary thank you still to come at noon. new developments in the case of w. n b a star britney griner, who is being held in russia. we'll tell you about a major delay in her case and what her team, the phoenix, mercury
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pree decision on monday after meeting for the first time since the leak of the draft opinion that suggested the court is prepared to overturn roe v. wade that abortion cases among 37 cases the court could decide on the summer. yesterday san jose state university hosted a panel of reproductive law experts to talk about the far reaching effects if federal abortion protections are eliminated. if an embryo and implanted embryo is a person, then we have freezers full of people all over the country, people who have never been born, some of whom are decades old now , um not every embryo that's created with assisted reproductive technology is implanted. we tend to have more embryos than we need and so will
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people be a four be forced to adopt these embryos? will embryos be forcibly implanted in people? these are some of the legal changes that we anticipate. san jose state assistant professor grace howard says other rights, such as gay marriage and legal birth control could also be affected if roe is overturned. in international news. finland's announcement it wants to join nato is prompting a threatening response from russia. tray yanks reports from kiev, ukraine. yeah more military threats from russia as fighting intensifies on day 79 of the war in ukraine. moscow issuing a new warning to finland, a day after the country announced plans to apply for nato membership after decades of neutrality, the russians suggesting the move could spark a new military build up in the north finland on the front lines. this will necessitate certain military technical measures like improving or raising the degree. of oh defense preparations along the finnish border. ukrainian forces
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still have the russians on the run in the north, and new satellite images show a renewed offensive to retake snake island , a strategic target that could limit russia's control over the ukrainian coastline. and while russia is making minor gains in the south, ukraine's lines are largely holding very much an artillery war in the sense that the russians have a preponderance of artillery. and it's very good, but their ground forces cannot fight effectively . meanwhile here in kiev, the first war crimes trial of a russian soldier opened on friday , the 21 year old sergeant admitted he shot a civilian. he says he was only following orders. he's facing life in prison, but his lawyer says it's not clear how the court will rule because this is the first case of its kind is the first time this article of the criminal code is under court hearing. this is the first case there is no case law. ukraine's top prosecutor says she's investigating more than 10. 1000 alleged war crimes by russian forces. and keep trying. angst ktvu fox two news. says it will
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extend the detention of w. n b a star britney griner for another 30 days. griner appeared in a moscow courtroom earlier this morning. she has been jailed since february, 17th. when she was arrested at the airport in moscow. her attorney says the fact that the extension was for only a month may indicate that at least her trial could begin soon, her teammates on the phoenix mercury say they know they have to move on with the season without her. their preparation is underway for the upcoming w. n b a season. the coach says. it's tough. we are all concerned about her and quote president biden is canceling oil and gas drilling leases in the gulf of mexico and on the alaskan coast. the current five year drilling program expires at the end of this june. trade groups have been pushing for a replacement plan. but the department of the interior says in that area. sine the land wasn't currently being leased. the d the amount of crul available. the cancelation is welcome news to environmental groups, but republicans are
12:26 pm
attacking the move because of high gas prices. and speaking of gas prices right here at home in the bay area, they are hitting record highs, according to triple a the average price of a gallon of gas across the nine bay area counties is $6 that is up two cents from yesterday. san mateo county has the highest prices in the bay area at $6.08 . meanwhile cities of san francisco, san jose and oakland have all hit record highs today with san francisco the highest gas there is $6.07 a gallon well still to come in. at noon, the mayor of san jose and the police chief, speaking out about allegations of police officer misconduct, the demand for change after several officers are now under investigation. and new details, details about two people charged with kidnapping a baby in the south bay what investigators say text messages reveal about their previous troubling behavior.
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we e hour. firefighters still on the scene of a fire at ellis street at an apartment building, according to san francisco fire department. five people had to be rescued, seven were injured and five of those injured. had to go to the hospital. one of the people is in critical condition, too, had moderate injuries and one had minor injuries. firefighters say they face some big challenges when they arrived because the fire
12:30 pm
was quickly spreading. witnesses describe it as a very chaotic scene. i saw the smoke, and then the fire truck started arriving . and as i'm walking down the block, they're bringing up one lady that was burned really bad on her face and hands. she was, like, 80 years old or something, and they brought another lady out who had smoked clearly on her face. then they brought another lady out who was just like shaking up. i don't know what happened with her. and then i mean, this place was an inferno. it was going up really bad, really bad. there's no word yet on how the fire started, but firefighters believe it may have started in the bottom floor of the building people are being told to avoid the area will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as it becomes available. and if you see a lot of smoke in the dublin pleasanton area, don't be alarmed. it's because of a training burn happening at camp parks. these photos were tweeted out by the alameda county fire department that burn will continue until two o'clock this afternoon. so if you're in that area, be prepared to see smoke. and again. don't be concerned. it's a controlled burn training exercise. and if you're in hercules or rodeo, you might see
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smoke and flames from interstate 80. the rodeo hercules fire department is also doing a controlled burn. this is also part of a training exercise for that fire department. philips 66 refinery and other agencies that burn scheduled to last until one o'clock. here's a look at some of our top stories at this half hour. san jose police have now made two more arrests in connection with the death of a three year old child, the child's uncle rene aaron hernandez santos in her grandfather, rene trigueros. hernandez, were taken into custody this week. the child's mother, claudia hernandez. santos was arrested in january. all three are charged with child abuse leading to the death of the three year old girl. the new arrest follows the release of a full coroner's report, according to court documents. the little girl was tortured and killed in september by her family as they performed an exorcism ritual. governor newsom says the state budget surplus now a record high 97 a half billion dollars that's up from the $30 billion they were projecting back. in january this morning, the governor unveiled a revised budget plan
12:32 pm
of just more than $300 billion for the next fiscal year. that is the highest in state history . his budget proposal calls for getting some of the service giving some of the surplus back to californians. it dedicates $18.1 billion to a inflation relief plan. the governor's plan also has $2.7 billion for emergency rental assistance. 1.4 billion to help people with past due utility bills. elon musk's $44 billion twitter deal is on pause. the tesla ceo tweeted this morning that quote twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam and fake accounts represent less than 5% of users and quote he linked to reuters study about a quarterly report from the social media company. and appeared to question whether twitter was under reporting the number of fake accounts it has. shortly afterwards, musk said he is quote still committed to acquisition must have said we're moving spam accounts from twitter will be one of his priorities when he takes over
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the social media company. demolition continues in san jose at the building where the wta mass shooting happened last year. today the outside of that building will be demolished after the interior was torn down yesterday. this says it's been almost one year since nine people were shot and killed in that tragedy. employee chris watts, who was there on that day, says the building reminds him of the terrible violence and the loss of that day. i think we've never ever got back to our regular lives. we have a sense of loss. um, hold that hasn't been filled. there's no word yet on what will replace the building, but employees hope it will include a memorial to honor the people who were killed. in the last two months. at least five south bay police officers were accused of inappropriate behavior or criminal activity. the latest centers, a police officer accused of misconduct involves an officer who is accused of exposing himself while on the job. he was charged in that crime yesterday. and the police chief in san jose, walked him right out the departmentme y
12:34 pm
lee says the police chief plan a steady drumbeat in recent weeks . allegations of misconduct by young san jose police officers, drug and alcohol use lewd acts and other misconduct both on and off duty. we have a serious problem in this j p d requires remedial action immediately. a mayor sam liccardo, is calling for random drug and alcohol testing for all officers, not just ones in specialty units. nothing angers. a good cop more than a bad cop. and i know that the. overwhelming majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am it began with revelations that rookie officer dijon packer had died from a fentanyl overdose at his home in milpitas, a startling turn for the former san jose state football star. then another officer turned in by an fbi agent for allegedly being drunk while helping the search for a kidnapped baby boy. a third officer, matthew dominguez, was arrested thursday and charged
12:35 pm
with indecent exposure for literally touching himself in a home in front of three female relatives of a mentally ill man. 1/4 officer, yannick mendez was cited and released for dui after the chp says he caused a crash on 8 80 near tennyson hayward before dawn friday, and most recently revelations that the fifth officer had improperly given a meth pipe for information. we really need to take a hard look at our hiring standards. or backgrounding process. sergeant sean pritchard, head of the police union, says these officers facing allegations don't represent the hardworking officers in the department. some of these are absolutely very serious criminal allegations and again if they're proven to be true, then these individuals do not belong in law enforcement. they are susceptible to all the evils in the world, just as we all are. and what happens when they become a place officer. they are held to a higher standard. this is san jose police chief anthony marra walking officer matthew
12:36 pm
dominguez out of the department after the four year veteran was charged with indecent exposure, the chief officers accountable. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the oakland police department just moved a step closer to getting out from under federal oversight. yesterday a federal judge ruled that the oakland police department can start a one year probation period to prove it can obey and follow the required reforms that they have made over the last 20 years. and last month, a federal monitor said that the police department now complies with 51 out of 52. of the necessary reform items. the police department is still in the process of creating equal disciplinary measures for police officers. the probationary period starts on june 1st. now to new developments in the case of a woman in the east bay who's been missing since january. oakley police detectives now have a search for water search warrant for the home of alexis gabes ex boyfriend investigators searched that home in eniac yesterday, looking for new evidence. gabe was last seen at her ex boyfriend's home before she disappeared. investigators
12:37 pm
have not said anything about what they may have found. we're learning more about the kidnapping case of a three month old baby in san jose last month . ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us. two people charged with that kidnapping had already made several attempts to take the same child. it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parent's worst nightmare during court proceedings thursday in san jose , santa clara county prosecutors slept yesenia ramirez and jose patio with three more counts of attempted kidnapping. there's a difference between allegations and facts. we have allegations right now, the actual substantive evidence that would presumably underlie these charges has not been provided. the newly alleged crimes occurred before the pair was caught and charged with the april 24th kidnapping of three month old baby brandon dough. san jose police evidence from text messages show the pair had tried to carry out the crime at least three times starting in march. in one instance, portillo went to the child's home posing
12:38 pm
as a child protective services worker. but he left when the family didn't turn the baby over . there have been multiple attempts to kidnap brandon dough since the beginning of march and that they have been planning coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march, ultimately did kidnap the child, touching off a near 20 hour search in late april. the baby was found at a home near regional medical center and returned to his mother. investigators say ramirez orchestrated the plan and patio is the person seen iny clients terrified. i mean, she's sittinl status. she doesn't even have the opportunity to post bail. we are at the district attorney's office determined to see justice for brandon dough as well as on behalf of the community. a plea hearing is scheduled bail at tht time or put it off until another date as it stands right now. both defendants were being held without bail. outside the hall
12:39 pm
of justice here in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news proposal in the state legislature to let children between 12 and 17 years old get vaccinated without their parents' permission is moving forward. the bill passed in the state senate yesterday. it now heads to the assembly for consideration. advocates for the bill say there are children who want to get vaccines but can't because their parents either won't take them or don't approve. right now. children between 12 and 17 years old can only make their own medical decisions for things like the hpv vaccine and some reproductive and mental health care services. students in berkeley are being asked to mask up for the rest of the school year. the brooklyn unified school district says they have seen an increase in covid cases, so they want students to wear a mask to try and prevent the spread of the virus as the school year ends. it's not mandatory, but the district says they want as many students to stay healthy and attend graduation and end of year ceremonies. traditional commencement ceremonies have returned at cal state east bay.
12:40 pm
lovely to hear pomp and circumstance again. it's the first time an in person graduation has been held on its hayward campus since the start of the pandemic, the classes of 2020 and 2021 were recognized yesterday. they did honor the 2021 graduates with a car mince meant, but i didn't come to that. so i haven't had any sort of ceremony to celebrate. i didn't go out to dinner or anything. i was saving it all for this moment, so i'm really excited that it's finally here. graduates range in age from 18 to 82 years old. more in person ceremonies will continue today, with the class of 2022 graduates being honored through the weekend into sunday. opens mills college is set to hold its last commencement tomorrow as an independent women's college. the ceremony will be the last before mills merges with northeastern university. the merger comes after years of financial strain and budget deficits amid declining enrollment at mills. mills was founded in 18 52. it
12:41 pm
survived global conflicts and dramatic social changes. earlier on mornings onto the nine i spoke with the president of mills college, elizabeth hillman . she says she believes the merger is the best option going forward. we were founded in 18 52 as a seminary. um we weren't here in oakland. at that point in time. we didn't grant degrees until later in the 19th century. we didn't have graduate programs until early in the 20th century. um we didn't have a racially exclusive and anti racism goal until very recently. so actually , mills has already changed woro take its values and its mission to a larger group of students. who are interested in joining us here in oakland to learn more to experience the world and to solve some of the toughest problems that we have out there . the merger with boston based northeastern university takes full effect in july. points out , targeted by seems in the bay area tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage left behind at some stores have some of those businesses were able to prevent the thieves from getting
12:42 pm
inside. a significant warmup felt over the bay area this afternoon, with temperatures continuing to climb into part of the weekend. better details on what you can expect for your bay area weekend.
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i needed him to be here. protect it with bayer aspirin. before you begin an aspirin regimen. say they have seen an increase in thieves targeting their business. ktvu amberleigh spoke with the owner of one business who says she is alarmed by this recent trend. they dropped one
12:45 pm
crowbar forgot to pick it back up. and started working on my second interior door. jennifer shows me surveillance video of the attempted burglary at her family's store, martinez coin and jewelry exchange that took place tuesday around 3 40 in the morning. two thieves use crowbars to pry open the glass entrance store and a second interior door. a third suspect waited in a getaway car. you're mad. you're. you're via your violated. i mean, you're just angry. jennifer says that thieves were unable to pry open at third door thanks to special reinforcement installed a week ago, she says that was done after their filet host store was severely damaged during an attempted burglary in march. also in the early morning hours, it's your living. it's your livelihood. and now you've got to deal with this in the middle of the night, she says the filet host store remains closed. she's still waiting to get the doors replaced due to supply chain
12:46 pm
issues. jennifer says she suspects that some of the same people are involved in both burglary attempts. she says 13 to 15 other corn stores in the bay area had been hit by thieves since march and that the suspect descriptions are similar that thieves were hoodies masks and use three ft. long bright yellow crowbars. it's not just a property crime. you know, we're talking six figure losses for some of these businesses. that's a lot of money. i want him arrested and i want him prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. jennifer says. this is an image of the suspect vehicle in the martinez incident of four door sedan with a paper license plate. it starts with the letter b and ends with an eight and zero, she been responsive. she and other business owners plan to meet with filet host city officials monday to get answers in martinez amberleig two news. we'll get your costumes r years, runners will
12:47 pm
line up at main and howarden tat hill before ending at the great highway in ocean beach. some runners dress for performance in the race, others the racist performance art, and they wear their creative and crazy costumes. some participants as we know where their birthday suits it's running nothing at all. so be prepared. bart and caltrain will provide additional train sunday morning for the race. bart says it will provide four additional trains that will arrive at the embarcadero station at seven. a.m. caltrain will have two special trains running early sunday morning. let's get one last quick check on the weather is going to be like with meteorologist rosemary oroczo. yes it's going to be a nice weekend in san francisco alley. we have temperatures warming up over what we had yesterday. already anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer outside our door at this time and will continue that trend into your afternoon with additional warming expected for saturday. here's a look. over san francisco. a lot of
12:48 pm
blue sky out there we do have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies from the coast around the bay and in limb and storm tracker to showing you where we do still see a little bit of rain and activity going on the pacific northwest all the way into northern california. but for us, it's quiet as we move through your afternoon and into the evening hours may have some fog develop along the coastline , and then into tomorrow mo not really expected to last a whole long into the afternoon as we are looking at mostly sunny skies for the afternoon and temperatures warmer, but along the coastline, it will be sort of a back and forth will see clouds in the morning and then a little bit of afternoon sunshine. and then as we get closer to sunset right about 8 11 will see those clouds return. the winds are a little breezy in some areas, but not nearly as bad as we have seen. in earlier in the week. happen, bay reporting. 18 mph san jose, reporting of wind gusts to 20 over areas of the north bay generally light at this time, but again, the numbers
12:49 pm
definitely feeling a difference out there in the sense of just that warmth 64 in san francisco 64 in oakland right now, low seventies and napa mid seventies and walnut creek, 71 over san jose, so very mild weather. feels pretty good out there. and if you take a look at the comparison, we go from being well below average over the last few days to well above average 80 expected for santa rosa today , upper sixties and san francisco 80 degrees in livermore as well, a better look at some of the afternoon highs. 76 in san rafael along the peninsula 77 in redwood city, and some of our warmer locations today 82 for antioch's 80 degrees expected in concord. if you're going to see that is play a little bit later today, mostly sunny skies 64 degrees at game time at 6 40. there will be a west breeze, though to about 20 mph, so perhaps a few extra layers, even a jacket. will be nice as you get into the evening hours. things will begin to cool off. if you're going to tahoe for the weekend. we've got upper fifties to near 60 degrees out there right now, but take a look
12:50 pm
at what is expected for the weekend. some beautiful weather over tahoe seventies in the afternoons, upper thirties to start the day, both saturday and sunday. the extended forecast for us temperatures will continue to warm. in fact, it's going to be a bit toasty. for inland cities come tomorrow upper eighties in the forecast low eighties around the bay upper sixties at the coast doesn't last, though. temperatures drop off as we get into the back end of your weekend, and we kind of remain with this very mild pattern all the way through tuesday. upper seventies too low eighties expected for inland cities seventies around the bay. ali looks very nice. we'll take it rosemary oroczo. wants to revive a plan to build housing at the site the owner wants to build as many as 3000 units of housing around the mall, which is adjacent to san francisco state university. this week, the san francisco planning department held a meeting to get public comment on the proposal. there's still a ways to go until the project would be approved, but if it is the owners hope to break ground in 2024 the peninsula town of atherton will consider allowing the
12:51 pm
construction of town homes for the first time and it's 99 year history. the san francisco chronicle reports that atherton's mayor is considering a plan that would allow for the construction of as many as 10 units on a one acre parcel. all california cities are under a state order to increase housing or face stiff fines. some of the penalties could even include having the state take control of zoning. atherton is home to the most expensive zip code in the country. still to come at noon, putting the focus on scooter safety in san francisco, the new technology that's designed to keep pedestrians and writers keep pedestrians and writers what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma
12:52 pm
that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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12:54 pm
futures the sidewalks and on city streets. ktvu christien kafton heard from scooter companies about some of the technologies. they now have to make sure that happens. san francisco streets bustle with activity, cars, walkers,
12:55 pm
bicyclists, and now scooters, all sharing the same. roadways are also scary and can be hazardous for pedestrians on sidewalks, particularly older adults. people with disabilities. disability advocate nicole bond says she's not opposed to scooters but says they belong on the road herself was hit by a scooter, which broke her ankle scooters can reach speeds of 15 mph or more too fast, she says. for sidewalks that is part of how i was injured because they were going are too fast and because because of that my bones broke major scooter companies, lime scoot and spin are now unveiling their new technology aimed at keeping the scooters off the sidewalks. the systems allow the scooters to buzz along in the green lane, but slow to five mph if they cross onto the sidewalk. lyman scoot demonstrated a highly accurate gps system scoot , saying it's system is accurate to within about four inches. what that means. is that when
12:56 pm
you ride the scooter up onto the sidewalk. it detects that change using gps, and then it slows down and stops. spin taking another approach, using a camera capable of telling the difference between the sidewalk and the road. assisting the company says is about 90% accurate, camera based system usingomputer vision. ai is going to better learn the algorithm of what infrastructure looks like in san francisco and be able to adapt and scale citywide companies have already rolled out their safety innovations on a limited number of scooters says at this point, there is no deadline for their entire fleets to be equipped with the sidewalk detection technology. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. well, get ready. the warriors have a chance to close out their series against the grizzlies tonight at chase center in san francisco, the warriors looking to bounce back after a 39 point loss in game
12:57 pm
five, at one point, the warriors trailed by as much as 55. tonight coach steve kerr is still out with covid so mike brown will be running the show for the third straight game. i truly believe that, uh, our team, they'll be ready, they'll be focused. they understand how hard it is and to have our home crowd. uh supporting us tomorrow night is going to be a big, big bonus or favor. tip off is seven o'clock tonight. some tickets on the resale market are going for about $180. the team will also be hosting a free watch party outside chase center. the 49ers kick off their regular season. right here on ktvu fox tube. they are on the road against the chicago bears. sunday, september 11th. the niners this season, have a thursday night game along with two games on sunday and monday nights. some of the matchups on ktvu include playing against the kansas city chiefs, the los angeles rams and tom brady's tampa bay buccaneers on december 11th. if you're looking for a road game to attend the 49ers will ring in the new year in las vegas. against the
12:58 pm
raiders festival put on by the center for asian american media , called camp fest is celebrating its 40th year in san francisco. the festival opened with the screening of the documentary free choice uli at the castro theater last night. the film is about a korean immigrant who was wrongfully convicted of a murder in san francisco's chinatown in 1973. our film had a hometown. it's san francisco. i mean, this is where the original incident started that said charles sousa , path of the way it did. it's where he came in. when he first came to america, and it's where parts of the movement really sort of sprung up to free him. so yeah, i know it's we're just so honored to be here. camp fest runs through may 22nd, a south bay tattoo removal business, is celebrating friday the 13th with a special promotion. the ink off me shop in san jose is removing tattoos for just $13 today. the company has only been open for three months and hopes this will bring in some new customers off me, says $13 is a good deal
12:59 pm
because it usually costs a lot more to remove some of those late night mistakes or reminders of failed relationships. more people than ever are getting tattoos, and that means that more people than ever also wanting to get them removed. so you know we're here for all your late night mistakes or maybe a relationship that didn't work out something that has you know , some meaning behind it that you want to get rid of, or we're here to help with all of those things. ink off me, says the $13 tattoo removal prices for people with tattoos that are the size of a business card or smaller. this weekend weekend all catch a glimpse of a total lunar eclipse . sunday nights. eclipse will be a super flower blood moon and will turn scarlet red eclipse will start just after 6 30. before the moon rises here in the bay area, so once it comes into view at 804, it will already be partially covered. astronomers with the chabot space and science center say ideal viewing spots include skyline boulevard in the east bay. inspiration point near tilden park in berkeley or off
1:00 pm
highway 92 on the peninsula. and we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download >> this is one of the most luxurious looking pastas i have ever seen. >> we're dishing up lemonade, pasta primavera, perfection. >> we brought the party to the good dish. the last thing that you want to add is the lemons, because it's a subtle sweetness in there. it's buttery, it's creamy. and the secret to making these epic potato and zucchini chips. a glass of wine, a bowl of these. game over. that's next. daphne: let's dish! the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. [laughter] gail: everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also i'm mom trying to get dinner on the table. jamika: from hollywood to home, i bring southern sweet


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