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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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warriors. now why do you say that? because i want them to win tonight we're playing is young, smart, alec. but you know we can deal with that. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four well, there is a lot on the line for the warriors. they're up 3 to 2 in the series. welcome to the four. i'm jana katsuyama everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. today's game comes after that embarrassing blowout loss for the warriors in memphis on wednesday night, but tonight's another night ktvu is jesse gary. he's live inside the chase center with a little preview with the yellow type. well done, sir. take it away. frank thank you very much came after. what what happened wednesday? i don't even remember wednesday. this is not wednesday. this is friday. so let's get it done. we're live inside the chase center where the dance team ends. dance team going through some of their paces, i guess stretching and warming up as the players will
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do in just a little while. meanwhile outside fans are soaking up the vibe and they are getting ready. as well. and of course, there are a lot of questions that are on the table as we end our work week. the week began with the gritty group of warriors who pulled out a hard fought victory in game four. or will we see the squad that got, as frank says, embarrassed on the memphis floor wednesday, losing 1 34 to 95? or will we see the championship stock that has brought golden state to the nba summit before? can they do it again and advanced tonight to the conference finals? fans we spoke to outside are optimistic tonight. friday we end the week with the warriors win. number one just to feel the vibe of, you know, the start of city and number two. we gotta get here for steph curry's warm up. i mean, one of the iconic things in basketball history. i expect him to go close game. but you know what? they're not going back. lawyers are gonna come out. nervous. but at the end the
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dna championship blood will come out. go warriors. now why do you say that? because i want them to win tonight, but we're gonna need to win. yes listen, game five wasn't was not pretty was that it's gonna be pretty tonight. why are you so confident faith. i'm going to change one word and all of that. not nervous, anxious, excited and ready to get it started. they turned the music on. so you know what's starting to get get pumped up in here. we're going to come back at five o'clock with more little bit more analysis on the game and what the warriors have to do to secure the victory. take this. for game. to two. then look for. to the con. final. that's coming. up at five. for now. up just maybe a little bit. you maybe the good luck charm. okay
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yes, i hope so. nice job. thanks so much. well if you are lucky enough to have a ticket to the game today, you might consider wearing a mask. in a rare move all bay area health officers except solano counties, issued a joint statement today strongly up indoors. area has thestart highest infection rate of any region in california. coming up in about 15 minutes, we'll hear more from ucsf's doctor peter chin hong. and now to our frightening ordeal in san francisco, where several elderly residents had to be rescued from a fast moving fire at their apartment building in the western addition, ktv reporter henry lee is there. after speak. of those who helped residents those flames. behind me. but luckily thankfully to witnesses
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who are teachers next door jumped in to help. only the first cell phone video shows flames shooting out from a senior citizen coop in san francisco's western addition, i heard the fires and then i saw flames coming out of all the windows on fire broke out about 10 in the morning and spread quickly through the wood frame building. it was scary to see seniors stuck on balconies. million vincent our teachers at rosa parks elementary school next door, they rushed over to help. evacuate residence. glad we're alive. solves as heroes for teachers, so we care about other people. i think hopefully anybody would do the same thing. it was a very fast moving fire, and it's rare for fire during the day to get this much headway before we arrived, deputy chief of our past says firefight and goods work together. to rescue
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and treats seven who were hurt. in the fire. on inca. lane. ellison, laguna. hospitals to were reported to be in critical condition while the others had minor to moderate injuries. one witness says he saw a woman in her eighties being taken out with burn injuries, and this place was an inferno. it was going to really bad i've never seen anybody burned in a fire. but it was she was somebody saying movies. was burned, really. bad. because of fire. under. it's smoke and fire damage. the red cross helped 18 residents who were displaced. kathy billups is president of the co ops board. well i hope we get the building back together and fix six. we do have insurance. so they could come back to their home. now the streets were
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reopened in the last fire trucks left about an hour ago. the firefighters have gone but right now replaced by restoration experts and insurance folks right now, investigators are still working to determine the cause live in san francisco, henry lee ktvu fox studios. alright henry lee for us in san francisco, henry thank you. governor gavin newsom laid out his proposal today for how he liked to allocate california's $300 billion budget. it is the largest budget in state history and california has benefited from an unexpected rise in revenue. that's given the state and $97.5 billion surplus. the governor. spending plan includes gas rebate checks for drivers and other ways to help californians deal with inflation. ktvu amanda quintana has the details. the unfortunate thing is this is california you know, and everything is a lot more expensive compared to those other states where everything is a lot less expensive, is taking its toll on californians and grocery stores, electricity and
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water bills and especially at the gas pump. so governor gavin newsom wants to help dedicating $11.5 billion of his inflation relief plan to sending $400 payments to car owners. but some don't think that's enough like that. he's trying to help us out. but i heard it was going to be 400 or a couple of $100. what is that going to do for me ? maybe help me for a week or two, and then i go back to spending $150. so they should do something more than that. the governor's plan also has 2.7 billion going towards emergency rent assistance and 1.4 billion would help people with past due utility bills. 933 million would address the stress on hospital and nursing home staff giving out $1500 payments to those who cared for the sickest patients during the covid 19 pandemic. we're looking to provide stipends because we're losing staff. it's a real recruitment challenge, and that would be
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made worse if we don't focus on retention. the governor is also proposing 750 million for free public transit and other measures to pause the diesel sales tax for a year. make health insurance more affordable and wave childcare fees for low income families. those who opposed the plan, want to see money used for other things. and say the aid should only go to those in the greatest need if we're going to give money back to people, it should not be based on who owns a car. the embarcadero could be flooded the money bark. tunnels could be flooded up and down the state. we have major infrastructure needs. others suggest cutting the gas tax instead of giving drivers a refund. but economics professor jim wilcox says that's a bad idea. one virtue of giving payments for people who have cars is it's not directly tied to the price of gasoline, and we want the high price of gasoline to actually discourage people
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from using as much gasoline. there are other proposals in the legislature that aim to distribute this money differently of all the confidence in the world will be able to square those modest differences and will come around to a number and a strategy that's in the best interests of california's. my interest is to get the money out as quickly as possible. people are feeling deep stress deep anxiety. in addition to this, the state's minimum wage will raise to 15 50 . that will happen on january 1st now that is required when inflation goes over 7% in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. the cannabis industry says it's disappointed with the governor's proposed tax cut for marijuana businesses news and proposed eliminating the cultivation tax of $161 a pound but to make up for it after three years, the state excise tax on sales would go up from 15% to 19% the industry was
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hoping for a reduction in the retail tax to 5. registered businesses say they are being undercut by illegal marijuana sales. up next wacky san francisco tradition returns over the weekend of next what runners and spectators alike should know about sunday's pig bay to breakers race. and the glitch at sfo that led to some long lines and frustrated travelers today. notable warmup felt over the bay area and temperatures will continue to climb into saturday . i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you current conditions and what you can expect for the week meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws
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baco breakers kicks off sunday morning, a scenic tour through none of san francisco's neighborhoods, culminating at great highway and ocean beach. for one big giant party. it is a san francisco tradition like none other that everyone should
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experience at least once, at least once. let's welcome to the four at his charlie mercer is ceo of capstone event group, which is putting on the bay to breakers race. charlie. good to have you with us. great to be here. thanks for having me. alright well, tell us. how excited are you to have runners finally back, pounding the pavement in the city this year. oh man, we're sort of thrilled. it's been a it's been a really long three years and we're just really glad to be back can only imagine. can we talk about safety protocols? what should runners and spectators alike know before they line up on sunday, and is there anything that you can't bring to the race ? yeah well, one thing is no bags. if you're a runner, unless they're clear and small and the guidance is no bigger than uh, really like 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. um and then the other one is no well devices and no alcohol in the course. we will
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have a beer garden finished party so there will be a chance to drink alcohol, but, um, but the rule is no alcohol in the course. and in terms of covid protocols. are there any mass that kind of thing or just show up and run? it's show up and running. we we've encouraged vaccinations and, uh, that and we're really following, um, the guidance of folks with the city and others who, you know. are bigger experts on covid and health protocols than we are and so following all this protocols , and there's really very little indoor components of the event this year. that's one of the major intentional. when we were you know, you plan these events up to a year in advance, and so we were making some decisions about certain activities. it was in the midst of the delta variant, and so we made. to be safe. any
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other changes since the pre pen pandemic races at all? or is it? uh is it the old bay to breakers race? well it's largely the old bandit breakers race in terms of the bones of it. the courses the same start line the finish line . um the given that the expo was canceled. we we have mailed bibs to, uh, i think over 15,000 people, so anybody that signed up prior to may 6th got their big mailed to them, and then the remaining runners will have a place to pick those up. so um and we cover the cost of that since we weren't doing the expo, so, um, so that was a really big change this year. well there still may be a few folks out there that are skittish to line up in the pixie of humanity at the beginning, and during and after how many people do you actually expect to run the race? we're expecting 15 or 16,000. we have about 18,000 registered at
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this point, and there's usually some no shows, so it'll be a crowd. for sure, as this race normally is. um and, uh, the one thing about the start corral. that's worth noting is, while the numbers will be small this year than they were in 20, the space where you for this corrals the same so there are little act. be a more spread. out well, will still be crowded. it would be a more spread. out star. corral. and that's the. spread out a bit more. i know i've been one of those racers i remember back in 1981 100,000 of my best. friends. like costumes. bottomley. really is a meme. maker. and edith. it. you're not a runner, this is.
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in a super race. thank you so much thank you very much. right around. the bay area this week. going to be, in fact, we're looking at temperature. into the . san fran. to and just littl se sky. your screen, but it is their storm tracker to here. we've got a little bit of rain and action going on over the pacific northwest northern california for us, it's been a war day. and, um sunny day. but that is to change for our coastline. where we now have the fog.
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there. it is. expected. to move in. the base. tomorrow. morning. for our. coastline, as well as our basic community. now, 70. over. jose. even brent. for. getting into the overnight our again. a look at fog. right along the coastline. now and
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then, as we get into to these will go 53 for san rafael 51. in san francis 53 expected for concord 53 santas will have a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow. and then the cool down that will come our way. the back in of the weekend. coming up. 95% the fire has burned 200 acres and destroyed homes. the flames were whipped up by strong winds and extremely dry conditions. more than 500 firefighters have been assigned to the site to contain the fire and watch out for hot spot. one wedding photo from the rubble. we are about to save our wedding picture. we got married four years ago, and we had some beautiful memories in this house . shocking what happened, but it's not surprising because we
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do have that canyon that was has been dry, have lived here 25 years. and it was i hate to say a matter of time. southern california edison did report circuit activity in the area where the fire started wednesday afternoon. but fire officials say the cause of the fire still has not been determined. network issues at san francisco international airport have been resolved after causing a computer outage there that impacted airlines and travelers . the network issues affecting terminal one ticket counters for southwest jetblue and american airlines. the problem kicked off around 5 30 this morning lasted for at least three hours. airlines had to manually check in passengers and their bags. some flights were delayed somewhere, even canceled. at the last minute, leaving travelers looking for other flights or other transportation options. it is very frustrating day. so now five of us have to pack into a car and drive seven hours to get
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to disney and check into a hotel and probably missed out on a whole day. there's no word yet from sfo about what caused that network issue. coming up masks strongly rapid recommended but not required indoors. we will be talking to a u. c. s f dr about the rate of covid infections in the
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affe bay area's is the highest in the state. joining us live now to talk about the current covid conditions is dr peterson hong ucsf professor. infectious diseases. it's good to see you again. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me on jan. the bay area counties have some of the highest vaccination rates in the state. and yet today, the health officers are saying that covid infection rates are also
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among the highest. so what could be the reasons for this? well. they had several possible explanations. janna one is that we're doing more testing in the area. the other is that a lot of people are moving and visiting the barriers, so it's no longer what we doing. it's people's. hungry don, for so long in the bay area haven't had a lot of natural exposure. so now we're catching up to that. so in other words, we're victims of our own success, but because we're highly vaccinated. even though there are a lot of cases in the community hospitals are doing really, really well. for example, today at ucsf 14 patients with covid back in january, 140 so again very, very low hospitalizations for many, many weeks now, so i'm crossing fingers that we stay that way. certainly. that is that is good news the hospitalization are remaining low. some people have
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felt that mass is to protect. the most. or prevent the hospitals. from being. people to mask or is there another reason for this advisory? yes so when we think about masking in the old days we thought about masking as preventing people from getting really, really ill. but i think vaccines do a great job of that to masking is really adding that extra layer to prevent infection or reduce your chance. on. from work taking care of people who are ill. and of course, yes, some groups who are going to be at risk for getting disease and serious disease, even if they get an infection, and those are those are and sick. under boost those who are immune. and those who
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unvaccinated. and never exposed. and certainly hearing a lot. about therapy. there is that playing into this? with the low hospital rates and if somebody does get sick should they be asking their doctor about. the therapeutic? treatments?ryone t, uh co pill. it's slow. it. you take it. within the first three. to 5. days. time. is every. and
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reduces hospital. in the movie. at risk. people. by as much as even unvaccinated folks. so again, it's going to really be a game changer. the big ah, issues that people just really need to make sure that drugs don't interact. and of course, there's not really many people who can take it. you just need to be mindful on be reassured of that. and i'm asking that advisory that comes out today from those 12 health officers. certainly one preventative that we have. before. and it appears seen. again. thanks. so much, doctor. peterson. from you see? appreciate taking some time. old killed during an exorcism. her mother had already been charged in her death. the additional family members now being held accountable and almost £25,000 of trash collected from the bottom of lake tahoe. we'll hear more about this year long
4:28 pm
cleanup project and a closer cleanup project and a closer look when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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a ot investigators are linking to a south bay church the last september, the child was smothered and strangled during an exorcism to rid her of an evil spirit. the girl's mother has already been charged. ktvu sam rubin joins us live outside the courthouse and san jose where the child's grandfather and uncle faced charges of their own today and authorities say
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the complete coroner's report nd led to these new charges. so you know the first then she's true. well authorities call it heart breaking a three year old girl who they're calling a rally. doe died during a backroom exorcism at a small san jose church. her mother, claudia hernandez, had already been charged in her death. now her grandfather and uncle have been to hernandez and rene hernandez santos made their first court appearance today. what we are talking about is over 12 hours where three year old girl who is only £38 has been subjected to some of the most horrific physical abuse that you can even imagine. the alleged abuse happened in september. at the time, the girl's mother thought she was possessed by an evil spirit because she would wake up and scream or cry periodically, according to court documents, she brought the child to the church where she and her family members quote. held the victim around her waist and neck to help her throw up, which she
4:32 pm
believed would help her get the spirit out. multiple strangulations multiple forcible horde hold of her torso. she went unconscious, multiple times she fought against her abusers multiple times. the coroner's report just completed, outlined a long list of injuries, including bruises, internal bleeding and damage to her heart, pancreas and bowels. it was this report that authorities say gave them enoughplicate thed uncle too comfortable in saying that these three individuals are going to held be held accountable for the death of a three year old child. that you're taking your time to watch my video. that's why it. death just days before her arrest back on that, but it's like there's no point of me doing that, you know, because i cannot change. what is you know it is what it is. so legal experts say this will come down to a case about abuse, not religion. what these
4:33 pm
individuals may say as they were well intentioned, and this was because of religious purpose exorcism that's not going to work in court. so we are here to seek justice for a rally dough, and the fact that this occurred in a church is not the thing that we are considering the two men. hernandez and hernandez santos are being held without bail for now will appear in court again next week. the child's mother is set to appear in court on june 13th. frank very difficult story, okay, and thank you very much. investigators have not yet said what they found after executing a search warrant. in the case oa new search warrant yesterday at the antioch home of alexis gabes ex boyfriend it appeared the door had been kicked in. the house had previously been searched in february, the day gabe disappeared, she told her
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family she was going there for a visit last month, police released surveillance video of a person of interest they believe he about her. car. in oak. and then walk. away. the biden ministrations also wants to import more formula from other countries. supply chain problems , once again were compounded after abbott nutrition closed down two major formula plant due to contamination concerns the shortages or dis, proportionately, hurting families that rely on government programs to buy formula next week, the house will vote to suspend some regulations to allow parents to buy formula wherever they can find it, and there's other help being offered as well. hhs has just launched a new web page that provides resources and places that parents can go to obtain formula including contacts with companies. food banks, healthcare providers. you can find this at hhs dot gov backslash formula. milk banks
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are also seeing more calls from women offering to donate their milk commando shooter, the commissioner rather at the fda says things should dramatically improved and just a matter of weeks. elon musk's deal to take over twitter is now in question . the tesla motors ceo says he's putting the moves on pause. foxes. kelly o grady has details on this delayed deal. elon musk says he remains committed to acquiring twitter, but he wants more information. the tesla billionaire temporarily put his $44 billion deal on hold friday tweeting that he wanted to examine the number of spam accounts on the site. in a quarterly filing. twitter estimated the accounts represent less than 5% of users, but admitted that may be too low writing quote, we applied significant judgment, so our estimation of false or spam accounts may not accurately represent the actual number of such accounts. bots can be very , very intelligent and whether you're able to properly assess
4:36 pm
that i'm not sure how they do that twitter accepted musk's offer to purchase the social media company for $54.20 a share , but the deal hasn't been officially completed. musk has been seeking additional investors to finance the bid. some analysts wonder if musk's announcement is an attempt to renegotiate a lower price. we've seen twitter trading at a significant discount to his 54 20 bid. and now with the trading sub 40. maybe he walks in and wants to renegotiate the price of the deal against, uh the lousy equity markets. musk's tweet comes after he made some plans for twitter's future, including possibly restoring former president donald trump's account, but he admitted earlier this week. it's not a done deal, so this is not like a thing that will definitely happen because what if i don't own twitter will likely have to pay twitter a $1 billion termination fee if he does not go through with the acquisition. in los angeles. kelly o'grady fox business. it is one of nature's true wonders like tahoe 72 miles around and 1600 plus feet deep, gorgeous,
4:37 pm
but it also recently had tons of garbage removed from its icy blue water. your long effort where over £25,000 of junk trash some crazy items, all taken out of tahoe and catalog with gps. it's a first of its kind effort. learn about the harm caused by plastics and pollutants on the california nevada state line, joining us now, with some inside his column west, he's the founder and the executive director of clean up the leg. good to have you with us, colin oh, thank you so much for having me. alright well, let's dive in headfirst. were you amazed at what you pulled out of lake tahoe? and what did you find down there? you know, absolutely . it's always kind of surreal and a bit saddening to see how much litter is underneath the surface of tahoe on, you know, we pulled out over £25,000 of submerged letter from the lake and definitely some interesting items from under the surface. can you let us know what was the
4:38 pm
most unusual thing you found in the lake? you know, it's a plethora of unusual items we found. i remember the other day i was carrying out a full six ft lampposts with lights still attached, or an old nikon 19 eighties film camera with a film still in it, or at one point, we came across the geo cast that people kind of hide in the environment and you sign your name and actually the last person that had found it was three years prior to us, and it was one of our volunteers, scuba divers so few different items under the surface of tahoe can only imagine it's so big. this was a yearlong effort. the project how how did it all come about? you know, i spent 10 years running a film and television company and worked hard had fun, but eventually got stressed out and wanted to do something that going to leave a bit of a better legacy and a bit. oh, did we lose college? colin, are you there? we lost
4:39 pm
colin jenna, so i'll let you take it away, and hopefully we can get back to hope to get back to him because it was fascinating to hear a little bit about what they found at the bottom of lake tahoe during that cleanup. well coming up next, we'll take a look from the ocean up to space. none of us have seen this before. it is the first image of the milky way's huge black hole. coming up. we will be hearing from an expert at uc berkeley on why this is such a significant image and what we can learn from it. a significant warmup built over the bay area this afternoon, and temperatures are expected to continue as we get into your bay area weekend. i will have a look at what you
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
vera supermassive black hole at the
4:42 pm
center of the milky way. it's called sagittarius a and it's only the second black hole to ever be photographed by the event telescope network. the black hole possesses four million times the mass of our sun, and it's located about 26,000 light years from earth. joining us now is uc berkeley astronomy professor alex filippenko. thank you so much for taking time to talk with us about this. sure it's really very, very exciting. so thank you for your interest. well, let's start off just with some basics. like what exactly is a supermassive black hole and just how common are they in the universe? yeah so regular black holes come from the collapse of massive stars and might be 10 or 20. times the mass of our sun. supermassive black holes live in the centers of galaxies giant gravitationally bound collections of hundreds of billions of stars and the supermassive ones have masses between about a million and 10 billion times the mass of the
4:43 pm
sun, so they're much, much bigger than the stellar mass black holes. that's those are a lot of big numbers to try and wrap your head around. and so are there very many of these supermassive black holes yeah, we think there's one in the center of just about every big galaxy. so three years ago, the image that was shown was solar k hole in another galaxy called m 87. but the announcement yesterday was of the gas around the black hole in our own milky way galaxy and that black hole has a massive about four times. the mask of the sun. so it's my smaller than the black hole that was announced three years ago about the process just of capturing these images. how difficult is it to get this? super difficult. the astronomers to use eight to. scripts on
4:44 pm
continents throughout the world that independently gathered data. and then those data had to be put together in a very sophisticated way that took years of analysis to come up with this image, and it was especially hard because the gas swirling around the black hole in the middle of our galaxy. change. character changes its, um, appearance every few minutes. and yet the observations took hours, so it's like trying to take a picture of something that's continuously changing the one in m 87 a few years ago wouldn't change for a long, long time for days or weeks, and so that one that's state. a lot. easier. take a foe. lutely. there are more than 300 astronomers involved at something like 18 instant or no 80 institutions in 18 countries
4:45 pm
, something like that, you know , and the telescopes are all over the place. so you, you know? people. help build the telescope. and the data. so it was a herculean effort herculean indeed and really shows the power of collaboration and that scientific, uh, camaraderie that can come from it. i'm wondering now that you have this image. what kind of information can astronomers gleaned from the photo of sagittarius? a. and why? is it so? times less massive than the m 87 1. the immediate listen. itty looks broadly speaking. similar there's hot, glowing gas that's slowly feeding into the black hole. but at a much lower rate in our galaxy than in the other one so it looks like einstein's general theory of relativity. pretty much acts the same way in
4:46 pm
the immediate vicinity of a black hole, regardless of its mass of and of its broader gaseous environment. so that's really neat in the, the team how to get many images. that will the. gas kind of the stuff. in my background here, which is just an artist. they hope to the gas. and that will tell us a lot. how black feed on. the gas that surround them. young would be astronomers to go and open the books and be the next generation of these discoveries that we're seeing very exciting. certainly hope so. it's a very excite field, and it promises to remain that way for long time. we appreciate your and that. enthusiasm. we
4:47 pm
shared. with you. other nature, bringing us some beautiful weather you like it a little bit warmer than where we've been giving you a live. look here over san francisco, where the fog returning to the coast and now across the city and entering into the bay tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with a partly cloudy, partly sunny skies along coast. inside. the bay. this contain. to make its march inward. but it's going to pull back. and will be with the sunny skies for the afternoon tomorrow. i'm beginning to see a bit of cloud cover along the coastline there. this will continue into the evening hours sunsets right about 8 11 these days and the breeze has turned on as well as
4:48 pm
a phone now reporting a wind gust of 37 miles mph. moon. bay at heyward reporting 17 and san jose at 22. so after a generally light breeze across the bay area , getting that afternoon sea breeze to pick up as usual. here's a look at the future cast. when it comes to that cloud cover there. it is there at this hour and then as we get going tomorrow morning, we start out with a little bit. it pulls back by about 11 o'clock or noontime, partly sunny for the coast, mostly sunny for the rest of us, and then into sunset. we again we'll see the clouds return and move inland and across the bay. around areas inland as well as around the bay. we had temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer today, you likely noticed 77 in napa right now. 79 still in concord around the bay. we have 67 in oakland low sixties in san francisco. overnight lows of for tomorrow morning temperatures ranging in the fifties 50 degrees for our santa rosa 51 in san francisco fif
4:49 pm
into the afternoon, even warmer areasseventies low eighties tod. going into the eighties. 88. toh bay. will go eight. santa ros. and the seven. francisco. jacket, because, as we know it could be very brisk and cool. meanwhile in areas over the sierra after getting some snow earlier this week, temperatures rebounding here as well in the low sixties right now, but take a look at the weekend seventies. in the four for. as well. as some. over lows. the upper. look at the extended forecast. for us. more comfortable for inland
4:50 pm
cities. 80 degrees for you there seventies around the bay low sixties. at the co. then temperatures have a ride around the same area. monday into owens will go low. seventies for bay air. communities. for 70. to about eight. degrees. expected. inland. back to you. wants are participating food trucks and pop up vendors and also part of the mix this year black restaurant week began in huge back in 20. has grown to a nationwide. other than just the week open year round. as a result of the pandemic, they need your support more than ever now. well whether it's your ex's name or perhaps another mistake in your life. how about people were about to remove some unwanted tattoos today for only
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theh appeared in a fetoday. frank jar charges stemming from last month's attack in brooklyn. james was arrested april 13th after allegedly setting off smoke bombs and firing dozens of bullets. on a very crowded subway train. 10 people were shot. dozens were injured. if found guilty, james could face life behind bars. white house press secretary jen psaki gave her last briefing today. thank you, everyone. and off she goes sake expressed her thanks to the reporters she's dealt with for almost a year and a half. now she is leaving the biden administration take a job with msnbc. karine jean pierre is
4:54 pm
taking her place and making history as the first black and first openly gay white house press secretary. with a very special promotion. the ink off me shop in san jose is removing tattoos for 13 bucks. today the company has only been open for three months and hopes this will bring in new customers. think of me, says $13 is a very good deal because it usually costs a whole lot more for laser removal of those late night mistakes are reminders of failed relationships. we all think we know what we're doing in life when we make our decisions and tattoos are very permanent, but sometimes are opinion changes. or life. and the decisions you made. 20 year. ago as a youth. um be holding you back from what you want right now. uncuff me, says the $13 tattoo removal prices for people with tattoos the size of a business card or smaller. ukraine looks for
4:55 pm
momentum on the battlefield as nato makes progress on the diplomatic front. i'm tree angst in kiev. i've got
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
aftl join nato and his foxes trade yanks shows us from kiev that fighting is ramping up across parts of ukraine. this is president putin, who caused this look at the mirror. the fighting in ukraine escalates could soon be expanding to russia's northern border. finland announcing it will seek nato membership despite a new threat from moscow, which says it will move military resources to the finnish border. if helsinki joins the alliance. but that's not deterring the finnish government, and we could soon be getting a similar announcement from sweden, which is poised to apply for membership after more than 70 years of neutrality, the
4:58 pm
and still possible swedish nato membership would raise the threshold for military conflicts and thus have a conflict preventing effect. the nato expansion comes as the russians are retreating in north east ukraine. following major counter offensive by ukrainian forces there, but russian shelling continues throughout the region , and on thursday night they allegedly hit schools and other civilian targets. nation what can be achieved by destroying ukrainian schools? all russian commanders who give such orders are simply sick and incurable. the russians are also struggling to root out the last pocket of ukrainian defenders holed up at a steel mill in mario book. russian troops are getting closer. there was gunfire in the middle on thursday, but overall their eastern offensive remains largely stalled. they're putting up a very stiff resistance in the don boston in the south. and they have prevented the russians from achieving virtually any of their strategic objectives thus far in the in the war. the ukrainians are also targeting
4:59 pm
russian forces on snake island in the black sea, trying to deny moscow access to their coastline in keith tree angst, ktvu fox two news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. when they arrived on scene. they had heavy fire coming from the 1st and 2nd floor with immediate rescues. this place was an inferno. it was going up really bad, really bad. now at five flames pouring out of a senior residential apartment, forcing residents out while firefighters and teachers went in. educators from a nearby school turned into heroes when they helped get several older residents away from the danger. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama i'm andre senior. this happened in san francisco's western edition around 10 30 this morning. henry lee is there after speaking with those who helped residents escaped these flames, henry andre and dante. look this is all that's left of several units here. the saint francis square cooper senior
5:00 pm
citizens but thankfully to teachers from the school next door jumped in to help. only the first cell phone video shows flames shooting out from a senior citizen coop in san francisco's western addition, i heard the fires and then i saw flames coming out of all the windows on fire broke out about 10 in the morning and spread quickly through the wood frame building. it was scary to see, um seniors stuck on balconies and vincent raise our teachers at rosa parks elementary school next door, they rushed over to help evacuate residents. they're glad we're alive. they were a little confused if we were alive or not, so i think that to settle them down. they don't see themselves as heroes for teachers. so we care about other people. i think hopefully anybody would do the same thing. it was a very fast moving fire and in its rail for fire during the day to get this much headway before we arrived, deputy chief bar pastel says firefighters and good samaritans work together to rescue and treats


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