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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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mass e calling a racially motivated attack and the national day of action in support of abortion rights. the rallies and marches all over the country today, including right here in san francisco. this is ktvu fox two news at six evening to you. i'm andre senior. we begin with that mass shooting in buffalo, new york right now. that shooting claimed the lives of 10 people, three people wounded here. the fbi says it's investigating the shooting both as a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. police say 11 of the victims are black and tour white buffalo police say the shooter patent friend ron is in custody.
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the mass shooting occurred at the tops friendly market this afternoon. investigators say the 18 year old suspect was wearing military gear and livestream the shooting with a helmet camera. the supermarket is in a predominantly black neighborhood a few miles from downtown buffalo. when i first saw him suiting, he said a woman he shot a deacon. he shot another woman , and then he went in the store and started shooting again. wonderful, tight knit neighborhood. and to see that sense of security shattered. by an individual. a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism. and will be prosecuted as such. in a cold hearted cruel, calculating way. governor of new york there, kathy huckle. investigators say the suspect traveled 200 miles from his home in southwest buffalo or southwest of buffalo to carry out the attack. none of this story curfew in effect
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tonight in milwaukee following three separate shootings last night that injured at least 21 people in the downtown area. bars and restaurants are packed as large crowds gathered to watch game six of the semi finals between the boston celtics at the bucks. one person wounded in the first shooting, three injured in the 2nd and 17 wounded in a third shooting. at least 10 people have been taken into custody, nine guns recovered. the marble. milwaukee has vowed to hold those responsible accountable. if somebody takes out a gun and they fired that gun into a crowd of people. then guess what. they should go to jail and they should go to jail for a long time. we cannot have that in this city nor anywhere else in this state nor anywhere else in this country. authorities say none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening in that shooting. part of this abortion rights supporters took to the streets today. in cities all across the country. it was billed as a national day of action in the wake of that leaked draft opinion from the supreme court, suggesting roe v
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. wade would be overruled or overturned. rather marchers filled the streets in washington, dc, demanding the landmark legislation stand. a long stretch of san francisco's market street was filled with abortion rights demonstrators this afternoon ktvu greg lincoln's joins us now with more on a couple of events that took place today. in the city, greg yeah, andre. by far the largest protest here in the bay area was the one along market street organized by women's march sf, but it wasn't the only demonstration in the city calling to keep abortion legal. body natural choice. thousands of abortion rights supporters stretched out along market street as they marched along their route from the civic center to the embarcadero, young and old women and men. i think everyone should be here participating, you know. pick. it's a human right. it's healthcare. person should be legal on demand without apology if the supreme court decides to overturn the 1973 landmark roe v. wade decision legalizing abortion, the question of legality would then fall to the
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states and, according to the good marker institute. 26 states are certain or likely to ban the procedure. if that happens, some fear the worst catastrophic disasters. there's going to be people dying when they need healthcare. there's going to be people left without basic needs of what their body needs. some demonstrators say they have been working for years to stave off a potential threat to roe v. wade because they felt it's been under constant threat. no i'm not surprised at all. i've been fighting this for a long time 25 years old women feeling powered , seeing themselves not only as beautiful but strong. capable and powerful. in san francisco's mission district, at least a couple of 100 gathered outside the bart station at mission and 24th hearing speakers in both english and spanish. it was organized by a coalition of groups under the umbrella moniker rise up for abortion rights .org. a spanish speaking activists used an interpreter to make sure her message reached
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everyone could not allowed for them to take a ride home. what color freedom of chose school students who participated in a walkout last week urged young people to set aside excuses and get active in the fight to preserve roe v. wade i got to play with my friends on on sunday or whatever, you know. this is more important. this is more important. this is an emergency. shouldn't close. the group rise up for abortion rights is urging people to continue to stage walkouts protests and take to the streets. they're organizing a national student walkout on may 19th and another work in student walk out on the 26th greg liggins ktvu. box two news demonstrations continue to grow louder, correct. thank you. in sacramento today, california attorney general robert spoke to abortion rights protesters outside the state capital. he says california is doubling down on access to reproductive health care for women. the golden state's top attorney, encouraged the crowd to vote in the
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upcoming elections for candidates who support abortion rights. supreme court justice clarence thomas, but publicly for the first time about the public draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade speaking at a conservative conference in dallas yesterday, justice thomas reiterated how shocked he was to learn about the leak. he added that he believes the documents could lead to a lack of trust in the supreme court. he also appeared to blame the leak on law clerks, saying the court was no longer the collegial place it once was. no i just think that they bring anybody who would, for example, having attitude, delete documents. those he that general attitude is your future on the bench. and you need to be concerned about that. and we never had that before we actually trusted it was. we may have been dysfunctional family, but we were a family and we loved it. i mean, you trusted each other. you laugh together. you went to lunch together every day and i can only hope you can keep it so it was it. ben
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franklin said yes. we gave you a republic if you can keep it. and i think that you have a court and i hope you can keep it. the high court soul. black conservative also criticized recent protests by abortion rights advocate advocates activists rather at his home, calling them quote temper tantrums. also in the news tonight. san mateo police are investigating a homicide after a man was found slumped on a bus bench. police say the man was found dead at the sam trans bus stop on camino real and west hillside boulevard shortly before seven this morning. police say the victim is a 48 year old man, but they did not release his name. police are asking that anyone with information about the killing to give them a call. bella well to woman was arrested after police say she tried to break into a house officers arrested 48 year old kathleen cordero's she's accused of breaking the glass of the front door of a home in the city yesterday morning, reaching her hand inside and trying to unlock the dud bolt. police say she ran off after the resident confronted her. she was booked
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on suspicion of residential burglary, vandalism and drug charges as well. u c. berkeley hosted a campus wide commencement ceremony today for all students receiving degrees at every cal school and college ceremony began at 10 o'clock this morning at memorial stadium. a number of other bay area universities are holding their first in person graduation ceremonies in three years. including dominican university in san rafael and cal state, east bay in hayward, and in oakland. more than 400 students walked across the stage this morning at mills college to collect their diplomas. as ktvu james torres tells us a ceremony was a set of first and less for the school. class 22. we did it. the weather just right to tolerate wearing a heavy black robe on graduation day all smiles at mills college in oakland as students prepared to move onto their next chapters. this is super exciting, you know, it's actually the first
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time most of us get to meet her classmates in person. covid-19 led to the cancelation of traditional ceremonies in 2020 and 2021. those students invited back this year to celebrate as well. this is the first time school leaders are standing in front of a graduating class in three years. that was in attendance required to wear masks. i can't say i don't have butterflies, and i can't say i don't feel unusually excited because i always do on this commencement day. so i have to say it feels special, but also absolutely what we should do in college is now transitioning. this is the last undergraduate class. as an all women's college after struggling with financial trouble and declining enrollment , the college agreed to merge with northeastern university now moving forward, the school will function differently. dealing with change was the theme of commencement speaker jasmine ward speech. the only person of color to win a national book in fiction twice. i just wanted to sort of speak to, uh sort of speak to how you navigate how you would try to navigate that
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right navigate, change, um, but still remain true to who you are. students today have changes on their mind. they say they hope the mills college of northeastern university will continue to give the same opportunities to future students . everything happens for a reason. um it is unfortunate for us. however i still feel like the staff that are here will still be able to provide wonderful education for the students. coming into mills called newt northeastern and be able to support them the best way they can reporting in oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. the owner of an oil pipeline that speed thousands of barrels of crude oil into southern california beaches, has agreed to pay $230 million to settle a class action lawsuit. the suit for the 2015 oil spill was brought. by fishermen and property owners, houston based plains all american pipeline agreed to that settlement without admitting wrongdoing. the agreement still must undergo a public comment period. and needs approval from
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the federal court plains. all american pipeline officials have not commented on the settlement . the spill was the worst california coast oil spill in nearly 40 years. ukraine launching a counter offensive in the east as soldiers dig in for a fight that could last for months. keith, that's my story coming up. and back here in the bay area. new art installation going up in oakland. still ahead with the artist says, is the meaning behind the new piece. added weather nice little warm up today across most of the bay area, but get ready for a cool down as we head into your sunday and some stron
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hi s traveled to ukraine. the visit comes amid growing indicators the invasion is not going smoothly as moscow anticipated, as greg palkot tells us despite positive signs on the ground, it's believed that an end to the fighting is still far off. the latest high profile visit from u. s officials saturday in keith as mitch mcconnell led a delegation of republican senators to the ukrainian capital pushing for the us to approve a new package of nearly $40 billion in military funding. senators trip comes a ukraine works to push back russia's
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advance in the eastern donbass region. russian forces now withdrawing from ukraine's second largest city of kharkiv. as ukraine launches counter offenses to slowly take back territory in the northeast. the invaders have come to our land where our relatives loved ones and children are we will ruthlessly chase them away. doctors still ongoing to rescue fighters holed up in a steelworks and marry a ball, some of whom are badly wounded. so far, moscow has not agreed to allow an evacuation. military experts say russia, which may have overextended in its initial push into ukraine, is now focusing on securing smaller objectives in the east and dragging out the fight. for as long as possible. this is not going to be quick, so we're settled in for a summer of fighting, and police think the russian side very clear that this is going to take a long time. ukraine's president says the outcome of this war depends on support from western allies. secretaries day. blinken is in berlin for a nato conference focusing on ukraine and kiev, greg palkot fox news. and so
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finland was a special guests at the foreign ministers of nato countries gathered for an informal meeting in berlin. the group was expected to discuss efforts by finland and sweden to join the military alliance. they also plan to address concerns about the threat from russia as well as ways in which nato can support ukraine without being drawn into the conflict. finland has officially informed russia it wants to join nato. we have 1300 kilometers common board of it rushed to be the border is peaceful and we want to maintain that border peaceful. it's very important that we communicate with our neighbor. you don't ask any permission for political steps to communicate. turkey's president says his country does not support the two nordic countries joining nato and indicated he could veto the move. well the new social justice art installation has gone up at frank ogawa plaza in front of oakland city hall. it's called societies, cage and artists say the name refers to the societal constraints the limit prosperity in the that
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limit prosperity in the black community. the art piece is an open air and accessible in the pavilion there featuring 500 hanging steel bars at former cube, the artist says the installation provides a chance for people to reflect on racial biases. while also providing a space for sharing and healing. when visitors arrive and experienced this installation. they are they are standing underneath the figurative weight of racism. this is this is literally a mathematical expression of 400 years of racialized state violence and form. so this art piece originated in washington, d. c on the national mall in response to the 2020 murders of george floyd and brianna taylor. this is the first west coast installation of the peace. it will be up in the plaza until may, 30th or the nationwide baby formula. shortages sparked new interest in breast milk banks. nonprofit milk banks typically served sick or premature infants whose mothers don't have sufficient milk supply for their baby's nutritional needs. but as the formula shortage continues,
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more parents are turning to milk banks as a way to feed their babies. we're hearing from moms who want to be part of this solution to this crisis and are interested in donating the excess milk that they have, um so we're really pleased to see that response and then we're also hearing from parents who are worried who are looking for new strategies for feeding their babies. the breast milk donated to the milk bank typically goes through a thorough screening, as does the donor. well. history has been made in the himalayas as an all black american team becomes the first to summit mount everest group of climbers known as full circle. everest made it to the summit thursday. the team's leader phil henderson, says, quote there's a lack of representation of black people in mountaineering. he says he hopes the team's success inspires others. well hurts. castle is open to the public this weekend for the first time
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in more than two years, the world famous tourist attraction on california's central coast was forced to close during the pandemic and extensive storm damage to and reporter david ali says the historic castle now has a new attraction. spectacular hearst castle open again at long last after being closed to the public for so long state parks has something special planned. we are taking the opportunity to still celebrate our 100 plus anniversary. and we're offering a brand new tour celebrating the life and career of famed architect julia morgan. this tour will definitely show her influence on this estate. and also talk a little bit about mr hearst and how they collaborated together, creating a stunning masterpiece known the world over . they designed and built this castle, which is a spectacular one of a kind collection. that really could never be replicated again spanning two hours. visitors will view rarely seen areas of the castle and learn
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more. about this groundbreaking pioneer. this was one of her big projects, project number 503 for her, but it took 28 years to work here. building with mr hearst. so definitely her crowning achievements, making this a jewel not only for the central coast, but all of california that can now be enjoyed once again. at hearst castle in san simeon valley. well, if you like it warm. you've got just that today. back here in the bay area temperatures on the upswing people got out to enjoy the sunny skies. this is over at jack london square in oakland. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. he is here now with a look at this latest springtime warmup. mark. is it here to last? that's a question that looks like it's basically moving out tonight, andre. yeah it looks like a cooling trend as we had a new year sunday and into the next week, but it was a nice little temperature spike. nothing too extreme. no heat advisories. no triple digits, but definitely noticeable warm up with those
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numbers today. across most of the bay area, you can see the coast not so much and patchy fog nearby with the pacific only 55 degrees but lots of eighties inlet and a few nineties to report out towards antiochus toward fairfield 94 degrees. so today we've been kind of setting it up like that. being that the hottest day of the week and looks like that forecast remains on track. we do cool things off tomorrow with partly cloudy skies, gusty winds. the wind will be stronger tomorrow around 25 to 35 miles an hour. and temperatures ranging from the upper fifties to the sixties to the seventies, and instead of some low nineties, and lynn were thinking some lower eighties for tomorrow afternoon. here's a satellite that where you can see some cloud cover up to the north of the bay area, and the fog decided to return big time near portions of the coastline, especially south of the golden gate bridge. so this is a cloud cover will kind of bump up and coverage overnight. current numbers out there for the six o'clock hour. it is chilly in san francisco, 59 from seventies up in the north bay, san jose 75 still holding onto some eighties
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out toward concord and walnut creek. wind speeds right now, you can see a bit of a breeze out there, the typical seabreeze we have been dealing with over the past few days as they step out of the way there's sfo gusting at 33 miles an hour winds will be likely stronger tomorrow in your sunday forecast our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge right now, looking out toward the marine headlands, the north bay hills with mostly clear skies overnight temperatures starting out tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the fifties to maybe the low sixties and then into the afternoon hours. you can see that range kind of can do not. it's not as we're not talking about nineties for tomorrow round 50 sixties seventies, the warm spots will be in the eighties. there is a story track. it's up here to our north, but to no rain chance for us here in the bay area. this was the case today with the microclimate is making a comeback near 60 coast side. inland neighborhoods near 90, and then into tomorrow, this area of high pressure begins to weaken and that will lead to the cooler temperatures for your sunday. here's the forecast
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model for your sunday morning from cloud cover, maybe a little bit of some drizzles. we'll keep an eye on that. and then the sun cloud mix for your sunday and that will be the same story for your monday. bay to breakers for tomorrow in san francisco tomorrow morning, kind of refreshing the weather for the runners out there. temperatures will be in the fifties so you can see forecast highs for tomorrow. still warm inland, but not as warm as today. antioco go 83 san jose 77. oakland 70. partly cloudy skies some patchy fog out there, so definitely a bit of a temperature drop off compared to today. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. you could see temperatures for tomorrow. still a few low eighties inland. more cooling into monday and then just some minor day to day changes into next week, a little bit warmer to tuesday, little bit warmer to wednesday, a little bit cooler by thursday, so cool down in our future, but not a huge drop in temperatures. mark. thank you so much appreciate it. oakland a's with day night doubleheader today, joe fonzi will tell us how game one ended in dramatic
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fashion. next in sports divers take on a daring mission off california's coast tonight at 10 while they think their work is worth risking their lives.
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eves happening tonight in sports. after five games in detroit this week, the aids continue to make up for those games they lost when week one of the season was postponed due to the lockout, the a's and angels playing a day night doubleheader today, the first half of it warm enough for a little stretch in the sun, the angels clinging to a one nothing lead in the seventh. they've got the infield drawn in with the runner at third one out. general larry smash goes through anyway . ramon liliana scores the game tied 11 angels got the lead back with two in the eighth, one minority in and then andrew velasquez rides one through the left side of the infield. mike trout was planning on stopping at third until louise barrera has trouble fielding the ball. when he misplays it. trout comes home. it's 3 to 1 the age down to their last out in the ninth, with barrera, representing the winning run at the plate. he more than makes up for his error with the towering drive over the right field fence off iglesias, the a's win 4 to 3. the walk off is the aids fifth win in seven
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games. the two teams playing the second half of the doubleheader tonight. the giants had won six in a row coming into this afternoon's game at busch stadium and st louis scoreless game in the second when brendan donovan rips his single to ride off jacob junius molina trots home from third one. cardinals still want nothing when tommy edmund came to the plate against jonas in the fifth, and then with the drive the ball just out of the reach of luiz gonzalez. two, nothing. st louis on edmonds, fourth homer of the year, the giants had trouble generating offense against five cardinal pitchers. one of their best threats in the game went up in smoke. when brandon belt hard ground ball up the middle, turned into a double play to end the inning in the seventh. then the cardinals ended any doubt in the bottom of the inning. giants should be out of it here on this fly ball. the center by paul goldschmidt. but austin slater loses the battle with the sun. the ball drops. what was ruled in our b double giants aren't able to scratch out any runs on eight hits as their winning streak ends at six games, losing four to nothing. couldn't find.
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the giants announced a trade with the houston astros before today's game utility man mauricio dubon has been sent to houston. the bond was batting 2, 39 and 21 games this year with two home runs and eight r b, i s and exchange for dubon, the giants get a minor league catcher. michael pierce key that is who is assigned to triple a sacramento. hi little nine on baseball for us. another one tonight. the asian angels in the second half of the doubleheader right now, keeping busy. we'll have that update later and one final check of the forecast. yeah, whether it's hot today, right in eighties. yeah nineties you can see the five day here we do cool things off tomorrow. still 60 70 some lower eighties , you'll notice the winds inactive call kind of a cruise control forecast into next week, a little bit cooler. a little warmer, a little bit cooler, just lots of little bits in the podcast. someone who doesn't have a c the killing me today, though i had to receive, but yeah, by you exactly pretty good. all right. thank you for joining us. we continue the news
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tonight at 10 o'clock. join us tonight. attendance 50 date with all the listeners of ktvu .com. social media papers as well. bye social media papers as well. bye bye. mnh! how can my babies be early?! i've never been early to anything! maybe they're not mine! i've always been faithful to you! (groaning) push, damn it! i'm not losing another baby today. -(flatline) -(groaning) cardiac arrest. crash cart! the shock could kill the baby! (paddles whine) that's something i'll just have to live with. maybe we could turn off the tv? -clear! -(tv shuts off) well, folks, i'm afraid i have some bad news. oh, my god. no. n-no, not that bad. i'm sorry. i did not think that through. no, you're not giving birth today. you've had false contractions, known as braxton hicks. it's very common. uh, so what does that mean timing-wise? it's no indication. it could be five weeks from now, could be five hours from now. i suggest you and your husband go home, get some sleep while you still can. oh, we're not married. we're just lovers. ugh! yuck. she hates that word.


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