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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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chun california tackle a gunman who opened fire inside their church, killing one and critically injuring four others. this is ktvu fox two news at six evening . i'm mike mibach that developing news is coming out of orange county tonight, and we are learning new information just released here in the last hour. the first shots were fired just before 1 30 this afternoon at geneva presbyterian church. in the city of laguna woods. one person was killed, four others were critically wounded. 1/5 injured person suffered minor injuries the gunfire did erupt during a lunch reception honoring a former pastor. authorities also say a taiwanese
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congregation was in the church at the time of the shooting. the orange county sheriff's office says a male suspect has been detained and a weapon has been recovered. police say it was the church members who jumped into action to stop the bloodshed. you believe a group of churchgoers detain him and hog tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroes and heroism and bravery and interfering or intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. authorities say the man under arrest is an asian male in his sixties who does not live in the community. governor newsom did tweet this afternoon. we are actively monitoring the shooting at a church in laguna woods and working closely with local law enforcement. no one should have to fear going to their place of worship. our thoughts are with the victims community and all those impacted by this tragic event. we will have more on this
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developing story coming up tonight at 10 and 11 that shooting in southern california comes just 24 hours after a mass shooting at a buffalo, new york supermarket that left 10 people dead, investigators say the 18 year old shooter drove hundreds of miles and specifically sought out a predominantly black neighborhood for this attack. fox's nate ford has more from new york. investigators say racial hatred drove an 18 year old to kill 10 people saturday at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood of buffalo, new york, we continue to investigate this case. as a hate crime, federal hate crime and as a crime perpetrated by racially motivated, both motivated violent extremists. authorities say the shooter drove three hours from his hometown to carry out the attack. broadcasting it live on the streaming platform twitch, which says it quickly cut the feed less than two minutes after the violence started. he's also believed to have authored a manifesto circulating online, where he
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goes into detail about replacement theory conspiracy theory that asserts that black people and other minorities are replacing white people in the united states. this manifesto tells everything to us, and that is what so bone chilling about it is that there is the ability for people to write and subscribe to such philosophies filled with hate and white supremacists, acts of terrorism that are being for meant it on social media and to know that what this one individual did. has been shared with the rest of the world. among those killed was security guard aaron salter . police say he fired multiple shots at the gunman who was wearing body armor that stopped at least one of the bullets. salter's neighbors now remembering him as a hero. just talking. i was playing my numbers. just see you playing. your numbers are left. well he was a nice guy, you know, he cared about the community looked after the store. it's just so sad to me. i never see this since i've been in buffalo. in new york voice fox news. the
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alleged shooter, was arraigned last night on murder charges. he pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to be back in court on thursday. today in washington, president biden addressed the mass shooting in buffalo. along gunmen. harm with weapons of war and hate filled soul. shot and killed 10 innocent people in cold blood. at a grocery store on saturday afternoon. jill and i like all of you pray for the victims. and their families. and a devastated community. and vice president kamala harris released the following statement on the buffalo shooting reading. in part, law enforcement is proceeding with its investigation. but what is clear is that we are seeing an epidemic of hate across our country that has been evidenced by acts of violence and intolerance. we must call it out and condemn it. racially motivated hate crimes or acts of violent extremism are harms
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against all of us, and we must do everything we can to ensure that our communities are safe from such acts. milwaukee bucks watch party that was scheduled for today in downtown area was canceled due to a number of shootings in milwaukee. my boyfriend told me behind like this like brick wall, and if you want to have this outcome would be a lot different. police say 13 people were injured in three separate shootings friday night , all the gunfire just blocks from the arena, where the milwaukee bucks lost to the boston celtics in game six of the nba eastern conference semifinals. all of the victims are expected to survive. there was a large police presence in daly city this morning, residents were told to avoid washington and sullivan avenue due to a possible shooting. police have not said if there were any victims or if they've made any arrests in the east bay. an investigation is underway into a series of fires that broke out this morning near pittsburgh. contra costa county fire protection district says three small fires were intentionally said right near the intersection of highway four
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in san marco boulevard. authorities say witness gave them a description of the person who set the fires. if you have any information about the case you're asked to call police supporters of san francisco's district attorney rallied today against the upcoming recall vote chaser boudin's future as d a hinges on the outcome of an election that is now just three weeks away. ktvu greg liggins live for us tonight in the newsroom and greg, with recent polls showing boutin likely being defeated supporters trying to turn that around here. indeed they are trying to turn it around, mike now i did speak with chase a boudin this afternoon, he happened to mention he ran in the bay to breakers, but his most important race is on june 7th. that is the day of a special recall election that will determine whether he can keep his job. supporters of chase, a boudin gathered at muriel left many park in the richmond district to rally support for the embattled district attorney. they're trying to get more votes for their no on h campaign aimed at stopping the recall of boudin. who attended the event, and echoed previous claims that the
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recall effort is led by republican billionaires. this is a part of the republican playbook all across the country trying to undermine the outcome of free and fair elections because they can't win them fair and square. we saw them try to do it to governor gavin newsom. now they're trying to do it to me. the yes on eight campaign to oust boudin has both republican and democratic support. critics of boudin claim he is soft on criminals, which has led to a scourge of car break ins, violence and mayhem, making the city increasingly dangerous as a progressive d. a boudin eliminated cash bail and aims to reform the criminal justice system to make it fair for all as opposed to a system that he says privileges, the wealthy and powerful they're trying to recall me because i'm following through on my campaign promises a retired southern california judge now living in the richmond district was handing out literature for the no on h campaign on her 94th birthday. she says she's personally witnessed the unfairness of the cash bail system. she preferred
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not using her last name and says as a boudin supporter, her job is to educate people with facts , which she says can be hard to come by for some, because we get a lot of anecdotal. everything is falling apart. everything is terror. but the reality is this. statistically none of that is true. according to the sfpd crime dashboard compared to this time last year, some crimes like larceny, theft and assault are up while burglaries are down. all other crimes remain roughly the same. the group behind the recall effort released a statement that says, in part safer sf without boudin is a democrat led campaign. this recall election is about his fellow democrats, holding him responsible for his complete incompetence. our public safety is absolutely jeopardized with bodine. as d a in the newsroom. greg legans ktvu fox two news three weeks away. all right, greg. thank you. a new poll shows a record percentage of americans say abortion should be
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legal and nbc news poll shows some 60% of americans say abortion should always be legal or legal most of the time that is the largest amount of support for abortion rights since the poll. began asking this question back in 2000 and three fewer people, however, say they do not support overturning roe v. wade 63% say they oppose overturning the landmark ruling down from 71% 4 years ago. paul was taken after the leak of a supreme court draft opinion suggesting that the high court will overturn roe v. wade. president biden in the first lady dr jill biden were at the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d. c today. this event on capitol hill on the 619 officers whose names were added to the memorial. there are already more than 23,000 names engraved on in the 300 ft long memorial honors officers who died in the line of duty, a number of which include accidental deaths, homicides and illnesses, including covid. 472 officers died last year, with two thirds of those deaths being caused by covid-19. the other
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officers being honored lost their lives in previous years. you keep our community safe. and to build trust and respect that everyone deserves. particularly all of you. we should focus on. and fund the things we know that work. like i'm prevention and community polices. not one cop in a car with to walk in the street. cops who walked the beat who know the neighborhood who can restore trust and safety. folks. the answer is not to abandon the streets. it's not just choose between shaking equal justice. and we should agree. it's not to defund the police. it's to fund the police. fun then with the resources training. they need to protect our communities and himself. and restore trust. among the police
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and the people, president biden declared today may 15th as peace officers memorial day and may 15th through may 21st as police week devastating to ukraine, where military officials say they have held off russian forces in the east yesterday, ukrainian officials said that their military took back the city of kharkiv, the nation's second largest city. and today, britain's defense ministry said the russian army had lost up to one third of the combat strength it committed to ukraine in late february and was failing to gain any substantial territory. um the president of finland formally announced today that to the nation does intend to join nato. the announcement comes after an informal meeting in berlin, where foreign ministers of nato countries gathered to discuss concerns about the threat from russia. all nato nations would have to vote unanimously to accept finland into the alliance. sweden's governing party has also backed the plan to join nato. sweden and finland have traditionally been neutral nations, but the russian war on ukraine has
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pushed them to join the alliance. the summary of travel season is upon us coming up what you could be up against, as you plan for that next flight. also stephen curry has another reason to celebrate. besides the warriors heading to the western conference finals still to come. his accomplishment more than a decade in the making. all right. we'll take a look at that weather for the total lunar eclipse tonight, as well as a five day forecast. that includes a little bit of heat around a little bit of heat around ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts
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to s travelers are returning after more than two years of sluggish travel during the pandemic, with fewer pilots, jetblue and spirit have already reduced their summer flight options. airlines overall have seen a 4% drop in pilot since 2019 on top of a year long struggle to hire pilots in order to catch up with the industry shortage more than 14,000 pilots would need to be hired every year. for the next 10 years. the summer travel season is about to kick into high gear. ktvu tom baker looks at the surprise you numbers and what industry experts are seen as we move closer to summer. the government said ticket prices in april alone jumped 18.6% 33% higher year over year. that whopping april increases, the largest seen since the
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government began issuing the report back in 1963. sky scanner is a 20 year old worldwide airlines search engine that watches prices literally by the nanosecond during the pandemic prices were artificially low. um as demand was low. what we're seeing is essentially everything normalized now back to pre pandemic this year, we have really seen demand return. a month a month. bookings are increasing. that's true for international applying, but less so for domestic travel, though consumers spent nearly $8 billion on domestic flights in april that's actually down 13% from the previous month. a clear sign that many passengers are passing on prices, but actually there's still some incredible deals out there for people, lindsey says. sky scanner like other comprehensive travel sites, has the ability to watch prices for you and report back when they fluctuate significantly actually have an option on sky's gonna .com to
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search everywhere tracking prices as demand moves around. you can actually, um, alert for price changes so you can see if it's shifting, which can give people peace of mind if they're deliberating as to what to do. those deals come from being very flexible about where you want to go. and when you want to go recent survey of people we are 75% of people said that they were actually flexible about where they traveled and when they traveled comes the summer travel season, flight cancelations are likely to be commonplace. and skyrocketing fuel prices will force airlines to keep raising prices to avoid system meltdowns. airlines have also cut schedules, which, with fewer seats available. raises fares. some folks simply need to hold off until after labor day when prices usually for big time as demand evaporates. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news gas prices reached a record high today and
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are expected to continue to spike as we head into the summer season, triple a reports the average price for a gallon of gasoline in the u. s rose to $4.47. prize yesterday was 4 45 . the price of for gas here in california remains much higher than the national average at $5.96 for a gallon of regular volatile crude oil prices continued to drive gas prices up. san francisco's most famous footrace, made a triumphant return today, thousands of people laced up this morning for the bay to breakers and people have not been able to run this race since 2019 because of the pandemic gave to his james doris spoke to some of those runners who said it felt like old times. the runners are back. the costumes are back. all the traditions are back. and if you ask anyone participating in this year's bay to breakers, they'll tell you it feels a lot like the past. the height. costumes it's just easy to find a onesie with an animal and for some reason,
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tortillas, the streets of san francisco gave a grand homecoming to its annual 12 k race very excited at the running bid records since 1985 since high school. so this is, um i don't know how many years this is now over 30 years, i guess so good to be back since i was 12. yeah 33. now organizers had to call off the bay to breakers in 2020 and 2021. do the covid-19 restrictions. it's safe to say it was missed. send a message to covid. uh we made it through over two years, and here's to hopefully an end to the pandemic soon family tradition for like 10 years or more drivers drivers . some welcome the race for its culture. hurricane others took its return with deeper meaning. i do this because one of my sorority sisters, i'm a sigma
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gamma rho is my sorority. she passed away and she used to do this every year, and the year that i was supposed to do it with her was the year she passed, so i do it in her honor. now the race didn't call for any covid-19 requirements this year. that was okay for everyone out here today. from braveheart to miss golden gate bridge herself . the city is just happy to have its race back. i could not wait for it to come back looking forward to this for two years. great to have it back course. i just wish i would have put in the effort to train a little bit harder for it. so run what you brought. yeah. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. stephen curry is officially a college graduate . he now has a bachelor of arts and sociology from davidson
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college in north carolina. curry was not able to attend today's commencement as the golden state wears are now in the western conference finals. game one by the way, is on wednesday. in a statement, the college said curry worked with two members of the davidson faculty wanted stanford and another from uc santa cruz to complete his degree. what a beautiful weekend out there. mikey probably notice that a lot of folks, right? just beautiful weather all weekend sports. we're getting in. everybody was getting out and doing what they like to do a little bit of wind but not bad. fog did come back to the coast tonight and temperatures today behind me. did they did call just a teeny bit from yesterday and they're going to cool further tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow are going to get back into the seventies and i don't think we'll see any of those low eighties. so that is the plan. let's take a look at the, uh forecast here for this solar eclipse. we've got some clouds out there. now you'll see the well you can just barely. but that's an interesting shot. doesn't you can see the fog rolling in. you see the high clouds overhead. and that's kind of what we're looking at. right now. we're looking at the high
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clouds that are going to be right at the coast. low clouds. i mean high clouds inland. high clouds are thin, so it's not going to be too much of a problem in seeing this lunar eclipse. we back it up. here's what's going on. see the sun? that's the big one. see the earth spinning. here's this little guy moving around down here. that's the moon sun gets back toward the earth gets between the moon and the sun, and that's the eclipse. the times tonight, right around sunset. it comes up with a little bit of a, um, bite out of it. maximum at about 11 pm look towards the south and the east and most areas in the bay area. you guys be able to see it, and he says that that is certainly the hope along the coast. i don't suspect it's going to be quite as, uh easy, so i think you're gonna want to go inland. just a little bit. you can see the clouds that we're talking about for tonight. and um not a lot, especially in not a lot of clouds at all. but there is a little bit of fog still at the coast. we showed you that live now i'm showing it to you here. the winds. it's breezy for sure. 3rd 21 miles an hour out in the concord area by ultimate going about 40 miles an hour and look
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at sfo got winds gusting to 37 miles an hour. wow! there's the camera bumping around. ask him a cool shot. that's shot. that's emeryville looking up towards out towards the bay out towards mountain be. basically these are current temperatures. you see the sea breeze. that's the wind . that's why it's all green. right inland still hides 15 degrees cooler in fairfield than yesterday. than 11 degrees cooler than yesterday and conquered. so it's going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow. these are the forecast overnight lows. and then here are the forecast highs for tomorrow. you're going to see some oranges poppin oranges representing eighties so we're going to see mostly seventies and sixties. but if you go far enough east, you'll find those eighties like antioxidant right on the edge, but everybody else sixties and seventies. cool breezy day tomorrow. it's gonna be kind of breezy all week and the five day forecast there you go. kind of nice. pretty pretty mild and then warms up next weekend, which seems like forever from now, next weekend is waiting for us, though. right, bill. thank you. golden state warriors
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waiting to see what they're going to tip off against in the conference finals this week, and as we wait good news, as steve kerr is set to return to coach what he had to say after covid protocol coming up next in sports and car shoppers fed up with price hikes out a way to fight back tonight at 11 how they're using a website. to convince dealers to if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses
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opening tonight in sports. the warriors are waiting to find out a short time from now whether they will meet the phoenix sands or the dallas mavericks in the first game of the nba's western conference finals on wednesday. they do know that steve kerr will be back on the bench as their head coach. her missed the last three games of the warriors semifinal series again breakfast , a stretch that saw them go to 11 with mike brown subbing said today that his covid symptoms were mild and that he was more concerned about not getting others around him sick. made his first public appearance today after finding out last monday that he had tested positive. you know, not easy to sit at home and watch, but symptoms weren't bad at all. and it was just kind of my turn. you know, it seems like, um last couple of years,
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practically everybody on our coaching staff, and our team has had it at some point, so just my turn. but luckily wasn't too bad. no state milwaukee earlier today in game seven of the eastern conference semifinals. this was a close game for a half until the celtics ran away with it. boston adding to the lead early in the fourth quarter. grant williams with the three his seventh of the game on the way to 27 points and all three pointers with a difference in this game. peyton pritchard steps back and hits three of his 14 points off the bench. the celtics that a record 21 3 pointers and all as they went one or 9 81. it'll be boston in miami on tuesday night for game one of the eastern finals. dream come true for the little leaguers who got to take the field today at the oakland coliseum on little league day, the a's and angels wrapping up their four game series, the angels. then you waste any time mike trout on it first in the first inning against frankie montas, shohei otani blast one
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to right center at two run shot of tony got the 1/100 of his career last night make it 101 on his eighth of the season. 2 to 1 game with danny jimenez trying to keep the ace close in the eighth. anthony rendon singles to drive in taylor ward angels added one more and the night they make it three out of four in the series. with a 421 win. they're tagged with houston at the top of the l west golf tour in texas for the final round of the byron nelson tournament. this is marc leishman on the 213 yard, par 3/15 fleischmann hits his tee shot. 213 yards for a hole in one policeman finished 13 strokes back. but how often do you get an ace? and here is your winner k. h lee putting for eagle at 18 with the shot that looks like it's going about three different times. he settles for a birdie on the way to a final round 63 that puts him 26 under par for the tournament, one shot better than jordan's spieth as lee wins this event for the second straight
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year, like every time i put never goes out, naturally, so you got it that close. that's not bad. that's true. alright, thanks for watching everybody. thanks for watching everybody. we'll see you back here at 10. boy, it seems like forever since the four of us have been out to eat, you know? just the guys. oh, god! yes, we get it. you have a girlfriend now. a little jealous, are we? no, i'm not jealous. all right, i'd kill a hobo if it'd get me laid. now, can we order? oh, dear lord, they redid the menu. so what? it's the same food. oh, is it? look at this. general tso's chicken is no longer listed under "specialties." it's now under "chicken." so? yes, general tso. not "tso," the chicken, "so" the question. so? so, why is it no longer a specialty?


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