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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 16, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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miles southeast of tracy 40 miles east of san jose. in stennis loss county. it's about four miles in size. the areas expected to be open to the public by late next year. by 2027. it should offer visitors trails, picnic areas, restrooms . other basics. campgrounds could be opened by 2032. president biden set to travel to buffalo, new york this week, days after a gunman shot and killed 10 people inside a supermarket heavy once again. but a resolve. must never ever waver. the latest on the alleged attacker, who was already known to police. plus practice and preparation for the summer fires . you can't expect smoke if you drive through some parts of the east bay today, we're out there live with the important exercises that are getting underway this morning. and you may remember him for his four world series titles. but today he's stepping back on the diamond in a new role. new york yankees great bernie williams
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joins us live to talk about while he'll be on the field. at the open coliseum tonight. and welcome to mornings on tuesday. 98 is monday may 16th 2022, it's going to be a little chilly today. the weather is always something that people watch, especially this time of year. as we get close to outdoor graduation ceremonies. we do have a lot of news to get to let's get right to it with claudine. good morning. good morning to you both. and yes, we are continuing to follow some developing news in the south bay. san jose police are investigating a shooting near the san jose state university campus. ktvu james torres is live for us at the scene with more on the details that we're learning this morning. good morning, james. good morning to you, claudia. we're standing at the corner of 10th street and san salvador here that is just on the east side campus of san jose state university. not too far from the actual campus itself here and you see the scene still very much how we left it for the last hour or so officers. and detectives have been here since three this morning. that's when they say
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the initial calls came in for this shooting. this is what we know so far. two people shot this morning and that's what brought them here. they've been in and out of this house that they have this mobile command unit parked. and this has just been the story pretty much all morning long. investigators were walking in and out of the doorway on the second floor of the house, taking pictures and collecting evidence. earlier this morning, we noticed an officer taking a dog from the house and putting it into an animal services truck. police say there were two victims from the shooting a man and woman the woman is expected to be okay. but officers say the man is fighting for his life to survive . we spoke to a man who lives across the street. who says police came knocking on his door at about four this morning because they noticed the cameras in the front of his house. he says he knows the woman hurt in the shooting. she's a you know, nice woman, and, you know, you know when you meet kind of meet people in the neighborhood, you get to know him a little bit. and yeah, it's just really sad. you know, it's just kind of a presence that's going on with you know, in our city. this
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scene is just down the block from the scene of two shootings less than two months ago, including the case where an officer shot a man inside of zakariyah police say that man broke up a fight and confiscated a gun from a suspect. before police mistakenly took him for the suspect and opened fire after they say he didn't heed to their commands. that was the second of two shootings from that night. at this time, police have not yet released any suspect information. let's take you back live out here in san jose. where again we still see a crime scene unit mobile unit parked in front of the house where we believe the shooting happened. we're still limited on some of the details were still working with san jose police to learn what exactly went down here. but they are asking anyone who knows anything that could help them with their investigation to give them a call. we're live this morning in san jose. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news, james. thank you. suspected gunman is in custody this morning following a deadly shooting at a church in orange county. authorities say one person was killed for others
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were hurt and are in critical condition. the shooting happened inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods to city about 50 miles southeast of los angeles. investigators say many members of the church immediately took action, preventing an even greater tragedy. we believe a group of churchgoers detain him and hog tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroes and heroism and bravery and interfering or intervening to stop the suspect. the undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. authorities say the gunman is a man in his sixties who does not live in the area. they say the motive for the shootings is still unclear. please say the gunman in saturday's mass shooting at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, had plans to kill more people as alexis mcadams reports, authorities are now investigating the shooting. as a hate crime. it was a horrifying scene. i've never heard gunshots like that. that
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loud shooting rocking this predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, a gunman opening fire at a tops grocery store on saturday, killing 10 people and wounding three others. buffalo's police commissioner says the shooter had plans to continue that rampage. if he hadn't been stopped. it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue. looking to shoot more. black people as he put it. investigators say this was a heat crime of the 13. people shot 11. we're black. we're learning more about the victims, including retired buffalo police officer aaron psalter. he was working security at that grocery store and was killed trying to stop. the teen gunman looked after the store. he did a good job. police arrested 18 year old peyton genderen in connection with the shooting. he was first degree murder and other charges are pending. the fbi now investigating the violence as a
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potential federal hate crime or act of domestic terrorism. this smash shooting just one of several that occurred over the weekend. on sunday in southern california. a man opened fire during a church lunch reception, killing at least one person. and wounding several others. the gunmen stopped after a pastor hit him on the head with a chair and other church members hog tied him with electrical courts. tomorrow. president biden and first lady jill biden will be here in buffalo, talking to community members reporting in buffalo, new york, i'm alexis mcadams fox news. the two deadly weekend shootings are causing many to ask what can be done to prevent gun violence in america. legal experts are taking a close look at the deadly gunfire at a church in orange county and at that supermarket in new york and one uc berkeley law professor says both attacks. are certain to fuel the ongoing political debate over the right to own a gun and the right to public safety. the choice that most american legal structures have
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made a is for general availability and to pay the price with regard to the easier, easier availability. two people who we'd rather not have have guns. welcome to america. the california chapter of the gun safety group. moms demand action released this statement in response to the church shooting , we should be able to worship whenever and wherever we choose free from the threat of gun violence, but sadly today in america, even what should be a peaceful sanctuary of reflection are not safe from the threat of gun violence. an investigation is underway in the east bay following a series of fires near pittsburgh. contra costa fire protection district says three small fires were intentionally set near the intersection of highway four in san marco boulevard over the weekend. authorities say witness gave them a description of the person who set the fires. if you have information in this case, please call police. more military
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setbacks for russia as nato gets another application for membership on greg palkot
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cong exercise that was supposed to happen in the rodeo hercules area has been canceled. let's go to ktvu ali rasmus, joining us live from that area with an update and allie. last time we talked, you were talking about the wind humidity and watching it closely. yeah, the wind is really the reason why this training, exercise and controlled burn was scrapped for today, and we were telling you about it all morning long. you know, up in the hills here in rodeo. it was very windy and breezy and that ultimately is the reason why these plans have to change. we just found out just in the last 15 minutes or so that firefighters after doing a weather check here decided to make that change of plans to tell us more about it is david woods. you're the fire captain here, and you made the call to
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with contra costa fire. he made the call to cancel this for today. what were the conditions like when you were out there doing that weather check. we were very strict parameters that we work with whenever we pull a permit for this training and the winter just a little bit too high and for safety because of the area that we're in, or around critical infrastructure in a neighborhood so we wanted to stop it. we're going to start again tomorrow when conditions will be a little bit better. do you have to have the optimal conditions to do this sort of thing, and you were telling me that on friday, in fact, we have some video of the training exercise. you guys started on friday. you had to stop it because there was an actual fire. nearby that you had to respond to and then later on, the winds picked up again. it was and this part of the county. we get the prevailing winds, the marine layer that comes in so winds are higher out here, so we've got a very small window. where fuels are just right out here to burn and the conditions and weather temperatures humidities fall right in line where we can come out here and do training burden, so was very
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strict parameters that we work under, and it just happened for safety fell outside of those parameters for today that some of the fire trucks and some of the firefighters were already here and prepared to do this controlled burn. why is it important to nonetheless, get the resources out here and plan for these kinds of training exercises. even if they have to be scrapped. is it because we're expecting a really difficult peak of wildfire season the next few months? gold is and as everybody says in fire industry , we don't have a fire season in california last long, there's different levels of severity. so when we have a condition like this and we have engines out here that have come as far as antioch, pittsburg, cerrito and all over the east bay, and it's just one of those things that we had to stop them turning around and try it for tomorrow. so we try and get these in early in the season. working real you know, life like situations but also doing a very controlled and safe manner. is there a sense that you need all the practice you can get? absolutely i mean, whether it's wild land, firefighting or structural
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firefighting. we're always training, but we always in training, do it. the safest manner that we can thank you so much. david woods with contra costa fire, explaining that the controlled burn and training exercise that they were going to do today here in rodeo has been canceled because of the windy conditions out here. they're expecting to resume things tomorrow. so we will, of course, be following that and have an update if plans go ahead as scheduled. tomorrow with this controlled burn, claudine, sal and garcia will send it back to you, ali. thank you. we'll move overseas now is unsuccessful. ground assault in eastern ukraine have russia modifying its plan in the region amid a growing lack of manpower reporter greg palkot has more from kiev, ukraine. ukraine seizing the moment on day 82 of the russian invasion. moscow seeing more setbacks to its eastern offensive after a series of unsuccessful ground assault, ukrainian forces fighting back and even gaining ground in some areas. in the kharkiv region, ukrainian soldiers achieving a
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symbolic victory, pushing the russians back across the border , and there are new reports that russia could be running out of combat ready soldiers. occupant in the occupiers still do not want to admit that they are at a dead end, and that their so called special operation has already failed and their main russian objective dividing nato also in question, as sweden signaled its intention to join the alliance, following a similar announcement from finland last week, and despite warnings from moscow that any expansion of nato would have serious consequences. russia's unprovoked invasion of ukraine is not only illegal and indefensible. it also undermines the european security order that's weed and builds its security on the fighting ramps up, more weapons are flowing into the country, and over the weekend, top diplomats met at the nato summit in berlin to discuss giving even more support. with the us pledging to stay in the fight until the russians are pushed out of
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ukraine, the united states and our allies and partners are focused on giving ukraine a strong hand as possible so that it can repel russian aggression. and another economic blow to moscow. mcdonald's on monday saying it will pull out of russia closing more than 800 restaurants across the country and keep greg palkot fox news. doctors are suggesting to spend time in nature to boost your health. researchers at ucsf found that patients who spend time in open air have positive effects in their health doctors across the country are asking patients spend time outdoors to treat conditions like anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. they recommend walking or spending time with others outside as possible options. previous studies show spending at least two hours a week outside has several health benefits for the first time in 13 years, california is creating a new state park. the dose deep rios ranch park is going to be about 10 miles southeast of tracy. and 40 miles east of san
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jose and stanislas county. it is nearly four square miles, and the area is expected to open to the public by late next year. by 2027. it is expected to offer visitors trails, picnic areas, restrooms and other basics. campgrounds could be available by 2032. now what it opens. it will be california's 280th state park and the first new park since 2009 when four or dunes near monterrey opened cannot wait. let's see what the weather is doing. you know, there's a breeze here at the oakland estuary, but steve paulson, we just saw a live report by ali rasmus. there was a prescriber and that had to be canceled out in the rodeo hercules areas, so part of the bay area seeing some pretty serious wind. i'm not surprised. they canceled that there's too strong gusts out there. so that makes sense to me. i was surprised even mentioned that this morning, but tomorrow will be a little better here on wednesday will be i think less on the wind, but we had some really strong gusts here yesterday and also overnight into this morning,
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highest gusts look to be ultimate past black diamond mines, also around paterson past they were all between about 53 to 61 mph. mount diablo is 45 sfo yesterday hit 45, san francisco and brisbane both checked in with 41, mph pleasant and petaluma. cemetery and vallejo all between 35 37 mph. why has it been so darn windy since the middle of april? while i'll be happy to explain it to you? there have been a series of lows that have been coming in now some of these, their moisture starved for us, but these lows continue to move into the pacific northwest. so that's reason number one. they don't have a lot of moisture, but they have cold air and they're very dynamic. so that generates win. you create differences in the pressure gradients the low digs in here, the high here and the high in the desert southwest. they don't like that. so what do they do? they fill it with wind this these lows also coming into the pacific northwest. have prevented the desert southwest high from building northward. so seattle in portland's are getting nonstop, cool temps, clouds and rain above average
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rainfall already for many parts of oregon, and i mean we're not even halfway done with may but as long as this pattern stays this way, then we'll get some of these systems coming in, and they generate win also generate low clouds. why because the water temps are really cold 54 61, the temp truck and also south lake tahoe, sacramento 63. but monterrey's only 56. in the san francisco bowie's dropped right back down to 49. so you get one day of eighties inland. next thing you know, another system moves into the north, that colder water equals fog, and that's exactly what's happened over the last 24 hours. big fog bank breezy to windy morning drizzle sunny but cooler for many today i mean there. there's already some breaks in that low clouds are mainly in the fifties couple of sixties but mainly in the fifties. and as long as those patterns this pattern continues, with the systems moving out of the gulf of alaska. into the pacific northwest. these patterns generate wind and i think this will carry us into the end of the month. now. it doesn't mean we can't get warm free briefly because we will. we'll start to
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warm up again. operators on wednesday cools right back down thursday. maybe windy and warm again friday before the weekend settles down, but looks good. you guys alright. thanks steve. we're coming up on mornings onto the nine. nascar is back at sonoma raceway next month and coming up. we're going to talk live with one of the drivers who will be taking part in that race. how he's preparing to
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savf weeks away and mark the final race of the season for fox sports, a race at sonoma raceway in one country, the only stop in northern california on the circuit elk grove native kyle larson, defending race champion in series champion. but christopher bell looking to take that checkered flag this season , christopher joins us here on the nine good morning to you. hello thank you for having me. thanks for being here. great to talk to you. i know you have the weekend in kansas finished fifth. you got a flat tire right? it seemed to be a big problem in that race this weekend. yeah i was one of the
9:22 am
many that suffered a flat tire in that race, but we're able to rebound and get home a great finish. that's great. well, congratulations on a big weekend, but let's talk about i want to talk about momentum because after you won the pole this weekend, you talked about momentum. fast cars, things are feeling good. everything's everything's rolling along you won your first cup series of the daytona road course. so how are we feeling right now? as the season was forward yeah, i feel really good. i really like where we're at with this number 20 car. it seems like we've got the ball rolling right now, and we've been able to click off a bunch of top tens, top fives and talking or speaking of sonoma. that was one of the racetracks that we definitely have circled on the schedule. it's a ton of fun and go out to northern california, one of the best races of the year. tell me about sonoma raceway, because certainly it's a different kind, of course, and we talked to people about here when we've covered nascar in the past, you know, one of the only stops is different in terms of the course different in terms of the fans. let's talk about the course first and how it stacks up with the rest of the circuit. yeah so i have relatively no experience
9:23 am
there compared to most last year was my first time i ever got to race at the racetrack and going there. we didn't have any practice or qualifying, so my experience level extends the distance of last year's race, so i don't have a ton of experience there. but i can tell you one thing. it's super slick, and it's a ton of fun. you know, we love whenever we go to slick racetracks, all the drivers doing this series because you're sliding around, and it allows drivers to showcase their talents. no practice racing laps around that track. it will make it a little different. so what? what did you take with you? when you left that track as you approach it again and saying, okay, if i'm circling this on the calendar, i want to make sure that when i come back, you know, and i'm reintroducing myself to that course i hit it the way i want to. yes so normally you would be able to take notes and then apply those for the next year. but this year with the next gen race car, all of the notes that we had from previous years are completely irrelevant, so it's going to be a toss up going into sonoma this
9:24 am
year as to who's going to be the favorite and who's going to be the best card? yeah it's a it's a fun way to go into it. i imagine, although a little less predictable, you know, when you comes to nascar, you know i have covered nascar here. i've covered in other parts of the country and in the midwest, and certainly it's a little different in the field of pandemic makes it a little different as well in terms of getting another fans, but i think one of the things people like about nascar as they can get up close and personal with all the drivers as well. the drivers can get to know the fans of the different raceways. were you able to kind of get a feel for wine country and this area when you were here before? yeah i mean, i love northern california. i've only been there once for sonoma, but i've ran the dirt tracks across the area a lot, so i love getting out to go to love getting out to california. it's one of our favorite stops of the year. yeah you talked about the dirt track. i know i was reading about you. growing up in norman, oklahoma on the dirt track fund things to do. what's it like? it's you know, to be seen this kind of success in your career to be having you know this momentum
9:25 am
that you're talking about it and really living this this driver dream that a lot of kids have. yeah it is a dream come true. and you know, i'm just very fortunate to be in the position. i am driving for joe gibbs racing, so hopefully we can start racking up some more winds and i'm able to stage begins racing for a period of time. well christopher bell. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate what chatting with you. best of luck, as the circuit continues, and we'll see you when you get out here and sonoma. thank you. we'll see you later. bye bye. alright it's nice to meet him and certainly that's a fun track. sonoma fun to watch. do you have a question i would have asked, is like that. what's it like to come to sonoma? there's all these wineries and good stuff around. he's busy. he's busy, young man. i don't know that he has a lot of leisure time. good to talk to him, though, for sure. right well, coming up on mornings onto the nine. the country is waiting on the supreme court's ruling on abortion. this all follows a weekend of coast to coast protest as the court weighs in on its much anticipated final decision. also the golden arches will be no more in one country
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where mcdonald's just announced it's closing all of its re
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to y pretty picture here along the oakland estuary, see those cranes over on the right san francisco in the far left it is boobery z out there if you haven't left the house yet, make sure you grab a windbreaker. this sort of feels a typical cell for the middle of may, but we've had this kind of weather before. you know if you're a barrier person, especially here along the coast, you always have a hoodie with you, don't you? i mean, how many times have you been caught without psycho? it's cold. i have a hoodie in the trunk of my car at all times. parker parker. okay you go. i go big. go big go big because i hate being cold and we get caught all the time. and in fact, i have two parkas because someone else is going to get caught. and i am going to be nice of you, wow person that they are happy to hang out with
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anything else for warrants. alright let's talk to our top stories today. new this morning, the supreme court handed down two rulings neither had anything to do with the highly anticipated ruling on roe v. wade. in one case, the supreme court sided with senator ted cruz and his first amendment challenge. to a federal campaign finance law that limits how and when candidates can recoup loans that they make to their own campaigns. now, the second case involved a man from india who has lived in the us for 30 years. the justice department found that he was ineligible for deportation relief because he wants misrepresented his citizenship on a driver's license form. the justices ruled that the men does not get to appeal the justice department's fighting in court. and the supreme court is expected to issue its abortion ruling in the coming weeks. caroline shively reports from washington d. c on reactions from protesters and one of the justices to the leaked draft opinion that has caused so much controversy. up
9:30 am
abortion protesters mobilized in hundreds of cities across the us over the weekend, promising a fight of the supreme court overturns roe v. wade decision that legalized abortion in the us nearly 50 years ago, and it is one of a summer of rage where we will be on governable on governable. demonstrations have been growing since a leaked draft opinion indicated the court would indeed overturn roe . it's the first leak in the history of the supreme court, and it sparked more protests outside the homes of conservative justices, according to justice clarence thomas is an unthinkable breach of trust. you begin to look over your shoulder. it's like kind of an infidelity. and that you can explain it, but you can't undo it. federal decision tossing outro would leave abortion regulation of to individual states represent four million oklahomans. i don't know how much clearer we can be. we believe life begins at conception and we're gonna protect life in oklahoma. we did
9:31 am
here is we preserved essentially the roe versus wade protection in colorado, because fundamentally shannon, what we believe is this is not about the government making that decision. it's about women making that decision bill backed by democrats that would guarantee abortion rights nationwide failed in the senate last week, but both sides have vowed to fight on in washington, carolina shively fox news happening today . former mixed martial arts champion cain velasquez could be granted bail will be in santa clara county court for a hearing over whether he will get released, his attorney, mark geragos, told the website. mm a junkie that he is hopeful the judge will grant bail. but just two months ago, the same judge who will be at today's hearing denied the laskas release. the former heavyweight champion is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder overall, an incident where he chased and shot at a man who had been accused of molesting one of cain's family members. new this morning. mcdonald's is selling its entire business operation in
9:32 am
russia after more than 30 years of operations in that country. the fast food chain made that announcement this morning, citing the war in ukraine and the current unpredictable working conditions in moscow and other russian cities. the sale is going to affect 6200 mcdonald's workers in russia, who now face an uncertain future . they learned one month ago that the fast food chain was closing its stores in russia in response to moscow's invasion of ukraine. and ukraine has suspended the flow of some russian natural gas to europe. ukraine says it took the action because some of the pipelines carrying natural gas from russia to other parts of europe are now in territory controlled by russian troops, meaning the ukrainian pipeline operator cannot carry out operational and technological control. russian natural gas had continued to flow through pipelines across ukraine even after the russian invasion. high cost of food is weighing on millions of americans and causing more people to turn to food banks to feed their families. but those same higher prices are making it more challenging for food pantries to meet the increased
9:33 am
demand. reporter rob dawson examines the escalating problem. food banks have always offered a lifeline for those struggling to eat with more than 38 million americans, including 12 million kids impacted by food insecurity , according to the usda. if it wasn't for this food pantry i would be in such but surging prices for food and gas is now causing more people to need assistant never used the food banks before i didn't have to. no leave it for people that needed it more. but now i really almost have to come. the labor department reported inflation reached 8.3% last month. and while that's less than the 8.5% seen in march, the numbers are still hovering around 40 year high something the nation's food banks are an immune to as many struggle to feed larger crowds and tighter budgets. this comes as officials at feeding america , the largest food assistance program in the country, say
9:34 am
they're also experiencing a shortage of donated good decrease in government supplied commodities. at a time when we need it, the most and detailed decrease in retail and manufacturing donations to meaning many food banks have blessed to give to provide. 3 to 5 days worth of food for each person that's in the household. right now. we're 1 to 2, sometimes three days less than what we're able to give people. meantime the uncertain economy is causing americans consumer confidence to reach an 11 year low university of michigan reporting its consumer sentiment index plummeted by more than 6% this month alone. rob dawson, fox news. coming up on mornings onto the nine. you may remember him for his skill on the baseball field and his four world series titles, but he'll be back on the bay area diamond tonight for an entirely different reason. we will speak live with bernie williams about his new passion and the cause he's working on. stay with us.
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eurt ready for the busy summer travel season. however the eu is reminding international air travelers at the rules involving masks in europe could still vary depending on the airline. italy is keeping its transit mask mandate in place for at least another month. and it's shorter . two pilots is getting worse and now airlines are warning it could lead to cancel flights. more travelers are flying again after more than two years of sluggish traveled during the pandemic. jetblue and spirit
9:38 am
have already reduced their summer flight options partially because of a lack of pilots. and airlines overall, have seen a 4% drop in pilots since 2019 in addition to a long struggle to hire pilots, more than 14,000 pilots would have to be hired every year for the next 10 years. to overcome that shortage in the summer travel season is about to shift into high gear. ktvu is tom baker examines the emerging trends and what industry experts predict for the coming months. the government said ticket prices in april alone jumped 18.6% 33% higher year over year. that whopping april increase is the largest seen since the government began issuing the report back in 1963. sky scanner is a 20 year old worldwide airlines search engine that watches prices literally by the nanosecond during the pandemic prices were artificially low. um as demand
9:39 am
was low. what we're seeing is essentially everything normalized now back to pre pandemic this year, we have really seen demand return. a month a month. bookings are increasing. that's true for international flying, but less so for domestic travel, though consumers spent nearly $8 billion on domestic flights in april that's actually down 13% from the previous month. a clear sign that many passengers are passing on prices, but actually there's still some incredible deals out there for people, lindsey says. sky scanner like other comprehensive travel sites, has the ability to watch prices for you and report back when they fluctuate significantly, we actually have an option on sky's gonna .com to search everywhere. tracking prices as demand moves around. they can actually, um, alert for price changes so you can see if it's shifting, which can give people peace of mind if they're deliberating as to what to do.
9:40 am
those deals come from being very flexible about where you want to go. and when you want to go recent survey of people we are 75% of people said that they were actually flexible about where they traveled. and when they traveled. now comes the summer travel season. flight cancelations are likely to be commonplace and skyrocketing fuel prices will force airlines to keep raising prices. to avoid system meltdowns. airlines have also cut schedules, which, with fewer seats available. raises spares. some folks simply need to hold off until after labor day when prices usually fall big time as demand evaporates. tom baker, ktvu fox two news well, she grew up watching baseball. you know, my next guest is one of the main ingredients in a dominant new york yankee team that won four world series when he played center field number 51 bernie williams played from 91 to 2006, all with one team. the new york yankees. he is here. you're also you may not know
9:41 am
that he is a grammy nominated musician. and joining us here in studio is bernie to talk about something to bring awareness to something that's very serious. yes so we'll talk about that, too. we'll talk about baseball and music. it's a great interview. my goodness. yeah i'm happy to be here. thank you so much for having me that. let's talk about your father and the breathless campaign because you got involved because this disease we're about to talk about that you explain more about took your father's life. unfortunately yes, it did in 2000 and one my father, burnaby williams sr. he was my hero. he was the one that taught me how to play guitar really took me to the baseball field when i was a little kid, and still those great life lessons that i still live by through this day. but in 2000 and one he passed away from a rare long disease called area pathetic pulmonary fibrosis or cf, and, uh, since about five years ago, i teamed up with behringer ingelheim, this company out of germany, raising awareness about this disease.
9:42 am
that is not a lot of people know about. but there is a six some significant numbers that we know you have to pay attention now because it's affecting a lot of people knowledge. bring, for example, now that people are finding out is there something that people can do? to let's say , figure out they have it and get better treatment options. i think you know the most important thing to point out about this campaign is still raising raising awareness about the fact that if you feel some of the symptoms that are attributed to ppf, which can be also attributed to other lung diseases, like you know, uh, copd, asthma, bronchitis. there's certain certain parameters that need to be, you know tested, so we are encouraging people if you feel some of the symptoms which are included, you know, uh, persistent cough, you know, you get fatigued and tired with things that you usually take from granite. you got to go to the doctor and you have to rule out the possibility of it. pf just to go to the doctor as soon
9:43 am
as they can, so they can rule it out of your life because it's a chronic disease, and it's unfortunately a fatal disease. my dad was misdiagnosed for about five years until the right doctor made the right diagnosis . and after that we had for about three or four years after that, but it is a devastating disease, and a lot of people sh know if they had caught it earlier. he might still be with us. you know, now with you know the progress that they have made on the research, there's options. to enhance the quality of the life of the patients that have it and, uh, maybe, perhaps lengthened, lengthening their lives as well and just to make sure that they know that they're not alone. and you know, we have a network of doctors. caretakers and the people that are there to help and it's i think it's an important thing so you have to do is go to type in bernie williams and breathless is all this information comes up and then also we have another website called lungs and new .com where they can get all that information as well. great. let's talk about your music because first of all your major
9:44 am
league baseball player, all star and now your grammy nominated musician latin grammy nominated two things that i always wanted to do that. i never got to do. my goodness, you're playing guitar or yeah, i mean, i started playing guitar with my father. as i said, before i started when i was about eight years old. i used to watch him play guitar at night. and i asked him, you know when i was a that can you teach me how to play and he was like, of course, and he taught me my first couple, of course in the guitar and i fell in love with the instrument up to this day. you know, music has always been a very important part of my lines. callused? yes, callouses. um, my, my fred finger, and, uh, i was able to after i retired, go to the manhattan school of music and finish career a bachelor's degree in jazz performance. so now like they say, in the music industry and another cat looking for a gig now but that's great. you know, i think the very first time people saw a new you were doing was when derek jeter retired. you played at his retirement ceremony, right? yes
9:45 am
you know the captain, right? so people know you guys are close friends and here are some pictures of it. do you remember that day and what it felt like to be in front of all those people? oh, my god. that was that was an incredible day to be part of that ceremony. i mean, just, you know. witnessing history, but i wasn't to worry about the people in the front. i was more worried about the people in the back. the old jesus in the back the hall of famer saying, oh, okay, you played baseball, but i've seen you can play a guitar. it's almost like you know, a guy who is like a good baseball player almost can't be a good musician . they probably don't expect it. but after that performance, you know, i sort of, you know, kind of like cemented myself into our kids. he can play a little bit and i had a lot a lot of respect from those guys. let's talk about you and center field at the yankee stadium now i grew up in san francisco giants fan, a group in san francisco, however, that 1998 yankees team was one of my all time favorites. you had all kinds of all stars,
9:46 am
including jeter, but other people that you've got to see like mariano rivera when they were young. was that like did you know that these guys are going to gel and become the team? they did? well, i think we have the conditions in the minor leagues that were, you know, very they were excellent to breed. these kind of players, you know that we had a great scouting system. we can, you know, signed us players to play in the minor leagues, and i think i came up a little bit before them, but i had an opportunity to see a lot of them spring training. jorge posada, derek, you know here here, derek. probably that was his 3000 hit. he hit a home run. he had always had a knack for the one of the very first setbacks ever, right? yeah. yeah i think you know the first game he played in cleveland. he started the game and he was, you know, just the first year as a rookie, and he, you know, he hit a home run in his first game. so he always had a knack for the dramatic and just come through and clutch situations, so i mean, he was just our captain. now he's he was just an incredible player. i have to ask you one last thing. after your team won the world series in
9:47 am
1998, you were free agent and there was a big parade in new york and people were shouting. stay stay! stay remember that. yes i do. remember that into your decision? absolutely yes. yeah i mean, when you have an opportunity to remain and one team for your whole career. you have to take advantage of that, and i think i was so fortunate to remain my whole career with the yankees. and after that 98 series we want to get in 1999. and we want to get into 1000. so it was just an incredible experience and i'm so grateful. 51 center fielder bernie thank you so much for coming in. thank you for having me on a huge baseball fan, and i'm getting to meet one of my baseball idols. really appreciate. thank you. good luck tonight at the coliseum. absolutely, yes. casa to watch fun to watch. right. let's swing over to san francisco here and the bay to breakers race has returned for the first time in three years, organizers called off the race in 2020 and 21, of course, due to covid restrictions. people
9:48 am
have been running this race for years, say it was so good to have it back. very excited, running big records since 1985 since high school, so this is don't know how many years this is now, over 30 years, i guess so good to be back. well there was the usual outlandish costumes and silliness along the race route. for many, this race had a much deeper meaning. i do this because one of my sorority sisters sigma gamma rho is my sorority. she passed away and she used to do this every year and the year that i was supposed to do it with her was the year she passed, so i do it in her honor. more than 10,000. people registered for that 12 k. it starts at the embarcadero, of course and ends at the great highway. well diving into the dark california ocean to save the environment coming up in the morning and to the nine why these divers are risking their lives to make a difference. also elon musk's other companies, spacex zeroing in on a record
9:49 am
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on r the most launches in a single year. three. two. one. do vacation. elon musk's company had two launches to put starling satellites into orbit this past weekend one from santa barbara county on friday, the other from florida on saturday that gives spacex 20 successful launches since january. the record is 31 , which spacex set last year. at this current rate, spacex could launch more than 52 rockets before the end of the year. in 2001. the total number of launches from earth into space was 51 doctor. strange movie once again dominated at the box office this weekend. what do you know about the multiverseeved is dangerous. he was right. doctor
9:53 am
stranger and the multiverse of madness brought in another $87 million that moves the domestic total to $300 million in its second week. the movie now approaches the $700 million mark worldwide. the animated movie. the bad guys had another seven million in ticket sales in its fourth weekend. sonic the hedgehog two brought in more than $4 million. it stayed in the top three despite being released. at the start of april. alright i saw doctor strange this weekend. so i contributed to that total and you'll leave. you did like it. i didn't love it. that's what i hear from most people. i was amused, but i have a very i'll just say this very low bar if i am amused. oh you're an easy, okay. got to get it a rotten tomatoes as opposed to the actual critics bar is here. my bar is here. i'm like if i'm going to put on real
9:54 am
pants during the weekend and pay what you want me to pay. and then by your snacks. i mean, it better be like dr shiva. go okay. yeah i like it. and you know what i do feel i will say i do feel that movie theater specifically, it's going to take a long time for them to come back. and so there's some movies like top guns coming out later this month, saying that i will be there for that. that you want to watch some of those movies on the big screen. sure want to make sure that those good sound system theaters are there when you return. so some things i think i think the actors and the theater owners are like, thank you, claudine. they are absolutely absolutely all right time now 9 54 and risking one's life to help the oceans that is the mission of one group of southern california divers. reporter christina gonzales spoke to the divers about why they say that risk is worth it. barely visible like ghosts, divers 150 ft. under the ocean surface, the dark, murky water so thick with debris they need flashlights to see one another and what they're doing, which is removing next caught in a wreck.
9:55 am
just off san pedro. they call themselves ghost divers risking their lives to recover ghost net, let's take decades to biodegrade, so they basically never break down. and the nets will continue to do what they were designed to do, which is to trap and harm and kill marine life. the regular working is the moody these are images of her sinking in 1933 for the movie hell below diver usa team has been planning the difficult dive for weeks, mapping it out from their headquarters at zen diving company. this can be dangerous diving, requiring multiple tanks of specially mixed gasses for long, deep dives. fishing nets are going to do what they're designed to do, which is catching fish. and those fish are gonna die drowned. then you're going to have mammals like sea lions. dolphins are going to try to get those caught fish and then they cut in. videos from other missions show entangled fish, crabs and other
9:56 am
creatures. even a stingray disentangling them a lot easier than the nets themselves. balloons were already attached at an earlier dive, and now the divers had just enough air to the bags to start lifting those nets so they can cut them away from the wreck. as the year in the bags expand. one set net is lose, it quickly rises to the surface where boats are waiting to get it. got it that feel to get it out of the. it's amazing . what's interesting is what's going to happen to those nets because they're going to be actually cleaned up and turned into all kinds of things every pound of nylon that we make from recycled content is one less pound of nylon we have to make from petroleum. nelson is with aqua phil. it's orange county facility, recycled carpets and, yes, these nets into nylon. that is re used to make things like new carpets and more. beachwear
9:57 am
at another southern california company, santos swimwear, things that once were waste or trash or dangerous to marine animals and then transforming it into something to give it a new life that you can actually wear and enjoying the ocean again. the circular economy circular economy means based as a resource. veronica mikos is a director of healthy sees the organization that started ghost divers in europe and came out for the launch of its first usa chapter we have collected over 700 tons of fishing nets, and this is our mission to bring this problem to the attention of people. and they also provide the solution. bigger been one less net in an ocean where this estimated that 640 tons of nets are lost annually. is it worth it? heather who almost lost her life and this ghost diving mission at another wreck, but said this way 70% of our planet is ocean. the ocean dies we die.
9:58 am
celebrating at least one less net in that ocean. cristina gonzalez fox news the warriors will next play the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals, the mavericks earned their chance to play the warriors with a historic performance in game seven against the phoenix suns yesterday. at one point, the mavs led by 46 points before ultimately winning 1 23 to 90. the warriors have the higher seed and we'll host game one and two. the first game is wednesday, and the team will have steve kerr back on the bench as their head coach for that game, mr stretch of games after testing positive for covid 19 said that his covid symptoms were mild and he was most concerned about not getting others around him sick. you know, not easy to sit at home and watch, but symptoms weren't bad at all. and, uh, it was just kind of my turn. you know, it seems like, um last couple of years, practically everybody on our coaching staff, and our team
9:59 am
has had it at some point, so just my turn. early vegas aunts have the warriors as favorites to win the series with dallas. the mavericks did win the season series three games to one, but you might remember in those games the warriors were missing either clay thompson or draymond green. i love the stakes story here. warriors star steph curry has a new title to add to his long list of accolades. he is now a college graduate. curry couldn't attend yesterday's commencement ceremony, north carolina he was busy preparing for the western conference finals game on wednesday. in a statement, the college said curry worked with two members of the davidson faculty when it stanford, the other uc santa cruz to complete his degree warriors tweeted their congratulations, saying 13 years after entering the nba. stefan currie is a college grad. stefan completed his final semester, of course, worked this spring and will receive a backflow of arts degree with a major in sociology from davidson college. congrats to the class of 2022 stephen curry tweeted made the promise when i left and had to see it through, mama, we made it. i love that right love that it is
10:00 am
never too late to go back, and i'm sure it feels so. so good to publish that love that good message to everyone out there who dreams of being an nba star ? absolutely thank you so much >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ and now, here is our special guest host, leah remini and michelle visage. ♪ ♪


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