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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 16, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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vics shooting inside a buffalo, new york supermarket while you learned about the retired police officer who was shot and killed while working security, and it was meant as a wildfire prevention and training exercise , with the fire conditions proved just too dangerous. east bay firefighters plan to be back out prepping for an increase in fire danger. also former mm a champion cain velasquez returns to a south bay courtroom today. what the judge ruled about letting him out on bail while he is facing attempted murder charges. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm claudine wong, the gunman in the mass shooting at a buffalo grocery store had plans to kill more people and shoot up another store. buffalo's police commissioners shared those details today, as authorities are now investigating that attack as a hate crime. fox's alexis mcadams has the latest on that case. it was a horrifying scene. i've never heard gunshots like that. that loud shooting
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rocking this predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, a gunman opening fire at a tops grocery store on saturday, killing 10 people and wounding three others. buffalo's police commissioner says the shooter had plans to continue that rampage. if he hadn't been stopped. it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue. looking to shoot more. black people as he put it. investigators say this was a hate crime of the 13. people shot 11. we're black. we're learning more about the victims, including retired buffalo police officer aaron psalter. he was working security at that grocery store and was killed trying to stop. the teen gunman looked after the store. he did a good job. police arrested 18 year old peyton genderen in connection with the shooting. he was charged with first degree murder and other charges are pending. the fbi now investigating the violence as a potential federal hate crime or
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act of domestic terrorism. this smash shooting, just one of several that occurred over the weekend. on sunday in southern california. a man opened fire during a church lunch reception, killing at least one person. and wounding several others. the gunmen stopped after a pastor hit him on the head with a chair and other church members hog tied him with electrical courts . tomorrow. president biden and first lady jill biden will be here in buffalo, talking to community members reporting in buffalo, new york, alexis mcadams fox news. the suspected gunman in a deadly shooting at an orange county church has been identified. 68 year old david chu, a las vegas man is now booked on one felony murder charge and five felony counts of attempted murder. that shooting happened inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods, which is a city about 50 miles southeast of los angeles. the majority of those inside the church were believed to be of taiwanese descent. investigators say many of them took immediate action prevented and even bigger tragedy. we believe a group of
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churchgoers detain him and hog tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroes and heroism and bravery and interfering or intervening to stop the suspect. the undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. authorities say the motive for the shooting is still unclear to deadly weekend shootings are causing many to ask what can be done to prevent gun violence in america. legal experts taking a close look at the deadly gunfire at that church in orange county and the supermarket in buffalo, new york. when you see berkeley law professor says both attacks are certain to fuel the ongoing political debate over the right to own a gun and the right to public safety. the choice that most american legal structures have made. is for general availability and to pay the price with regard to the easier , easier availability to people who we'd rather not have have guns. welcome to america.
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california chapter of the gun safety group moms demand action released a statement in response to the church shooting, saying we should be able to worship wherever and whenever we choose free from the threat of gun violence, but sadly today in america, even what should be peaceful sanctuaries of reflection are not safe from the threat of gun violence. saturday police now investigating a deadly double shooting near the san jose state university campus . as ktvu james torres reports, people are still searching for the attacker. police say it all happened at the corner of 10th and san salvador on the east side of san jose's campus. they've been here since three this morning, picking up the pieces to learn what happened here. investigators walking in and out of a second story home early monday morning, taking photos and collecting evidence, a scene catching some neighbors by surprise, but for the most part, it's still a good neighborhood. but every once in a while, you're going to get some problems. you know, it's just like with anything different from anywhere else. i believe casey hamblin lives
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across the street, he says. police knocked on his door at four this morning, asking if he heard any gunshots. they say a man and woman were shot early this morning. the man found dead at the scene. we're still processing evidence collecting evidence and going through victim and witness statements that are available to us. hamlin says he didn't hear anything. but he knows the woman who police say is expected to be okay. she's a you know, nice woman and you know, you know, when you meet kind of meet people in the neighborhood, you get to know him a little bit. and yeah, it's just really sad. you know, it's just kind of a presence that's going on with you know, in our city officers took this dog from the home and into an animal services truck. this scene is just a few blocks from where two shootings happen in one night about two months ago. including the case where an s. j p d officer shot a man they say help deescalate a tense situation inside of to korea. officers did not release any suspect information from this morning shooting. but think at
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this time there was no threat to public safety. there's no ongoing threat of some stranger going out there and committing these crimes, although it is a very highly dense neighborhood that we have seen in the past, many crimes have occurred. um it's still very early on in the investigation. police ask if you have any information that could help in their investigation to give them a call. reporting in san jose. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. but former mixed martial arts champion cain velasquez will remain in custody awaiting trial on attempted murder charges. a judge in san jose this morning denied bail for velasquez for a second time. velasquez appeared in court this morning alongside his high profile attorney, mark geragos. he argued that velazquez was willing to pay $1 million bail along with being on house arrest with electronic monitoring. the judge denied that request and reportedly said what velazquez did was a reckless disregard for human life. velasquez allegedly fired multiple shots at a car carrying a man accused of molesting a four year old related to velazquez. are we
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worried about cavell s. velasquez who's trying to vindicate and help his family or are we here to be a defender of the pedophile? the alleged pedophile wheat plant vigorously defending this case. velazquez faces 10 assaults and weapons charges. if convicted, he faces 20 years in prison. contra costa county fire department canceled the controlled burn in training exercise today due to the same windy conditions, fire crews are preparing for its ktvu sally rasmus tells us firefighters do expect to continue their effort tomorrow. well behind us is where this controlled burn and training exercise was supposed to happen this morning west of interstate 80 between coming skyway and willow. this is on property operated by phillips 66 . but when guests this morning around 17 miles an hour, just a little too strong to do that controlled burn safely. here's what the fire captain from contra costa fire told us about
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making the call to cancel. the winds were just a little bit too high and for safety because of the area that we're in or around critical infrastructure in the neighborhood, so we wanted to stop it. we're getting started again tomorrow when conditions will be a little bit better controlled burn from this morning scrapped it is supposed to resume as planned tomorrow. it's supposed to be not just a controlled burn. but as you mentioned also a training exercise for firefighters and firefighters tell us they need all the training and practice they can get. for this fire season. i believe we had seven fires between antioch pittsburg yesterday alone, so the grass is taller. it's a lot drier. and as you know, without any rain, it's above average fires for contra costa county this year as you just heard, and that is a trend statewide, according to cal fire, california's already had more than 1500 wildfires this year that's well above average. contra costa firefighters say they are expecting the weather conditions to improve by tomorrow. the winds are supposed to settle down, so if you see smoke and fire along interstate 80 here in rodeo tomorrow around this time
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don't be alarmed again. it's part of the controlled burn in h ntra costarcise, and fire plan to have a controlled burn here every day this week through may 23rd in rodeo, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. well this morning, the biden administration is taking steps to ease the worsening baby formula shortage. the government is now providing waivers to allow families who use the federal women, infants and children program to choose other brands of formula that are not normally covered by that with program. the wic program allows families to buy formula for free but restricts the brains they can choose. abbott nutrition. the company at the center of the shortage, provides the formula for about half of those in the wic program, and the change impacts roughly a million babies and their families. mcdonald's announces the war in ukraine was just too much with the fast food company announced its doing with all of its restaurants in russia, plus thousands of protesters gathered at demonstrations across the us over abortion rights as the
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supreme court weighs a decision on roe v. wade caroline scheindlin, washington i'll have that story coming up. another cold, breezy day around the bay area, with some spots falling below average. when it comes to the temps. i'll have a look at what you can
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golr had anything to do with the
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highly anticipated ruling on roe v. wade in one case, the supreme court sided with senator ted cruz in his first amendment challenge to a federal campaign finance law that limits how and when candidates can recoup loans that they made to their own campaigns. the second case involved a man from india who has lived in the us for 30 years, the justice department found that he was ineligible for deportation relief because he wants misrepresented his citizenship on a driver's license form. and the justices ruled that the man does not get to appeal the justice department's finding in court. coast to coast protests are taking place over the weekend as the supreme court weighs as much anticipated final abortion decision and one justice spoke out about the pending ruling as well as the leak that sparked outrage with nation wide activists. foxes caroline shively has more from washington. off abortion protesters mobilized in hundreds of cities across the us over the
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weekend, promising a fight of the supreme court overturns roe v. wade decision that legalized abortion in the us nearly 50 years ago, and it is one of a summer of rage where we will be on governable on governable. demonstrations have been growing since a leaked draft opinion indicated the court would indeed overturn roe. it's the first leak in the history of the supreme court, and it sparked more protests outside the homes of conservative justices, according to justice clarence thomas is an unthinkable breach of trust. you begin to look over your shoulder. it's like kind of an infidelity. on that you can explain it, but you can't undo it. federal decision tossing outro would leave abortion regulation up to individual states represent four million oklahomans. i don't know how much clearer we can be. we believe life begins at conception and we're gonna protect life in oklahoma. we did here is we preserved essentially the roe versus wade protection in colorado, because
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fundamentally shannon, what we believe is this is not about the government making that decision. it's about women making that decision a bill backed by democrats that would guarantee abortion rights nationwide failed in the senate last week, but both sides have vowed to fight on in washington, carolina shively fox news mcdonald's is selling its entire business operation in russia after more than 30 years in that country fast food chain made the announcement this morning, citing the war in ukraine and the current unpredictable working conditions in moscow and other russian cities. the sale effects some 6200 mcdonald's workers in russia who now face an uncertain future they learned one month ago, the fast food giant was closing its stores in russia in response to moscow's invasion of ukraine. ukraine has suspended the flow of some russian natural gas to europe. ukraine says it took the action because of some pipelines carrying natural gas from russia to other parts of europe are now in territory controlled by russian troops. meaning the ukrainian pipeline operator cannot carry out operational and technological control russian natural gas that can continue to
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flow through pipelines across ukraine even after the russian invasion. we're both finland and sweden are taking steps to join nato today. sweden's prime minister told her country's parliament that sweden would act with neighboring finland to join nato in the wake of russia's invasion of ukraine. over the weekend, the finnish president and prime minister outlined a plan to become a part of the military alliance. russian president vladimir putin has warned the two countries that joining nato would quote demand a reaction from russia. congress tomorrow will hold its first public hearing on ufos and more than 50 years. it will focus on the pentagon group that's been investigating ufo sightings in restricted airspace. a report released last summer examined 144 cases, the government could only explain one spacex is on pace to break the record for the most launches in a single year. three. two. one. no question.
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elon musk's company had two launches to put starlink satellites into orbit this past weekend, one from santa barbara county on friday and the other from florida on saturday that gives space x 20 successful launches since january. the record is 31, which spacex set last year and at the current rate, spacex could launch more than 52 rockets before the end of the year in 2000 and one the total number of launches from earth into space was just 51. let's talk about what's happening. weather wise in the bay area had some pretty gusty winds earlier today, enough to cancel that controlled burn planned in the east bay. let's see what rosemary oroczo is looking for, as we look ahead. yes garcia claudine, another breezy one out there and temperatures today actually a little bit cooler than yesterday. today is expected to be the coolest day of the week giving you a look here outside our doors across the oakland estuary towards san francisco. notice all those high clouds overhead so soft sunlight in store for most of today as the clouds will continue. to move across the bay area temperatures
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at this time 58 degrees in san francisco seventies in areas over napa mid seventies and brent what's so still very mild , but the closer you get to the coast, the breezier and cooler it is and for many temperatures below where we were yesterday down by 11 in livermore, down by four in nevada. half moon bay, one of the spots actually a little bit warmer at this time, a little bit of insulation there with the cloud cover in place. you can see it from storm tracker to the low clouds still hugging up against portions of the cemetery. county coastline for the rest of us will have those high clouds that continue to move through. coming from a system that is swinging through the pacific northwest all the way through northern california , and for us, it's just the cooler, breezy conditions that will continue. sport today, checking in on the winds. fairfield reporting sustained winds at 22 conquered is 12 the gusting to 22 oakland right now reporting 14 if we shift south, just a little bit sfo reporting wind gusts of 41, mph and
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livermore gusting to 18 so fairly widespread with the wind out there for today. and here's a view of some of the stronger wind gusts reported in the last 24 hours. altamont pass 61 mile per hour wind reported. there s fo 45. we showed us fo just a moment ago still reporting winds at about 40. 36 in san mateo 37 pleasant in as well as petaluma . the cloud cover overhead is going to move through and take a look at what you can expect at by about five o'clock or so. another batch. so we'll continue with that white sky into the evening hours. it looks like by sunset, a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures falling off from yesterday. 74 expected for napa today 66 in oakland, 76 in concord in 71, the afternoon high for san jose. a better look at some of these numbers cool and windy along the coast and over areas of san francisco. upper fifties for you there, i will go into areas over the north by 72 in san rafael for the east bay shore 66 in hayward and for the inner east based 73
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in livermore temperatures will begin to revamp i about mid weekend. all have a look at what you can expect with the extended forecast into your weekend coming up. he's like we're charging $15,000 over msrp e on the stand. but people shopping for cars fight back coming up next what they're doing to try to c
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todo continue spiking as we head into
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summer triple a reports, the average price for a gallon of gas in the united states rose to 4 48 a month ago. it was 407, of course, the price for gas here in california still much higher than the national average. we're paying on average 5 98 a gallon volatile crude oil prices continue to drive gas prices up. market research shows new car dealers continue to mark up prices and average of 10% over the suggested retail price. and this all is the microchip shortage continues. but as heather sullivan reports, a new website is helping car buyers turn the tables. when charles ray and his family learned a new baby was on the way they needed. a bigger vehicle started to become kind of a race for time. who was going to come first, the baby or the van races? he went to a kia dealership to look at the kia carnival salesperson comes out he goes. okay that's great, but i got to tell you something like, okay. he's like we're charging $15,000 over msrp e on this thing. he said that he said that raises another dealer
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quoted him 8000 over msrp eon accused sorrento. it's ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. didn't buy these cars. instead he started reporting dealer mark ups on mark ups dot org. we have seen some insane stories that people are getting 50 60 $75,000 mark ups tiffany, susie howard and her partner launched mark ups .org where consumers can sound off. we just want to kind of help. bring that transparency to where consumers just know before they spend their time before they get out and about and go through an awful experience have the right to increase prices over the manufacturer's suggested retail price. but ford and gm warren dealers in february to cool it down, but cars report shows mark ups continue. the new side, though, has been pretty consistent above 10 about 10% above msrp e. for several months, the highest
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averages jeep wrangler up 26% nearly 9000 over msrp e. and portia makhan up 23% 13,000 over msrp e. susie howard says they asked consumers for proof of the pricing that they post on markups .org and dealers can refute it. she says. they aim to create transparency. obviously we've ruffled a few feathers, but we really hope that this can be become a tool of use. race says they finally bought a honda odyssey for 1000 over msrp e. and just in time, baby caylee has arrived. we reached out to six dealerships named on mark ups dot org and the auto dealers association. but we didn't receive any reply. to save money when you buy a new car experts say, be flexible on the make and model the color the amenities and be willing to drive a few hours to a dealer. if it will save you a few $1000 heather
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sullivan, fox news. units plane ticket customer more than it would have just a couple of months ago. price spikes not seen in nearly 60 years, while we may not see any relief for months. more military setbacks for russia as nato gets another application for membership. i'm application for membership. i'm greg palkot key. that's and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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craa plan in the region amid a growing lack of manpower reporter greg palkot is in kiev. ukraine seizing the moment on day 82 of the russian invasion. moscow seeing more setbacks to its eastern offensive after a series of unsuccessful ground assault, ukrainian forces fighting back and even gaining ground in some areas. in the kharkiv region, ukrainian soldiers achieving a symbolic victory, pushing the russians back across the border, and there are new reports that russia could be running out of combat ready soldiers. occupant in the occupiers still do not want to admit that they are at a dead end, and that their so called special operation has already failed and their main russian objective dividing nato also in question, as sweden signaled its intention to join the alliance, following a similar announcement from
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finland last week, and despite new warnings from moscow that any expansion of nato would have serious consequences. russia's unprovoked invasion of ukraine is not only illegal and indefensible. it also undermines the european security order that's weed and builds its security on the fighting ramps up, more weapons are flowing into the country, and over the weekend, top diplomats met at the nato summit in berlin to discuss giving even more support. with the us pledging to stay in the fight until the russians are pushed out of ukraine. the united states and our allies and partners are focused on giving ukraine a strong hand as possible so that it can repel russian aggression and another economic blow to moscow. mcdonald's on monday saying it will pull out of russia closing more than 800 restaurants across the country. and keith greg palkot ktvu fox two news. the european union has dropped its mask mandate for passengers on flights and at airports. it's the latest move
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to ease covid-19 restrictions as europe's popular tourist spots getting ready for the busiest summer travel season. however the eu is reminding international air travelers at the rules involving masks in europe. 10 still vary depending on the airline and country. italy is keeping its transit mask mandate in place for at least another month. and a shortage of pilots is getting worse, and now airlines are warning that it could lead to canceled flights. more travelers are flying again after more than two years of sluggish traveled during the pandemic. jetblue and spirit have already reduced their summer flight options. partially because of a lack of pilots. airlines overall have seen a 4% drop in pilot since 2019 in addition to a long struggle to hire pilots, more than 14,000 pilots would have to be hired every year for the next 10 years to overcome the shortage. the summer travel season, about to shift into high gear or tom baker examines the emerging trends and what industry experts predict in the coming months. the government said ticket prices in april
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alone jumped 18.6% 33% higher year over year. that whopping april increases, the largest seen since the government began issuing the report back in 1963. sky scanner is a 20 year old worldwide airlines search engine that watches prices literally by the nanosecond during the pandemic prices were artificially low. um as demand was low. what we're seeing is essentially everything normalized now back to pre pandemic this year, we have really seen demand return. a month a month. bookings are increasing. that's true for international flying, but less so for domestic travel, though consumers spent nearly $8 billion on domestic flights in april that's actually down 13% from the previous month. a clear sign that many passengers are passing on prices, but actually there's still some incredible deals out there for people, lindsey says. sky scanner like other comprehensive travel
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sites, has the ability to watch prices for you and report back when they fluctuate significantly, we actually have an option on sky's gonna .com to search everywhere. tracking prices as demand moves around. take it, actually, um, alert for price changes so you can see if it's shifting, which can give people peace of mind if they're deliberating as to what to do. those deals come from being very flexible about where you want to go. and when you want to go recent survey of people we are 75% of people said that they were actually flexible about where they traveled and when they traveled comes the summer travel season, flight cancelations are likely to be commonplace and skyrocketing fuel prices will force airlines to keep raising prices. to avoid system meltdowns. airlines have also cut schedules, which, with fewer seats available raises spares. some folks simply need to hold off until after labor
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day. when prices usually fall big time as demand evaporates. tom vacar ktvu fox two news amtrak says its passenger train service between seattle and canada won't resume until the end of the summer. end of this year, actually, due to staffing shortages. amtrak had originally planned to get trains rolling on that route against some town by spring. plans are now on hold due to worker shortage affecting the nation's commuter rail system. and track first stopped at seattle to vancouver service in may of 2020 when the canadian border was closed in the early days of the covid pandemic. this morning, jetblue has launched a hostile takeover bid for spirit airlines. jetblue is going directly to spirit airlines shareholders with a $30 share offer last month, jetblue had offered $33 a share. but spirits board rejected that. spirits board has said it's more likely to avoid antitrust issues if it tries to merge with frontier airlines spirit is hosting a shareholder meeting on that proposed merger with frontier on june 10th. and netflix is making some big changes to keep and
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attract subscribers. it's reportedly looking into adding live streaming to its platform. according to deadline, the service could be used for unscripted shows and stand up comedy specials. the option would also allow for live voting and shows like competitions and talent contests. netflix is also bringing back black mirror, which is a popular dystopian series supporters of san francisco's d a rallied over the weekend against the upcoming recall vote chaser. boudin's future as d a hinges on the outcome of an election that's now just three weeks away. recent polls show that bodine is likely to be recalled ktvu greg ligon shows us how his supporters are trying to turn that around. supporters of the boudin gathered at muriel left many park in the richmond district to rally support for the embattled district attorney . they're trying to get more votes for their no on h campaign aimed at stopping the recall of bodine, who attended the event and echoed previous claims that the recall effort is led by republican billionaires. this is a part of the republican playbook all across the country trying to undermine the outcome
12:36 pm
of free and fair elections because they can't win them fair and square. we saw them try to do it to governor gavin newsom. now they're trying to do it to me. the yes. on eight campaign to oust boudin has both republican and democratic support. critics of boudin claim he is soft on criminals, which has led to a scourge of car break ins, violence and mayhem, making the city increasingly dangerous as a progressive d. a boudin eliminated cash bail and aims to reform the criminal justice system to make it fair for all as opposed to a system that he says privileges, the wealthy and powerful they're trying to recall me because i'm following through on my campaign promises. retired southern california judge now living in the richmond district was handing out literature for the no. on h campaign on her 94th birthday. she says she's personally witnessed the unfairness of the cash bail system. she preferred not using her last name and says as a boudin supporter, her job is to educate people with facts, which she says can be hard to come by
12:37 pm
for some, because we get a lot of anecdotal. everything is falling apart. everything is terror. but the reality is this . statistically none of that is true. according to the sfpd crime dashboard compared to this time last year, some crimes like larceny, theft and assault are up while burglaries are down. all other crimes remain roughly the same. the group behind the recall effort released a statement that says, in part safer sf without boudin is a democrat led campaign. this recall election is about his fellow democrats, holding him responsible for his complete incompetence. our public safety is absolutely jeopardized with bodine. as d a. in the newsroom . greg legans ktvu fox two news happening today, the pittsburgh city council is going to debate a proposal to build a new basketball center now it would be located inside john henry johnson park on west leland road. supporters of the plan say it would provide another fun place for exercise and
12:38 pm
recreation in the east bay. critics say the basketball facility could cause traffic and parking problems for other park visitors. another achievement for warriors star stephon curry how he made good on a promise from more than a decade ago and how we now have something to fall back on. if this whole
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12:40 pm
labe said she was attacked in a safeway parking lot in san leandro ktvu elissa harrington
12:41 pm
shows us how activists who suspect she was targeted because of her ethnicity. gathered to show support for the victims. i'm not feeling safe anymore. these pictures show 26 year old emily chan with a bloody face and broken nose. john was robbed , punched, pistol whipped and knocked unconscious while sitting in her car in a safeway parking lot. this happened at the store on washington avenue in san leandro. i want to survey to get some snacks. and then by the time i come back to my car i got robbed and did not want her face on camera during our interview, but allowed us to share pictures of her injuries. she said. the gunman took her purse and credit cards and got angry when he only found $50 in her wallet. i begged him not to kill me. chinese cambodian. she thinks she may have been targeted because she's asian. i was so scared. right now. i really want to go back to see my mom in cambodia. when i talk about the incident and made me
12:42 pm
feel like i'm still in shock. violence has to stop attacking innocent people for no reason. a group of community activists gathered in the same safeway parking lot to raise awareness about the attack and let chun no , they have her back to let her know that you know we're here for you. if you hear this message, we're not going nowhere. i just feel like people just getting attacked because they feel like you know. asian people is not going to step up. one of the organizers of the rally, kelly men said they are sick of seeing asian businesses targeted immigrants and elders attacked. he also spoke with chan and said she has been left traumatized is no hate is that we only got to come together. as individuals. we are human beings in life. you know why? you know , hurt somebody else and rob somebody else in san leandro. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the warriors will next play the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals, the mavericks earned their chance to play the warriors with the historic performance in game seven against the phoenix suns. at one point, the mavs led by 46
12:43 pm
points before ultimately winning by 1 23 to 90 warriors have a higher seat and we'll host game one and two. the first game is coming up on wednesday, where it will have their head coach steve kerr, back on the bench for that game, mr stretch of games after testing positive for covid. her said that his covid symptoms were mild and he was most concerned about getting others infected. you know, not easy to sit at home and watch, but symptoms weren't bad at all. and, uh, it was just kind of my turn. you know, it seems like, um last couple of years, practically everybody on our coaching staff, and our team has had it at some point, so it was just my turn. early vegas odds have the warriors as favorites to win the series with dallas. the mavericks did win the season series three games to one. but in all those losses warriors were missing either clay thompson or draymond green. steph curry is officially a college graduate. he was not able to attend. yesterday's commencement in north carolina has been a little bit busy preparing for the western conference finals. game one is on wednesday. but in a
12:44 pm
statement, the college said curry did work with two members of the davidson faculty and one at stanford and another from uc santa cruz to complete his degree. other warriors tweeted their congratulations, saying 13 years after entering the nba. stefan currie is a college grad . stephan completed his final semester of coursework this spring. and will receive a bachelor of arts degree with a major in sociology from davidson college. congrats to the class of 2022. doctors say that spending more time in nature could help boost your health researchers at u. c s f found that patients who spent time in the open air positive effects on their health doctors across the country are prescribing patients to spend time outdoors to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure. they recommend walking or spending time with others outside. previous studies have shown spending at least two hours outside a week, has several health benefits for the first time in 13 years, california is creating a new state park. it's called the dose rios ranch park. it's going to
12:45 pm
be an area that is about 10 miles southeast of tracy. 40 miles east of san jose. in stanislaus county. it is nearly four square miles, and that area is expected to open to the public by late next year by 2027 . it is expected to offer visitors trails. picnic areas in restrooms. campgrounds could be available by 2032 when it opens . it is going to be california's 280th state park, the first new park since four or dunes near monterrey opened. back in 2000 and nine did you stay up to see the blood moon last night? i did not have seen pictures. okay you've seen pictures and we have video for you. now it was the first total lunar eclipse of the year. the height of the eclipse happened last night, right around 8 39 30. that's when earth passes directly between the moon and the sun. last night , the moon had sort of a reddish glow. it was visible for much of the bay area for many, so no need for any special equipment to watch the lunar eclipse. we, however, can see it because it was too cloudy last night. i have done that once. where you
12:46 pm
know it was something i wanted to see. and i got up. it was like one of those like, get up at three in the morning. that's the best time nothing. it was overcast and ever since then, i've been because we get up early in the morning, rosemary and i was like, why did i do that? oh, no, but i give credit to everyone who makes the effort because their remarkable yes. and we this time around, right? we knew the cloudy skies along the coastline and perhaps partly to mostly cloudy inside the base, so hopefully if you wanted to see it, you had an opportunity to do still have clouds in and around the bay area. at this hour this morning, we woke up with quite a spread, and here's the view from ktvu across the oakland estuary, where we have some low clouds along the coast. we have high level clouds up above and that translucent sky overhead, especially for the bay area, moving through your afternoon and looks like by sunset starts to break up in some areas, but for the most part is going to be a partly sunny, mostly cloudy day storm
12:47 pm
tracker to they're showing you where the fog is, and as we pull back just a little bit. i'll show you the system that is providing us with the cooler air. bringing our temperatures below average for some today and the breezy conditions continue as well. so we've been talking about why has it been so breezy out there? well, it's just a matter of pressure gradient between the high pressure and low pressure. so in the last few weeks, we've continued to have storms that moved through. some even bringing a little bit of rain to the bay area. if you remember some bringing a little bit of cr snow when that hyper low pressure moves through and the high pressure begins to rebound, it's just a struggle between the pressure gradient that continues to bring us that wins another breezy one out there today, with the storm moving through the pacific northwest. there's a view of the cloud cover when it comes to the coastline will be there the entire day for us, the mid and high level clouds continue to sweep through. but here's a look at 56 o'clock and we do look mostly cloudy before we turn partly cloudy right around it looks like in the sunset at about 8 15 when it comes to the winds. breezy out there right
12:48 pm
now, perhaps even a little bit breezier into the afternoon. this is very typical for us, especially this time of year. and then as we get into tonight, after sunset, they began to die down tomorrow could be a bit breezy doesn't look as strong as today, though. 58 degrees right now in san francisco, we have 66 in walnut creek 71 in episode, very mild, even nicin some areas like brentwood 75 for you. but when we take a look at where we are, typically and where we are, for today are inland cities right about average, but san francisco oakland are basic communities a little bit cool for this time of year. even livermore just by a smidge 73 expected for you and san jose at 71, a better look at the afternoon highs along the peninsula 68 for redwood city for the inner east bay will go 73 in livermore 75 for concord. and into the extended forecast. there's a look at what we can expect today is going to be one of the coolest days we begin to rebound tomorrow and then take a look at wednesday, upper eighties in the forecast for inland cities upper seventies around the bay upper sixties at
12:49 pm
the coast temperatures do another drop on thursday that difference again could introduce breezy conditions. and then into friday as high pressure strengthens them, perhaps a little bit more wind as we start the weekend, but again with the temperatures back up upper eighties in the forecast for inland cities upper seventies around the bay and sixties at the coast back to you. okay thanks, rosemary. well anyone who's been to a grocery store lately knows food prices continue to rise, and that is also affecting people who need to rely on food banks to feed their families. more than 38 million americans do not have enough to eat, and that number is growing as the cost of gas, housing and food is pushed higher by inflation. the nation's food banks say they are receiving less from individual donors. as well as some of their largest sources of food. increase in government supply commodities at a time when we need it, the most detailed decrease in retail and manufacturing donations to. most
12:50 pm
food banks across the country say they are trying to provide clients with enough food for 3 to 5 days. right now, many say they're having to limit it to 123 days. nfl coach who grew up in marin county was honored by his college alma mater. the university of pacific and stockton bestowed an honorary phd on seahawks head coach pete carroll. during commencement ceremonies. this past weekend, carol earned his bachelor's and master's degrees and played for the tigers football team, he says that's very first learned the lessons he's used to win a super bowl title for seattle and two national college championships with usc. the culture that we have created around our teams over the years and in the philosophy and the approach and the uncompromising principles that were built on for all founded here, this was a very, very meaningful time, so to come back the recognition that you know, i'm humbled by that. carol says he enjoyed the ceremony and being back on the campus, but he had to get back to seattle seahawks start organized team activities next monday wants to be in everything as he is creating a strong position for next season. while
12:51 pm
diving off shipwrecks on the california coast. why that risky expedition is now underway.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
rates are adding to the cost of that are facing new homebuyers. the wall street journal reporting that if you pay deposits on new homes under construction in 2021 calculate those monthly payments based on low mortgage rates of 3% or less but now there's mortgage rates have climbed over 5% so you could be facing hundreds of dollars more a month in those mortgage payments, and california cannabis growers make it a tax break. governor newsom is proposing eliminating the state's cultivation tax. as part of his states budget proposal, the governor said it's part of a move to bolster the legal pot industry and reduce the influence of the black market. one analysis from the reason foundation is a loss in tax revenue would come back to the
12:55 pm
state in the form of increased sales. however, dispensary owners say it's not enough to help bolster the marijuana economy, risking one's life to help the ocean. that's the mission of one group of southern california, divers reported. cristina gonzalez spoke with the divers about why they say the risk is worth it. ah barely visible like ghosts, divers, 150 ft. under the ocean surface, the dark, murky water so thick with debris they need flashlights to see one another and what they're doing, which is removing next caught in a wreck. just off san pedro. they call themselves ghost divers risking their lives to recover. ghost nets nets take decades to biodegrade, so they basically never break down. and these nets will continue to do what they were designed to do, which is to trap and harm and kill marine life. regular working is the moody these are images of her sinking in 1933 for the movie hell below the ghost diver usa team has been
12:56 pm
planning the difficult dive for weeks, mapping it out from their headquarters at zen diving company. this can be dangerous diving, requiring multiple tanks of specially mixed gasses for long, deep dives. fishing nets are going to do what they're designed to do, which is catching fish. and those fish are gonna die drowned. then you're going to have mammals like sea lions. dolphins are going to try to get those caught fish and then they cut in. videos from other missions show entangled fish, crabs and other creatures. even a stingray disentangling them a lot easier than the nets themselves. balloons were already attached at an earlier dive, and now the divers had just enough air to the bags to start lifting those nets so they can cut them away from the wreck. as a year in the bags, expand one setting it is lose, it quickly rises to the surface where bts get it. got it
12:57 pm
out of the ocean. it's amazing. what's interesting is what's going to happen to those nets because they're going to be actually cleaned up and turned into all kinds of things every pound of nylon that we make from recycled content is one less pound of nylon we have to make from petroleum. eric nelson is with aqua phil. it's orange county facility, recycled carpets and, yes, these nets into nylon that is reused to make things like new carpets and more. beachwear at another southern california company, santos swimwear, things that once were waste or trash or dangerous to marine animals and then transforming it into something to give it a new life that you can actually wear and enjoying the ocean again. the circular economy circular economy means based as a resource. veronica mikos is a director of healthy sees the organization that started ghost divers in europe and came out for the launch of its first usa
12:58 pm
chapter we have collected over 700 tons of fishing nets, and this is our mission to bring this problem to the attention of people and also provide the solution been less net in an ocean where this estimated that 640 tons of nets are lost annually. is it worth it? heather who almost lost her life and this ghost diving mission at another wreck, but said this way 70% of our planet is ocean. if the ocean dies, we die going. celebrating at least one less net in that ocean. cristina gonzalez fox news the new doctor . strange movie once again dominated the box office this weekend. what do you know about the multiverse theories? he believed it was dangerous. he was right. doctor strange in the
12:59 pm
multiverse of madness brought in another $87 million that moves its domestic total to almost 300 million in its second week. the movie now approaches the $700 million mark worldwide. sir francisco's popular bay to breakers race has returned for the first time in three years, organizers called off that bay to breakers race in 2020 and 2021 did covid-19 restrictions. people who have run that race for years say they are so glad it's back. very excited, running big records since 1985 since high school, so this is don't know how many years this is now, over 30 years, i guess so good to be back. the costumes were back along with the silliness, and for some, the return of the race has a deeper meeting. i do this because one of my sorority sisters sigma gamma rho is my sorority. she passed away and she used to do this every year and the year that i was supposed to do it with her was the year she passed, so i do it in her
1:00 pm
honor. more than 10,000. people registered for the 12 k rate was starts at the embarcadero and ended at the great highway. good to see you back. all right. thanks so much for joining us. our news is always on the ktvu. zap and >> from cheesy snack nachos to warm crusty bread. >> today, it's a celebration of all things crunchy. >> including the mac daddy of crunch. >> the mac and cheese bites. it's a mountain of cheese with a nice little drop below. delightful. >> and for dessert. >> crispy, crunchy s'mores bars. this is going to be beautiful. >> plus, the secret to the crispiest, crunchiest union rings. >> wow. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because it is delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows me as a culinary expert and food judge but i'm also a


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