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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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each of the shootings many are asking what's next when it comes to cracking down on gun violence and acts of hate? we go from here. can we fix this? from ktvu . fox two news. this is the fourth and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage. authorities say the accused gunman in the buffalo supermarket shooting was planning to care at carry out even more violence before he was stopped by police boxes. alexis mcadams reports, federal investigators are looking into the attack as a racially motivated hate crime. right now . fbi agents are combing through the tap supermarket in buffalo, new york, the side of a deadly mass shooting over the weekend that left 10 people dead. police say the gunman 18 year old peyton, genderen, pled not guilty. if he's convicted. he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. investigators calling this a hate crime 11 of the 13 victims
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were black. this was an act of domestic terrorism. perpetrated by a young. white supremacist. there's no question. about his intentions. among those killed were erin salter, a retired buffalo police officer who was working as a security guard at the grocery store at the time of the shooting. salter being hailed a hero after police say he tried to stop the gunman. he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice, but he had a he had on a bulletproof vest. and he lost his life in the process. he stopped us individual from going further into the store and just delaying it. on tuesday, president biden will be in town to meet with families of the victims, local officials calling the gunman a white supremacist, as the u. s attorney general merrick garland says his office
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will look into the shooting as a possible hate crime. reporting in buffalo, new york. i'm alexis mcadams fox news. and in southern california, a gunman opened fire inside of a church, killing one person and injuring five others there today we learned that that suspect is a chinese immigrant and was motivated by hate for taiwanese people. boxes giovanni luigi joins us now from laguna woods and orange county with more on how some of the parishioners there at the church stepped in to stop the gun. well heather, this is where that shooting took place, and people have been setting flowers at the front entrance of the church here in laguna hills suspect now identified as 68 year old david chiu, the police department here in the sheriff's department say that his attack was politically motivated and that this was a hate crime. and tonight the fbi has also opened up an investigation into those hate crimes and more charges could be pending. the 68 year old suspect has been charged with murder and
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attempted murder charges, and he had actually planned to attack more people. but someone did step in the one person who died. but he is being held as a hero. you're here in laguna hills, and there were about 40 people in the church at the time, the suspect actually changed the doors and superglued locks so nobody could get out and the police couldn't get into the building. and once again because of the actions of that one person here he potentially may have saved lives. dr chang is a hero. in this incident. based on statements from the witnesses, and corroborated by other means. it is known that dr chang charged the individual. the suspect attempted to disarm him, which allowed other parishioners to then intercede. taking the suspect into custody. without the actions of dr cheng. it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime. unfortunately after
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dr chang tackled the suspect he was hit. by gunshots, and he was pronounced deceased. at the scene. ends now. two handguns were recovered at the scene in of when the doctor cheng did attempted to stop that suspect. other parishioners in the church actually were able to stop the gunman hogtied him. with electrical cords, and once again , more charges could be pending . as the fbi did open up that heat crime investigation here in laguna hills for now, here in orange county, california, giovanni luigi ktvu fox two news, giovanni, thank you so much. those horrific mass shootings have americans once again looking at gun control laws and asking what can be done to prevent these tragedies in their communities? boxes lauren blanchard continues our coverage now from washington. the nation was left horrified after a weekend of coast to coast shootings in places americans should be safe. a grocery store in buffalo, new york, and a
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church in laguna woods, california. where do we go from here? can we fix this? at the white house? president biden honoring public safety officers with medals of valor. the president also remembered public safety officer aaron salter, who died trying to stop the racially motivated shooting in buffalo. we pay tribute to all law enforcement officers and their families who understand what it takes. what's at risk? to save and protect all of us the mass shootings again highlighting an uptick in violent crime in the u. s according to gun violence archived. there were 53 mass shooting victims since friday and too many others to name since january. the latest fox polls show both crime and gun laws are top concerns for americans. the availability of guns in this country needs to change gun laws should have stopped the suspected buffalo gunmen from buying a gun. they didn't he slipped through the
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cracks, and i could understand that the anger from family members because you know that's unacceptable. republican senator bill cassidy, introducing a bill asking the administration to come up with a strategy to stop violent crime by reinforcing strong criminal justice policies by laying blame on the perpetrators of violent acts and by securing the southern border. on tuesday, president biden and the first lady will travel to buffalo to meet with community members in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, all right for more, let's bring in james taylor, political science professor at the university of san francisco. james always good to see you appreciate the time. as we see after every mass shooting in this country once again, there are growing calls for tougher gun control measures . we're hearing that from president biden for many democrats in congress. do you see things playing out any differently this time around? you see lawmakers in washington actually passing meaningful legislation to address gun violence. you know, this incident is not as striking, for
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example, as sandy hook, and i think many people realize that after sandy hook brought very little reform and a lot of requests and an expression of prayer. um but not much else could provoke such actions, so i think it would be very difficult for democrats alone without republicans to line up and support widespread gun reform. and we know going back to the reagan assassination attempt. with the brady bill. that's been a problem for over 30 30 years or more. obviously as you point out, i mean, it's a 50 50 senate a split there. there just isn't that path to get to 60 votes to pass any gun control bills. you don't see any republican lawmakers that might be willing to support any sort of policy proposals to address gun violence. what do you make of the g s o g o p response to the shooting so far? no incentive. the n r a and the gop have strong ties from the top to the bottom. um many americans of, you know, support. second amendment gun rights. um it
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would actually provoke a reaction against those republicans if they were to line up with democrats for gun control. um and so there's no political incentive and or moral incentive again, many people believe that gun rights are sacred. when the las vegas shooting happened, one of our national personalities and media said this was the price of freedom, meaning we have to be willing to allow a man to shoot up the las vegas strip in order for us to have gun rights. and so that's you know, part of the dynamic here is you're talking about a concrete constitutional amendment and constitutional right? but also the requirements and obligations of government to regulate in the court, even back to the rapist court ruled that congress does have the right to regulate a gun gun control. let's talk about what we saw unfold in buffalo over the weekend at that supermarket, what authorities describe as a racist attack on a predominantly black community there, one that
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was motivated by white supremacy and violent extremism. james how do we as a country address the hate that led to this horrific act of violence? i think we have to be encouraged. that way. more love happened on that same day. the way more good happened between everyday people that this is news because it's the anomaly. i think we have to put that in perspective. this is one incident out of millions of encounters between people every day and overall, we don't have this kind of thing. this is a partly we could talk about guns. we could talk about mental issues. we can talk about covid and the pandemic. we could talk about infographics where this young man was radicalized online and found his, um beliefs where he didn't apparently have them recently and previously, uh, we can talk about a lot of factors . bottom line is, um, you know, people have to make choices not to engage in violence. if you own a gun, you know where the gun can do. and those to me. it seems to me that gun owners and legal and illegal gun owners should understand the impact of her gun. every time it's used.
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studies have shown a million dollars. goes into the cost of the total recovery of an individual victim. every time we hear about one person being shot in america, so this is unsustainable. australia may have widespread gunderson warm, but we have a religious support for guns in this country. and for that reason uh, it would be very difficult. how do we get people to stop hate? i think in light of the demographic transformations we're seeing in this country. we're going to see more of these kinds of lone wolf incidents which were going and warned about. i hope we can, you know, continue to have more love than hate in the country. let's let's hope so. political science professor james taylor from the university of san francisco, obviously appreciate your time and your perspective. thank you. thank you. well, a stern warning today after this large crowd kicked and vandalized a police cruiser while an officer was trying to break up a sideshow there in any on the message today from the mayor and the police chief also it was meant
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to give women a voice at a place that's been dominated by men. why a law that required women to have a seat on corporate boards has been ruled unconstitutional. deanna cooler, breezy day around the bay area, with some areas falling below average. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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oute in any attack, but it wasn't just drivers spinning donuts on street corners group of spectators was caught on video targeting a police car that responded to that scene. our crime reporter henry lee is joining us now live from the anti act. police department with more on what happened, henry. do not facilitate or participate. that was the message today after a raucous sideshow. an officer in the car came under attack. these types of activities are not welcome in our city stern warning by an eoc mayor lamar
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thorpe released this video from social media showing a group of people vandalizing a police car with an officer inside. it happened saturday night as officers dispersed a sideshow at 18th and eight streets, but this officer found himself under attack. the officer tried to actually go after one of the vehicles that was nearby them and, um, he was completely surrounded by the spectators bring great danger. responding officers, participants and bystanders. police chief stephen ford says his traffic unit and officers will have a zero tolerance approach to side shows . the weekend incident left the skid marks in the intersection. let me be clear. violent disruptive behavior will not be tolerated or nothing new in the bay area. police say there was a challenge to stop them because officers are often outnumbered typically anywhere from 50 to 75 cars and up to 100 to 200 people versus six officers. the mayor says the city council will soon consider an ordinance to arrest and find spectators. until now.
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he says the city had avoided considering such a law because they didn't want to unfairly target youth. the mayor says officers should treat citizens with respect, but that cuts both ways. i expect the same level of respect. return to our officers , especially as they are working hard to change the culture of this department sergeant rob green said. many social participants are teenagers. he had this warning for parents parents out there that are buying these juveniles, these cars that are high powered and probably out of their skill range. you guys need to think about that urine care custody and control these juveniles. some maniac residents were reserving judgment with what happened, but said it can be chaotic overnight every day and every night break, but you know, like, bring out something, you know, so they noticed that stretches of jungle at night. anti police say they while they may not catch up with drivers inside shows immediately, they may not show up at their doors with tow trucks, weeks or even months later. live in nanny. i
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can't really ktvu fox studios warning is out there, henry. thank you. a judge overturned a landmark california law mandating diversity in corporate boardrooms. california superior court judge in los angeles says that that law requiring public companies to have women on their boards is unconstitutional. judicial watch, a conservative legal group argued that the measure violates the equal protection clause of the state constitution by explicitly distinguishing between individuals. on the basis of gender for more now on the ruling, let's bring in jessica levinson, law professor at loyola law school. thank you so much for being here. this law, jessica was already on shaky ground from the get go with the legislative and analysis, saying that it could be difficult to defend. what was problematic here. well what's problematic is that it looks like a gender quota. and when it comes to equal protection, we know that we care about equal protection under the law for similarly situated people, and in this
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case, we're talking about making a distinction based on gender. in another case, similarly, where a law struck judge struck down another california law, trying to create more diversity and corporate boards. not with respect to gender but with respect to racial makeup, and, um, and sexual preference. what the court said there is the same thing. you can't create these quotas. you can't create quotas because they violate the equal protection clause of the state constitution. how did the state go about trying to defend the law? so this state tried to say which, of course, is true that we don't have anything near equality when it comes to corporate boards that there is a pressing need for this, and we know that as a result of the law being implemented, that there was actually more gender diversity on corporate boards, but that's a policy argument that the government was making here. in the response is a legal argument, which is maybe we agree with the policy. maybe we don't agree with the policy. but
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as a legal matter, you can't do that. you can't mandate under the way we understand the equal protection clause to operate. you can't mandate a gender quota , and that's in fact what the judge is saying here, it did create a quota. judicial watch argued. you can't use taxpayer funds to enforce the law that mandates gender based quota. that that's exactly right. and so i think we see california's attempts to diversify corporate boards again with respect to lgbt q status with respect to, uh, racial background with respect to now, gender diversity that it's all of those laws have now been stopped because i think what california has tried to do is basically with legislation push a certain arguments say we need to diversify, not just city hall's not just the state capital, but also private businesses. judges have said. no, you can't do it this way, carried some potential hefty penalties for failing to file an
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annual report or comply. but we learned during the course of this trial that no fines have ever been levied. was there any intention to ever do so do you think i don't think so. i know, i think partly because what you talked about the legislative analyst's office, saying when the law was passed, or right before the law was passed. we think there are problems here. i think partly because of the challenges and partly because i think the state government knew that they just couldn't enforce it. they didn't try to. i think that if you look back part of the goal was already achieved one. we're talking about it, too. there is more gender diversity on boards and three maybe it's going to create a change in culture. and i think that ultimately what a number of the lawmakers who voted for it wanted and do we know ultimately, though, how effective the law has been up until this point. so no, i haven't seen specific statistics. i've seen a lot of different reports that say, increase in gender diversity, but i haven't seen a specific accounting of that. do you think
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as we wrap up this conversation? do you think that california will give it another go and try to craft a similar legislation? so you you never know. i think california in this case has made the statement that this is a policy priority. but if you look at these rulings, there's not a lot of room to try and do the exact same thing again, maybe a slightly narrower version. maybe something again. that's not quite as broad. but i don't see this coming up again. or if it does, i think it's going to meet the same fate. all right. jessica levinson. always a pleasure. thank you. thank you. we're following some developing news now in the north bay. just about an hour ago, firefighters put out a brushfire along highway 101 in san rafael that shut down part of that freeway for a time. fire officials say it was the heavy smoke from that fire that prompted the closure of three southbound lanes. the fire burned a total of about a quarter of an acre before crews brought it under control. there were no buildings threatened
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here, and investigators say those flames were sparked by something along the freeway this afternoon. for more on the conditions those crews were facing in that area as they tried to bring that fire under control. let's bring in meteorologist rosemary oroczo. yes yes, alex heather, as we know, very breezy out there over the last couple of days in this afternoon. still blowing. we have a winds anywhere from 20 to 30 mph reported in that area. thankfully relative humidity is up due to the onshore breeze and temperatures are below average. so you know the weather could be better when it comes to the wind. but as far as the weather conditions overall that relative humidity high end that temperature low is definitely something that will benefit them in any of the fires that are this time of year. we do have drier, warmer weather on the way not for today. tomorrow we'll see a slight change and then as we get into the week ahead, temperatures will be back into the eighties. i'll show you that
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in just a moment, let's focus on the winds a little bit more here. nevada reporting a wind gust to 28 so very breezy out there. oakland reporting sustained at 22 fairfield is gusting to 30, a system moving through the pacific northwest, bringing our temperatures down a little bit more from yesterday and continuing to bring us that. wind santa rosa eight degrees cooler this afternoon where you were yesterday at this time down by four in concord, down by three over san jose. today is expected to be the coolest day we begin to rebound tomorrow. but right now 57 degrees in san francisco, mid fifties at half moon bay, a chilly one there with the onshore breeze blowing 68 in livermore in the north base, 73 in napa upper seventies in santa rosa, so still very mild to warm for some of our inland areas. here's a view of storm tracker, too. the system that is pushing through is bringing us a little bit of high cloud cover. you may have noticed overhead this afternoon. those clouds and continuing into tonight so we'll call for partly clear skies tonight. we do have fog already banked up against the coastline and i do expect it
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to move inside the bay tonight into tomorrow morning. here's a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning. we wake up with partly cloudy conditions. along the cemetery county coastline inside the bay and perhaps over areas of the south bay and then it pulls away and we'll have mostly sunny skies for the afternoon could be a little breezy, but not as breezy as today, and temperatures again will be warmer. 49 in san francisco to start the day tomorrow 46 in santa rosa upper forties and conquered 49 for you , san jose a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow in the warming trend that will carry on all the way into the weekend. coming up in just a little bit. okay. we'll see you then. rosemary. coming up here on the four today some much needed relief, maybe on the way for anxious parents. the announcement today by baby formula maker abbott that is expected to ease the nationwide shortage.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. surs across san francisco san francisco unified school district reported 320 covid-19
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cases last week. that's the most since the winter omicron surge in late january. this also marks a 15% increase in cases at schools from the previous week. infections on campuses have been on the rise ever since the school district lifted its mask mandate a month ago. health officials in riverside county are urging residents to resume indoor masking because of a substantial jump in covid cases following the coachella and stage coach music festivals, according to a county health report since the festival's last month. covid-19 cases have increased 736% in that region. hospitalizations are also on the rise. there were 62 covid patients in riverside county hospitals. as of friday. that's a dozen more than on tuesday. while a major development today that's expected to ease the nation's ongoing baby formula shortage. formula maker abbott announced that it has now reached an agreement with federal health officials to
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restart production at its largest u. s factory located in michigan. earlier this year, the plant shut down after infants who had consumed formula from that location became sick with bacterial infections, the shutdown as well as supply chain disruptions led to this critical shortage. abbott says it will take at least eight weeks to begin shipping new product to stores. starbucks said today that it will cover the travel expenses have employees seeking an out of state abortion employees enrolled in the company's health care insurance plan will be reimbursed for eligible travel expenses. when accessing abortion or gender affirming procedures if the services are beyond 100 miles of their home. this will also apply to an employee's dependents who were also enrolled in the company's healthcare. other companies, including tesla, microsoft, amazon, apple and salesforce are offering to cover travel expenses for workers who cannot gain immediate access to abortions. the results of a regional homeless count are in.
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we'll tell you, the only county that saw a decrease in the number of people living on the streets. and more violence near the san jose state campus. what we're learning about a double shooting that has now turne
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itce of a double shooting. the violence took place on south 10th street next to the san jose state campus. ktvu south bend reporter jesse gary. joining us now live from that scene, and jesse, how is this investigation progressing so far? alexa san
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jose police mobile crime vehicle has been parked outside the scene much of the day. detectives are focused on a second floor apartment where the body of the man who was shot and killed still lies. it is sketchy . it is getting worse. downtown san jose really is getting worse . once again, downtown san jose residents are dealing with the aftermath of violent crime around three a.m. monday, police arrive at 4 22 south 10th street. near the center as a state campus. two people have been shot in an upstairs apartment heard other news agencies claimed that this may some kind of some kind of attempted murder, suicide or domestic violence situation or a straight gangland style shooting and that we're not confirming any of that. a man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. she's you know, nice woman, and, you know , you know, when you meet kind of meet people in the neighborhood, you get to know him a little bit. and yeah, it's
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just really sad. you know, it's just kind of a presence that's going on with you know in our cities. monday's double shooting marks the 10th homicide in the city so far this year and the latest incident of gunfire that has some downtown residents fearful. yeah, i did get shot at it wasn't intentional. it wasn't for me. but it was just wrong place wrong time proceeding monday's crime a woman found sunday stabbed to death in her apartment on vera lane closer to campus. in march, a man was shot and killed on south fourth street. haven't we had enough of this had enough of this? it's got to stop while officers were at that scene, police involved shooting 800 ft away on east san carlos street college athlete cheon green says he disarmed several attackers inside a downtown restaurant and then was shot by police as he backed out the front door and before he had a chance to drop the weapon. that's the gator say in the latest crimes, they don't have information on possible suspects or motives. i think we have a mental health problem. not just
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here in the bay area, but all over the nation. detectives are canvassing this area for surveillance video and for witnesses. if you have information either about this crime or the stabbing over on vera lane, you're asked to call san jose police. we're live in downtown san jose this afternoon . jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up, and you can certainly understand why neighbors are concerned there, jesse. thank you. new data shows. there are fewer homeless people in san francisco but a lot more in other bay area counties, according to account conducted on a night back in february, there were 7754 and housed people in san francisco. that is a 3.5% drop from just over 8000 people reported people in tents and cars also dropped. 15% and mayor london. breen says the decline is due in part to shelter programs aimed at getting people off of city streets. this is just another example of working together with
4:34 pm
federal, state and local resources and our nonprofit partners. how we can make something great happened for people. and this is important work as we all know, because the last thing any of us wants to see is someone sleeping outdoors. san francisco was the only way area county in a five county region that saw a dip in its homeless population. the data shows that contra costa excuse me, contra costa county how to jump of 35% while alameda county had a 22% increase. marin county's homeless population also increased by 8% and santa clara counties grew by 3. the federal government requires these types of counts to determine funding for local homeless programs for more on the increase in homelessness here in the bay area, we're joined by tamika moss. she is the founder and ceo of an organization called all home. thank you so much for being here as i just mentioned overall
4:35 pm
homelessness here in the bay area is up about 9. what do you think is driving this increase? well thanks so much for having me, heather. i think part of it is that we can't not acknowledge that we have been in a global health emergency for the last two years. and in fact, we are pleased that the increases aren't more significant because during that time we were doing strategies that work. we were housing people. we were providing interim and temporary housing for folks preventing homelessness where we could and the federal and state governments really stepped up to provide resources to localities to really stave off this catastrophic. um what could have been catastrophic, in my opinion in terms of increases the increases, though, that we saw in every county except for san francisco is despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent on homelessness every year. what do you believe can be done differently? well i think that we have to actually sustain those investments. over
4:36 pm
time. we saw one time infusions of resources through the global pandemic. but what we know is when communities like san francisco have permanent sources like proposition c and put those sources towards the solutions that work so we need, although e have been increases in funding, we need ongoing and, um ongoing resources to actually fuel the interventions that work for folks. and what might some of those resources be? well we saw the investment that the state did with a project home key, which was to purchase and convert hotels and motels into permanent housing. we saw the emergency rental assistance program that provided millions of dollars across the state in order to help people who were lost their jobs during the pandemic, who were struggling to pay rent, who were doubled and tripled up be able to stay house. and we saw in interventions of prevention,
4:37 pm
making sure that people can stay housed before they fall into homelessness. we need investments in all of those solutions. heather in order to continue to see a reduction in homelessness across the region. and while we talk about san francisco really was the only bright spot if you will in this report, what do you attribute that huge increase in contra costa county, too? well, you know, i think the fact that contra costa county actually brought on more shelter capacity during the pandemic. more people were counted this time. frankly i think the point in time count methodology has been improved across jurisdictions. i think poverty is moving throughout the bay area people who are falling into a homelessness crisis is it's moving east contra costa is seeing dramatic increases in the cost of living and rents. so these are structural challenges that we have to face. it's not just about getting someone off the street, we actually have to
4:38 pm
figure out how do we respond to the to the income inequality, the structural racism and the lack of affordable housing in our communities in the first place. lots of people look at this report and say, you know, gosh, how do we make a dent in homelessness? because it just doesn't seem like what we're doing right now. is really making much of a dent. it is making a dent and it's making a difference. we are using evidence based solutions all across our region to reduce and in homelessness. it's not about the fact that we don't have the solutions that work. it's that we haven't been able to scale those solutions to meet the needs, and i think that's where the advocacy comes in where we talk with our state, federal and local partners. to make sure that there are sustained resources to address the homelessness and housing crisis that will continue and have heather. this was also happening before the pandemic, and it's going to continue to happen in our region unless we sustain our resources towards this issue. alright. tameka moss of the
4:39 pm
organization all home really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. thank you so much. well, could this be one of the solutions to the bay area's housing crisis coming up here on the four? today we'll have a closer look at these sleeping pods that you can now rent here in the bay area for $800 a month. and i'm tracking a warming trend for the days ahead. i'll have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and when our inland cities will reach
4:40 pm
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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through the roof here in the bay area. some people are downsizing in a serious way to be able to afford to live here, the renting out sleeping pods that have been set up inside a home in palo alto, a company called brownstone shared housing converted that home into a communal living space. with 14 separate pods, each one with its
4:42 pm
own bed, lights, folding desk and clothing rack. the $800 a month rent does include utilities and internet access. for more on this concept. we're joined now by the co founders of brownstone, shared housing james stallworth and christina lennox . appreciate both of you coming on today, james, why don't we start with you here? why why do you think this is a good deal for folks here in the bay area spending $800 a month and all you get is a bed and a small pod. well you get a lot more than that. you also get a community and alsose, and we've kind of set it up to accommodate that many people. but in general , the best deal is that it's a place to live near where you need to work or study and paolo alto. they're just simply heart places to do that. all right. so, christina, i know that both of you live in pods in the home in palo alto, who else is living there who has been attracted to
4:43 pm
this concept here and what is it like, actually staying in one of these parts? yes so we have people in their early twenties and mid thirties living with us , and they ranged from students at stanford teachers and culinary interns and some people at tesla. and um, we yes, we sleep in our pods, and it's kind of no different than just living with a bunch of people. um sharing communal spaces and then basically, the pods are way of having some privacy and sending our time by ourselves. and, um they are just having a place to sleep is basically like a bed with walls. let's say james, you know, kind of real world kind of set up here. it's kind of what it feels like. i imagine when you have 14 people, all living in the same house together under one roof. you need to have some
4:44 pm
ground rules in place to make sure that folks get along. what what? what kind of rules are there to make sure that people can cohabitate? yes so the basic girl is to just respect everyone else. and if everyone does that, and it goes a long way, i mean, we couldn't list enough rules to accommodate for what could possibly happen so really, as long as everyone how's that man golden rule of respecting others ? for example, if you clean up after yourself, it doesn't matter how many people are there are in the house, whether it's you or 13 other people. because you clean up after yourself. the house will be clean and that kind of carries over to go anything that you could imagine. christina i know this is a concept that is getting a lot of interest from around the bay area and beyond. and i know there was some talk about expanding and, you know, creating these sleeping pads in homes in other places here. what
4:45 pm
kind of interest are you getting ? and how do you plan on? sort of scaling this idea up? um yeah , so we have a lot of landlords reaching out to us right now, and they're actually very interested in putting, um, these pods inside of their houses, and they actually do care about students and people like us who can't really afford the bay area and they're interested in helping us out. and opening up their houses for us, so the plants have expansion are basically expanded within california, and then take this concept to the rest of the nation. james before we wrap up . i mean, do you do you think and believe that this concept really, really can help to make a dent? in the bay area's shortage of housing. yeah i think there's all sorts of solutions that are needed. but for the types of people who need our housing, we think that that takes pressure not just from the bay area, but for other places where people might be commuting and doing this kind of their own
4:46 pm
version of this at a smaller scale that costs more and is probably less comfortable. for example, let's say three people's willingness studio in sacramento, so we think it helps in that sense as well. alright appreciate both of you coming on today to talk about the idea. fascinating concept here. the sleeping pods from brownstone shared housing james stallworth and christina lennox. best of luck. thank you for coming on. thank you. thank you. okay certainly is interesting. i just don't know how i would feel cozy, cozy is one way of putting it. yeah but you know what? hey we gotta try something right? it's true. i mean, they're thinking outside of the yeah. in your twenties like, yeah, i guess it's something you might entertain to grab the long sleeve shirt today because i was called in the city today. yes upper fifties low sixties and breezy. yeah, the two combined definitely. making it feel a lot like early spring as opposed to mid or late spring and as we get
4:47 pm
into the days ahead, we will start to see a pattern change that wind out there has been with us. it seems like on and off for the last few weeks. i'll explain that in just a moment, giving you a look here. have the golden gate bridge where we've got plenty of cloud cover low clouds along the coast men, high level clouds sweeping across the bay due to a storm that is moving through the pacific northwest. so here's a view of some of the stronger winds. reported in the last 24 hours ultimate past reporting 61 mph black diamond 56 sfo at one point hit 45 sfo earlier today was at 40 so breezy and windy all day long, pleasant and petaluma both reporting 37 mph system moving through the pacific northwest, bringing the cooler temperatures, the breezy and windy conditions. not bringing us any rain that rain is sticking to the north over areas of washington and oregon, and we've seen this pattern from time to time. it seems like over the last few weeks where even a little bit of snow in the sierra if you remember that recently and then a little bit of shower activity going on for us as well. was the pressure gradient
4:48 pm
between those lows that are sweeping through and the high pressure that builds in right behind it. that brings in that wind, so the future cast model will show you the cloudy skies out there for tonight and tomorrow morning. i think we wake up with some fog along the coast. just inside the bay and then we'll turn partly cloudy. mostly sunny for tomorrow, and we begin to transition to a warmer pattern. so a little breezy. not as breezy as we are today, though, so i better conditions coming our way. 57 degrees right now. in san francisco low seventies in napa upper seventies for the inner east bay of brentwood. meanwhile, san jose at about 69 tomorrow morning, a bit of a chill in the air, especially inland. north bay 46 to start your day, santa rosa will go 49 in san francisco forties fifties around the bay and 49 conquered, and as we get into the afternoon, we should notice a warmup, especially inland. into the mid eighties for santa rosa . tomorrow i will go low eighties and conquered upper eighties in fairfield getting close to 90 degrees for you
4:49 pm
there around the bay. very comfortable. 72 hayward 77 motto. 66 san francisco the extended forecast here. temperatures continuing to warm into wednesday upper eighties in the forecast for inland cities upper seventies around the bay on the coast. not much change going on a tad cooler on thursday, and then friday into the weekend temperatures really take off by saturday sunday, nearly 90 degrees far inland bao you. all right, rosemary. thank you. well, officials up in the sierra are o warning people to be smart about not attracting bears. the chp's trucking division posted pictures on facebook yesterday of this truck after a bear broke into the vehicle looking for food in a minute. you'll see some of the damage and the items then strewn all around. wildlife officials remind people to lock their cars. some bears have learned to open doors in search of food, and that bold bear behavior also prompted officials at the donner memorial state park, also in truckee. to close
4:50 pm
the museum interpretive nature trail because a mother bear and her cubs are currently occupying that area. apparently they, like the trail trail will remain off limits for the rest of the week. and what is wild here, folks? is that i was just on that trail here is a picture that i took saturday was with a group of girlfriends. we were out hiking everything. fine we come back, and then they had posted that the trail was now off limits limits because of you because of the bear and the cubs and i so . but we i mean, i hate that people know, you've got to be respectful. understand why hearing cubs some space? absolutely but we've talked a lot about this. how bears so you know we're not in there, too. additional habitats. they're coming down into places where where people tend to be more often looking for looking for food, so that's what we see more of these encounters. exactly. and i talked with one of the law enforcement rangers there, and he's like heather. the bears are extremely savvy. and if you have anything in your car that has a
4:51 pm
set lip balm wipes. that's what they will go after and in some cases, even open up the car doors, which we have seen remarkable. it's wild wild, but anyway fun trip nonetheless. sounds like a good hike. absolutely well, you won't find any more of the golden arches in russia. the big announcement today that impacts hundreds of mcdonald's restaurants. and former mixed martial arts champion came the last says will remain behind bars on an attempted murder charge, while the man accused of molesting his relative is not in jail. coming up at five. why the former ufc fighters? attorneys say that his client is the actual victim here. meet a future mom,
4:52 pm
a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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it in the ground war in ukraine . with russia suffering heavy losses. ukraine says their forces have successfully pushed back against a major russian offensive in the east. the
4:54 pm
pentagon estimates. a third of russian troops have been injured, captured or killed. their highest rate of casualties since world war. two artillery and other weapons are still pouring into the country from nato allies. all the resupply arms, ammunitions, sanctions and the like, have got ahold here. what putin wants is to drag this out, develop ukraine fatigue. also sweden announced today it will join its neighbor finland, and apply for nato membership. after decades of neutrality. however all 30 nato members must approve and turkey is expressing strong objections. mcdonald's is selling its entire business operation in russia after more than 30 years in that country. the fast food chain made that announcement today, signing the more in ukraine and the current unpredictable working conditions in moscow and other russian cities. this sale will affect 6200 mcdonald's workers who worked in more than 800 restaurants all across the
4:55 pm
country. they learned one month ago that the fast food chain was closing its stores in russia in response again to moscow's impatient of ukraine on wall street today, stocks ended another shaky day, mostly lower , extending a losing streak now for the markets. the dow closed up 26 points. the nasdaq was down about 1 42 and the s and p finished the day down 15 points. actress amber heard testifies against ex husband johnny depp in an explosive civil trial. caroline shively in fa
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
that defamation trial there in fairfax, virginia. foxx is caroline shortly tells us on the witness stand today, amber heard recounted alleged beatings and drunken brawls, which left her bruised and burned. amber get
4:58 pm
the up and forget the up every single time, he said. it is screaming at louder and louder and louder, actress amber heard testified for hours against ex husband johnny depp in virginia courtroom on monday, alleging horrific verbal fights and beatings, including one she claims left her with this bruise after death attacked her with a cell phone in 2016. pauses arm back with the phone and throws it at my face. legal team also showed photos of artwork, she says depth destroyed and claimed the actor would slap and punch and flicked lit cigarettes at her. i'm believing whatever. taking it too far. and i wouldn't be here. the pirates of the caribbean star is suing heard over an opinion piece she wrote in the washington post in 2018, in which she called herself a victim of sexual abuse. her didn't mention depths name in the op ed, but depth claims the article defamed him and cost him lucrative acting jobs denies ever abusing heard
4:59 pm
and testified last month that heard was the one who was physically abusive. including one incident, where she threw two bottles of vodka at him with a broken glass, nearly severing his finger. depth sat quietly while the aquaman actress testified on monday, but the jury heard audio recordings of the pair arguing, mom, you ain't no schoolteacher. don't pretend to be authoritative with me exist is suing heard for $50 million heard is countersuing for 100 million in fairfax, virginia carolina shively news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. we'll be waiting for you with the full force of the anti on police department. allied agents. five antitoxin mayor has a message for anyone thinking about performing dangerous and illegal street stunts. don't do it. this comes after a weekend of sideshow activity. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. it wasn't just
5:00 pm
drivers spinning donuts out there on the streets. a group of spectators was also caught on video vandalism in a police car . ktvu crime reporter henry henry lee live rose tonight outside the antioch's department with the story, henry mike and julie do not facilitate or participate. that was the message today after a wild sideshow where an officer in a car came under attack. these types of activities are not welcome in our city, a stern warning by an eoc mayor lamar thorpe released this video from social media showing a group of people vandalizing a police car with an officer inside. it happened saturday night as officers dispersed a sideshow at 18th and eight streets, but this officer found himself under attack. the officer tried to actually go after one of the vehicles that was nearby them, and, um, he was completely surrounded by the spectators. incidents bring great danger. responding officers, participants and bystanders. stephen ford says his traffic unit and officers will have a zero tolerance approach


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