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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this country. remember this country's called us a. let's be united. bay area of faith and community leaders called for unity after weekend shootings getting attention across the country. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and good evening again. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. we are learning a lot more tonight about the weekend shootings at a church in orange county and a supermarket in buffalo, new york. in laguna woods. mourners gathered tonight to remember victims of yesterday's attack at geneva presbyterian church. police say one man died tackling the gun gunmen and five other people were injured when someone inside the church started to shoot. investigators believe david chiu targeted the mostly taiwanese parishioners, possibly because he was upset about political tensions between china and taiwan. they say he took extra steps to ensure he could carry out the shootings. during the lunch. the individual involved
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the suspect was able to secure the doors within the church locks within the church. with super glue. and back east in new york. investigators say they've learned the 18 year old accused of killing 10 people and injuring three others in a racially motivated attack left a very detailed suicide note for his parents. they also say they believe payton, general untargeted people at a buffalo supermarket because the market is in a zip code, which has the highest black population in buffalo. investigators say he planned to take his rampage to more than one store. his intention was to kill as many blacks as possible if the buffalo police officers that engage them didn't stop him. he was going to continue down jefferson avenue. he was going to continue. the suspect remains on suicide watch is scheduled to be back in the courtroom on thursday in san francisco. tonight faith and community
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leaders gathered to respond to the mass shooting in buffalo, new york. they say people of all races and backgrounds need to come together in order to prevent hate crimes from happening views. amber lee joins us live tonight from the newsroom with more on what was said during this event, amber mike, the head of the san francisco chapter of the naacp lead tonight's gathering. it was a show of unity and a call to action. we in san francisco? acknowledge that this city is not immune. from the same virus . the virus of hate, reverend amos brown held a gathering of faith in community leaders that included law enforcement at the third baptist church in san francisco's western addition neighborhood as soon as this happened, we were on calls with our federal partners. partners in buffalo. discussing what the impact to the bay area in the city would be. it's just something that we do. the assistant police chief says. the concern was that the mass shooting in buffalo could be the
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nexus of extreme hate groups, also speaking on behalf of law enforcement was the san francisco district attorney. there is a sickness. and there are people with that sickness who held far too easy access to firearms. speakers say education is key to fighting racism. we are all americans together in this country. remember this country's called us a. let's be united united states america. united is a key word when we see acts like this. we know that this was something that was taught. our diversity is our strength. community leaders say there is a lot of work to be done towards preventing hate crimes. how do we stay connected? how do we continue this conversation? how do we really change the way that we move and that we're not waiting until an incident happens, brown says everyone needs to unite to fight against racism, overt and subtle. african americans humanity. has been assaulted. insulted. vandalize. and almost
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rendered to be less than human. brown plans to hold a gathering at san francisco city hall at noon wednesday to announce the formation of a multiracial group to work together to fight hate crimes against all people. julie mike everly live in the newsroom. amber. thank you. coming up. some people in the east bay are speaking out about a demonstration the same day as the shooting in buffalo. i think these men felt empowered to do this in danville because of what's been going on here in the last 3 to 4 years. what community activists are hoping to hear from the city of danville. at 11 tonight a big boost in the reward fund for missing oakley woman the reward for information leading to alexis game has now increased to $60,000, a 24 year old was last
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seen in january at the home of a former boyfriend. last month, the city of oakley announced it was offering a $10,000 reward in the case. today officials said. an anonymous donor has contributed another $50,000 to the reward fund. anyone with information about jobs whereabouts is asked to contact oakley police 11 of federal appeals court has overturned a man's conviction on gun charges because of covid restrictions during the trial. james allen, the second of washington state, was convicted in 2020 of being a felon with a firearm loaded a r. 15 was found in his vehicle during a traffic stop in pinole. the court found that he was denied the right to a public trial because a video livestream was not allowed. a new trial has been ordered. oh, yeah. in any other police officer found himself under attack by a group of people vandalizing his patrol car with him inside. police say
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the vandals were spectators at a sideshow over the weekend. our crime reporter henry lee tells us, the police chief says this behavior will not be tolerated. these types of activities are not welcome in our city, a stern warning by an eoc mayor lamar thorpe released this video from social media showing a group of people vandalizing a police car, whether an officer inside it happened saturday night as officers dispersed a sideshow at 18th and eight streets, but this officer found himself under attack. the officer tried to actually go after one of the vehicles that was nearby them, and, um, he was completely surrounded by the spectators. incidents bring great danger. responding officers, participants and bystanders. police chief stephen ford says his traffic unit and officers will have a zero tolerance approach to side shows. the weekend incident left the skid marks in the intersection. let me be clear. violent disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. side shows are nothing new in
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the bay area. police say there was a challenge to stop them because officers are often outnumbered typically anywhere from 50 to 75 cars and up to 100 to 200 people versus six officers says the city council will soon consider an ordinance to arrest and find spectators. until now. he says the city had avoided considering such a law because they didn't want to unfairly target youth. the mayor says officers should treat citizens with respect, but that cuts both ways. i expect the same level of respect. return to our officers, especially as they are working hard to change the culture of this department sergeant rob green said. many social participants are teenagers. he had this warning for parents parents out there that are buying these juveniles , these cars that are high powered and probably out of their skill range. you guys need to think about that urine care custody and control these juveniles. some maniac residents were reserving judgment with what happened, but said it can be chaotic overnight every day and every night break, but you know, like, bring out something,
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you know, so they noticed that stretches of jungle at night. please say while they may not arrest sideshow drivers immediately, they may show up at their doors with tow trucks, weeks or even months later. in antioch. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we have no problems here. i have been here like 10 years. a surprise danite along the california mexico border coming up people south of san diego find out about a suspected drug smuggling tunnel right under their feet. also ahead, see how plugging in a little information online can help you figure out how your address compares to others when it comes to wildfire risk.
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you never know. but i've been blessed have been protected, and i mean, i've been here 10 years and like i said, no real problem. new at 11 people running businesses in one southern california town get hit with news today that they have been working just steps away from a suspected multimillion dollar illegal drug operation. investigators say the bust includes the discovery of a smuggling tunnel. they estimate that tunnel runs the length of about six football fields spanning from a house in tijuana to an industrial area about 20 miles southeast of san diego. when they showed photos today you can see a tunnel with reinforced walls and electricity. in addition, the tunnel also had rail and ventilation systems. six
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southern california residents have now been arrested in connection with the bust. and very happy to report that there is no light at the end of this narco tunnel tunnel was discovered because of good old fashioned police work. good, old fashioned detective work. all of the suspects have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to distribute cocaine. investigators say they seized nearly £2000 of cocaine during the bust. they also say they seized £165 of meth and other drugs condemnation tonight from danville mayor over this image showing a small group of people displaying a white lives matter. banner group displayed the sign right there on the corner of black hawk road and camino tassajara ktvu elissa harrington spoke with residents and the mayor. and the message this sense this picture shows a group of people wearing masks and holding a white lives matter. banner at a blackhawk intersection. this happened saturday, the very same day a gunman killed 10 people at a
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buffalo grocery store. mostly black shoppers. police have said that attack was racially motivated. there was a heavy sigh of disappointment, but not surprise. veronica benjamin is a community activist with the group conscious contra costa. she grew up in danville and said there are racist attitudes that still exist in this area. today our town leadership has been very eager to maintain the status quo and we have been working with them for over a year to more explicitly denounced racism in a public way. this is the city that we have chosen. therese our children in, um we have many friends of color. i can only imagine what those signs felt like to them. i mean, it feels violent. it does. michelle luker said she moved to danville with her family because they thought it was safe. but since she arrived, there have been high profile police shootings and anti semitic fliers found on doorsteps. i think these men felt empowered to do this in danville because of what's been going on here in the last 3 to 4
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years. both luker and benjamin want town leaders to take a firmer and more public stand against hate. the mayor of danville, did not want to do an interview about the banners. he told me he did not want to give those involved in credibility, but he did release a statement. part of it reads those responsible, made sure to cowardly cover their faces and hide behind their signs. these people were acting out hate speech, not a crime. this was clearly in abhorrent gesture towards people of color in danville. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. santa's a police are now investigating two new homicide investigators say they were called to vera lane near monterey road yesterday morning at about 11 20, where they found an adult woman with a fatal stab wound. this afternoon . we saw a bouquet of flowers have been left at the apartment building where the woman was killed so far, no description of any suspects. victim's name is still not been released. this is san jose's ninth homicides so far this year than 24. hours
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later, san jose officers were called to a double shooting right inside an apartment near the campus of san jose state university. this happened on south 10th street. just after three this morning, a man died in a woman suffered non life threatening injuries. so far, there is no information on any possible suspects. police are looking for witnesses as well as any surveillance video from the neighborhood. some people in foster city think the best way of managing a problem with geese is to see them killed, coming up plans to take shape for a protest over this issue and find out how an online interactive tool can help you assess the fire. risk where you live. and we are tracking the winds which have been blowing. they're going to continue to blow and even get stronger as we go into wednesday, they'll have that forecast after another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready.
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to s your homes. wildfire risk risk factor dot com just launched an interactive wildfire tool it rates properties raised for being impacted by a wildfire on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being minimal risk. 10 being extreme. first street foundation is running the website. it's had a tool, calculating flood risk for some time now, and it just added wildfire risk into the mix. anything that informs the public is always important because unfortunately, fires have been burning in areas where traditionally, those homeowners never thought wildfire would occur. cal fire says its own. scientists are looking at longer term changes in our climate and how they affect the wildfire risk. and to take a look at that interactive tool. what has to say about your homes risk? just go to off to our website at ktvu .com. and look for that web ling section. that's where we have a link to the risk factor tool. also new at 11 foster city as a geese problem, the city says the
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hundreds of canada geese wandering around beaches, play fields, parks and walkways are creating potential public health hazard. officials say the excrement from the geese leaving behind is lessening the community's ability to safely enjoy outdoor activities. the city is now tried a number of measures to lessen the geese population without success. now many community members worry that the city will move forward with the plan to kill some of the geese. they plan to protest outside a city council meeting tomorrow night. other park users say they hope a solution can be found to keep the geese around. the way you walk by the water a lot, and we always try to look for them like try to find the babies start there has to be something like alternatives. um like instead of killing them. the city says the geese also present a chance of disease contamination as well as a public safety risk when they wander onto roads and into traffic officials at laguna
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honda hospital in san francisco say they have not given up the fight to keep the doors open permanently. now. this comes after federal regulators last week approved plans to shut down the hospital and transfer 700 patients to other facilities. planning is a necessary step to maintain federal funding for the next 4 to 6 months. hospital came under fire last july when staff reported to non fatal drug overdoses from street drugs. federal inspectors monitored the facility and gave laguna honda a deadline to implement changes. but hospital officials say bureaucratic red tape held up the process and the clock ran out for the hospital. we will do everything that we can to make sure that this facility stays open, um, to continue to be a landmark for san franciscans who need care and a critical time in their life. if laguna honda closes, officials say patients will need to be transferred out of state. they also say they have brought in experts to help keep the hospital open. new data
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shows. there are fewer homeless people now in san francisco, but more in other bay area counties , according to account conducted on a night in february. there were 7754 unhealthy people in san francisco. that is a 3.5% drop from just over 8000 people in 2019, the number of homeless people in tents and cars dropped . 15% mayor london breed says the decline is due in part to shelter programs aimed at getting people off city streets. this is just another example of working together with federal, state and local resources and our nonprofit partners. how we can make something great happened for people. and this is important work as we all know, because the last thing any of us wants to see is someone sleeping outdoors. san francisco was the only bay area county in a five county region the saw a dip in
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its homeless population overseas . more than 260. ukrainian fighters defending the steel plant in mary opal. have now left after weeks of russian attacks. ukraine's president says the fighters are being evacuated to russian controlled territory to allow them to get medical treatment in the west. the city of leave was rocked by explosions overnight, but ukraine says its troops are advancing in the east. as russian forces have pulled back from the city of kharkiv in recent days. okay when does the story yet again this week? it has been for the last few weeks . here's the setup. why? it's been windy. why? it's windy in the spring in general, but why it's been a little extra windy is that these low pressures one to the north of us, sir. just goes right by us how it goes, right right there. that's what's happening right now. that's what happened today. that's what happens tomorrow and into wednesday. in that sets up that pressure grading the high gets close to the low, and that's just not how it's supposed to be right now. and so you get this. the strong pressure gradient. those are those weather systems to the north. you can see another one coming in. that's
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going to be the impactful one on wednesday, kind of right here and again. they bring rain up in the pacific northwest. but for us, they just bring the pressure, gradient and like, like like today, cool. some cases, lower temperatures, this gale warnings going to go into effect right to the beaches of san francisco ocean beach. this is going to be for tonight where it is now through wednesday morning. so that's a big deal. when you get a gale warning along the coast that impacts the crab fishermen and, uh salmon, fishermen and everybody went fishing, women. anybody who's out there in the in the boats. it's windy. it's going to stay that way through wednesday. winds have died down a little bit, but sfo's still gusting to 31 miles an hour. current temperatures are mild. that's when does it does keep things a little bit warmer around your believer, not keeps temperatures certainly above the frost level and above freezing forecast highs tomorrow will be warmer by a couple of degrees, and that trend will will hold. we'll get a couple of degrees warmer each day. and then by the weekend, we might see a couple of low nineties by saturday and sunday, so reds are nineties. that's out towards vacaville. and what have you but the oranges out in napa and conquered and down towards
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discovery bay? yeah good chance for some mid eighties tomorrow. 87 fairfield 84 nanny on canadian morgan hill. the five day forecast looks like this and you can see the temperatures start to warm up, and they kind of hover a little bit on thursday and then friday, saturday and sunday, right? they stay put it didn't low nineties . there's five day forecast. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. the ski season is extending even further into the spring. take a look at mammoth mountain announced today will extend its ski and a snowboard operations into the month of june. the resort says it has received more than three ft of late season snow. thanks to the recent storms, and officials say mammoth will stay open as long as conditions allow coming up after the break. it's giants kirkus sally goes deep, not once but twice for the giants, but was it enough to get the win at the always difficult course field in the mile high city field in the mile high city
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♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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it's never easy winning games at coors field, and it wasn't easy for the giants to scrape one out, of course, tonight new age baseball players doing a little yoga in pregame and forest out there in center field. jazz for down one in the third with curt casali leading off against iraqis tie block that one not coming back. the game was all tied at one, and it stayed that way and took us. sally came up again in the fifth, this time with a couple of runners aboard casali. it's this one a little bit deeper than three month shot makes it 4 to 1. that's three homers on the year for casali, but the giants couldn't hold the lead 4 to 3 in the sixth, then 4 to 4 ryan mcmahon of dominic leone. ball is known to flight course tonight was no exception . josh took the lead back with
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two in the seventh warmer floors with the chopper to third with the bases loaded. mcmahon can't feel the ball cleanly comes home. mike yastrzemski also then hit a sacrifice fly, and he had a big fly in the ninth. it was all tied at six. when your scripts he wrote it, daniel bard pitch high and deep to right. as number three on the year for your stream ski camilla divall pitched the ninth for his sixth save. giants win 7 to 6 their 11th straight win over colorado. the a's got another good pitching performance tonight that went to waste. they did have an interesting national anthem performance. well, that is yankee great. bernie williams is not jimi hendrix. that's four time world series champion former yankee bernie williams. age 12 the twins one. nothing in the second one elvis, andres lined wanted the gap in left center. chris archer that brings seth brown home and it is 1 to 1
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backlog allowed just two runs in four and a third innings. here's the second one byron buxton with the hit to left that scores. royce lewis 21, minnesota five pictures with scattered eight hits. that was enough to get it down in the sixth. gary sanchez crushes one to straightaway center domingo azevedo twins make that stand up for 4321 win the aids get four hits against four minnesota pictures. or some baseball adventures to check out on this monday night. we've seen lots of ceremonial first pages, everyone from carl lewis, the president of the united states that steve aoki is a dj in boston. the wind up and oh, boy , he had the honor before tonight's astros red sox game in boston. we're assuming aoki is a better dj, i think than a baseball pitcher. you should stick to deejaying think so. that would go anyway. why didn't adventure tonight in baltimore?
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this young fan has a souvenir baseball know what you're supposed to do the best i supposed to throw it throws it on the field where it's picked up by the yankees. aaron hicks. nobody throws it in the wrong direction. baseball is going to have an adventure. the fans know we're supposed to go. and then how are you going to keep it this time? have the youngster hangs onto it this time around? yeah. yes. tuck it away a happy ending, and that's not the only place where a kid wants to make a play. this was yesterday in st petersburg watch. this one gets the ball gives it to his son. their course. he wants to show off his arm like no. no, no. at least they've got a story to tell back. he got back. he got it back off, but you know again when we get the bar, you're supposed to make a play. just hang on to it. they're cute mavericks in town wednesday night, right wednesday night.
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you know the words. i'm called home court, which is kind of fun about. thank you for that. phoenix. yeah. there you go. thank you. thanks for watching everyone. thanks for joining us have a great night. tonight. . we got the prius that can make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, tell us the weather. i just want one that opens. (alert chirps) maybe we should have gotten that one. (chirps) (chuckles) mitchell? oh--oh, my god, teddy. cam, this is teddy. (chuckles) teddy? teddy teddy? doc--doctor teddy! teddy was mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. uh, mitch had recently just come out. and as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself. i actually said those words? ugh. it's kind of hard to love myself right now. you were the one who said, "i need some time. i'll call you when i heal more." ten years later... ohh! i never said that. time to heal more! that's so sweet and sensitive. why did you kill that part of yourself? you know, i'm hosting a fund-raiser for the hospital this weekend at that roller rink on south main.


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