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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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stress of the victims who have relatives in the war torn country. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now from the newsroom with the details, and henry, you spoke with a couple about what they're going through. yeah mike and julie. i did and turns out there are no strangers to crime, but there's still hurt and disturbed by the vandalism. they're not sure what the motive is, but they do know the man acted deliberately and it was all caught on video. like that surveillance video shows a man in the giants jacket spotting a ukrainian flag outside a home in san francisco's into richmond. within moments, this happens. well, whatever reasons, though, the flag got his attention. kind of like a red cape in a bullfight after tearing down the flag man leaves comes back and takes down a larger ukrainian flags from the wall before hurling it onto the sidewalk. homeowner leanna dewitt yak doesn't know what he was thinking. he was clearly after the flags now whether he was after them because he's just nuts, or he was after them because of the significance of
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them. i don't know, but he wasn't done. he tossed the planter down the sidewalk and through a second one out onto the street. he went on to hurl cast iron furniture off the front porch vandal pulled the flag pole bracket off the house, damaging the outside. so for now , the large ukrainian flag isn't back on display. i think it was generally angry and hateful. deac is half ukrainian on her father's side she visited in 2019 has been trying to return, but the pandemic hit and then the war. i have family over there that are in the middle of this. this bothered me a lot. it also bothers her because both she and her husband, reno, rafsanjani, happened to be retired san francisco police officers. even so, it took a couple of calls before the calvary came from the richmond station, whereupon yanni formerly worked. no one is immune. this is the safest police district in the city. and you know, we've seen a real uptick in crime in the richmond. and then we just don't have enough police officers anymore.
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san francisco police are reviewing the surveillance video in hopes of identifying this vandal. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry thank you now to eastern europe, where busses carrying more than 260. ukrainian forces arrived in russian controlled territory yesterday. dozens of troops or heavily wounded in weeks of fighting. ukrainian officials have avoided using the term surrender, instead saying the fighters completed their mission . russian forces have retreated from the second largest city of kharkiv, while the donbas region continues to face heavy fire. mary opal aside, the fighting still goes on in the donbass. there's a lot of back and forth. it's a very as we say at the pentagon. it's a kinetic fight. moscow is also facing diplomatic setbacks. today, sweden signed a formal request to join nato, while finland's parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining the alliance. both countries will submit their applications tomorrow. president
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joe biden has declared evil will not win in america. today. the president and first lady traveled to the scene of the mass shooting at that supermarket in buffalo, biden condemning the racially charged attack today from the spot where 10 people were killed over the weekend faxes stephen gohan beginning our live coverage tonight in buffalo with more on the president's message, stephen good evening. good evening. the president offered his condolences today, reading out the names of all 10 people killed on saturday, sharing a story for each life cut too short. he also made it clear that he considered that mass shooting and active domestic terror, and he called on all americans to reject racism. take a listen allows the time for the people of all races. from every background. to speak up as a majority of americans reject white supremacy. these actions. we've seen in these hate filled attacks. represent the views of a hateful minority. we can't
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allow them to destroy america, the real america. we can't allow them to destroy the soul of the nation. today the president and first lady laid flowers at a makeshift memorial near the top grocery store where saturday's mass shooting happened after that the bidens were off to a local community center to meet law enforcement and police. local leaders and talk to the families of those 10 shooting victims. as president biden was in buffalo today, we are learning more about that accused shooter. police say the suspect made a trip to buffalo in march, had been planning this attack for months before ultimately carrying it out. our sources are also telling fox that this suspect 18 years old at the detailed suicide note at his parents' house before he made his way to buffalo. since he was arrested, he had been put on suicide watch. he is charged with first degree murder, and more charges are expected. we'll see him back in court on thursday. in buffalo. stephen going back to you. investigators say. accused gunmen, peyton
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genderen expressed white supremacist views linked to the so called great replacement theory. our team coverage continues with ktvu jesse gary, who explains the history behind this theory and why the country continues to deal with it. at the white house tuesday, president joe biden put a bull's eye on heat following the buffalo massacre of 10 black people. we have to not only talk about how we're going to end the hate but who's responsible for generating shooting suspect patton genderen referenced the great replacement theory? at the time of his arrest. that theory comes from two books published by frenchman renaud camus. a decade ago, you was talking about the replacement of frenchmen. by the new immigrants into the area that we're not europeans. saturday's mass shooting mirrors others in this country and elsewhere in 2015 in charleston, south carolina.
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white supremacist dylann roof killed nine church parishioners while he didn't specifically referenced the great replacement experts say it's clear desire to attack a perceived threat links these types of crimes. this is simply a fear of white genetic annihilation, and it happens globally. it's been happening globally for some time. it's nothing new. you certainly see this kind of unrest when you have periods of tremendous change and stress, and we have a lot of issues that we're dealing with. right now. you add all of those things together, and what you're going to see is what you've seen historically in the united states is an increase in xenophobia beyond the african slave trade. the u. s has a disappointing past with other racial groups and cultures. the replacement theory came when the chinese started coming in larger numbers. researcher david lay says the us initially welcomed chinese laborers to build the transcontinental railroad. but
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once work was completed and the depression hit, chinese americans were first legally excluded, then targeted. the chinese were never in terms of total number of threat. it was the possibility of a lot more immigration. the chinese between 18 70 18 90, or burnout, driven out killed. historians and social scientists fear, changing demographics and economic uncertainty are causing america's melting pot to boil over these kinds of incidents. or how white supremacists riot president promises to continue the fight against hate, but experts say that fight may ultimately be against history and ourselves. when you feel like you're losing status somehow you find a scapegoat. you find someone to lash out at and we see that not just in u. s history but in world history. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news the suspect in this
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past weekend's deadly shooting at a church down in orange county has been charged with murder and attempted murder and will remain in custody without bail until his arraignment. the orange county d a. charge today. dave. chow. he was arrested. sunday after investigators called politic. mode. incident they say the 68 year old was upset over relations between taiwan and china also faces enhancements for lying in wait. prosecutors say he was in the church for hours before the shooting. he had chained doors and superglued the keyholes and had three bags containing molotov cocktails and extra ammunition. typically think of the person who hides in the bushes to commit a murder or hides out in a closet to commit a murder. that they're lying there in wait until the target comes into view. this case is about the person concealing themselves in plain view. child will officially be arraigned on june 10th. if convicted, he does
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face a sentence of either life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty stay with ktvu for the latest on the deadly shootings in buffalo and in orange county. you can also get updates anytime on the key to view news app. we're on our website at ktvu .com. hate has no place at sonoma state y students and staff took time off today during finals week to share that message leaders showing their support for a woman's right to choose after the break the emergency measures that would create a safe place for women across the country who are in need. and i'm mark sayer live in north san jose. new technology is coming to the wastewater plant that handles sewage for the south bay. it should help the environment and also help cut down on odors. i'll have that story coming up after the break. and we warmed up a bit today around here. very noticeable of fog along the coast is dispersed temperatures tomorrow going to be warmest or hotter highs. tomorrow will be
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ande to make the city a sanctuary for women seeking abortions. planned parenthood and city leaders, including vice mayor rebecca kaplan, and council president nikki fortunato bass gathered outside city hall today to show their support for the resolution. councilwoman xiang tao introduced the plan as an emergency measure, she says it would send a powerful message to women across the country. this is a right to our democracy. first they want to take away our right to abortion next, you know they're going to want to take
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away our rights to vote. are the women's right to vote. so this is going to open up a floodgate , and it is a stern warning. the resolution being considered is similar to governor newsom's plan to make california a sanctuary to help out of state women seeking abortions in the state of south carolina. transgender students will now be required to compete with the gender listed on their birth certificate. governor henry mcmaster signed a bill into law yesterday that bans transgender students from playing girls' or women's sports in public schools and colleges. opponents of the bill say the laws stigmatizes young people who are trying to make friends and build life skills, including teamwork. south carolina joins about a dozen states that have passed similar laws. several 100 students at a san francisco middle school walked out of class today to protest the controversial parental rights in education bill in the state of florida. that bill which opponents called the don't say gay bill. was signed into law in march. the protest today was led by the diversity club at james
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denman middle school rally organizers say their school is open and supportive of lgbtq students. and for that we're grateful that new line florida does ban instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity and public a through third grade classrooms. today the students in san francisco said the walkout was a way to lend support to these other students in florida. nine b area districts are receiving donations of books affirming lgbt q identities. this is an incredible opportunity for our students to learn about others who share the same experience that they do to feel safe and protected from bullying. the district celebrated the donation and nystrom elementary in richmond this morning gender nation donated 3500 books that will go to more than 200 schools , along with supporting diversity. the state superintendent says the donation will help their goal of ensuring all students can read by third grade. a big environmental upgrade for how south bay sewage
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will be treated in the future leaders broke ground on a project today that will move treated sewage from the outdoors near the shoreline of the bay to an indoor facility. ktvu is mark sayers live now in north san jose, with more on the change, mark. well julie, this is where all of the sewage from san jose, santa clara and neighboring south bay city's ultimately ends up right now that treated sewage consider these big ponds just on the edge of san francisco bay for years before it's recycled. but that is about to change. these huge ponds off zanker road in north san jose contained years worth of treated sewage. this is where what is called sludge is de watered where the water content simply evaporates . and then what's left over is used at a nearby landfill as a dirt covering, it's pretty pretty complex processing 175 acres. to treat the material. but but we're all thankful we have it. otherwise there'd be raw sewage in the bay every day. but the days of those big drying pans are numbered ground has now
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been broken on a new facility, which will speed up this process and move it entirely indoors. this process will do is that liquid material will come to the dewatering facility and be dried and move off site in a day or two. the new facility will cost $164 million and will catch the south bay regional plant up with what other cities are already doing. moving the process indoors should help cut down on some of the odors which can be detected in milpitas, alviso and other areas of north san jose, depending on wind and other environmental conditions. councilman david cohen represents this area, he said the change should be an upgrade that will allow us to restore that land to its natural landscape, clean it up over time and then prevent odors emanate from that facility and walked into the cities around it. the existing ponds, which covers 750 acres will be combined, covered and then return to alternative
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uses, including wetlands and then allow us to restore that natural habitat. we have endangered burrowing owls in this area and other wildlife that could use it. now the resulting dried sewage from the new indoor plant is expected to be trucked away, possibly out to farmlands in the central valley , where it will then be used as fertilizer. the new indoor plant is expected to be complete. in 2025 reporting live in north san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news, mark. thank you. recycling wastewater could be in our future up and down the state of california governor newsom toured the facility in los angeles county this afternoon. once the treated water from this plan gets approval from state regulators, it will provide enough water for 500,000 homes. officials say the water is so clean that minerals have to be added back to use as drinking water. governor, newsom called it a profoundly important project. they're successful scaling this water recycling project at the scale they're
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proposing. there have never been a project like this in u. s history and the opportunity to replicate those science and the work that's being done behind me in the work that we have in front of us. will be realized for many other states. the governor did not call for any new statewide conservation mandates today, but he did know that local water agencies are under orders to enact their own level to drought requirements. by june, 10th. it's already pretty nice day out there today . temperatures warmed up a good 5 to 8 degrees and a lot of places temperatures tomorrow we're going to warm further another 10 degrees in some places mid nineties possible for you tomorrow hottest day of the week. we still have wind along the coast. there's a gale warning there. i'll show you that in a minute, breezy conditions and then a fire danger concern as we get towards thursday and friday. more so for the central valley of fire, weather watches those winds kind of funneled down from north to south. so mostly sunny tomorrow hottest day of the week for your bay area week, and it's going to
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stay pretty warm and we're going to find temperatures. on the weekends still in the operators, even some low nineties but tomorrow those those 93 to 95 are going to be as hard as it gets. so as you look at today, the numbers warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees, and then just where we go tomorrow, which you know you know the drill. so look at santa rosa, coming up on 10 inches 10 inches of sand or 10 inches, 10 degrees and san jose concord, up seven degrees 69 today in oakland tomorrow 80 so 11 degrees warmer day tomorrow. noticeably warmer. the wind like i say is still out there. oh, i got a email from a nice woman who told me the windmills out. there are so that length of that window this is out by, um rio vista area kind of cross from antiochus. you've never seen this farm. it's huge, obviously , wendy, obviously good place for these, but those windmills go 300 little over 300 ft. from the base up right? the arms or the blades on those are 150 ft. long each 300 ft. the base of the golden gate bridge road deck
5:20 pm
is 2 23 100. ft is. how is the hub? of that spinner, right and there's a bunch of them out there. i just huge, huge. the winds are gonna keep blowing. they're going to keep producing wind out there for the next three or four days, and we're going to see that gale warning right along the coast, which is pretty significant, especially using girl. we get gale warnings up north or we get him just offshore. we don't often see them just talked right up and we usually see a small craft advisory to tell about a mile out, and then you get a gale warning. but it's gale warning right along the coast, and that's because he's loads keep tweaking through to the north, right and it's high builds in tomorrow. we warm up winds go offshore, and then this low gets close. the pressure gradient increases in the winds kick up, and that's going to be for thursday and friday, and that's that high fire danger concern i was talking about right in here. through the central valley. it would be a fire weather watch probably will turn to red flag warning. just because of this drought situation, the concerns we have for fuel moistures, and that's that's one of the big things where you know we're dealing with right now, right?
5:21 pm
it's things are drying out and the fuel moistures are getting low. and so the fire has become more of a thing, and the thing with fires is it's really it's about heat it's about it's about humidity and all that, but it's really about the wind. it's really about the wind wind is almost impossible to fight and when the winds start blowing, especially when it's dry, you got problems. and so we're going to see some wind. on thursday and friday in the central valley. already when we come back, we'll take a look at your forecast. got it? all right, bill. thank you. evan musk, rethinking his potential twitter takeover after the break. we're getting an analysis on why the billionaire is pushing a possible pause for the deal. also ahead. coming up at six. we'll hear from families of the seriously mentally ill making the case for care courts why, they say the legislation will help their loved ones, many of them living on the streets. get on a path to treatment.
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rickon not move forward unless the company proves that spam accounts make up less than 5% of
5:24 pm
total users on the platform, the tesla ceo tweeted just this morning, baker accounts on twitter. could be as high as 20% moscow also hinted that he would like to buy twitter for less than his initial $44 billion offer must offer to buy the company at $54.20 a share the stock has sent slid the less than $38 a share. now despite elon musk statements, twitter says it is still committed to this acquisition. monica engels , co founder and managing partner of kona, capital investment, infirm monica, thanks for being with us tonight. it's a pleasure. so at first, elon musk is all in right that he would come into the twitter into this company and get rid of those spam bots. and now he's arguing that there may be too many. and if so, the deal is off or possibly could be. why the sharp turnaround, monica i think we all know that the deal is part of the goal to draw attention to, uh, point of view that hasn't been represented so he believes that there is skew and bias in twitter. and so he
5:25 pm
is using his very sensational and, uh i popping deal to draw attention to it, so it's not surprising. there is also now trying to renegotiate because the deal itself was a little eye watering in terms of valuation. i mentioned in the introduction that he was on twitter. just this morning. he was on twitter yesterday. what is the danger here in your eyes of doing this negotiating? on the social media platform instead of during the old fashioned way of just being inside a conference room. well the interesting thing is that the whole reason that he's using this is because he's trying to give voice to folks that don't get hurt. just like the book i wrote about rebalancing and women and other people who are trying to get to be seen. he's trying to do it and the danger of doing it through. the sensational deal is it becomes about the deal and not about the issues about whose voice gets heard. having agency to actually speak your mind. i think they are very important issues he's raised and the fear is that it gets caught up in the deal. so just to clarify that that
5:26 pm
response there this is this has become personal. you think for elon musk that you know people have created fake accounts mimicking him. is this just about one man who has a fixation on on this company. i mean, there is a plutocratic tendency , right this idea that because i have a lot of money, my voice counts more, and that's a danger. right? so i think you know that you know that he has sort of certainly brought attention, and that's important. but it does become a little bit about the deal and his point of view versus the bigger point, which is how do we make sure that twitter and other platforms become a place where voices that don't get heard? really do have visibility about the legal question here. i know if the deal doesn't go through, there's a billion dollar breakup fee that he's going to have to pay. but on the flip side can twitter actually sue him? to enforce the deal that it does move forward. absolutely i mean, he can. you could argue there's a breakup fee there, but it's actually much more than that, because twitter's valuable strap will likely drop if he pulls out of the deal or threatens to so it
5:27 pm
will be much more than a billion dollar breakup thing. all right, monica anghel with cuomo. i appreciate the conversation. thank you, monica. the pleasure. coming up disturbing displays on a university campus in the north bay. the messages of hate in a place that prides itself on education, not intimidation. triple a is anticipated nearly 40 million travelers for this upcoming memorial day weekend how the holiday weekend will affect your wallets.
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came university. two nooses found just days apart, ktvu tom vacar reports here. the discoveries are being investigated as hate crimes. no even though its final exams and graduation week at sonoma state university, almost 100, students and staff took time to gather for a march against hate. within days, the university finds itself investigating two nooses found on campus one in a swimming pool area, another in a cell as our whole classroom and that's concerning to us is that the. the manner by which they were placed in such a public place. just just really just concern us. very disturbing. um. that someone would place nooses on campus. the incidents are under investigation as hate crimes. we're trying to track down some tips, crimes carry jail time and fines. we take this as being very serious. we don't know what
5:31 pm
the intention of an individual or individuals that may have placed these, uh, these nurses you know, on our campus. the first incident was pretty much discounted by the student body as a prank, not a hate crime, and we got the email last week about another one found in salazar hall. and it yeah, like it seems like that's probably what's going on, and it's a little bit scary. sonoma state it is all very strange. no, i don't see her hear anything of negative. um. thoughts towards black people here. no that is not at all. and i don't think that's the culture here. that's not the culture that i've experienced for. other nooses have been found in the past three years and other bay area universities when it's stanford university on may 8th plus another in november of 2021, another in july of 2019. in march of 2021 news was also found hanging from a dorm at the university of san francisco,
5:32 pm
which led to an expulsion. there should be consequences for that, because that. that's not right. um and there needs to be a punishment. universities pride themselves on diversity. it's a critical part of their mission in two weeks is not a coincidence. this was done out of some sort of drunken stupidity or worse, some kind of deep, dark ignorance. students and staff say there should be consequences and it should never happen again. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. new details now after two people were shot in san jose, and one did not survive. jessica garrison has been arrested accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend yesterday morning. it happened at a home near san jose state university. garrison was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound, but her injuries were not life threatening. she has now been booked into jail on homicide charges. business was
5:33 pm
badly damaged in a suspected arson fire. the vallejo fire department says they responded to anchor pantry. gourmet grocery store on the 600 block of marine street around 3 30 this morning, firefighters say the owner of the store, got an alert on his phone from security cameras and saw someone trying to start a fire and because of that alert he was rolling up there on the scene right as police were pulling up as well. p and v p d. we're on scene, utilizing fire extinguishers to keep the fire in. check the fire extension at that time was just the storefront itself due to their quick actions and due to the quick actions of the first arriving fire company, we were able to limit the fire damage to that. very just that initial storefront and a suspect was arrested just a few blocks away . no one was injured. firefighters were eventually able to put those flames out fairly quickly. but there was heavy smoke damage a go fund me account for the owners remodeled has already raised more than $23,000. in arizona woman faces felony charges for pretending to be a licensed dental hygienist
5:34 pm
in santa clara county for years , 50 year old elizabeth larijani was extradited from glendale, arizona to san jose last week. she is accused of working and attempting to work at more than 10 dental offices in the south bay between 2015 and 2020. investigators say she often used the stolen identity of an actual dental hygienist. she's been released on $40,000 bail and is said to appear back in court on june 13th. a fight over geese coming to the peninsula tonight . protesters set to take place at six o'clock right outside foster city city hall. in november, the city council approved the mitigation plan, which calls for applying for federal permits to control the geese, population. they said the increasing number of canadian geese and the droppings they leave behind are becoming health and safety concerns. the group in defense of animals is helping organized tonight's protest. the city council issued a statement today which says in part the successive concentration poses potential health risks. both foster city residents and visitors users of our parks and
5:35 pm
waterways lagoon water quality testing regularly shows that hi e. coli levels partly attributed to goose droppings, among other factors that have resulted in mandatory beach closures. stocks rallied on wall street today, home depot helped lift the markets with profits that exceeded estimates and new data from the commerce department shows. us shoppers ramped up spending in april for the fourth straight month, easing fears of a recession. the dow rose 431 points, nasdaq jumped 321 nearly 3% gains from tech giants including apple and the s and p was up 80 points. the price of gasoline climbing. to new records right here in california . the average for a gallon of regular unleaded is now above $6 , the highest ever recorded checking around the bay area. drivers in san jose and oakland are paying an average of $6.12 a gallon in san francisco. that's 6 24. experts say the war in
5:36 pm
ukraine and rising demand are leading to price eggs, especially here in california. generally the cost of living in california is hired. the incomes are higher and basically, the oil companies will charge in accordance with people's ability to pay. so if there are many people whose ability to pay is higher in california, guess what companies charge higher. the professor went on to television just the last hour on the four that he thinks the elevated prices will last into the fall. but a lot will depend on what happens in ukraine and the global sanctions on russia. as gas prices continue to climb, more drivers are buying electric vehicles based on experience data, car and driver reports. electric car sales surged to 60% during the first three months of the year. leading these registrations. is tesla, accounting for 59% of registrations in those months or more than 113,000 electric vehicles, the rise in gas prices
5:37 pm
could result in more people flying for memorial day. weekend box news medicine. alworth shows us how airlines have been struggling to keep up with demand. memorial day weekend is around the corner. current round trip airfare tickets are going for $383. on average. that's a 34% increase from 2019, but regardless of whether you fly or drive, it's going to cost americans more to travel this summer and this memorial day weekend. even still, demand is strong. triple a releasing their memorial day travel forecast today showing nearly 40 million people are expected to travel for the holiday this year. and triple a is predicting that three million of them will take to the sky that is the largest year over year growth for travelers in a weekend on wreck , most americans will hit the road to get to their destination, avoiding the high airfare but not the high gas prices, a new record hit today $4.52 a gallon on average. typically gasoline is about 10
5:38 pm
to 15% of a family's travel budget, but industry experts are now worried that these prices could eat away at the budget and therefore eat away at demand. it's a heavy burden for a lot of americans and their suffering. a lot of people just don't have the elasticity in their budgets . we've been setting records for gasoline prices every day for the last two weeks, and it doesn't seem to be any end in sight. no end in sight is right . in fact, hopper is anticipating that the cost of airfare is going to continue to go up by june, the average domestic round trip ticket that's gonna cost you $420 at newark liberty international airport. i'm madison alworth fox business. some oakland city council members are calling for oakland's cannabis business tax revenue to be funneled into a new fund. the city collects roughly $7.5 million annually in tax revenue from cannabis businesses. council members. lauren taylor, trevor reid in noel gay. oh say that money should go into a newly
5:39 pm
established emerald new deal fund, it would be used to support social equity investments, including reentry programs. mental health initiatives and affordable housing access. we are here to directly address the impacts that they were on drugs have had, especially considering that now there is a burgeoning industry that is creating significant wealth. in the same vein. that incarceration. in death. from the war on drugs was perpetuated. currently the annual cannabis tax revenue goes to oakland's general purpose fund, another layer of protection could be just around the corner, coming up the much welcome news for children as infections are on the rise. you lovers of sweets out there how you can get a free sunday on friday.
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thae round of tests were released just today. anyone who requests them will get eight free, rapid test delivered by male doctors encourage people to take those at home test if they have any covid symptoms. the fda has given the green light for pfizer's booster shot to be given to younger kids for the first time. this is for children , 5 to 11 years old and means all vaccine eligible age groups are now eligible for at least one booster shot. fox news, steve harrigan tells us doctors say it could be a game changer as covid cases ramp up again. it's welcome news for parents across the country, the fda officially granting authorization to give fighters booster shot the children ages. 5 to 11 next up the cdc, which is expected to approve the child sized doses at a meeting on thursday. meeting shots could start going into arms as soon as this weekend. doctors and health officials say. it's a big step
5:43 pm
forward. as the new surge ramps up if you don't have the booster, your protection against omicron goes way down. you have an 80% protection against hospitalization and death. if you were boosted here in the us, we're averaging more than 96,000 new cases every day. that's an 81% increase from this same time last month, hospitalizations are also starting to creep up, especially in the northeast and midwest. but there's still little talk about reinstating covid mandates on either the state or fed. drel level, with health officials focusing on vaccination. not mitigation. i don't see the need of lockdown in the future unless something really very, very unusual happens. and the reason is that what we really need to do is we need to get our population vaccinated. those officials also warned we will soon run out of free vaccines and therapies if congress does not appropriate more money, and the lack of funding could also force some hospitals to close their doors. healthcare business and so we
5:44 pm
weren't able to do a lot of the surgeries and the outpatient procedures that we wanted to do . still no word on when the senate will vote on a $10 billion covid funding bill. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news. alright the golden state warriors gearing up for game one of the western conference finals . we're going to hear from head coach steve kerr about the upcoming series crime turned into possibly the best landscaping deal you could get. then it warmed up today. you noticed it. it's going to warm further tomorrow. tomorrow is gonna be the hottest day of the week. the winds are still there along the coast of gale warning and fire weather advisory that will go into effect or is in effect for the central valley. we'll look into that in just a we'll look into that in just a few minutes. meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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5:47 pm
though, right? i mean, we're healthy. lost three or four. but, mike, you know, draymond green didn't play in three of those games. thompson didn't plan two of those games. it's the playoffs. it's a whole different animal. this warriors team is going to be awfully tough to beat. not only do they have three future hall of famer is as their core players, but they're also hungry. i mean, they are eager to prove that the dynasty isn't over and i think that's a big deal the warriors to hit the practice floor earlier today inside of chase center. good news on the auto porter front. he has probable for tomorrow after missing game six with memphis with foot soreness. different story, though, for gary payton, the second who is recovering from a fractured shooting elbow. steve kerr says peyton is a long shot to suit up in this series. he hasn't been ruled out either. typically the warriors go as draymond green growth goes the one thing he says he needs to work on cutting down on those turnovers. same deal for stefan currie, who went through his normal post practice routine was the last guy to leave the gym today. the warriors heavy
5:48 pm
favorites to win the series. not only do they have more talent than the mavs, but they are battle tested. we're feeling confident or guys have have been in this position many times, our core guys, um i think where it shows is kind of. down the stretch like against memphis in game six. our guys have guts. you know, they've they're not afraid of anything, and that's that's where our experience helps us. um so it's good to be able to lean on that, but it's also not a solution for anything . you know. we've got to do this with this particular team. this is a different version. of the warriors, then the team that made the finals five years in a row. so, um kind of new territory for some of our guys but exciting for us to be here as a group. jason kidd. the maps took the floor, then a chase after the warriors were done practicing. they have one bona
5:49 pm
fide superstar. i'd say if you were starting a team today, it would be hard to pass on making that guy 23 year old luca dances your first pick all dodges did in the map series. went over the sons. he led both teams in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and three pointers. the guy's an absolute superstar, we'll see what draymond green can do with them. so tip off tomorrow is that six o'clock warriors four wins away from getting back to the nba finals for the first time since 2009 ready to go. i know they're ready to go to and they're all healthy at the right time, and joe fonzi will be out there live in our early shows and then again at 10, other people all right, jason. thank you. google has opened up a new campus right near its headquarters in mountain view. the bayview campus uses what google calls a dragon scale skin designed for the roof. this is made up of 90,000 solar panels capable of generating up to 40% of the energy needs of that campus. it
5:50 pm
will house 4000 employees in the company's advertising division. with this shape. we had people walking by and they're like, what is this? like? they don't even know it doesn't look like an office building, which is so fascinating because then when you come in, you have no preconceptions of how to work that comes from historic ways of working, but instead, it's like a canvas of creating new ways of being together. the new campus also houses the largest geothermal installation in north america that will help heat and cool the campus without the use of fossil fuels. san francisco's most famous food landmarks, is unveiling its newly renovated chocolate experience store to the public on friday, ghirardelli executives and san francisco mayor london breed will kick off the grand opening to celebrate ghirardelli 170th anniversary. it will take place at ghirardelli square at 11 30 in the morning. customers are encouraged to explore the reimagined space. there will be family friendly entertainment,
5:51 pm
including live music, balloon art and face painting. and best of all, in honor of that anniversary, the 1st 170 customers in line will receive a free sunday. that looks delicious. yes beautiful day today to julie outside, we had temperatures were warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. temperatures tomorrow warmer. still, it's windy, gale warning along the coast. we've got a weather fire. weather watch it will go into effect thursday friday the central valley and it's starting to feel a little bit more like late spring early summer. in fact, it is the tower not blowing around too much, right. usually, this is sutro tower. let's see if you look yes , i'm moving. that's good. sutro it's hard. it's bolted down pretty tight, but when that thing is moving, you know it's windy. the systems are all just tweaking to the north of us like this one right here, and as that goes through, it allows the high to build in and the winds ramp up. so the wind machine and that's exactly what that is. is continuing. so here's the gale warning along the coast. it was issued today what two o'clock it's going to stick around till
5:52 pm
thursday morning early and you don't have to see it right to the beaches. so that's gonna that means a windy day. next couple of days. right along the coast is it has been right. so apply imply, applies to folks too, that are fishing or hanging out at the beach. it's just really windy, kind of gusty situation, especially if you're you know, boat the winds 29 miles an hour gusting up in fairfield. look at that. there's sfo cuddle sfo 40 miles an hour . that's a funneling thing, though, right? because see the wind direction and then you've got, um san bruno gap and the winds get final through there and they accelerate so 40 mile an hour winds there which really helps actually, takeoffs. as you know, right, you put headwind in front of the airplane. it makes it get off the ground a little quicker. temperatures are running 9 to 8 degrees 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. at this time yesterday. there is the high pressure. there is the low pressure and there is the plan warmer to hot on wednesday, their warmest day of the week will be wednesday and then temperatures start to cool down after that. these are the
5:53 pm
forecast highs for tomorrow. i'll mention too. um along the coast. besides the gale warning, there is a southern swell or southern southerly swell. it's moving. it's showing up and showing up on the beaches, but it's a little bit more unique and that it's coming from the southern hemisphere. and so it's a long interval really high interval sources giant but if you are poking around the rocks or something, it's one of those things you want to be really careful. these are the swells that do mess with people a lot because it doesn't look like it's anything and it could go flat for 30 minutes. 20 minutes is coming from so far away southern hemisphere that you could you could easily get in some kind of trouble. so some giant but just just to keep that in mind, so your forecast the breezy conditions can't continue thursday. friday of fire weather watch. in the central valley will keep you posted on everything warmest day of the weakest tomorrow, julie. okay thanks, bill. thanks, bill. a thief with a heart of gold. kind of take a look here. home security cameras capture a man walking up a driveway import. arthur, texas. you see, the man
5:54 pm
pulled out a lawn mower from a shed now, instead of walking off with it, he actually gasses up the bower and starts bowing his victims lawn. so the homeowner decides to call 911 and police say the mowing thief eventually made two passes right there on the front lawn before deciding to take off the moral was found abandoned a couple blocks away. the thief. nowhere to be seen. this happened by the way last month, and that thief still has not been cotton. coming up. ukrainian jews are increasingly worried about being targeted by invading russian forces after the break the major push underway to relocate an at risk population from a war zone at six tonight. lawmakers on capitol hill take emergency action on the baby formula shortage. the bill passed just today aimed at getting supplies on store shelves faster. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your
5:55 pm
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
5:57 pm
is s about defeating neo, ukrainian jews have felt especially vulnerable since the invasion began. news stever rappaport shows us there is an organization committed to bringing them out of the war zone and to a new homeland. it's almost world war. two deja vu jews fleeing a european country under siege since the war started, there has been concern about the status of vulnerable minority groups in ukraine, but there's hope and a helping hand waiting for jews who crossed the border. this is something involved over 200 volunteers throughout the last two months since the war began, israeli aid groups have been dispatched to the region, with the mission of bringing ukrainian jews home to
5:58 pm
the jewish homeland. israel the operations are definitely complex logistically. it's definitely the biggest undertaking that we've had ever done thus far, the israeli government says overall, it's welcomed about 26,000 refugees so far, and united hot sala, an all volunteer first responder force is going one step further conducting operations inside the war zone teams of specially trained medical officers who also have military training. who went into ukraine to rescue um people who are suffering from illnesses from injuries. israeli government also approved millions of dollars to handle the influx of jews hoping to start a new chapter after months of intense fighting the amount of human tragedy that's taking place in the conflict is something that's very, very difficult to fathom the only really good answer for human tragedy. is act of love and kindness, estimated 200,000 ukrainians are eligible for israeli citizenship under the law of return, which applies to anyone who can prove they have at least one jewish grandparent in new york. steve rappaport fox news this is ktvu fox two news
5:59 pm
at six. president biden delivers an emotional speech in buffalo following a mass shooting that killed 10 people denouncing white supremacy in the strongest terms yet white supremacy is a poison that's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. the president also met with the families of the victims in buffalo. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener mike mibach president. biden called the shooting an act of terrorism and called on congress to take more action when it comes to guns. reporter alexis mcadams has the story from buffalo. president biden and the first lady paying their respects today at a makeshift memorial in buffalo president trying to ease the pain in the predominantly black community in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting. in the city's history, which he called an act of terror. what happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism.
6:00 pm
terrorism. domestic terrorism. in america. evil will not win. i promise you hate will not prevail. chaos erupted on saturday afternoon when the suspected gunman began firing in the parking lot of a top supermarket, killing 10 and injuring three others. we have bodies down here three down inside so far through outside radio. police say the gunman's intention was to kill as many black people as possible. the president says. there is no room for this type of hate in america. white supremacy is a poison that's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more, investigators say 18 year old peyton genderen legally purchased a gun in his hometown of conklin, new york, where he claims to have been radicalized online. during his speech, the president touched on the topics of social


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