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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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geese in foster city. the birds are now facing removal over fears they spread contamination. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. push back tonight over plans to deal with an exploding goose population in foster city. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach city officials say the birds cause water pollution because of that the city may have to kill them. as a last resort. new tonight ktvu is elissa harrington with the city hall protest over any plan to kill animals. keith feel pain, just like us. members of animal rights groups marched to the steps of city hall in foster city want to live? thus, they were there to protest a plan to kill potentially hundreds of geese. city officials say the birds are not migrating like they should. population doubled in just one year and their droppings pollute waterways. they suffer very violent death,
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said the removal process would include trapping geese and gassing them. she called it cruel and a waste of taxpayer money. gassing them is death is one of the most brutal things you could do to kill them coexistence and compassion to values. that area holds extremely dare. so the fact that foster city is planning on giving them a very brutal death is really shocking. eric allen, with direct action everywhere was one of the organizers of the protest. he set up a model of what one of the traps might look like they come out and the middle of the night on announced, and they literally round of geese while they can't fly, is calling on the mayor and city council to let the geese live geese their wildlife. this is their land to their part of the scenery. they're part of foster city. and they don't have to kill them. many protesters took their signs into tuesday's city council meeting. the issue was not on the agenda, but a city spokesperson sent me a message part of it reads. with
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an obligation to maintain healthy waterways and inviting parks. foster city is considering the lethal removal of a limited number of geese. it goes on to say no action or decision on the matter has been made. in foster city. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at 11. the alameda city council has approved a guaranteed basic income pilot program. in just the last hour, the council voted 3 to 2. the program is designed to help low income alameda residents. city staff say about 11,000 households qualified but only 150 will be selected. the program would provide them with $1000 monthly cash payment. the city would use funds from the american rescue plan act to pay for the program. really excited that we as a council have a chance to make a direct impact in people's lives, and that with this program, we might be able to leverage it. to do to provide more benefits or similar
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benefits to more people. i think there's a time to be council members who voted against the program argued that it does not help enough people. there are similar basic income pilot programs and other cities here in california, including oakland, san francisco and stockton. a south san francisco motorcycle officer is recovering tonight after a crash in redwood city. it happened at about 2 45 this afternoon as the officer participated in a traffic enforcement operation at fifth and bay road. you can see. the officer entered the intersection from fifth avenue when a driver on bay road hits her. police say the female officers suffered moderate injuries and is now in stable condition. police also say the motorcycles, lights and sirens were activated. investigators say the other driver did not stop at the stop sign, however, did not leave the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. now to san jose, where police are investigating an apparent homicide. this was the scene
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tonight at south king and her missy away. police say one man was shot at about 6 45 at a park across the street. from the rancho del pueblo golf course. he died at the scene. no word yet on a motive or any suspects . small business owner in downtown vallejo determined to reopen her store after police say a man deliberately set fire to it early this morning, and it was all caught on surveillance video. ktvu amberleigh live tonight in the newsroom after speaking to the business owner amber mike, the owner tells me she opened her store just over a year ago and that she has received much support from the community. just as the arsenal won't stop her from doing what she loves. she shared surveillance video of what happened. disbelief and just couldn't believe that someone would just do this for no good reason. jessica brooks says that 3 10 tuesday morning her phone alerted her that something was happening at her gourmet food store anchor pantry in downtown alejo. initially all she saw was hazed and thought her surveillance cameras weren't
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working. she rushed to the store to find it in golfed, totally shocked. really stunned. surveillance video shows the suspect around the store for up to an hour before he set the fire at the front of the business. that's really just terrible. i mean that someone would take someone else's livelihood in their hands. so you know, destructively. unfortunately the fire group quickly and created smoke damage throughout the entire anchor pantry score right at the very front of the store. there was a gelato freezer here. and it's just completely ruined and burnt to death. pantry is now red tagged. there is smoke damage to the business next door. police arrested the suspect quickly nearby for arson and an outstanding felony warrant. the identified him as xavier williams of alejo. they say that 32 year old is homeless doesn't recognize him. i would just say , you know you're super sick and
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you need help opened her store just 13 months ago. it was a dream come true. a blend of her past careers as a chef and retail manager. to bring gourmet food items to a community that does not have this type of business. really a labor of love for me, and you know it's super sad and disappointing, but it's not going to stop me from coming back and rebuilding. brooks says the pain of the arson is lessened by the messages of support from the community. she estimates the loss to be at $125,000. she's not sure how much insurance will cover brooke says she plans to rebuild quickly at the same location or elsewhere. downtown a friend has started a go fund me to help brooks from the newsroom. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. president biden traveled to buffalo today to pay his respects to those killed on saturday, he called the shooting an act of domestic terrorism and called on americans to condemn white supremacy. white supremacy
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is a poison. it's a poison running through. it really is. the president and first lady placed flowers at the supermarket where 10 black people were killed, and they met privately with some of the victims. families pledging to fight for gun control despite opposition. until you get the money out of it is gonna be hired. and a lot of money getting me off for guns, guns purchases like who needs an air 15? is not a hunting rifle. only thing you heart with 15 people. buffalo law enforcement officials have called the massacre a racially motivated hate crime. 11 parents in texas are blaming apple airpods for their sons hearing loss. the family from san antonio is suing apple for damages. they say their son was watching netflix on his phone with his earphones when amber alert produced in ear shattering tone, they say their
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son suffered permanent hearing laws as well as vertigo and dizziness. don't want anything in accident to happen to your kids, right? and you, um you take care of them. them with all the precautions i couldn't even imagine that this could happen to him. family attorneys has apple failed to warn users about rapid and unexpected changes in volume. apple says government alerts are optional but has not publicly responded to the lawsuit claims. apple is scaling back its returned to work plans as covid cases rise here in the bay area, the cupertino company was planning to have all employees return to work three days a week later this month. but now that plan is on hold a three day a week return was one of the most aggressive campaigns by a large silicon valley tech company to get workers back into the office. last month, apple started requiring employees to come into the office at least twice a week. and that plan
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appears to be the plan for now. coming up. you've seen the gas prices going up with no sign of slowing down the tens of thousands of people making a change to cut out that expense. first in 90 seconds, what we're learning about bay area based netflix, laying up dozens of employee
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laying off about 150 employees as it deals with slowing growth . the layoffs amount to about 2% of the company's workforce in
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the united states, a number of contractors are also losing their jobs. the los cantos based streaming company posted a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, the first loss in a decade. netflix has said it may also clamp down on password sharing to cut down on cars. elon musk says his deal to buy twitter cannot move forward unless the company proves that spam accounts make up less than 5% of total users on the platform in a tweet today must said that spam or fake accounts on twitter could be as high as 20. last night at a tech conference in miami, must also hinted that he would like to pay less for twitter than the $44 billion offer he made last month offered to buy the company at 54 20th share. the starkest since slid to less than $38 a share. twitter says it is still committed to the transaction, saying it has filed a preliminary proxy statement with the sec for acquisition by musk , saying it is committed to
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completing the transaction on the agreed price and terms as promptly as practical, practical practicable. the preliminary proxy statement contains important information, including the background of and reasons for twitter's transact transition with mr musk gas prices are showing no sign of slowing down, and now more drivers are buying electric vehicles as ktvu lamonica peters reports, experts say vehicles like tesla's are here to stay. it's ridiculous, and i'm so glad i don't have to go to the gas station anymore. more and more people are saying goodbye to gas operated vehicles and saying hello to electric cars. tesla model s. this is actually like the sport edition of the model s . it's an older model. automotive news reports that new electric vehicle registrations increased 60% in the first quarter of this year, tesla sold the most tvs, followed by ford and honda. ikea get in the car. you put it in drive and you go. there is no turning it on.
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there's no key. there's nothing like that. you just put it in drive and you go. manufacturers actually are coming up with more and more models actually pushing them into the market, because finally they need to make money with this, and i think this is all coming together. and this is why we are now seeing this uptake. not to forget gas prices up triple a says the average price of gas is now reached $6 in california, and that's expected to rise july 1st when the state's gas tax increases. the national average gas prices $4.52 biker says electric cars cost more upfront but in the long run, people can save a lot of money, no oil change on an electric vehicle. no spark plaques on an electric vehicles to the actually safe on on this as well. so overall electric vehicles are also cheaper for consumers. electric cars can travel from 100 to 350 miles on a full charge and charging stations are available in most metro areas. when you have a gas
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car, you can just pull up to a gas station. quickly fill it up beyond your way. this one you kind of have to wait. maybe about 45 minutes and again. get on your way, so it it does put a bit of time on your road trip. biker says it will be decades before the majority of people are driving electric vehicles. but for now, it seems saving money on gas is a lot of people stop priority. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. san jose is one of the best cities in the country to live, according to us news and world report. the paper looked at the 150 largest metro areas for quality of life, affordability, safety and jobs. centers a and its surrounding cities ranked fifth. san francisco includes alameda, marin and contra costa counties came in in the 10th place. no other california areas were in the top 100. santa rosa and sonoma county ranked 130 seconds and the valet ho fairfield area came in at 142nd. i think it was
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generally angry and hateful. san francisco family disturbed after video captures someone tearing down two ukrainian flags from their house why, they say this incident is a specially upsetting next and tomorrow is gonna be the warmest day of the week. mid nineties in those hot spots will look into that and then take a look at the rest of the week in the five day forecast. if you missed out on outside lands tickets, you still have another chance whe if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet,
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or people were killed on u. s highways and roads last year than any time in the past 16 years. that is, according to new data released today by the national highway traffic safety administration. in fact, last year had the highest year over
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year increase in tropic deaths since the agency started collecting data back in 1975 officials admit that part of the 10% increase could be because many drivers were off the roads in 2020. because of pandemic related lockdowns, but they also say many of those deadly crashes could have been avoided. speed is our number one cause of fatal collisions. it's always it continues to be speed. of course , we did see an increase in speed related violations during the pandemic, and they continued after and we're reminding drivers to please slow down. it was not just traffic collision deaths that spiked last year. 13% more pedestrians were killed last year than during the prior year. san francisco family says they're upset they feel violated after someone tore down two ukrainian flags displayed right in front of their house. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the victims. have relatives in the war torn country like
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that surveillance video shows a man in the giants jacket spotting a ukrainian flag outside a home in san francisco's into richmond. but in moments this happens. for whatever reasons, though, the flag got his attention. kind of like a red cape in a bullfight after tearing down the flag man leaves comes back and takes down a larger ukrainian flag from the wall before hurling it onto the sidewalk. homeowner leanna dewitt deac doesn't know what he was thinking. he was clearly after the flags now whether he was after them because he's just nuts, or he was after them because of the significance of them. i don't know, but he wasn't done. he tossed the planter down the sidewalk and through a second one out onto the street. he went on to hurl cast iron furniture off the front porch, pulled the flag pole bracket off the house, damaging the outside. so for now, the large ukrainian flag isn't back on display. i think it was generally angry and hateful. deac is half ukrainian on her father's side she visited
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in 2019 has been trying to return, but the pandemic hit and then the war. i have family over there that are in the middle of this. this bothered me a lot. it also bothers her because both she and her husband, reno, rafsanjani, happened to be retired san francisco police officers. even so, it took a couple of calls before the calvary came from the richmond station, whereupon yanni formerly worked. no one is immune. this is the safest police district in the city. and you know, we've seen a real uptick in crime in the richmond. and then we just don't have enough police officers anymore. francisco police are reviewing the video in hopes of identifying the vandal. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd san francisco henry lee ktvu fox two news. new at 11 . tonight the annual pink triangle and twin peaks is going up earlier than usual this year , and the project needs volunteers to help out the project is being set up in may, not june of this year. volunteers are needed at various times from may 24th to may 29th
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and then again on june 1st for a variety of setup tasks. the pink triangle was originally used to brand suspected homosexuals. in concentration camps. it was revived in the 19 seventies as a symbol of protest against homophobia. pink triangle will be at for the month of june. already tomorrow is gonna be a warm day, even at the coast temperatures in the low sixties fogs, not really an issue. it's so windy out there. a gale warning stays in effect through thursday. breezy conditions. warmest day of the week is tomorrow, and then it cools off a little bit after that, the mechanism for the wind or the warming first is the high and then the mechanism for the wind. as we go into thursday and friday, they continued window be that low getting close to the high and the pressure gradient. becoming strong in the wind blowing north little bit north northeast maybe, and that's going to put up away from fire weather watch in the central valley thursday and friday, so we'll keep an eye on that for you. beautiful night in the city. not too bad temperatures
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in the city right now in the fifties. there are those systems going to the north of us right in the clouds are systems. essentially you can kind of make one out right if you look so you see a little rotation here, right? you see a little bit of what you'll do it again. see it right there. and it's just kind of a little bit of counterclockwise flow. and then there's another one. let's see if we can still see that one when they went through was up here, but anyway, there this time of year they're very weak, and so they're just enough to create pressure radiant and that's why we get the wind. that's why spring is typically windy, but those systems up there are stronger than typical for this time of year, i think, and they're a little bit closer than usual for this time of year , and that's why it's a little windier than usual, right. we had some 50 mile an hour winds earlier this week. 30 miles an hour right now at sfo. they're up to 40 today. winds along the coast. like i said that gale warnings stays in effect. it's right to the beaches. its right to, um, you know, out to linda mar if you're out there, sharp park or kelly's cove. it's right there, so it's real windy just
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right off the shore. so if you're going out in a boat, don't you know unless you're in the big fish in a big fishing boat? because it's real windy. it's gonna stay that way through thursday morning. and then the temperatures tomorrow look like these warmest day of the week, little cooler at the coast but without fog. it's gonna be windy. it's not a good beach day at all. but without fog. you're going to find temperatures in the mid almost 60. so there is the five day forecast. i wish i had some rain to show you, but i do not. we just got a nice spring late spring kind of weather forecast for you. i'll see you back here, you guys tomorrow night. thank you. more tickets for outside lands in san francisco will go on sale tomorrow. the three day music festival will be held the first weekend of august golden gate park and starting tomorrow morning 10 o'clock fans can buy. single day tickets for $175 and 395 for vip tickets. the organizers today did release the festival schedule scissor and phoebe bridgers will headline on friday. green day will perform on saturday and post malone on sunday. coming up in sports the
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giants with another offensive explosion in colorado, as they scored, 10 runs with the rockies make it interesting jason appelbaum up next ♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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andy beat the rockies tonight for the 12th straight time. that goes all the way back to august of last year. talk about owning tommy la stella, his second at bat of the year on the second pitch of the game. and it is a second deck bomb in the thin air, of course field for list stella of chad cool and it's one nothing. giants second inning now, brandon crawford ropes one down the right field line into the corner. the balls kicking around, crawford is leg it out. looking for a triple. he's going
11:27 pm
to slide headfirst into third. the ball gets away goes into the dugout. and so he gets to trot in nice and easy. it is to nothing. san francisco giants score four more in the third and then the fourth with two men on darren rough finds the gap off the wall and deep right center. and with two outs, everybody's running. wilmer flores, mike shrimp ski. they are into score 81 giants, but it is colorado. so the rockies get all the way to 10 to 7. they put two men on with two outs in the ninth and camila duval get some help. right there from his defense. austin slater making the catch on cj crone, and that's the ball game. giants win at 10 to 7. they will go for the sweep of the rockies tomorrow at noon. about the age of 3640 in the sunshine of the coliseum, including. yeah. captured possum by dallas braid and the possum was first spotted in the twins broadcast boost last night, fourth inning met on for kevin
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smith crushes this 12 run homer off jose winder smith, second of the year is two. nothing athletics. then after the rangers tied up the take the lead 3 to 2. and sean murphy breaks it open. he brings home remote laureano and seth brown with that little blooper is win five to their losing streak ends at three games. alright tomorrow night. it is the mavericks warriors game one of the western conference finals chase center. we have secured this video moments of go. it's ready to rock six p.m. tip off the gold t shirts are back there waiting for the fans after the wars gave out black t shirts, the first two rounds warriors arena warriors are pretty heavy favorites to beat the mavs. thanks to a hungry and battle tested roster that includes three future hall of famer. we're feeling confident or guys have have been in this position many times our core guys, i think we're it shows is down the
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stretch like against memphis in game six. our guys have guts. you know, they've they're not afraid of anything, and that's that's where our experience helps us. eastern conference finals are underway. jason tatum and the celtics taking on jimmy butler and the heat in game one. it was a close game until the third quarter. but the third quarter was the difference. jimmy butler, the steal the slam heat outscored the celtics by 25 in the third and more butler in the fourth from the baseline. he had 41 points, nine rebounds. he take game 11 18 to 1. oh, seven. all right. we've got a great catch to show you from college baseball. check this out. this is florida state taking on florida to keep your eyes on florida's right field there. ty evans. he's going into the wall and boom. have one. yeah i opens the bullpen door, knocks it open but makes the catch to rob brett kavanaugh. it should just
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walked out like a little walk off. his gators won the game over the seminoles 7 to 5 college world series action coming up pretty soon, but first mavericks and warriors. there we go. thanks for watching go. thanks for watching everyone. family fun meeting by the front door, stat! "stat" means right now! ugh. what is it? ignore her. she's been in a bad mood all day. and luke isn't home yet. oh. i'm right here. where were you? this house still holds its secrets. you're probably wondering why i called you all here. - nope. - well, stop your wondering... - we're not wondering. - and behold this wonder! - (haley) oh, my god! - (claire) wow. - (phil) ha ha! - aah! i sold a home to the one and only pete johnson. there's only one pete johnson? only one who's california's top r.v. dealer. there's 835 others. nightmare of a deal to paper. well, and this was his way of saying... - thank you. - of course. (lowered voice) he paid a commission, too, right? yes. and he told me i could take jolene out anytime. yeah, i named her! let's take this dirty girl for a spin up the coast! - (alex laughs) - (haley) yes!


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