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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvd windy conditions return, prompting officials to issue a red flag warning covering a large portion of northern california. it's very, very warm . it is dry out there and we're going to do everything that we can be to be operationally ready. firefighters ready to roll at any moment as that red flag warning does settle in for some on this thursday night. good evening. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. solano county is the only bay area county under tonight's red flag warning, but it covers portions of more than a dozen counties from the central valley up to shasta county. we have live team coverage for you tonight of the fire danger. chief meteorologist bill martin will have a look at the current conditions. but first we begin with ktvu elissa harrington with how fire crews are gearing up, alyssa. that's right. i'm here in
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cordelia, where it is breezy on and off. firefighters here say that they staff up when there's a red flag warning, and they are especially concerned about some of that dry grass near the freeway. it was a warm and windy afternoon in fairfield flags were waving trees blowing around in the gusty wind. solano county is one of more than a dozen counties in northern california under a red flag warning. brooke bingaman, elite forecaster at the national weather service, said. there's dry fuels humidity and these areas can expect strong wind. that's the kind of condition that if a fire would start, it would spread rapidly and very easily because of the high fire danger. the city of fairfield closed some of its parks and open spaces through saturday. in vacaville. firefighters stayed hydrated and ready for any calls to make sure that all of our apparatus and our firefighters are ready for such a thing. we make sure that we check our equipment out that it's in working condition. fire chief kris concepcion said. they
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trained year round. they even did a controlled burn monday. firefighters scorched dry grass and brush on a section of calendar hill right behind several homes. they canceled a second training exercise because of the elevated fire risk. we monitor the weather very closely to make sure you know to see what's happening in the winds start picking up and absolutely we ask people. i don't take any kind of risky behaviors that risky behavior could include using a weed whacker or other tool that could cause a spark. residents should use caution and pack a bag in case of an evacuation. noticeably not under this red flag warning this time is the bay area fuels in the bay area aren't quite as dry as they are in the central valley, so we're near critical fire conditions, but not quite at that red flag warning criteria. the red flag warning is set to expire friday night. he has said that it does not expect any public safety power shutoffs
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reporting live in cordelia. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news, anxious time for people when conditions are like this, alyssa, thank you. the state's office of emergency services says it is prepared for the fire weather, cal o es said today it has pre positioned firefighting resources to protect communities that could be threatened by a wildfire officials say resources and personnel are positioned in lake and colusa counties, while the new virus plane is that mcclellan airfield near sacramento. that plane is a new aircraft with cameras and sensors. it can send real time images and projections to officials on the ground. when a fire breaks out. let's go to our chief meteorologist, bill martin. now for more on the conditions, bill. yeah it's definitely a red plug warning and those inland spots like solano county. certainly fairfield, vacaville up into davis out under winter sacramento. it's a central valley thing more of an east far east bay area thing. but we still see wind around the area
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as well. but again, a red flag warning this time of year not as intense as a red flag warning in august and the other thing is, it's not a three day in a row heatwave. this is not big heat. it's dry conditions and breezy conditions. so it's a red flag warning, but it's not a code red red red flag warning. just so you know, the last few days, we've had a ton of wind at the coast. you've had gale warnings along the coast. the winds are still still witty sfo is blowing up over 38 miles an hour. but right now what's happening is there's gale warnings were more northwesterly winds. now the winds are clocking more out of the north. that's what's triggering this red flag warning and the wind advisory. so when did the east and the north bay hills and the valleys as well as the east and the north bay with winds up to 40 50 miles an hour and that red flag warning and a wind advisory stay in effect through today into tomorrow, the heaviest winds the strongest winds will be around 34 in the morning tomorrow, and then they should taper off pretty quickly after that. so i'll be back here with the full forecast. we'll
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talk more about this in a few minutes. alright, we'll see you then. bill, thank you, and you can stay up to date on the conditions by downloading our ktvu news app there you can find hourly updates and a seven day forecast for the area where you live, and it is free to download breaking news out of san francisco video here from the city's dogpatch neighborhood. this is at the intersection of mariposa and owen street. this is right near interstate 2, 80. san francisco police were called to this area a little bit after eight o'clock tonight. now, the initial call was a report about a person with a weapon. not sure when, but soon after police are confirming that an officer fired his or her weapon here is a live picture. now from that scene in the dogpatch area, we do have a crew working the crime scene right now working to get more information, including injuries. and when we get that information , of course we will bring it to you now to the peninsula frustration tonight in east palo alto, where residents sounded off about tuesday's deadly shooting in a park crowded with
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children new attend ktvu lamonica. peter spoke with the mayor tonight ahead of a special city council meeting to address community concerns. we cannot solve this. crime and we cannot stop any continuation of public shootings, violence without working together just a quick overview on the process tonight . on thursday, east palo alto city council held a town hall meeting with the community, local clergy members and police to start a dialogue about the deadly shooting at jack farrell park. many people said they don't want to go back to living in fear of violence in their city. it must have been about 50 kids out there. all of a sudden , all of this transpired and i'm ducking and dodging at the same time. i can't do that. because i'm looking for my baby. i'm trying to find my son. it was a scary mess. it's the loitering that triggered this that caused this. that was the foundation. for all of this. we have to stop
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the loitering. i fully support cameras on the parking lot. others criticized police for a slow response to tuesday's shooting and police not being properly equipped to give cpr when i got to the scene, i didn't see any cpr being administrated, nor did i see a mouthpiece when we asked the officer where his mouthpiece was , he said. he didn't have one. city council members also expressed their own feelings. after ralph fields jr was shot and killed at the park, one council member said, fills his cousin and nfl player shouldn't be associated with the case. adams had nothing to do with what happened? he put exercise equipment in the park, and he's trying to get back to our community. there should be that we should never associate anything negative with his name . mayor abric a says he will keep the community updated on the case and encourages people to stay engaged. we're not where we were before. and i think the consciousness of the community has grown. there are no immediate plans to hold another
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town hall meeting, but the mayor says that counseling will be available to anybody who needs it. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news, the santa clara county d. a s office has dropped charges against a woman for any crimes in connection with the death of her boyfriend. 41 year old jessica garrison of san jose , was released from jail today after prosecutors declined to file charges against her police say garrison and her boyfriend, victor chavarria, we're fighting over a gun inside an apartment on south 10th street early monday morning. being fired. garrison was grazed by a bullet . maria was shot and killed. the shooting was san jose's 10th homicide of the year. two people died in another person was injured in a shooting last night on interstate 5 80 in oakland. officers responded just before 8 30. and found a nissan sedan overturned right near seminary avenue. no arrests have been made in the motive does remain under investigation. last year, there were 144 bay area freeway
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shootings. 16 of those cases ended with arrests. now to san francisco, where the district attorney has charged a man accused of harassing an abortion provider. authorities say he and members of an anti abortion group targeted the doctor at work. ktvu brooks jarocz has more now on what happened. antiabortion group is accused of entering a clinic back in march , where abortions are performed and chanting the doctor's name, saying we know who you are. we know what you do. the district attorney says the doctrine staff were terrified for their safety and for their patients. the alleged leader of the group, aaron jonathan hurley, has been arrested in charge. now he's from los angeles, facing felony stalking and misdemeanor charges. of obstructing freedom of access to a clinic, trespassing and to vandalism charges and check out these photos. hurley and others are accused of defacing and damaging a bronze statue of madonna and child at san francisco general hospital. covering it with fake
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blood and stickers with the doctor's name on it. a later the d a, says the group illegally accessed the women's options center, harassing the doctor and his staff. and then that night i went to his home. they were accused of putting permanent stickers at neighbor's houses and on the doctor's front door that said, a killer lives in your neighborhood. the purpose of this activity. was not simply to express people's views as protected by the first amendment, but it was to instill fear intimidation. and harassment. against members of our community for doing their job. we cannot tolerate it. criminal laws prohibit this behavior. and i'm here to tell you we will enforce those laws. now in this case, a second suspect, kristen turner, was cited and released and an arrest warrant is pending for lauren handy. another suspect accused of vandalism and repeatedly stalking that doctor. we should point out district attorney chase a. boudin is facing a
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recall election and how has held a couple of press conferences this week. in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news . hundreds of parents came together to hear from the top candidates for san jose mayor. the forum was hosted by rocketship public schools, the largest charter network in san jose. the candidates were asked to introduce themselves and then to talk about their vision for the city. i experienced homelessness experience some issues with the healthy choices and i really abusing my body in high school, and now i'm so proud to be standing in front of all of you and say that there is a future i am committed to building a city government that solves our biggest challenge is affordable housing, homelessness , trash crime supporting our small businesses in the city hall that serves all of our residents. equally well, i'm now raising my two children. my son , my daughter, sofia and all the issues that we're dealing with here in the city are very personal to me. challenges with homelessness, the lack of
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affordable housing public safety so deeply in the activism of the community, i believe it can make us safer city in america again clean city. that we can address homelessness that we can make this an affordable place for people to live. san jose has big problems, almost this safety blight. and it is time for us to work together and it's time for us to restore sanity status. spence is the sixth person running for mayor but did not attend tonight's forum. the candidates are vying to replace mayor sam liccardo, who turns out at the end of the year. the primary election is on june 7th. a moving memorial in san francisco. coming up at 10 30 how activists and community members came together to remember people who have died while riding a bike nation will pack the chase center tomorrow to cheer on those warriors. but as covid cases rise so it does concern over large gatherings
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. wror tomorrow as the warriors head into game two of those western conference finals as ktvu
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jana katsuyama reports, some say might be a good idea to mask up if you're headed in fans are getting geared up for the warriors game against the mavericks friday night. my favorite right now is cool. i got the pool party shirt game. two of the western conference finals is expected to be packed 426th consecutive sellout. but as we always tell people tickets are always available on warriors .com, even for sold out games more than 18,000 seats at chase center filled and it comes at san francisco and the bay area are seen a slight uptick in covid cases. at game one. some fans opted to wear masks and warriors coach steve kerr, who is back after a bout of covid-19 was also masking up. coach kerr is probably wearing a mask to be prudent. he's from the back end of this and trying to take a few more days of precautions, totally reasonable. you don't want any of these guys getting sick. dr george rutherford and ucsf professor of epidemiology keeping the team and fans
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healthy means taking precautions . if you're older, if you have a serious risk factors like obesity or diabetes or you know some of the other things we've seen. then i think you need to consider wearing a mask. dr rutherford says covid vaccines do work to prevent serious illness but are not as effective against new strains in stopping transmission. so on game day if anyone feels sick or has covid symptoms, you need to be really on top of your symptoms. and if you're symptomatic you should get you should test yourself or get tested. we have said since the beginning of the pandemic, we want chase center to be the safest venue in the country. warriors president brandon schneider says the chase center does have excellent ventilation . we're able to actually change out all the air and space center. four times per hour for outside air, so it's you know, we have the advantage of having a brand new state of the art arena fans that want to take the extra precaution to have masks on should definitely do that. and he says fans should be prepared for even bigger crowds in the area and on munich friday
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, with the giants also playing at home. tip off is at six. we recommend people getting to thrive city 44 30 enjoy the festivities. the door to chase center opens at 4 30, so we really encourage fans to get there early. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. the rising number of covid infections among students as one private high school in oakland, reverting to online classes for the last week of school here, college preparatory school teachers began distance learning today that, according to the chronicle, the hope is that the schools nearly 400 students will return to campus for finals on the 27th and then for in person events to celebrate graduation. school leaders say they wanted to avoid a massive outbreak. piedmont schools are now requiring staff students, visitors to wear masks indoors and an email the district said it made this decision due to the rising covid cases and also a shortage of substitute teachers . they say there have been 58 new cases just this week, including eight staff members. the district says the requirement will stay in place
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until the end of the academic year, which is now just three weeks away. the cdc approved fighters booster shot this afternoon for children aged 5 to 11. cdc panel made that recommendation today for the extra dose five months after the initial two doses. the cdc quickly followed through to adopt the recommendation. nationally only 29% of kids in that age group have received their initial two shot vaccine series. but according to the bay area news group, 60 to 73% of kids in that age group have received their shots in the bay area's largest counties. already we have a wind advisory for parts of the bay area tonight, as well as a red flag, warning the wind advisory in areas in blue and this covers a little more ground than the red flag warning. so it's including the east bay hills. the wind advisory is the east bay valleys and north bay hills in the north bay valleys in solano. the red flag warning doesn't include east bay hills, east bay valleys
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. north bay hills, north north bay valleys include solano, and i'll pop that in for you here, so this is really a event more focused on the central valley, but it's grabbing the edges. of those, uh, communities fairfield , vacaville in the wind will be blowing the hardest. strongest winds are going to be late tonight, probably around 23 in the morning and then they'll die off pretty quickly, but the winds will have you know 40 45 miles an hour at times temperatures today we're pretty warm temperatures tomorrow. not as warm because of the winds were looking at 89 today and tomorrow and i will probably go about 85 degrees. so the red flag warning the wind advisory stay in effect. the strongest ones will be late tonight. early tomorrow morning. no fog at the coast warning is going to be dropped wins. they're still breezy, but the real wind is going to be in the central valley. between vacaville and sacramento and north to reading and south of modesto will be back here in a little bit. we'll talk about the weekend, which is just around the corner. i'll see
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you here, all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. the state of california is awarding oakland $11 million to transform a hotel in the housing for the homeless. the grant will allow the city to purchase the in by the colosseum hotel on coliseum way. the 39 unit. property will then be turned into homes for people who earn less than 30% of the median income in the area. that's $30,000 a year for a single person households in alameda county. the ground is part of the governor's home key project, which provides funding to help cities and counties turned properties into homes for the homeless, coming up the site of the shooting demolished plus laps. he say, why somebody? my dad father is shot and killed right in front of his 11 year old son in oakland. how the victim and restaurant owner is being remembered tonight. first in two minutes. ukrainian fighters continue to leave a steel mill as fighting in the
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joea . it's his first trip to the region since taking office. his six day trip will include visits to south korea and japan to meet with indo pacific leaders about trade and the global economy. discussions on north korea are also on the president's agenda. this comes as white house officials warned kim jong un may be planning to launch another missile test in the coming days preparing for all contingencies, including the possibility that's such a provocation would occur while we are in korea or in japan. well president biden is in asia. he may send a message to china to stay out of taiwan and not take cues from its ally . russia officials say the president does not have any plans to meet with china's president on this trip, but the two may talk in the coming weeks . the u. s senate approved the bill to send an additional $40 billion in aid to ukraine. the
10:24 pm
vote signaled overwhelming support in congress to strengthen us support for ukraine and its fight against russia foxes greg palkot that is the latest on the war efforts. bar or then ukraine on the attack soldiers blowing up a bridge in the donbass region of the east block russian advances and after big gains around kharkiv in the northeast, allowing civilians to return to their shattered homes, while russia keeps blasting away along a long, jagged frontline, continue to try. to occupy the donbas. they continue to fight in the south. they continue to, uh, you know, to put forces on the ground, so i mean, the war continues, and it's very real. meanwhile a dramatic scene today in a key courtroom as the war crime trial of a russian soldier accused of killing a ukrainian civilian continues the widow of the man killed as a suspect if he was sorry for what he did. to which the 21 year old replies. i
10:25 pm
know you can forgive me, but i'm pleading for your forgiveness, more ukrainian fighters surrendered following the siege at that steel mill, 1700 said. to be in russian custody, their fate unknown. this as president biden offered support to the leaders of sweden and finland in their bid for nato membership, much to the displeasure of russian president vladimir putin , former ukrainian president petro poroshenko told us recently his own country should be allowed to make that decision as well. children even create the president that any person in the world kim define the future of some nations, including ukrainian nation. we don't need mr putin. we don't need your permission. permission to be the natives member states onto the european union's states. remember that? folks here are also pleased with the senate approving that new $40 billion ukrainian aid package as former president poroshenko also said to me, we need three things in this country. weapons weapons
10:26 pm
and weapons and keith greg palkot. fox news. still to come tonight, a different kind of bike ride in san francisco how the group is paying tribute to the lives lost on city streets and honoring the lives lost and last year's wta shooting how employees are finding solace as they build an emotional tribute to the victims, and it's not just the bay area rents are rising nationwide details on the record high prices coming up a little bit later tonight. and the golden state warriors run away with the win in game one last night over the mavericks later in sports jason appelbaum will have what draymond green and the head coach steve kerr, had to say about the physicality
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san francisco to honor people who were injured or killed while riding a bike. this year marks 20 years of what's known as the right of silence. it's a group ride that takes place in more than 20 countries, but thousands of people riding their bikes to remember to support each other in #### collectively. in the city cyclist stopped along the round to lay flowers and observe a moment of silence at the sites of recent biking fatalities. they also made a special stop at south park located right in your second and brian to ensure the lives of bike messengers who were killed on the job. my first right of silence was in 2015, because very close friend of mine was killed and on on his bicycle. it's more just of the memorial to the to our lost brothers and sisters. they were going to stop it about nine stops along the tonight's ride. and this year san francisco city hall will be illuminated in a bright white light to honor those who were killed while baking in san francisco. in san
10:30 pm
jose. demolition has been completed at the building where last year's vita mass shooting took place. this is time lapse video showing the outside of that building being torn down. the transit agency said it made the decision so employees would never have to go back to that site. the shooting happened nearly one year ago. 10 people were killed, including the gunman. and a group of employees is constructing a special tribute to the victims. they say it's been a way for them to heal and show love as they recover from that shooting. ktvu s and ruben shows us the eternal flame they're building. it started with the flicker of an idea a way to honor the friends they lost one year ago. and now, after months of designing, welding and assembling what have to employees, called the eternal flame is finally taking shape. it's more of. their souls will live on through through the flame every time it's lit. every time you see it, it was
10:31 pm
something coworkers felt they needed with the anniversary of wta's mass shooting fast approaching on may 26th nine employees were killed. that day . 1/10 died by suicide in the weeks that followed the horrendous loss and this is just a tidbit of what we could do to try to comfort you know our fellow coworkers and the families of the victims to build the torch workers started with the propane heater, then gathered the details that would make it special. a bit of light rail overhead line bent into a ribbon. some railroad ties crossed to make a roman numeral 10. and the names of those who died carefully engraved. we had some real close friends. tragic day. which is hoping that justice once it's finished, the eternal flame will be moved to a private spot at the guadalupe yard and lit those who built it say the process has been healing. they hope their co workers feel that too. i just
10:32 pm
hope that they can. connect to it kind of like i'm doing right now. i don't want him to be sad, but just to remember the torch will be officially unveiled at wta's private memorial next week . they plan to use it to light the candles for the vigil. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. new information tonight about the death of a three year old san jose girl during what investigators say was an exorcism. the girl's uncle and grandfather were formally charged with felony child abuse leading to her death in september. the girl's mother has been in jail for months, also charged with the killing. the two men were ordered to remain in jail for at least another month. attorneys say they will consolidate their case with the mother's case. according to court documents. the girl was tortured by her family as they performed an exorcism like ceremony. all three are scheduled back in court on june 13th. and oakland community is
10:33 pm
in mourning tonight after a man and father was gunned down right in front of the restaurant, he co owned crime reporter henry lee tells us his 11 year old son witnessed that shooting. you see everything that happened. we see his dad. going down june and abba was shot in front of his 11 year old son outside the filipino restaurant he co owned in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, parent target and , um six shots and i come out and see him in the ground. you know, just screaming died at the hospital, whereas only child learned the news. he's a why somebody, my dad why he loved people. it happened outside the lucky 37 restaurant at fruit ville in brookdale, about 9 40 wednesday night. fellow restaurant owner jose ortiz, who helped a novel open the business, said his friend tried to reason with his attackers when the government put the gun
10:34 pm
on june. say, hey, take it easy. take it easy, and they sat him and then he ran away and hide in the garbage skin. oakland police are investigating whether the shooting had to do with the victim buying a truck for a relative only to learn that it was stolen. the restaurant owner may have been trying to get his $15,000 back. a party this month was celebrated the father turning 40 and his son graduating from fifth grade. here's a lot about his family. he made sure everyone was good even if he wasn't keep it a lot of people first on thursday, a steady stream of well wishers, leaving flowers and notes of condolence novel will always be with them not going. because you're here, he legacy what people in this community is all we're going to be alive his filipino dishes from lumpy, a two chicken adobo relatively rare in the predominantly latino fruitvale neighborhood. he's vision was to bring some filipino culture. that don't was
10:35 pm
nowhere to be found. city council member noel gayo also helped get the restaurant off the ground, you know? not only were they committed to their family they were committed to the neighborhood of the culture . oakland police are asking for the public's help to help bring justice for the victims, son and the community. in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of san francisco, where police shot a suspect tonight a live report from the scene at 11. and we are tracking the weekend forecast as well as that wind advisory for parts of the bay area. i'll be back here with the full forecast. we want to be as fast as we need to be. it's never soon enough to have food for crying baby addressing the baby formula shortage after the break the tough questions the fda commissioner faced on capitol hill.
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hout rental competition remained relentless. last month as the u. s median rental price hit a new high realtor dot com says the average rental price in the nation is $1827 in the san francisco bay area. that media number is much higher at $3000 a month. that's an 11% increase from april of last year. realtor .com says the rent surge is continuing due to a lack of available rentals and higher foresail. housing costs. bill meant to guard against price gouging by oil companies is moving through congress, but it's not likely to make it to the president's desk. the house of representatives approved the bill, mostly on party lines. it is backed by democrats and would give the president the authority to make it unlawful to increase gasoline prices in an excessive manner or one of exploitation.
10:39 pm
supporters say that oil companies have seen record profits as prices rise. the industry says high prices are a matter of supply and demand. the bill faces a heated debate in the divided senate. stock futures suggest investors may see a bit of a turnaround on wall street tomorrow. today the dow last 236 points. the nasdaq was down 29, the s and p. 500 gave up 22 points. the s and p is now down nearly 19% from its latest record that happened earlier this year. 20% drop is considered a bear market. the fda commissioner was on capitol hill today. facing questions from congress on the shortage of baby formula. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle questioned fda chief robert calif. they say they are frustrated. the fda failed to probe a whistleblower complaint about improper procedures at an abbott lab in michigan last fall. the plant closed in february leading to the shortage, lawmakers asked when parents can expect more formula on store shelves. push it again to see improvement
10:40 pm
within days that within a matter of days, they'll be able to find formula on the shelves within days, it will get better. but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal shortage was caused in large part by the lack of action by the fda, and by corporate greed and consolidation. his house last night passed a bill to spend $28 million in emergency funding for the fda. but most republicans opposed the bill, with many saying they don't want to give the fda more money. president biden has invoked the defense production act to boost baby formula production. still to come tonight. fire victims may be delayed in rebuilding their homes and community. our daughter. that's 14 may not have a home until she's 18. after the break why the cal door fire survivors were denied fema assistance in the push to change that decision and take a look at tonight's stunning sunset
10:41 pm
looking out toward marin county in the sleeping lady mount mlps chief meteorologist bill martin back after the break with what we can expect in our five day forecast. for state controller,
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when that fire destroyed hundreds of homes and burned 220,000 acres, even threatening the city of south lake tahoe. nine months later, those who survived they're frustrated and upset and as ktvu greg lee reports, residents and lawmakers are now asking president biden to help reinstate that federal funding. the philosophy of the citizens in this area of south county. is that were the forgotten ones in this eldorado county produced video counter fire survivors described losing everything. and the painful process of trying to rebuild the 15th largest wildfire and state history burned more than 200,000 acres from october to august. last year, flames leveled most of the town of grizzly flats. if we had fema assistance, i mean, we would be able to at least start to rebuild them a home to have somewhere to live. otherwise our daughter that's 14 may not have a home until she's 18 nearly six minute video plea to president biden and fema to overturn a decision to deny the
10:45 pm
state's request to provide financial assistance to individuals. fema did approve newsom's requests for money for local and state government, but not for these grizzly flats. residents trying to rebuild it doesn't matter what party you're from. people that need help need help, and it's not right that other fire impacted areas that had less damage than us in this state were taken care of. but yet we're not. president biden actually visited the state to survey the damage in september. famous denial has prompted bipartisan outrage. we're going to take care of them, and there's a lot we can do. those were the president's words spoken to these families in september. i appeal to the president to use his authority to keep his promise to the victims of the called or fire. fema spokesperson sent us this based on documentation provided by the state and collected in our joint preliminary damage assessments. the agency
10:46 pm
determined that the impact individuals and households from the corridor fire was not of such severity and magnitude. to warrant the designation of the individual assistance program. 40% of those people out there had no insurance or were underinsured and there was a lot of veterans, too. we need to help them any way we can. in response to the denial, california senator alex padilla has introduced a bill to reform federal wildfire disaster response. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news and for more on why the assistance was denied. we did speak with former fema coordinator mark novo, and he says fema considers several factors. one of the criteria that fema uses is to ask the state do you have the resources to be able to recover from this and they're going to take a look at the budget and see that there's a budget surplus and california of $98 billion, so fema and the federal government presidents position is california you have adequate
10:47 pm
reason adequate resources. to help these folks. so far, fema has distributed about $100 million for other parts of the calendar or fire recovery effort . desperate rescue operation in southern california where dozens of brown pelicans are turning up sick, starving and acting strangely. the international bird rescue center in los angeles county says it's been suddenly inundated with brown pelicans in need of critical care. veterinarians say the birds aren't able to access their food supply and climate change is to blame. they say when food is difficult to find. the birds start to take more risks and that is contributing to the problem. there's been an increase in the number of pelicans getting struck by cars. take a look at the temperatures from today was cooler. as you know, it was upper nineties. yesterday in fairfield today was 90 89 in antioch down about four degrees from yesterday, so temperatures cooled slightly. we did have some wind along the coast. the winds are now
10:48 pm
shifting, so they're beginning to come down the valley, and that's why we have that red flag warning and the wind advisory for the east bay hills. north bay hills, the valleys the east and the north bay and then that red flag warning grabs. solano county that's pretty fairfield, vacaville. for us outside, it's beautiful. no fog to speak of the winston fox had a tough time forming. just because it was so windy along the coast for the last three or four days. we've had gale warnings right off the coast, so the winds are making it tough for the fog to set up and stay put. so it's going to be that way. next couple of days is the winds go offshore and keep the fog away. there's the high pressure, the low pressure gets close to it in the basin or in the great basin as it comes over the top. you've seen this all week all month last two months, and we get the gusty winds that's happening right now. especially right down the valley. right? so the red flag warning is in the central valley. mainly the wind tomorrow . this is the forecast for tomorrow morning and this purple areas where i want you to see that's the wind field, right?
10:49 pm
that's the wind footprint if you will, for the heaviest winds tomorrow between about five a.m. and nine a.m. and you can see it is just east of our area was still have some breezy conditions. it's certainly in the hills, but the real the real red flag warning stuff is just over the hill kind of winters into woodland. into davis wednesday down pretty quick tomorrow after our, uh tomorrow afternoon and then into saturday , the coastal winds will come back a little bit. in the meantime, you got winds right now. 32 miles an hour up in novato. sfo still blowing. it's pretty windy down there. the winds haven't quite flopped around yet you see sfo sustained at 25 miles an hour. the winds are still slightly onshore, but they'll start coming out of the north sometime around midnight, and that's when they'll accelerate. through the central valley, and that's where the red flag warning is coming from. that's the reasoning behind it. 11 degrees warmer in nevada and in santa rosa than it was last night, oakland beautiful night. like i said, no fog out there now and plenty of sunshine
10:50 pm
tomorrow forecast highs will be in the seventies and eighties. i don't think we'll see any nineties. but the yellows are seventies and eighties and then you'll find some nineties if you go open the central valley but for the most part of slightly cooler day today that we had yesterday or today slightly could die tomorrow than we had today. pardon me and then as we go into san francisco tomorrow, daytime high in the city ends up at 72 degrees, so warm day there these winds as they go north that's sort of an offshore flow side shore offshore, but that's a warming directions. coastal sections tomorrow will be not bad mid sixties, probably from much of the coast without fog. breezy conditions will be bumpy out in the water if you're fishing or whatever. what have you but the conditions will be kind of warm because the fog is not an issue. so there's the five day forecast will be back here at 11. it will update the forecast. all right, we'll see you then. bill thank you. san jose's japantown is getting a new and long awaited park. construction is now underway following a groundbreaking ceremony at highland ville park
10:51 pm
. when completed, it will be three quarters of an acre and will include public art shaded seating at children's playground and exercise equipment. it will also have features highlighting the history of that area. highland bill park was named in honor of san jose resident john highland, a german immigrant farmer and businessman. in 18 87 highland set aside part of his land to help house chinese american immigrants seeking refuge. that area later became japantown and a lively neighborhood where japanese americans have built homes and businesses. one thing that the community always needs is more open space. we're so thankful that we can provide that, especially in a downtown corridor like this, and one of this size, so we appreciate that. coming to fruition. this park has been 20 years in the making, and it's expected to open in three more years. coming up tiger woods comes out swinging at the pga championship birdies his first hole, but then
10:52 pm
a few holes later. his round takes a turn what he was struggling with up next in sports on the 11 o'clock news, san francisco firefighter arrested and charged details on the accusations he's assaulted a coworker.
10:53 pm
it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi-
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gooe day off for the warriors and the mavs before they get right back at it. tomorrow night in game two of the western conference final six p.m. tip off at chase center, the warriors nice and loose. at practice today. coming off that 25 point win in game one, i would have to say jonathan commingle and want to kinda anderson. we're doing some mugging for our camera, jordan's pool putting in the work at the free throw line. he had 19 off the bench last night. auto
10:55 pm
porter jr was another of the seven warriors to score and double figures it was almost too easy. but game two figures to be a whole lot more physical. hopefully not as bad as game two, was in memphis last round with dillon brooks delivering that cheap shot on gary payton, the second and draymond green taking an elbow to the face, which required stitches. the warriors are expecting dirty play, but they are expecting things to ramp up quite a bit. i mean, anytime you beat the team in the playoffs, that's always going to be the number one. adjustment is just raising the level of physicality. so yeah, we expected at some point in the series, you know? and it's always been this way for me as a as a player or coach. it's just after a couple of games. it just starts to get testy because both both sides wanted so badly and nothing personal. it's just competition. so shortly after
10:56 pm
the warriors practice, it was the mavs turned to go through their paces at chase dallas is a six point underdog in game two, and if they keep missing their shots, they're going to lose by a whole lot more than that. dallas set a franchise playoff record with 19 3 point attempts in the first quarter alone. they only hit three of those. they ended up 11 for 48 beyond the arc. that's just 23% and the mavs loan superstar luca dodges. he had more turnovers than field goals. here's head coach jason kidd. if you're not going to make shots against the warriors are opponent. it's going to be a long, long night so defense can only hold up for so long if you're not making shots. and last night we just didn't make shots. and kind of hard to figure out these nba playoffs where teams get blown out one night and then blow out their opponent, the next jimmy butler in the heat coming off a big win
10:57 pm
in game one, but the celtics did get marcus smart and al horford back after they both missed the opener. second quarter tyler hero the mist. peyton prichard grabs the long rebound flips it ahead. jason tatum throws down the hammer. tatum had 27 celtics up by 25 at the half and then look at this move. yeah yeah. smart with the jab step that puts max strauss on his keister . and then he calmly drops the jumper. the benches going nuts smart with 24 points. 12 assists , nine rebounds. boston cruises 1 27 to 102 to even up that series at a game apiece. game three on saturday. the giant. today's both got the day off. the a's are in anaheim tomorrow night, while the giants host the padres and our spotlight performance of the night. that would be none other than red sox star trevor story with not one, not two. but three home runs tonight against the mariners
10:58 pm
story went four for four on the night with seven r b i s five runs scored. he also stole a base to become the 1st 2nd basement in major league history with three homers and a stolen base in the same game, the red sox cruise to a 12 to 6 win. tiger woods got off to a great start at the pga championship, but then things kind of fell apart for him. tigers first tournament since the masters seven weeks ago, as he focuses really only on the majors would started on the back nine. he birdied two of his first five holes, getting this one to drop on 14. so he's at two under par, but then trouble out of the sand on number eight. just missed it . hit it too hard. the ball flies past the hole and rolls all the way to the edge of the green. woods bogeyed seven of his final 13 holes to limp in four over par. 74 today's leader was in tiger's group. it was rory mcilroy, and he capped off a really great round with his
10:59 pm
seventh birdie on the day. mcilroy sits all alone at five under par, but back to tiger who said his surgically repaired leg gave him all sorts of problems. loading hurt, pressing off. it hurts and walking hurts twisting arts. so such as cough. i don't play that. if i don't do that, then i'm all right. we have a baseball hitting dog to show you check this out. down against felipe aguilar. dangerous right handed batter. here's the pitch . i mean, this dog has great, i guess it's bat speed. great coordination to normally it's hand. i would be mouth coordination. and that's a solid base hit guys. solid. yeah, he's striking it right up the middle to yeah. you see it right over
11:00 pm
the place them game he like, doesn't want to quit. exactly so that was a lot of sports, but i've got even more coming up in about 25 minutes. alright jason. thank thank you. next at 11. we have breaking news tonight out of san francisco, where police have been involved in a shooting in the cities. dogpatch neighborhood. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. authorities say officers opened fire after responding to an assault and one person is dead and another wounded. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. we did get video from the scene at mariposa and owens just off to 80 in the last hour here, this is again in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. the police department did give us an update just a few minutes ago from the scene, they said that they responded to an aggravated assault shortly before eight o'clock involving two men. upon arrival on the scene, officers contacted two males in the area. du


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