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issued for parts of the north bay were a fast moving wildfire broke out yesterday, prompting evacuations and college graduates entering a hot job market what experts are saying about how many employers are hiring? this is ktvu fox. two news at six and good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie haener. a red flag warning has been issued for most of solano county beginning tomorrow and lasting through tuesday. the national weather service says breezy dry conditions will increase fire risk. brackettville is the one of the area is one of the areas of concern and that's where firefighters are still mopping up wildfire that prompted mandatory evacuation orders just yesterday for nearby residents.
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as ktvu tom vacar reports, the fire had the potential to explode right into a firestorm. this area has been burned in a long time. but it surely dodged a bullet. a bullet inadvertently launched when a person committed a huge taboo mowing the lawn in the afternoon heat and wind foolishness. this fire. didn't have to start. people have to use their heads. i saw them cutting it, but i went on over to my place. and i didn't see it ignite fire, which started mid afternoon yesterday, burned 150 acres and forced evacuations. helicopters and other aircraft were called in giving the ground crews a big assist in battling the windswept fire by 7 15. last night. it was 45% contained in the evacuation order was reduced. two and evacuation warning. by this morning it was in the final cleanup stages. these firefighters did a
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terrific job. they did it terrific job. and they put it out. the huge advantage here was that cal fire's mean firefighting air force base mcclelland field in sacramento is no more than 50 air miles from the quail. fire site from here. almost any size or speed of aircraft can be dispatched for a very quick trip to close by locations or within any of the many fire attack bases throughout the state. cal fire can also choose from hundreds of live screaming cameras to see how to prioritize airstrikes and crew dispatches for maximum effect within their capabilities. we can be up to 20 to 25 aircraft flying in and out of here. fire says that most air tankers strikes and #### attack strikes limit 95% of potential wildfires to 10 acres or less, so you never hear about him. so given the winds and all of the bad conditions yesterday, holding this to 150 was also
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amazing. tom baker, ktvu fox two news the qualifier is just one of a number of wildfires burning across the state. the largest is the edmonston fire in kern county, cal fire says it has burned nearly 700 acres since it started on thursday. it is now 62% contained fire crews managed to keep the flames away from homes and other buildings, and there are no reports of any injuries. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. firefighters in yuba county are still putting out hot spots from the golden fire. it started friday, just south of the small town of camped annville. it is now fully contained after burning about 20 acres. no homes were lost or damaged and stay with ktvu for updates on these fires burning across the state. you can get updates anytime on our news app. it is free to download from your app store person who had been missing for five days was rescued from a beach in san mateo county north county fire authority was called out thornton state beach in daly city, just after 3 30 this
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afternoon. fire officials say the person was discovered by a group of people who happen to be walking along the trails in that area and then called 911 individual was transported to the hospital for treatment. no word yet on their condition. now to some developing news out of san francisco were to pedestrians have been hit and killed by a vehicle. it happened about an hour ago at third and mission streets. police are asking people to avoid this area , a city official on the scene tells ktvu third victim was injured and taken to the hospital. we know at least one taxi was involved in the collision. we're working to get more information on this developing story, and we'll bring you updates tonight at 10 and 11. gas prices have jumped 33 cents over the past couple of weeks. the average price for a gallon of gas in the united states is now $4.71. that's $1 in 61, cents higher than it was just a year ago. industry analysts with the lundberg survey attribute the price job too tight gasoline supplies in the higher cost of crude oil.
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the san francisco bay area has the highest average price per gallon at $6.20, the lowest averages in tulsa, oklahoma, at $3.92 a gallon. it is graduation season, and for those stepping into the labor force, it is prime time to find a new job. but those jobseekers may not want to wait too long. ktvu greg liggins talked to unemployment expert and some new graduates. he's live there in the newsroom with more on the outlook. for the near future here, greg mike mibach jewess of saint mary's in morocco getting their master's degrees and we found a few who are just beginning their search for a new job caps fly high. so does the confidence of many new st mary's graduates. that with their newly earned master's degrees, they'll be able to land a solid new job like eight or nine, mostly because i have two job interviews lined up on the third round from a job interview tomorrow. actually experts say the timing for new graduates is excellent. but that doesn't mean getting a job will be easy.
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people say that this is like the perfect time to look for a job. but it kind of is hard because everyone is looking for a job now and especially in social media, which is what i want to do. michael bernick, attorney for duane morris and former director of caliph formulas. employment development department says california's labor market is the best he's seen in 40 years with nearly 1.3 million new openings. these aren't just one occupation or one sector, but they're cross occupation across sectors across geography. so this is really the best time to look for a job. but as rosy as the economy, maybe thorns are starting to show california's unemployment claims have ticked up slightly in recent weeks, and with inflation still running over 8% the fed is raising rates to slow the economy. certainly the inflation rate, um is very concerning since we don't have it under control. nationally and, um,
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it's impact on employment graduate says she sees a potential downturn on the horizon but isn't concerned yet . i would be nervous if at that time like when things are on the decline. if i don't have something secure, then i would definitely panic. more. but i'm trying to think that too far ahead. it's impossible to predict precisely win the hot job market will cool and reverse , but it will happen eventually . so bernick offers this advice to new graduates. don't miss the opportunity get moving into the labor market, and, um, don't wait. because there's a lot of indication that the economy is going to slow down, and when it does, it's going to be much more difficult to get in. bernick says there haven't been any major layoffs announced here in the bay area recently, but the tech industry is beginning to show some cracks. greg liggins ktvu fox two news to the class of 2022. all right, greg, thank you. the port of oakland has
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seen a drop in cargo operations since last year, port officials reported a decline in total cargo volume of 7% through april compared to the same period a year ago. last month alone, imports declined 17% while exports dropped 18% the drop is being attributed to covid crackdowns in china, where factory imports have shut down to slow the spread of the virus . but officials say that delays will affect retailers and tell shipping schedules normalize. oakland police investigating what they're calling an unexplained death. they say a man's body was discovered nine o'clock friday night inside a vehicle that had caught fire lebanon high street right near brookdale avenue. the victim has not yet been identified. a 28 year old man was shot and killed while sitting in the driver's seat of his car in santa rosa. early this morning. the shooting happened at 1 30 on kenton court . police said the victim was in a vehicle with friends when another vehicle drove up. and an occupant and that car struck or hit the man. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. $2500 is being offered up for
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any information that leads to an arrest in the case. cargo air force cargo plane filled with almost 40 tons of baby formula from overseas landed in indiana. today it is the bite administration's latest effort to address the ongoing shortage. that has many parents across the country. worried fox news, lucas tomlinson has more now from washington, d. c. the first% shipments arriving sunday in indiana from operation fly formula part of the white house's plan to address the dwindling supply of baby formula across the country. last week, the president vote the cold war era law to get the military involved in addressing the crisis. agricultural secretary tom vilsack was on hand as 39 tons of specialty formula brought in from overseas were offloaded from an air force c 17 cargo plane. it's enough to fill half a million bottles for hungry newborns. it would take approximately two weeks for the normal commercial process to work. as a result of the united
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states military's involvement. we're going to get this here in a matter of days. and a matter of days means a lot to the moms and dads who are worried the current shortage brought on after the nation's largest formula manufacturing plant was forced to shut down in february , citing safety concerns. it's set to be back up and running this week, but it could take up to two months for that product to hit the store shelves. just three companies produce around 90% of all formula in the united states. the president's chief economic advisor says that's a problem. we need more competition in this market. we need more companies providing their services, and we need to make sure that we never put ourselves in a situation where private sector supply chains can create such risk for american families. congress is scheduled to hold hearings on the crisis this week. in washington. lucas tomlinson, fox news. it has been one week since the gunman opened fire inside an orange county church coming up how that
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traumatic event is taking a toll on the congregation and new york is investigating a possible case of monkeypox still ahead tonight how president biden is reacting to the potential threat from that virus? temperatures back on the warm up this week. we have some fire danger to talk about, and some heat advisories in the central valley. see you back here
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anow york city subway train this morning. no one else was hurt. the 48 year old victim died a short time later at the hospital . police say the shooting appeared to be a random attack. it occurred while the victim was seated in the last car of the train heading from brooklyn into manhattan. the shooter fled after the train arrived at the canal street station in manhattan. police were reviewing security video to try to identify the shooter. recent subway crime is many new yorkers on edge. a man opened fire inside of brooklyn subway train last month, wounding 10 people. it has been a week since a gunman opened fire at a church in orange county, killing a doctor. and injuring five others . today, the parishioners at the geneva presbyterian church gathered for the first time since the mass shooting reporter travis rice has the story of their return. a week later, a lot more people know about the geneva presbyterian church and the taiwanese congregation that
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uses it, mostly elderly members keep to themselves, but it's a day that has to be addressed. there is a sense of sorrow, sadness. a few of them have expressed anxiety. very nervous right now. peggy parents are long time members. belinda city council representatives says everyone has questions just because of the level of anxiety . we are dealing with an much more elderly population here, so quite nervous. no cameras allowed inside the service today, but today's sermon was about how love can conquer hate, and also how dr john chang exemplified the christian traditions outfront, a memorial to the victims and the hero doctor who sacrificed himself to stop the gunman from taking more lives grows. it's a passing reminder that something awful happened, but they were good people here to stop it. we condemn such violence. and i think our our work has always been to build a democracy where um people can express differences through peaceful
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ways. taiwanese ambassador h e b kim xiao flying in from dc bring condolences and concern from many people in taiwan, including our president, tragedy, motivated by political hate for the taiwanese at large. the gunman now awaiting trial, but those he attacked a week ago keeping their faith in a larger plan. today we also learned that dr john chang's funeral will be this friday in aliso viejo reporting in laguna woods. travis rice, fox 11 news. new york health officials are investigating a potential case of monkeypox this after a patient tested positive for the family of viruses associated with the rare illness. the unidentified patient is isolating and treating the case as positive while awaiting confirmation by the cdc. city epidemiologists have also begun to reaching people who may have been in contact with that person . the possible infection in your comes as the world world health organization has identified
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about 80 cases globally and about 50 more suspected cases. working on it hard. figure out what we do. and what. back seat of any may be available for it. but it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread this consequential health officials in massachusetts confirmed its first case of monkeypox last week. the virus, which is rarely seen outside of africa, can cause flu like symptoms. afghanistan the taliban started in 14, a requirement that all female television news anchors must wear face coverings. while reporting on air. this order had been announced last week, but only a few tv stations followed the order. however by today, nearly all the female anchors began covering their faces. the face covering order does apply to all women. the world economic forum is getting underway in davos, switzerland, and for the first time in two years it will be held in person. this is video here from the last world economic forum in january of 2020. the event typically draws
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the world's top leaders in politics, business and media this year more than 2500 are expected to attend. among those headlining the farm is ukrainian president vladimir zelensky, who will be addressing the summit virtually from keith. facebook's parent company. meta has reiterated its policy that discussing abortion at work is not allowed, the company's vice president of human resources, told employees that discussing abortion on the company's internal platform workplace is off limits. she says the ban is due to an increased risk that such discussions would create a hostile work environment. many employees opposed the company's policy, which does not allow workers to talk respectfully about issues such as black lives matter and immigration. in san francisco, people gathered in the castro to celebrate what would have been harvey milk's 92nd birthday. local politicians along with friends and colleagues of the late san francisco supervisor attended today's celebration. milk was 48
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years old when he was assassinated in 1978 1 year after becoming the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in california. in 1973 when harvey milk ran for supervisor in this district, homosexuality was considered a mental illness by the american psychological association. there are so many traditions and activism that we talked about standing on the shoulders of giants in our community. let's never forget how brave those giants work. friends of harvey milk plaza also offered virtual tours of the redesigned plaza created in his honor. house speaker nancy pelosi released this statement on harvey milk day reading in part standing against hateful oppression. harvey often spoke about the importance of hope for a better world hope for a better tomorrow in honoring his remarkable legacy. let us recommit to preserving that hope for a new generation, rooting out bigotry and finally living up to the
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full promise of american democracy. the broadway plaza shopping center in walnut creek is gone to the dogs. this is what it looked like this afternoon at the animals on broadway fundraising event for tony larussa says animal rescue foundation or arf. the event was hosted by our own, roberta gonzalez says the money raised will go towards the shelters, lifesaving programs now to our weather and a live look outside at mount diablo, where it reached into the eighties. today bill we have more warm weather heading our way, along with the increased fire risk. red flag warning will go into effect for most of solano county with breezy, dry conditions. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin here now with a look at the dry conditions outside bill, definitely a beautiful weekend temperatures on the mild to warm side. we got back into the upper eighties, some some low nineties and places behind me a live camera shot out by the delta. talk about these windmills has been a bumper year for wind power, right? you know, big these are 300 ft. tall just the base on these things that they're they're really
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deceptively big bass or the deck on the golden gate bridge is 220 ft. so the hub on these windmills is coming in at 300 ft . so these are really big windows are hot. they're really going with the wind winds are coming up again. tomorrow there will be a wind shift. that's where the red flag warning comes from. these were the highs from today. the nineties and the antitoxin fairfield. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer and then a little bit warmer. still as we head into tuesday, this high pressure is going to keep us dry, obviously, and we're going to stay warm and the concerns for fire. well, get used to it because i think every time it looks like it's going to get windy, or it looks like it's going to get kind of warm or hot. i think they're pulling the trigger on these red flag warnings as we've seen, so here comes another red flag warning. this goes into effect tomorrow morning, and it stays in effect through tomorrow tuesday afternoon, and it's the kids. same kind of deal. it's mainly a central valley event. i'm not too concerned about the bay area properties are going to be northerly winds coming down through the central valley very much like we just saw last week, but it does pick up our friends
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in fairfield and held by travis and vacaville. so just be aware of that tomorrow. the winds really don't kick up. i'll show you the wind bottle here in a minute. we don't really kick up until tuesday afternoon, and that's when they'd be their strongest. it looks like kind of a low grade event. but it's going to be warm, especially south, where there's a heat advisory. this system. what's it doing? nothing for us. but it's bringing that low pressure gradient in which is setting up the laser. i'm going to go close to us these lows. keep tweaking through close like that, and we get the wind. here is the red flag warning. just look at contours. here we are tomorrow at 11 a.m. when that thing goes into effect, this is the area of concern. watch what happens on tuesday. watch the contours purple in there. so this area because of the finally because of the northerly when that's what the red flag warning is about. there is a heat advisory south of sacramento that goes into effect wednesday. um and it's going to be i mean, it's gonna be hot temperatures will see some record temperatures down towards hanford and fresno . the winds right now for us 17 miles now we're not anticipating records. we're gonna get warm this week, you'll see in the five day 37 mile an hour gusts
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at sfo, but it has just been windy has been one of the windiest. springs i can remember. absolutely it's we're springs. all of these wind breezy, but we've had it's been a click or two faster wind speed, especially route at the beaches and the coast. gale warnings the whole bit. these are the current temperatures. 82 fairfield 83 conquered those numbers about where they were yesterday at this time, very similar. so here's tomorrow. and you see some reds bleeding a little bit low nineties. some yellows. those are the seventies and then the greens are sixties little fog, but it's tough to format the coast so windy. these are the forecast highs from also slightly warmer than warmest day of the week appears to want to be on tuesday and into wednesday, especially south of here, the red flag warning goes into effect. tomorrow morning, but it's really mostly about tuesday afternoon. so just keep that in mind. here's the five day forecast. tuesday's your highest temperature day of the week. fire danger will be elevated, and like i said, when it gets hot when we get in the upper knives, 180 buff puff away in any low humidity event is
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they're going to pull the trigger on red flag warnings and, understandably so because we need to be aware it's been drought situation. things are dry. so get used to it. that's how it's going to go this summer. this week. looks good pretty hot on tuesday. all right, bill. thank you. coming up after the break, the pga championship tournament takes a dramatic turn on the 18th hole. joe fonzi is here with the high i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin
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interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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and g tonight in sports leading a major golf tournament after three rounds and closing it out, or two very different things. chile's mito pereira had a three stroke lead entering today's final round of the p g, a perfect day for this at southern hills and tulsa, oklahoma. justin thomas started the day seven strokes behind pereira. burning number 12 on the way to a 300 par round of 67 pereira was still in front by a stroke when he came to the t on the final hole of the day. that ball will end up in the water. pereira took a double bogey on the whole on the way to a 75 that left him out of contention. get this couldn't thomas ended up tied with san francisco native wills allen torres at the end of regulation pga. that means three whole playoffs. both
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players birdied the first hole. then thomas drove the green on the par 4/17. he two putted from there for a birdie, and thomas then won it with the par on the third playoff hole. he ties the record from coming back from the biggest deficit after three rounds to win the p g. a. it's the second major title for thomas, having also won the p g a five years ago. a jet flyover on military day at oracle park in san francisco. that was the highlight of the day as far as the giants were concerned. padres got it going in the first inning against alex would will myers with the two out single to score manny machado machado had doubled earlier in the inning. now it's three in the fourth. it's about to be five. nothing machado with the line drive to left that darren rough can't handle two runners come home, including jake cronin worth who households all the way around from first scored as a double from machado and the route was on. still the fourth and myers drills, his shot down the left field line that bounces into the
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stands for a ground will double and scored two more. it's a five run inning in san diego goes on to win 10 to 1 in a route the padres sweep the three game weekend series. and it is must see baseball when the angels shohei otani comes to the plate started with the first batter in the bottom of the first today against the ice cold. urban knows where this picture will end up as it comes off his bat. the angels quickly in front on our thani's ninth homer of the season, you have put on a cowboy hat. the angels also have a pretty well on guy by the name of mike trout. trout crushes it. justin grimm pitch in the seventh for his 12th homer of the year. the aids manages four hits against three pictures as they go down 4 to 1, and there is a basketball game going on right now. there is a 10 o'clock . yeah, where's not digging a hole for themselves in this one, game three in dallas, the two nothing lead, so they could really take a command of this thing if they can win tonight in game three of people nervous on that last game, they pulled that one out. you don't want to come have to come from 19 down every
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time so they are not doing that so far tonight, pacing at our house friday night. lot of good in the end the alright reporting on it later tonight, joe. thank you for watching everyone will you for watching everyone will see you at 10. why do i always have to carry the heavy stuff? well, it's very simple. in our ragtag band of scientists with nothing to lose, i'm the smart one, wolowitz is the funny one, and koothrappali is the lovable foreigner who struggles to understand our ways and fails. that leaves you, by default, as the muscle. oh. one more floor, and i'd be the pulled muscle. oh, it's about time. i'm starving. um, well, we didn't actually get chinese food. why not? don't panic. this is better. oh, no. you didn't trade the food for magic beans, did you? of course not. and technically, magic beans would be food. although eating them would be quite a waste, since you could plant them, and overnight, have a giant beanstalk,
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which would provide enough roughage for a small city.


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