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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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shot just before going on that deadly rampage, the latest from the scene and the shouting match that erupted during this morning's briefing on the investigation. plus. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. we can't sit here and just read about it and go well till the moment of silence. yeah, go dubs frustration and agri. you see right there from warriors head coach steve kerr following that shooting. what he is demanding from lawmakers now instead of thoughts and prayers , and the fda commissioner testifies about what inspectors found at a shuttered baby formula plant at the center of the current shortage. what he says conditions inside the factory were unlike any he'd seen before. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and we're also following some breaking news in oakland, where hoover elementary school was put on lockdown as police searched for a man with a
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gun will take you live to that scene in a moment. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian, but we'll start with texas right now. within the last hour or so we learned some new details about the shooting. investigators say the gunman warned on social media that he was going to shoot up the school authorities also said he bought two rifles just after he turned 18, which they say was just days before the attack. this morning , we learned all of those killed were inside the same fourth grade classroom. texas's governor explained what happened after the gunman shot his own grandmother, and she was able to call police. the gunmen fled and as he was playing had an accident just outside of the elementary school, and he ran into the school. officers with the. consolidated independent school district. they approached the gunman and engaged with the government at that time. the gunman then entered a backdoor in went down to short hallways and then into a classroom. medlen rivera joins us now live outside vivaldi, texas
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investigators are going through all of these social media posts by the gunman to try and reach anyone or anyone who knew him and figure out why he carried out this attack. madeleine tell us about. andre police are still looking into the motive for this attack. but one thing governor greg abbott says is this was a mental health issue. he did not bring up gun control legislation , something that democrats have been calling for. in the wake of this shooting those comments appearing to spark fireworks in the news conference, but rourke , a former congressman, who is now running for governor. criticized abbott, who then criticized the work, he says for politicizing the issue. as investigation ramps up. we're learning more about the tragic mass shooting at rob elementary in texas, open the door and i see cops and i hear like two gunshots, officials say once the 18 year old gunman entered the school, he barricaded himself inside 1/4 grade classroom shooting anyone in his way. as of this time, the only
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information that was known in advance. was posted by the government on facebook. approximately 30 minutes. before reaching the school. it only took about three minutes for first responders to get on scene. they were immediately met with gunfire and had to find a way to get those inside to safety, breaking windows trying to evacuate children out of those windows, teachers as well . eventually investigators say the shooter was killed by a border patrol agent, but not before leaving carnage in the classroom. 10 year old fourth grader xavier lopez, an eight year old use a garcia are just some of the young victims. fourth grade teacher eva morales also died in the shooting with just days left in the school year. families now planning funerals instead of summer vacations as they mourn the loss of loved ones in the second deadliest school shooting in u. s history, loved one, but been used as young that's a whole nother level. yeah and
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one of the 19 children were who were killed was the daughter of a deputy sheriff 17. people are still recovering. their injuries are nonlife threatening, andre. still so many unanswered questions in this case meddling rivera reporting for us live near the scene of the tragic school shooting. madeline thank you. in addition to lawmakers, a number of high profile americans are speaking out about gun violence. warriors head coach steve kerr is among them. he said he didn't want to talk about basketball before last night's game in dallas. instead, he railed against politicians who are against passing stricter gun control. and in the last 10 days we've had elderly black people killed in a supermarket in buffalo. we've had asian churchgoers killed. in southern california, and now we have. children murdered at school. i'm tired of the moment of silence enough. there's 50 senators.
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right now, who refused to vote on hr eight, which is a background check rule that the house passed a couple of years ago. it's been sitting there for two years. i want every person here, every person listening to this to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister brother. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. we can't sit here and just read about it and go. well, tell the moment of silence. yeah, go dubs. coach kerr has been a leading voice for gun control for years. it's a personal issue for him. his father was assassinated in 1984 when he was a university professor in beirut, lebanon, and earlier on mornings onto the nine we spoke to dr halik leader charles, psychologist at stanford children's health, she told us it's important to allow children to express their feelings, ask questions about the school shooting and the other recent mass shootings across the country. parents and adults in general can help children because children have a harder time they still don't
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have their coping capacity as developed right so they don't know how to filter the information like we do, and that's where adults can come in, right and helping children understand and facilitate and not necessarily needing to expose them to everything. doctor cleaner also says people should develop better coping skills to better be prepared when a crisis like mess shootings happened in washington , d c. today, california senator dianne feinstein once again called on the senate to raise the minimum wage to purchase assault, weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. senator feinstein asking the senate to immediately move to consider her age 21 act. it's a bill to raise the minimum age to purchase assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines from 18 to 21. senator feinstein pointed out that two mass shootings over the past 10 days were carried out by 18 year old in all those shootings left 31 people dead assault rifles used in the shootings were legally purchased by the
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teenagers of aldi has prompted renewed discussions about security and gun control. ktvu sle respites reports on the efforts by school communities. to help kids and their parents feel safe. parents dropped off their kids at alamo elementary this morning. under the flags at half staff to mark the tragedy that happened yesterday. also present on campus this morning. contra costa county sheriff's deputy in a tweet last night, the sheriff let families know that there are no specific threats, but they do plan to have officers on patrol at school sites throughout the county today. luckily we have the police department here to overlook our kids and keep us safe and but, yeah, i mean, it's very scary for sure how sad is the world? america i'm just happy that i mean, we're in a good community, i guess. hopefully but you just never know what and where is going to happen. shock devastation. i don't understand why this keeps happening. and it's terrifying to drop kids off at school parents expressed their frustration and anger. it's unfathomable that in our nation
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, we continue to have this. i think it's i mean, it's on the legislators to do this, we can raise awareness. we can scream at the top of our lungs, but they continue to sit around and do nothing shocking to me that we have the way our country is how affluent we are. we're the only country in the world that basically has this kind of issues, an issue that many parents confess the struggled to discuss with their kids reassure them that they're safe anxiety is a fear of the unknown. patel is a child psychologist, she says. it is important to talk with your kids. about traumatic events as young as three. there needs to be some type of dialogue. why our children go to school? we want them to feel safe. we don't want to assume. that they don't know anything that's going on and reassure your children that their loved and there is no question that can't be asked. i think that's important to also because they're processing trying to
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understand what took place in their own repertoire and their own mental scheme. this district , central valley unified and many other districts across the bay area also sent notes out to families last night. explaining some of the counseling services they would have available in the days ahead. in alamo. ali rasmus ktvu. box two news and stay with ktvu throughout this afternoon. as we learn more about the investigation, you can also say up to date online at ktvu dot com. breaking news we're following in west oakland gunfire led to the lockdown of a nearby school. this happened just one day after the school shooting in texas will turn to ktvu crime reporter henry lee or live at the scene. to bring us more henry. good afternoon. garcia. we're at the corner of 32nd and market just a block away from hoover elementary school, where the students are enjoying their last day of classes, including some graduations. of course, those festivities interrupted by gunfire nearby. let's take we'll look at some of the video from earlier today i'll begin about 9
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30 this morning when gunfire erupted near the corner of 35th and market streets in west oakland. not far from our, um to 5 80. the shooting reportedly involved in often the police officer and an armed suspect, and that triggered an officer needs help call over the radio. numerous police officers rushed to the scene. oakland police have not yet discussed the details leading up to the gunfire, but they do say that officers did recover a gun. investigators came to the scene to help diagram the area and several blocks were cordoned off . the police activity led to the lockdown in nearby hoover elementary school, where the corner of market and brokers and like all of oakland public schools, it's the last day of school for the students and kindergarteners were attending their graduation. now i spoke to one who lives nearby. she said the police action near the campus just a day after the texas school massacre has many people on edge. when we're hearing sirens, and they just keep coming, and they just keep coming, and they're getting louder. so then the concern is where they headed they had all d
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around the school. and it's just the tensions are you know of concerns about you know any kind of vulnerable community having to face the kind of traumatic incidents that we've been witnessing, and i think a lot of us just were very there's just a lot of attention and concern about anybody from being, you know, a copycat or anything like that, but there's just vulnerable children. in the walk down at two. very elementary has since been lifted. we've seen students leaving campus with their students with their children, the market street between 32nd and 35th is still closed. as officers continue to investigate. we've seen officers canvassing the area for witnesses and surveillance video, and they're asking anyone with information to come forward. live in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. harry thank you. the fda commissioner is answering questions from house lawmakers today probing the events leading to the nationwide baby formula shortage
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robert, calif. his testifying before a house subcommittee hearing comes as many families are desperately scrambling to find infant formulas. the shortage has also forced the government to begin airlifting formula from europe, calif. is defending the fds handling of the shortage, he says. right now there is no requirement that manufacturers alert the fda if they are runningthe manufacturet each of their individual individual supply chains, but there is no national system to make sure the supply is getting where it needs to go. members of another house subcommittee will also hear from three infant formula makers, including a top executive from abbott. it is the largest formula maker in the u. s, which the fda shut down in february due to contamination. coming up at noon. warriors fans didn't get the sweet. they were hoping for why some say winning the series in five will be just fine when the series comes back home and hot, dry weather inland again today what cal fire says
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crews are watching for closely and what homeowners are being urged to do to help prevent a wildfire disaster. and a burial weather temperatures are warming up rapidly, especially for the inland spots will be close to 100 degrees this afternoon, but the coast a cooling, refreshing changes setting up we'll talk more about those changes with your forecast after the break.
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rigy the dallas mavericks that chase center hoping to move on to the nba finals last night in dallas mavericks beat the warriors won 19 to 1 oh, nine, spoiling the warriors hopes of sweeping the series. the game's first half looked a lot like game two, with the warriors trailing by double digits and this time they couldn't rally back in the third quarter. the backup players make things interesting to say the least in the fourth, but in the end, the warriors lost and come back home to try and wrap up. the series will play game five at chase center, ktvu elissa harrington was at the watch party fence told her they're confident that team will bring home a win on thursday. this is how the warriors watch party started. sweet baby high hopes for fans, some who brought brooms to thrive city ready for the warriors to sweep the mavericks in the western conference finals. i brought my favorite item, bro, we sweeping
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baby, keep the streets clean. this is how tuesday's watch party ended shock and disappointment. as the warriors lost game four. the final score 1 19 109 think they got ahead too much, and it was hard to catch up, beat a playoff team four games in a row. it's really talk really, really tough. so it's disappointing. but you know, we got it. we got through this. the warriors were away in dallas to play the mavericks in game four of the western conference finals. during away games. warriors fans are invited to watch the game in the plaza right outside the arena at chase center. there's a jumbo screen food and entertainment. it's just a great environment. you know, everyone's here is hardcore warriors fan. it's just a nice vibe over here. we saw people in warriors colors and some spray painted from head to toe, even though game four did not go as fans hope. they still expect to see their team in the finals. absolutely they're going
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to win on thursday when they come home. we know they're gonna handle business next game. i always thought it would be. you know, five games in this series anyway, so go warriors. game five is at home, but for future watch parties here at thrive city it is first come first served. this place does reach capacity, so fans are encouraged to arrive early. in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox. two news warriors fans turned out at line 51 brewing company for some beer, beef and basketball. alright ground zero baby, let's go. got seven. some fun right? even though the dubs were away, plenty of fans turned out to life 51 to grab the ever popular dub nation impala and some food to one fan said he had almost everything needed to chair on the team. one thing is, i just forgot my broom today, but that's ok. they've got plenty of rooms in dallas all golden blue baby, let's go. yeah, and what better place? wouldn't help
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either. didn't need the broom. but still, one more win and dubs are headed back to the nba finals. current weather conditions have many california fire teams concerned about the early start of what we used to call fire season. there are two wildfires burning in california right now, crews are preparing for many more in the coming months, state fire officials say . this year they're expecting high demand for both firefighters and the tools they used during the hot summer months and beyond. i do hope you're with us on mornings onto the nine today we spoke about live with cal fire's battalion chief, john hagee. he agrees with other fire officials who say fire season really is year round. fire seasons year round in california. now we're seeing fires in january february, it really doesn't matter the time of year. the potential is always there and what residents and what the people in california can do is basically prepare your home and what that means is removing that flammable material from around your structure. create that defensible space. o% the two wildfires burning right now the largest one is in colusa
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county. so far it has burned through 200. miles the fire up there is now 20% contained and it is pretty hot today, so it's definitely something that firefighters are gonna be watching meteorologist mark tamayo here now, with a look at the forecast for all of the bay area mark. hi there. andre and garcia? yes, springtime heat up across parts of the bay area. in fact, most of the bay area so yesterday, temperatures soared starting to see some changes for today, but it looks like the hot spots once again. we'll be right around. 100 degrees, so that that will be the today will be the last day of this of this heat up here, so warm to hot patterns kind of been a two day stretch temperatures, though cooler near the coastline, temperatures there only the lower sixties but inland spots around 97 to 100 degrees later on today, but as we take a look at the satellite, it looks like our old friend returned here. the fog cruising up the coast from san luis obispo up toward monterey bay and approaching the barriers, shorelines. so even if you don't have the fog if you're right around the bay, you probably noticed that onshore breeze that
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is starting to cool things off, at least compared to today, as far as the temperature change compared to yesterday. most areas actually a little bit warmer compared to 12 o'clock tuesday afternoon because he half moon bay that minus four so most of the cooling today will be right near the immediate coastline. current numbers out there. san francisco downtown 65 degrees from nineties up in the north bay for santa rosa, novato and lots of nineties for concord, livermore and san jose. in the upper eighties on track to reach the lower nineties. this afternoon. here's a live camera looking out towards the open estuary, san francisco in the distance and just a few high clouds drifting into the region. not much in the way of fog back in this picture just yet, but that's a fog. it's trying to call things off right near the immediate coastline so warm to hot. we've been talking about the high fire danger, but definitely the cooling. you will definitely notice that will be thursday and into friday. so here's the setup for today. that southerly flow is transporting that cooler, refreshing area up towards the coast up toward our shorelines. it's a cooler coast
12:22 pm
hot inland, but more pronounced cooling as we head into thursday and friday, take a look at the number of san francisco 73 degrees oakland lower eighties stand arosa once in the upper nineties and close to 100 out toward fairfield in antioch . and of course, if we're off slightly with this forecast, they will be 100 this afternoon. san jose approaching the low to mid nineties. so nice to hot for today. look at that temperature dropped the warmest occasions. you can see the inland spots today. upper nineties tomorrow, just barely making it up into the lower eighties. breezy for your friday the cooling will continue as we head into the weekend so hot day inland today, but i promise you will notice that cool down. you'll notice that change for tomorrow. it has been one year since the government opened fire on his coworkers at vt. in san jose, coming up next how the city is remembering
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yeal yard shooting that left nine people dead here, reports, the san jose council proclaimed thursday may 26 a day of remembrance. like to ask everyone to take a moment of silence, please. there was complete silence and bowed heads inside the san jose city council chambers as the city prepares to remember one of the darkest days in its history on may 26th 2021 , employee of the wta guadalupe light rail yard opened fire,
12:26 pm
killing nine of his coworkers before killing himself. 1/10 employee died by suicide several months later. now the city has officially proclaimed the date as a day of remembrance. oh, words that can offer. that will be able to express the profound loss. that we experienced last year. the community of eta was challenged. are we rose together. and grew annuity standing with san jose's vice mayor, the president of local 2 65, to which many of the victims belonged, as well as the ceo and general manager of the wta this whole week weighs very heavy on our hearts. caroline kennedy then read the names of those lost 10. that day. we lost alex abdi jose. lars michael tim. paul. adrian tap, and then henry. and with those 10. who
12:27 pm
who we lost and really, really dearly, miss. we've also had the tragedy effect. there's other 90 plus people who are in the yard that day and the other 2000 employees at vt. a the nine victims killed at the yard were all vita employees ranging in age from 29 to 63. they were busting light rail operators, mechanics lineman and an assistant superintendent on behalf of our brothers who we lost that day. two nour and remember them is. we're very thankful and appreciative of that. on thursday night, the city hall rotunda will be illuminated in the colors of the wta, white, dark blue and light blue. and while the community will come together to remember healing will take time. it's going to take awhile, but we will heal. reporting from san jose city hall. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. the reward fund to help find the missing oakley woman has been doubled
12:28 pm
the total for information that leads to less escape now stands at $100,000, the city of oakley has increased its contribution to the reward fund $50,000. gabe was last seen in january at the home of a former boyfriend. the 24 year olds. abandoned car was found in any of the following day. coming up, we'll go back to today's top story, the latest from texas where we're learning more about the students and teachers who were killed. it was election day in parts of the country. look at some of the bigger races, including one state that sent donald trump i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back.
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insl in texas with him telling you about it. ktb is medicaid. tanner shows us what we're learning today about the shooting victims. the death toll now raised to 21, the small town of yuval, d texas, still in shock just cried. i couldn't believe it. but there is such a better on out there that could do something like this. my prayers and thoughts. with these families right now. photos are being spread on social media showing the faces of the young children killed family members announcing their passing their ages ranged from 8 to 10. some of them celebrated making honorable earlier in the day to teachers were killed, fourth grade teacher eva morales and co teacher irma garcia morales had
12:32 pm
worked in the district for 17 years, a texas public safety official is now saying all of these victims were in the same fourth grade classroom at the time of the shooting. 17 people are still in the hospital. it's just breaking. my heart is just breaking my heart. i just didn't ever expect anything like that to happen. parents waited late into the night to learn whether their children had survived. some gave dna samples to try to help authorities work to identify those killed. the 18 year old gunman who was killed by law enforcement is believed to have shot his grandmother in the face. he posted more threats online before driving to rob elementary to carry out the attack. armed with multiple firearms, he barricaded himself in a classroom using an ar 15 to shoot students and teachers. small community and what? we need your prayers to get us through this. this is the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade since 26 people were shot and killed at sandy hook elementary in 2012. texas
12:33 pm
governor greg abbott thanked officers who responded and blamed the shooting on the areas. mental health crisis. every texan every american has a responsibility. where we need to focus not on ourselves and our agendas. we need to focus on the healing and hope. that we can provide to those who have suffered unconscionable. damage to their lives and loss of life . sit down. you're out of your out of line and an embarrassment to sit down. is right now and you are doing now. from the audience. former u. s representative beto o'rourke argued. that is not enough, one of many calling for gun reform, saying enough is enough. police are still searching for a motive . amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news state leaders responding to the shooting, many calling for
12:34 pm
immediate action, governor newsom's office released a statement reading in part common sense gun safety laws work in california. we have cut our gun death rate and have since the 19 eighties. we won't solve this overnight. but let's stop pretending that these mass shootings are an inevitable horror. we have to experience on a regular basis. house speaker nancy pelosi said. quote across the nation, americans are filled with righteous fury in the wake of multiple incomprehensible mass shootings in the span of just days. this is a crisis of existential proportions for our children and for every american california senator alex padilla got emotional as he reflected on his reaction as a parent to the sandy hook shooting nearly 10 years ago. i remember dropping everything on my plate that day and rushing to my oldest son's elementary school at the time just to pick him up early. give him a hug. go to yogurt, frozen yogurt just to know that he was okay. 10 years later, he's older . i got two other kids that are
12:35 pm
elementary school. they should not have to worry about this. we have parents shouldn't have to worry about their safety. senator padilla's calling on the senate to pass common sense gun laws, including universal background checks at the federal level. lawmakers are at odds over what change needs to happen. following that school shooting. lucas tomlinson has more why are we willing to live with this carnage? why don't we keep letting this happen in emotional appeal by president biden addressing the country last night, just hours after a gunman opened fire on a texas elementary school, killing at least 19 children and two teachers, the president calling for new firearms restrictions and urging congress to stand up to the gun lobby time to turn this pain into action. the shooting and you body. texas was the deadliest to take place at an elementary school since sandy hook in 2012 since then, attempts to tighten the nation's gun laws have failed. late tuesday. senate democratic leader chuck schumer move towards action on legislation
12:36 pm
passed by the house that would expand background checks for gun purchases. connecticut senator chris murphy pleaded with colleagues to find a compromise. find a path forward here. work with us. to find a way. to pass laws that make this less likely . but republicans maintain gun control is not the solution. instead they're calling for increased security at schools, as well as legislation to address mental health concerns. we need to devote far more law enforcement resources to stopping violent criminals. we got to get better finding out when these individuals telegraph this ferreting it out before the horrific act. occurs on schools in general president biden ordering flags here at the white house, as well as all federal buildings across the country to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims. at the white house. lucas tomlinson, ktvu, fox two news. here at home. san
12:37 pm
jose police say that they prevented what could have turned into a massive shooting, investigators say 43 year old brian velasquez was recently fired from his construction job is that he posted several threats of violence on social media afterwards. authorities were alerted and obtained a restraining order against him. it's intended to disarm people who are violent but have not yet committed an act of violence with a firearm. this is exactly the case that it's intended for. officers arrested velasquez last week for the threats. they say they confiscated a large number of weapons, including ghost guns, ammunition and body armor , is currently charged with one count of stocking. prosecutors say they'll likely file more charges soon. speaker nancy pelosi is pushing back on the decision by the archbishop to deny her communing within the archdiocese of san francisco. speaker pelosi says she respects that people have opposing views , but they should not be imposed on others. the longtime san francisco democrats says she comes from a large family with many members who oppose abortion. archbishop salvatore core. lien said he would refuse
12:38 pm
her communion due to her pro abortion rights stance as a catholic. bmx riders and their parents gathered at the santa clara city council meeting this week. they want the city to deny the police activities. league control over bmx track. ktvu lamonica peters tells us what's next for that track. on tuesday nights council meeting bmx riders made their case to the council in sad since they closed the track because i miss racing. i need this track open under usa bmx sanction in order to get myself ready for world and try to make state one again. declare a police activities league or powell has been operating this bmx racetrack for nearly 25 years, and on multiple occasions it's been the number one race track in the country. now some writers and their parents are asking the city to allow usa bmx to manage it. we're not allowed to hold events if we can't keep
12:39 pm
the sanction at santa clara bmx track. and i don't want that for my children because they really love the sport and it's taking a huge toll on myself and my family and i know many other writers as well. we have to travel more than one hour to get to the racetrack because pal doesn't have an agreement with usa bmx santa clara riders can officially qualify for competition on their home track . the city council has an opportunity either to you know, i think stick with their mission , which is to try to increase support for the kids, or it's an opportunity to regress it back to probably where it was in the late nineties. the racetrack was also shut down last month after powell discovered volunteers. we're not keeping standard accounting practices after obtaining the necessary insurance pal says the track will reopen tuesday. may 31st usa bmx would like to just take the track and fully operated and paypal does not want to do that.
12:40 pm
we want to do it the way we've been doing it for the last since 1998 since we've been sanctioned. um where we operate the track and they are the sanctioning body just like they do for over 300 other tracks throughout the nation. people on both sides of the debate made their voices heard, but city council has not made a final decision. therefore the track will remain a practice facility for now. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news replicating georgia governor brian kemp has defeated the trump backed primary challenger and will not face democrat stacey adams won in a landslide over 73% of the vote over david perdue. purdue was endorsed by former president trump throughout the campaign. both continue to say without evidence that camp allowed democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election. in his victory speech last night, kept focused on the campaign ahead against stacy adams. the pundits have already started doubting.
12:41 pm
they say stacey for the second time. can't narrowly defeated abrams for the governor's office. back in 2018. she ran on a polls yesterday for the democratic nomination, dropping lake levels but thriving fish populations, while the department of wildlife says certain fish are doing so well despite difficult drought conditions. had a burial, whether it has been may warm up across most of the bay area, but some changes for today still another hot day inland, but our friend of fog is a redeveloping coast side pushing locally into the bay. this will eventually cool. everybody off will have more in your forecast. coming more in your forecast. coming up. ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50
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rusg ukrainian cities in the east around the clock, hoping to expand the eastern offensive, which remains largely stalled. reporter greg palkot is in kiev to bring us the latest. russia intensifies its efforts to surround ukrainian cities on day 91 of the war, the russians still pushing their eastern offensive along a narrow front, but they appear to have given up on a large scale and circle moment of the donbass region. instead they're using scorched earth tactics to pound individual cities, hoping to take them one by one first and second. a lot of communitarian
12:45 pm
problems. progress has been slow on the ground, and moscow is admitting for the first time the eastern offensive is behind schedule. russia's defense minister claims is because his forces are trying to avoid civilian casualties. despite mounting evidence the russians are actively targeting. civilians and in cities and the front lines. the situation is only expected to get worse. this is a tense moment in the war with a lot of blood of innocent people and civilians and a lot of military losses. meanwhile the u. s. is ramping up the economic pressure on moscow banning american banks from processing bond payments from russia, essentially forcing the russians to default on billions of dollars in debt. the treasury department is calling on other allies to do the same, saying it's a key step in the plan to hold vladimir putin. accountable. our joint efforts are critical to help ensure ukraine's democracy prevails over putin's aggression. ukraine's defense minister says that his forces are planning a
12:46 pm
large scale counter offensive. in the donbass region, and keith greg duncan ktvu fox two news. pacific cleric belly water board unanimously approved an ordinance to enforce drought restrictions starting june 1st violators could face fines that can go up to $10,000. after several warnings. the board said that since it cleared water emergency nearly a year ago, little progress has been made towards 15% reduction of water use. it's disgusting. mers are only saving about 3. lake mead is shrinking. the lake levels are dropping, leaving pockets of water where fish have been trapped. many of the fish have died, but some fish are saved by the nevada department of wildlife seems to be thriving, too, despite the low water levels. less cryptic explains why it's amazing how much water is just gone and around boulder harbor in just a few months. in december, water was still visible from where boats used to launch three weeks ago, just a small pond remained and that
12:47 pm
water was surrounded by dead fish that were trapped in that pond cut off from the lake. today no water and no fish. the nevada department of wildlife went out to the area recently and saved what fish they could salvage effort and try to get all larger fish reproductive size, but those into the lake as for the carcasses that were around the area in early may, mother nature took care of that typically other wildlife coming to eat them coyotes birds, you know. things like that. well hundreds of fish may not have made it back into the lake. the department of wildlife says the fish population, especially native fish, are thriving in the colorado river area. that's where it exposed barrier is preventing non native fish from getting into the lake. record numbers of native fish in the grand canyon. and frankly, it's probably the most biggest stronghold native fish and tell her entire colorado river main stem the good news. several native species are increasing to near record numbers, but still the thought of other non native
12:48 pm
fish. getting trapped is something that officials at the department of wildlife monitoring and hope to catch before more fish die due to a lack of water. we'd like to go out there and try to salvage fish populations when we can fit in fox news, las vegas as it gets hotter and hotter here in the bay area, volunteers in the south bay are handing out water to people living in homeless encampments. pastor scott wagers and teams from chair ministry began their outreach at roosevelt park. volunteers say the hot weather can be deadly for people who are on housed and say the heat kills more people than cold weather people out here with the preconditions they have with covid all the you know all the things that they're fighting. they get dehydrated quickly and easily, and then that can become heatstroke and then death and we've seen it. i think one day will continue this work and encampments all week forward to because the weather is certainly hot, depending on where you are. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo here with more than forecast for the bay area mark. hi there, andre and dossier. yes, some
12:49 pm
cooling today near the coast and right around the bay, but inland the last hot day inland, and those readings will be close to 100 degrees if not reaching 100 later on this afternoon, so temperatures for the interior soaring but we have some changes developing the coast side. so today it's kind of been a two day stretch yesterday and then today, but we're starting to see some changes out there, too big temperature range. from the sixties, all the way to a triple digit territory. look at the satellite, though the fog yesterday was down towards southern california, even maybe right around santa barbara as well, but it has been decided it has decided to move up the coast and the visit as well. so you can see the coverage right now, making a big push from half moon bay to pacifica toward the golden gate bridge, so definitely some cooling right near the immediate coastline. other areas. today will be about the same as yesterday. the temperature change showing you actually little bit of a warmer set up compared to 12 hours 24 hours ago at this time, but some some cooling right near the immediate coastline. in fact, half moon bay only in the mid
12:50 pm
fifties san francisco 65. some nineties for one that creek and livermore, so tt will be in the upper nineties later on today, but look at this neat camera shot. you can see the fog. cruising back into san francisco bay this afternoon, so it's kind of rounding the bend from ocean beach, and you can see that cloud deck and even if you're not in this fog bank, that's that breathes that change in the wind. it will definitely bring in some cooling effects right around the portions of the bay as well. so warm to hot. this has been the overall weather pattern. fire danger. we had that red flag fire warning that was allowed to expire, but definitely cool things off tomorrow and into a friday but already some changes for today that fog which was down southern, which is down towards los angeles and santa barbara yesterday. has been cruising up the coast and just a change in the wind direction could have a big impact on what you feel so temperatures as a result, definitely cooler right near the immediate coastline. san francisco yesterday in the upper seventies today, lower seventies and the hotspots inland, still
12:51 pm
very hot, upper ninety's right around 100 degrees later on this afternoon, but the look ahead your five day forecast. while the cooling today is kind of just favoring, um, parts of the bay area, it will be a universal cool down for tomorrow, and it will be a significant drop off those readings could be around 15 to 20 degrees cooler for your thursday some breezy conditions as we head into the weekend, actually a slight chance of the north bay. sprinkle for saturday . we don't have high hopes with that with that the chance of a sprinkle, but i will tell you we have high hopes with this fog bank definitely cooling off the entire bay area eventually. so if you're not a fan of the heat, i think you'll like the forecast headed our way over the next few days. certainly liking that forecast. mark. thank you. alright helping to right a wrong 80 years in the making how group of current east bay high school students made it their mission to get diplomas into the hands of out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits.
12:52 pm
and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
12:53 pm
for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice.
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for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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jaif deaths at the county facility, they held a rally outside the alameda county administration building. ktvu analysis shows at least 58 inmates have died at the jail in dublin since 2000 and 14 the sheriff says deputies are working with mental and medical health staff to improve conditions. however the family of one inmate who died by suicide while at the jail, says the county is not doing enough. you think they really need to think about mental health and how to make that work, but they've got to do better. these are our families in their hands . any death that our jail is very concerning we strived at zero dust mitigation. programs to try to reduce the number of deaths. uh number of suicides number natural desk. the sheriff says some inmates who have died in the jail have been in poor health or died from drug overdoses. he agrees more needs to be done to reduce the number of inmate deaths. a citizen from iraq who lives in ohio could get
12:56 pm
up to 30 years in prison on suspicion of plotting to assassinate former president george w. bush the justice department says the man is linked to isis. investigators say he was seeking revenge for iraqis killed during operation iraqi freedom he is accused of receiving thousands of dollars for a plan to smuggle iraqi nationals into the united states to kill former president bush that smuggle them out across the mexican border. it shows that people would not only try to assassinate my uncle, former president united states but also seek to conduct a spectacular attack. the man has been charged with immigration crime and aiding and abetting a murder plot. the fbi says it uncovered the plot through confidential informants. walmart says its drone delivery service is working so well. it is expanding the network where they deliver. the world's largest retailer has been using drones to deliver orders of items including hamburger. helper batteries and diapers to customers in parts of arkansas and north carolina. well now it's going to add drone service for shoppers from 37 stores in utah, arizona, texas, florida and virginia. customers
12:57 pm
can order items that weigh a total of no more than £10. and there's a $4 service charge. so far, there is no schedule on when drone service could be available for us here in california. cash and cards are starting to take a back seat to cryptocurrency and fts. jackie ibanez has a look at the businesses, capitalizing on this growing trend and incentivizing customers to pay with digital currency. n f. t s and cryptocurrency continue becoming more prominent in the global marketplace, inspiring a growing number of companies to start accepting digital money for their goods and services, while some offer customers digital assets with their purchases. hi i would like to welcome you to the normal soho, new york city's no most soho hotel, is launching what it calls the nation's first ever non fungible token reservation system. guests can use cryptocurrency to book 3 to 6 nights stays at the hotel where their reservation comes at a special rate. it also includes
12:58 pm
exclusive ft artwork and additional perks like late check out and more. we have a complimentary breakfast and welcome amenity that will be offering them as well. it oversees the trend is also catching on luxury fashion brand . philipp plein is now letting customers at its london flagship store pay in cryptocurrency. people are using it more than you or me, maybe think, because crypto currency's value constantly fluctuates. so does the value of every clothing item and accessory customers scan and items. q. r code to see its price than every 10 minutes that price resets based on the market. and could go up or down , potentially resulting in a better deal than if they were to pay with cash or card. this greater acceptance of n f. t s and cryptocurrency is a way for companies to target new clientele, even as the value of crypto has taken some steep hits since november. jackie ibanez. fox news. well, it took 80 years
12:59 pm
, but high school diplomas finally went out to a group of japanese american students who were held in internment camps during world war two. mount diablo high school in concord, held a graduation ceremony that included recognizing 40 students from the class of 1942 schools, ethnic studies class researched and identified the students and posthumously awarded them diplomas. family members were there to accept them. nice positive emotional experience just to see that, um, the kids took it upon themselves to kind of research into what happened and to say, well, this would be a good thing to do since they weren't able to graduate. so we talked to a family member who received the diploma on behalf of her late aunt, she says. this type of goodwill makes her feel optimistic about the future. and this is a great idea because i didn't learn about the japanese internment camps in high school. they're learning about it now, and it's good that the students
1:00 pm
took another level and started awarding those diplomas to those students. absolutely 1942 well deserved. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at four. we have you covered on >> the good dish is going big. big on burgers. >> what is this burger beast? >> ready for this. >> spicy bacon fondue burger? this is where the fun comes in. inspired. don't forget the shallots. oh, my goodness. and just that connection with an audience. there's nothing else like it. >> country superstar martina mcbride dishes on the joys of performing. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been at the center of my world because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but


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