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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. ktvs , lawmakers and advocates gathered to remember the 21 lives lost in the texas school shooting and a call for change deep in my heart, i was hoping that one day we will not have to gather together like this. and
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here we are again. grief heartbreak and anger at a vigil on the peninsula tonight more than 1600 miles away from the side of that school shooting, and you've aldi, texas. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. hundreds of people also came together at the body county fairplex tonight. to remember the 19 children and two teachers shot and killed at an elementary school yesterday. they prayed, they cried. they wiped away tears comforting and holding each other as they reel from tragedy. our coverage begins tonight with ktvu lamonica peters live at a recreation center in foster city, with more on the event held there, monican violence organized this event, and they told me that they just wanted to give people a chance to voice their concerns and their frustrations after yesterday's school shooting. ileana garcia. age 10. people in foster city gathered at the
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recreation center to pay their respect to those shot and killed and uvalde, texas, buffalo, new york and laguna woods. congress has failed us. right now in the senate, has been sitting for over a year a bill to explain background checks on all gun sales like something the senators up and washington d. c. to pass the hr a bill. to do something like that. on wednesday. governor newsom also spoke about his plan to push through legislation that would allow private citizens in california to sue gunmakers time. dangerous guns and weapons of war off the streets. that's what we're here to do. that's what we're focused on. we have too many guns. we have a gun culture. we've come to accept this. normalize this news. um, also blasted judges roger benitez and ryan nelson, calling them extremists after striking down california gun control laws, including a ban on selling
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semiautomatic weapons to anyone under age 21 the idea that you can go into a store with that um, you know, even even a momentary delay. a pause, um, and purchase these weapons of war. um 30 rounds. clips i mean, that that doesn't happen in california. won't happen in california, california already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. during the vigil, san mateo county supervisor david canada also spoke about congress taking action and doing better for the next generation. we as a society are failing. when our children are being shot. and killed in these schools. hamilton's says that hamilton's says that the group will continue to lobby for federal gun laws that restrict that asked people to get a background check and governor.
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newsom says that he hopes to have gun legislation passed by the end of june. mike computers live tonight. they're in foster city, monica. thank you. in the state of texas residents of the small city of your body. gathered tonight to share their emotions and to try to find some sort of comfort. the vigil was held at the county fairgrounds with hundreds of people filling the stands. there were songs there were prayers for the young children and teachers who were killed. pastors from several different churches led this prayer vigil, the faith leaders, saying it's hard to find the answers. i cried a lot today and yesterday. i might cry some more here as we speak. you may cry. because our hearts are broken. governor greg abbott and senator ted cruz said alongside the residents to mourn boxes. lauren
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blanchard continues our coverage tonight with what we're learning about the lives lost. 19 innocent children and two teachers gone their lives taken away by a gunman who opened fire inside a texas elementary school 10 year old javier lopez just made the school's honor roll eight year old. usually, garcia was learning football plays with his grandpa. 10 year old rogelio torres remembered as a sweet and kind child 10 year old elijah cruise tourists seen here in her softball uniform ready for summer break. police say all families have now been given the horrible news, though for hours there was confusion, chaos and heartbreak as parents search for their children working in the i got info that my daughter was at school where they were shooting and i will wait for more details in nobody never called me back on detail. and now come back in town looking for my daughter and i can't find her now 10 year old annabelle, guadalupe rodriguez
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and her cousin died as the kids sat in class. a gunman barricaded himself inside and opened fire reports a one child trying to call 911 but was shot and killed. wednesday night, and you've aldi, the community came together for a vigil to honor and remember the students and teachers killed. i asked god that you be with those who have lost loved ones. may you comfort them father as they mourn police are now combing through the social media accounts of the suspected gunman looking for any possible motive. you've already texas lauren blanchard, fox news. tonight the texas department of public safety says the massacre unfolded over at least 40 minutes as frustrated onlookers watched from the outside. witnesses say the gunman encountered a school security officer outside the school and wounded two police officers on his way in, he went to a classroom and barricaded himself inside. shooting to teachers and the 19 students,
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one by one outside, frustrated onlookers urged police to go in , and some people even considered going inside themselves. border patrol agents who did go in say they had trouble breaching the door and had to get a staff member to unlock it. it was a border patrol agent who eventually shot and killed the gunman. today texas governor greg abbott said the 18 year old gunman had no known criminal or mental health history. it is intolerable and it is unacceptable for us to have in the state. anybody who would kill little kids in our schools. the governor said the gunman was armed with two legally purchased ar style rifles. but just after his 18th birthday, he also sent private facebook messages warning of the attacks on the school and his grandmother, who he shot in the face and is hospitalized in serious condition. the democratic candidate running for governor of texas beto o. rourke, confronted governor greg abbott as he and other texas
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officials held that news conference today. excuse me. excuse me after santa fe high down, you're out of your out of line on an embarrassment after el paso. next shooting is right now and you're doing nothing. better roar told governor abbott and lieutenant governor dan patrick that somebody needs to stand up for the children of texas. it was escorted out of the venue eventually by police outside, he had made it very clear his outrage over the shooting. this 18 year old who just turned 18, but they are 15 and took it into an elementary school and shut kids in the face and killed them. why are we letting this happen in this country? why is this happening in this state year after year? city after city? this is on all of us. if we do not do something, and i am going to do something, and i'm not alone. the people of texas are with us. the majority of the people of texas are with us, but we've got to stand up to this or we just
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accept this theater and business as usual, and we accept the next shooting. we could have stopped . this. texas has some of the most gun friendly laws in the united states today at that news conference, governor abbott focused on mental health issues and argue that tougher gun laws in other states including here in california are ineffective. president biden again called for lawmakers to pass so called common sense gun legislation, including background checks for gun buyers clearly will not prevent every tragedy. we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on the second amendment. second number is not absolute. when it was passed, you couldn't own a. you couldn't own a cannon. you couldn't own certain kinds of weapons. but republicans argue gun control is not the solution. instead they're calling for increased security at schools and legislation to address mental health. we need to devote far
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more law enforcement resources to stopping violent criminals. we got to get better finding out when these individuals telegraph this ferreting it out before the horrific act. occurs on schools in general. according to axios, texas senator ted cruz has received more than $400,000 in contributions from gun rights groups, the most of any gop lawmaker area. lawmakers are also renewing their calls for stricter gun regulations both here in california and across the country. ktvu zach sauce live in studio with more on one piece of legislation here at the front of the agendas act. mike among the proposals stricter background checks nationwide for those buying guns something california congressman mike thompson has been pushing for years. there's no one bill that's going to solve everything. but we do know that h r a will save lives congressman mike thompson, hoping that the latest mass
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shooting to strike the u. s will finally sway enough republican lawmakers in the senate to allow a vote on hr eight. a bill that would expand background check requirements nationwide to include all firearms sold at gun shows. and online laws don't know state lines were always susceptible to of folks from other areas or guns from other areas. california universal background checks on firearms are already required. gabriel vaughn, the owner of sportsman's arms and petaluma, not opposed to the proposed federal law. i don't have a problem with it if that's something that we can do. why not give it a shot wednesday , governor newsom, also unveiling a series of state bills targeting gun sales. those states like california. that have the most progressive policies. in restricting the abuse and proliferation of guns have consistently outperformed other states in terms of gun murder rates and gun death
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rates. one bill would go after those who make ourselves ghost guns are assault weapons, but not convinced that that bill would address what he considers roots of the problem. mental health and situations akin to april's mass shooting in sacramento career criminals. modified illegal firearms already. ah which had a federal level would have already been massively illegal. fully automatics you cannot possess as a private citizen in california assault weapons are already banned weapons like these have additional safety mechanisms in place to make them legal. people aren't going to stop doing illegal things if they want to achieve that horrifying goal at the end and describing the governor's latest proposal as more of the same part of what he considers a maze of confusing, costly and ineffective gun legislation. lawmakers at the federal level, meantime, calling on their colleagues to help them fix the problem. republicans don't like my bill. they should put a bill up. they should come
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forward with some ideas on how to make sure that our children are safe. and as for hr eight, the universal background check bill, which mike thompson co sponsored. it still needs 10 more votes to get to a debate on the senate floor live in the studio, zach's asked ktvu fox two news. tonight at 10 30 more on the school shooting tonight as students and staff in the east bay turned their fear into action with the hope of preventing another mass shooting. it's about building community right and not taking that fear and living in isolation with that fear but taking that fear and reaching out to others. and the big cool down started today as much as 20 degrees cooler cooler. still as we head towards the weekend back here with that, and today marks two years since an officer killed george floyd had the minneapolis community paid tribute and the executive order from president biden aimed at from president biden aimed at reforming police practices.
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sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. askn locating a man who they say exposed himself to a teenage girl. officers say this happened yesterday morning on a raster darrow road. the victim described the man as about 25 years old 5 10 £150. the suspect is described as having a shaved
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head, no facial hair, wearing a blue t shirt and gray pants at the time of the incident. the victim described the man's truck as an older white model pickup possibly afford with gardening equipment in the back in san francisco, the union representing the national park police has a warning for people visiting some of the city's biggest tourist attractions, as ktvu is christian captain reports, the union says the parks are unsafe. because of staffing shortages. memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of the summer travel season and has tourism ramps up. tens of thousands of visitors are expected to make their way through the areas around the golden gate bridge, presidio and san francisco's beaches now the union representing the u. s. park police, which patrols those areas, is warning visitors their department in the golden gate national recreation area is dangerously understaffed. it's our mission to make sure that the public is safe. and part of that is to let them know what they're what they're risking when they come to visit. yeah san francisco parks, chairman of the u. s park police union, ken spencer says staffing is
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critically low. just 32 officers when they should have 83 officers assigned to the presidio area, he says. what that means is that at any given time, there are just three officers patrolling an area roughly from west of fisherman's warf along the coast. including baker and china beaches and then south along ocean beach. spencer says the latest data from the last fiscal year shows that visitors are vulnerable to property crimes, including auto burglaries and more serious crimes. we've had 13 sexual assaults, 100 calls for disorderly conduct 114 fires and then, of course, the burglaries and the larceny east of motor vehicles we've had. we've had 193 of those park visitors say they didn't know that the police were stretched so thin. then that does bring like a big concern to me, but at the same time, i feel like a lot of places are not monitored by police. union leaders say the core issue is hiring and retention of park police officers. they say their officers start off at close to $68,000 per year, the union says
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neighboring san francisco police start off at more than $92,000 per year. a raise for park police officers would have to be approved by congress, and the union says it is lobbying lawmakers to increase park police pay. in a statement, the u. s park police said quote we are disappointed to see these misleading claims that don't represent the facts or reality on the ground. us ppe current staffing in san francisco includes patrol officers, detectives, identification technicians, canine officers and horsemen and officers, all of whom worked to keep the public safe. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news two years ago today, george floyd was killed by a minneapolis police officer to mark the somber occasion. a new sign was unveiled at the site where floyd was killed. the area is now known as george floyd square. floyd's brother and aunt attended the unveiling. the city's mayor was also there as well as charles mcmillan. mcmillan was one of the people on scene during floyd's murder and later served as a key witness during derek chauvin's murder trial. we made some
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progress. but not enough. and it takes a village to make the progress that we need. it takes everyone, not just me, not just you and what you do for a living, take everyone to do what needs to be done. and have been done yet. it's gonna take a long time. earlier there was also a rally outside the governor's mansion in st paul. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is currently serving 22 years in prison for floyd's murder. president biden side an executive order today aimed at reforming federal police practices. it's a measure of what we can do together to heal the very soul of this nation. to address profound fear and trauma exhaustion. particularly black americans have experienced for generations. the order will direct all federal agencies to revise their use of force policies. it also calls for limitations on chokeholds and no knock warrants and the creation of a national registry of
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officers fired for misconduct. frederick thomas, the president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives , was at the white house today for the signing. we spoke to him about the order, he tells us. it's a step in the right direction. there's a start. so now people know that the president and the nation is washington. today was a great day because everybody know that law enforcement is always in the spotlight. the order does not apply to local police agencies, but does encourage them to implement similar changes. it comes one year after congress failed to agree on the george floyd justice in policing act. already we had a pretty warm day today and then a big cool down temperatures dropped a good 15 to 20 degrees, especially around the bay and at the coast inland spots of cold sense, but it was pretty warm. today we had a record in livermore 102 still hot today. inland. it won't be tomorrow tomorrow. inland temperatures going to be in the upper seventies, low eighties big cool down. coast today got cool fast because of that fog,
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and there's almost a 62 just it's almost a 60 degree spread from coast to inland today that's in like 35, miles, so veg microclimate identification, 102 and livermore. that was a record. these are more highs from today. highs tomorrow will not be there. these are gonna be the warmest temperatures we see for the next five or six days were into a nice kind of mild cooler, less fire danger pattern . at least that is the hope and it should carry us through the bay area holiday weekend. there's a beautiful shot. that's san francisco underneath that fog bank, which is fairly deep, it's fairly deep, which means it's going to get up over those coastal hills tonight. so as we look at that fog roll it in getting ready for it. it's going to be cooler. it's not going to be cold. just not going to be in the hundreds. i'll see you back here with the full forecast. coming picture, bill. thank you still to come tonight, inflation still rising, but the deficit is falling. also the california lawmakers pushing for a vote on legislation, they say, with lower gas prices, and later in
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sports, the a's wrap up their road trip up in seattle as they go for back to back wins against those mariners first protest against oakland school closures. how some parents say they will keep the campus open. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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parker elementary school students rallied against the plan closure of the oakland school today. today was the last day of classes there. at parker . the oakland unified school district is closing the campus and consolidating students at other schools. rally organizers say they plan to reopen the school actually on monday as parkour community school and hold summer school community celebration of their plans is slated for noon on saturday. we will have a full service summer class for all the children in this area that begins on monday . we'll we'll be teaching multiple different classes, and we wish that this school could stay here forever. and if it won't, then we'll try our best to keep it. whatever that means . however that means that the
10:25 pm
oakland unified school district spokesman jon sasaki says the district summer school does not start next week, and he also said there are no plans to allow parker to reopen for summer classes. parker is just one of seven schools that is closing due to declining enrollment before the 2023 24 academic year. in sacramento today. five republican state lawmakers again pushed for gas tax relief here in california. the lawmakers held a news conference before a vote on assembly bill 24 57 in an effort to suspend the state's gas tax. but for the third time this year, democrats struck down the effort to lower the price at the pump, which continues to rise. the legislation would have suspended the gas tax for one year and required that all revenue generated by the tax be passed on directly to consumers. we need to provide this relief people have waited far too long. in fact, we are now on day 77. of the governor, promising to
10:26 pm
provide gas tax relief to californians. it still hasn't happened. james gallagher was joined by assembly members kevin kiley, laurie davies, kelly say arto and steven choi in his effort today. the federal deficit is projected to fall by $1 trillion this year that, according to a new forecast, the congressional budget office says the deficit will decline as pandemic aid programs start to wind down. but the u. s will still spend about a trillion dollars more than it brings in the cbo also said inflation will likely remain elevated into the next year due to the uncertainty from world events, including the russian invasion of ukraine. still to come tonight how various students are reaching out to one another to help cope with the texas school shooting, but first the names and faces of the lives lost yesterday and you val, d texas. eva morales 40 for fourth grade teacher. irma garcia 46 4th grade teacher.
10:27 pm
usually a garcia, eight years old. xavier javier lopez 10 years old. eliana cruz torres 10 years old. jose flores jr. 10 years old jailer nicole silver guerrero 10 years old emery, joe garza, 10 years old. mckenna li l rod 10 years old. ellie luego garcia 10 years old. annabelle guadalupe rodriguez 10 years old. jacqueline jalen cazares 10 years old. jace carmelo, who even knows nine years old. rogelio torres 10 years old. alexandria lexi rubio 10 years old. miranda matthis 11 years old. nevada bravo. tests, marie matter might rodriguez. alethea
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ramirez. leila salazar.
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dria texas elementary school shooting has caused fear and anxiety among many parents, students and teachers here at home. ktvu is brooks jarocz visited in east bay school, where a student led club is encouraging action to make a difference. brooks jarocz and building up their community, not just honoring and remembering the lives lost through memorial. but also finding ways to prevent living in fear or isolation and promising never again. home is
10:31 pm
supposed to be a place of safety , security and comfort. at california high school in san ramon. feelings and self expression has become the bedrock of community, this one says. you are beautiful senior, do you? the kumar is the leader of the sandy hook promise club here, a national organization aiming to protect children from gun violence and incidents that play out again and again. i honestly feel like that. is the most terrifying aspect of it that it has become such a regular part of our lives, most recently at a texas elementary school tuesday, prompting a counselor at cal high to clear a path and help create a memorial. take that fear in turning into something productive, something that we can do painted rocks with messages of care. this one says rest in peace, candles place to honor the students and teachers lives lost and routed by a tree that may seem tired and troubled. you could use some
10:32 pm
love actions like this are not new here. the promised club has been organizing town halls and group therapy sessions for a few years with a goal to educate encouraging empathy, preventing suicide and looking for warning signs among students were really preaching. to be in up standard , too. when you see something to say something and it takes all of us to be able to recognize that somebody is in trouble and to be able to act on that, sending a message of love and inclusion while recognizing violence and tragedy can be traumatic, very difficult, i think forward movement when. there's just not a lot of answers. as of right now, i think right now we're just trying to figure out how can we help students feel safe on campus, and sometimes that starts with just talking about it? and that can happen here in the wellness center. and it's zenden. we've had sole much use of this. yes so very critical, creating safe space for students to chill, overcome and reach
10:33 pm
out. it's comforting. it's nice , reminding them that you are loved is an amazing place to make a home for yourself. do you think kumar is graduating next week but has earned his spot on the national sandy hook promise board that organization is working to raise awareness and bring more violence prevention programs to more students. kumar says. it's something she is very passionate about it. you can hear there. you could see what are more of her plans. after graduation, she says she's going to be on the board. but is she maybe possibly looking at a career that could help? turn something like this into more of a full time. she told me well, she told me she has three things she's considering number one is being a politician. she's unsure about that. number two she thought about being part of a nonprofit because she really wants to see some gun control measures. measures go into place, and third is being a journalist. i said, i don't know about that options open, no
10:34 pm
matter what avenue she selects. it seems she's headed in the right direction. right very bright girl work. all right. thank you. many parents right now all across the country are wondering how to talk to their children about what happened as they themselves are trying to cope. it's sadness. it's a little bit of anger that something like this constantly happens. it's frustration that nothing seems to be get being done about it. on the peninsula , there is a safe space for parents to share their feelings . the foster city parents club says it allows for adults to vent to their peers and a therapist judgment free. these feelings are real. these are not superficial, and they're probably not going away anytime soon. so you need to be able to be honest with yourself and your family and those around you to get you know, authentic support and atlantic authentic help. now we've put up a resource for parents on her own website to find information from the national child dramatic stress network. just head over to ktvu dot com and click on web links.
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tense moments near west oakland elementary school this morning when police say an off duty officer shot and wounded in armed suspect just blocks away from the school. it happened at about 9 30 this morning near 35th and market streets. oakland police have not discussed exactly what led up to the shooting, but they say the officer was not hurt. investigators found a loaded gun during a search of the area. hoover elementary school was placed on lockdown as a precaution on the last day of school. specially given light of what's happened recently in texas. we wanted to make sure there was no threat to our children at the local schools in the area. it's just the tensions are you know of concerns about you know any kind of vulnerable community having to face the kind of traumatic incidents that we've been witnessing. police say the suspect later showed up at a hospital and was taken into custody. new at 10 tonight. fremont police have arrested a
10:36 pm
17 year old high school student for allegedly making terrorist threats on social media. police say they received word of the threats this morning from staff at american high school. authorities say the student made threats of gun violence toward a school employee and made comments about committing gun violence at a different school. police identified the student and arrested him off campus for felony terrorist threats and hate crime. authorities say they found evidence at his home but did not find a gun. tomorrow marks one year sends the mass shooting at the wta light rail yard in san jose valley transportation authority will hold a private ceremony and visual tomorrow for the employees and victims families. and the san jose city council also proclaimed may 26th day of remembrance to honor the 10 lives lost. earlier this month, vita demolished the building where the attack occurred. coming up at 11 panic at a southern california strip mall details on the six people who had to be rescued after the facade of the building collapsed
10:37 pm
, trapping them all inside. and we are tracking the weather. we've got some rain to talk about not rain. what temperatures? that is all that those details after the break the strictest abortion ban in the country now, in effect more on the new law signed just tonight. in oklahoma, but first twitter slapped with a $150 million fine the accusations it million fine the accusations it misused people's data. i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now.
10:38 pm
we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
10:39 pm
april: when i think about teacher appreciation day, i really think about all of the things teachers do that they think go unseen. rosy: my son's first grade teacher really made a difference. he went above and beyond. kiyoko: when a parent tells me that i've made a difference in their child's life, it means the world to me. terrence: when i think of my daughter's teachers, that's about as close to a superhero as you can be. announcer: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us. where drag train struck a pedestrian. this happened shortly before 10 o'clock right near the oakland coliseum between 66 55th avenue's police , firefighters both on scene there, as you can tell in the video and calls it a trespasser incident and says its coast starlight 14 train is currently stopped at the scene. initial
10:40 pm
reports do suggest the person was killed. new attend tonight. twitter is on the hook for $150 million for misrepresenting how it would handle users nonpublic contact information, the department of justice and the ftc announced the monetary settlement today. and a mandate requiring twitter to take steps to protect users data privacy. social media company is accused of illegally using people's personal data over six years to help sell targeted advertisements. the court must still approve the settlement. twitter co founder jack dorsey is stepping down from twitter's board of directors. dorsey served as twitter ceo twice most recently until 2021. he's also the ceo of payments company block, formerly known as square. dorsey is said to be friendly with elon musk and has been supportive of must take over of twitter. stocks were higher on wall street today, the dow rose 191 points, nasdaq added. 170 up 1.5% and the s and p was up. 37
10:41 pm
retailers were higher after nordstrom reported strong sales and raised its profit outlook. the director of the fbi was on capitol hill answering questions from lawmakers about the foiled plot to assassinate former president george w. bush. we've got to continue to stay laser focused on our efforts to counter violence motivated by hate. and extremism. authorities say the suspect is a man affiliated with the isis terror group 52 year old shihab ahmed shihab was living in columbus, ohio, when he was arrested. he was in the united states on a tourist visa officials say he recruited for iraqi nationals to help him carry out his plot. to assassinate the former president. this was confirmed just yesterday when an fbi search warrant unsealed in ohio revealed that an assassination plot against former president george w. bush included plans to smuggle assassins into the united states from mexico. she had did not enter a plea when he
10:42 pm
appeared in court yesterday. he is scheduled to be back at the courthouse on friday. today the governor of oklahoma signed the country's strictest abortion ban . it makes oklahoma the first state in the nation to effectively end access to abortions. doctors can only perform the procedure to save the life of the mother or if it is the result of rape or incest that was reported to law enforcement. the law went into effect as soon as oklahoma governor kevin stitt signed it to the states for clinics already closed earlier this year. still to come tonight, the bay area county that's adding covid medication to its testing sites, plus health officials here and abroad are keeping a close eye on the spread of monkeypox as cases are appearing in more countries. emily line in boston. i'll have the details on that coming up and a blanket of fog snaking its way back through the golden gate and right across san francisco bay as we give you that live look. out of the city and beyond relief from the heat. it's here and starting to settle in. we'll check back in
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more.
10:44 pm
the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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covid. medication at some testing sites. county health officials say they are opening four covid-19 testing sites this week. those sites will distribute prescription medication to those who test positive. federal health officials say the antiviral medications like paxil covid can reduce the chance of someone
10:46 pm
becoming seriously sick. the test to treat sites or in antioch, brentwood, san pablo and pleasant hill and are operated by optimum serve federal health services. people who test positive for covid 19 again after taking that drought during that drug packs love it should isolate for another five days, the cdc says. there's a chance they might be contagious. if they have this type of rebound effect. this is the first time the cdc has actually issued guidance on what people should do if they test positive again only a few days. after testing negative health officials here in the united states say they are remaining cautious as monkeypox cases rise across the globe. as fox news molly line reports cases have been confirmed. now across europe, north america and australia. monkeypox cases continue to appear in more countries across the globe, prompting the cdc to issue a level two travel health notice. the agency says travelers should practice enhanced precautions. including avoiding close contact
10:47 pm
with people showing symptoms consistent with the virus. monkeypox symptoms include headache, muscle aches and fever , along with lesions on the body . people do need to be aware of this as they make their travel plans. and also again be aware of how it is transmitted. and so be careful. in the places that they go to, and activities that they engage in. the cdc has reiterated the risk to the general public is low at this time. health officials are investigating whether the outbreak is linked to a pair of music festivals in spain and belgium. so far confirmed cases of the rare disease have been found in 20 countries, with europe, accounting for much of the confirmed or suspected cases , the chance of you inadvertently coming across somebody infected with monkeypox is extremely small. all. um it's really only people who've got this very close contact with people who are infected, but there's any risk at all cases
10:48 pm
remain low here in the us, however, medical professionals are keeping a close eye on the spread of the rare disease. so far, there is only one confirmed case of the monkey pox here in the united states with seven suspected cases. in six us states in boston line. fox newsd a record high in livermore, the number in orange there 102 degrees 104 and fair fell 103 in antioch and a big drop off when you get to the coast. temperatures there just in the fifties. and those 60 especially now, with the fog in, uh, pretty heavily, and it's going to stay in big dose of fog. i love that shot. um i believe that san francisco into there somewhere and fog banks pretty deep, and it's gonna get deeper the next few nights as we go into the weekend, and so that's going to promote further cooling. you can see the marine air influence if you look at the green, right, so there's the map. and if you know much about topography, or you know, the bay area very well at
10:49 pm
all. you know that these are some of these low lying areas, but what you're seeing now is all this moisture getting up over the coastal hills, which average about 1000 ft. so the inversions about 1213 100 ft. that's pushing all the way up into the delta. so it's windy up there. temperatures 15 degrees cooler napa than last night 16 degrees cooler in santa rosa. the same pattern we've been seeing with this high low. switching off positions is going to occur as we head into the next couple of days. just low comes close to us. it drops temperatures it brings in and promotes more of the fog, and it also sets us up with strong pressure gradient so the winds tomorrow and friday along the coast and around the bay are going to be pretty pretty breezy. certainly so temperatures drop off, right? you see that for tomorrow? no question about that, and that's how it goes into friday or friday, saturday and sunday as well. here's the computer model , and that's the afternoon forecast for tomorrow and again notice the direction of the wind . it's not a fire danger. wind
10:50 pm
winds never good, but it's an onshore wind, so it's usually moist and cooler. you see the height of the winds tomorrow afternoon, they backed down a little bit. but then again friday afternoon, they get going and they take all that fog and low clouds that we're looking at along the coast right now and push it well inland. and so that's the plan next few days right into the bay area holiday weekend kind of cool. kind of mild, um and certainly not warmed up. not hot. not not be some warmth. i mean, seventies and low eighties, though, like tomorrow look at that temperature footprint that almost looks like an overnight low. temperature patterns. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. so a big departure from where we were yesterday big, big departure and where we were today and temperatures cool and you see clouds a little bit everything this whole week coming up is a good forecast. if you're concerned about fire, which we are, so there's the five day forecast, i'll see you back here, 11. thank you knew attend the goldman environmental foundation held its annual price ceremony tonight. the recipients of the goldman environmental prize were announced. virtually
10:51 pm
san francisco based foundation handed out seven awards to recognize what it describes as grassroots activists around the world. one of the recipients is a 19 year old from los angeles, kelly kobo led a coalition that shut down a toxic oil drilling site in her south l, a community after she and other neighbors became sick. i fight because i believe everyone has a right to breathe clean air despite age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or zip code. i fight so no future generations has a childhood like mine. other winners included nigerian lawyer who got justice for communities devastated by two shell pipeline spills and to indigenous ecuadorians who protected their lands from gold mining. bond discovered. alright coming up in sports. the giants take on the meds and a matinee in china basin as one of their sluggers goes deep, not once but twice jason appelbaum here with the highlights on the 11 o'clock news. new developments that have
10:52 pm
uc berkeley after a swim coach is accused of bullying how the university is responding at 11.
10:53 pm
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evee come alive the last two days, 13 runs last night and nine more today versus the new york mets, and this guy's got the right idea. what a life chilling in the cove on your yacht. bottom of the first two on for evan longoria, and that one is gone. three run shot off. thomas is a pucky. longoria's first of the season. two batters later, it's jaak peterson. he stays red hot , his fourth home run in about 16 hours. it's a two run shot into the arcade. he's got 10 r b. i s to which his manager can
10:55 pm
only say wow, rimsky homers in the second to make it ate nothing. and then longoria goes deep again. officer pucky, who gave up nine runs in an inning and a third and his major league debut as a starter, nine giants they're rolling, but you got to give this guy credit. it's just mcneil. he flies into the wall down 9 to 1 to make the catch for the mets. ah in foul territory of donovan walton. left the game later but was said to be okay. but that is a big league play in a losing effort. the giants win 9 to 3. san francisco takes two of three from the east leading new york mets. after three straight losses, the ayes have put together a pair of winds ace fans in seattle on a nice, sunny day, fourth inning. we're scoreless seth brown field and that one is gone off robbie ray , fifth homer of the year for seth brown. up one. nothing
10:56 pm
sixth inning, same score. elvis andres is going deep off ray over the wall and left two run homer. anderson's third of the year is go up three to nothing. and they go on to win it four to oakland takes two of three from seattle host the rangers tomorrow. it's all about the warriors right now, and they will earn a trip back to the nba finals with a win over the mavs tomorrow night in game five at chase center. one positive to come out of last night's lost to dallas how the reserves cut a 29 point deficit down to just eight in the fourth quarter. the big debate today. should steve kerr have stuck with the reserves the entire fourth since they were the guys who got them back in it or you bring stefan clay back in , which is what steve kerr ended up doing no right answer after the game, steph praised moody, jonathan commingle and the rest of the second unit for making a game out. it was fun to watch.
10:57 pm
um. it's fun to watch them. just compete. find a little rhythm, a little chemistry. and give us some life and you know that's what they're and they're out there to do. it was it was just awesome to watch. four time major champion brooks kept to and longtime heat fan jimmy buffett in miami tonight for game five versus the celtics. this was a close game for about three quarters. al horford, the celtics six ft nine center, taking himself with the lay up on the foul. horford had 16 the bench loves it, but the celtics they would go on a 24 to run this one away. former calbert jalen brown sores in for the slam. bam out of bio says let me get out of the way he wants no part of that poster. brown finished with a game high 25 points. celtics win 93 to 80 to take a 32 lead in the series. they can earn a trip to the
10:58 pm
finals with a win at home on friday. it's no secret. charles barkley likes to take some shots at the warriors. but up until now. it's been mainly fun and games last night, he kind of up the ante a little bit. bad thing about all this rain. it's not raining in san francisco to clean up the 30th street they got there. oh you know what a good service cisco, you know, it's a great city, but all that dirtiness and homelessness y'all, man, y'all gotta clean it off the streets. i wish it because it's raining. no doubt san francisco has its share of problems, but i don't know i'm more of a barkley trash talking the team not so much the city. it's like i can talk about my sister. i don't know if i want you to talk about my sister. alright sacramento versus san jose in soccer, a berth in the quarter finals of the u. s open cup at stake. and we had an upset here. sacramento republic with the corner kick, luiz felipe fernandez heads at home
10:59 pm
one nothing. sacramento who plays in the tier two united soccer league, compared to the quake. she's playing the highest league. the mls sacramento wasn't done. 83rd minute. still one nothing when rodrigo lopez dribbles in and unleashes a powerful shot into the back of the net that puts the underdogs up two to nothing, and that's how it ends. sacramento advances to the final eight of this national competition, which we began with 103 teams. colin kaepernick, finally getting a workout with an nfl team. it's the las vegas raiders, who reportedly had kaepernick in for a workout today, which would be his first for any nfl team since 2000 and 17 when the seahawks gave him a look. kaepernick hasn't played since 2000 and 16 . that was the year he started kneeling during the national anthem and in case you're wondering nick mullens is the current raiders back up and coming up at about 25 minutes. we have a national champion
11:00 pm
crowned a local college team in golf at 11. 27 jason. thank you next at 11. i knew we would be coming together. here tonight and today and i would we would be asked questions. i had no answers. searching for answers for a heartbroken community. faith leaders try to offer words of comfort at a vigil in texas tonight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the community of vivaldi, texas, in mourning tonight over the 19 children and two teachers shot and killed at an elementary school there yesterday. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach tonight we are learning more about the victims, most of whom were nine or 10 years old. our coverage begins with fox's lauren blanchard live in texas. with the story, lauren. hi mike. julie we are now outsid


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