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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 26, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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freshman. we're the first class to enter lowell on a lottery system instead of the long time process based on test scores and grades. of course, there's really no way of knowing how challenges with distance learning in the pandemic may have affected the students or their grades. there are no words that can offer. that will be able to express the profound loss. that we experienced last year. today marks one year since the mass shooting at the wta yard in san jose. we're taking you to the south bay with look at the ceremony that's remembering those we lost in the tragedy. love. you're doing it for anybody. 19 children killed in their fourth grade classroom in texas. we're now learning more about the young lives lost as their family members grieve their deaths will also tell you why. some questioned the police response to the shooting. also we as a society are failing. when our children are being
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shot. and killed in these schools. but the question is what's being done to fix it. lawmakers in california and beyond call for solutions congress that's constantly deadlocked on ways to prevent such tragedies. and good morning . today is thursday. may 26th we're looking live at san francisco and the bay bridge. it's going to be cooler today. a lot of people have been waiting for the cooler weather and we just have to get right to the top story. one of our top stories this morning and today marks one year since the mass shooting at the wta yard in san jose, that light oriel yard, nine transit workers were killed that day. and attempt employee who witnessed the attack died by suicide after returning to work and ktvu is amended. quintana is in san jose to show how we are. those victims are being remembered today, amanda. yes we'll sell. there is a series of events today to honor those 10 lives lost. the first one was
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here. it was a private memorial in the yard. it was a candlelight vigil. really just for the employees of vita and the families of those employees and the employees who were killed in that shooting now to honor their coworkers, a group of employees also built in eternal flame, and it took them months to design and weld that special tribute. that torch was made to officially be lit at that memorial today, and it was used to light some of the first candles at the vigil. the san jose city council chambers honored the victims this week with a moment of silence and the names of each victim were read aloud, the city also officially proclaimed today as a day of remembrance. this week's mass shooting in texas, also heavy on many hearts here today. for anybody who's been to through such a traumatic event to lose a loved one as the families of the men did that every single time
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there's another event. it's triggering for them. and even today, you know, some families came and some didn't and everybody has a different way of processing grief, and our goal has to be to create as many opportunities and avenues for people to do that as possible in a way that's healthy and safe for them. the victims were all vita employees, bus and light rail operators, mechanics lineman and an assistant superintendent. two weeks ago, the wta demolished building be where most of the victims were shot and killed in an effort to support the emotional needs of the employees who experience this tragedy. there were nearly 100 people in the yard that day . the sienna clara county district attorney is also hosting a memorial at the new 5 26 resiliency center. that's a place that was expanded after the shooting to bring counseling and workshops to first responders affected community members and families of the victims. the center helps raise
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awareness about workplace violence and that public memorial will begin at nine this morning. we do have someone there so we will bring that to you later this morning and tonight, the city hall rotunda. will light up. it will be lit up in white, light blue and blue. those are the colors of the vita and says you should also be aware that some of their services will be impacted today because of these memorials planned today. this morning, i was told there were nine employees who didn't come in today, either they wanted to attend that memorial, or they just needed to take a mental health day to deal with the significance of this anniversary , so there are a few trains that are not in service today. the vita hopes that people give them patience and understand that this is a very important day for them to be together, be able to remember their coworkers that they lost. and there were a lot
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of people here today that we saw attend this private memorial live in san jose amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. amanda thank you this morning. we're learning more about the 19 children and two teachers killed in tuesday's mass shooting at a texas elementary school. that community is coming together trying to heal. reporter madeline rivera has the latest from uvalde, texas. this is a community still coming to grips with the unimaginable. but amid the grief questions are being raised about the police response . don't cry. i'm so sorry. brought in the wake of the massacre at rob elementary school as a heartbroken community starts to cope. with the loss of so many young students and longtime educators before the gunman barricaded himself inside 1/4 grade classroom and started shooting. this teacher saw him pass by nice kids were huge. i thought him friends. and to protect my
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children as details emerge about how the massacre unfolded, new questions are being raised about the police response, witnesses saying angry parents gathered outside. we're begging authorities to rush into the school. as gunshots could be heard the timeline of events revealing it could have been as long as one hour before border patrol teams arrived, breach at the door and killed the shooter . i wasn't looking at my watch. we did everything we could, and we evacuated myself and my chief deputy and a couple. other officers evacuated some classrooms. tight knit community is mourning the immense loss with more than 1000 neighbors leaning on each other and their faith during their toughest time hearts are broken. but you know what i also know and also believed god's heart is broken. hoping to bring comfort to the community. president biden and first lady joe biden will be visiting victims families in the coming days attacked us mother of era fox two news so while
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it's difficult for many of us to comprehend this tragedy, it's even more challenging for children with us now is cognitive behavioral therapist caitlin soleil with more on how to really cope with this, caitlin. thank you so much for joining us this morning. yes thanks for having me. we're talking about how to talk to your kids. but there's another element here that we often miss, and that's how do parents get through this? what are some of the impacts on adults setter? we aren't often talked about when we hear about the tragedies like that unfolded at the school. yes absolutely. so one of the most important things that we have to recognize his parents is that caring for ourselves is so important at a time like this. i know that sounds vague and almost impossible to do at this , you know time, but what's important is that we have to realize that we can't show up well for our children if we aren't showing up for ourselves. so engaging in our normal self care activities. whether that's you know our own therapy sessions whether that's going for walks, whether that's
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connecting with friends and having fun with our kids. it's so important that we care for ourselves in that way to recognize that if this feels hard, it's because it is hard and so give yourself a lot of grace. care for yourself. that way, you'll be able to come into the conversation with your child in a way that's more intentional and thoughtful, and that's what i wanted to drill to the bottom of because we always say, how do you talk to your kids, but but the parents need to be in that space. so what are some of the most uncomplicated ways that the parents themselves can stave off the strong emotions? the reaction is that it has to seeing what we saw unfold this week. yes so i already mentioned self care which i know is an ongoing process and something that we kind of have to engage in daily. but a couple like practical things you can do is really focused on grounding or self first before you step into this conversation if you can even taking a couple of deep breaths to calm your own nervous system down will help you be able to approach this with your
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child in the way that's more calm. clear and concrete because that's what children need. they don't need us to be robotic and pretend like we don't have feelings, but they need us to be sturdy and steady and to be open to hearing their questions and listening as well. so a couple of deep breaths can really help calm our nervous system down and get us out of that kind of hyper vigilant, um, highly emotional state that we're all suffering and struggling with right now, you talk about com. as one of the main issues here, we might not realize that i think at the time that as we're watching the developments unfold here that it's causing anxiety in us as adults and especially appearance as well. and i guess kids can feed off of that emotion as well. they can sense it. absolutely kids are constantly getting their cues from us and so again, while we're not expected to not feel our feelings or be robotic, we do want to be calm and one way that we can do that is by making sure that we're asking our children what they've heard how they
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understand it, so we're not projecting our own. anxiety or feelings on them or amplifying their feelings by just listening and keeping our open mind and open hearts. part so one of your recommendations is that you really stand that stands out to me is here is not lying to your child about the world being a safe place, but really, how do you cushion the blow of such a harsh reality for such a young mind? yes it is the hardest thing as a parent myself. i'm a therapist. i'm a mental health expert. but i'm also a parent. and so i know how impossible it feels to sit in front of your kids and say it's okay. you're safe, right? like i wish we could say that 100% confidence, but we can't. here's what we can say we can say. you know your dad and i are your you know your people who love you. we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. the community wants to keep you safe and we're going to do everything we can and then talk to them about the processes that are in place at their school. the support that's available, so you're able to be
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honest with them well, providing reassurance because kids do need reassurance right now. they need to know that in this moment there, okay and that's the most important thing. we can get across to them. they learned that from their parents, not necessarily don't intuitively know that right? another point you made is to listen your child , even when what they're saying is hard to hear us. so what do you mean by that, where the volley shooting is concerned? absolutely so. i have an example yesterday. um, when i talked to my eight year old daughter about it, she asked me, mommy, did anybody die? and that was a really hard question for me to answer. um and i said yes, some people did die. i was very concrete and direct about it. i felt my feelings start to rise, but i wanted to be honest with her. and then i asked her if she had any follow up questions, and i told her i would be there to talk. so that's a good example of answering their questions honestly and allowing yourself to also sit with your feelings. it's okay if you get teary eyed and start to cry again. our kids
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don't need us to pretend like we don't have feelings about us about this. they just need us. to be able to show up for them. caitlyn solano, cognitive behavioral therapist. thank you so much for joining us providing your insight into this very important topic this morning. we appreciate thank you coming up on mornings onto the nine. we're now marking two years since the death of george floyd up next how the minneapolis community paid tribute as they reflect on how far police reforms. have come. also ahead. relief is on its way for families dealing with the baby formula shortage. we're talking live with an expert about when those next shipments are coming. what shipments are coming. what parents who rely on wic can do what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks.
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more in taxes. right now, all companies pay a flat tax rate. supporters of the plan, including the oakland chamber of commerce, say the current tax structure is outdated and say the new proposal could bring in between 30 to $40 million in new revenue for the city. developers at the former concord naval weapons station will have more time to finalize their proposal . the city council decided to give the group until the end of january to update their development timeline. the 5000 acre development will be one of the largest in recent memory. it's set to have 13,000 housing units, millions of square feet of commercial space and a new east bay regional park. the move to the criminal. ask jake. walking here in california is a step closer to reality. this morning, the state assembly approved the bill to prohibit police officers from stopping a pedestrian for jaywalking. alas, it's clear there's a risk of a collision with a moving vehicle . assembly member phil ting says he wrote the bill because jaywalking is arbitrarily enforced in california and
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people of color and those in lower income communities are ticketed more often than the general public. the bill now heads to the senate for consideration. let's get over to steve paulson with a look at today's weather. i think a lot of us are happy. it's a little cooler. as i say, i bounded that west wind and when that kicked in yesterday, garcia, there you go. yes so it's here. the west southwest wind that onshore when and a big fog bank remember there was very little fog, but it was flying up the coast yesterday. well it's made a huge impact now, so temperatures are on their way down santa rosa again. i've seen this before. i've seen things you people wouldn't believe santa rosa dropping 25 30 degrees. i've seen that before. from 93 to 68 hayward, 86 to 66 wallet creek. 99 yesterday. 76 today that's more like it in san jose 93 to 74 look at the time. there you go. santa rosa is now down 24 degrees compared to this time yesterday. almost everyone is double digits colder, so i'll
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stick with that. 25 to 30 degrees cooler in santa rosa today with 10 to 20 everywhere else. fifties on most attempts at this time yesterday think brentwood was 81. there's 66 now , uh, still some sixties here, but with that breeze and that deeper fog bank and the cold goldwater here 47 49 51. they actually came up a teeny bit. i expect him to go down again as the northwest wind kicks back in. fairfield 37 gusta 41 extra . hold on the hair spray. hang on, baby. napa has a west southwest conquered as a west. we're done. it's sal would say it's sold out. when fairfield gets a west southwest of 41. they will be cooler. everyone will be cool. 50 60 seventies that system moving into the north. a series of them are on the way. this one will give us cooler conditions. fog has returned. as you know. onshore wind cooler by 2025 degrees breezy to windy. there will be another system late friday saturday could give some rain mendocino county north again possibility of not only windy conditions on the lake but also driving up 50 and 80 on friday.
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maybe some showers, thundershowers and tahoe truckee on saturday and late sunday. monday could be some snow and them there, hills above 7000 ft and memorial that you're doing it doing it to me again, steve. yes, i know. i know. it's a tradition up there. 50 60 seventies on the temps cooler, plus windy takes us into the weekend. you guys steve. thank you so much. coming up on mornings onto the nine lawmakers are making moves to prevent a mass shooting here in california . one proposal calls for school officials to report received threats. the other ideas around the docket plus san francisco mayor london breed could get some extra time in office up next, the proposed change to the city's election schedule that could make a big shakeup.
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they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. sinf george floyd by a minneapolis police officer. two years after his death, a new bill was unveiled in a sign was unveiled at the sight of his killing. theories now known as george floyd square, floyd's brother,
9:21 am
and we're at the unveiling. earlier there was a rally outside the governor's mansion in st paul. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is serving 22 years in prison for floyd's murder. let's talk more about this with the host of foxholes, the black report. we talked with her every week, and it's good to see you again. good morning, daniel lobo. wonderful to see you yet again. garcia hope you're having a wonderful day. so far. it's okay. there's a lot going on in this world as you know, and you've been reporting on let's focus on the nation marking two years since the police killing of george floyd we heard from president biden yesterday he signed an order that affects federal police does not affect local police departments. there was a lot of talk in the days, weeks and months after george floyd's killing about police reform, defunding the police making major changes. what are your viewers say about that effort and where it stands today? well, garcia. that's a wonderful question, and i'm so happy that we're still talking about this years later, because it is something that we're going to need to talk about, and continue talking about years to come. because george floyd's death it
9:22 am
was a pinnacle for the black community and i opening moment that racism still exist, and also that black that white police officers are not regarding our black lives. and so president biden signing this order. was very good. it was good to hear coming from the president, but it's not affecting the local police officers. that is a big problem because we talk about derek chauvin being one bad apple in the police department. the whole entire police department all of minneapolis, minnesota, needs a complete overhaul, and so that is who needs to be affected is the local police departments and so residents in minnesota in minneapolis? still do not feel safe. and so we are congratulating president biden on one hand for signing this order, but the local police departments are the ones that really need to be changed from the inside out. no the minneapolis police department is still in the process of making those changes. many departments here in the bay area also sort of looking within themselves and considering what to do in making changes as well. let's talk about the personal aspect of this because i mean, i'm i'm i'm
9:23 am
in my mid forties and for the first time in my life, i heard words like ally ship. the idea of being anti racist. these were things that we talked about. we went to rallies. we message your friends. we have deep conversations that was also at a height two years ago. it's been a while since i've been invited to those rallies or since i've even had those talks and use those words with some friends. garcia you just i got chills. honestly hearing you say that it is so beautiful to hear you say that because you're absolutely right. the word ally ally ship was pretty much the word of the year the last couple of years and so we've used it a lot with our white american friends that have been rallying with us and coming to protest and it's been lovely to see. and i'm just really so thankful that you acknowledge the fact that it has been a struggle because it is a struggle on for the black americans. for us to feel like we don't want to feel like every white american in the world does not care for us and so ally ship a big work and wonderful that you were out protesting. but again, you know what has started
9:24 am
to die down a little bit, and in the years, but the reality of it is that there's gonna be another black death because nothing really has truly happened. yes derek chauvin is behind bars. but he's not the only police officer that has done that. we've talked about so many stories where the prawn position is a term that we learned a lot about with. which is how derek chauvin, um technically killed george floyd. and so we've seen so many cases over and over and over again, where police officers are still using the proposition in not even in minneapolis in other parts of the world, and so until the police departments all the police departments. every single police department gets an overhaul from the inside out. we're really not going to see change. because guess what, god , you went to the protest. we went to the protest. there's going to be another death that happens in another month, another year, and we're gonna be doing repeating the cycle over and over again, and really, we're not going to see any change until it's done from the inside out. and, yeah, i mean, look, just last week, you and i talked here on the nine about the mass shooting at the
9:25 am
supermarket in buffalo, where investigators say the gunman drove a couple hours from his home and targeted that neighborhood in particular, because it had so many black people living there as we're learning and talking more about trauma and just layers of trauma when it comes from the pandemic , police shootings what happened in buffalo? i imagine your viewers i hear this word. exhausted that they're carrying this heavy load. have you talked sort of in a broad sense with reviewers. absolutely garcia, you are hitting all the nails on the head this morning again chills after hearing you say that as well. we are exhausted. we are traumatized. we are triggered seeing this over and over and over again, you know, i was talking. we were talking on our show just yesterday about the buffalo shooting. specifically just imagine the little boys and little the little girls who go to that tops. grocery store who used to go to the grocery store walked past the grocery store. buffalo is a very, very, very small town, and so it's six degrees of separation from one person to another. i called one of my personal friends to see to check on him because he's affiliated
9:26 am
with the person to another. it's just very, very tight knit. and so you know, i'm just imagining that the trauma that the little boys and little girls are going to have to go through. and just imagine, and their days and years to come knowing that someone targeted them because they were african american, and you're still since we're talking about mass shootings. we have to, of course, acknowledge all of all of their lives lost as well in the you've already texas, mass shooting as well. um i don't want viewers to think that all you cover on the black report is devastation and trauma. you highlight some incredible people doing great work in their communities, and i want to bring some of that to the forefront. now you talked about some gentlemen the construction kings, they are making changes with their own bare hands. mhm. yes they are. and so absolutely the black report. you're absolutely right. it's not just about trauma and triggering situations and talking about black death. we definitely highlight some beautiful stories. and this is literally just one morsel of the beautiful stories that we highlight the construction kings. i interviewed them yesterday. making waves in the
9:27 am
community on the construction side, giving people a way to make money for their families and do something positive for the community. and also, they said, something very powerful about. it's a selling market right now. and don't sell your grandmother or your grandfather's house because i was considering it, but they're like, hey, hold on to that property and just giving the black community because there's a disparity when it comes to the wealth that we own and the wealth that our counterparts white americans own and so they're just giving us some beautiful gems for the black community to hold on to and to be able to try to close the racial wealth gap. and it was a beautiful, beautiful interview, and i'm so happy that we were able to highlight them here as well. and i'm so proud of you for your good work and the fact that we get to talk every week, so demi will will have to leave it here. but i look forward to another talk next week here on the nine same same same garcia. thank you so much. have a great week and i'll see you next week. thank you. san francisco supervisors are debating a proposal to change election days to increase voter participation. supporters want to move the elections of several city offices, including mayor from
9:28 am
odd number years to even number of years. voter turnout is normally larger at that time because of the presidential races and midterm elections. this proposal to change the city would have to change the city charter and push back the mayor's race from next year to 2024. would also lower the number of signatures needed to put an initiative on the ballot if at least six supervisors approved the idea it would go to a public vote in november. as we approach the memorial day weekend, the union representing national park police officers telling people to stay away from some of san francisco's biggest tourist attractions. union leaders say they do not have enough staff to adequately protect the city's beaches and other popular sites. they say the core issue revolves around the hiring and retention of park police officers. they say their officers start making close to around $68,000 per year. while separatist so police officers have a starting salary of about $92,000 per year. it's our mission to make sure that the public is safe. and part of that is to let them know what they're what they're risking when they
9:29 am
come to visit the san francisco parks. the u. s park. police released a statement in response, saying, quote we are disappointed to see these misleading claims that don't represent the facts or reality on the ground us. ppe current staffing in san francisco includes patrol officers detectives, identification technicians, canine officers and horse mounted officers, all of whom worked to keep the public safe. so many questions remain about the school shooting tragedy in texas coming up on mornings onto the nine my parents are criticizing how police responded to the scene. plus we're marking one year since tragedy struck a yard in san jose up next james torres gives us a glimpse into how the dispatchers from san jose police stayed calm in the middle of that
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gooo the nine. it's thursday. may 26 it is a busy busy day, a lot to process here in the bay area and beyond. let's start with what's happening in texas. the scene of vivaldi, texas, is still one of grief counselors, ministers and therapy dogs are in that town, working to comfort the grieving community, a mass shooting at an elementary school this week left 19 children and two teachers dead in a single fourth grade classroom. ktvu sally rasmus live now to explain where there are many questions now from the victim's parents, ali about what responding officers did and didn't do. garcia the texas department of public safety confirms that all of the 19 children killed were fourth graders in the same classroom. we want to show you their photos this morning, all of them. between the ages of eight and 10 years old, also pictured here, the two teachers who died in that same classroom when a gunman locked himself inside and started shooting. this morning. there are 19 white crosses
9:33 am
outside rob elementary school where this massacre happened. and you've all the texas the father of one of the victims. jacqueline casares spoke to reporters late last night about his immense grief. and disbelief about what happened. he shared this picture of his daughter at her first communion last year. full of love as your do you do for anybody, and to me it's a firecracker rescues using it comforts me a little bit. you think that should be the one that helps her friendly nini? jacinto caceres and the other parents of the victims are raising questions about the police response to the shooting. cassara says he and several other parents felt helpless, waiting outside the school kept away from the scene while they could hear shooting still going on inside. the parents and other onlookers urged police to go inside the building and stop it about 40 minutes passed before a group of border patrol agents were finally able to get inside the classroom where the massacre happened. and they shot the
9:34 am
gunman. the sheriff defended his officer's actions. law enforcement officers say they tried to go in but were met with gunfire. i wasn't looking at my watch. we did everything we could, and we evacuated myself and my chief deputy and a couple . other officers evacuated some classrooms. as for the air 15 assault weapon the gunman used it had been bought the week before by that gunman legally when he turned 18, which is the legal age now to own one of those weapons in texas. he has no known criminal record or background of mental illness. however law enforcement agencies are reporting that at least three direct messages were sent by the gunman to someone on social media, indicating he planned to shoot up an elementary school. facebook has not said who those messages were sent to but along with the 19 children and two teachers killed 17. other people were injured, many of them still in the hospital, including the gunman zone, grandmother. who he shot right before committing the massacre at the elementary
9:35 am
school. so andre and garcia will send it back to you, ellie. thank you. we're just getting word from the senate gop. the republicans in the senate blocked domestic terrorism bill that would have open debate on gun measures after the texas shooting one of the many issues in congress right now, meantime , barry congressman mike thompson is trying to once again. pushed through legislation to expand background checks nationwide. for people who buy guns. congressman thompson has pushed for this for years, and he hopes this latest tragedy will finally influence enough republicans in the senate. to vote for the bill. it would expand background check requirements nationwide to include all guns sold at gun shows and online. you know, and if the senate republicans don't like my bill, or they should put a bill up, they should come forward with some ideas on how to make sure that our children are safe. here in california. universal background checks on guns are already required in petaluma, the owner of sportsman's arms, says he is not fighting against the proposed
9:36 am
federal law. i don't have a problem with it if that's something that we can do. why not give it a shot? congressman thompson says the legislation still need 10 more votes to get a debate on the senate floor. california lawmakers say the texas school shooting is even more reason for them to increase gun control here. here we are mourning the murder of children again. nothing has changed. we grieve, we mourn again. but let's be very clear unless we take action and political leaders take real responsibility . we will continue to grieve and more. several gun control proposals could be debated by state lawmakers before the end of this term, including a requirement that school officials report received or perceived threats of mass shootings to law enforcement and restricting the marketing of guns to minors. governor newsom said that gun laws already on the books have made a difference. those states like
9:37 am
california. that have the most progressive policies. in restricting the abuse and proliferation of guns have consistently outperformed other states in terms of gun murder rates and gun death rates. the governor hopes lawmakers will pass the bills and have the entire state of bills ready for his signature by the end of the month. so while the nation warns what happened in texas we reported at the top of the nine about today's ceremonies marking one year since the vita really heart attack. that was the day a transit employee opened fire on his own coworkers, killing nine of them. a 10 person died by suicide after returning to work. for the first time. now we're hearing from the 911 dispatchers who took those emergency calls for help. that's right. or james torres joins us now in studio after sitting down with those call takers, james, how are they? looking back? on this day? such a heavy week? i really heavy week with just some of these headlines, and for that to happen just two days before the
9:38 am
anniversary that we're experiencing today, you can imagine plenty of emotions for many of these call takers, and it all started minutes before some of them were supposed to clock out for the day. others had just started their shift when calls for an active shooter came in. but when it comes to staying calm and getting help, well, that's all part of their years of training. we're going to show you an example of that, with calls from san jose's dispatch center never heard before. is anyone shot? yes i think eight people. eight people are shot. yeah should we go in there? no no, no, no. go back and see if they're okay. no, no, no. you stay where you are. where are you located? i'm outside. and of course, part of that is making sure that the callers are in a safe space. there is no doubt every detail about that day is incredibly emotional, but those emotions don't hit until well after the call hangs up to become a call taker. here's what it takes with the san jose police department. recruits go through eight weeks of dispatch academy, then another 15 weeks of rotations on the floor to get the feel they listen to real calls. they hear real emergencies to make sure
9:39 am
that they know it's important. that the recruits understand their actions and their thinking determines a caller safety call takers. i spoke to say when they answer the calls from vt. employees felt nervous, but immediately fell back on trading. your voice is calm. you have to put on that persona. but in the inside your basically like. oh, my gosh, this is really happening in the moment. you're not like that in the moment you have a job to do, and you need to be strong for them, and you do that job. interesting here is that we often think about the police officers. we think about the employees who witnessed this, but we never really think about the 911 employees. so it is interesting to see this angle of things, but i did want to talk to you about something we discussed earlier while talking about the story, he said 911 only received six calls about this incident. i was there that day. this was crazy day. lots of people running around everywhere. lots of police surprised to see that only six calls actually came in. to that dispatch center. why is that? you know the county has a
9:40 am
number of different dispatch centers. you have the fire department dispatch center you have seen as a police dispatch center. you said a cleric county center. the ta has its own kind of version of that as well. so when it comes to the calls that actually filtered in to send jose police that were specific to the shooting incident. yeah they only received six calls, and that kind of makes sense, at least when they explained it to me because it was employees within the two buildings where the gunman was walking in and out of so once those employees were making those calls, they were notifying other employees. that number one was already reached. that help was on the way. at that point, there were all just making sure each of them was getting to a point where they can consider themselves safe. absolutely. and back to the original point we're talking about is the emotional toll it takes on people. we talked about the victims in this case and the police officers that were involved. but what about the mental health of these workers? is that addressed on a regular basis. and what do they tell you about the emotional toll this takes on them? you know, it doesn't camaraderie right with each of these number one dispatch call takers. some of the ones i spoke to that you
9:41 am
just heard from a moment ago say that after they took that call. that first woman took the very first call that came in. some of her colleagues came up and said you okay? did you handle that? alright i mean, are you all right? and a lot of them were checking in on each other all throughout the day. all throughout that phone call pieces of actual official mental health care. i know. the san jose police department offers not just those dispatch call takers, but their officers as well. part of this mental health network, where they have unlimited visits to mental health specialist that they can take advantage of that any point of the year and then those call takers themselves kind of take it upon themselves. they say that they have a gym downstairs from where their call center is so some of them will take a couple minutes away from their computer, especially if they take a call. that seems to be especially stressful as you can imagine, like that one with the vita shooting go for five minutes a five minute walk, 10 minute walk on the treadmill. they may just go outside and get some fresh air as well. so these guys are very good knowing when their limits are reached, and when they need to take a break a different take on the vita
9:42 am
shooting. james would look forward to your story and that is coming up tonight. the full story at five o'clock. will move now to the ongoing baby formula shortage. lawmakers on capitol hill grill, the fda commissioner about the federal government's response, as millions of parents are anxious, their babies won't get the nutrition they need. the hearing came as thousands of pounds of baby formula was coming into the united states from europe. it's part of the biden administrations operation fly formula. representatives fromt also facedlaming the shortage on the closure of abbott's michigan plant in february due to safety concerns. abbott says it will reopen that plant early next month and the baby formula from the plant should start reaching store shelves about 62 weeks after the plant reopens. let's talk more about this by welcoming natalie meltzer. she's the supervising public health nutritionist for the san mateo county, wic women, infants and children nutrition program. thanks for being with us, natalie. hi good morning. thank
9:43 am
you for having me. of course, it's such an important topic. the families use servants, mateo county. what are they saying about the formula shortage? mm um, well, we are hearing that families are having a hard time finding the formula at the grocery store, so we are very affected by this shortage. do you have formula to give them or what do you say to that mom or dad who calls and says look on my last half a can. i don't know what to do. mhm um, well, something that the wic program has done recently as offered more flexibilities and what we are what our families can redeem from the store. so typically, we have really strict guidelines on the size of the can or the type of the formula they can purchase. so just this week, the california wic program expanded what they can actually redeem. yeah and you know about half of all the formula bought in this country is bought through wic recipients, so it really is affecting those people. who might have a hard time driving,
9:44 am
you know to a neighboring town to find what target has on its shelves, or, you know when you talk about resources is not just money. it's a car. it's bus fare. it's time to go get the formula your baby needs. can you give us sort of a fuller picture of the families you serve? oh absolutely, um, well with the wic program, they can only purchase formula from, um wick retailers, so we're encouraging our families to go online. um and using the like a company websites to locate the formula. they can also call the uic offices because we are contacting our grocery stores daily to figure out who has the formula in stock. our families can also contact their pediatrician offices, contact food banks or even something that's been more popular lately has been contacting donor breast milk. thanks. we have noticed that there is an increase in the amount of, uh families who are actually donating their breast milk that formula feeding families can use. i know that there are milk banks here in the
9:45 am
bay area elsewhere whose screen their applicants test the milk. there's a lot of talk on facebook and twitter of hey, i've got some freezer milk if anybody needs it out there. what do you say about that sort of exchange. mhm um well, i cannot promote anything that is through social media, but i think through proper channels, um, contacting like fda approved donor milk site that would be safe. it is expensive, though. so i think before families, um, need to, like, stretch the resources a little bit. they need to determine how urgently they need the formula. we are getting questions from pregnant moms who are asking for formula and what my message to like pregnant moms or parents who have infants that are like getting closer to one year old, um, try to keep the formula on the shelves for the families that urgently need it. don't don't don't buy more than you need. it's a good measured message for us all. finally
9:46 am
something new this week, a doctor with the american academy pediatrics recently approved the use of whole cow's milk. you know, basically what i put in my coffee every day. to replace formula for babies older than six months and only four short time if needed. what do you say about this kind of substitution ? i know i've also seen some homemade formula recipes floating around out there. mhm okay, well, first i can talk a little bit about the homemade substitution. um the homemade substitution for formula are not save formula is made in a factory for a reason, and scientists have put together this the components and they're actually trying to make a recipe that's closest to breast milk. so trying to make your own formula at home is not safe. um, you could make something that is too high in one nutrient or too low in another. so please do not try to make formula at home, um as far as using whole milk for a short period of time. um i do not think that is safe. um i
9:47 am
think every infant has an individualized situation. so if you're hearing this from pediatricians for infants that are older than six months, this this sound like very specific situations, and i cannot generally say that that is safe as a registered dietitian. i mean, look, let me tell you when i had my two babies we were in dr blue stein's officer on the phone with him. it just seemed every other day, so that that local pediatrician is key, as is the local wic office. so natalie melzer from san mateo counties, which program i appreciate your joining us. this is, um we've talked about for quite a while, and it is still ongoing. so thank you for all your help. thank you course. alright. still to come on mornings onto the nine of here itching for a vacation this weekend? we might have a trip for you. pal states tahoe has extended its ski season. through memorial day and up next we're talking live with someone from the resort
9:48 am
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from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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las, snowboard. you're in luck palisades. tahoe has extended its season through memorial day weekend and with us now is cat walton from the resort. good morning, cat. happy to hear that you can still get up there this weekend. good morning. yes we are so excited. this is our last weekend of operations will be on the schedule friday. saturday sunday and a bonus day of monday. memorial day. i'm not i gotta be honest, i probably would bring the rocks keys as a skis that i don't care about getting damaged, but you know, i have those. what else do i need to know? yeah the upper mountain is open for skiing and riding only so you won't be writing that dirt behind me. there is some snow higher up on the mountain and our operations are
9:51 am
from 8 to 2 30 to allow for better conditions this year, so get an early start because i'll send the conditions are best. how many of the other resorts around there are open. you can still going to see a ski scene, so to speak, or is this really what are you guys just kind of like the last ones who are going to give some of the skiers last run? we are proud to be the last resort open in tahoe, so everybody who's itching for those last turns of the season can come on up to palisades tahoe and enjoy memorial day weekend with their skis. so okay . aside from the pass holders that you know they can get up there. let's just say that there's a real last minute person who wants to get up there for the first time to palisades. is it going to be? you know, what is i know palisades has a lot of advanced runs. but thi wn open, so if you're coming up for the very first time, this really isn't the best weekend to learn
9:52 am
how to ski. we don't have any lessons, but we do have a variety of terrain open so if you're comfortable on your skis now how to get down. it's a great weekend to get out and enjoy the snow. if you're not much of a skier, we also have the maidan childhood festival this weekend so you can stay in the base area. enjoy all the local artisans. some live music, beer and wine while your friends are out skiing and join up with them after 2 30 when the slopes closed a cat one last question here. you kind of answered it. when you know people who don't ski. i have other things to do. how do you pivot from here on out? what is palisades offered during the spring and summer? yes so after today we will be closed until june 18th when our summer season begins, our aerial tram is still open for sightseeing. you've got lots of hiking trails up there. you can see the lake. you hike high enough in the mountains, and we also have a bike path that is available with bike rentals. here it follows. the truckee river is a great time for everyone. all right. well, you know what? thanks for that. yeah
9:53 am
you and palisades for staying open for those of us who just want one more time. and then just a little bit of powder. here it is at almost the end of may so thanks. and i hope you have a good weekend up there. thank you hope to see you up there. all right. before we get to the weekend, we will have to get through the big game warriors can punch their ticket to the nba finals tonight with a win against the dallas mavericks . you know, i believe in the jinx, so i'm going to say okay, i'm not. no, no definitive language. next that we do know we're going to hear from star stephon curry
9:54 am
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as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. cise of decrease in population of all major u. s cities during the early part of the pandemic, the city saw more than 6% of its residents move out. new york had the second highest at 3.5% several bay area cities saw some of the largest outward migrations. daly city was third in the country cemetery was
9:57 am
fourth. san jose was ninth and sunnyvale was 11th. all across the us teachers at san francisco's lowell high school gave a significantly higher number of less than average grades during the fall semester , according to the san francisco chronicle. there were 206 120 students. in the freshman class and nearly 25% of them received at least one f or degrade. that compares to less than 8% during 2019 2020. the change coincides with the first freshman class with admissions. based on a lottery instead of test scores and grades, but it's hard to tell if it was due to the change or because of the challenges with distance learning and the pandemic. san francisco school district now changing some of its job titles out of cultural respect. chronicle reports that from now on the district will not use the word chief in connection with any work level. officials say there have been discussions among the 10,000 district employees with a wide variety of opinions. but they say, since members of the native
9:58 am
american community were concerned over the use of that word. it will retire it. the district emphasizes that it is not diminishing the contributions of people who formerly had a title, including the word chief. the number of people going to colleges in this country is down for the fifth semester in a row. the national student clearinghouse shows enrollment dropped by more than 660,000 for the current spring semester. that's down 4.7% from spring of 21. of course, the pandemic was largely blamed for the declines in 2020 and 21. but now officials blame concerns about student debt and the changing perception about college being a key to success for the lower numbers we're seeing this year. j center will be rocking tonight for game five of the western conference finals. the warriors are up three games to one against the dallas mavericks. one more warriors victory and they're off to the nba finals. the warriors are undefeated by the way at home in the postseason. a perfect aid and oh, but they'll have to play better defense if they want the street to continue. in the last game eight mavericks players made at least
9:59 am
13 pointer. they really were on fire. it's tough to defend. i know. steph curry credited the warriors bench for helping the team nearly come back from a 29 point deficit. it's fun to watch them. just compete. find a little rhythm, a little chemistry. and give us some life. the winner of this series will face the eastern conference champions. the boston celtics are leading that playoff series three games to two over the miami heat, and just, you know, andre when you're watching the game after threes aren't falling. the warriors. in my humble opinion coaching from the bench, then to go inside to the paint it certainly when you're not seeing that happen, which is probably the best part of watching the game. remember when i first went to one of the games i saw, you know, step drop of those threes, and sometimes they don't fall, though. sometimes they don't fall. but it's awesome to see them happen. i'm looking forward to tonight's game, though. i know you're gonna be up super late, garcia. how about you know not not so
10:00 am
much i mean, like now is the time i usually get involved. i will say my brother held like a neighborhood watch party. he put the game about the garage and like that's what i love about this. that's cool. yeah, people together. thank you so much for ♪ ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ now, here is our special guest host, sherri shepherd. [cheers and applause] >> sherri: oh, my goodness.


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