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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 26, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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lives lost. my hope is we continue to heal and move forward. we will never forget those we've lost or the loved ones they left behind. but we can together make it a better place in memory of them and of the community we serve. after the shooting. the county along with vita created a resiliency center a place to offer therapy counseling and support families of the victims also looking for accountability and change multiple wrongful death lawsuits have been filed. those complaints are against vita as well as the santa clara county sheriff's department. and universal protection service, both of which were contracted to provide security at the rail yard gate reviews. m aghast live for us tonight in the south bay with more from the families and their attorneys, emma make in the last 24 hours. three civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of eight of the families whose loved ones were killed in the mass shooting that happened here one year ago. it could have been prevented. 100% 3. separate
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lawsuits filed in santa clara county superior court alleged the vita and the security company contract id to protect the rail yard employees didn't deliver on the safety measures they were paid millions to provide and ignored red flags in the months leading up to the mass killing. kerry ben bo, who lost her son, 35. year old jose hernandez is one of eight families suing to many red flags that they do. in a separate lawsuit, the family of 63 year old kept lane and overhead line worker who spent more than a decade working for the wta claims that the wta new least january 2020 what the alleged gunman sam cassidy was capable of and didn't act. sam cassidy was a dangerous man. in the vita knew about it. they knew that cassidy was a danger for different people for different
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altercations reports from from people who were asking for help, who are who are warning the bta saying, this is a guy that we think might go postal, the santa clara county sheriff's office and the security company universal protection service are also named in the suit complaint alleges that security standards including mental hector's were promised. but not delivered by the agencies that were in charge of protecting employees. they trusted that that protection that that security was being provided, but it wasn't and that's worse than no security security at all, because it gives because when, when we believe there's security, and we believe we're safe because others are taking care of us and watching out for us. we're not looking over our own shoulders. the attorneys in these cases say the separate suits are likely to be consolidated. the family of 29 year old adrian baeza, the only one not represented in any lawsuit is likely to file a
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complaint in the coming days as well, according to gary william , who represents seven of the nine families beyond seeking damages. these civil cases aimed to be vehicles for change, says the lane family's attorney. lawsuits like this are going to hopefully decrease the likelihood of something like this happening again tomorrow. the wta said in a statement sent ktvu today is about honoring the lives lost a year ago and that the transportation authority would address the lawsuit claims and a more appropriate time. in separate statements, the sheriff's department and allied universal, the parent company for the security contractor, declined to comment on the complaints due to the ongoing litigation. all nine families are scheduled to meet with a mediator. in san francisco on june 15th mike live tonight in san jose. emma thank you for that. also tonight we're hearing from the dispatcher who took that 1st 911 call on the day of the shooting. your voice is calm . you have to put on that persona. but in the inside your
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basically like. oh, my gosh, this is really happening. we will hear more about those moments that put the training of the san jose dispatchers to the test on that tragic day. that story coming up at 5 30, another mass shooting rocked a small texas town this week this evening, parents of the elementary school students who were killed or trying to come to grips with what happened. ktvu is. tom baker joins us now from the studio with the answers they are searching for tom. well, the anger me over guns and the questions about quicker police responses and even with the military, wilder mint over school shooting after shooting after shooting pales under the sheer weight of human grief. cry i'm sorry, trying this rob elementary school teacher stood in front of her students and was ready to die if necessary to protect them kids. i got him a friend. to protect me. children
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21 crosses for the lost children and teachers. memorials like so many others so many times before now, spring up in your body, texas in one balloons with the victim's names are also part of the display. now community members and visitors have been paying their respects. many bring flowers. many become emotional, many kneeling in prayer, respect to the children. and the teachers because. it's very heartbreaking, heartbreaking comforts me a little bit to think that she is the one that helps friendly neiman sadness. it's a little bit of anger that something like this constantly happens. it's frustration that nothing seems to be get being done about it. the parents have one survivor say their daughter saved her own life by coding herself in blood words of comfort. bring very
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little comfort to a devastated town, a place where it should be totally safe to raise kids. our hearts are broken. but you know what i also know and also believe god's heart is broken. i asked god that you be with those who have lost loved ones. may you comfort them father as they mourn two other points. hillcrest memorial funeral home near rob elementary said on facebook, it will be assisting families of these shootings with no cost funerals go fund me page is set up for many of the victims, including one on behalf of all the victims has raised more than $1.5 million. tom baker, ktvu fox to tom. thank you for that more tragedy for the family of irma garcia, one of the two teachers killed in the mass shooting. the garcia family says that her husband, joe garcia, died of an apparent heart attack today. the two were high school sweethearts and were married for 24 years. family members say they were inseparable. they leave behind
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four children to our young adults and two are teenagers. 17 other people were hurt in the mass shooting. the american red cross says blood banks and hospitals are facing the worst shortage in more than a decade, and it's getting harder to treat people when attacks such as this happened. a lot of injured patients are going to need a lot of blood products. they're going to need red cells. some of them might need lightweight if they get very sick blood products are used across the board. and by donating platelets or red cells . you're saving anywhere from a newborn a 18 90 year old gentlemen. the most needed blood type is o negative. it can be used for any type of transfusion. and blood platelets are also desperately needed. help control bleeding for injured people. since the start of the pandemic, there has been a 10% decline in blood donations to the red cross is pleading with americans to donate and help save lives. many parents have been talking with their own children about the school
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shooting in texas and for some breaching the topic. can be a difficult one. foxes austin westfall joins us live tonight with more on the story, austin good evening. mike. good evening talking to this psychologist. that all depends on how old your child is, she says that most important message that you can share with the child right now is that they are safe. take a look at this list that she provided for us. elementary school children need brief and concrete examples like reminding them about exterior doors being locked. how teachers are looking after them while they're on the playground and emergency drills that are being practiced during the school day. but you might be asking how many details should you share with younger children about tragedies like this one child and adolescent psychologist reena patel says that you should talk about things that they understand. it's appropriate to explain what that students and teachers were involved, but death counts may not be as appropriate. her advice is to ask your child what
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they already know about the incident. listen with intent without jumping in to try to finish their sentences and then process that information and then share it in a developmentally appropriate way again. the baseline should be they're safe at home and at school and that their plans in place to make sure that they stay safe. patel says the middle and high schoolers may be more likely to have doubts and ask whether they are truly safe at school, and they may be curious how they can help keep schools safe. here in the charlotte area . mental health counselors at schools are going out of their way to meet students who want to talk about the incident. their schedules are cleared. certainly the administrative folks and our parents understand, and then they will go to the school make themselves available throughout the day. now that was dr nancy turner, who is the director of mental health at rockhill
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schools, she says a common question that kids ask is what does shootings like this happen? she says. it's okay to admit that you don't know the answer to that question. but you're doing your best to understand that yourself. local law enforcement here in the charlotte area are boosting their presence around schools right now, and many more around the country are doing the same thing. in charlotte, austin, westfall ktvu. fox two news the same conversation with my own children just yesterday difficult, but one that needed to be had, and, uh, just reinforce that they are going to be safe. and i'll always be there for them. alright, austin. thank you. u. s. senator alex padilla is calling for action on gun safety legislation. padilla attended a grassroots rally today in washington, d. c along with other members of congress, gun violence, survivors and gun safety supporters. they're demanding more be done in congress on gun safety in the wake of tuesday's mass shooting at the elementary school, and you baldy, texas and the recent mass shootings in buffalo, new york and orange county. yes. we
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offer our condolences. yes we offer our thoughts and prayers. for thoughts and prayers alone is not enough to prevent future tragedies from happening is whas slide. and what we see here. is america rising up and saying enough is enough. today democrats first attempt at responding to the recent mass shootings failed in the senate republicans blocked a domestic terrorism bill that would have opened debate surrounding hate crimes and gun safety. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the texas school shooting. you can also head to our website for the latest information. that's ktvu .com. some parents in the east bay say they've been left in the dark after a middle school girl is harassed by a man with a knife on her way to school coming up
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at 5 30 what those parents say the school and police failed to do. a significant temperature dropped today again. how much cooler can it get? we'll have that forecast coming up. also had the fleet of the future arriving in the bay area coming up a cleaner and faster option for bay area travelers. but first we're taking you live out to the chase center where we do have reporters both on the court. and in thrive city as the warriors get said to possibly punch that ticket to the nba finals. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth,
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knoy from tip off and with the wind tonight in san francisco, the golden state warriors will advance to the nba finals. we have live team coverage for you
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ktvu elissa harrington catching up with all the fans there outside the arena, but we begin with ktvu is jason appelbaum down on the court where all the action will soon take place in jason. i'm sure current company don't want to get back on that plane to douse. let's get it done tonight. nobody wants to fly back to dallas. the warriors knows that the maps are fully capable of beating them at home because they didn't in game four. so the warriors want to go for the jugular. they want to cut off any oxygen in this series, and you know they've been awfully good at home. in fact, they have not lost at home at this building in the playoffs. they are eight no, as you see draymond green out on the court, and the fans are starting to trickle in. it's probably about i don't know 15 20% full right now. you know, you think about this building chase center. and you think about the first two seasons the first season with covid. and just nobody here. the warriors won 15 games last year. not a great team didn't have an identity. it was just a brand
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new building. but now this place has become the warriors home, and steve kerr knows, and he spoke about. 45 minutes ago. he knows that this place gives them a huge home court advantage. yeah it's a great great home court advantage. um, very comfortable playing here. our fans are into it and allowed. um yeah, we feel like this is a great place for us to be for a playoff game and, um, excited about tonight. yeah there's you look at draymond green. he's been good in this series. he hasn't turned the ball over as much as some of the series past. he's been very, very solid. they need him to run point. he is their heart and soul of this team. and as we come back on camera here, you know, staff and clay and jordan's pool and those guys key for them tonight will be getting out early, not given the dallas mavericks any life at all. and as i stand here, i feel
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pretty lucky because right behind our photographer yeah. brian's just looked on warriors .com a couple of hours ago. seats number 24 25 in the vip section. we're going for 23,000 piece. so fans are ah, they're forking it over. it's going to be a gold out. they had the black t shirts for the first couple of rounds, but they got the gold t shirts back out here and about what about half hour 45 minutes. this place is going to be absolutely hopping. so i'm going to vacate the floor and go look for a seat guys back to you . how about that one right behind ryan. maybe just sit right there in that 23 cases. jason you know what? mike? i may try it out until someone kicks me out because watching this game from the floor would be extra special. no doubt about that. every seat and chase tonight is a seat that's going to be rocking and ready to roll, too. so it'll be loud in there, right? jason appreciate it. our team coverage continues now with ktvu elissa harrington. she's
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outside chase center at thrive. city and alyssa give us a sense of what fans are feeling right now more excitement or nerves. you know, fans say that they are excited, but also nervous. they really hope that the warriors can take it home tonight. it is starting to get noisy out here and thrive city and i want to show you some of what we're seeing. we have a star wars character ever there, waving a warriors flag? lots of people taking pictures with that guy. we have people who are either going into the game or they are setting out blankets to watch the game. out here and thrive. city we have the nba on tnt. some of those guys up there, including shock, we have heard people yelling, booing, holding up signs having a lot of fun having shaq and charles barkley in town. now as you can see, lots of folks are getting excited for game five. and i'm probably gonna talk to some fans over here. real quick, first high there, so you're not going in? you're watching out here today. so tell me how you're feeling feeling super excited was hoping that we question on
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game four, but we're waiting on this. this game where we got this. we got this to the finals will just make it that much better to have them taken home here. oh, yes, definitely. i mean the energy here. the city loves his team you can see look around. even when the team lost the last game, people were still staying here for the last game. i think we got this. we got this right? and you told me i needed to talk to your niece. so hello there. so first tell us how old are you? five. and who's your favorite player? play thompson and i hear you have some cool dance moves. can you show us ktvu, very nice. high five. good job. alright, so as you can see everyone really excited, just such a good vibe out here and thrived city and we really hope of course, that the warriors will win tonight. according live i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. that little girl could have been any cuter. alright, listen, let's hope it's a golden night for those golden state warriors. thank you. alright
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boy. it was a cold night or it will be a cold night out there. it's a temperatures have dropped significantly over what we had. yesterday we had two temperature day drops in a row. yesterday it dropped significantly today another 10 to 15 degrees. tomorrow still, you know, going to be on the mild side. you can see the drop from yesterday to today in santa rosa. look at that. i mean significant 99 to 70 degrees today in concord, that was the high end conquered 70 degrees highs tomorrow are going to be a little bit warmer , but not much. i mean, we're living in the seventies and eighties, and this is actually a good thing, i think, except because because you're right fire danger air quality kind of takes care of some of that we have robust onshore winds. high humidities significant winds. the winds are blowing pretty significantly along the coast, and that's enough to drop temperatures and the other thing that's happened is see how the marine air pushing inland. check it out. all that. that's getting up over the coastal hills. the inversion is blown out. it's over 3000 ft deep and so that puts fog and low clouds all the
5:21 pm
way up into the sacramento valley. and so everybody is equal opportunity. cool down. fire danger is going to get a little break. look at fairfield is 31 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time, 32 degrees cooler and conquered. so yeah, if you're wearing a jacket out and conquer, don't feel bad about it. makes sense. these are the winds right now. gusty conditions 17 miles an hour at the santa rosa airport, sfo. not as windy as you think. i think we had a little south in this wind based on the arrows here, so little southwest wind. it doesn't funnel in the same places where you typically get it gives deliver more a bit of a break that the altamont and gives the san bruno gap a little bit of a break. so the plan see that low? you know what it does. it creates a pressure gradient. it cools us off, and it has the potential here as we go into the next 36 hours or so, to me, bring a few sprinkles or something. especially you know, like some drizzle or something along those lines. so when i come back, we'll put it all together like going on, but you get used to it. it's not. it's going to be puffy's and
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sweatshirts not just at the beach, but in oakland and fremont really got into the weekend, especially in the mornings and evenings. big difference in 48 hours. all right, bill, thank you to commute the new ferry out there on san francisco bay, and not only is it faster, it's a cleaner way to get around and coming up new at six tonight. former oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick says she wasn't given a chance to clean up the department before the city fired her two years ago. and now a jury agrees.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics. hold up. if you're going to talk about classics, you should get a classic... [classic refresh] because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so, how are we going to refresh the tom brady ending? i got an idea. you take the tagline, buddy. you gotta refresh to...
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uh...line? it's on the teleprompter. you had one job. subway® keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. anys safer and more resilient. utility says it will bury at least 175 miles of major electric transmission and distribution power lines this year, plus 400 miles more in 2023. in the bay area about 43 miles will be underground across alameda, contra costa marin, napa, matteo solano and sonoma counties. 43 of them here in the
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bay area are going to be in high fire threat areas, areas high risk of fire, and that's where we're focusing on. first of these first few years is where do we reduce the wildfire threat the greatest and also reduce the impact of public safety power shutoffs we know will reduce the ignition risk by 99. these are the first major projects in pg and e s program to underground 10,000 miles of electric distribution power lines, including a target to bury 3600 miles miles from 2022 to 2026. san francisco bay will soon be the home of a new state of the art ferry. ktvu christian captain reports the new ferries set to offer a cleaner and faster ride for passengers. with a traditional swing of a champagne bottle. the dorado now enters the san francisco bay ferry fleet. new rigorous epa standards at the same time offering the fastest service in the fleet able to carry 320
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passengers at just over 40 mph. very leaders say they worked hard to tweak service and lower prices and have seen a surge in ridership. since the pandemic. people want to know why riders are coming back to the transit system, and it's because the system that are coming back to is better than the one that we had before. local leaders are hopeful that the dorado and eventually a zero emissions fleet in the future will usher in a new wave of travel across the bay. this is another opportunity for us to make sure that we are providing everything needed for us to get back to where we were pre pandemic right now. crews are training on the dorado and learning her systems . she'll be setting sail and ready to ferry passengers in just a matter of weeks. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. attacked on the way to school coming up what happened to a 14 year old in albany and what police are doing to keep kids safe, and they keep
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calm when tragedy strikes and they help keep others calm as well? still to come. we are hearing from the dispatchers who answered the 911 calls during the mass shooting one year ago today.
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get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. in a girl was the victim of a sexual battery while walking to school crime reporter henry lee joins us now he's at the albany police department with the latest on what happened, henry. julie
5:30 pm
albany is usually pretty quiet. so parents are very concerned about this incident, which happened two months after another attack near a school. sorry i'm really surprised right now because the school didn't give us any details. some parents in the dark after a vague report of a student victimized near albany middle school, i received an email that there was a child that had an interaction with an adult. they didn't give any details. i had no idea. the police said only that a 14 year old was the victim of a sexual battery while walking to school. i have learned that the victim was a girl that she was confronted by a man with a knife who asked her to show him her private area. it happened at about 8 15 tuesday morning near the corner of evelyn and brighten just blocks from campus. the girl described the attackers a black man about 40 to 50 years old, bald with a black and gray stubble type beard. albany police are treating the case as a sexual battery incident. unsettling to parents and neighbors. anybody you know, walking to school, you're expected to just walk to school and anybody approached. you know, without knowing again
5:31 pm
the particulars. i think it's very disturbing. some parents complained that the school and police weren't forthcoming with details. one man who didn't want his face shone says he has to students at the school, not seeing the responsiveness. nor transparency of information so that our community can just be generally aware. police said they had no new information to provide. the district superintendent was unavailable for an interview. just hearing it happens in broad daylight was kind of gets you, you know. i always think it's not going to happen in your neighborhood. so of course it's concerning this incident happened two months after a student at cornell elementary off solano avenue in albany was assaulted near the campus. in response to both the incidents, albany police have boosted patrols near schools. el cerrito, bart and berkeley. police are also on the lookout for this guy. anyone with information as to call albany police live in albany. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry. thank you. police in san ramon are stepping up patrols at iron
5:32 pm
horse middle school after the campus received threats of violence. the school on al kosta boulevard is located right near a very busy park and not too far from 6 80. school officials called police yesterday after hearing about threats of violence posted on a social media app. police say they were able to track down the students responsible and found that the threat was not credible. as a precaution. extra police will now be on campus for the remainder of the week. school officials in the east bay are investigating after a swastika and the word hitler were found in the area behind the gym at piedmont high school, the school district superintendent, randall booker, wrote an email to parents after the incident on tuesday, he said, in part we denounce this act of anti semitism and any messages of hate. that targets a group of people based on their culture, religion, race, ethnicity, ability, gender or gender expression or sexual orientation . parents and students are being encouraged to report hateful speech or graffiti on the district online form. speak up.
5:33 pm
the superintendent also released a statement saying, in part eliminating anti semitism and its long history of hate and persecution is a collective effort. in addition to our investigation, we will also address this as a school community, conferring with students, staff and representatives from local organizations. homicide investigation is underway after a man was shot to death in east oakland. this happened 9 40 last night at 88 bourke street. police received a notification of a shot spotter activation after the gunfire once on scene , officers did find a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's name has not been released. so far. no word on what led up to the shooting. and no arrests have been made. a vigil is about to get underway in san francisco for pedestrians killed in the city so far this year. that event is being held at third and mission south of market. that's where a mother and daughter from florida were killed on sunday. the vigil will remember all 10 people who have
5:34 pm
died so far this year in fatal crashes, mary and will henderson were killed when a taxi and a car crashed into one another. the taxi driver then veered up onto the sidewalk and right into a group of pedestrians. 75 year old man was also injured. the group's walk san francisco and san francisco bay area families for safe streets are organizing the event, calling for measures to slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety. that vigil gets underway at six o'clock tonight back to our coverage of the wta mass shooting one year later. on that day, frantic calls came into the san jose police dispatch center during the emergency. as ktvu is james torres reports, those dispatchers had to keep a sense of calm in the middle of a tragedy. in san jose, you go through eight weeks of dispatch academy 15 weeks of on the floor training, and then the recruits listen to real phone calls real emergencies. all of that was put to the test last year when calls of a mass shooting came in.
5:35 pm
santa's emergency 911 call taker . you learn to expect the unexpected emergency. thompson tries to master that i just want to rise to the occasion to make sure that i'm able to help one year ago, 15 minutes before the end of her shift. that occasion came shooter guadalupe light rail. latisha answered the first call of the vta. light rail mass shooting is anyone shot? i think people people are shocked. yeah, he said. at, uh, eight people. have been shot. and that's when i knew that you know, we both had an assignment assignment pass along important information . her assignment. keep everyone else safe and get police to the scene as quickly as possible. she is expected to remain calm while doing that. your voice is calm. you have to put on that
5:36 pm
persona. but in the inside your basically like. oh, my gosh, this is really happening. i think we should got the first call, and i got one of the last calls. beth knepper just started her shift when the calls came in . friends take a breath. and i need to take a breath, okay? take a breath. okay i understand . it's very scary to take a breath of jobs where you make a difference, and you do hear you do making the difference came from falling back on training. get the basic information, pass it on and make sure the caller doesn't put themselves in any danger to go back in and see if they're okay. you stay where you are. every day that we take calls as training. jennifer hearn is a supervisor in the communications center, she says. in addition to the initial training, each call taker is required to attend retraining for a week. every year. you can't take on somebody else's emotion. that you won't last in this job. if you do, you have to be able to separate it from me
5:37 pm
to not hang up. the phone does hang up. when the officers you can't expect gave a visual of what the emotions to stay away happened. foreign i really broke down because it brought back every shot that i heard on. on the car. worse so. losing their life you're in, like really sacred moments of people's lives are listening to the most tragic moments live, but they come back to work the next day every day. because they feel honored to exceed the expectations. does he have any weapons? sir of community service? i feel like a superhero. every time that i come to work, those call takers tell me it's important to step away from their computers. every once in a while the dispatch center actually has an underground jim and sometimes some of those workers we'll go down and take a five minute walk on the treadmill. the police department also offers a variety of services were dispatchers and
5:38 pm
officers are given unlimited visits to mental health specialists. in the studio. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. passenger was forced to land a small plane in florida after the pilot lost consciousness coming up after the break. we're hearing from that pilot for the first time since that midair scare and as the formula shortage continues on, there's new help for some of the neediest families in california.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
london breed is earmarking $3 million for hiv prevention efforts. this money from the mayor's upcoming budget would be used to support the city's goal of getting no new hiv infections . specifically the money would go to ensuring that all san franciscans have equitable access to high quality prevention, care and treatment services. the increase in funding will enable the city's public health department to
5:41 pm
allocate new resources to populations disproportionately impacted by hiv while also ensuring their stable funding for existing initiatives and services. in a statement, mayor breed said we have seen especially during the covid pandemic. how critical long term investments in public health are for the well being of our communities. this investment will allow us to keep moving in the right direction and strengthen our support for those living with hiv and aids. due to the nationals supply shortages, shortages of infant formula. the state health department is expanding purchasing options for wic families effective immediately. families with women, infants and children benefits have eight additional formulas now and a total of 13 options they can purchase. the health department plans to add more formulas to the list. in the coming days. these newer options will be removed once infant formulas are widely available again. the pilot of a plane that ended up being landed by a passenger is speaking publicly for the first time, kenneth allen was taking two passengers to fort pierce,
5:42 pm
florida back on may 10th when he lost consciousness traffic controller wound up helping a passenger who had no piloting experience actually land the plane. allen says the fact that he had passengers on board saved his life. just to know that god had had a plan. um, i just made that same trip. on thursday going over. but i didn't have any passengers with me on the way back. so if this would have happened on the way back, um the autopilot would have taken me way out to the gulf of mexico. and they have found me in the gulf of mexico somewhere after we ran out of fuel. allen says he lost consciousness due to a torn aorta. he was eventually taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. a man in florida is accused of blowing up a mailbox over an unpaid bill of just $20.29 year old peter dusek
5:43 pm
allegedly blew up the mailbox of a landscaping customer over unsettled payment issues. but it turns out the customer involved didn't even live there anymore. the current occupant had only moved into the house just days before. i wasn't aware of any disputes over landscaping. i just got here tuesday. little extreme. to say the least. little over the top. i want to give him the $20 every really wanted it. records show. dusek was a criminal parolee. he is now facing charges, including discharging a destructive device and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. the ukrainians are in the fight for their lives in the east, with the russian military, escalating their attacks on both army and civilian targets. i'm trey angst in heart care. i've got the details coming up back here in the states, hawaii, colorado and california projected to be the top destinations for travelers this memorial day weekend, and one spot in the bay area is on
5:44 pm
that list. and you noticed in the big cool down. i mean, it called the bunch yesterday, especially coast and bay cool again today, but inland took a big bounce downward. i'll have the details on for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death.
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oldg accused of war crimes in ukraine . they have been charged with shelling civilian infrastructure with a rocket launcher. if convicted, they could face up to 12 years in prison. their defense attorney asked for leniency, arguing that the soldiers had been following orders. placed by higher ranking officers on the battlefield. ukraine's defense ministry says russia has taken the advantage in the eastern part of the country. scorched earth policy is leading to more gains by moscow. fox news trade banks says the details from ukraine. it's the most intense fighting since the war started the russian military pounding ukraine's front line in the east
5:47 pm
, concentrating a huge force along a narrow front, hoping to destroy the ukrainian defenses. we're also seeing more tax on civilian targets and infrastructure, including shelling here in the heart of area that killed at least seven people on thursday. the fighting has reached its maximum intensity. the enemy is storming our positions in several directions. we have an extremely difficult stage of fighting ahead. yeah ukraine's defense ministry admitting for the first time battlefield momentum has shifted and the russians have the upper hand in the east. moscow now controls at least 90% of luhansk province and the remaining ukrainian health cities there are under constant bombardment think his endgame at this point is to take as much territory as he can. along that land corridor that runs from modena. mother russia down to the crimea. meanwhile with russia still blockading ukraine's black sea ports, millions of tons of badly needed food remains stranded. russia claimed thursday it was working on opening up a humanitarian corridor but later said ships
5:48 pm
could only use the ports of mariupol, which fell to russian forces. last week, a violation of the rules and norms in the field of international finance and trade doesn't lead to anything good. the russians say they will lift the blockade on ukraine's coastline in exchange for sanctions relief from the west and heart tree angst. fox news former president trump must answer questions under oath in new york's probe into his business practices and new york appellate court today denied an attempt by mr trump and his two oldest children, donald trump jr and ivanka trump to block subpoenas for their testimony. new york's attorney general, says her investigation uncovered evidence that trump organization used fraudulent or misleading valuations of assets to get loans and tax benefits. former president trump's attorneys had argued to block the subpoenas, claiming the probe is politically motivated. the price of gas hits a new record here in california, just as people are gearing up for memorial day road
5:49 pm
trips, triple a says the average price for and let it reach $6.07 a gallon today statewide. in the bay area prices even higher in san jose and let it has reached a record 6 18 a gallon oakland's at 6 17. that's a new high and in san francisco again of unleaded costs. $6.30 on average, it reached that new record. on monday. now, despite soaring gas prices, dribble a is predicting more than 39 million people will travel for the upcoming holiday weekend. the luxury travel network virtuoso says the top destinations for summer include hawaii, colorado and california with wine country. hot on the list for road trippers bottle rocket napa, by the way kicks off tomorrow and that could be part of the big draw. travel is included in the holiday weekend prediction of 39 million people vacationing and people are spending more money for airline tickets. here's a live look right now at sfo, a new adobe analytics data report says consumers shelled out $4 billion for domestic airline tickets. in the first two weeks of may.
5:50 pm
bookings were up 5% over the same period in april, and spending was up 24% over 2019 may spending oakland airport is getting back close to getting back to pre pandemic levels, officials say in april, more than 918,000 passengers came through the airport. that's a 10% increase from march, and it represents 80% of the passenger numbers from 2019. airport officials say oakland continues to lead a area airports in the percent return of passengers. alright it's pretty cool out there. we had a big big inversion changed in version i drew a blue line in here represents the top of the atmosphere, and that's where the fall would want to form. but the inversions about over 2000 ft. deep and so this stuff you see some fog out on the coast on the east bay hills that is kind of more low clouds than anything because it's just when the inversion goes away, it becomes the fog just gets right, lifted and stretched out and that's what we got, and you can see
5:51 pm
what the impacts of that right when, when you get up. over mount tamil. which is, you know, under 2500. um you can get into the inland bay valley is much quicker. the cool eric can anyway, um and so, with that in mind the low cause it's going to do this tonight. they're gonna do it again tomorrow. that's why temperatures have plummeted 32 degrees cooler now than it was last night at this time in concord. that's a that's a. that's a the temperature dropped notice. afternoon bay. they dropped temperatures yesterday. they're actually a little warmer today because they're big temperature drop was coast in bay yesterday and today the big temperature drop is inlet. and it's all because of this low, which is it's you know, we're watching it because it's going to bring us and maybe a sprinkle. on saturday morning, there's some drizzle. it's cooling us off, and it's giving us a breezy, some breezy conditions. but on the eastern seaboard are on their planes. they're watching it because this guy and there's one behind it are going to race out into the plains and create severe weather for their memorial day. um
5:52 pm
holiday weekend, so there's a lot going on in terms of their weather. there's the next one comes in. that's your saturday, uh, chance of light chance of a sprinkle or drizzle. i wouldn't change my plans based on that. i think if it does do something, it would be very light. there's a little clouds. there's the coastal moisture along the coastal hills. some fog, some low clouds, temperatures like i say, significantly cooler today than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow will actually come up a little bit. but not much. i mean, it's just going to. generally it's going to be sweatshirts in the morning sweatshirts in the evening afternoon. not so much unless you're at the coast. there's a temperature footprint for tomorrow. these are the temperature forecast for tomorrow. 80 and antioxidant livermore were just 24 hours ago, fairfield was in the low one hundreds, and now it's at 81 . so the five day forecast sets us up with kind of an unsettled cloudy, cool. breezy forecast, which is great for a holiday weekend when you worry about fires, and that's what we're
5:53 pm
worried about. you think about air quality. this pattern is money for that. and there was cal fire where you worry about fires. you've got a strong westerly flow wind, which is never good for fires, but it's better than an easterly wind. right so i think we're in pretty good shape this week as we move forward into the memorial day holiday weekend, but again, it's going to be definitely jackets in the morning jackets in the evening, even if you're barbecuing up in the in the in the valley. amber heard takes the stand today in a countersuit against johnny depp. i'm william la jeunesse in los angeles. details coming up after walking the picket lines for two months , chevron refinery workers in richmond might be headed back to work. the tentative agreement reached after some tense negotiations.
5:54 pm
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thes perhaps best known for his iconic role in martin scorsese's crime classic goodfellas, liotta's publicist confirmed the death. the actor was working on a movie in the dominican republic when he died in his sleep. no foul play is suspected . liotta was a new jersey native who's acting career spanned four decades, appearing in many movies, including field of dreams, something wild and cop land. more recently, he appeared in marriage story and start in the nbc drama shades of blue. ray liotta was 67 years old actor kevin spacey has been charged with several counts of sexual assault against three men in the uk. british prosecutors charged the actor with four counts of sexual assault between 2000 and five and 13, including rape of a man. spacey was removed from the show house of cards after several sexual assault allegations against him
5:57 pm
were made public in los angeles actress amber heard told jurors that a harassment campaign waged against her by ex husband johnny depp has left her humiliated and scarred for her life after multiple death threats. she added that she wants depth to quote leave me alone. heard was the final witness today in the six week trial. closing arguments are set for tomorrow and then the case will go to the jury for deliberations. fox news william la jeunesse has the details. it was a day of rebuttal testimonies thursday as the johnny depp amber heard defamation trial continues both sides calling witnesses to offer counter incited key evidence. depth team calling up orthopedic surgeon dr richard gilbert, who said a vodka bottle could have injured depths finger as the actor claimed simple fall would not result in common nude fractures such as as seen in these x rays. dr dawn hughes was back on the stand to say heard suffered from ptsd claimed depths expert witness said was
5:58 pm
not appropriate. hughes disagreed. clinical assessment of those symptoms to see if they meet criteria for ptsd. and yes, she did meet ptsd from that depth legal team question that diagnosis, saying the test must be administered within a certain timeframe, instructions say. look over the past year. on this? yes that it says that you had actual knowledge when you gave the test that mr depp was gone way more than a year before this test that is correct. a tearful heard also returned to the stand. i am. harassed. humiliated. threatened. every single day, painful. this is humiliating for any human being. to go through. during hers rebuttal testimony, the judge stepped in giving the gallery a stern warning. if i hear one
5:59 pm
more sound, i will clear the gallery and we will continue this testimony without anybody in the courtroom. closing arguments for the trial are expected friday in los angeles with an s fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at 62 days after the mass shooting in texas victims, families dealing with unimaginable pain. the town of the valley, texas, mourning the loss of those 19 students and two teachers. while many families demand answers about the timeline of the attack. texas authorities say the investigation into tuesday's shooting could take weeks. if not months. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. here is what we've learned a memorial has sprung up outside the school for the victims. the texas department of public safety says the shooter lingered outside the school. firing shots for 12 minutes before entering through an unlocked door. authorities say he then barricaded himself inside a classroom for an hour before a border patrol tactical team made its way inside for more. now we're joined by fox's
6:00 pm
lauren blanchard live in you validly taxes and lauren. what else? are we learning here about this investigation so far? hey mike and julie will this small town of vivaldi, texas, is absolutely heartbroken. still now, three days after the shooting, they are trying to cope with the loss of nearly two dozen of their own. but the thing at this hour that is really the most prevalent is the questions over what happened and why wasn't it stopped sooner? this is really like gunshot. they should have rushed in texas authorities facing mounting criticism over how long this suspected gunman in tuesday's elementary school massacre remained barricaded before authorities killed him initially because of the gunfire they're receiving. but we have officers calling for additional resources. everybody that's in the area. tactical teams. we need equipment, the state's department of public safety says up to an hour may have passed. onlookers reportedly urged police officers to storm the school


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