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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ 60 r the sixth time in the last eight years, the golden state warriors headed back to the nba finals after taking down the dallas mavericks 1 21 10 at the chase center. urban magic johnson
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trophy goes to your very old stephen curry. and no surprise here. steph curry named the n v p of the western conference finals after a knockout performance in the series. and those fans fired up as the best team in the west gives dub nation a win at home in the city by the bay. like two years and so great to be back on the championship stage again. and that championship stages coming to san francisco. your golden state warriors are back in the nba finals. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. only four more wins to go and another title could be theirs. we have live team coverage from chase center tonight of the warriors, big win and all the excitement. ktvu elissa harrington has the reaction from dub nation. our jason appelbaum will tell us more about tonight's trophy presentation, but first to frank mallicoat with the highlights.
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alright, guys, nothing like playing basketball in june. the words did it tonight they beat dallas in game five. total team effort. six warriors. heading for double figures in clay, lead the way at 32 tubs win it by 10, steph and crew off to the finals for the first time and three years but luca dance it put up a big fight tonight. so the mavs big scare first quarter watch steps. right ankle. take attorney stayed the game shook it off. and just kept playing jumped to the third quarter. dre mod pushing the ball down court watch the behind the back dish clay, who will rock home one of his 83 pointers words, group 21, they're filling it. and luca is feeling it to step scored only 15. but they were big up 20 here with a fadeaway jumper. curry walked off with that m v p trophy for the series. mavs not done yet. dallas had a huge third quarter led by luke, who drives inside tough bucket over draymond 14. oh, run for dallas. look at 28. they got it down to eight. but with three minutes of
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play, clay misses the jumper. watch looney dig out a big rebound in 18 of those reloads clay, and he's got it from three point land. play with 32 points 50% from three point land. more than enough, the warriors went up by 10 and head to the nba finals for the sixth time in eight years. words get a week off before the nba finals and no doubt will be celebrating tonight's game five clincher with more on that. we go courtside ktvu jason appelbaum, who is in the chase center? what a night! what a game. jason. yeah yeah, frank, you said it. you know, this building now has a signature win. to its credit. this is the biggest obviously win in the history of this building, the chase center and the warriors. i step off to the side here. as you said, the sixth time in eight years, and those are the trophies to prove it. those are all their most recent western conference finals championship trophy is the one in the middle. the shiny new one in the middle is this year, the
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new oscar robertson trophy given to those western conference champions. and the presentation was pretty cool because they had shaun livingston out 11 of the originals with the warriors, strengthen numbers crew and he came out to present the trophy to the team. the final start on june 2nd. the warriors will enter with the perfect nine and record at home. they have home court advantage over either the celtics or the heat, so that will prove could prove to be a pretty good thing. as for the inaugural earvin magic johnson conference finals mvp award. well, there was no doubt that was going to be stefan currie. he did everything in this series, including grab a lot of rebounds, 24 points, seven rebounds and seven assists for stefan currie. so. ah we're going to hear a little bit of steve kerr, who was talking about how this run different than all the other ones. incredibly gratifying. it's very different. i kind of had a
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flashback tonight, too. i guess. would have been seven years ago when we beat houston to get to the finals at oracle, and tonight was different, you know, because we've done it. it wasn't the first time we've done it before, but it was in a different way. um incredibly meaningful. given everything that we've been through organizationally and. you know, over the last couple of years, the continuity and the connection we have together is really important. speaking of meaningful when you see clay thompson walking off the court after the game and into the tunnel and into the locker room, you think about his journey a little bit. the torn a c l a couple of years ago. battling all the way back only to tear his achilles tendon and then finally getting back slowly working his way back into the lineup before reaching really his peak. and everyone talks
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about, you know, game six clay. well, it was game five play tonight with 83 pointers. so the warriors back in the nba finals as we said, for the first time since 2019. they will face either the celtics or the miami heat. they play tomorrow night. celtics lead that series three games to two so they can wrap it up at home. tomorrow we'll find out what happens, but a lot going on outside as well and thrive city and elsewhere as warriors fans celebrating this big win warriors returning to the nba finals i'll tell you what. they're just kind of in a group. you know, frank, jason. thank you for that, you know, and they're just, you know, six players in double figures benches deep that they look great at home, which they haven't done so many individual stories and it's so great. they i mean such a team and so many connections and racking up a lot of hardware right now, i guess so and more to come. celtics is the last time i wear the green tie, that's for sure. so that
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one what dub nation will be ready for those nba finals. they're fired up. in fact, they're probably pretty fired up right now. definitely ktvu elissa harrington has been with them all night long and thrive city and she's outside chase center. i'm sure it's been a loud night all night, alyssa. you know, we used to talk about how loud it would get inside oracle, but i can tell you it gets very loud inside chase center tonight. if you were just walking by, you would have heard the screams in side when the dubs took home. tonight's when i want to show you this teacher, you probably saw staff and the rest of the team wearing these during the trophy ceremony. these are the official shirts of the western conference champs. they are on sale now, and we know that golden state will now host game one of the finals on june 2nd. huge win for the golden state warriors. what is your sign, say, ends tonight absolutely ended tonight.
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amazing not only because we were winning the entire game we were winning. the warriors defeated the dallas mavericks and will advance to the nba finals. yeah look. oh, my god. but you know who the player was tonight, clay . he killed it killed it. thompson scored 32 points with 83 pointers. the man walker jr and his dad have been watching games together since he was a kid, the father son duo said it was special to be at chase center to watch their team win the western conference finals, son, man, this dude been hanging out for the last 25 years. and for us to be at the last four games with this is our fourth game and to be with the energy inside the center was amazing. this was the scene at thrives city earlier in the day. people dancing, dressed in costume and pumped up ready for some basketball season ticket holder . i've been to every playoff game in here, and i'm excited without tickets, could put out a
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blanket and watch the warriors play on the jumbo screen. fiends i talked to felt confident going into game five tickets to the nba finals, and we're just gonna be a big party. a big celebration long time coming inside the hardwood classics. dancers were cheering each other on and preparing for their routine. we can get that crowd extremely excited then. then the crowd starts rocking and then are our golden state warriors are all hyped up. tonight's game actually started on a somber note. there was a moment of silence for the victims of the texas school shooting and then an announcement encouraging fans to learn more about gun legislation. then on the jumbo screen. they provided some resources and websites reporting live in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu box two news so exciting to see the warriors get that win in front of the hometown crowd. alyssa
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thank you. warriors are now entering their sixth nba finals in the last eight seasons. the team made it to the finals five straight years, starting with that 2014 15 season. warriors beat the cavs in the finals that year, four games to two. cleveland got the warriors the next year in that great seven game series, but then golden state beat the cavs and back to back years and 17 and 18 wanted the three peat in 19. but those toronto raptors came in and beat the warriors in six games. injuries in the pandemic settled in over the next couple of seasons. but put all of that aside, the warriors are back where they belong in the nba finals. another live look out of the chase center game one will be right there a week from today . tickets go on sale tomorrow with exclusive pre sale events. the general public. it's a shot at them on saturday, starting at two in the afternoon and stay up to date with all the action by downloading. downloading our ktvu news app. you can get the updates sent right to your phone. it is free in your app store. alright we're tracking
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the cool down boy. it's really dropped temperature today and yesterday i'll have the details on the holiday weekend coming up also ahead tonight tragic new details coming out of your body texas what we're learning about the timeline of the horrific mass shooting, as people here in the bay area continued to show solidarity and today marks one year since the mass shooting at the vt. a light rail yard at 10 30. today's emotional service to honor and remember
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then elementary school and your valley, texas. police say the gunman was inside the building for about one hour. border patrol agents were the ones who got into the classroom and killed the 18 year old gunman. the motive in many other details . still not known foxes. lauren blanchard live tonight in texas , where we did get new information on the timeline. of the mass shooting, lauren. will make this community has been left heartbroken, but they've also been left frustrated, especially after a press conference today, where they found themselves with more questions than answers, especially about how this gunman was able to walk into this school and left in there for nearly an hour unobstructed. a number of state and federal agencies are piecing together tuesday's timeline after an 18 year old gunman opened fire
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inside rob elementary school for roughly an hour. 19 kids are dead plus two teachers. texas department of public safety officials say the gunman walked onto campus and through an unlocked door. the school safety officer was not there at the time. he then barricaded himself in a classroom. eventually border patrol agents were able to shoot and killed. the gunman was a lot of gunfire in the beginning. during. the negotiations. there wasn't much gunfire other than trying to keep the officers at bay. but that could change depending as once we analyze the video. there are also questions why it happened. investigators are looking into social media for a motive. meanwhile memorials in uvalde are growing as people leave flowers, cards and pictures. jorge rodriguez was seen holding a picture of his late grandson as he tries to make sense of what happened. baseball. little league baseball. try to teach them a little girl, and he tried it
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everything. the fbi field office in washington, d. c is now offering support as the investigation. ramps up enforcement. do this work to prevent incidents? like what happened in evolved from happening and a resolve to doing exactly that remains steadfast. and coming back out here live. you can see these 21. what crosses with the names of each of those who were killed on tuesday. the 19 children. the two teachers all day people have been bringing mementos, flowers , photos of the victims, teddy bears and you can see the candles are lit tonight as this community is grappling with the heartbreaking loss. of so many of their own. mike this is a very tight knit place only 16,000 residents and what we have found is just about everyone has a personal connection to this tragedy and very difficult tonight to hear about these claims of hesitation from police officers, but to clarify here, lauren you know when border patrol that tactical
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unit got on scene? there was no hesitation. i mean, they went stacked formation and from your perspective what? you're hearing there on the ground? they went right in no hesitation from that. right and that's the frustration is that for quite some time that there was nothing that was really happening, and it wasn't until some of these other units showed up that they really went in obviously very fluid situation. things that shouldn't have happened like the unlocked door. where was the resource officer? these are items or questions that the department of public safety here in texas, have said they are trying to get answers to they say this investigation is ongoing and they're hoping to have more answers. but of course for this community still reeling from the loss of so many lives. these are the answers that they want right now about what went wrong and could there have been anything or anyone that could have prevented this faster? lauren blanchard live tonight in the state of texas. lauren thank
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you more heartbreak for the family of irma garcia, one of the two teachers killed in the shooting. the garcia family says that her husband, joe garcia, died of an apparent heart attack today. he had returned home from leaving flowers there at that memorial when he collapsed and died that according to a nephew , the husband and wife, they were high school sweethearts and then married for 24 years. family members say they were inseparable. they leave behind for children to our young adults and two are teenagers. bipartisan group of senators is trying to find a compromise on gun legislation. that's after democrats first attempt at responding to the back to back mass shootings in buffalo, new york and new validly, texas failed today. in the senate republicans blocked debate on a domestic terrorism bill that would have open debate on hate crimes and gun policy. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he will give negotiations about two weeks while congress is in recess. this bill will give the government the tools to monitor find and arrest these
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evil actors before they have a chance to inflict violence on their communities. the bipartisan group of senators met after the vote and focused on background checks for guns purchased online or at gun shows here in the bay area visual tonight to honor victims of mass shootings, 21 pairs of shoes were placed right outside san leandro city hall to represent the 19 children and two teachers killed in texas. the vigil was hosted by brady, a nonprofit group working to prevent gun violence in the united states, and we spoke to one of the organizers, many frankenstein she tells us she survived a mass shooting when she was 16 years old after a gunman opened fire at a church in los angeles. i can't just sit idly by as this keeps happening in our country day after day. i now have two little girls of my own, and it terrifies me to know that they're going to live in a world. where this is potentially going to happen at their school at any given moment. organizers also placed additional shoes.
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children's shoes right near the city hall steps to represent all children killed in school shootings in america. most of california is in extreme drought , according to the u. s. drought monitor. the areas in red tend to have lower river levels and year round wildfires here. in the bay area. most counties are shaded orange, which means conditions are still severe following three very dry winters. yeah it has been dry julia last three years and we're going to continue that way, probably until the fall. we don't get much rain in the summer if we get any at all ever, but the next chance of rain is down the world towards fall, and we've had some record high temperatures yesterday and a big cool down today. top number is yesterday. bottom number is today and you can see those drop offs over 20 degrees and a lot of places that's two days straight of temperature drops. now we're going to hover here in this lower temperature field right through the burial weekend for the most part, and so that's going to help fire danger that the story is the marine layer right? this low
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gets close to us close enough that just stretches that big, uh , area of fog and just pushes it inland. so the inversion. the top of that the lid on this thing is up around 3000 ft even higher, so it's really just low clouds and extremely moist marine air, pushing all the way up into the delta into sacramento up in to colusa and to red bluff, and it means gets it will reach its way too many places where temperatures are cooling for all of us, um as we go into the next couple of days and staying mild, lower fire, danger, better air quality, but not a very warm um well, not. it's not gonna be a hot holiday weekends when i come back. we'll look at that will take a look specifically at all three days and which days will be the warmest which days will be the coolest and there's a slight chance for maybe some sprinkles on saturday afternoon saturday evening, some light sprinkles or drizzle in the north bay. you back here with all that, all right? we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. big basin redwoods state park in santa cruz mountains, will partially reopened in late summer, two
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years after it was destroyed by a wildfire. temporary facilities will be set up while reconstruction is underway. big basin is california's oldest state park with 300 ft tall redwoods. the majority of the old growth forests survived the 2020 ccu lightning complex buyers, but the parks historic village with its lodge, nature museum and camp store were destroyed. some facilities are being relocated now away from the trees verdict in a wrongful termination case against the city of oakland after the break the damages awarded to a former police chief after a jury fine. she was fired without cause also had a memorial goes up in san francisco, as advocates and community members paid tribute to two women killed while walking in the cit out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless".
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really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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thed police chief ann kirkpatrick. a jury sided with the former chief finding she was wrongfully terminated by the city ktvu
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jana katsuyama here now, with the details of the decision, jenna julie. i talked with the spokesman for ann kirkpatrick, who says the former oakland police chief is very happy with this decision. kirkpatrick filed the wrongful termination lawsuit in august, 2025 months after she was fired, kirkpatrick said the termination without cause was retaliation for sending mayor libby schaaf and the city attorney reports which detailed conduct by police commissioners , which she believed were unlawful. you think their positions for personal gain in federal court today, the jury agreed and awarded kirkpatrick more than $337,000 damages. a spokesman for the former chief says the verdict is a very important moment for oakland. the oakland police commission has been exposed as being corrupt. the jury agreed with chief cook patrick that she would have never been fired if she hadn't reported their corrupt acts. in the city retaliated against the chief for
10:25 pm
reporting them and fired her. she won a complete victory today. and now we're going to the jury rejected kirkpatrick's second claim that her free speech rights were violated. today's decision does not mean that kirkpatrick will get her job back. we did reach out to the city and asked for comment. a spokesman for the mayor says that no one was available to make a statement. julie. janet. thank you. a ballot measure to tax large companies in oakland will go before voters in the november election. the oakland city council has approved the progressive business tax measure that would make larger companies pay more in taxes. right now, all companies pay a flat tax rate. supporters of this new measures say it would generate nearly $22 million a year for the city of oakland. union workers at chevron's oil refinery in richmond have reached a tentative agreement with the company after a month long strike. this agreement will now go to a membership vote, with results expected on tuesday. if the agreement is ratified, employees still on
10:26 pm
strike will return to work over the upcoming weeks. the employees went on strike back in march, alleging chevron was offering and inadequate increase in wages to address increased medical costs. it's been one year since the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. how city leaders and families of the victims remember the tragedy today. going forward is. still a day by day moment by not moment process for i'm not playing a victim. i'm his mom. more on today's remembrances and the wrongful death lawsuits filed today and later tonight why former president donald trump could be forced to testify about his business practices. and much more from the warriors close out game in the western conference finals. we're going to hear from the conference finals mvp stephen curry.
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shon san jose, and today the community paused to remember the 10 victims. ktvu lamonica peters live tonight outside san jose city hall and lamonica. this is a day so many people remember vividly a day that they are still affected by. that's right . there have been moments of silence and ceremonies throughout the day to honor those who were killed and tonight san jose city hall is lit up in white and honor of toi mean, i literally worked right there at that building on the corner, and i was there when it happened, says she won't forget that fateful day. she says she has an eight year old son and the recent school shooting and you've all day texas. makes it even more difficult to talk to him about the gun violence and how anyone can fall victim to it
10:30 pm
. you never know where it could happen. it could be across the street could be anywhere in the store and sad like you never know. jose's mayor, sam liccardo tweeted this video message asking the community to come together. day we take back small piece what was taken from us. turn a day of mourning. one of remembrance. let's take a moment together. water. those who have lost and if we want wta city and county leaders also held memorials and vigils on thursday . it only gets harder when you continue to hear that the kind of incident that happened to us is still happening to other people around this country. and we're trying to heal. the best we can, although gun violence or a mass shooting can happen anywhere, this vt a writer says he never wants anyone else to
10:31 pm
experience what happened in san jose last may. i just hope it doesn't happen to anybody i care about you know, i mean, i've lived my life. you know what i mean? you see, i got some gray so you know. i mean, it is what it is. it's a shame. i don't want to die like that, you know, but i mean, as possible. now as the families and the community try to go on the city of san jose says that today may 26th will officially be recognized as a day of remembrance. mike a tragic day, the city and so many others will no doubt. never forget lamonica peters live tonight in san jose lamonica. thank you. families of the victims used the anniversary to call for accountability and for change by filing multiple wrongful death lawsuits against vita and others. gator views emma gas as the story. it could have been prevented. 100% 3. separate lawsuits filed in santa clara county superior court alleged the vita and the
10:32 pm
security company contract id to protect the rail yard employees didn't deliver on the safety measures they were paid millions to provide and ignored red flags in the months leading up to the mass killing. kerry ben bo, who lost her son, 35. year old jose hernandez is one of eight families suing to many red flags that they do. in a separate lawsuit, the family of 63 year old kept lane and overhead line worker who spent more than a decade working for the vt. a claims that the wta new least january 2020 what the alleged gunman, sam cassidy was capable of and didn't act. sam cassidy was a dangerous man. and the vita knew about it. they knew that cassidy was a danger county sheriff's office and the security company. universal protection service are also named in the suit. complaint alleges that security standards
10:33 pm
, including metal detectors were promised but not delivered by the agencies that were in charge of protecting employees. they trusted. that that protection that that security was being provided, but it wasn't and that's worse than no security security at all. the attorneys in these cases say the separate suits are likely to be consolidated. the family of 29 year old adrian baeza, the only one not represented in any lawsuit is likely to file a complaint in the coming days as well, according to gary william , who represents seven of the nine families to said in a statement sent ktvu today is about honoring the lives lost a year ago and that the transportation authority would address the lawsuit claims and a more appropriate time. in separate statements, the sheriff's department and allied universal, the parent company for the security contractor, declined to comment on the complaints due to ongoing litigation. all nine families are scheduled to meet with a mediator in san francisco on june 15th. reporting from san jose magus ktvu, fox two news.
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and we have more coverage on today's anniversary coming up tonight at 10 45, the 911 dispatchers who work that day, recall what they heard when they took those first calls. pedestrian safety advocates gathered in san francisco today to remember the 10 people killed in traffic accidents in the city . this year alone, family and friends held a moment of silence and wrote remembrances on yellow hearts that were displayed at the vigil was held at third and mission streets where a mother and daughter from florida were struck and killed by a taxi this past sunday. organizers say that intersection is already on the list of high injury corridors. as we hold these victims in our hearts, we also need to call on our city to be doing more. we have too many streets that are dangerous and prioritizes traffic moving quickly over people's safety in our lives. the group is demanding the city take action by lowering speed
10:35 pm
limits, improving crosswalks with red light cameras and no turns on red and prioritizing pedestrians over vehicle traffic . san francisco mayor london breed is earmarking $3 million for hiv prevention efforts, the money from the mayor's upcoming budget would be used to support the city's goal of no new hiv infections. specifically the money would go to be ensuring that all san franciscans have equitable access to high quality prevention care and treatment services. the increase in funding will enable the city's public health department to allocate new resources to populations disproportionately affected by hiv while ensuring their stable funding for existing initiatives and services. coming up at 11. more coverage of the warriors rode to the finals will show you some of the first fans to get nba finals gear in the east bay tonight. it's kind of breezy out there kind of cool as well. that's how it's going to be the next few days as we head to the holiday weekend. all have the five day forecast right after the break.
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up first more states tracking cases of monkeypox what health officials are saying about how this
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
questions under oath in new york's probe into his business practices, and new york appellate court denied an attempt by the former president and his two oldest children, donald trump jr and ivanka trump to block subpoenas for their testimony. new york's attorney general, says her investigation uncovered evidence that trump organization used fraudulent or misleading valuations of assets to get loans and tax benefits. former president. trump's attorneys had argued to block the subpoenas, claiming the probe is politically motivated. new numbers from the labor department show the job market continues to strengthen the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits
10:39 pm
declined to 210,000 that's down 8000 from the previous week, economists were expecting little change. continuing claims rose slightly to 1.3 million. on wall street stocks ended the day with more gains. the dow jumped 516 points nasdaq gained 305 in the s and p was up. 79 retailers rose after macy's reported strong quarterly results and airline shares also took off after southwest and jetblue said revenue from summer travel will be stronger than previously expected. the cdc says it is now tracking nine cases of monkeypox in seven states, including right here in california. the cdc director, dr rochelle wolinski says most of the cases have been among gay or bisexual med. she urged the response to the virus to be guided by science and not stigma, while some of the cases are linked to recent international travel, others are not, which means there is a possibility of community spread. saying that health officials say that the risk of infection for the general public is still very
10:40 pm
low. there's a tendency now to view every infectious disease outbreak through the lens of covid-19. and you really can't do that because every infectious disease outbreak is unique. this is not the same level of threat that covid-19 or or a pandemic influenza might be. this is an outbreak that will be contained once people get a handle on the epidemiology. the virus only spreads through very close contact, and health officials say smallpox vaccines are effective against this virus. most of the cases have been mild and no one has died. still to come tonight, continuing coverage of the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. he said at uh, eight people have been shot and that's when i knew that you know, we both had an assignment. coming up after the break. we hear from the 911 dispatchers forced to stay calm as the sounds of chaos came through their phones and much cooler temperatures rolled right into the bay area today, chief
10:41 pm
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e tr later. on that day, frantic calls came into the san jose police dispatch center during that emergency ktvu james torres reports that dispatchers had to keep a sense of calm in the
10:44 pm
middle of a tragedy. and as emergency 911 call taker, you learn to expect the unexpected. san jose emergency. thompson tries to master that i just want to rise to vacation to make sure that i'm able to help. one year ago, 15 minutes before the end of her shift. that occasion came shooter guadalupe light rail, latisha answered the first call of the vta light rail mass shooting. is anyone shot? eight people? eight people are shocked. yeah, he said. at, uh, eight people. have been shot. and that's when i knew that you know, we both had an assignment . the caller's assignment pass along important information. her assignment, keep everyone else safe and get police to the scene as quickly as possible. she is expected to remain calm while doing that. your voice is calm.
10:45 pm
you have to put on that persona. but in the inside your basically like. oh, my gosh, this is really happening. i think she she got her first call, and i got one of the last calls. beth knepper just started her shift when the calls came in. friends and take a breath. and they need to take a breath, okay? take a breath. okay i understand. it's very scary to take a breath of jobs where you make a difference , and you do hear you do making the difference came from falling back on training. get the basic information, pass it on and make sure the caller doesn't put themselves in any danger to go back in and see if they're okay. you stay where you are. every day that we take calls as training. jennifer hearn is a supervisor in the communications center, she says. in addition to the initial training, each call taker is required to attend retraining for a week every year. you can't take on somebody else's emotion that you won't last in this job. if you do, you have to be able to separate it
10:46 pm
to not hang up. but once the phone does hang up when the officers you can't expect gave a visual of what the emotions to stay away, happening. when i really broke down because it brought back every shot that are her own. on the car. worse so. well it wasn't the life you're in, like, really sacred moments of people's lives, takers are listening to the most tragic moments live, but they come back to work the next day every day. because they feel honored to exceed the expectations. does he have any weapons? sir of community service? i feel like a superhero. every time that i come to work, those call takers tell me it's important to step away from their computers. every once in a while the dispatch center actually has an underground jim and sometimes some of those workers we'll go down and take a five minute walk on the treadmill. the police department also offers a variety of services were dispatchers and
10:47 pm
officers are given unlimited visits to mental health specialists. in the studio. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. actor ray liotta has died . he is perhaps best known for his iconic role in martin scorsese's crime classic goodfellas, liotta's publicist confirmed the death. the actor was working on a movie in the dominican republic when he died in his sleep. no foul play is suspected. liotta was a new jersey native who's acting career spanned four decades, appearing in movies, including field of dreams, something wild and copeland. more recently, he appeared in marriage story and start in the nbc drama shades of blue. ray liotta was 67 years old. already there. we are outside with temperatures well below where they were yesterday . another 20 degree drop, especially in the inland valleys last two days, it's been 12 days , 48 hours of cooling lowering
10:48 pm
temperatures. and then we're going to go into a pattern that stays kind of mild and cool with a lot of humidity and cooler air and wind, breezy conditions. as you look at the current temperatures or the current highs, you can see the configuration the load of the north. the height of the south. the proximity of both set us up with a cooler, windier weather pattern. um and it's going to stick with even a chance of a sprinkle on saturday evening or afternoon. but i think it's mostly drizzle be up in marin county. perhaps if we did, but just a cool pattern again. this really helps cal fire at a bunch. helps our equality out a bunch and again just sort of takes the pressure off of big holiday weekend when we are worried about three years of drought and fire concerns that are certainly their current temperatures. that's just cool marine air everywhere. 17 degrees cooler and conquered right now that green represents that that deep deep marine layer that means over 2000 ft. deep easy, so it's just not even bothered with the coastal hills. it's going right up over the top. it's all the way up into
10:49 pm
fairfield. it's all the way up in the back of ill all the way working its way to sacramento, wind gusts in the valley or in the in the delta or up into 30 mile an hour range tomorrow afternoon. more wind gusts. this is the afternoon about four o'clock. the red contours represent the strongest winds, but it's onshore, so it's a cool wind direction is going to be breezy. it's going to be cool, and then it does the same thing again on friday, so for temperatures to heat up in this environment is pretty tough, so we're going to stay seventies and low eighties. at best. we should look at oakland nice night that there's clouds out there, as you know in temperatures will be in this about the seventies low eighties tomorrow and right through saturday and sunday, the forecast highs tomorrow. you can see the yellows are said look at that. that's so different than what we've been seeing, right? we had we had purples day and a half ago two days ago 100 degree contours, but not today or not, for tomorrow or the next couple of days. so what i just say it's gonna be a lot cooler. the air quality is going to be great fire dangers not ever off the
10:50 pm
table, but it sure helps. here's the five day forecast. you can see all that cloud cover all that moisture. definitely changing weather patterns that will take us right through the early part of next week. bill. thank you. well new tonight at 10 san francisco state university held its first in person graduation ceremony in more than two years at oracle park this evening. tonight graduates from the classes of 2020 and 2021 were honored and tomorrow night more than 7400 graduates from the class of 2022 will walk the commencement stage. in person. graduation ceremonies were put on hold because of the covid pandemic. tonight was the first in person ceremony for university president lynn mahoney, who joined the university in july of 2019. this is a historic day. we have waited a long time for
10:51 pm
today's summit. several ceremony it is my greatest pleasure to say for the first time ever in person, congratulations to the classes of 2020 and 2021. murder melgar as san francisco city and county board of supervisor was tonight's graduation speaker and tomorrow night eleni qanon lakis , california's 50th lieutenant governor, will give the commencement speech. alright coming up in sports. the golden state warriors advanced to their sixth nba finals in the last eight seasons here, what stefan currie has to stay about tonight's big win, then on the 11 o'clock news more on the fallout following the mass shooting, and you've aldi, texas . why the n r a says it will still be holding its annual meeting
10:52 pm
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should.
10:53 pm
it's another bad scheme for california. ♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
10:54 pm
frar the warriors. total team effort , six tubs sitting for double figures, with clay leading the way. 32 tubs take game five by 10 over the mavs at our nba finals bound for the first time. and three years chase center was electric tonight, curry and company trying to close it out and luca dances mavs. they put up a big fight. bit of a scare. first quarter watch steps, right ankle, take a turn and looked awful first step, but he just kept playing second quarter some great movement into play will launch a three point bomb yet eight of those tonight in 19 in the first half late first half draymond green, driving the paint with a high kiss off the glass and give him a foul to three point play finished with 17 points, nine assists. green was feeling it. his best assist right here on the move behind
10:55 pm
the backer, clay. step back drills. another three dubs by 21 . they were loving it, and luca was not loving it. take that up . 20 how about some curry step drive stops pops a little fadeaway jumper steph had 15 took home the western conference mvp trophy. matthis not done, though they finished the third quarter. 15 to run luca lead the charge. tough bucket over draymond yet 28 dallas got it down to eight. but no closer. come on, looney will pull down one of his 18 rebounds. he feeds be elites from way downtown for the 3 21 quality minutes off the bench tonight we finished with more loony. play other miss bond will go digging again gets the ball feeds clay for take two and see you later. 32 points for clay 83 pointers warriors win at 1 20 to 1 10 here's stefan trying to wrap his mind around at six trip to the nba finals in the last eight years. it puts it
10:56 pm
all into perspective. in terms of, you know the fact that we are where we are in our career. we're still playing this high of a level and you know, not just thinking too far ahead. we want to get the job done in the finals, but we still have a lot more in the tank. so, um it is a credit to all the work that we put in. but just the fact that we've been on together with coach kerr and the staff, and you know the identity that we've built as a team continuing to build, buy into it, and it's continued to pay off. i guess so. game one at the chase center week tonight from tonight against either celtics or the heat about some baseball giants off tonight, the ace hosting the rangers type one until the ninth inning, when texas put a three spot on the board. beat the ace 4 to 1. some brave fans, though, on some chili they area weather passing up watching the warriors tonight. top nine game time. 11 dulles. garcia rips one off lee trevino that will stay fair for
10:57 pm
the double. i why coming around to score rangers lead it, 2 to 1 more to come. next batter is nathaniel low. he's going to say hi to sam mall and take one deep on a two run, bomb, the pitch and there she goes, that's your ball game. rangers go on to win the first four in this series 41 tonight in oakland. well the 49ers are 108 days from their season opener but already hard at work at their spring. many camp down at santa clara all eyes, of course, on number five trade lance. he's got one year to starts in an offseason owners belt. second year quarterback gunning for that starting role this fall, lance played his entire rookie season with an injured finger on his throwing hand that is sealed up. he says he feels great. and george kittle agrees less than a weekend at camp, he says, trey lance is bringing it. trey has. he does have a radiating personality. you can tell. he loves the game. he's got a childlike love for it. probably
10:58 pm
cause he's 22. no but you can definitely tell he loves being out there. he loves playing football. he loves throwing the ball to the guys. so um, yeah, he's definitely taking steps forward and i think only these practices are only gonna help him. jimmy garoppolo doing no idea. still no text back. it is what it is. jimmy g, of course, still nursing that shoulder, not in camp. speaking of quarterbacks, former 49 colin kaepernick got his private nfl workout, the first one since he left the game five plus seasons ago. he was, of course, sean from the league after his racial inequality, protests. well caps now. 30 forward out of las vegas . his workout was very impressive, but you certainly didn't hear that from their new head coach. right out of the bill belichick class of coach speak 101, a that's former patriot josh mcdaniel. brought in tons of people for workouts and if there's an opportunity to improve the team, you know, you know, he said it from day one that we would look at every opportunity and um, no. he's at
10:59 pm
the first player that we looked at. not the not the last one. july is right around the corner, friday eve holiday weekend ahead so time to put a smile on your face and do a little check this out. i want to introduce you to cooper. lovely sees a usc football recruit. i think he teaches little yoga on the side because this guy in rubber band mr stretched, mr flex. six ft five inch offensive lineman, by the way, yeah, silly putty. finally university central florida softball er, medi bihar anno, showing her deep focus while getting interviewed after the big game. i mean, come on, that is avery one doing her best to kind of distract her, but she kept bringing it good for dialed in there under pressure. unflappable. guess so. all right . thank you. exciting night in the city. let's just keep it rolling with it. our coverage of the warriors win continues next to the left. it was amazing not
11:00 pm
only because we were winning the entire game. for your fans see the dubs clinched the western conference finals in a thrilling game five win at home as designation lines up tonight to get their hands on some finals gear. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the golden state warriors are headed to the nba finals once again after defeating the dallas mavericks tonight. 120 to 110. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach to warriors coasted in tonight's game five. never losing that lead. ktvu jason appelbaum begins. our coverage is live at the chase center. four more jason four more. four more, mike ? yeah this was a great night out here at chase center. but first off, let me address the elephant in the room. because if you take a look over my shoulder, the warriors have lowered their gigantic scoreboard down to the floor level. it says finals bound, and indeed they are. the nba finals begin one week from today, right


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