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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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difficult day for the community surrounding the richmond church , but members say they are vowing to rebuild. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama andre senior . the fire, leaving little behind of the pentecostals of bay area church in pittsburgh. ktvu henry lee is at the church after speaking with investigators and church members, henry yeah, the sour work crews are busy securing this site after a day long worth of fire fire again, mop up efforts this church all but good , but the senior pastor and church goers tell me they are optimistic and relying on their faith. juan pedro cabrera stood outside the pittsburgh church still smoldering hours after fire tore through it before dawn. he's not just a church member, he was the construction foreman who helped build a 25 years ago, transforming a theater into a place of worship. it's heartbreaking, literally. i want to cry. fire broke out at pentecostals of the bay area church in pittsburgh. it started about three in the morning and
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then an hour later as firefighters sprayed water from high above the roof gave way, literally blood, sweat and tears that went into this. it's a labor of love. no one was hurt. the church had been there for about two decades in historic three story building the church has about 1200 members as part of its bilingual congregation unit on the roof collapsed. the collapse based on the building geometry created an over pressurization events similar to a backdraft, which blew out the front doors of this building. many rushed to the scene when they realized their house of worship had gone up in flames. it's absolutely a tragedy, it's very sad, but we're very strong church. we have a strong leader. the church's sign includes a rendering of flames, church member kennedy, camacho says that's not as much ironic but symbolic, often a symbol of renewal of a new season. and so you know, that's what we're believing. we're just trusting god that you know what's happening here has, of course, a
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spiritual meaning. senior pastor elias lamanna says the church had undergone renovations inside and out about a year and a half ago, they installed a new roof and solar panels. i believe this is going to bring the church together. we are body, the body of christ. we believe that church is going to rally behind us. it's gonna we're gonna pray . we're going to seek directions . see what we're going to do next? the fire not yet known captain george lang of the contra costa county fire protection district says investigators have to make sure what remains of the structure is stable before they go in. you have the historic building footprints and then you have some structure around that that's been remodeled several times over the course of decades. it's hard to say exactly what part of the building was involved in fire. even if we had macular reported that because we don't know enough about the building yet complicated floor plan and remodel meant that the fire continued to burn and some of the interior walls and crawl spaces in between floors. firefighters stayed on scene for hours to put out hot spots and watch for flare ups. pittsburgh
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locals will recognize this as the former vogue theater again cleanup peppers in full swing. the cause of the fire is under investigation by pittsburgh. henry lee ktvu fox doing a difficult job to rebuild the church, henry. thank you. the death of a woman earlier this year in san jose, is now being investigated as a homicide. the woman's body was discovered on february 24th on driftwood drive in west san jose. she was identified as 26 year old are really trujillo. the santa clara county coroner's office conducted an autopsy and said that they determined she had suspicious injuries. she died of asphyxiation and blunt head trauma. during the course of the investigation, the coroner's office conducted a full autopsy on that female and discover that there was suspicious injuries that were sustained. at this point. police have not yet identified a suspect or made any arrests. the death is san jose's 12th homicide this year. the
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wrong decision. great there's no no excuse for that. i will quote livid governor of texas admits mistakes were made and the response to the mass shooting at a texas school that left 21 people dead. authorities say. officers waited in the hallway of that school for at least an hour. before agents confronted the gunman. the governor says the commander at the scene believed the shooter was barricaded inside the classroom and that children were not at risk. and we are also getting an idea of just how desperate the situation was outside rob elementary. this is new video that shows the chaos with children being escorted from the school on tuesday. you can also see the frantic parents being held back by police officers. texas authorities say the gunman who massacred 21 people at the elementary school was in the building for more than an hour
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before he was killed by law enforcement officers. family members are now demanding to know why authorities did not storm into the school sooner. and foxes. lauren blanchard just joining us live now in uvalde, as texas law enforcement officers tried to clarify this timeline that they entered the building, lauren. and andre janna. after that clarification we heard earlier today there was a lot more frustration and anger in this very small town after police essentially admitted they got it wrong standing in the hallway outside the classroom as the suspected gunman was inside shooting children. yes 9112 police and the police now. students and teachers frantically called 911 as a gunman opened fire on rob elementary school tuesday, the 18 year old suspect crashed the vehicle, then began shooting at classroom windows. the school resource officer drove right by him. the gunman then entered the
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building through a door that was propped open by a teacher inside , firing more than 100 rounds and locking himself in a classroom. that officer was not on scene, not on campus. but had heard the 911 call, so he drove right by the suspect was hunkered down behind the vehicle where he began shooting at the school, texas department of public safety says as many as 19 officers were in the school hallway for at least an hour before border patrol agents used a janitor's key to open the classroom door and killed the gunman. the on site commander incorrectly believed the shooter was barricaded and no children were at risk inside, believe they needed more equipment. and more officers the benefit of hindsight one sitting now unfortunately, not the right decision. the shooting has prompted renewed calls for gun reform, just as the national rifle association holds its annual convention just hours away in houston, outside protesters are demanding action. we need to do something about it
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now. and coming back out here live. you can see this growing memorial in the town square. here in you volley. texas people have been coming throughout the day, bringing things like flowers, lighting candles, really anything they can just to take a minute and remember all of these beautiful 21 lives lost this town. this community absolutely. heartbroken, jenna. so sad to see all those pictures of the desperate parents there. lauren are you hearing anything in terms of how they're proceeding in terms of any kind of memorials, or, you know ways of trying to honor each one of these lives? right so there are a number of memorial set up here in you've aldi obviously the one behind me in the town square. there is one. we've been showing you throughout the week in front of the elementary. and the sad thing is starting on the 31st. that is the earliest that we can see that these funerals are actually going to begin.
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actually believe on the 30th is going to be a visitation. 31st is the first of the many 21 funerals that will need to happen in this very small town. obviously people really want answers from law enforcement on what went wrong. they want to know why this happened. and then, of course, trying to remember all of those 19 kids and two teachers. so hard when you see all of their faces, lauren, thank you so much for that very sensitive and comprehensive report appreciate the new development today turned a lot of what we initially were told about this case on its head. to flesh out. the latest twist is darren white, who spent three decades with the anaheim police department. he was also a swat officer and is now consultant darren. thank you so much for joining us in the jump right in today's development revealed massive failures in one case adore the school. where the gunman apparently entered, was propped open and according to the district's own website, in regards to the classrooms, teachers are supposed to keep their classrooms locked as a former member of the school district police department. is a lot classroom door required right now. i think it varies
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district to district but i would certainly say that the minute those first shots started being fired into the windows of the protocol would have been for the doors to have been locked because you know it's indicative that an active shooter is coming onto the campus. but yeah, the door that was propped open. i think the greatest failure was that decision not to enter immediately, um, and a whole host of failures here. i want to get to that in just a second. what is what i've noticed here is the sandy hook advisory commission when that happened. there was a report in 2015 that found that locked classroom doors are highly effective authority shooters, but you're saying that's not been widely adapted across the country. it varies. yeah i don't think it's been widely adopted for a teacher to lock the classroom in the class. when the class comes into class, i think that it it is, uh, definitely protocol that if there is a breach if there is an announcement that there is some sort of threat to the campus at the teachers do so but not necessarily. as soon as the
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kids come in something that will definitely be talked about here and we learned today. that the commander on the scene back to that subject tuesday shifted to from an active shooter to a barricaded subject. all right now, how can any such decision like that be made inside of a school where we don't even know if all the children are catapult at that moment. it's unconscionable. i don't know how anybody could have made that decision. none of the my former appears that i've talked to can understand it. uh the only thing that i could think of is it somebody with not a lot of experience. i know that the chief arredondo, uh, has apparently had three decades of law enforcement experiencing from himself, but i don't know where that was. or you know how, um how much crime he saw in his career. but the other thing that is just amazing to me. is that somebody on the scene? one of those officers on the scene didn't go against his his orders when they're hearing shots continue to be fired. i don't have trouble hearing the details and real quick here in a
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situation where you do have a gunman holding people hostage like what this government did. how do you know when to breach and what to try and negotiate with the gunman? well when there are shots being fired and lives are at risk. you don't negotiate you go in and neutralize the threat. you know, law enforcement has evolved over the years, you know, starting back in 1984 with the senior seed, um mcdonald's massacre where the supervisor was not on scene told the sniper is not to take a shot until he got on scene. to now. trusting our law enforcement officials are the officers on the scene to make the decision based on what they're actually seeing. then in columbine. after that, we moved from surround and surround and wait for swat to actually making entry to the point now where not only are the officers making entry, but we have rescue task forces where we're taking paramedics in with us on the initial entry. so they law enforcement can confront and neutralize the threat, while paramedics are actually actively
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treating those who are injured so much about this entire situation still is not making a whole lot of sense, and it's leading to a lot of confusion. i'm sure for the families of the victims in this case, darren white, former member of the anaheim police, department consultant, former swat members. well, thank you so much for your insight this afternoon. thank you, andre. the national rifle association's convention proceeded as scheduled today in houston. thousands of protesters also showed up outside the convention center. mark tamayo. the protesters are demanding that houston officials put an end to the event. some war signs with the names of the eovaldi school shooting victims convention runs through the weekend in former president donald trump and texas senator dead crews are in attendance speaker said. they do not support restricting gun access. texas governor greg abbott was supposed to go as well, but instead addressed the crowd in prerecorded remarks. several performers did pull out of the
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convention out of respect for the shooting victims and their families. not the best barbecue weather for the holiday weekend . the detailed forecast is on deck next. it's a rocking holiday weekend here and napa, the music, the food, the wine, the bruise. it's all part of the fun and we're going to take you inside here at the bottle rock festival coming up, all right. sounds good and the warriors good fortune, good news for fans and san francisco. the teams returned to the finals, meaning a big boost for the city. and to the moon. nasa getting closer to going back coming up a look at the plan our trip into space.
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a we place to be the bottle of rock music and food festival is taking place over downtown right now. ktvu brooks jarocz spent the day there taking it all in, and he joins us now live with a look at all the excitement, brooks man, you can just feel the energy and excitement here that's been missing for the last couple of years because covid canceled this party memorial day weekend the last two years, but the crowds have gotten bigger and more rambunctious hour after hour, and anyone here will tell you that bottle rock is back. call it the kickoff to summer. the return of bottle rock, opening with excitement and anticipation. tickets are sold out excited to see metallica getting away from reno coming to napa and joined friends and family valleys outdoor festival
5:17 pm
had fans filing in early friday . for many, it's the first big taste of music food. wine and bruise since the covid 19 pandemic started, that's great that we're finally able to do these kinds of things again without a mask and getting life back to normal, with hundreds ready to rock my show coming like kosher dills ready to wrap excited to set it off. i mean, for me, it's a huge honor to be here is one of the smaller acts opening up for metallica and greta van fleet and chicago and stuff again. near any of the four main stages. you will find dancing, relaxing, soaking up the sun. life like it once was. i love it and the people watching the outfits and just being back to normal, and it wouldn't be a napa party without wine flowing and a full spread of fine food. this festival really reflects the rich diversity of napa valley's so whether it's tacos, whether it's
5:18 pm
whether it's a fried chicken sandwich, whether it's stake whatever you want. the price point is good, and you've got the best of the best chefs making your food here up in the culinary garden, the smells, sights and sounds of summer. prepared festival organizers have sunscreen dispensers and hydration stations to keep people happy to be a long day as music fans and performers prepared to rock into the night memorial day weekend tradition revived we are uniting is, uh, musical community needed this weekend. specifically, we need it. andy now we've got a lot of musical guests coming up tonight. greta van fleet at six pm the metallica takes the stage at seven. and did i mention tickets are sold out. you can't get any more so we have actually seen people on the sides outskirts of this big concert
5:19 pm
venue trying to get those coveted wrist bands are begging people to sell their tickets to them so they can get inside here to bottle rock to one of these many stages and the great food vendors, wine and beer. that is out here that everyone is partaking in is we've noticed over the last couple of hours, guys, i noticed you also have a wrist band on your arm to brooks jarocz. that's that's fantastic. what a great story to enter friday. nana brooks. thanks so much, and the question is what the weather is going to be like. you know what, guys? i gotta tell you something. i just learned that pink is going to be performing, and that's why rosemary oroczo. weather while it's currently 70 degrees, and you saw the blue skies there with brooke reporting tomorrow, the daytime high will be right around the low seventies by four pm it will be 69 degrees metallica. goes ahead and takes the stage at what? eight o'clock at 60 degrees. sunny and cooler conditions for years saturday,
5:20 pm
right now heading to the east bay from the north bay. this is our live weather camera looking out towards mount diablo. we have a high thin veil of clouds roughly about 18,000 ft. otherwise it is pretty sunny temperature 63 in santa rosa 70 and conquered and low seventies in san jose, with the deck of some cloudiness as well. and if you want to compare this evening to 24 hours ago pretty much the same, only about two degrees warmer and half moon bay seven degrees warmer in concord, but two degrees cooler and hayward back into castro valley. now the winds have been shifting and all kinds of directions but will become pretty common out of the west 10 to 20 mph as the evening progresses right now, these winds at 21 napa gus up to 26 mph. so let's go ahead and pinpoint your saturday. first off becoming sunny but cooler, we will remain for the most part cloudy along the seashore, but some drizzles possible. i'll
5:21 pm
share that with you, momentarily . sunshine on your sunday breezy conditions area low pressure while to the north of the bay area. it's skimmed across the northwestern section of the state of california today, providing some light rain showers ran down north and siskiyou counties, but for the most part all that diversity to the east we do have, however, our future cast illustrating. watch this by four o'clock tomorrow afternoon at 20% chance of a hit and miss scattered to resolve or sprinkle around the napa and santa rosa area, but then lots of sunshine for your sunday and on memorial day tonight, overnight with the blanket of clouds, we will see those areas of fog development along the immediate seashore into the forties and fifties. tomorrow we will rebound to temperatures from 58 degrees and pacifica through moss beach. montara beach, 73 inland and conquered. these temperatures are below average napa. should be at 77 for this time of the year, but very comfortable at 73 degrees. hey, next time around, we'll talk about the full five
5:22 pm
day forecast during jenna. thanks so much, roberta well, nasa is hoping to rekindle interest in american space exploration by starting with a familiar target. foxes mac maximum politics has more on nasa's plan to return to the moon. ignition. see. scientific discovery, economic benefits and inspiration. all the foundation of nasa's artemis plan missions to the moon using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. however, the plan is to take that knowledge beyond the moon and further into the galaxy. we're not going straight to mars because there's a lot of technology that we need to develop closer to home in a safer environment before we actually go out and go to mars and create a sustainable settlement. their caliphate was an aerospace engineer who's the galactic gal platform has gained her significant notoriety on social media. she believes there are multiple industries that could look to capitalize on
5:23 pm
further exploration of the moon and beyond. including transportation, mining and construction. you might say water and then you turn that into oxygen and hydrogen, or you can actually use that water for things like propellant notes that the forthcoming artemus plan set for liftoff in august will effectively be a launchpad for even more possibilities, including habitats on the moon. but there's still far more research to be done before that can come to fruition. a really important topic that scientists and engineers are addressing right now is radiation on the moon. so it's outside of the radiation protection that we have around earth in low earth orbit, but we still need to shield our astronauts and tourists right from the radiation. and with these artemis missions, nasa will make history with the first woman to land on the moon, as well as the first person of color. in new york that napolitano fox news scorched earth coming up. that's how some are describing the new moves by russia and its ongoing
5:24 pm
invasion of ukraine. and coming up at six. steve kerr isn't the only one in the bay area sports world reacting strongly to this week's mass shooting what giants manager gabe kapler has to say about his feelings regarding the country as a whole, also ahead. san francisco police hearing from the community about a deadly police shooting last week. where the investigation stands on. what exact
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made to do anything so you can do anything. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. this words for vladimir putin as the russian invasion of ukraine enters a new phase is mike tobin has more from kiev, ukraine. the ukrainians are calling it scorched earth tactics a massive increase in russian shelling of ukrainian cities while at the same time moscow bringing a huge amount of military resource to bear on a narrow front in the luhansk region, threatening to overwhelm the ukrainian defensive line. we're also seeing more long range missile attacks on civilian areas behind the front lines, with president biden once again, accusing
5:27 pm
vladimir putin. of war crimes. not only is he trying to take over ukraine, he's literally trying to wipe out the culture and identity of the ukrainian people. attacking schools, nurseries, hospitals, ukrainian military is now asking the us to send heavy weapons to stop the russian advance, including long range multiple launch rocket systems, which could be the key to countering russia's huge artillery advantage. they outguy want these multiple rocket rocket systems so they can match the range that the russians have. meanwhile russia's finance minister says the country will need quote huge resources to continue the war in ukraine, prompting officials here to push the european union to approve a total embargo of russian energy , claiming it's the only way to ensure putin. can't rearm his military. putting pressure on russia is literally a matter of saving lives. every day of delay means more dead ukrainians film.
5:28 pm
nato allies are also floating the idea of allowing russian oligarchs to buy their way out of sanctions and use the money to rebuild ukraine. in kiev, ukraine. mike tobin fox news coming up. governor newsom teams up with the leader from halfway around the world to take on climate change, plus i'm christian captain. we'll show you how
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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finals for the sixth time in the last eight years. well that is a great sight to see with last night's win against the dallas mavericks. the warriors are back in the finals, and now all eyes on the prize another n b a title good news for the team. that would be great news for the fans as well as businesses in san francisco ktvu christien kafton live chase center. and christian preparations for those final games are already underway. yeah that's right, guys. i don't know about you, but i was on the edge of my seat watching those games. i'm so glad that dubs did it again. and the dubs, of course. now that means they have home court advantage, which means games one and two will be played right here at chase center starting next week. dub nation is still enjoying the afterglow of thursday night's win over the dallas mavericks clinching a place in the nba finals friday morning. the warriors store opened up with this year's must have dubs accessories. 2022 nba
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finals hat and t shirt, warriors hats and then i got the shirt is the best is a nice hat. we're going all the way to the finals . golden state will host games one and two of the championship series. the warriors front office is talking tickets. single game tickets for games 12 and five of the nba finals. go on sale to the general public at two pm tomorrow saturday. we do have a variety of pre sales that are carrying between now and that time reminding fans to buy their tickets from warriors .com to avoid getting scammed. we do notice? um jerry marquee events that fraud activity does increase so we would encourage anyone looking to purchase tickets to please do so via warriors .com. good fortune spilling over into god's and thrive city, the restaurant seeing a surge in business this postseason. it's amazing because it's more business for us. we get people get to know that
5:33 pm
we're here and we're open every day. manager claudia correo says . this might be the spot to hang out during the finals for a little celebrity spotting in game five, the restaurant had a visitor who left a pretty big impression shot came in the crowd went crazy, so it was very exciting and it was awesome to see him coming to our business. that manager got telling me that she knew shaq was big. but she said when he was standing there right next to he was even bigger than he than she thought. he was a single single game tickets for games 12 and five will be available over the weekend. if the series goes a full seven games. that would mean that the seventh game would be played right here at chase center. tickets for that would be available a little later on. in the series. we are live at chase center in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. people say that about shocked when they see him in first. he's a lot bigger than they thought he was a christian. thank you so much. you see this now? the january 7th primary is
5:34 pm
coming up fast, too, and that's why the top candidates in the san jose's mural race are working to get out the vote this weekend, and if any candidate gets more than 50% of the vote in that primary that person is immediately elected and does not have to run again in november's general election. ktvu mark sayer takes a look at what's in store for the long holiday weekend. i'm just wanted to remind you that the ballots had gone out. volunteer star iverson is busy working the phones at the willow glen campaign headquarters of cindy chavez, just going to go over a few highlights of cindy's many, many accomplishments. getting out the vote is a key goal of all of the candidates. first of all, it feels like it's going great. chavez a current member of the santa clara county board of supervisors, and a former city council member. is currently the top spender in a race that has already topped $2 million between all of the candidates candidate people will tell you their hopes and their aspirations not just for their city, but for their families. chavez says she has noticing
5:35 pm
some changes in this year's campaign cycle, with covid related shifts at work and at home engagement on social media and through virtual forums is now just as widely accepted as the old fashioned campaign rally. but there's a balance and the balance is that as a candidate for a city of a million people, you want to be able to talk to as many people as possible, and the one benefit to zoom is that you're able to have conversations with people that can be 30 minutes as long as you would have won with somebody face to face, but you can have many, many of them in a day across town in the city's evergreen neighborhood. these photos show, city council member raul paralysis out canvassing with his wife and his parents, he says going door to door can initially startled some voters. but i would say it's a very warm response as soon as we tell them hey, i'm running for mayor says hearing directly from voters is a huge benefit. the reality is coming out in canvassing going door to door. you get a sense of the community that you don't get a city hall. not every voter is
5:36 pm
going to call their council member or the mayor and tell them about the challenges that they're having. and so when we come out here and have those one on one conversations, you absolutely learned a lot more about the needs of the entire community. the top candidates are all current elected officeholders, including city councilman matt mehan, who checks in at number two on the expenditure list. at more than $700,000 and council member dev davis, who was spent about $220,000 so far in a city as large and diverse as san jose. all the candidates know they have a lot of work in front of them, and voters are paying attention to the issues. we're running third place on fundraising right now, meaning we're not going to put out as many t v ads or mail pieces and so where we can make up. the difference is what we're doing today. people are engaged in the sense that they know there are specific problems they want to deal with. they thought about the solutions. they want to talk to you not just about the problem, but their ideas about how to solve them. one thing the next mayor does not know is how
5:37 pm
long will the term last if voters also approved measure b to sync up a mayoral election with the presidential elections , the winner this year will have to run again in 2024. reporting from san jose city hall. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. california is joining forces with new zealand today on a new agreement to fight climate change. governor newsom and prime minister jacinda ardern announced the partnership at the san francisco botanical garden in golden gate park this morning. the accord outlines broad areas for cooperation. some of the biggest areas they're targeting include electric vehicles and sustainable farming. 41% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the tailpipe. but you add an additional 10, plus percent from the extraction of fossil fuel. so it's over. 50% this is the game changer, zealand. our biggest challenges food production, and that's why you've seen us push very very progressively on how we can ensure we maintain our position is being the most sustainable food producers in the world.
5:38 pm
california also has climate change partnerships with other countries, including canada, mexico and china. okay or news. some families probably do not want to hear the formula shortage could go on for a couple more months. what's behind the even further delays. and people are hitting the roads and the skies this memorial day weekend what you can expect if
5:39 pm
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entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. amue facing it for a few more months. yet parents are finding empty shelves and have few options to get their hands on the much needed food boxes and fbi eliopoulos shows us why the fda says it will need at least two months to stock up on formula. more relief is on the way for parents searching tirelessly for baby formula two shipments of formula from the european union arrived to distribution points
5:41 pm
in northern virginia and central pennsylvania earlier this week. the shipments will be distributed to hospitals and retailers in an effort to ease some of the burdens of the ongoing shortage. can't imagine worrying about how to how you're going to feed your baby and how you're going to provide for them. in dearborn, michigan, several nonprofits teamed up to hold an emergency baby formula distribution event. local governments are now stepping up efforts to ensure that poorer families get access to the fresh supply, able to locate working network that we have created the nonprofits and local stakeholders. try to identify formula to the greatest of our capacity and try to not solved the formula shortage but tried to hopefully help in the short term. the fda chief also testifying this week going into detail about the egregious conditions discovered at abbott's michigan plant. there is no dispute that the facility was unacceptably insanitary, as evidenced by the consent decree. frankly the inspection results were shocking. that plant is expected to reopen in early june . baby formula from abbott will
5:42 pm
begin trickling into stores about 6 to 8 weeks after that. and iliopoulos fox news. the cdc is recommending people mask up indoors while traveling memorial day as covid cases are on the rise, cbc data shows we're now averaging more than 100,000 new infections per day. that is nearly double the rate of a month ago. travel volume is expected to hit pre pandemic levels this weekend, but with infections climbing summer, making last minute changes to their plans. i feel like you're in a time warp stuff, even though for many people, things are normalizing. i still am quite cautious. the spike in covid cases, also prompting several schools, including the university of hawaii and u c l. a to reinstate indoor mask mandates. a second suspected monkeypox case has been identified in sacramento county. health officials say the case is believed to be connected to the first case found earlier this week. both patients are isolating in their homes and have reportedly not been in
5:43 pm
contact with others. officials say that the risk to the general public does remain low. inflation high gas prices expensive flights all of that does not seem to be slowing down the unofficial kickoff to the summer travel season. we'll take a look at the roads and the skies next. and speaking of the skies, could we actually have a little bit of precipitation this weekend during your holiday weekend will pinpoint your forecast as the news continues, right here on ktvu.
5:44 pm
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. adds discovery kingdom in vallejo. this park is debuting a new one of a kind they say rollercoaster this weekend. the sidewinder safaris, a combination of family coaster and animal exhibit. it features live encounters with various snakes and other reptiles for thrill seekers as they make their way to the right itself. sidewinder safari, it's all new brand new, immersive
5:46 pm
experience is an animal exhibit. and this guy the roller coaster with over 1300 ft. of slithering track that only gets will have this amazing ride. but while they're in the queue lines, we actually have animal exhibits. with these reptiles, people can check them out. so again, it's an all immersive experience, and it's going to one of its kind. this is six flags. discovery kingdom 11th roller coaster. that's more than any other theme park in northern california. there's a crash on highway 12 in the delta shut down both lanes of traffic as a holiday getaway got underway this afternoon. the accident happened around two o'clock near i'll tonight at jackson flew road in sacramento county. the major accident involved seven vehicles. you can see there. the damage, including this auto transporter that was loaded with cars and suvs. video from the air shows the mess that was left behind there on both sides of the roadway as well as the shoulders on both sides. the chp says that one person was taken to the hospital with major
5:47 pm
injuries. for many people, this memorial day weekend will be time to get away and enjoy time with friends and family. after some very quiet holidays during the first two years of the pandemic, and this is a live look at the east shore freeway. right now. traffic is heavy through berkeley, not unusual at this time of day, but traffic heading towards mcarthur maze. that is also pretty heavy about 39 million people expected to travel over the holiday weekend . alright, taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. right now. it's like a parking lot or by the toll plaza, plenty of people heading into the city. and if you're looking at this, and if you're heading to the city, you might want to use some public transportation to get to the other side that could extend through the weekend because more than 30 million americans are expected to hit the road this weekend. almost 90% of those say they will be driving to their destinations despite the record high gas prices. today the statewide average for unleaded gasoline ticked up to yet another new record of close to $6.08 a gallon. the high price
5:48 pm
of fuel is also affecting air travel in the form of higher ticket prices. grady tremble is at chicago's o'hare airport with air travel is rebounding from the lows of the pandemic. not quite as many people taking to the skies this memorial day we can compared to before the pandemic, but the number of people flying is way up compared to last year. take a look at the numbers from triple a. they estimate around three million people are going to fly this memorial day weekend. that's up 25. compared to 2021. we're here at chicago o'hare airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. this memorial day weekend behind airports like atlanta, los angeles, dallas. the usual people who are flying this year are going to pay a heck of a lot more than they did last year and even before the pandemic, hopper estimates that the round trip price for a domestic flight is around $400 up 28. compared to 2019. but the
5:49 pm
people we've talked to tell me they are willing to pay up because after two years of being cooped up, they just want to get out again. kind of have to pay, but i wish it was a lot cheaper. i mean, i would like to be able to travel a lot more. i think it's summertime. everyone likes to get out, which spent two years stuck at home. one of the big reasons for that more expensive airfare is that jet fuel prices are up more than 100% from a year ago. another issue airlines are dealing with is staffing shortages, whether it's pilots, flight attendants or grounds crews that's led to flight cancelations and delays across the country in huge numbers over the past several months. delta says they've cut 100 flights every single day this summer in the u. s and latin america to try to avoid having more problems with that, as we head into the busy travel season. in chicago. grady trimble, fox business. and i took a look at different airports across the bay area. how about sharing that information with you right now?
5:50 pm
so you can see everything seems to be smooth sailing right now, and that is an actual temperature in boston. 73 degrees with the cloud cover. the only discrepancy i have found. is that air temperature in san francisco sfo that should breed 59. otherwise all the rest of the data comes in and is spot on and we have no delays. the only thing i saw the potential of a delay happens to be in newark. in new jersey now, meanwhile, air temperature 60 and pacifica that was a high today 74 in antioch. these temperatures below average for this time of the year 61 in san francisco with the brisk wind boy was that a chilly day for the city by the bay now, currently, it's 59 in san francisco, 66 degrees and napa and 70 in livermore, where the wind is gusting up to 20 mph and in notices, wins have been all over the place. they will be more consistent out of the west 10 to 20 mph throughout our evening hours right now that wind is out of the south with
5:51 pm
gas up to 26 napa. so here's what you need to know. tonight if you're heading on out, go ahead and grab a light jacket or sweater or wrap with those brisk winds. partly cloudy skies saturday a very cool start tiered holiday weekend, then we'll gradually warm on sunday. into memorial day. we do have this area of low pressure while to the north of the bay area, few sprinkles around the northwestern section of the state from down north, a county into siskiyou county, but bypassing mendocino county, but that could change for tomorrow. now you see that we still have a little bit of leftover scattered showers to the north of us otherwise here is your saturday morning and we see the precipitation lined up around the redwood coast. otherwise the clouds begin to invade the north bay on saturday by five pm could see a sprinkle. around bottle rock tomorrow. the 20% chance that's about it. clear skies sunday and monday. so how about
5:52 pm
your tahoe forecast? we have a lake wind advisor in effect for saturday until 11 pm temperature 50 for going up to 58 on sunday . and how about your a's game? we have urban on the mound for the good guys at 6 40 for first pitch. 61 degrees of westerly at 12 tonight overnight, mostly cloudy skies with that blanket of clouds, forties and fifties, a pair of fives, a mountain view and your bottle rock forecast for saturday average high and rapid 77. but now we could see 71 degrees tomorrow but by four p.m. 69 degrees eight o'clock at night temperatures still into the sixties. meanwhile, tomorrow's daytime highs coming down fifties beaches pretty much sixties around the central bay to the mid seventies away from the bay into our inland areas. a brisk wind at 28 times warmer sunday and on memorial day and have yourself a very safe weekend. okay, thanks, roberta youtube. special show voices for change returns this weekend and
5:53 pm
we'll hear more advice from a professional about just how to speak to your kids. after such a traumatic week, and as aapi heritage month comes to a close our greg lee speaks to several organizations about their efforts to push for representation, influence and economic opportunity. plus a very special conversation with the woman who is behind sesame street's first asian american puppet. this is always been their mission statement is to make sure that like representation inclusivity is like in their their curriculum, um, to fold in, like, you know, disenfranchised populations in the country and they're continuing it. it's just evolved in a different way with like an asian muppet who knew that this never happened. voices for change here this sunday at 9 30 in the morning, right here on ktvu. the jury begins deliberating after weeks of explosive testimony in the highly publicized johnny depp amber, her trial coming up the final awards to the jury from
5:54 pm
both sides. and coming up at six o'clock, ukraine's president paid a virtual visit to the bay area today, his comments to stanford students on the war in his country and the lessons they can learn from it. and u. c. berkeley is still planning to begin construction on student housing at people's park, but many activists are still fighting tooth and nail to keep that from happening. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text.
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debr barbie doll designed to look like actress laverne cox, the dollars part of barbie's tribute collection. it is being released ahead of the actresses 50th birthday. mattel says the dollar is meant to ensure cox's impact in the tv, film, fashion and
5:57 pm
lgbtq plus community as part of the release to companies also donating the trans family. also s o s nonprofit that works to create quote, a more gender affirming and accepting community. the doll cost $40 and is already available now. well depth versus heard it has been an explosive trial watched by the world. the arguments have been made. the jury has heard the witnesses now jury has the case for deliberations. faxes ashley devore can has more on what that jury has to decide. we ask you to give mr depp his life back. a jury heard closing arguments in johnny depp's $50 million libel case against ex wife amber heard the 58 year old actors, attorneys claim heard ruined depth life by falsely telling the world she was a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of mr depp, mr depp wasn't canceled by hollywood because he was sometimes like to set he was canceled because misheard falsely accused him. of
5:58 pm
domestic violence and sexual violence on the pages of the washington post. they said the case has never been about money nor punishing heard but about depths, reputation and quote, freeing him from the prison in which he has lived for the past six years. if you didn't take pictures it didn't happen. if you did take pictures. they're fake. if you didn't tell your friends you're lying lawyer began their closing arguments, saying depth and his team are sending a dangerous message to victims of domestic abuse. counter this case is a campaign of humiliation against her after she filed for divorce. throughout the trial, heard testified about more than a dozen episodes of physical and sexual assault by depth depth, denies the accounts and claims heard was the abuser in the relationship cannot simultaneously protect and uphold the first amendment. and find in favor of johnny depp on his claim. both sides presented final arguments over the 2018 washington post op ed at the
5:59 pm
center of the trial, in which her describes herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. step side said he was defamed even though his name wasn't mentioned heard side , said statements she wrote. we're not false and are protected by the first amendment . this six week high profile trial now goes to the jury. in hollywood. ashley birkin, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the benefit of hindsight , one sitting now was not the right decision. the wrong decision period. there was no no excuse for that. more outrage tonight over the mass shooting and nobody texas authorities and law enforcement were in the hallway of that school for at least an hour before border agents entered the classroom where the gunman killed 19 students and two teachers. these guys had. vests they had tactical weapon vests, and they had their guns and they did nothing but hold people back.
6:00 pm
the texas department of public safety says the commander at the scene believed the shooter was barricaded inside the classroom and that no children were at risk. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama andre senior. we now know that's no longer true. texas authorities are giving a detailed timeline of what exactly happened that day. the 1st 911 call came in at 11 30 local time tuesday. dispatchers also received several calls from within the classroom between 12 oh, three and 12 46 at least 19 law enforcement officers waited in the hallway until the border patrol tactical team arrived, breached the classroom door and killed the shooter. at 12 50. for more on the details of exactly what happened. we're joined by lauren blanchard in vivaldi, texas, and lauren boyd . there were certain certainly so many parents that were furious, very emotional about all of this. andre janet. tonight this community is coming together once again


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