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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 29, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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and then whenever, whenever we just there was two people going to anybody help. they just he just started firing at them people who witnessed the beginning of last week's mass shooting in texas now starting to come forward, while at the same time the community comes together to grieve. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. good evening, everyone. and mike mibach julie julie haener, the justice department will review how law enforcement officers responded to that school massacre in involved in texas that killed 19 children and two teachers. and tonight we want to give you a live picture from the small texas city. it's just after one o'clock in the morning there, and people have been showing up to the city's town square, where this makeshift memorial has been created. that memorial has grown over the weekend with flowers and notes and other items left behind. boxes jeff paul is in your valley with a look at how
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the community is coping with the tragedy. president jo biden and first lady jill biden. summer trip to you baldy, texas sunday , paying their respects to the victims and morning with the community following the devastating school shooting and rob elementary this past week. a lot of hurting hearts everywhere, whether it's at the church or the school or here. i think it's good that he came to express his sympathy for the community, and i believe the community appreciates that as well. this is a time to come together and set differences aside. the pair visited the makeshift memorial set up by the community in front of rob elementary school before attending mass at the sacred heart catholic church. biden's were met with cheers from the crowd of community members, along with a call to action. president biden has not made any
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formal announcement on how he plans to combat the rise of these tragedies in the united states, but urged americans to stand with him to make america safer during his speech at the university of delaware saturday. far too many places. or innocence have died. in the face of such restrictive forces. we have to stand stronger. we must stand strong. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know. but we can make america safer. after growing frustration and anger from the community here in new valley, the mayor is now calling on the department of justice to review its investigation. the department of justice has agreed to do so and we'll make those findings public and you validate texas jeff paul fox news. church in alameda is paying tribute to those who lost their lives in the school shooting. this is what it looks like right outside the towers united methodist church on oak street, church leaders are displaying 19 colorful chairs and memory of the 19 children killed two other
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chairs are the two adult teachers who died in the gunfire . francisco giants manager gabe kapler may suspend his protest tomorrow. it's something he started after that school rampage in you, baldy. capital announced last week he would not come out onto the field for the national anthem until he feels quote better about the direction of our country. today, warriors head coach steve kerr spoke about kapler's decision. i always support. um. any form of peaceful protest. you know, that's what our country is founded on. i am. i think it's great that he is making his own statement. i think everyone has to do it their own way. and um that's the way game chose and i applaud them forward. kapler says he may suspend his protest for memorial day, according to the chronicle, kapler says the holiday is important and deserves special attention
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tonight is shooting in vacaville brings an early end to the city's fiesta day celebration. authorities say the victim did suffer nonlife threatening injuries. there were also asking people to avoid the area and find locations away from the park to reunite with loved ones. the festival is usually a fun community parties celebrating spanish and mexican heritage. millions of people are taking road trips over this holiday weekend. here's a live look at 8 80 in oakland tonight, where traffic is flowing light and easy at this hour for california drivers. they're hitting the roads, with gas prices soaring to a record high of $6.14 a gallon. ktvu is elissa harrington spoke with drivers tonight about how those soaring prices are forcing them to make some tough decisions. can't even fill my tank. more pain at the pump exactly 35 miles on that. gas prices in california soar above $6 a gallon at this surrender chevron it's $6.49 per gallon. said he d
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driving his pickup tru he wouldy even afford to drive this to my normal working back every day. i have a motorcycle. i used to get 70 miles to the gallon, so and drive that resident jim bean said he usually works from home so does not have to drive too much but is still considering big changes. concerns about oil based products anyway, so i think eventually we'll switch over to all electric. this is probably my last gas car. the golden state has the highest gas prices in the country with one gallon of unleaded gas, averaging $6.13. the national average is $4.61. industry analysts blame the global supply crisis, a shortage of crude oil and russia's war with ukraine for these record high prices, not too excited about it being expensive, but pretty much of a choice. got to get to work and do the things i need to do. um, hoperelief is not expected anyte
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soon, especially following what's expected to be a busy memorial day weekend. i don't foresee oil prices really dropping all that dramatically and if more people are hitting the road, and you have this sort of increased demand at gas stations you could see these prices stay high throughout all of summer and into the fall. got to 25 bucks like i'm not going to fill up, especially when it's like this expensive drivers like blanca jimenez only put 20 or 30 bucks in the tank to avoid spending too much to fill up. at this emeryville 76 station. a gallon of gas will cost you $6.79. it's a lot because you know, i commute over to tanner fell for work, so doesn't last very long. gas prices take away money from grocery shopping, and she's not able to put that much into savings. if prices continue to climb drivers i talked to said they do have a breaking point. i don't know maybe $10.10
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dollars a gallon. we're not gonna be going too many places expects nearly 35 this holiday weekend in orinda. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. red flag warnings said to hit parts of the bay area tomorrow, but the conditions will see tomorrow. not quite like the red flag warnings we see in september and october. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin will join us in just a few minutes here to give us some more perspective on what we can expect vegetation fire in the wetlands near pittsburgh in bay point started burning again today after the winds picked up an additional 30 acres burned today. so far, officials say the fire has scorched a total of about 50 acres now can't buyers tackling the fire from the ground and the air. the fire is burning near the delta and is being fueled by gusty winds. authorities say. no homes or structures are threatened at this time. the fire will continue to smolder for a couple of days. no word yet on how it started in fremont. firefighters quickly contained small vegetation fire at lake
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elizabeth this afternoon. free bond firefighters tweeted just before 3 30 that they contain the two acre fire south of lake elizabeth water park. the park is off paseo padre parkway and smoke was visible in the area for several hours. no injuries reported and the cause of this fire also not yet known. tonight some south bay candidates on the ballot in the upcoming elections say thieves are going after their campaign signs views. lamonica peter spoke to one of those candidates who says it must come to an end. von lee is running for the district seven seed in san jose and says hundreds of her campaign size have been stolen. she has her own theory as to why her signs are disappearing. it's just not like fun time, but at least some of them is two or three times. so i feel that someone did not want my name out there and didn't want me to win this election or whatever. so that's what they did. so it is that i feel very frustrated about this
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only says her campaign. volunteers get written permission to place yard signs on people's property in district seven, and if they change their minds, she'll remove the sign. she says replacing them will cost her from 4 to $8 per sign, and i did report with san jose police department. at that time. it's only 175. but now it's more than 200. 25 you know sign have been lost only is facing off against incumbent maya esparza and beyond. duwan san jose district five candidate rolando bania also says his campaign signs are being taken. on may 22nd he tweeted these photos that included a license plate number asking people to contact san jose police if they see this brown toyota tundra, he says the person driving had been seen taking his yard signs. ktvu reached out to bosnia but didn't receive a response. i've only says despite her yard signs
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being stolen, she's moving forward with her campaign. so what i believe is, um, this is maybe it's a dirty politics. um but i kept saying, you know, i would stay positive because i'm still knocking the door. you know, to talk with the, uh, voter to talk with president matt mehan is running for mayor in san jose, and he told me that he, too, has had hundreds of signs stolen. lee says that san jose police told her that she must be able to identify someone responsible for stealing the signs. but until then, there's not much they can do to help. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. new at 11 tonight. police in santa rosa arrested a man today after he tossed a loaded gun into a planter box during a speeding traffic stop. according to authorities. it happened shortly after nine this morning on sebastopol road. police say they stopped the man for driving 80 miles an hour on his motorcycle in a 35 mile an hour zone. before coming to a
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complete stop. police say the man reached into his waistband and removed a loaded ghost gun and then threw it into a planter box a few feet away. 41 year old anthony tanner of santa rosa was arrested on multiple weapons charges. pelosi the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi, was arrested in napa county on suspicion of drunk driving. according to a chp report, paul pelosi was arrested after crashing his porsche into a jeep while trying to cross highway 29 at walnut lane. this is right near yonville. it happened just before midnight last night. no one was hurt. the year old pelosi was booked on two misdemeanor counts and bail was set at $5000. he did post bail this morning when released. spokesman for speaker pelosi declined to comment. pelosi was on the east coast at the time of the incident for a commencement speaking engagement at brown university. the pelosi's do own a home in st helena. and the vice mayor of concord is facing charges of driving under the influence. laura hoffmeister has issued a statement confirming
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her arrest, which happened last week. the vice mayor says she was pulled over by clayton police after having dinner and wine with friends in her statement, she takes full responsibility for her actions and balance to take steps to make sure she has never arrested again. for do i? some travelers in and out of the bay area get caught up tonight in the country's weaken of widespread flight cancelations still to come. what's driving the problem? also ahead. nasa talks about its next moon mission coming up how nasa explains how your typical human on earth will benefit from it. and memorial day coming up tomorrow. the weather looks pretty when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next.
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ver. here's a live look at it. san francisco international, according to the flight tracking website, flight, aware there were more than 2300 u. s flight cancelations friday and another 1500 yesterday. in more than 1600 flights were canceled. today delta airlines has been most affected with more than 400 flights canceled yesterday and today, officials say bad weather is to blame for most of those cancelations. i suspected gunmen wanted on multiple murder counts in connection with a shooting in downtown sacramento has been arrested. that shooting happened in april on k street and left six people dead. 12, others injured. and as reporter erin heft explains, locating the 27 year old suspect and then taking him into custody has been a team effort. sacramento police last
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vegas metro police and the fbi working in tandem found and arrested wanted fugitive tula peyton wanted in connection to the k street shooting, which left 12 injured and six dead, three of which innocent bystanders. sacramento police releasing in part through relentless investigation, our detectives developed information. that peyton was residing at an apartment complex located in las vegas. the arrest happening friday night just east of the vegas strip. smiley martin, deandre, martin and peyton are charged with opening fire in downtown sacramento in the early morning hours of april . 3rd this was a gun battle between two rival gangs. the evidence shows that the rival gangs gang members armed themselves with weapons. sacramento police in sacramento county district attorney's office announcing earlier this month, all three men are charged with the murders of three female victims. melinda davis, yarmila
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martinez and john to alexander. aside from the murder counts, each of the three men face enhancements and additional charges. all three of these defendants as it relates to the shooting downtown. have allegations of special circumstances for multiple murders, which means that they are eligible for capital punishment. these are images capturing glimpses from that deadly night, according to the sacramento d. a s office. peyton faces three murder charges. firearm charges enhancements for committing crimes while out on bail and separately has been charged with three counts of e d d fraud related to pandemic aid. and that was aaron heft reporting there. peyton was booked into a jail in nevada and is expected to be transferred to sacramento, where he will then be booked into the sacramento county main jail. okay checking on that forecast for tomorrow. i hope you have have had a good weekend so far, and i hope you got tomorrow off. i know many folks do. the weather is going
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to be fine. we got that red flag warning up george solano county very similar to the last two weeks in a row. we've seen that same thing. there'll be some northerly winds are not out of control. but there are enough to trigger that red flag warning. most of you won't notice anything but folks out towards fairfield. back of that you will woodland davis out in that corridor, 505. in the five interstate five. so that's how it looks there. this is how it looks here. we've got a few clouds coming in as we go into the next couple of days, but it'll be a slow kind of warm up into wednesday. wednesday temperatures peak and then a big , cool down. let me stop this down here. here's wednesday, places that little red banner up there. so here's the long range model. watch what happens after wednesday, everything drops suggest stream drops. temperatures drop clouds come in, and by saturday and sunday, the potential exists for a few showers. i know it's way out, but it would be it's kind of a kind of a nice pattern for us. because even though it's going to get peak temperatures on wednesday, it's only going to be a day and then temperatures
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dropped right off again. there's the forecast highs are these were the highest from today. pardon me highs tomorrow will look like this. there's gonna be lots of upper upper seventies couple low eighties and around the bay mid to upper sixties. the winds are blowing. they're going to continue to blow the next few days. we've got that same pattern. there's 35 mile an hour gust at sfo right now. that same pattern, which is the pattern where the logo is by the high builds in the winds kick up. that's where that red flag warning is coming from. in that pattern is going to continue right into the bay area weekend so breezy along the coast. it's been breezy. it stays breezy highs tomorrow seventies, maybe a couple of low eighties like in fairfield in antioch, but a nice weather pattern pretty good air quality with this pattern again. fire danger just doesn't go off the table until we get to the first rains in october, truthfully, so we just have to live with that. but it doesn't. this isn't a bad five days that wednesday heats up quickly cools off on the weekend. alright i'll see you back here tomorrow night . all right. we'll see you then, bill. thank you. well, some people marked memorial day a
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little early this year with a tribute to veterans who served on a ship with special significance in the bay area. ktvu is greg liggins has the story. color guard helped open the ceremony at fort miley, where more than 200 gathered to honor our fallen soldiers who served aboard the uss san francisco during world war two. many in the crowd had family members who served on the ship. thank you for being here to make this moment important so that we never forget those from our families from our nation's that went out. in the next uniform of their country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. the uss san francisco was one of the most storage ships that fought in the pacific. john l. williamson was an anti aircraft gunner. and it was one of the 100 plus who died in the battle of guadalcanal, though he never met his uncle, troy thorpe traveled from las vegas to honor him and others. it's important to me because here's a person that gave their life at the age of 21 for their country, and i just don't want
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them to be forgotten, shared a photo of what he says is the only known painting depicting the uss san francisco. during that infamous 1942 november battle that cost so many their lives. at this year's service, there was a special posthumous chair of honor. petty officer leonard harmon, the first black man to have a naval ship named in his honor. he too, died aboard the uss san francisco while trying to save the lives of others. professor james armstead read the words of the president as he posthumously awarded harmon, the navy cross in 1943. he did deliberately exposed himself. the hostel gunfire in order to protect the shipmate. and as a result of this courageous deed was killed in action. while many here know well, the personal pain of losing a loved one in war, there are countless other americans who don't john mcknight says. regardless it's important for everyone to recognize our service members on memorial day , people will go out and enjoy
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this weekend. i hope they celebrate. i hope the barbecue i hope they have all the foods they love. and i hope they take one extra moment to remember that somebody out there gave their lives so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy this weekend. during the service. the american flag flew at half staff, but not for the reason you might think organizers held a moment of silence and acknowledge the gesture was to honor the victims of the school shooting in texas. greg legans ktvu fox two news. alright sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. now what jason appelbaum and jesse gary are working on. they battled late into the night and now we know boston is coming to town for the first game of the nba finals. we're going to break it all down and the giants and a both looking to avoid being swept. but do they blow it? in the end highlights from a weekend of sloppy, surreal baseball, a terrifying wreck and nascar how the driver walked away plus the indy 500. it's all coming up at 11 30. on sports wrap. but first after the break,
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find out what scientists expect to get out of nasa's next man mission to the moon.
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for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. for state controller, only yiu will save for you taxpayers money.tion. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. earn colorado has forced evacuations tonight. people near the bank haven fire were first forced from their homes early yesterday morning. when that fire was reported it was unclear exactly how many homes have been affected. so far, the fire has burned about 200 acres. no
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injuries have been reported. firefighters are ordering more resources to fight this one due to a red flag warning and high fire danger across the state. but we have a better idea tonight how people on earth could benefit from nasa's next mission to the moon. napolitano spoke to an aerospace engineer about the upcoming mission. ignition. see. scientific discovery, economic benefits and inspiration. all the foundation of nasa's artemis plan missions to the moon using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. however, the plan is to take that knowledge beyond the moon and further into the galaxy. we're not going straight to mars because there's a lot of technology that we need to develop closer to home and a safer environment before we actually go out and go to mars and create a sustainable settlement. their caliphate was an aerospace engineer who's the galactic gal platform has gained her significant notoriety on social media. she believes there
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are multiple industries that could look to capitalize on further exploration of the moon and beyond. including transportation, mining and construction. you might say water and then you turn that into oxygen and hydrogen, or you can actually use that water for things like propellant notes that the forthcoming artemis plan set for liftoff in august will effectively be a launchpad for even more possibilities, including habitats on the moon. but there's still far more research to be done before that can come to fruition. a really important topic that scientists and engineers are addressing right now is radiation on the moon. so it's outside of the radiation protection that we have around earth in low earth orbit, but we still need to shield our astronauts and tourists right from the radiation. and with these armaments missions, nasa will make history with the first woman to land on the moon, as well as the first person of color. in new york. matt napolitano, fox news and thank you for joining us tonight.
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a wr the finals are set. celtics the nba finals, boston is headed west for games one and two. as lieutenant. great shooters. great players. overall guys. i know well and we're ready for the challenge. do the sleeping giants wake up in time to avoid a sweep. the giants have been looking for weekend here in cincinnati, eighth inning uprising ended since he's been to stay high. and there were left center field play in an error filled game, but did they throw away a win past murphy in the game is going to be time. a terrifying wreck at the coca cola 600. the driver walk awa


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