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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 30, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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peoy for the first time in three years how the north bay mark this day meant to honor all those who died for our country's freedom. president biden says he needs lawmakers to act in the face of cost for stricter gun control following that texas elementary school shooting how federal authorities are now investigating theforcement resps officials. then why analysts say if you're waiting for gas prices to drop, you may be waiting for months. the combination of factors making these record high prices the new normal this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. today is monday may 30th memorial day many people gathered here in the bay area and beyond to mark this day will turn to our meteorologist rosemary oroczo for the memorial day weather that had pleasant start to the many events we saw today, rosemary oroczo continues
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with today being the warmest day of the three day holiday. enjoyable for your activities out there are giving you a live look at what is happening over sfo. a lot of blue sky across the board at this time, we do have one item worth noting over areas of the sacramento valley. stretching into our section of the solano county area, a red flag warning that will continue until tomorrow evening, and it does include vallejo, benita and are smaller communities heading out towards into the sacramento valley towards fairfield. outside of that, very nice weather for those outdoor activities. today we're talking sixties at the coastal low seventies around the bay and eighties expected inland. better details on what you can expect for your neighborhood and how long this warming trend is expected to last coming up. rosemary thank you communities across the bay area, getting back to their annual memorial day markings after pausing them during the pandemic. ktvu domenic in town alive in our newsroom with how people in mill valley honor this memorial day. yesterday was both a celebration of memorial day and just the
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ability to come together as a community. the parade is an annual event, one of the city's biggest of the year, but they haven't had one since 2019 because of the pandemic. valley there's a whole list of events to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. the names of each soldier who never came back home to mill valley were red enlightened square, named after the city's first world war casualty. let's teach her next generation flag does not fly because the way moves it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting the day started with the pancake breakfast put on by the volunteer firefighters expecting 2000 people to come out hundreds more than usual. people are ready. people are ready to get out of the houses. and, you know we're gonna have a parade. we're going to have this breakfast and
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we have the carnival downtown. it's a pretty exciting weekend. it's like the it's kind of like. the outpouring of the community to uh you know, i think everybody's pretty excited. the event usually raises 10 to $15,000 for the organization with the local boy scouts of america troops helping to cook serve and clean one of their first chances to finally volunteer in person. for years. we've actually spent already sometime where we planted flags in the presidio. so we have a number of memorial day things that we've planned for, and this is just another one of them. just remember doing it. it's like a little scout, and it's kind of cool to come back and doing it as a big scout. now the day was packed with music, food, costumes and flags ending with the carnival. but for veterans they hope kids know today is about more than pancakes and parades and the history of our fallen americans. it should be at the forefront the younger generation if they don't know how can they leave? they can't
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and you have to go back. and when the history is brought up and you can talk about it, then they'll get a glimpse of what a lot of our americans died for. have you missed that parade? you can still attend the kids carnival that goes until five tonight that's at the mill valley community center. friends field live in the newsroom. amanda kintanar, ktvu fox two news, amanda. thank you. many businesses and most public buildings are closed today for this federal memorial day holiday, including all government offices, the postal service in courts. there's no delivery service by amazon fedex or ups, banks and public schools are closed as well. there's also no trading on the u. s. stock market. most public transit agencies running on reduced schedules today. millions of people took to the sky this memorial day weekend airports across the country state busy this morning from san francisco international airport. ktvu james torres reports. air travel this year is close to pre pandemic levels. as one of the
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busiest travel weekends of the year. we haven't seen a memorial day looked like this since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. several travelers visiting the bay area was amazing. the weather was awesome, now headed home. the long holiday weekend coming to an end, and it's obvious if you look at some of the lines at gates here at sfo, it was like back to normal pack pack. oh yeah? yeah flight was totally full on the way out here. i'm sure it will be on the way back looking at the 2019 numbers. the friday before memorial day saw about 2.5 million people checking through t s a that number. dropped big time in 2020 at about 260,000 people friday before memorial day this year. t s a reported more than 2.3 million people checking in for their flights. i feel really good about it. i don't have a bad thought. flying hasn't been too easy. this weekend. thousands of flights nationwide canceled on friday, saturday and
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sunday. most trouble coming out of atlanta, where officials say a combination of weather and staff shortages contributed to delays. not too many headaches out of sfl this morning. we know there's a lot of people traveling, so we feel lucky getting here early while travel is on their minds, some travelers say they are still remembering what memorial day is all about. i'm so grateful i think we're all brothers. i think they all lived reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. we just checked with flight aware the travel website foundation wide 385 flights have been canceled. more than 1600 flights have been delayed today. nine of those cancelations where at sfo along with 62 delays in or out of that airport. there's been one cancelation out of san jose 21 delayed flights there. none at oakland international. those who didn't fly and took road trips. instead this holiday weekend had to deal with soaring gas prices. ktvu elissa harrington cut up with drivers who are filling up for
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the weekend. some told her prices at the pump have forced them to make some tough decisions. can't even film. i think more pain at the pump exactly 35 miles on that. gas prices in california soar above $6 a gallon at this surrender chevron it's $6.49 per gallon. scott's billman said he has stopped driving his pickup truck as much as he would like. can't really even afford to drive this to my normal working back every day. i have a motorcycle. i used to get 70 miles to the gallon, so dr. that resident jim bean said he usually works from home so does not have to drive too much but is still considering big changes. concerns about oil based products anyway, so i think eventually we'll switch over to all electric. this is probably my last gas car. the golden state has the highest gas prices in the country with one gallon of unleaded gas, averaging $6.13. the national
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average is $4.61. industry analysts blamed the global supply crisis, a shortage of crude oil and russia's war with ukraine for these record high prices, not too excited about it being expensive, but my job choice got to get to work and do the things i need to do. um hope we get some relief soon. relief is not expected anytime soon, especially following what's expected to be a busy memorial day weekend. i don't foresee oil prices really dropping all that dramatically and if more people are hitting the road, and you have this sort of increased demand at gas stations you could see these prices stay high throughout all of summer and into the fall. 25 bucks like i'm not going to fill up, especially when it's like this expensive drivers like blanca jimenez only put 20 or 30 bucks in the tank to avoid spending too much to fill up. at this emeryville 76 station. a gallon of gas will cost you $6.79. a lot because
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you know, i commute over to tanner fell for work, so doesn't last very long. gas prices take away money from grocery shopping, and she's not able to put that much into savings. if prices continue to climb drivers i talked to said they do have a breaking point. i don't know maybe $10.10 dollars a gallon. we're not going to be going too many places. can you imagine? $10 ktvu elissa harrington reporting their today's average price for a gallon of gas in california, $6.14. that's the highest recorded average price in our state, according to triple a up almost $2 from where we were a year ago. price for a gallon of gas is 6 28 in oakland . 6 30 in san jose. it will run you 6 42 on average in napa to the weather. now there's a red flag warning for parts of solano county again today, further inland toward the sacramento valley as well. firefighters are warning people to break out the charcoal grills for holiday party and think twice when they do that, telling them people to keep an eye on those fires
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because winds are in the forecast again. fire crusade to make sure your grill is not set up in the direct path of the wind. that's where we really get into danger, because as soon as the spark hits these dry grass behind me that fire can carry, especially with 15 to 20 mile an hour winds. usually when it's really windy, i just used the gas grill. it's a little more controllable with the lid to make sure we barbecue kind of like a you know when the sun is going down a little bit where it's a little bit cooler and not too much hat to wear. it can pick up fire crews also warning against memorial day bonfires and reminding people not to use lawnmowers or weed whackers when there's such a high fire danger. in new mexico. a massive wildfire has been burning for more than two weeks. now the black fire has burned more than 228,000 acres in southwest new mexico, becoming the third largest wildfire in that state. for some context here. the largest welfare in california is the august complex fire in 2020 that bird more than a million acres will swing back to our weather. now is rosemary oroczo winds, the very low humidity and
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of course, the fire danger. and as we know garcia when it turns warmer and drier fire, danger is up, and that's what we're going to see over the next few days as temperatures continue to climb. today again going to be the warmest of the three day holiday, but we're not finished. it looks like tuesday into wednesday. even hotter. here's a look at sfo and you can see blue sky. you can also see that bush at the bottom of your screen kind of swaying around there. good indicator of some of that wind we're talking about getting into what is going on out there . we do have a ridge of high pressure that will continue to control our weather powder. and at least for the next few days, we've got some northerly flow out there. that's kind of helping to dry us out at the local level. we do have a bit of an onshore breeze. but it's very, very weak. you can see the float coming from this direction. but you also see the arrows coming from this direction. so a little bit of cool pacific air moving into nevado napa stretching all the way into fairfield, but the winds are very, very light and as gossamer shinde and i mentioned at the top of the hour, there is a red flag
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warning for parts of solano county until tomorrow night. right now, the leo reporting 67 degrees. relative humidity at 44% windsor. generally light conquered, reporting relative humidity 34% in the oakland hills, relative humidity 41% so drier than we have been over the weekend and continuing to dry out as we get into later today and then into tomorrow. temperature wise, very similar to yesterday. 62 degrees in san francisco right now, low seventies in napa seventies in brentwood, upper sixties over areas of san jose, so beautiful day, setting up temperature wise for those of you that want to be outdoors. 66 expected the afternoon high for today will go 64 m pacifica upper seventies over napa upper seventies in concord, 76. over san jose. enjoyable right? it does tend to get a little bit hotter as we get into the days ahead by tomorrow around the bay upper seventies. around our inland cities. we're talking upper eighties. right now. wednesday looks like it's going to be the hottest day nearing 90 degrees
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inland 80 degrees around the bay 70 at the coast, so perhaps a nice day to head to the coast tuesday wednesday by thursday that we begin to see another transition in the forecast, cooling it back down heading into the weekend. 84 degrees on thursday upper seventies on friday. for inland cities and seventies expected around the bay. i'll have a look at what you can expect into next weekend coming up in just a little bit. garcia rosemary. thank you. we now know who the golden state warriors will face in the nba finals how the coast to coach coast matchup took shape. plus. the president offers prayers and promises action as the first victims from rob elementary school are remembered and laid to rest. i'm casey
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oakg a suspicious death. police say they got a call around six this morning about a person in the street on night of 13th street. when officers arrived, they pronounced the person dead. the road we're moving out to you validly victims of that shooting massacre at rob elementary. casey stegall has more from your body. the most difficult days could be ahead in new valley, texas, where funerals are getting underway for the victims of the massacre at rob elementary. today the first young victim will be honored a 10 year old on our
12:17 pm
student, just one of 21 killed, including 19 children. president biden and the first lady traveled here on sunday to meet with first responders and families of the victims at rob elementary. the president was seen wiping away tears. he's floated the idea of tearing down the school and building a new one later at a nearby church. he told protesters he plans to take action on gun control. but that's easier said than done. we're seeing the usual partisan gridlock in congress, with democrats pushing for more regulation and republicans focusing on security. i can't get this stuff i can do the things i've done and then the executive action. i can continue to say well, i can't outlaw a weapon. meanwhile the u. s. justice department confirms there is an active investigation now underway into the response by law enforcement, saying the goal of the review is to get a
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clear picture of what police did that day. and determine if a faster response could have saved lives. this isn't the bar on the back of the car to protect and serve. protect. who why didn't why didn't they protect kids? protesters here say they will keep pushing for action telling us if a shooting like this could happen here, it could happen anywhere. that's the latest from the valley, texas. casey stengel , ktvu fox two news. the church in alameda is paying tribute to all those killed in the elementary school shooting in texas outside towers united methodist church on oak street. there are 21 chairs with flowers and the names of the 19 children and two teachers who were killed in that mass shooting. san francisco giants manager gabe kapler says he might suspend his protest against gun violence on this memorial day when the giants face the phillies in philadelphia, kapler announced he would not come out on the field for the national anthem until he feels quote. better about the direction of our country. he began that disposed
12:19 pm
that protest in response to last week's deadly mass shooting at the elementary school in texas. golden state warriors head coach steve kerr, an outspoken proponent of stricter gun control. says he supports kapler's decision. i always support. um. any form of peaceful protest. you know, that's what our country is founded on. i uh i think it's great that he is making his own statement. i think everyone has to do it their own way, and that's the way game shows and i applaud them for it. kapler says his decision to skip the national anthem has nothing to do with the u. s military or veterans who have served our country. we now know who the warriors will play in this. they'll be playing the celtics in the nba finals. the road to the nba championship is now running through boston celtics beat the miami heat last night in game seven of the eastern conference finals. in fact, boston never trailed in this game. game one of the finals will be at chase center this
12:20 pm
thursday at six p.m. warriors will get an entire week's rest before that game. one steve curtis coaches gave the players both friday and saturday off to help them recover. the team held a light workout yesterday. the players say it's so nice to have some extra time at home to get ready for the nba finals. just being there to do go to your routine real to sleep in your own bed and prepare in the washroom at home and do things that you used to, uh, just a lot more a lot more comfortable. you know, it's a lot better to get the jitters out at home, and when the crowds going for you, everybody's cheering you on in two years and i having fans and you can really tell the difference now, when you got to a full crowds and crowds going crazy, so it's just glad that the chase centers is rocking like this, and they've been really giving us extra boost. on top of that the jobs could be getting some reinforcements. auto porter side left sore left foot is reportedly healing nicely says he's making good progress towards being available for game. one teams also hopeful gary payton. the seconds fractured left elbow was improved enough that he could be ready for game one as well. and
12:21 pm
there are hopes andre iguodala could suit up to see action in the finals. of course, he's been out. since the first round against the nuggets. there are a handful of tickets available from the warriors for game one of the playoffs. you can also find tickets on the resale market. they start at right around $750 a ticket for the upper bowl. it's also about $1100 for tickets in the lower bowl again broadcast the game outside chase center for everyone who wants to watch the game with dub nation outside, and that, of course, is free. coming up here at noon. people overseas already facing drought and severe hunger being forced to pay a lot more for wheat flour due to the war in ukraine , how the world food program is responding. that's
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he s of the european union to encourage them to ban imports of russian oil. over the weekend, president alinsky made a trip to hark even eastern ukraine. he met with soldiers on the frontline to thank them for their service. as the fighting between ukrainian and russian forces continues new rocket launchers from the u. s have arrived on the battlefield. they're expected to give ukraine greater range and accuracy. if level received many mlrs enough mlrs systems so that can change the situation on the battlefield and help us to win faster. in any case, we will win, but that will help us to win faster, effectively with less victims,
12:25 pm
which is definitely very, very important. russia's ambassador to the u. s called the delivery of the rocket systems from the u. s unacceptable warned ukraine is blocking wheat exports from the black sea and causing shortages in parts of the world. the united nations is warning that the shortages leading to price hikes, according to the world food program, families across africa are paying about 45% more for wheat flour. before the russia ukraine war began the two countries supply to combine one third of the russia of the of the world's wheat exports. some countries such as somalia get more than 90% of their wheat from russia and ukraine. americans are now going south of the border to get baby formula because of the shortage of baby formula here in the states, some americans are crossing into mexico americans have been seen in tijuana, buying baby formula at pharmacies and big box stores there, such as costco. the baby formula shortage in the united states persist despite international help scammers are
12:26 pm
taking advantage of desperate families who are going online for food reporter mills hazes in minneapolis. with information that will help you make sure you're not getting ripped off. many moms are a part of facebook groups or different kind of online groups where they can connect with other moms in their local area. that's where a lot of them find some extra baby formula as well. but now scammers are targeting groups just like this. jeffrey gouge and his wife are expecting their second child in july. we wanted to have a backup option to have some formula available. in the house just in the event that things don't work out breastfeeding. so we got really worried. i was at work and she sent me a text and said, hey, i just bought some formula online. major online stores are out of stock for baby formula. but this website wasn't something gouge found suspicious website itself allows you to add anywhere between one case of something all the way to 1000. and if you put your credit card on file and you have the money available to place that order your money will
12:27 pm
be drafted from your account, and the problem is, they will never be able to fulfill that order. sandra gil, with the better business bureau says they've seen 45 similar baby formula scams in the last week. online purchase scams are very, very common. sadly it is the number one riskiest stand, she suggests using a credit card over a debit card being weary of people, private messaging. and making sure to research the company before buying their product will use any means possible to get one or two pieces of information from you, and that's either your personal identifiable information or your banking information. these scammers are very persuasive. they're very tricky. the bbb says that if you do fall victim to a scam like this, don't be embarrassed. the scammers are very knowledgeable and what they're doing and you can head to bbb dot org and check out the company's reputation before you buy any kind of product from them. in minneapolis mills, hayes fox news. coming up a somber ceremony on this memorial day how president biden sought to comfort those whose loved ones died serving our country at
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the tomb of the unknown soldier in washington. plus widespread flight cancelations could put a damper on holiday travel plans for thousands of people and the chaos could continue into the summer. i'm
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many flights got canceled this weekend, including today christina coleman tells us that travel chaos from this three day weekend is expected to continue through the summer. the unofficial start of summer travel kicked off this weekend, but not for everyone as soon as we got here, that's when we got the email about that our flight was actually canceled. it's nerve racking. um, i i'm not happy spread cancelations, grounding thousands of flights over memorial day weekend with more than 5000 flights worldwide acts since friday, according to flight, aware that number increasing on monday, one of the busiest travel days by the time that they actually tell you the flights delayed. you're already in uber on the way to the airport, and then you're there and then it's delayed and delayed and delayed again. airlines grubbing more than 400 flights on saturday and sunday, the most of any airline. the carrier blames those cancelations on bad weather and air traffic control issues, other factors contributing to the airline delays and cancelations for the estimated
12:32 pm
three million americans traveling this holiday weekend reduced staffing and covid creating unplanned worker absences. travel industry is working as hard as it can to make things smooth for passengers. this as inflation is hitting travelers in the wallet with summer airline ticket prices taking off domestic airfares reaching an average of $400. that's up 24% from 2019 and according 5% increase from this time last year, according to travel data website hopper. definitely more expensive, but you know the planes are full, so supply and demand. in fact, the airlines don't have enough staff so i don't really see it coming down too soon. despite the rising costs six in 10, americans are still planning at least one summer trip reporting in los angeles, ktvu fox two news today marks the 1/100 anniversary of the dedication of the lincoln memorial in washington, dc memorial at the national mall owners, the 16th, president of the united states over the years, it's become a symbol for so much more. it is
12:33 pm
the foremost location in the city, if not the entire country where people gather to demonstrate regarding civil rights. so you know, from marian anderson in 1939 to dr king sharing his dream there in 1963 , it has become an important location beyond just memorializing abraham lincoln. the memorial features a statue of president lincoln and engravings of the gettysburg address and lincoln's second inaugural address. president biden, vice president kamala harris and their families marked memorial day at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. vice president harris and defense secretary lloyd austin where alongside the president as he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. president biden also delivered remarks to give thanks to the men and women who gave their lives serving in the u. s military. today. as a nation. winter take a sacred ritual. reflect and remember.
12:34 pm
because if we forget. the lives of each of those silent markers represent. mothers fathers, siblings, spouses, children. if we forget. what they sacrifice what they made. so that our nation might endure. strong, free and united then we forget who we are. who we are. today ceremony marked the first memorial day together at the cemetery since 2019 due to covid related concerns leading up to memorial day there was a special tribute to people who served aboard a warship with special significance to the bay area. the uss san francisco was part of some of the most significant fighting in the pacific during world war two ktvu greg liggins shows us how people gathered this weekend to remember those who died. color guard helped open the ceremony at fort miley
12:35 pm
, where more than 200 gathered to honor our fallen soldiers who served aboard the uss san francisco during world war two. many in the crowd had family members who served on the ship. thank you for being here to make this moment important so that we never forget those from our families from our nation's that went out. in the next uniform of their country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. the uss san francisco was one of the most storage ships that fought in the pacific. john l. williamson was an anti aircraft gunner, and it was one of the 100 plus who died in the battle of guadalcanal. though he never met his uncle, troy thorpe traveled from las vegas to honor him and others. it's important to me because here's a person that gave their life at the age of 21 for their country, and i just don't want them to be forgotten, shared a photo of what he says is the only known painting depicting the uss san francisco during that infamous 1942 november battle that cost so many their lives. at this year's service,
12:36 pm
there was a special posthumous chair of honor. petty officer leonard harmon, the first black man to have a naval ship named in his honor. he too, died aboard the uss san francisco while trying to save the lives of others. professor james armstead read the words of the president as he posthumously awarded harmon, the navy cross in 1943. he did deliberately exposed himself. the hostel gunfire in order to protect the shipmate. and as a result of this courageous deed was killed in action. while many here know well, the personal pain of losing a loved one in war, there are countless other americans who don't john mcknight says. regardless it's important for everyone to recognize our service members on memorial day . i hope people will go out and enjoy this weekend. i hope they celebrate. i hope they barbecue. i hope they have all the foods they love. and i hope they take one extra moment to remember that somebody out there gave their lives so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy this weekend. during the service. the
12:37 pm
american flag flew at half staff, but not for the reason you might think organizers held a moment of silence and acknowledge the gesture was to honor the victims of the school shooting in texas. greg legans ktvu fox. two news at least three candidates who are on the ballot in next month's election in san jose, say thieves are stealing their campaign signs. one of the candidates is van lay running for san jose city council in the race for the district, seventh seed. she has a theory as to why hundreds of her signs have vanished in the weeks leading up to election day. it's not like one time, but at least some of them is two or three times. so i feel that someone did not want my name out there and didn't want me to win this election or whatever. so that's what they did. so it is that i feel very frustrated about this. district five candidate rolando bonnie also says his campaign signs are being taken recently tweeted the photos asking people to contact san jose police they saw this brown toyota tundra that may
12:38 pm
have a candidate for san jose mayor says he, too, has had hundreds of his campaign signs stolen. 1000 of house speaker nancy pelosi was arrested over the weekend in napa county on suspicion of drunk driving the chp says 82 year old paul pelosi was arrested late saturday night after investigators say he crashed his portion to another car while trying to cross highway 29. no one was hurt. mr pelosi was booked on two misdemeanor counts. he posted bail sunday morning was released a speaker for a spokesperson for the speaker did not want to comment. the couple does own a home in st helena. a boat passed over the memorial day weekend in georgia leaves five people dead . the charges one survivor is facing. and pleasant weather in the forecast for your holiday as a warming trend continues. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today when the warmest day is expected to arrive and when we may see a arrive and when we may see a little bit
12:39 pm
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ernl fisherman almost a million dollars for illegal crab fishing . a fisherman from vellios accused of setting crab traps in the protected waters of the north carolina islands state marine reserve. prosecutors say when agents from the department of fish and wildlife pulled those traps out of the water, they found a license number connecting the traps to that fisherman's boat. they say. the fisherman told wildlife officials he didn't know the area was protected. in addition to that find the fishermen also facing a misdemeanor charge may as asian american pacific
12:42 pm
islander heritage month and today marks 80 years since oakland's native fred korematsu was arrested in 1942 for refusing to report to a mass incarceration site. korematsu along with 210,000, other japanese immigrants and americans of japanese descent were ordered to pack up and leave their homes after the attack on pearl harbor, all because of their ethnicity. two thirds of the people incarcerated were american citizens. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with cora, matt's daughter as part of a closer look at how that chapter of history is being remembered today. this family photo was taken by a stranger showing a mother with her two children waiting. the boy in american kid from hayward. is satoshi. he be now 91 years old . we're waiting for the bus to take us to 10 friends racing track. it was april 1942 japan's attack on pearl harbor four months earlier had unleashed a tidal wave of fear and anti japanese hate. he be and others
12:43 pm
too young to understand war were old enough to feel the pain of prejudice, losing my friend. all my friends, and they their parents. don't go there. photos taken by dorothea lange captured he bees, family and others at the u. s military ordered more than 110,000, japanese american citizens and japanese immigrants along the entire west coast. to leave their homes. when the order came, people just had days in less than a week to get their affairs in order, people had to sell their homes. their businesses. their farms. steve okamoto family had been in san francisco since 18 98 family and others we had to live in a horse stall. horse stall that was full of manure in urine. tan fran in san bruno was one of dozens of makeshift assembly centers on the west coast from their people were transported to one of the 10 concentration camps or other detention centers across the nation. forced to live for years
12:44 pm
in drafty barracks behind barbed wire on desolate land, families sometimes separated livelihoods and lives lost. president franklin delano roosevelt signed executive order 9066 on february 19th 1942. the order authorized the military to create military exclusion zones and four civilians out. executive order. 9066 never mentioned japanese immigrants or citizens. it was at san francisco's presidio that lieutenant general john dewitt decided to declare the entire west coast. a military exclusion zone specifically targeting all persons of japanese ancestry. this is general garrett's office. national park service ranger james osborne says to its historic office is still preserved on the second floor of a presidio building. that's now a private school in this office , march and 1942. that he's signed all those assembly orders
12:45 pm
signed 108 exclusion orders about 80,000 of those incarcerated were american citizens, many of them children. so really, this is where it became racist. you know these and there were no not on the east coast, saying people of german ancestry all have to report, osborne says. ironically dewitt knew that less than a mile from his office housed in building number 6 40 was a secret project. the military intelligence school where 58 japanese americans were training to become wartime interpreters, loyal soldiers even as the law punished their parents and this was top secret. they could not tell their families. under court martial. they were threatened not to tell anyone, their whereabouts and what they were doing the school now a museum also ensures that tens of thousands of young japanese americans who joined the military the 1/100 infantry battalion for 42nd regimental combat team became the most
12:46 pm
highly decorated unit in history for its size and length of service. other americans took a different path to show their patriotism. karen korematsu says her father, fred, stayed in the east bay for months until he was caught and arrested in san leandro for disobeying military orders. all due process of law was denied. so the japanese americans never were charged with a crime access to an attorney or had their day in court, and my father thought it was wrong as an american citizen . korematsu was legal battle when all the way to the u. s supreme court he lost in the 63 decision. but at the presidio officers club and exhibit has a quote from dissenting justice owen roberts, who called it quote a clear violation of constitutional rights. in the 80 years since executive order 9066 . there's been a national reckoning of the wrongs researchers and covered secret government documents showing no japanese american espionage or need for mass incarceration in
12:47 pm
the courts. judges vacated convictions of three men korematsu, gordon, hirabayashi and min yasui. and in 1988, president reagan signed the civil liberties act, providing in official apology and granting redress of $20,000 to the surviving incarcerated. but the letter of apology and reparations checks from president bush came too late. for many who had already passed on. at the presidio officers club. a wall of windows bears the names of the incarcerate. satoshi he bees name is there each person story a part of the nation's history and 80 years later, a race to honor the legacy that they leave behind. at tan fran. a memorial is set to go up in july. we're building a memorial right now, because most of these 8000 they're not here anymore. for some survivors . it's the hope that history will not be repeated during wartime. and treatment of innocent people. people are not
12:48 pm
treated as individuals with treated as members of groups. i would like them to know about fdr and his. it's his ultimate responsibility. it could have been ask for more tolerance hope to that future generations will find lessons to live by. my message to everyone was fred korematsu was one person who made that made a difference in the face adversity and so can you. in san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. we have much more coverage of asian american pacific islander heritage month on the ktvu news, app and ktvu .com/ ap. i five people are dead and four others injured after two boats crashed over the memorial day weekend in georgia. this coast guard video shows at least one survivor being pulled out of the wilmington's river near savannah on saturday. two bodies were recovered shortly after the collision. three were found yesterday morning. one of the
12:49 pm
surviving voters is being charged with boating under the influence. much closer to home. law enforcement officers in lake tahoe say they're cracking down on dangerous behavior on the water as the busy summer tourism season gets underway. increasing their patrols along lake taal is 72 mile shoreline, watching out for boaters who are out on the lake after having too much to drink. officers will also crack down on those who ignore the boat speed laws and lifejacket requirements. there are some 15,000 boat trips taken and lake tahoe between memorial day and labor day. you have to look up to the heavens tonight in hopes of seeing a once in a lifetime meteor shower. it will happen overnight into early tomorrow morning as the earth passes through debris from a comet. on average, there could be four meteors per minute up to 1000 per hour. you're gonna have to delay your bedtime or take a quick nap, then get up because the best time to see it would be between 12 31 am, if you're up at that hour looked at the north and toward the big different rosemary oroczo. that is right in the middle of our sleep, so
12:50 pm
hopefully on mornings on two will have some video of the event for those people who need a good solid eight hours. yes i agree. gasia mikaelian and tonight will be a good night to see over the bay area because we are looking at mostly clear skies with this pattern in place that northerly flow drying things out. unfortunately that has brought up the fire danger once again, giving you a live look hair over sfo where we do have plenty of sunshine here. plenty of sunshine around the bay area and we have a bit of a breeze out there across the region. we don't have an advisory for wind but do expect breezy conditions, especially along the coastline, perhaps just inside the bay. and we touched on this in the last half hour, but if you are just joining us, there is a red flag warning for the sacramento valley area, and it just stretch into solano county. it lasts until tomorrow evening and includes valet open isha and all of our communities right in that area stretching towards fairfield and farther into the sacramento valley, checking in on the relative humidity. a little bit drier than where we have been over the weekend, 42% reported at mount diablo, we have 43% in sonoma and ben loman
12:51 pm
in the santa cruz mountains reporting 59% continuing to dry out into the afternoon today and then tomorrow as well. we do have that ridge of high pressure that will remain locked in over the bay area, and the warming trend is actually going to continue. into tuesday and wednesday. right now it looks like temperatures peak before we begin to see some changes. those changes may eventually lead to some wet weather. here's a look at your future cast, so we'll roll through the next few days got that ridge of high pressure, but by thursday, it does begin to break down. we're looking at cooler weather for thursday. you can see a bit of a transition going on a little bit more cloud cover over the bay area. we've got some rain over the pacific northwest. and then as we get into friday, it's a dry day. saturday looks like a dry day, but it does begin to sink in saturday night, and there's a snapshot of sunday morning. we may actually have some rain coming to the bay area, even if we don't get the rain. we are looking at cooler conditions. so for today, nice a little breezy for some a little bit warmer. than what we had yesterday and
12:52 pm
getting into tuesday, a tad warmer. some of our inland cities will be into the upper eighties by wednesday around the bay area at this time, if you're going to see the ace play this afternoon, going to be beautiful out of the colosseum right now, mid sixties in the forecast 73 in napa for the inner east base, 73 over brentwood, come west. it's a cool one at pacific or half moon bay and pacifica in the upper fifties. and san francisco right now, reporting 61 degrees for pacifica into the afternoon. 64 66 san francisco seventies around the bay mid upper seventies for inland cities and some of the hotter spots touching 80 degrees 80 degrees in the north bay of santa rosa. today 80 degrees for the inner east bay of antiochus. going through your numbers getting into the tuesday wednesday timeframe notice just nudging him up a little bit tuesday, right now, wednesday looks to be the warmest day, upper eighties inland 80 around the base 70 at the coast. we begin to see that breakdown and temperatures cooling off in india weekend a chance for some scattered shower activity saturday and sunday with temperatures a little bit below
12:53 pm
average low seventies around the bay mid seventies expected inland garcia rosemary. thank you. almost a year after actor and comedian bill cosby was freed from prison on a legal technicality, he'll be back in court here in california. the claims from a woman who says cosby attack
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
he s too loud for too long or use power tools. proper year protection. many of us experience some level of hearing loss as we get older, but as jenna sacks reports, there are steps we can take now to preserve the hearing. we do have chris martin, will i am and the who's pete townsend are just some of the many musicians suffering from hearing damage after years of exposure to loud music, but you don't have to be a rock star to lose your hearing . people of all ages are vulnerable, and audiologists say
12:57 pm
it's important to understand the causes. hearing isn't damaged just by a high level sound. it's damaged by high level sound over a period of time. like some things we do over and over throughout our lives, for example, just 15 minutes at one football game in a stadium may cause hearing damage and just five minutes from a very loud tv or from music turned all the way up on your iphone with standard earbuds in so if you attend games and concerts often or you crank up your iphone volume daily your risk for hearing loss increases, consumer reports says one trick is to minimize the intensity of noises around you. use noise canceling headphones that shut out background clamor so you can keep volume at a low level. if you operate a lawnmower or power tools regularly were earmuffs or earplugs like these that reduce
12:58 pm
noise back down to normal conversation level. i have to speak really, really loudly to be heard by somebody next to me . i have to use hearing protection in those instances, and did you know many tvs have an automatic turned down function during commercials and loud action packed sequences. typically found in the assistive features in your tv sound settings. they may be called auto volume or dynamic range protection. janice acs reporting , experts also say if you think you may have hearing loss, even the slightest, you should consider getting tested. now the earlier you get help the better off, we'll all be people in britain are getting ready to celebrate queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. the country will mark queen elizabeth 70 years on the throne with a four day holiday. starting thursday, there will be a military parade concerts, street parties and the queen herself is set to make an appearance on the balcony of buckingham palace to greet the crowds. this is recognizing unique moment in british history . no british monarch has ever reached this milestone of 70
12:59 pm
years on the throne. and so it's a reason for celebration. and, of course, after two years of pandemic, people are ready to get together. they are ready to celebrate, and this is a fantastic excuse. it's not clear how many events the queen will attend. personally she's missed a number of appearances lately. royal officials, citing mobility issues. a trial is set to begin on wednesday in santa monica on a civil law suit in a civil sexual assault lawsuit against disgraced comedian bill cosby. the lawsuit was brought by judy huth's, she says cosby molested her at the playboy management in 1974. but she was 15 years old. he hasn't faced criminal charges over her allegations due to the statute of limitations. this case is one of the last remaining civil lawsuits cosby is facing. he settled multimillion dollar cases with at least eight women. this trial comes nearly a year after he was released from the pennsylvania prison on an overturned criminal conviction on a different case. we thank you so much for joining us here at ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. you can head over to
1:00 pm
the ktvu app as well as ktvu .com and on this memorial day, i hope you have some time with family loved ones reflecting on the meaning of this day. have a good afternoon. we'll see you back here at four. >> this isn't easy. >> that's right. "the good dish" is here. and what's for dinner is about to get way easier. >> it is so good. >> it's your go-to and how-to for every day meals. >> and today it's all about juicy, crispy bacon. >> we've got to die for recipes from bacon wrapped dinners your family will love. >> let's dish. that's next. ♪ >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also, i'm just a mom trying to get dinner on the table. from hollywood to


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