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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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here in the bay area, senator alex padilla, marking the somber holiday in person. first time in two years. they collectively represented beautiful. diversity. of our nation. and the incredible awesome. unity. of our nation. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and we begin with some developing news in milpitas were two people were involved in a hang gliding accident. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes regularly. authorities say one hang glider was killed and another person was critically injured. this happened on monument peak. it's a 25 100 ft peak in a county park in the hills above fremont , milpitas, it's a popular spot for paragliding and hang gliding. ktvu salford reporter jesse gary is live now in milpitas with the very latest wars, jesse heather officials say the body of the man who died int the
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crash site. some 1700 ft higher than where i'm standing. let's go ahead and take a look at our video. officials say this call came in around 12 noon. two people were doing tandem hang gliding when the glider crashed at the monument summit in our levin park here in milpitas, milpitas, firefighters santa clara county sheriff's deputies and santa clara county park rangers responded to the accident. the garter went down just below the point where you can see the transmission towers. on the top of the hillside man was pronounced dead at the scene. a woman that he was gliding with was flown by by air flight ambulance to regional medical center here in san jose in serious condition. the terrain is very rugged. it's a single lane road in order to get up to that location and provided some challenges for our equipment and personnel to get up there to make patient contact . we also needed to call into air ambulances in order to transport patients. once we identified him, got him off the
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hill and hopefully transported to the hospital. they said the santa clara county medical examiner is coming here to do his investigation and then they will remove the remains. officials say that this is the fourth most popular spot in the bay area to do hang gliding and that there have been accidents here before, but they're not sure how many of those have been fatal. we'll have an update for you on this story coming up in the next hour for now, we're live in milpitas. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. okay, jesse. thank you. now to today's memorial day observances, veterans, their families and political leaders took a moment to recognize those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and service to their country. ktvu christien kafton joins us from san francisco national cemetery in presidio and christian. for many today was a solemn day of remembrance. yeah that's exactly right. greg. we spoke with some veterans today who knew some of the people who died for this nation. they say today is an important day to remember those
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who gave their last full measure. for the rest of us. amid a sea of red, white and blue row after row of headstones marked the final resting place for those who served their country. lieutenant colonel richard cunningham lost friends and comrades as he served in the marines from the vietnam era to the mid 19 nineties. it's real important for me, and i do it as just recognition of the fellows i served with the people i served with in vietnam. with a coast guard helicopter fly over the first live memorial day remembrance to be conducted in person at the san francisco national cemetery since covid got underway, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi thanked those who served and those who gave their lives for their country, saying their sacrifice should serve as a motivation to come together and divided times. let's hope that and praising our veterans, we are unified to the mother of a fallen servicemen placed a wreath to mark the day senator alex padilla honoring
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his sacrifice and so many others , as well as recognizing the pain for those left behind. i'd like for all of us to take a moment to honor. i think the gold star families that are here today for their love their support their sacrifice. veterans like retired major bill jeng from the marines said over the years, memorial day has become a holiday, like so many others simply a day off from school or work, he says the phrase happy memorial day. misses the point for us veterans . it's not that much happy, you know, because we have friends and we know people that passed away. i mean, or, you know, given the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for our liberties and freedom. yeah. are. those who gathered here
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today agree that those who gave their lives are owed a debt that can never be repaid, so it's critical that those who are still living honor that sacrifice we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu. fox two news falling in their families certainly deserve our eternal respect, christian. thank you. well in the east bay, the walnut creek, the city of walnut creek held its annual memorial day observance today. the ceremony included a procession and commemoration at the veterans memorial there at civic park. gold star mom, mary tollefson delivered the keynote address today and she shared thoughts about her son, benjamin . he was a graduate of ring christian school in walnut creek and was killed in action in 2000 and eight in iraq. those who attended the ceremony, said it's important to remember the service members who have sacrificed their lives for the country. remembering memorial day's important because you have to understand that that the men and women who passed away and gave their lives, um and selfless service, i think is the biggest thing and to honor that.
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and remember that why we can let our grills and have good times with our families and be as free as we can is because of those men and women that that gave their lives. and the ceremony also included the playing of taps and lowering the flags at the veterans memorial to have staff people also gathered today in danville to honor and remember local veterans who died in service. they attended a ceremony which included a concert at the town's oak hill park. the event also included a fly by and a salute to all of the service branches of the united states, armed forces and the men and women who serve i pray today. that america comes together. and always remember those men and women. and for you, young. americans out there, please. do yourself a favor. do your country a favor. do me a favor. never forget. the why you
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are able to enjoy the freedom to do today. this memorial day celebration was sponsored by the vietnam veterans of diablo valley. president biden's memorial day tribute honoring america's service members, including his son as foxes. jackie heinrich tells us the president marked the day with a special address, noting the end of the u. s involvement in afghanistan. as the nation remembers those americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. president biden joined by vice president harris and defense secretary lloyd austin, marking a somber and solemn memorial day , is with a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. arlington national cemetery. president biden laying a wreath honoring america's fallen service members today renew our sacred bow. two simple violence. to remember. to remember. the
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commander in chief, specifically addressing the families of the more than 2400 service members who lost their lives in afghanistan, america's longest war, the president pulling troops from the country last summer. i promise you the day will come. when the memory of your loved one your patriot will bring a smile to your lips. before it brings a tear to your eye, also looked to russia's ongoing war in ukraine, emphasizing the importance of defending democracy, but their fight is part of a larger fight united's all people the president also morning alongside gold star families seven years ago today. our son, major beau biden. because last press of walter reed earlier in the day. the first couple attended mass in wilmington's delaware. then the president visited his late son beau's grave exactly seven years after the 46 year old iraq war veteran died of brain cancer. families of fallen service members are joining the president and first lady in a magnolia tree planting ceremony
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here on the grounds of the white house to further honor the fallen at the white house. jackie heinrich fox news coming up if your pet uses a doggy door to get in and out of the house, you may want to consider adding a lock confident coyote caught here on camera sneaking in and out of a southern california home. alright it is memorial day weekend coming to a close the holiday is and as we check in on conditions along the golden gate bridge, where you can see it is smooth sailing this afternoon in both directions. stay with us because we're going to take a look at what to expect from the 2022 summer travel season. with gas and airline ticket prices soaring. as we move forward into the business week, our temperatures will continue to warm. i'll have a look at (music throughout)
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for controller, yvonne yiu. 2022 si as an executive ats. top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. theo their holiday destinations. more than 5000 flights have been
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canceled down since friday due to a combination of weather problems and also air traffic control issues and from the roads to the air on this holiday weekend. probably noticed travel has also become a whole lot more expensive. ktvu zach sauces life force now at sfo with more on those skyrocketing airfares, zack yeah, skyrocketing is right , and it's not going to notice by many of the travelers i spoke to here at sfo. we say they're really feeling the pinch of this memorial day airline tickets. the average airline ticket nearly 50% more expensive than it was just one year ago, and that's not expected to change anytime soon. it's chaos in the airports are so full right now. karen brennan at sfl heading back to wyoming after flying in for her best friend's wedding among the millions of travelers who took to the skies this holiday weekend and worked out more money than usual to do it come to. usually san francisco would probably be like 300 bucks a person. but this weekend sonoma getaway costing $600 a
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ticket. now multiply that times. four as a family of four. i had to save and be prepared for the cost of gas here and for the car and the flights, and she's not the only one feeling a bit of sticker shock, expensive for us normally, like 251 65. now we're like $445. from dallas to hear airlines blaming the spiking fares on steeper jet fuel prices , coupled with the rapid surge in demand for leisure travel with too few flights, stamping remains an issue. travel site. hopper reports domestic airfares into the summer or averaging more than $400 round trip. that's 24% higher than this time in 2019 and 45% price increase from just one year ago and for those opting to hit the road instead this memorial day gas prices aren't making, driving any more affordable. prize is just too high man solis back from driving his family of six to santa cruz over the weekend
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from san francisco's santa cruz . that's about $140, the average price of gas in california hitting $6 a gallon for the first time ever this weekend. no, i'm not happy. i'm not happy at all. filling up at 6 59 after driving to bodega bay for a wedding. industry analysts blaming the soaring costs on tight supplies, volatility in the crude oil market and the war in ukraine between well is it cheaper to fire cheaper to drive? but is it going to stop me actually from doing anything? probably not back at sfo the cost of this weekend making others feel differently. we would typically go to seattle, and we're not 100% sure we'll do that now. and will those prices maybe stopping some like her from traveling? overall it's expected to be a pretty busy summer. some estimates have traveled air travel, eclipsing pre pandemic levels. heather i really sharing that pain cost me 100 bucks to date to fill up my tank. so we're we're all feeling
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it whether you drive or if you fly, zakariyah restated, thank you. speaking of all that travel, let's take another look at the roads. here's a live shot from interstate 80 and emeryville. really nothing out of the ordinary. a lot of cars on the road going each direction, but you are moving, so perhaps people are already home. all that moral day weekend travel, drawing extra attention to the rising price of gas as you heard there from zach. some analysts are predicting most americans will join californians and shelling out six bucks a gallon this summer. which has many drivers giving electric vehicles. another look. foxes, caroline shabbily has more from washington. there are plenty of incentives for drivers to switch to electric vehicles from cleaner air to tax credits. but in the end the prime motivator maybe the high price at the pump. they're the highest i've seen in my whole life. actually president biden spoke about the gas crisis on his recent trip through asia. we're going through incredible transition.
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that is taking place that god willing when it's over. we'll be stronger in the world is stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels that drew backlash from some congressional republicans. joe biden is sand. is if you at home if you drive a pickup truck to #### with you. you can't drive your pickup truck. if you have a suburban, you've got to get rid of that. if you've got a minivan, you gotta get rid of that. we're all getting toyota priuses. president biden is pushing for electric vehicles to make up half of all new car sales by 2030. the department of energy reports that americans bought more than 600,000 electric or plug in hybrid vehicles last year almost doubled the total from 2020. that's a fraction of the 15 million new cars sold in 2021. but that was before gas prices climbed to record heights this year. we're also working to make electric vehicles more affordable because that has a huge benefit survey by arnstein young finds that 29% of americans want their next vehicle to be electric. worldwide that number jumps to
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52% in washington, carolina shibley news. plenty of sunshine and blue skies over the bay area on this holiday. we do have temperatures nice and mild, a little warm inland in the warming trend expected to continue outside our doors at this hour, giving you a look there at the areas over san francisco, the golden gate bridge we have the marin headlands air quality today remained good. we are going to continue with the clear skies as we head into the evening hours, which is some good news for folks that are thinking about waking up or staying up to watch the meteor showers. we have one item of note. it is a red flag warning that will continue until tomorrow night is stretches through the sacramento valley, and it also includes this area of solano county from fairfield , all the way over towards vallejo and then south over towards benita. for dry, gusty conditions, checking in on some of the winds out there, as well as the relative humidity in our hills sonoma mountains reporting 51% relative humidity, but we do have a southwest wind at 14 mph.
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so a bit of core pacific air moving in sort of out the ground in localized level, the north flow coming at the higher elevations continuing to drive us out of 57 degrees, relative humidity at 34% and ben loman in the santa cruz mountains. relative humidity is 61% little breezy out there today, nevada right now reporting a wind gust to 24 oakland, 18. fairfield 15 and napa southerly wind at 70 mph beautiful day when it comes to the temperatures, right 77 at this hour in napa low sixties in san francisco upper sixties today, where we had the oakland a's playing mid seventies and walnut creek and 73 right now over areas of san jose so nice. a little breezy today, temperatures came up slightly. for some really temperatures were very similar to yesterday. but we are going to continue this warming trend into our bay area tuesday. and for tomorrow we're looking at eighties for our inland cities showing you here if spars the cloud cover, noticed how clear it is out there, stopping it at one o'clock in the morning again, mostly clear skies from the
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media showers into the overnight hours. and then tomorrow morning, perhaps a little bit of patchy fog to start the day will break away to mostly sunny conditions once again better details on tomorrow's temperatures as well as all the way into the weekend, and by the weekend, perhaps some wet weather coming our way more on this in just a bit. look forward to it, rosemary. now runs through new england. the warriors will face the boston celtics. the celtics beat the miami heat last night in game seven of the eastern conference finals. in fact, boston never trailed in this game. the warriors own home court advantage. game. one of the finals will be at chase center this thursday. tip off at six pm warriors will get an entire week's rest before game one. head coach steve kerr gave the players both friday and saturday off to help them recover. the team held the light workout yesterday, and the players say it has been nice to have the extra time at home to get ready for the finals. just being there to do go to your routine real to
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sleep in your own bed and prepare to watch room at home and do things that you used to, uh, just a lot more lot more comfortable. you know, it's a lot better to get the jitters out at home, and when the crowds going for you, everybody's cheering you on in two years, not having fans and you can really tell the difference now, when you got to full crowds and crowds going crazy, so it's just glad that the chase centers is rocking like this, and they've been really giving us e top of e dubs could be getting some reinforcements. otto porter jr sore left foot is reportedly healing nicely, and the team says he's making good progress towards being available for game one. and the team is hopeful that gary payton seconds fractured left elbow has improved enough that he could be ready for game one as well. there's also hope that andre iguodala could suit up to see action in the finals, too. he has been out since the first round against the nuggets. really glad to hear that some of those injuries are are, you know they're feeling much better after those injuries and kind of on the road to recovery and back
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on the court. well if you want to cheer on the warriors in person, we did some checking, and there's still a handful of tickets available for game one, both on ticketmaster. excuse me and on the resale market, the cheapest that we found were about 700 bucks that's for a ticket for the upper bowl seats in the lower bowl, obviously much more expensive about $1100 a ticket. you're looking for something more affordable in the way of free while the warriors will once again offer those free outdoor watch parties drive city plaza there at chase center ukraine with new developments on a russian oil ban. the latest action from eu leaders as the violen
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. let our injury attorneys heit's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. arev , russian shelling and bombing across ukraine's second largest city cost massive fires and also damaged several residential neighborhoods. according to the city's mayor, the attacks have
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left the city quote completely ruined and have driven tens of thousands of people from their homes. now further east russia is pushing to take control of the industrial donbass region. before more weapons or why arrived from ukraine's western allies. the european union has agreed to an for the invasion of ukraine. eu member leaders reached the deal in a summit in brussels late today. now this proposal would only ban russian oil delivered to the eu by see by the end of the year and not pipeline deliveries, and hungary would receive an exemption. hungary says it cannot afford to take part since more than 60% of its supply of oil comes from russia. well it's important that we have the sanctions and of course, it would be best if everybody is on board and that's why we are still working on this to get everybody on board. but even even if it is so that somebody has oped out, it means that it's still better than nothing.
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ukrainian president below tamir zelinsky is expected to address the summit. virtually he has repeatedly demanded that the eu target russia's lucrative energy sector. boarding now, for pet owners who have a doggy door. your pups mighte only animals who try and get into your home. coyote was caught on camera sneaking into a southern california home. boxes travis rice is that story? well, the homeowner tells me she hadn't locked the dog door that night. over the weekend, she was watching tv with her beagles. when a coyote decided the side yard wasn't good enough. to a confident creature. a dog door is a meaningless plastic flap. video of woodland hills shows a coyote enter a home through the dog door. i'm like, oh, my gosh! i can't believe what i'm seeing. julie levine was home with her beagles early saturday morning. luckily thankfully, the dogs didn't realize that i didn't realize it that spent about three minutes inside the house. and he kind of slipped his way
4:26 pm
out. levine says she learned of the intruder after it left because kobe lemon drop and bob started sniffing the hallway. and then we figured it out after the fact because the dogs started tracking the scent of the coyote. and that caused me to look in my surveillance cameras, cameras, capturing its saunter over the narrow wall she shares with her neighbor before spending three minutes in her home. we thought maybe it made a pb and j sandwich and kind of didn't clean up after himself, but no, really, probably just kind of sniffed around the hallway. he probably saw us sitting there and realized he was kind of outnumbered, and her neighbor across the street with this encounter two weeks ago. a neighbor. they showed me the video of them chasing what we believe is the same coyote out of his yard two weeks ago and then finding out that actually a neighbor's down the street was actually attacked by probably the same coyote from rescue connection coming at you today nonprofit dog rescue and
4:27 pm
says the incident is just a reminder that nature is never too far away. i mean, we have to outsmart these guys. you know, we're not. we're not going to be able to get rid of them. big relief coyote just let itself out. that was travis rice reporting. there are plenty of coyotes as you know, living here in the bay area, so if you use a doggy door, make sure it is not accessible at night to keep your pets safe. we know that could have turned out entirely different dogs barking their way out. ach. and illegal crab fishing nets and man a huge, huge fine san francisco district attorney wants the fishermen to pay almost a million
4:28 pm
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police response to the mass shooting at an elementary school in texas last tuesday. meantime the first funerals for the 19 school children and two teachers killed in that attack begin this week. taxes casey steagall has more now from quality pain is palpable, and i think a lot of us unnecessary so i'm going to continue to push president biden vowing to press ahead with new gun control legislation. just a day after visiting you validly, texas, where a gunman killed 21 people, including 19 children at rob elementary school. last week , the president and the first lady met with folks here, offering prayers and condolences and also promising action. to make schools safer. he says he wants to work with republicans
4:31 pm
on common sense reforms, claiming the shooting here changed the political landscape . i haven't spoken with my own no, but my guess is that they have, but they yes, i think they're going to have to take a hard look. conservative lawmakers are still largely opposed to gun control legislation. they say new laws wouldn't have stopped the shooting, pointing to admissions by police that they waited too long to enter the school classroom, possibly costing some students there. lives the justice department is now opened an investigation into their actions while republicans push for more school security. meantime, as you valley mourns funerals and visitation for the victims begin today, with officials promising to continue to support the community through all the anger, frustration. and grief. we will not relent until you validly recovers. some lawmakers here in texas are also pushing for a separate fbi investigation. that's the latest
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from the valley, texas. casey stegall fox news. five people are dead and four others injured after two boats crashed over the memorial day weekend. is coast guard video shows at least one survivor being pulled out of the wilmington's river near savannah , georgia. on saturday. two bodies were recovered shortly after the collision. three bodies were found yesterday morning. one of the surviving voters is being charged with boating under the influence. closer to home. law enforcement officers in lake tahoe say they are cracking down on dangerous behavior in the water as the busy summer tourism season gets underway. they are increasing patrols along lake tahoe's 72 mile shoreline to watch out for. officers will also crack down on those who ignore the boat speed laws and lifejacket requirements . there are an estimated 15,000 boat trips in lake tahoe between memorial day and labor day. the san francisco district attorney
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is finding a bay area fishermen almost a million dollars for illegal crab fishing. the fishermen from the leo was accused of setting crab traps and the protected wanders off the north carolina island state marine reserve, prosecutors say when agents from the department of fish and wildlife pulled those traps out of the water. they found a license number connecting the traps to that fisherman's boat. they say the fisherman told by life officials that he didn't know the area was protected. in addition to find the man is also facing a misdemeanor charge. today marks 80 years since oakland native fred korematsu was arrested in 1942 for refusing to report to a mass incarceration site. korematsu along with 210,000, other japanese immigrants, and americans of japanese descent, we to pack up and leave their hoattack on pearl hl because of their ethnicity. two thirds of the people incarcerated were american citizens getting his jana katsuyama spoke with core matsu's daughter as part of a
4:34 pm
closer look at how that chapter of history is being remembered today. this family photo was taken by a stranger showing a mother with her two children waiting. the boy in american kid from hayward. is satoshi. he be now 91 years old. we're waiting for the bus to take us to turn for racing track. it was april 1942. japan's attack on pearl harbor four months earlier had unleashed a tidal wave of fear and anti japanese hate. he be and others too young to understand war were old enough to feel the pain of prejudice, losing my friend. all my friends, and they, their parents said. don't go there. photos taken by dorothea lange captured he bees, family and others as the u. s military ordered more than 110,000, japanese american citizens and japanese immigrants along the entire west coast. to leave their homes. when the order came, people just had days in less than a week to get their
4:35 pm
affairs in order, people had to sell their homes. their businesses. their farms. steve okamoto family had been in san francisco since 18 98 family and others we had to live in a horse stall. horse stall that was full of manure in urine. tan fran in san bruno was one of dozens of makeshift assembly centers on the west coast from their people were transported to one of the 10 concentration camps or other detention centers across the nation. forced to live for years in drafty barracks behind barbed wire on desolate land, families sometimes separated livelihoods and lives lost. president franklin delano roosevelt signed executive order 9066 on february 19th 1942. the order authorized the military to create military exclusion zones and four civilians out. executive order. 9066 never mentioned japanese immigrants or citizens. it was at san francisco's presidio that
4:36 pm
lieutenant general john dewitt decided to declare the entire west coast. a military exclusion zone specifically targeting all persons of japanese ancestry. this is general the rates office. national park service ranger james osborne says to its historic office is still preserved on the second floor of a presidio building. that's now a private school in this office , march and 1942. that he's signed all those assembly orders signed 108 exclusion orders about 80,000 of those incarcerated were american citizens, many of them children. so really, this is where it became racist. you know these and there were no not on the east coast, saying people of german ancestry all have to report, osborne says. ironically dewitt knew that less than a mile from his office housed in building number 6 40 was a secret project. the military
4:37 pm
intelligence school where 58 japanese americans were training to become wartime interpreters, loyal soldiers even as the law punished their parents and this was top secret. they could not tell their families. under court martial. they were threatened not to tell anyone, their whereabouts and what they were doing this school now a museum also ensures that tens of thousands of young japanese americans who joined the military the 1/100 infantry battalion for 42nd regimental combat team became the most highly decorated unit in history for its size and length of service. other americans took a different path to show their patriotism. karen korematsu says her father, fred, stayed in the east bay for months until he was caught and arrested in san leandro for disobeying military orders. all due process of law was denied. so the japanese americans never worked, were charged with a crime access to an attorney or had their day in court, and my father thought it was wrong as an american citizen
4:38 pm
, cora matsu's legal battle when all the way to the u. s supreme court he lost in the 63 decision. but at the presidio officers club and exhibit has a quote from dissenting justice owen roberts, who called it quote a clear violation of constitutional rights. in the 80 years since executive order 9066 . there's been a national reckoning of the wrongs researchers and covered secret government documents showing no japanese american espionage or need for mass incarceration in the courts. judges vacated convictions of three men korematsu gordon here, obayashi and min yasui. and in 1988, president reagan signed the civil liberties act, providing in official apology and granting redress of $20,000 to the surviving incarcerate these but the letter of apology and reparations checks from president bush came too late. for many who had already passed on. at the presidio officers club. a wall of windows bears
4:39 pm
the names of the incarcerated. satoshi he bees name is there each person story a part of the nation's history and 80 years later, a race to honor the legacy that they leave behind. at tan fran. a memorial is set to go up in july. we're building a memorial right now, because most of these 8000 they're not here anymore. for some survivors . it's the hope that history will not be repeated during wartime. and the treatment of innocent people. people are not treated as individuals, but they're treated as members of groups. i would like them to know about fdr and his. it's his ultimate responsibility. it could have been ask for more tolerance. i hope to that future generations will find lessons to live by. my message to everyone was fred korematsu was one person who made that made a difference in the face adversity and so can you. in san francisco
4:40 pm
. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. yeah it just takes one person. we have more coverage of asian american pacific islander heritage month on the ktvu news app as well as on our ktvu website. just go to ktvu .com/ ap. i the baby formula shortage has gotten worse, forcing some parents to buy out of the country still to come, and you can avoid getting ripped off if you're searching for formula online. and as we get back to the business week, we are looking at a warming trend that will continue, at least for part of the week. we begin to cool down and then an opportunity for some rain on
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theo mexico to get it. americans have been seen in tijuana buying formula at pharmacies in big box
4:43 pm
stores like costco out of stock rates for baby formula are now at 70. and the biden administration has invoked the defense production act to help ensure supplies. all the baby short formula shortage worsens. scammers are taking advantage of desperate families who are going online for help. fox's mills. hayes has some tips to make sure parents are not getting ripped off. many moms are a part of facebook groups or different kind of online groups where they can connect with other moms in their local area. that's where a lot of them find some extra baby formula as well. but now scammers are targeting groups just like this. jeffrey gouge and his wife are expecting their second child in july. we wanted to have a backup option to have some formula available. in the house just in the event that things don't work out breastfeeding. so we got really worried. i was at work and she sent me a text and said, hey, i just bought some formula online . major online stores are out of stock for baby formula. but this website wasn't something gouge
4:44 pm
found suspicious website itself allows you to add anywhere between one case of something all the way to 1000. and if you put your credit card on file and you have the money available to place that order your money will be drafted from your account. and the problem is, they will never be able to fulfill that order. sandra gil, with the better business bureau, says they've seen 45 similar baby formula scams in the last week. online purchase scams are very, very common. sadly it is the number one riskiest scan suggests using a credit card over a debit card being weary of people, private messaging and making sure to research the company before buying their product. they will use any means possible. to get one or two pieces of information from you, and that's either your personal identifiable information or your banking information. these scammers are very persuasive. they're very tricky. the bbb says that if you do fall victim to a scam like this, don't be embarrassed. the scammers are very knowledgeable and what they're doing and you can head to bbb dot org and check out the
4:45 pm
company's reputation before you buy any kind of product from them. in minneapolis mills, hayes fox news. here and the area. there is a red flag warning for parts of solano county today and farther inland towards the sacramento valley. firefighters are warning people about breaking out the charcoal grills for holiday parties that they need to keep an eye on their fires as high winds are in the forecast again, cruz say to make sure your grill is not set up in the direct path of the wind tonight. that's where we really get into danger, because as soon as the spark hits these great grass behind me, that fire can carry, especially with 15 to 20 mile an hour winds. usually when it's really windy, i just used the gas grill. it's a little more controllable with the lid to make sure we barbecue kind of like a you know when the sun is going down a little bit where it's a little bit cooler and not too much hat to wear. it can pick up fire crews are also warning against memorial day pond fires under reminding people to not use gas powered equipment while there's high
4:46 pm
fire danger in new mexico, a massive wildfire there has been burning now for more than two weeks. some good news, though containment is now up to 26. however two buildings have been lost in the fire. the black fire has already burned more than 240,000 acres and southwest new mexico, becoming the third largest wildfire in that state. for some context, the largest wildfire here in california was the august complex fire of 2020 , which burned more than a million acres. heightened fire change of felt over parts of california, the sacramento valley with a red flag warning at this hour, and it does stretch to areas over solano county. it will last until tomorrow night. dryer air out their breezy conditions, at times a beautiful view over san francisco, the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands. we will continue with mostly clear skies. if you do again plan on staying up late or getting up to watch the meteor shower 12 30 to 1 a.m. is going to be the best time. here's a
4:47 pm
look at some of the conditions out there conquer reporting 78 degrees. relative humidity. 29% mount diablo reporting relative humidity at 40. in oakland hills reporting 38% but again, it's this area right in here, including vallejo, stretching over towards fairfield down to banish to that red flag warning in place until tomorrow evening . right now, the layout reporting 73 degrees, relative humidity in the thirties, ridge of high pressure will remain in control of our weather pattern for the next few days are warming trend is going to continue. right now, it looks like wednesday will be the warmest day the future cast here will show you the clear skies the storm truck well to the north of us, but by thursday, it does begin to break down that ridge of high pressure that is over the west is going to introduce a cooling trend for us on thursday. and then as we get into the weekend could get a little bit more interesting. here's a look at saturday morning where washington, oregon, northern california seeing a little bit, but look how far south this is right off our coastline. and then as we head into sunday morning, we may see some scattered shower activity so that will continue
4:48 pm
to change as we move forward, but we may see a little bit of wet weather come the back end of the weekend. right now. 63 degrees in san francisco. we have 64 in nevada after sixties and oakland beautiful day for inland east bay, 75, walnut creek, 75 in livermore and nice in san jose at 73 tomorrow morning temperatures ranging from the upper forties to upper fifties so a pleasant start to the morning a little cool in areas like santa rosa 47 49 for pacifica. partly cloudy skies temperatures into the afternoon . well above average. we'll go upper eighties for santa rosa tomorrow low seventies in san francisco upper seventies for oakland, 84 in livermore, 82. expected over san jose along the peninsula for tomorrow, a beautiful day in redwood city at 80 degrees, we've got 81 in san rafael, and for the far inland areas. low nineties expected for areas like fairfield, as well as back of ill. the extended forecast here. temperatures continuing to warm on wednesday . wednesday is going to be the warmest day when our inland cities get close to 90 degrees
4:49 pm
per seventies around the bay sixties at the coast. second half of the business week. temperatures do begin to cool. it's a subtle, cool. uh um subtle, cool down as we get into thursday, more so on friday temperatures that their coolest on the weekend under a mix of sun and clouds, perhaps a few scattered showers on sunday temperatures in the mid seventies for inland cities low seventies around the bay low sixties at the coast. back to you. one week ahead, rosemary thank you. vandalism attempt at the louver. why man disguised as the louver. why man disguised as an old woman says he tried to i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
on s election in san jose, say thieves are stealing their campaign signs and one of those candidates is van lee, who is running for san jose city council in the race for the district seven seats. and she has a theory on why hundreds of her signs have vanished in the weeks leading up to election day. this is not like fun time, but at least some of them is two
4:52 pm
or three times. so i feel that someone did not want my name out there and didn't want me to win this election or whatever. so that's what they did. so it is that i feel very frustrated about this. district five candidates were allowed. alando bania also says his campaign signs are being taken recently tweeted these photos asking people to contact san jose police if they saw this brown toyota tundra. matt mehan. meantime a candidate for san jose mayor says he, too, has had hundreds of his campaign signs stolen. comedian bill cosby is facing a civil lawsuit for alleged sexual assault lawsuit was brought by judy huth's who claims cosby molested her as a teen in 1974, the playboy mansion in los angeles. cosby has denied the allegations, whose case is one of the last remaining civil lawsuits the actor faces after settling multimillion dollar cases with at least eight women. the 84
4:53 pm
year old cosby was freed from prison last year after his sex assault conviction was overturned in pennsylvania. in the case of accuser, andrea constand cosby has said he will not attend the latest civil proceedings, which are set to begin on wednesday in santa monica. well our fans were really shocked over the weekend when someone tried to damage the mona lisa painting there at the louver museum in paris, witnesses say a man who was disguised as an old woman. jump from a wheelchair and tried to smash the bullet proof glass that protects the painting. well when that didn't work, he spirit cake on the glass. this is video of a worker cleaning that mess up. the man said he was doing it to protect the environment. he was quickly taken away by security. bold move remarkable display in egypt today, authorities there unveiled a trove of ancient artifacts dating back 2500 years. archaeologists recently unearthed the artifacts at the famed necropolis of saqqara
4:54 pm
included in the makeshift exhibit 250 painted sarcophagi with mummies preserved in good condition. 150 bronze statues of ancient deities. in bronze vessels used in rituals of isis , the egyptian goddess of fertility. the artifacts will eventually be put on permanent exhibit at the grand egyptian museum just outside of cairo. people in the united kingdom are getting ready to celebrate queen elizabeth platinum jubilee. the country will mark queen elizabeth 70 years on the throne with a four day holiday, which will start on thursday. there will be a military parade concerts, street parties and the queen is scheduled to make an appearance. on the balcony of buckingham palace to greet the crowds. this is recognizing unique moment in british history . no british monarch has ever reached this milestone of 70 years on the throne. and so it's a reason for celebration. and, of course, after two years of pandemic, people are ready to get together. they are ready to celebrate, and this is a
4:55 pm
fantastic excuse. now it's not clear how many events the 96 year old queen will actually attend. she has missed a number of appearances recently due to what royal officials have called mobility issues. coming up. many of us will experience some sort of hearing loss as we get older , the steps you can take now to protect your hearing in the future.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
to p your headphones a little too loud or used power tools without proper air protection. many of us will experience some kind of hearing loss. as we get a little older sacks tells us there are steps we can take now to preserve the hearing. we have instead of waiting until it's too late. chris martin, will i am and the who's pete townsend are just some of the many musicians suffering from hearing
4:58 pm
damage after years of exposure to loud music, but you don't have to be a rock star to lose your hearing. people of all ages are vulnerable, and audiologists say it's important to understand the causes. hearing isn't damaged just by a high level sound. it's damaged by high level sound over a period of time. like some things we do over and over throughout our lives, for example, just 15 minutes at one football game in a stadium may cause hearing damage and just five minutes from a very loud tv or from music turned all the way up on your iphone with standard earbuds in so if you attend games and concerts often or you crank up your iphone volume daily your risk for hearing loss increases, consumer reports says one trick is to minimize the intensity of noises around you. use noise canceling headphones that shut out background clamor
4:59 pm
so you can keep volume at a low level. if you operate a lawnmower or power tools regularly were earmuffs or earplugs like these that reduce noise back down to normal conversation level. i have to speak really, really loudly to be heard by somebody next to me . i have to use hearing protection in those instances, and did you know many tvs have an automatic turned down function during commercials and loud action packed sequences. typically found in the assistive features in your tv sound settings. they may be called auto volume or dynamic range protection. ktvu fox two news at five starts. now one man is dead and a woman life flighted to a hospital after a hang gliding accident in the south. very good evening. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. the crash happened in ed r 11 park near the monument summit in the east foothills of milpitas. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live at the park now, with the
5:00 pm
latest on what happened, jessie? julie we're starting to get reaction from other hang gliders who say the most dangerous part of hang gliding can either be the takeoff or the landing and that it can get treacherous depending on the wind. you'll hear more about that in just a second. officials say that the body of the man who was killed is still at the crash site, and they're waiting for the santa clara county medical examiner to come and remove the remains. let's take a look at our video. the emergency call when at around 12 noon this day, this this holiday two people were doing tandem hang gliding when the glider crashed at the monument summit in our levin park here in lapides. milpitas firefighters, santa clara county sheriff's deputies and santa clara county park rangers responded to the accident. the glider went down just below the point where you can see transmission towers on the top of the hill side. man was pronounced dead at the scene, and a woman who was fighting with him was taken by air flight ambulance to regional medical center in san jose in serious condition is


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