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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 30, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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presidio in san francisco house speaker nancy pelosi senator alex padilla joined gold star families and veterans. to honor the fallen. this was just one of many memorial day events across the bay area interviews, christien kafton begins our coverage. amid a sea of red, white and blue row after row of headstones marked the final resting place for those who served their country. lieutenant colonel richard cunningham lost friends and comrades as he served in the marines from the vietnam era to the mid 19 nineties. it's real important for me, and i do it as just recognition of the fellows i served with the people i served with in vietnam. with a coast guard helicopter fly over the first live memorial day remembrance to be conducted in person at the san francisco national cemetery since covid got underway. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi thanked those who served and those who gave their lives for their country, saying their sacrifice should serve as a motivation to
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come together and divided times. let's hope that and praising our veterans, we are unifying to the mother of a fallen servicemen placed a wreath to mark the day senator alex padilla honoring his sacrifice and so many others, as well as recognizing the pain for those left behind. i'd like for all of us to take a moment to honor. i think the gold star families that are here today for their love their support their sacrifice. veterans like retired major bill jeng from the marines said over the years, memorial day has become a holiday, like so many others simply a day off from school or work, he says the phrase happy memorial day misses the point for us veterans. it's not that much happy, you know. we have friends, and we know people that pass away. i mean, or, you know, given the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for our liberties and freedom.
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yeah. christien kafton ktvu, fox . two news. dozens of people gathered in alameda today for a memorial day commemoration at veterans memorial park, the local vietnam veterans of america chapter, the american legion and alameda elks organized the ceremony, attorney general rob bonta and assembly member mia banta among those in attendance. walnut creek held its annual memorial day observance today. the ceremony included a procession and commemoration at the veterans memorial at civic park. gold star mom, mary tollefson delivered the keynote address. she shared thoughts about her son, benjamin. he was a graduate of walnut creek's brianne christian high school and was killed in action in 2000 and eight in iraq. those who attended the ceremony, said it's important to remember the service members who sacrificed their lives for their country. remembering memorial day's
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important because you have to understand that the men and women who passed away and gave their lives, um and selfless service, i think is the biggest thing and to honor that. and remember that why we can let our grills and have good times with our families and be as free as we can is because of those men and women that that that gave their lives. the ceremony also included the playing of taps and lowering the flags to half staff at the veterans memorial marine county. there was a parade and several other events today in mill valley to honor the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the u. s. military. this event was scaled back or canceled over the past couple of years due to the pandemic. this year, there was a flag raising and the names of service members killed in action were read at litton square, which is named after the city's first world war. one casualty. let's teach her next generation that our flag does not fly because the way moves it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. there is also a
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pancake breakfast put on by volunteer firefighters. the day also included music and a carnival. one man is dead and a woman is in the hospital after hang gliding accident in the south bay. the crash happened in ed r. 11 park near the monument summit in the east foothills of milpitas ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary has the latest now on what investigators have learned. officials say the body of the man who was killed in the crash is still at the crash site. some 1700 ft above where i'm standing right now. investigators say the calls for help came in around noon on monday. two people were doing tandem hang gliding when the glider crashed at the monument summit in our levin park in milpitas. milpitas firefighters , santa clara county sheriff's deputies and santa clara county park rangers responded, the glider went down just below the point where you can see transmission towers on the top of the hillside man was pronounced dead at the scene, and the woman who was gliding
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with him was taken by air flight ambulance to regional medical center in san jose in serious condition. the terrain is very rugged. it's a single lane road in order to get up to that location and provided some challenges for our equipment and personnel to get up there to make patient contact. we also needed to call into air ambulances in order to transport patients. once we identified him, got him up the hill and hopefully transported to the hospital there sink there's lift so you can abruptly pop up with totally normally turbulence windy and then you'll hit um some sink and then you'll you'll you'll sink. quickly but usually not more than four or five ft. in general, santa clara county medical examiner will do an investigation and determine the cause of death. fire officials say. this is the fourth most popular place in the bay area for hang gliding, and there have been accidents here before, although they can't say how many of those have been fatal in
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milpitas, jesse gary ktvu to news. firefighters in humboldt county say one hiker died and another was rescued after being swept away in the pacific ocean . the rescue operation happened at about 2 30 yesterday afternoon on black sands beach near the town of shelter cove on the lost coast shelter cove. fire crews say they successfully rescued one victim who was taken by helicopter to the hospital. the other person was found in 15 to 20 ft waves and pronounced dead at the scene. the humboldt county sheriff's office is now investigating back here in the bay area. oakland police investigating a suspicious death downtown. police say they received a call around six o'clock this morning about a person lying in the third, right lying in the street. this was on 13th street. when medics arrived , they did pronounce that person dead at the scene. so far, officials have not released any further information on the individual or the cause of death. 13th street was closed this morning between jackson and alice during that investigation. a man is now in custody, accused
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of sex acts on five victims across the east bay. police say he was armed with a knife during these incidents. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on how police were able to catch their suspect. a string of sexual attacks at knifepoint in berkeley, albany and oakland. a suspect is now behind bars after police say he attacked five victims, including to albany children who were headed to school. one of them was a 14 year old girl that albany middle school where fellow student lily nervous, said the attack jar the campus. it's just scary because i walked to school every day, berkeley police say they arrested 44 year old tommy lee giles jr with the help of a follow taken by one of his victims. that was quick thinking on her part. even in a situation that traumatic that she was in. she had the she had a sound mind to take a picture. the first attack involved a nine year old walking to cornell elementary in albany on march 30th. two weeks later, a 23 year old woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted on colusa avenue near visalia in north berkeley. then last month
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, a 23 year old woman was sexually assaulted in oakland on may 21st, a 60 year old woman was group near cedar and standards in north berkeley. but she managed to take pictures of the back of the suspect and posted it online. a citizen, recognized him and notified berkeley police a day before the man allegedly attacked the 14 year old girl near albany middle school, kate some, sir lives in north berkeley. i'm glad that she was able to take a photo and help future people. i had no idea that happened, so it's terrifying because this is such a safe neighborhood as a mobile notary public, he says. he has more than 25 years of experience, analyzing documents and emphasizes customer service and interpersonal communications. residents are relieved and an alleged serial attacker is off the streets. any community member who is a grandfather, parent friend neighbor will feel the same way we can't we can't let this happen. it's a it's unthinkable . it's complicated. i'm an abolitionist in terms of prison , so i like i think the arrest is important, but it will be
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interesting to see how he how he is prosecuted. the defendant will be arraigned on tuesday on a number of charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual battery and lewd acts with a child is being held at santa rita jail in dublin. in berkeley. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a suspected dui driver is dead and three other people are hurt following a head on crash north of the anti oxbridge , the chp says a mazda heading south bong on highway 1 60 at about 10 20 last night veered into the other lane and crashed into another car. the driver of the mazda was a 38 year old man from san ramon. the chp says he was not wearing a seat belt and was likely intoxicated. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the three children in the man's car and a 71 year old woman driving the other car were all taken to the hospital. funerals now being held following the mass shooting in texas, and more questions being raised over the delayed law enforcement response
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to that shooting. also ahead tonight busy holiday travel weekend is winding down, and it hasn't been a smooth experience for everyone trying to get home. in the holiday is still going on for many barbecue evening out there looks pretty good. no fog at the coast a little bit breezy . interesting changes coming this week, maybe umbrella weather for part in the five day i'll see you back here with your loved one is missing or unaccounted for. i know the ceremonies. reopen that black hole in the center of your chest. president biden paid tribute to fallen service members today how he says he can sympathize with gold star families. and here's a live check right now. traffic on this memorial day. this is interstate 80 through berkeley as seen from our emeryville camera, the commute direction. uh not too bad right now heading towards berkeley, emeryville. in richmond, those heading toward the mcarthur maze. it's a little more slow going right now we'll more slow going right now we'll be back with i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe
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jill biden planted a magnolia tree on the south lawn of the white house to mark memorial day. the first couple was joined by the families of gold star service members who lost their lives serving our country, the ceremonial tree planting captain dave memorials to honor those who served as jackie heinrich reports. the president also marked the day with a special address, noting the end of us involvement. in afghanistan. as the nation remembers those americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. president biden joined by vice president harris and defense secretary lloyd austin, marking a somber and solemn memorial day, freeze it with a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. arlington national cemetery. president biden laying a wreath honoring america's fallen service members today renew our sacred bow. the simple violin. to remember. to
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remember. the commander in chief, specifically addressing the families of the more than 2400 service members who lost their lives in afghanistan, america's longest war, the president pulling troops from the country last summer. i promise you the day will come. on the memory of your loved one. your patriot. will bring a smile to your lips. before it brings a tear to your eye. he also looked to russia's ongoing war in ukraine, emphasizing the importance of defending democracy, but their fight is part of a larger fight united's all people the president also morning alongside gold star families seven years ago today. our son, major beau biden. because last press at walter reed earlier in the day. the first couple attended mass in wilmington's delaware. then the president visited his late son beau's grave exactly seven years after the 46 year old iraq war veteran died of brain cancer. families of fallen service
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members are joining the president and first lady in a magnolia tree planting ceremony here on the grounds of the white house to further honor the fallen at the white house. jackie heinrich fox news the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi is free on bail after being arrested over the weekend on suspicion of drunk driving, paul pelosi's attorney, released a statement saying the 82 year old was returning home from a dinner party near oakville when his porsche was hit by another car near yonville at about 10:15 p.m. no one was hurt. the other driver was not arrested. the chp says paul pelosi was booked on two misdemeanor counts. he posted bail sunday morning and then was released. a spokesman for house speaker nancy pelosi, said the speaker was on the east coast at the time and would not comment on a private matter. the pelosi family owns a home in st helena. the holiday weekend getaway hit a few snags, especially for air travelers. more than 5000 flights have been canceled since friday, and that's all due to a combination of weather problems and air
6:16 pm
traffic control issues as ktvu zach's reports, the holiday flights also come with much higher prices. it's chaos, and the airports are so full right now. karen brennan at sfl heading back to wyoming after flying in for her best friend's wedding, among the millions of travelers who took to the skies this holiday weekend and worked out more money than usual to do it come to. usually, san francisco would probably be like 300 bucks a person. but this weekend sonoma getaway costing $600 a ticket. now multiply that times. four as a family of four. i had to save and be prepared for the cost of gas here and for the car and the flights, and she's not the only one feeling a bit of sticker shock, expensive for us normally, like 251 65. now we're like $445. from dallas to hear airlines blaming the spiking fares on steeper jet fuel prices, coupled with the rapid surge in demand for leisure travel with too few flights, staffing remains an issue. travel site. hopper
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reports domestic airfares into the summer or averaging more than $400 round trip. that's 24% higher than this time in 2019 and 45% price increase from just one year ago and for those opting to hit the road instead this memorial day gas prices aren't making, driving any more affordable. prize is just too high man solis back from driving his family of six to santa cruz over the weekend from san francisco's santa cruz. that's about $140, the average price of gas in california hitting $6 a gallon for the first time ever this weekend. i'm not happy. i'm not happy at all. building up at 6 59 after driving to bodega bay for a wedding. industry analysts blaming the soaring costs on tight supplies, volatility in the crude oil market and the war in ukraine to wait between well, is it cheaper to fire cheaper to drive? but is it going to stop me actually from doing anything? probably not. but back at sfo
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the cost of this weekend making others feel differently. we would typically go to seattle, and we're not 100% sure we'll do that now. and will someone like her say they're changing their travel plans. overall summer travel expected to be very busy. some estimates have air travel, eclipsing pre pandemic levels at sfo. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news. a red flag warning is underway for parts of solano county and the sacramento valley . firefighters are warning people who might use a charcoal grill for a holiday party tonight keep an eye on their fires as high winds are in the forecast through tomorrow by a cruise want to remind people to make sure their grill is not set up in the direct path of the wind. and cal fire officials are saying that they're preparing for the last push now to get up to peak fire season staffing. all of our fire stations are staffed with multiple fire engines and, um, every fire engines staff with three people on board and then our aircraft and bulldozer fully staffed. seven days a week. 24 hours a day. hellfires goal is to have
6:19 pm
their complete staff in place by june 15th as devastating wildfires continue statewide. already that red flag warning very similar. the red flag warnings we had last week and the week before that they're centered more in the central valley bay area, not necessarily very involved, except if you're in solano county, and even there. the winds have been relatively manageable, and you also see this onshore flow. we're not really picking up. we have seen some good northerly winds this morning, but mostly 25 to 30 miles an hour, not 60 miles an hour and see what they could be. so again, red flag warning stays in effect through tomorrow night, but i think we're through the worst of it in those areas, but it will still be breezy and still worth paying attention to. there's a live camera shot and great air quality because of the winds. we haven't had a lot of wind, really. the last two months and we're going to this week is going to be no different than the high low configuration. the pressure gradients are all going to continue to keep the winds coming our way, especially as we get into tomorrow, right now wednesday. thursday we get a big
6:20 pm
cool down, but that will increase the winds on friday and saturday. so just more gale warning along the coast right up to the golden gate bridge here is that system. look how low that is. this is all next week or this week. pardon me. but in that interesting i mean, what? i know what i bet you if we've looked at this a lot together, right so back that all the way up ridge of high pressure ridge of high pressure comes this comma, right or this low, it's going to break it down. and then thursday, it cools down and then watch what happens, the blue would represent some potential lift, which means potential rain and it goes right into saturday. so this pattern next week this week for me because peaks on wednesday heat and then cools off rapidly with this and could end up with some scattered showers on sun saturday night into sunday. we'll see how that goes. when i come back. we'll line it all up for you. look at the five day forecast. all right, bill. thank you. more cases of monkeypox are being reported worldwide, and people in the lgbtq community worried they're being unfairly stigmatized. also ahead. as the war in ukraine continues, there are more questions as to whether
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areo ukraine's second largest city, russian shelling and bombing across kharkiv caused massive fires and damaged several residential neighborhoods. according to the city's mayor. the attacks have left the city quote completely ruined and have driven tens of thousands of people from their homes. further east russia is pushing to take
6:24 pm
control of the industrial donbass region before more weapons arrived from ukraine's western allies. the european union has agreed to an oil embargo against russia to punish it for the invasion of ukraine. eu member leaders reached the deal in the summit in a in a summit in brussels late today. the proposal would only ban russian oil delivered to the eu by see by the end of the year, not pipeline deliveries, and hungary would receive an exemption. hungary says it cannot afford to take part since more than 60% of its supply of oil comes from russia. well it's important that we have the sanctions and of course, it would be best if everybody is on board and that's why we are still working on this to get everybody on board. but even even if it is so that somebody has oped out. it means that it's still better than nothing. ukrainian president president vladimir zelensky is expected to address the summit. virtually russia continues to deny that
6:25 pm
president vladimir putin has cancer or any other serious illness, according to politico. russia's foreign minister addressed the rumors, telling french media that quote same people would not discern any sort of symptom of disease in this man. end quote. various reports have been circulating since march that vladimir putin has blood cancer, parkinson's or dementia. people in the united kingdom are getting ready now to celebrate queen elizabeth platinum jubilee, the country will mark the queen's 70th year 70 years on the throne with a four day holiday. starting on thursday, there will be a military parade. concerts street parties and the queen is scheduled to make an appearance on the balcony of buckingham palace to greet the crowds. this is recognizing unique moment in british history. no british monarch has ever reached this milestone of 70 years on the throne. and so it's a reason for celebration. and, of course, after two years of pandemic, people are ready to get together . they are ready to celebrate,
6:26 pm
and this is a fantastic excuse. it's not clear how many events the 96 year old queen will attend. she has missed a number of appearances recently, which royal officials have cited as mobility issues. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 police investigating a holiday weekend shooting in vacaville. what investigators are learning about what sparked the gunfire, and there's a renewed pressure in washington to act following the mass shooting in texas. where the debate currently stands on capitol hill and coming up later in sports. the giants go into extra innings against the phillies. frank mallicoat is here with the highlights.
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buid when their tandem hang glider crashed on monument peak in milpitas. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was who he was gliding with. is in serious condition at the hospital. investigators are still looking into the exact circumstances of this accident. oakland police are hoping witnesses will come forward as they investigate as suspicious death downtown. police say they received a call around six this morning about a person lying in the street on 13th street. and when police and fire crews arrived, they pronounced that person dead. so far, there is no word on the cause of death or the identity of that victim. president joe biden marked this memorial day alongside vice president kamala harris and defense secretary lloyd austin.
6:30 pm
they attended a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. president biden later wreath honoring america's fallen service members. the commander in chief also addressed the families of the more than 2400 service members who lost their lives in afghanistan. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the justice department is now investigating the police response into the mass shooting at that elementary school in texas last tuesday. meanwhile the first funerals for the 19 school children and two teachers who were killed are now starting to be held boxes. casey stegall has the story from you. val, d texas. pain is palpable. and i think a lot of us unnecessary so i'm going to continue to push president biden vowing to press ahead with new gun control legislation. just a day after visiting you validly, texas, where a gunman killed 21 people, including 19 children at rob elementary school. last week, the president and the first lady
6:31 pm
met with folks here, offering prayers and condolences and also promising action to make schools safer. he says he wants to work with republicans. ends on common sense reforms, claiming the shooting here changed the political landscape. since i haven't spoken them, i don't know, but my guess is that they have a okay. yes, i think they're going to have to take a hard look. conservative lawmakers are still largely opposed to gun control legislation. they say new laws wouldn't have stopped the shooting, pointing to admissions by police that they waited too long to enter the school classroom, possibly costing some students their lives. the justice department is now opened an investigation into their actions, while republicans push for more school security. meantime as you valley mourns funerals and visitation for the victims begin today. with officials promising to continue to support the community through all the anger, frustration and grief, we will not relent. until
6:32 pm
you validly recovers. some lawmakers here in texas are also pushing for a separate fbi investigation. that's the latest from the valley, texas. casey stegall, fox news and the south bay community came together today to remember the lives lost and that texas school shooting they gathered right outside san jose city hall. and released 100 balloons that was followed by a moment of silence for the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives in the shooting. a simple gesture. but a heartfelt 11 that we hope the people of texas can see and take cover, comfort and mr souls rest in peace as jesus welcomes him home into his kingdom. organizers said the event was planned as a show of support and to show the victim's families that they are not alone in this tragedy. san francisco giants manager gabe kapler was out there on the field when the national anthem was played right before the giants game in philadelphia on this memorial day. caterpillar suspended his
6:33 pm
protests against gun violence and stood there alone at the railing of the dugout. he began this protest on friday and said he would not come out on the field for the anthem until he feels better about the direction of our country and quote. kapler began that protest in response to last week's shooting at the elementary school in texas. in florida. a man is under arrest, accused of threatening to go on a shooting rampage at a school there. detectives from the hillsborough county sheriff's office say they received a tip that 18 year old corey anderson posted a photo of himself on social media with a handgun rifle and tactical vest. the photo was captioned. hey, siri directions to the nearest school. investigators say the handgun and rifle were air soft weapons. he was charged with a threat to conduct a mass shooting. also in florida 1/5 grader was also arrested over the weekend for sending a text threatening to shoot up a school. the 10 year old is from patriot elementary in cape coral county sheriff's office did not
6:34 pm
provide details of the threat, but after the deadly mass school shooting in texas last week, the sheriff described the boy's behavior as sickening. he said the boy made a fake threat but is now dealing with the real consequences. baskervilles popular fiesta days event resumed today after a shooting that left a man injured last night. an 18 year old man from fairfield was shot in the leg. his injury, though, is not considered life threatening. police say an off duty officer arrested another 18 year old man from suisun city who was seen running from that scene. the beloved community events celebrating mexican and spanish heritage continued today with officers on hand. this is a decades long event. it's a celebration of our heritage and our culture here in the community, and so we want to do everything we can to provide police presence so people feel safe. pan be available if they need our citizens in any way. police say the suspect was arrested for a probation violation assault with a deadly weapon and attempted homicide. another salute to fallen
6:35 pm
veterans in the south bay as former defense secretary leon panetta paid tribute to the lives lost and for people driving out of town for this weekend or really the summer season. it's not going to be cheap. experts say the high prices don't appear to be
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and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. oven cemeteries in europe, including this one in florence, italy, commemorated fallen u. s service
6:38 pm
members more than 4300. american service members are buried there. the us maintained 26, american military cemeteries and 32 federal memorials in 17 foreign countries worldwide. former defense secretary leon panetta spoke today at a memorial day ceremony in the south bay. he was at the annual memorial day commemoration at oak hill cemetery in san jose. south bay congresswoman and s u and zoloft grin and state senator dave cortese e were also there. secretary panetta thank veterans for their service and paid tribute to the men and women who gave their lives for their country. for all of the veterans and all the families. what and stood by our brave warriors. grateful nation first. thank you. for your service and for your duty to country, your devotion what the united states
6:39 pm
of america is all about. the event also included a world war one display restored military vehicles and a flyover by the 129th air rescue squadron in danville. people also gathered to honor and remember bay area veterans who died fighting for our country. attended a ceremony which included a concert at the town's oak hill park. the event also included a flyover and a salute to all of the service branches of the united states, armed forces and the men and women who serve i pray today. that america comes together. and always remember those men and women. and for you, young. americans out there. please do yourself a favor. do your country a favor. do me a favor. never forget. why you are able to enjoy the freedom to do today. this memorial day celebration was sponsored by the
6:40 pm
vietnam veterans of diablo valley. and we are tracking the weather is a weekend winds down . looks like we have an interesting week ahead. maybe some umbrellas needed five days back there with that. let's go to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus, thank you, julie. we're coming up tonight at seven. the announcement from the vatican over the weekend. that's being seen as a snub to san francisco archbishop salvatore korda, leonie and home prices do not appear to go and going down any time soon. coming up. tonight at seven what a new report says is driving. those prices have those stories and a lot more coming up in just a few minutes live on the seven over on ktvu plus heather, but first, an important warning from federal regulators. the concerns over strawberries sold in california that have sickened more than a
6:41 pm
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it f unlawful crabbing activity in san francisco history and now that fishermen is being fined nearly a million dollars. a fisherman from vallejo is accused of setting crab traps in the protected waters. of the north, very long island state marine reserve. prosecutors say when agents from the department of fish and wildlife pulled those traps out of the water, they found a license number connecting the traps to the fisherman's boat. they say the fisherman told wildlife officials that he did not know this area was protected. in addition to the find, the fisherman is also facing misdemeanor charge. at least 15 people in california have contracted hepatitis a from eating contaminated organic strawberries. those strawberries branded as fresh campo or head or sold between march 5th in
6:44 pm
april, 25th at safeway, trader joe's and other leading markets. the fda is urging customers to throw out any uneaten badges that may have been frozen to eat later, a total of 17 cases have been reported with the least 12 people being hospitalized, highly contagious virus can cause fever, nausea, stomach pain and fatigue. those who reported infections live in california, minnesota and canada . nanda check if your strawberries are part of this recall, we have put a link to more information from the fda on our website at ktvu .com right there under the web link section. more countries are reporting deaths as a result of monkeypox. nigeria reported its first death of the year and nine people have died so far this year in congo. here in the us there have been 14 confirmed cases, including three in california. the world health organization says it does not expect monkeypox to turn into a pandemic, but it is not want but it does want to investigate exactly how it is spreading public health leaders and many in the lgbt community community
6:45 pm
or trying to battle any stigma stemming from the current monkeypox outbreak. european public health leaders say many current cases were linked to sexual activity among men, but doctors warn the virus is not limited to sexual orientation. many people in the lgbt community worry the virus and current messaging is incorrectly focused only on sexual orientation, even though people of all ages and genders can contract monkeypox. viruses don't care what your gender, sexual orientation or politics or you want your hair color is their warm sanctioned being they were. in fact, you monkey pox was first discovered in humans. in 1970. it's spread from one infected person to another through close contact, which includes sexual activity, but can also include other contact, including shared clothing or bedding. president biden said to meet with federal reserve chairman jerome powell tomorrow to discuss the state of the u. s and global economy. this meeting
6:46 pm
comes as the federal reserve races to contain the worst inflation we have seen in 40 years. president biden has said that he's not going to tell the fed what to do and as broadly supported its plans to withdraw stimulus. the fed is in the process of raising interest rates at the fastest pace since the 19 eighties, gas prices broke another record here in california just in time for memorial day. triple a says a gallon of regular unleaded is now up to $6.15. diesel also reached a record of 6 64 a gallon looking around the bay area. tripoli says the average in oakland is 6 28 a gallon it's 6 29 in san jose in 6 42 in san francisco and take a look at this one gas station in downtown los angeles is selling regular unleaded for more than $8 a gallon. well that is not typical . l a county is averaging about 6 12 a gallon right now. it's also a record triple a says the high prices did not deter a lot of people from hitting the road this holiday weekend, but things
6:47 pm
are not expected to improve anytime soon. the big question is how high will these prices go? how long will they stay? elevated in? the reality is nobody really knows. right now it's all going to depend on the situation between russia and ukraine, which is causing global oil supply concerns, and that's putting upward pressure on the crude oil prices. most analysts say prices are likely to rise as demand for fuel grows this summer and economic activity picks up yeah, it's definitely gas prices are starting to get don't want to go to the full serve. that's for sure. i can't imagine eight bucks a gallon there. okay so as we go outside, we've got a pretty nice day. right really nice weekend. i like it when it's not too hot, right? we didn't have any fog. really we just had kind of a mild pattern, but the breezy conditions are continuing. and that's why that that charlotte just showed you so crisp and clear because the atmosphere is crisp and clear. we've had a lot of wind not just today and
6:48 pm
yesterday, the day before that, but literally last three or four weeks, we've had a very significant kind of windy pattern. i'll back this up. the part of the reason is going backwards here, like seven days. okay see that low right there coming in, cooled us off on thursday that gets close to the high creates wind creates a pressure gradient and look what happens on the weekend still comes in right looks like maybe a chance for some sprinkles or something on sunday. is way out, but i wouldn't be surprised if we had a few sprinkles the other day, right? um was it friday and friday. we had a few little bit of drizzle a few sprinkles and saturday. yeah, i think it's friday and you didn't amount to anything, but it was. it was. it was something. i think that's what we could see as we go into this weekend. the winds are blowing right now. sfo 40 miles an hour but noted direction right, so that's a small craft advisory. and it's not a small craft advisory. it's a small craft advisory in the bay. it's a gale warning. offshore so it's windy man. i mean, we got gale warning, not not outer waters, but right up against the coast right up against the ocean beach and golden gate bridge is it's a it's a, you know. gale warning right there, so that's some windy conditions nasty out
6:49 pm
there. there's that big low that's going to dictate the second half of this week, the first half of this week with tomorrow and then again into wednesday will be warming and then on thursday that low drops in you know, allow the fog to come back to the coast by wealth wednesday morning, but by thursday, the whole load drops in and cools the soft dramatically. so what does that mean? it's a roller coaster, right? so we're going to go up peak on wednesday dropped down cool off and towards the bay area weekend. i love that pattern because it's not an extended heat. we'll get some nice weather tomorrow is going to be stunning. the next day is going to be stunning a little bit warmer highs in the low nineties and then we're going to get a big cool down and that's what you want. and this, uh, time of major fire concern, which there is no question. it is major fire concern and it will be. we're not. it's not going away, man. it's here right through october until we get those first rains. so when you do have a pattern like this, where you get some heat, you can go at all. but then when you get
6:50 pm
a quick, cool down, okay, it's the multiple days of heat. it's been proven. they've done the numbers on this. you get a bunch of 90 degree days in a row and pour overnight temperature recovery, where the overnight lows in the sixties and seventies. you're going to have fires. well, this is not the case with this five day forecast, or the last few. i've shown you in the last four or five weeks. so let's pop in sunday. here there you go. chance of showers. very optimistic, but i think we could see a little something there. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 11. we'll update. it sounds good bill. thanks a bizarre attack on one of the most famous pieces of art in the world. someone tried to damage the mona lisa painting. at the louver museum in paris. witnesses a man disguised as an old woman jumped from wheelchair and trying to smash the bulletproof glass that protects that painting when it did not work. you decided to smear some cake on the glass workers? very quick to clean it up. the man said he was doing it to protect the environment. he was quickly taken away by security. coming up after the break. we will hear from the warriors as they get ready to take on the celtics in
6:51 pm
the nba finals. ports is next and here's a look at tonight's lineup. right here on ktvu fox two you can catch. don't forget the lyrics at eight o'clock, followed by beaches sam at nine. and then be sure to join us for the 10 and another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want
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than this holiday, all eyes on this thursday night when the chase center will host game one of the nba finals marquee matchup. it's east versus west. the celtics. and the warriors dubs back at work practicing after clinching their finals ticket last thursday night, dropping the mavs in five bit of rest will do this team, a world of good two teams played twice this year. splitting the series with the home team's winning both games. meanwhile the celtics are still glowing after beating the heat last night in game seven. this one went right down to the wire with the city's winning in miami. by four. this is the matchup. hoop fans were hoping for the warriors and their big three taken on the mystique that is the boston celtics and their record 17 nba titles. here's coach kerr on that dream matchup. anybody, um. with a
6:55 pm
subjective point of view would tell you that the celtics and the lakers are the two biggest friends in the game, and it's just something about playing in boston that feels special. the green and white jerseys. it's classic nba stuff. so, um it's exciting to be playing them. yeah, obviously great team there in the finals, and, um they've had a group together, going through a lot in the last four or five years, has some success early ever figure out how to sustain it, and now they're here. on this day. so beer, amazing test. bring it on. so here's how the first four games look, it all starts thursday at chase at six o'clock game to sunday at home again earlier started five, then off to boston for games three and four at the garden on wednesday. june the eighth friday, june, the 10th dubs have home court. so games five and seven will be a chase center, too, if need be about some baseball giants had to work a little overtime on this
6:56 pm
holiday, but it was worth it before. the 1st 23 in philly. they saw the giants take the opener, dramatic fashion with a two run blast on the top of the tent. six homers in this one giants win at 5 to 4 and on this memorial day. giants manager gabe kapler did come out and stand for the national anthem e at set the last two games down to nothing on a pair of philly homers. giants get busy in the sixth one on for wilmer flores, and he will join the home run party with one of his own, his fifth that were locked up at two and two. philly flash and little leather in this one to darren rough at the plate bidding for a base hit, but mickey maniac will hit the turf in slide and grab that right out of the air. one more peek. he will hold onto the ball. and his biggest plotter is his picture. kyle gets in that a baby getting tighter. the ninth kevin longoria continues to rip it. he will park out at 384 footer solo bomb gave the giants a brief 32 lead because here come the phillies logan web
6:57 pm
still in the game of the night, and he will get towards for another homer, kyle schwarber in the bottom of the ninth, the lock it up again. at three and three with this bomb webcast eight plus innings of three room ball, and here's how she finished bottom 10 curt casali will finish the job with a two run blow off andrew belotti. half dozen homers isn't this one is the giant survived 5 to 4, and that's how she finished in philly. acer hosting the astros only three homers in this one, but sadly, all three of those belong to houston as he is go down at home today. 5 to 1 on just a beautiful, beautiful day at college, sam. fourth inning, no score until you're now alvarez steps up. lets one fly right center way back and gone. solo obama, paul blackburn alvarez's 13th and he'll be back for curtain call. each down one that jose altuve will feast on another blackburn pitch jack out of to run tater his tent and
6:58 pm
houston goes up four to nothing go to the seventh. big scare first base to be with a grounder to third. penders throw is high to first of all to be will take out, christian bethancourt both go down hard. watch again. we've gotta replace bethancourt goes up to be nowhere to go takes out his legs. both players were down for quite a bit, but believe it or not, they both shook it up and they stayed in the going top eight. here's your curtain. call your now alvarez. this time up to a puck that will go a mile is lose their 31st game of 51 tries final was 5 to 1. time for our holiday version a little. check this out. it's not a home run, but a terrific catch raised. rangers get a load of eli white. he's digging center field wall. he's going to jump over the wall almost any back in fishes it back. great catch straight out pretty good, leaping ability to get there. very nice. alright
6:59 pm
thanks, frank. thank you. we'll see y yeay preparedness drill. oh no. come on. you know how it works. once a quarter. keep our readiness up . now rise and shine, sleepyhead. half the town is probably dead. i have to get a lock for my door. i think you'll like the drill tonight. i've tried to make it fun. each of these cards contains a detailed scenario of a possible apocalyptic event. everything from wildfires to a surprise invasion by canada. picking catastrophe, any catastrophe? sheldon canada is not going to invade california. really you
7:00 pm
think those hippies in washington and oregon can stop them? fine alrighty, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake devastates pasadena, reducing mighty edifices to dust engulfing the city in flames, the streets flow with blood and echo with the cries of the wounded, excellent choice. now put on your hard hat and safety vest fun to spend another night in front of our apartment dressed like one of the village people. you make that joke every three months. i still don't get it. leonard, wait. what are you doing? i don't know. what am i doing? look around you. there's hypothetical broken glass everywhere. really you're going to face armageddon without your orthotics your choice. oh hypothetical aftershock, and that's why we wear hard hats


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