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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 31, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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liga clara county. what we're learning about the victim and the conditions during the time of the crash, plus i've been more massive shooting after mass . and i think any president american history. unfortunately so much of it is much of it is preventable. lawmakers meeting today to try to take control on gun control legislation the calls to do something as people who live in uvalde, texas, lay out some of the issues they want tackled. meanwhile they are burying those who were killed in a school shooting last week. californians are facing the highest prices at the pump as any state in the entire country, and there's concern today those costs could go even higher. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good evening to you. i'm andre senior gasia mikaelian new at noon today. the balboa park bart station is back open after being shut down for half an hour over
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a suspicious item. police in san francisco shut down the station just before 10 30 today was closed for more people had to e train and take a bus between 24th street mission in daly city. please tell us it was a pressure cooker, and they have now reopened that bart station. while the investigation continues into what went wrong when a hang glider crashed milpitas park, killing one person and sending another to the hospital. ktvu sally erasmus is in santa clara county with what we know so far and what we're learning about the popular hang gliding spot. this deadly hang glider crash happened at 11 park in santa clara county. yesterday it happened near a designated launch site about 1700 ft. in elevation in this hillside behind us near those towers. you see the medical examiner's office is not yet releasing the names of the people involved in the crash. but we know one man died and a woman was seriously injured. they were strapped together for a tandem hang gliding flight when something went wrong and they crashed. the cause of the crash is unknown. the park is
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one of the top spots in northern california for hang gliding and paragliding. people set out this morning on their paragliders, the owner of a paragliding school at the site today told us he knew the man who died in yesterday's crash. he described him as a quote, experienced hand glider. other hang gliders set out to fly from ed levin park this morning, unaware of the tragedy that it happened the day before. it's really terrible. i mean, there are risks involved, and we know that and we try to manage the risks. this particular site is historically safe, is a member of the us hang gliding and paragliding association. he says. only members of that club and experienced fliers or instructors have access to the steep dirt road that leads up to the 1700 ft launch site. a woman who lives nearby and used to hang glide says even for experts, the conditions can be risky. it's really easy to crash and the ground is really hard, which is why people who are not proficient prefer to fly somewhere like fort funston. if you crash your crashing in sand.
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you still hit hard, but you're not going to kill yourself. if you crash on this hill, it's very easy to be. badly injured. you're gonna break something. anyone who hang gliding or paragliding from this park is required to sign a waiver with santa clara county parks and recreation. first we checked with that department for more information. we have also reached out. to the county sheriff's department, which is investigating what went wrong with this crash in santa clara county, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news one week after a deadly school shooting and you validly, texas, two of the children who were killed are being laid to rest will give you a live look at the growing memorial outside that elementary school people have been coming from near and far to pay their respects. one group drove 10 miles to you've led to honor the victims. hundreds of people are expected to attend the two separate services for the two little girls who died. there are a funeral scheduled in new valley nearly every day for the next two weeks as that community
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comes together to mourn the people who were shot and killed by a teenage gunman in their classrooms. this is our hometown and we were both born and raised here. you know, we needed to come in pr respects the same. we're not innocent anymore. today would have been the start of summer break for students at rob elementary. the school may never reopened. there was already talk by lawmakers about tearing the school down and building a new one in its place. or taking a live look right now at capitol hill, a bipartisan group of senators will meet virtually today to talk about gun control legislation and what we would be possible to actually pass now is caroline shadley report from washington, d. c. it comes as americans for president biden called for congress to do something in the wake of the body shooting. today marks one week since 19 children and two teachers were shot to death of this elementary school in uvalde, texas. over the weekend, protestors made it clear to president biden. they want
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action now. the president told the crowd. we will but on monday admitted he doesn't have the power to outlaw assault weapons or strengthened background checks. expect this stuff i can do the things i've done and then the executive action, i can continue to take the power to change gun laws lies with congress. the house is in recess this week, but the judiciary committee is set to hold an emergency hearing on thursday to mark up new legislation. package of eight bills includes provisions to raise the buying age for semi automatic rifles from 18 to 21 to ban the sale or possession of new high capacity ammunition magazines. although existing magazines would be grandfathered in passed gun control measures passed in the house have died in the senate. but the mood may be shifting since you've aldi. this is a sign to us that we need to do a lot more than we have done in the past. the senate is also out on break, but a bipartisan group of senators is holding a virtual meeting today aimed at finding
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common ground on gun legislation that can pass both chambers. in washington, carolina, shively ktvu. fox two news. the canadian parliament is now considering legislation that puts a freeze on importing, buying or selling handguns. canadian prime minister justin trudeau introduced the legislation this morning. if the bill passes over 1000 types of military grade firearms will be banned. there will also be a mandatory buyback program at the end of the year. the legislation also creates new red flag laws that will allow courts to remove guns and suspend gun licenses for people who are considered a danger to themselves or others. we are introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy sell, transfer or import handguns. anywhere in canada. in other words. we're capping the market
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for him. the legislation would also ban gun magazines that hold more than five rounds. if approved, the regulations are expected to go into effect this fall. california's primary election is one week from today in voting is already underway. ballots will have candidates for several offices, including the u . s. senate congress, governor, state senator and more but the campaign that's getting the most attention is the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase a boudin during mornings onto the nine we spoke with san francisco state political science professor jason mcdaniel about what voters are going to be focused on in this primary. i think it's the pretty much the only thing that's going to breed motivating san cisco voters head to the polls. i think there's not much drama or competition in any of our state level races are simply racist congressional races. it's going to be about the recall and whether jason bolden can really motivated supporters to get to the polls. professor mcdaniel also told us despite democrats hurting nationally from
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inflation concerns, he does not think it will be enough to overcome their advantage in california, and remember california's open primary includes candidates from both parties running for the final two spots for those statewide offices like governor and attorney general sky high gas prices are causing many drivers to think twice even three times before getting behind the wheel. analysts say the cost of gas isn't expected to come down anytime soon. ktvu james torres reports and what people in the bay area are doing as we're paying more for gas than anywhere else in the country. giving happy enough for today. think about how often you feel your gas tank and how much it costs 180 bucks. $180 for mark young 2 to 3 times a week. he travels for work from gilroy to oakland every day with no traffic about an hour 20 hours 15 hours 20. that's the reality for some working americans, and the nightmare at the pump goes on. the national average for a regular gallon of gas, hitting an all time high yet again at
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$4.62, that's even more harsh. in california. statewide average $6.17 $2 more than this time last year and unfortunately with the eu now officially sanctioning russian oil effect at the end of the year. um afraid we're going to continue going up with little relief in sight. gas prices in san francisco could jump another 10 cents a gallon this week, or even more than that san francisco's average price even higher $6.44 for bay area drivers that hurts can't do the vacations that we want to do, you know, like during the summertime. no, it's it hurts the pocket, big time company tracking and studying local gas prices does offer some tips to help keep the fuel bill down. patrick dehaan says little adjustments. could save you up to 65 cents a gallon simply by doing things like slowing down, trying to take change the timing on your trips, avoiding traffic , uh, just trying to be less
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aggressive. when you're hitting the gas out of green light right? instead of flooring. it just ease up a bit, that can actually make a pretty significant difference. reporting in san ramon i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news and speaking of travel, many who traveled for the memorial day holiday or back home. now it was the busiest memorial day travel weekend at airports nationwide since the pandemic started, thousands of those air travelers dealt with major flag delays to over the weekend. worldwide more than 5000 flights were canceled because of bad weather and problems with air traffic control. also airline tickets and rental car costs skyrocketed because of record high gas prices. as a family of four. i had to save and be prepared for the cost of gas here in the car and the flights. airline ticket prices are expected to stay high all summer travel website hopper says the price of domestic air flights is 24% higher than this time in 2019 the last year before the pandemic starts. new
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warnings about the covid surge in northern california how one leading voice in the pandemic is not mincing words and the advice he has for anyone worried about catching covid picking up the pieces from the damage left by tornadoes and severe storms in the midwest. we'll hear from some of the people who got caught in the middle of 90 mile per hour winds. here at home are warming trend continues this afternoon and a red flag warning as well for at least one part of the bay area. i'll have a look at
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fras a big time surge of the virus. ucsf chair of medicine, dr bob walker said in a tweet covid cases are increasing and hospitalizations have started to jump as well. san francisco already had some of the highest covid case levels of the state, dr walker added. people who are concerned about catching covid may want to increase their precautions. a new study shows the number of californians who died from covid could be higher than previously thought data from the national center for health statistics show california recorded about 75,000. covid related deaths through 2021 over that same time our state reported n a pre pandemic period. that leaves about 19,000 deaths on
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accounted for by the official covid tallies. experts say those deaths are due to other pandemic related causes, such as gun violence, traffic accidents or overdoses, authorities in shanghai, china or planning to take some major steps towards reopening from a two month long covid-19 lockdown. full bus and subway service is set to be restored tomorrow as well as basic rail connections with the rest of china. officials say schools will partially reopened on a voluntary basis while shopping malls supermarkets and drugstores will reopen gradually . shanghai is continuing a steady decline for more than 20,000 new covid cases a day in day in april two just 29 cases recorded on monday. the cleanup is beginning in minnesota now after a series of severe storms caused widespread damage there. lillian wu has the latest you just heard one big, loud bang, and that was it. strong storms tearing through minnesota on monday, damaging dozens of homes . powerful wind gusts up to 90 miles an hour snapped and uprooted trees. sending some
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crashing into homes and blocking access to roads underneath the crawl space and we heard a couple of big thumps and i thought it was history. a possible tornado striking the town of florida north of minneapolis. the conditions totaled or severely damaged at least 75 structures, while strong winds knocked out power in the city of just 160 residents. rescuers went door to door checking on homeowners as utility crews worked to restore electricity. despite the widespread damage, officials say there were no serious injuries or fatalities against the roof and shingle damage just down the road where they lost their entire house. i mean, there's nothing left further east people in virginia are still cleaning up from an ef two tornado that swept through bedford county on friday, the national weather service says the twister was six miles long packing wind guts as
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high as 135 miles an hour, officials say it will be a long road ahead for residents, you know, um event be a good learning tool force. and remember that tornadoes can occur in the mountains that can occur in southwest virginia. a line of strong thunderstorms is expected to impact the central and eastern us this week billion woo ktvu fox two news around the bay area. it's all about warming temperatures. rosemary oroczo is here with a look at the forecast . rosemary both of you and happy tuesday to all of you a notable warmup going on across the bay area. and as we talked about right before the break, there is one stretch of the bay area included in a red flag warning from the national weather service out of sacramento. show you that in just a moment. how about a beautiful view over the oakland estuary? as we look towards san francisco another blue sky day air quality is good to moderate across the region and again at this hour temperatures are trending upward . we've got that red flag
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warning that will last until this evening for our stretch of solano county from areas over vallejo as well as venetia and then back in towards the sacramento valley for dry, gusty conditions. the winds haven't been too bad out there. fairfield. definitely seeing a breeze, though this has been going most of the day. so far. we've got wind gusts about 26 mph coming in from the north. that north flow is what's helping to dry things out in nevada, reporting a wind gust of 15 also coming in from the north. meanwhile oakland has just a very weak onshore breeze right now, as well as napa coming in at about 10 mph as we get into the afternoon to expect the winds to continue and the relative immunity will drop a little bit more. right now conquered, reporting relative humidity at 25% in vallejo. we've got 41% the oakland hills reporting 43% today is expected to be one of the drier, windier days. the red flag warning again expiring tonight and also for those of us out there, notably warmer, especially our inland cities. livermore up by 10
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degrees up by four in napa up by nine nevada as well as santa rosa sfo included in that half moon bay, you're breaking even with a mix of a partly cloudy skies and cool conditions remaining along the coastline 57 right now at half moon bay 66 in the city of san francisco. we have upper seventies and napa upper seventies and walnut creek and brentwood. you are touching 80 at this hour tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day i'll show you the trend there in the extended forecast. do expect a little bit of patchy fog ride along the coastline of the rest of us will be mostly sunny, perhaps a few high clouds spilling in late afternoon and then as we get into the evening hours, the fog will develop along the coastline for overnight hours. and then tomorrow morning, waking up with a little bit more fog along the coast. that will begin a transition that will start a cooling trend for the rest of us by about thursday. for today, we'll go 86 in santa rosa, as you can see, well above average upper sixties in san francisco, 74 in oakland, mid eighties expected for livermore and 80
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degrees over san jose. quick look across the region sixties and pacifica upper eighties over santa rosa. upper eighties and conquered. 82 expected for morgan hill are inland cities and around the bay likely to warm up a little bit more on wednesday before things move downward, and that possibility some rain coming in for the weekend. better details in the extended forecast. rosemary. thank you. the warriors are getting ready for the nba finals , and so are very businesses coming up. they're getting a head start on cashing in.
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thea finals dubs will be back on the practice floor and just under an hour from now, as they gear up for the nba final. the celtics just beat the heat sunday night. game seven. that game went right down to the wire to with boston, winning in miami by four points . the dubs and celtics played twice this year, splitting the series, with the away team, winning both times. anybody, um with a subjective point of view would tell you that the celtics and the lakers are the two biggest friends in the game and just something about playing in boston that feels special. the green and white jerseys. it's classic nba stuff. so, um it's exciting to be playing them. you know, obviously a great team there in the finals, and, um they've had a group together, going through a lot and less. four or five years, has some
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success early. never figure out how to sustain it. and now they're here on this day. so beer amazing test. well it all starts thursday at chase center six p.m. the time to a sunday home again five p.m. and that means the warriors don't have to get on a plane until next week for games three and four will happen in boston warriors fans have a big week ahead in bay area businesses are eager to keep them happy. ktvx amberleigh shows us how the nba finals are bringing new life back into san francisco businesses. monday happy monday is expected to lead into a happy week for fog harbor fish house at pier 39 bob part right tells me he's already seen an increase in reservations. largely due to game one and two of the nba finals being played in san francisco. we're really excited for it. i mean any time we have something big with the sports world is going on in san francisco. we get a bump in business, the bump in business,
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he says. it's thanks to fans from the nine bay area counties , part right says it will be all hands on deck along with extra food and beverages. the owner says the finals is the shot in the arm that's much needed emerging from the pandemic. it really creates a buzz, and the city needs that buzz. right now. this couple from the east bay says they plan to come back to the city thursday. they don't have tickets to the game, but planned to arrive in san francisco early in the day, spend money and watch the game at thrive. city just going to hang out, go to bars, you know, go to different places to eat and watch that game and, you know don't warriors. this is what we call a premier room. john henry, owner of hand lory hotel at union square. he tells me the hotel is close to being sold out from wednesday through the weekend. he says most guests will be coming from different parts of california from monterey to two stocked unde out
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to auburn up past sacramento. it'll be locals who are going to come in the eight story 377 room hotel is offering specials with parking included he expects last minute bookings very impossible driven. and that's why to be in the position. we are now for thursday, and i've got three days to fill. i definitely think we'll fill. there's no question in my mind. i don't care what charles barkley says about san francisco beautiful city like she just said. it's a beautiful city. both the restaurant and hotel owners tell me they anticipate the economic impact to be substantial and widespread from street vendors to large businesses alike. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news new efforts to keep rent from getting too high in one various city oakland city council is considering to fight back against inflation. so statewide, there is a severe drought going on to conserve
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from bay area water districts, the potential fines that are now on the table for for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. i've lived i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases,
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without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. texb elementary school massacre qualities. town squares turned into a memorial site, people coming from far and wide to pay
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their respects to the victims and seek comfort in the togetherness, this latest shooting, raising questions once again about any possible warning signs that could have helped prevent the attack. as ktvu jana katsuyama tells us some people are calling for 21 minutes of silence on social media leader today to honor the victims. on what would have been students start of summer vacation families and you've aldi, texas gathered instead at funeral homes to grieve. the first visitations remembering to 10 year olds on memorial day in all 21 people, 19 students and two teachers were killed in last tuesday's elementary school shooting. as a parent, my heart goes out to all the other parents in texas right now, it brought me back to almost 10 years ago when the sandy hook shootings happen. alex navarro was with the california chapter of moms demand action, a group formed after a teen gunned down 26 people in the sandy hook school shooting. that's and prayers are nice, but we need action as investigators uncover
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more about the shooter 18 year old salvador ramos, they say there were warning signs. officials say ramos legally purchased two guns after his 18th birthday and they are type rifle on may 17th and a second rifle may 20th. then on social media. he posted photos on instagram of two rifles and one of himself holding a gun magazine on tiktok. he posted a warning kids be scared. it's very apparent that a lot of these mass shooters do post on social media, and there are always signs that we see are very consistent with them in the 2019 u. s secret service report on school violence, analysts found that most attackers communicated their intent to attack. the report said. quote in many cases, someone observed a threatening communication or behavior but did not act either out of fear, not believing the attacker misjudging the immediacy or location or believing they had dissuaded the attacker. people know this. it's
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posted on social media, so it's on us. to report these things as well. and it's on the social media companies take it seriously. um you know, our fellow americans are dying. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. just a few days after meeting with governor newsom, new zealand's prime minister is at the white house now talking with president biden. can i bring this sincere condolences of the people of otero, new zealand for what you have experienced and texas and new york, and it's been devastating to see the impact on those communities. this meeting was set to be about trade and other intern two talking about gun violence that comes after prime minister jacinda ardern visited california, with governor newsom testing positive . just a day later overnight, there was a third positive covid case within the new zealand delegation. the prime minister herself tested positive a few weeks ago and is therefore unlikely to have a reinfection so soon after having covid well.
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no news. san francisco mayor london breed says she wants to spend another $6 million to end homelessness for trans people in the city. she announced the funding today that will be in her new city budget and includes more money for housing subsidies , behavioral health services and a supportive site for people transitioning. breed says she wants to have zero trans or gender nonconforming people on the streets by 2027 office says the pledge to make san francisco the first city to commit to ending homelessness were trans and non binary people in the country happening today, city leaders in oakland will consider a plan to limit rent increases even more. the city council discussed the council member carol fives plan to cap rent increases at 3% right now, those rent caps are linked to inflation, which means rent increases could be as high as 6.7% this year. council member five wants to limit that to 3% the city has to act before july 1st if it wants to prevent those higher rent increases from goinn forces are continuing to target kharkiv. shelling and
12:34 pm
bombing continues across the country's second largest city, caused massive fires and damaged several residential neighborhoods. according to the city's mayor. the attacks have left the city quote. completely ruined, driven tens of thousands of people from their homes further east russia is pushing to take control of the industrial donbass region before more weapons arrive from ukraine's western allies. the european union has agreed to bend 90% of russian oil imports by the end of the year. eu leaders reached the deal at a summit in brussels. the proposal would only ban russian oil delivered to the eu by sea, not pipeline deliveries and hungry when actually receive an exemption. hungary says it cannot afford to take part or depart from that, since more than 60% of its supplies of oil comes from russia. well it's important that we have the sanctions and of course, it would be best if everybody is on board and that's why we are still working on this to get everybody on board. but even
12:35 pm
even if it is so that somebody has oped out. it means that it's still better than nothing. at the summit. the european union also agreed to give ukraine and additional $9.7 billion in assistance. there are reports supreme court law clerks have been asked to sign affidavits and have their cellphones searched as part of the investigation into who leaked the draft opinion earlier this month. suggesting the justices were poised to overturn roe v. wade, according to cnn, the request to search phone records and signed an affidavit is unprecedented, cnn says around 75 people could have had access to that draft opinion copy. was the first time a full draft opinion had been leaked in the 233 year history of the u. s. supreme court. california is a step closer to imposing mandatory water restrictions. the state water resources board voted unanimously to tell california water suppliers to prepare to have less water available. the board is concerned after california water customers have apparently ignored the governor's request for 15% voluntary water
12:36 pm
reduction doing mornings on to the nine we talked to representatives from east bay mud who told us they're tightening down to try and save water. conservation really varies throughout the state, so some parts of the state of seen better results than others. east bay mud, for example, has been achieving about 6% toward his goal of 10% recently and our board has recognized that we need to do a little more. so in april, our board decided to go to the next step, which is mandatory conservation of 10% and we're expecting that our customers will be able to achieve that goal. they did clarify that that 10% goal assisted wide, not for individual consumers, but people who do go past individual caps will be given a warning that they could be fined if they continue to use too much water. there is concern that the drought across the western u. s could have a big impact on air quality in utah. levels of the great salt lake have been dropping, and that's exposed a lot more of the lake bed. it means a lot more dust has been kicked up in the air in that
12:37 pm
dust. some taxi chemicals, including arsenic of the materials that get kicked up in those dust storms, they are not healthy. and so we've got to monitor that closely. there's one super super easy solution but water back on that lake bed. well, part of the problem in utah. there are water rights laws that encourage people to use up water before it hits the great salt lake, which means less water makes it to the lake . bed advocates want to change those laws and similar concerns about how much water is being used upstream here in california , and how that influences the environment downstream. with gas prices continuing to skyrocket. tesla plans to open its biggest charging station in the u. s in southern california. it will be on interstate 15 in the desert town of barstow, which is between los angeles and las vegas. the plan was shared at the last barstow city council meeting ourselves, mayor says the station will have 100 supercharging units. we got a commitment from edison to have enough power. for phase one. by
12:38 pm
memorial day to open up. the first leg. of the tesla. charging stations. excellent news for me. i travel almost once or twice a month from l. a to las vegas to visit my kids. so for me, it's a perfect perfect solution. construction is already underway and opening date for the charging station has not yet been announced. we'll san francisco's famous pink triangle on twin peaks is about to be all lit up within a mile and a half of special led lights will be installed tomorrow night to kick off the pride month celebration. in san francisco in june. they will be visible 24 7 from twin peaks during pride month. the lights mark a sad chapter in modern history, actually forced to wear pink triangles in concentration camps as we continue to celebrate asian american pacific islander culture and heritage this month. a nonprofit group that was originally designed to serve api women is evolving and expanding its mission reporter
12:39 pm
tia torres shows us how many more people in need are now getting help. living in a shelter is not easy, constantly just thinking about what someone is going to do, how they're going to do it. it's just thought after thought, after thought will call her mary. speaking through an interpreter , she explains how the past fear of her abuser has now turned into confidence and motivation. that house my sister's house has been a very important factor into her life with of restarting her life alongside her baby today, mary happily works part time at my sister's cafe, part of the organization's women to work program. it's hard to believe the organization began in a small cubicle 20 years ago , the first agency in the region to address battered women of asian american and pacific islander descent. of course, they help women of all backgrounds, and they've grown well beyond that cubicle. we have four shelters. two emergency shelter and two transitional shelters. and then
12:40 pm
i worked. women work program has grown so much. including their store. my sister's house treasures where women can learn the retail business and marketing a chance for them to come out of the darkness and move into a bright future people actually facing her as a human being and not degrading her in dealing with her so that part mentally gave her the confidence boost that she was so much needed in order to move to the next step has pushed her to get more ideas to get more gold start planning what exactly she wants to do? mary is taking back control of her life. she took that first step and my sister's house is paving the way help exist. don't be afraid to seek help my sister's house. gives a lot of help in sacramento, torrez. you'll find extensive coverage of asian american pacific islander heritage month at ktvu .com. and the ktvu news app when you're online had to
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ktvu .com/ ap. i cal fire increasing preparations for fire season what they're doing to make sure they're ready for the weather to get even drier. how warmer and dry around the bay area this afternoon and the warming turn expected to continue. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today, tomorrow when the cool down begins and the p
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a gd airbnb says it will offer some refunds for states that had reservations made it canceled before tonight and now advises guests who are concerned about getting sick to look for listings that offer free cancelations. another short term rental platform. v. r. b o says it will still allow hosts to determine the cancelation and refund policy on most of the properties that lists this summer travel season expected to be the busiest since the pandemic began, the website value penguin 73% of americans plan to travel to some vacation spot during the next few months , and that's up more than 20% from summertime last year, but the highest inflation rate in more than 40 years could still have a major impact on those travel plans. seen really crazy prices for hotels for rental cars for flights. travel experts say most of these higher prices are tied to record breaking gas prices, which are driving up the price of everything from plane tickets to rental cars. enforcement officers were out in force this entire holiday
12:45 pm
weekend, cracking down on reckless and impaired drivers. california highway patrol's maximum enforcement period began at six o'clock friday night ended at midnight this morning. the chp says it increased patrols on all bay area freeways and bridges watching out for drivers who are creating a safety threat on the roads. memorial day weekend is most commonly associated with the beginning of summer. we have a lot of parties. we have a lot of people, obviously out celebrating kind of that first long weekend of our of our summer. the chp says at least 15 . people under the chp's jurisdiction have died on california highway since friday afternoon. officers made 891 dui arrests during the holiday weekend. summer meal program is getting underway right now in oakland for students from low income families. it's happening at libraries across oakland every day. the city expects to serve 90,000 breakfasts and lunches between now and the start of the new school year. thousands of students depend on free and reduced price meals during the school year. the
12:46 pm
program is meant to provide nutritious meals at convenient oakland locations while school is out during the summer. the continuing national labor shortage could cut into some summer fun, according to the wall street journal. demand for positions is double the rate of applicants when it comes to drivers, lifeguards and camp counselors. that's because many people are staying away due to low pay. even when new hires arrived. businesses such as camps and pools are reducing their hours or, in some cases, completely shutting down their operations. more employers are trying to attract new workers by offering to help pay their student loans, according to the washington post. it's another benefit companies are using in this tight labor market provisions of the cares act gives companies and employees a tax break on employer provided funds to pay back student loans from that help companies with student loan assistance programs say they've seen an increase in companies. setting aside more money for the benefit since that tax break well, cal fire is in the final stages of efforts to ramp up staffing for the peak of fire season. it comes amid a red
12:47 pm
flag warning for high fire danger in solano county and sacramento valley. it's in place until later tonight. firefighters advise being careful when using things like barbecue grills and dry weather . they say. after the dry winter , we had the fire danger is likely to be high. all summer long. cal fire has a goal of hitting that peak staffing by mid june. all of our fire stations are staffed with multiple fire engines and, um, every fire engines staff with three people on board and then our aircraft and bulldozer fully staffed. seven days a week. 24 hours a day. firefighters say they're seeing these red flag conditions with dry weather. more often, though they acknowledge they are attending to be more short lived. if we look out several days, we see something unusual for this time of year rosemary oroczo this rain in the second half of the weekend. is that really going to bear out? it looks like it. i mean, you know, we still have a few days away, but it looks to be fairly consistent when it comes to the models run after run, bringing in the possibility of at least scattered showers to
12:48 pm
our area, and i'll show you that in the extended forecast outsider doors at this hour. we still have a warming trend underway and as we talked about in the last half hour, even a red flag warning for parts of solano county that will last until this evening for the dry, gusty conditions and beautiful view there of the golden gate bridge. temperatures along the coast remain cool sixties we've got seventies around the bay and some of our inland cities getting into the low eighties for today, tomorrow is going to be the warmest day right now. relative humidity over mount diablo 32% ben loman in the santa cruz mountains reporting 27. in 28% in the status phenomena mountain area. the relative immunity will continue to drop into the afternoon as our temperatures continue to climb. storm tracker to hear ridge of high pressure remain locked over the west coast, at least for now, it will begin to break down as we get into about thursday. tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day inland. and then as we get into thursday, a cool down will begin . here's a look at the future cast model for you notice the storm track to the north of us
12:49 pm
almost north of the areas over oregon and write about washington. as we get into thursday that begins to change up and then into friday, we're now into saturday. you can see how far south now that rain line is so the ridge of high pressure will be breaking down. cooling trend begins on thursday and then by saturday, maybe some sprinkles but you can see it looks to remain to the north of us on sunday, though. could see that rain move through. we'll be watching that between now and then. but yes, a little bit of interesting weather coming our way for the back end of the weekend. for today, it's all about the warmth where 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. for many areas, 77 right now in nevada, as well as napa for the inner east bay 80 degrees outside your door, brentwood and san jose enjoying 74. have a lot of sixties around the bay 66 in the city of san francisco and upper fifties right now, over areas of half moon bay. here's the comparison yesterday into today, nevada going to 86 for the afternoon. 85 low eighties atherton in san jose 80 so 3 to
12:50 pm
6 degrees or so of warming expected for the second part of the afternoon. and then as we get into the numbers for you here, 83 sandra fell 80 degrees for the peninsula redwood city. one of the hottest spots. 87 anti aquil go mid eighties for livermore. if you're going to see the ace play later today, we've got mostly clear skies, 65 degrees and west breeze to 15 mph at game time continuing to cool off into the low sixties, perhaps a upper fifties by the end of the game for the extended forecast slightly warmer tomorrow, then we begin to cool down additional cooling into the weekend. and that chance for scattered showers back to you, rosemary. sequel. you don't know how much pressure you put on your septic system. but rid-x does. in a 21 month study, scientists proved that rid- x reduces up to 20% of waste build up every month. take the pressure off with rid-x.
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psdn unlikely source medicine.
12:54 pm
scorpene owes a wrench in casper, wyoming, with more on horse therapy and how it's helping the veterans being exposed to some of the trauma or troops. experience can inevitably cause mental health problems. some miners some severe here in wyoming. there's a program that pairs up veterans and first responders with wild mustangs. mustang's actually have ptsd and anxiety themselves . so it's healing for both the horse and the human. when you are in a 24 ft by 24 ft pin. you really can't think of stuff that is outside of those railings. kelly alexander and his wife, karen, were inspired to start operation re mount. based on his personal experiences. kelly served for over 20 years in iraq and afghanistan and has struggled with his mental health after retirement from 2000 and 6 to 2021. the department of veterans affairs saw that mental health needs increased about 98% kelly eventually found a program where he was matched up with wild horse, karen says it changed his world. working with
12:55 pm
the horses has brought him a new sense of purpose. and has also provided him with some peace so he wanted. to provide this for others seeing how it affects others in a positive manner is probably even better. then when i felt that from my own personal experience now the program helps people like army veteran alicia allen, who trained afghan army members to be medics. some of the things that i came across, seen or had to encounter. gave me severe anxiety. um, nightmares. depression had a hard time coming back and dealing with civilian life. same for former air force medic audra smith wanted to come out here is like a keep working on myself and keep working on those anxieties and the mindfulness and all that stuff trust built between the human and the horse allows veterans to slow down and be in the moment they were pulled from their homes, just like veterans. when we leave the service were pulled from our heard from our family and so to be able to come here. they are
12:56 pm
kind of our herd again. there are family so operation re mount allows the veteran or first responder to keep the wild mustang after the six week program is complete. the alexander's hope to have up to eight veterans or first responders on the ranch next year. in casper, wyoming. madison scarpino, fox news military recruiters are hopeful the new top gun movie will inspire more people to join the navy. the navy says it saw 500% jump in recruitment after the original top gun film back in 1986. they're hoping that once again, young men and women will sign up in response to the patriotic blockbuster. one recruiter says he even had people reach out after the first trailer came out. in the last couple of months was advertisements have come out for talking. it's really generated a lot of interest in aviation and the navy you specifically which is outstanding because not everyone wants to apply, but they enjoy the idea of naval service. the air force has also
12:57 pm
tried to get in on the trend by running recruitment ads at the theaters before the movie top gun maverick took in $156 million this weekend, making it the top grossing memorial day movie. ever first pitch of today's giants philadelphia phillies games at 3 45. that's when we'll see whether giants manager gabe kapler will resume his protest against gun violence by skipping the national anthem. kepler past his protest on memorial day and stood by himself near the dugout during the star spangled banner and taps to honor fallen service members. catholic says he believes strongly in the right to protest while at the same time the importance of paying tribute to service members who fought and died for that, right. well the giants will try to make it two in a row against the phillies. the giants won the series opener 5 to 4 by going deep, even gory, a hit a home run to give them the lead in the top of the ninth. but philly tied the game with their own homer in the bottom of the
12:58 pm
ninth. giants catcher kurt caselli won the game in the 10th inning with a two run shot into the left field stands. and the host a host houston astros tonight at 6 40. the ace trail the first place astros by 13 games in the loss column, after dropping their game yesterday, flat to one, not much offense for the ace to score just a single run and had only two hits for the entire game. houston's left fielder, you're dead. alvarez had two home runs all by himself. 49ers returned to the field today for off season workouts. they're known as organized team activities, or o t a s. the practice has started last week. activities include the offense facing the defense, but there is no contact or tackling. these voluntary workouts are not expected to be attended by some veterans, including deebo, samuel, jimmy garoppolo, trent williams, nick bosa. reasons range from contract disputes to the athletes, preferring to train on their own elsewhere. mandatory minicamp starts june 14th and players who don't attend those activities are automatically find well. today is the day music lovers can start reserving
12:59 pm
their seats for the free sunday concerts in san francisco's stern growth and just over an hour from now, you can r s v p four seeded stern grove dot org . reservations open at two o'clock this afternoon for the first show on june 12th, which features tower of power and too short the concerts have always been free, but because of water damage to the grove, fewer fans will be allowed in the area than in years. past reservations will be available 12 days ahead of all concerts, which performances every sunday through august, 14th. and future concerts will star leann rimes, taj mahal and phil lesh as well, it's a great going to grew up going to stern grove and to make that commitment to go from livermore to stern grove. you know, my parents were in it, so it's one of my favorite things to do in san francisco all summer, hyped up on the idea of going, we're going to go through the list of acts and we will mark our calendar to reserve those tickets. so we get them in time
1:00 pm
to go to the thing. don't worry, we'll get covered. alright you there, i'll pack the picnic to thank you so much for joining us have a marvelous tuesday. join us back here for next newscast. that's it for we've got a twista summertime a twista >> we are making hot dogs so over-the-top delicious you will be barking with joy. >> from a cheesy bacon wrapped dog. >> this is how you start the party. >> to a spicy twist on a corn dog you will love. and. >> i love this is all in one. >> we are dishing up one pot pasta. >> this is delicious. >> that is next. ♪ >> is there anything better than a hot dog straight from the boardwalk topped just the waib you like it, or if that is not your thing, how about a ballpark frank from a game on a sunny day. sometimes the best place to enjoy one is


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