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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 31, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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glider to crash, killing one person and seriously injuring another. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage day after that tandem hang gliding crash killed one man and seriously entered a woman of the south bay hill. we're learning more about the process in place to prevent inexperienced people from launching their hand gliders reporter jessica very lively milpitas with this new information for us, jesse head of the santa clara county coroner's office says they're using fingerprints to confirm the identity of the man who died yesterday before releasing his name publicly. also we've learned the county's parks department does require a liability waiver to be filled out and submitted before hang gliders can launch from inside the park. a day after a deadly crash near the summit of this hillside and hardcore pere and hang gliding enthusiasts were back in the air. it's really terrible. i mean, there are risks involved, and we know that
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and we try to manage the risks veterans of the sports such as mike shuster say. hang gliding clubs control who launches from the monument summit, edward r. 11 park. monday a tandem hang gliding team crashed just before noon. witnesses say the man who was killed in the accident was an experienced pilot. his passenger was seriously injured. it was airlifted to regional medical center. some say strong winds may have played a role in the crash. windy, and you get up even as high as the top of the street i live on. um it'll sound like a freight train. it is loud. it is continuous. and it is hard to clara county parks department says waivers must be filled out online and submitted before launching club members confirm newbies and passengers are warned of the risks. it's like a driver's license. you know, you're not going to put a teenager in a car without having them do instruction at school or whatever. it's the same thing
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here, but enforcement of the waivers is a gray area in an email, parks department spokeswoman camera clark says access to the hang gliding site is given to specific organizations. hang glider completes the application for a waiver and once received by our office issue, a sticker for the back of their helmet. this incident is still under investigation. the key will be was there a liability waiver executed prior to the departure of the hang glider legal analyst steven clarke says three main factors could have caused the crash impacting the strength of the waiver. important thing now is to reverse engineer how does hang gliding accident happened. the liability waiver may cover the county and the hang gliding association, but it may not cover the operator of the hang glider, and it also may not cover the equipment utilized here if the investigation finds the hang gliding equipment was faulty or in disrepair, clark says the waiver may not stand legal scrutiny for now, the close knit community of a few
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100 enthusiasts. wait to learn how one of their own was killed . flying is a risky sport, you know, no matter what it is. late today. i spoke with the executive director of the u. s. para and hang gliding association. he tells me that it is protocol for their pilots. tandem pilots who must be members to fill out a waiver form prior to launching that's in addition to whatever is required by the santa clara county department of parks live in milpitas this afternoon. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to europe in oakland. lot more to learn about this accident, jesse. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband is free on bail after being arrested over the weekend on suspicion of drunk driving. a spokesperson for popular oc released a statement saying the 82 year old was returning home from a dinner party on saturday night when his porsche collided with another vehicle near yonville in napa county. no one was hurt. the chp arrested pop
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pelosi on two misdemeanor counselor drunk driving. the other driver was not arrested. well this holiday weekend, the chp says it made 891 arrest during the memorial day weekend maximum enforcement period. 15 people sadly were killed in crashes. those numbers are lower , though than last year in 2021 . the chp made 979 arrests and there were 35 deadly crashes. the first week of summer break for kids in your body. texas will be filled with funerals. the services have now begun for the victims of last week's deadly school shooting there. a gunman burst into rob elementary school and killed 21 people, 19 of them children. the memorial outside that school continues to grow with balloons, messages, pictures and piles upon piles of flowers. that community is grieving as their anger now grows over the response to the shooting. the families are looking to the department of
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justice to investigate why responding officers waited to go inside the classroom where the children and teachers were killed. as foxes. casey steagall shows us there is anger and grief in your body as the town marks one week since that mass shooting. we just need to be there for each other. we need to support each other. we need to love each other folks here in new valley, texas, are coming together to work through the grief as they mark one week since the deadly shooting at rob elementary school, a gunman killing 19 students and two teachers before being taken out by police, who waited over an hour to confront him. that decision is expected to be the focus of a justice department investigation into exactly what happened outside the school that day, and whether more lives could have been saved. much of the anger directed at arredondo , the police chief of a school district, who made the initial decision to wait, but officials say he's not the only one who needs to be held accountable. he's taken a lot of heat for
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sure, but i think that every agency that was at that scene should be taking heat. listen active shooter protocol say you go in about two weeks before the shooting. redondo was elected to the city council and was expected to be sworn in today. that ceremony has been canceled , and it's unclear when he will take his seat, meantime, as funerals for the victims get underway, local officials are asking for more resources to help students and family members. with mental health being a big priority as the mourning process continues scary to go public. sometimes when i see a car and it looks kind of suspicious, i get scared. the texas governor says. all residents of this community will be eligible for free mental health services. that's the latest from uvalde, texas. katy steagall, fox news. late today, we learned new information about how the gunman got inside the school on the day of that shooting. it was previously reported by police that a
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teacher had prompted door open and left it open. now, the investigators say that teacher who has not been identified, removed a rock and closed the door as soon as she realized there was a shooter nearby, but the door did not lock president biden said that he plans to meet with members of congress on gun legislation when lawmakers return to washington d c next week. two more massive shooting after mass. and i think any president american history unfortunately, and it's just so much of it is much of it is preventable and the devastation is amazing. president biden spoke during a white house meeting today with new zealand's prime minister. new zealand band military style semiautomatic weapons after the christchurch mosque shootings back in 2019. bipartisan group of us senators met virtually on the issue today
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, though expectations of passing a bill are low. we have a. okay group led by senator cornyn and senator markey on the democratic side, discussing how we might be able to come together target the problem. wellness of school safety of the house judiciary committee has scheduled an emergency meeting on thursday they expect to work on a gun safety package that would raise the buying age for semi automatic rifles from 18 to 21. and banned the sale of new high capacity ammunition magazines. analysts say it has almost no hopes of passing the senate. students walked out of class today in pleasant into demand new gun laws following the texas elementary school shooting, the students at heart middle school held a rally and spoke about the need for gun control laws. they say they want their voices to be heard, and that this is the way to honor the 19 children and two teachers who were killed in the
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body. texas mass shooting there were just people who were jaded and just, you know, they felt like nothing about it, and that and honestly their feelings. it's valid because this is the new norm at this point. i mean, you're expecting news of mass shooting every day with the statistics that we have right now and that shouldn't be the case. that shouldn't be the case. the hard middle school students say they also plan to write letters to local politicians demanding that something be done about gun violence. and tonight at six o'clock at san francisco city hall, teachers, community members and union leaders will be holding a vigil to honor the lives that were lost in your body, texas. they said they will demand the u. s. government take immediate action to stop school shootings, saying none of us are safe until all of us are safe. well today, people all across texas silence their social media accounts for 21 minutes. naaimur of the 21 victims. many
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newsrooms in the state also joined in the effort by not posting on their accounts for that period of time. people also observed a moment of silence at noon. coming up next here on the four today a group of mothers trying to do their part to help prevent gun violence. how they're calling for change using a specific color. also the city of san francisco, putting up a lot of money to try to help the transgender community how the $6 million will be spent. and in the barrier, whether a bit of a warm up today and once again as we head into your wednesday, but some big time changes this weekend for the first weekend of june. we could be tracking some
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eley , texas, and a grocery store in buffalo, new york, the calls for change are growing louder from grassroots organizations demanding new gun safety measures. for more on this
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effort. we're joined now by celeste pirone from the san francisco chapter of the group. moms demand action. celeste appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. we're heading towards a friday, which is national gun violence awareness day, and i know you and your organization, your your urging everyone. to wear orange all throughout this week. what is the significance of that color? and what are some of the events happening here in the bay area and northern california that people can take part in? sure so orange is the color that hunters wear to signify. do not shoot and the war the wear orange movement was founded in 2015 to honor hadiya pendleton high school or a young woman in chicago who was shot and killed. tragically, um, in, you know, unintentional. she was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in chicago and her friends and family, um, did wear orange day to honor her memory time to her birthday. and so we honor her and honor all the victims and survivors of gun violence every year. of course, this one where orange weekend, of course, this year, it's much
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more urgent than ever, and there's more attention on it, as there should be because of the tragedy in texas, the tragedy in buffalo and you know the tragic shootings that affect our community every day following, especially the tragedy that unfolded at that elementary school in texas. there is so much grief among the general public and so much anger. how does your organization trying to channel that outrage into action ? how do you sort of view this moment in your movement to prevent gun violence, so we are calling on everybody to join us and raising our voices to demand change at every level to demand change in the senate, where we can have the most impact that we had nationalized like background checks. red flag laws. safe storage notifications. um we could have the most impact if we have those national laws, but we also want stronger lies at the state level at the local level at every level, so we have two events coming up on one tomorrow two pm wednesday afternoon in san francisco at one. oh 44
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howard street. we are joining with elected leaders with community leaders to call for change at a rally and then also , we're marching across the golden gate bridge, which is an annual event. we're doing that on saturday at 11 30, we are everybody, too. join us in marching across the golden gate bridge to call for change. and you know, i want to let people know. i think we have a graphic we can put up on the screen to let everybody know about this. saturday's event saturday, june 4th as you mentioned 11 30 in the morning, everyone will be meeting at golden gate bridge plaza that's on the san francisco side of the span and then marching across the bridge to the marine side. and then back. of course for that event, you know, we talked about channeling the outrage that that that people are feeling into action. you know, there seems to be some talk about the potential for maybe some negotiations among members of congress. there's going to be an emergency session of the house judiciary committee. coming up later this week to look at a package of bills called the protecting our kids act, among other things,
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this would raise the age to buy semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21 would ban high capacity magazines. what do you think about those potential steps forward here? and the tough odds that that a bill like this is going to face in the senate. i mean, i absolutely, of course support that. i think that's you know, that's um, really essential for steps to raise the age of purchasing a weapon of war to 21 seems like a very, very, very minimum. i certainly hope that our national leaders could do that. i mean, the horrifying truth is that more students experienced gun violence at their homes or in their communities and at school so as horrific as these school shootings are, we need to remember that gun violence happens in so many ways every single day and so many children are affected that, um you know, certainly these laws are important, but we need more. alright i appreciate you coming on today. celeste pirone from the san francisco chapter of moms demand action. thanks for your time. thank you so much.
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okay right now we want to bring you some breaking news that we're following in the north bay . firefighters are on the scene of a growing vegetation. fire this is on old soda springs road just northeast of napa sky. fox is going to be flying over the area. we're having some technical problems right now getting that signal. but we want to bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo for an update on the conditions. we understand mark. this is burning just northeast of napa. what are folks they're dealing with right now. well right now, heather. there is a bit of a breeze that typical breeds that develops this this time of day. most areas out of the west. we do have some variable wind conditions in that fire zone. also keep in mind. we've been talking about a red flag fire warning basically out towards solano county out towards portions of northern california, but it's that same northerly wind each time pulses up, it rise things out, so that could have happened could have had an impact kind of tree tree , pre treating those hillsides with the right around the fire zone. so we take a look at the
4:18 pm
maps right now. red flag warning in place all the areas in red until eight o'clock this evening. this does include solano county. other portions of northern california quickly prepped this map, showing you a couple sites in the napa area soda canyon road and one site in napa. you can see current temperatures in the eighties around 81 to 85 degrees, winds gusting around 10 to 15 miles an hour, so there is a bit of a breeze. that will be a challenge for the fire crews, and it's pretty dry out there as well. we're not talking about single digit relative humidity, which be would be really concerned with but still that is pretty low. the relative humidity around 20 to 23% but especially this time of day, and with those northerly winds decreasing that the wind that sea breeze will be the complicating factor for the firefight in the short term over the next few hours, and, of course, a lot more updates throughout this newscast. here's our satellite right now. lots of clear skies out. there are lots of sunshine across the bay area. current number is out there. first we'll show you the wind that reports out there and right now that one site now, but
4:19 pm
that's the airport. to the south that fire zone westerly 14 miles an hour conquered, gusting to 24 miles an hour and sfo. it's breezy. they're gusting to over 33 miles an hour, so that's typical sea breeze that develops by mid to late afternoon. it is a warm one out there, especially inland conquered right now. 86 degrees san jose 81, oakland mid seventies and santa rosa 84 degrees. here's a live camera looking above san francisco, where we do have mostly clear skies we could bring in maybe some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning and temperatures will be in the forties and the fifties but tomorrow just like today will be another warmed up. borderline hot one. well, inland. you can see the overnight lows forties and fifties and then about a 30 degree temperature range for tomorrow afternoon for around 60 for the beaches, warmest locations will be hovering close to 90 degrees. hard to imagine that we're talking about the chance of some showers this weekend. we'll talk more about that and also another fire update coming up later on in the newscast. we're going to continue to monitor that right
4:20 pm
now. it's about 50 acres, but the concern is marked that it has the potential to grow to about 500 acres again live pictures from sky fox, and you can see an awful lot of smoke here again. this is live pictures from napa county, just along old springs road northeast of the city of napa, and you can see that firefighters have done a pretty good job jumping on this. they did so really quickly , especially given the conditions that mark was talking about. you can see, though, alex that this is not in a highly populated area, but there are still a lot of structures threatened by the by the flames here. i mean, that's something that really struck me as we first brought up these pictures, and you saw some of the area that was burned by this fire is that there? certainly were some homes and properties in that immediate area. so there is certainly a concern at the very least for some of those properties and some of those homes and given the conditions we have here. the warm weather the gusty winds. mark just talked about winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour this afternoon, so given that cal fire doesn't
4:21 pm
doesn't wait at all they're going to bring in those air resources, bringing the planes and the choppers and do some drops on this fire to make sure that it really can't get going here with so many homes close by and that has already prompted some evacuations again along old springs old soda springs road again where this fire is burning , so they're urging people in this area to be prepared to evacuate. monitor those knicks alerts to see the status of the fire. but as you can see, there is a real potential here for this fire to continue to grow. obviously everyone putting all the resources that that they ca. all right. we will continue to monitor this fire burning in napa county. in the meantime, we can move on move on to other news russian forces launching some new attacks in ukraine coming up the ukrainian cities now under fire and the new sanctions being placed on
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tax in the donbass region of ukraine, and as the heavy fighting continues there, the european union is handing down yet another package of sanctions boxes. mike tobin is in kiev with more on the restrictive measures against russia. eastern ukrainian cities once again coming under heavy fire. russian forces have now seized half of the city of severe donetsk, the city's mayor says about 13,000 civilians remain trapped as enemy fighters destroyed the area block by block. further south. ukrainian troops have launched a counter offensive to reclaim land in the city of her son. plans are clear. we will occupy our entire territory, which historically belongs to us and in accordance with all international laws. tyne use the european union agreed to block more than two thirds of russian oil imports by the end of the year. the ban includes oil brought in by sea not by pipeline. eu officials say the move will cut financial
4:25 pm
resources moscow could spend on the war atrocities for those territories conquered. will continue, so if we want to end the human suffering, we also have to push the aggressor back to its supporters. meanwhile ukraine's top prosecutor says her office has identified more than 600 russians suspected of war crimes today to captured russian soldiers were sentenced to more than a decade in prison for shelling and eastern ukrainian town. criminal prosecutions have begun for about 80. others not all of them soldiers. it is her level of top military military's politicians and propaganda agents of russian federation. ukrainian officials say there are 15,000 ongoing investigations into russia's possible war crimes. in kiev, ukraine. mike tobin fox news well. the primary election is one week from today and coming up here on the four. today we'll talk with our political expert about some of the key races, including one that has prompted some heavy spending. on tv ads.
4:26 pm
you can't escape those ads. also the bay area had some of the most restrictive covid rules early in the pandemic will some of those mandates becoming back is san francisco sees a spy? we'll have mor
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uh...line? it's on the teleprompter. you had one job. subway® keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. tynh bay firefighters right now we're battling a growing brush fire in napa county. this is northeast of the city of napa on old soda springs road, just north and east of the city of napa, just
4:29 pm
off of the silverado trail. and right now, this fire has burned about 50 or so acres. you can see it's putting off quite a bit of smoke. and there is concern that this fire could potentially be threatening a number of homes and other buildings in that area. and for that reason we do understand that the napa sheriff is now involved in some evacuations of people who live in the immediate path of this fire. in terms of the weather conditions. obviously we have a warm afternoon up there in the napa valley right now, and mark tamayo was just telling us a short time ago that we do have some decent winds between 10 and 15 miles an hour that that's really fanning the flames of this fire, and there's certainly the potential and the concern that it could continue continue to grow even larger again. right now, it stands at about 50 or so acres. cal fire has responded with an air attack. we've seen them come in and do some water drops, and some retardant drops from up above with the aircraft. and they will likely be continuing to do so. here again.
4:30 pm
a fire burning in napa county on old soda springs road near silverado trail crews responding right now, evacuations have been ordered will, of course, continue to follow this developing news. up in napa county and bring you updates as soon as we learn more. alright well, we are now less than a week away from the california primary election coming up on tuesday registered voters have had their ballots for weeks already, but many have not voted. providing campaigns with a lot more time to persuade people are joining us now, with a closer look at some of the races as david mcewan, political science professor at sonoma state, and davis, david, always a pleasure to have you on the show. i want to start with one of the most talked about and perhaps one of the most expensive races, and that is the campaign to recall san francisco district attorney chase a boudin. proponents have put public safety on the ballot here , has held a number of news conferences recently. david touting success in some cases. how far though, do you think that will go to counter the bombardment of television ads
4:31 pm
against him? look the really tsunami of spending that's going on against chester boudin is really going to push back and be really difficult for him to move forward on given the environment of what we're seeing in terms of the picture. of what's hap in san francisco, their retail robberies the car break ins all of those kind of proponents components took combined with this barrage of ads that you're showing there. on the screen. all of that really pushes the bodine folks into a place where they're looking for votes everywhere that can find them and they're not going to find them. it's going to be really difficult to win this race because it's become a barometer of so much more that's going on in cities across the state and across the country, and bodine has really become if you will, a fixture. a picture of this progressive san francisco and so they're throwing everything at him in this race. it's going to be really hard to stay in office after tuesday. it is, but a lot of people david are questioning the idea of this recall. and for
4:32 pm
folks in san francisco kind of using the ballot box as a way to vent their buyer's remorse. yeah that's right. i mean, this. this is a common tactic do you do you do see groups across the political spectrum who used this kind of threat behind the door if they're not getting what they want at city hall or through the da's office, or if they're upset about something else, they move into places like school boards like the a's like mayors like we've seen across the country and in california. the kind of visit these issues. we see republicans doing this. we see democrats doing this. we see citizens groups doing this, but we see big ticket thunders doing this all of that coming together with what we see happening next week in san francisco. okay, well, the issues of crime and public safety david also before voters in los angeles in the front runners are congresswoman karen bass and billionaire real estate developer rick caruso. we would normally spend a lot of time on a race in southern california. but david this has statewide implications. it does . i mean look, los angeles is the second largest city in the country. it's 500 square. miles karen bass, former speaker
4:33 pm
heavyweight if you will in the california assembly in congress , stepping out to run against a billionaire who looks to be positioned himself to spend gobs of money in this race to run america's second largest city, being mayor of l. a is a big deal. it can catapult you forward. normally we wouldn't pay that much attention to this, but this is one of the sizzling races on next week's ballot. karen bass is well positioned caruso has spent over $25 million was his own money. he'll probably spend upwards of 30 million just through the primary that positions in in a place to spend. 50 60 70 $80 million headed into november. that puts him in mike bloomberg's category running for mayor of new york city. that's what's at stake here. it's going to be a huge, interesting race to watch. caruso is also conservative former republican re registered as an independent. so while san francisco moves one direction l a could potentially move in a different direction, and that will be something interesting to watch if caruso is successful next week, coming out of that primary election. ok david. now let's move on to another race
4:34 pm
that doesn't usually get a lot of attention. but this year boy leading to millions in political spending. and this is a crowded field. i'm talking about the race for state comptroller lonnie chen is the only republican running there's malia cohen, chairperson of the state board of equalization, endorsed by the state democratic party, have steve glazer, a bay area state senator. there's ron galp earn controller of the city of los angeles and then yvonne you, a current city council member and former mayor of monterey park. first explain to the viewers the role of state comptroller and then i want to get into why there is so much interest for this office. alright so first, the state controller is an office that sits on over 80 boards, public pension boards, for example, it writes the checks and handles the audits. it has a huge role in terms of the finances of california and making sure for example, that those unemployment checks that go through the e d d r aren't fraudulent or filed by fraudulent people. they are part of this kind of audit trail that
4:35 pm
can go on, and california government and the california budget is not very transparent. and not well understood, and as a result, the comptroller's office can be a launching pad to other things. it can propel you into a place of prominence. and that's why you see this going on. but look, you have one republican in the race. lonnie chen down at stanford, who's kind of cleared the field and in the top two primary system. the top two folks vote getters moving forward to november that positions lonnie very strongly to move forward. then the race really is what happens on me for democrats that are running malia cohen from san francisco on that state board of equalization, but also someone not well known like yvonne. you who is you know, a financial analyst, putting in $6 million of her own money, and she she had. she doesn't talk in her ads. she overlays. she doesn't you never see that i'm even you and i endorse this message that you see in federal races. and then you have the controller of los angeles. galperin who believes that the l a turnout is going to be so big for the mayor's race catapult
4:36 pm
that could push him forward. that is a race the watch, and it's on a commercial every 30 seconds. when you turn on the tv 100% could not agree with you more. i mean, there is no escaping the state comptroller. race ads right now. always a pleasure. really appreciate it. david mcewen, thank you. all right. see you in a commercial. san francisco mayor london breed says she wants to spend another $6 million to end homelessness for trends people in the city. she announced the funding today that will be introduced city budget. it includes more money for housing subsidies, behavioral health services and a supportive site for people transitioning. mayor breed says she wants to have zero trans or gender nonconforming people on the streets by 2027 office says the pledge makes san francisco the first city to commit to ending homelessness for trans and non binary people in the country. a surgeon. covid cases here in the bay area has a lot of people reaching for that mask. once again coming up next on the four we'll talk live with
4:37 pm
infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong about how to stay safe during this latest wave. and the chances that we see new covid restrictions put back in place. adding barrier weather lots of sunshine today a bit of a warm up and we still have the red flag fire warning in place for parts of northern california. of course, we're watching the conditions around th
4:38 pm
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mera with an average of 500 new cases every day in san francisco, but this time around, we aren't seeing city and county governments across the region implementing new covid restrictions. and most people appear to be living their lives as usual, while we have been moving into the endemic stage of covid for awhile, this latest
4:40 pm
spike in cases is leading to an increase in covid hospitalizations. for more on exactly what's behind this latest surge and what we're seeing right now. we're joined by dr peter chin hong infectious disease expert at ucsf. always great to have you on. we appreciate your time. how how does this covid surgery think compared to previous surges that we've experienced during the pandemic? what's different this time around? what's different. alex is that the hospital isn't really you know, reacting to what's happening in the community as quickly as before. we're kind of seeing a slow burn increase in the hospitalization rates. and we probably won't ever get to where we were. in january, for example. and to just give you some numbers today at you see yourself. we have 41 people in forest worlds with covid. some of them may not have covid disease, but just be diagnosed. incidentally in january, we had 100 and 52 in january we had, you know, close
4:41 pm
to 20 people on ventilators right now we have one person ventilator, so that's kind of to give you that perspective. indifference. and the bright line civil lining. sorry, is that in new england. rhode island, massachusetts, new york . they've already started to go down, so hopefully crossing fingers. by the end of the month, we will be passed that danger zone. how are things going to play out differently? you think this time around with this surge in terms of the restrictions that were put in place? obviously, last time we would see cases, increased hospitalizations increase and the next step would normally be that city and county governments would put covid restrictions in place. indoor mask requirements, those sorts of things are things going to play out differently? you think this this time around just just because of where we are in this pandemic. yes i think globally or like in the community. i don't expect community wide restrictions ever come back. but you want to see local restrictions. for example
4:42 pm
, some schools have already brought back mass in hospitals where i work must never went away, so i think you know some higher stick situations where even infection may mean something, um, that you won't want because it may affect vulnerable people around you might mean that you would wear a mask for a while. but in the community, um i think as long as hospitals stay okay and knocking with the are generally okay, we're not going to see that return. alright and hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel and cases beginning to peak and begin to fall some sometime in the near future. appreciate your time, as always , dr peter chin hong from ucsf. good to see you. thanks so much, alex. well very weather. keep an eye on the conditions are on the fire zone up in the north bay up in napa county, and fortunately that fire of course, has the potential to, uh, spread rapidly , and we are keeping our eye on
4:43 pm
it throughout this newscast throughout the evening hours. red flag fire warnings posted for portions of northern california just like last week out towards solano county as well, but even in napa county, where that fire is burning, that northerly wind pre treating things kind of drying things out over the past day or so, and so the conditions already very dry and the immediate conditions right before this fire started not so great, but at least in terms of the red flag fire warning in place until eight o'clock this evening. we're taking a look at a few sites right now in napa county right now. soda canyon road, 84 degrees 81 1 site, napa window up there. we kind of have variable conditions, at least with these reports, but predominantly the wind direction. you can see those arrows moving. out of the west that westerly breeze kicking up and usually accelerating this time of day, so that's obviously a big challenge for the fire crews as we come in closer to get a better idea of the location there, you can see silverado with with all the agreeing there, and then there is oldest soda springs road
4:44 pm
right about here, right on this map right here, and if we are to kind of move this map around and show you kind of more of the terrain. i did see reports of a mandatory evacuations in the 1300 block of soda canyon road. i'm sure we'll have more on that , and in fact, you can see that's just kind of showing up on this map right now. and so i'll move the map around here. there's also two springs road, and then there's soda canyon road to showing up on the on the map. just give you a better idea of location where this fire is burning. clear skies up and down our coastline right now and temperatures first we'll show you the winds out there. you could see winds around 14 miles an hour out toward fairfield, oakland airport westerly 18, so it's at sea breeze. picking up which is usual for this time of day. oakland actually, sfo gusting over 30 miles an hour warm afternoon out there temperatures inland in the upper eighties close to 90 degrees right now, so we are in the clear this afternoon. there is the chance we could have some patchy fog trying to regroup overnight and temperatures overnight will be in the forties
4:45 pm
and the fifties into the afternoon hours for your wednesday forecast highs route 60 to 90 degrees tomorrow will be the last warm day of this week as this area of high pressure wants to pay us a visit your 90 degrees well inland. and then what's interestingly cool things off later in the week, and by this weekend, there's the possibility we could be tracking the chance of some showers. that could be by sunday, so it's still a chance for right now, still a ways out, but definitely more clouds and cooling things off for the upcoming weekend. highest for tomorrow, another mile to warm day for your wednesday afternoon, mostly sunny and then we will cool things off beginning thursday, partly cloudy skies and a friday and then into the weekend. it's actually a great forecast that fire crews like by saturday into sunday cooler temperatures and maybe the chance of a shower. but unfortunately the wind and the dry conditions will be a challenge. to the fire crews up in napa county right now? yeah sure will. alright mark. thank you. still to come here on the four today on this giving tuesday will introduce you to an east bay nonprofit that striving to make sure immigrants,
4:46 pm
refugees and low income families are getting the resources and tools they need to recover economically from the pandemic, also a local family owned furniture store. now facing a six figure loss after someone set it on fire coming up at five tonight how the business is trying to recover while police search for an arsonist and we will have the latest information and updates on that wild fire that's burning up in the north bay in napa county this afternoon. there are some evacuation orders that have been issued for this fire. that's on old soda springs road, at least 50 acres have burned so far, and fire crews are worried that this fire could continue to grow is moved throughout the afternoon. with these warm, dry conditions , we're going to continue to follow that firefight up in that before you and have the latest information
4:47 pm
(music throughout) i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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pel. the speaker joined the asian
4:49 pm
pacific islander council for a roundtable discussion in san francisco's chinatown kpi leaders from around the city express gratitude for congressional efforts. to try to help fund projects in the community. they also asked for continued support for essential workers, combating income inequality and anti hate efforts . this event was held at the chinatown media and arts collaborative. the nonprofit in the east bay is dedicating its services to building skills, resources and power with an immigrant, refugee and low income communities. frank mallicoat spoke with the of mont impact in concord to talk about the nonprofits integrated programs. we'll tell our viewers about monument impact and your colleague. why why did you become a part of this? wow monument impact has been around for over 22 years. it originally started as a day labor program because the city of concord really wanted day laborers to
4:50 pm
have a place to be and not be outside on the streets. um i found my way to monument impact . uh in the beginning of 2017. with the change of administration i actually was heading towards retirement at that point in time and felt called to do this work. um i have done work in the past as an organizer with immigrants and refugees. so it seemed like a great fit, and it was an urgent time to take on the role about the community. you serve in that greater conquered a immigrants d refugees. we started outa focus on the monument corridor, which is one of the most densely populated communities in the bay area and to support them in rising out of poverty. but with the housing crisis in the bay area, many people have been displaced rents has gotten
4:51 pm
rather high in concord, and now we serve immigrants and refugees throughout central and east contra costa. okay we were kind of a hybrid organizations. so some of our programs under the rubric of asset building focus on workforce skills, particularly in technology. we offer comprehensive classes for about 400 people a year, including a 20 week advanced class we call caminos, which means pathways that integrates digital skills sl and professional development. we also have an emerging business support program helps immigrant entrepreneurs formalized and grow their businesses and there's not anyone really doing that for spanish speakers? the other part of our direct service. we call healthy community and we have a unique mental health program. that's evidence based, but it is led by peers. for prema torres, who work in the community, they're deeply embedded in the community and their work, which extends, but we have other programs
4:52 pm
within the healthy community department. but one of the things they did and are doing even right now is, uh, is reaching out to the broader community in central nice contra costa around the importance of being vaccinated last year, they actually reached 47,000 residents 20 years strong . um it's incredible. what? what do you hope happens? in the next 5 to 10 years. i hope what happens is that, uh through our advocacy programs and community engagement. some some more systems changed where we aren't just helping people get jobs. but with the housing crisis being as bad as it is what wages they have been able to increase is eroded by the cost of housing , so i'm hoping we can build some tenant protections into some of the communities where we work. um that we will continue
4:53 pm
to work on immigrant rights because there's still a need for change in that area. um and we started in 2020. what was a relief fund that we call the monument relief and recovery fund. the latin x community was the hardest hit in our area but also in california like covid, and so we're actually hoping to kind of reactivate in order to help people relocate. we're seeing a lot of moratorium ends at the end of uh and so wee hoping to help people who have not been able to save up. uh, like three months rent. to be able to move if they have to. if you would like to donate or volunteer with mining made impact in concord, scan the q r code on your screen right now or
4:54 pm
you can head to ktvu .com/ giving day. alright as were you fans hope for another nba title. san francisco businesses are hoping to run for the title will mean a big win for their this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely
4:56 pm
in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. getf the nba finals. they held a shoot around today at chase center, and the team could be closer to getting some key injured players back for the game coming up thursday. gary payton, the second otto porter jr and andre iguodala all took part in practice today, coach steve kerr says they are all progressing and doing pretty well. that's good news. absolutely even before the warriors tip off against the celtics on thursday, bay area businesses are celebrating warriors fans have a big week ahead, of course, and businesses are ready and eager to keep them happy. get news m burly looks at
4:57 pm
the economic impact of hosting the nba finals. monday happy monday is expected to lead into a happy week for fog harbor fish house at pier 39 owner bob part right tells me he's already seen an increase in reservations. largely due to game one and two of the nba finals being played in san francisco. we're really excited for it. i mean any time we have something big, with the sports world going on in san francisco. we get a bump in business, the bump in business, he says. it's thanks to fans from the nine bay area counties , part right says it will be all hands on deck along with extra food and beverages. the owner says the finals is the shot in the arm that's much needed emerging from the pandemic. it really creates a pause, and the city needs that buzz. right now . this couple from the east bay says they plan to come back to the city thursday. they don't have tickets to the game, but planned to arrive in san francisco early in the day,
4:58 pm
spend money and watch the game at thrive. city we're just going to hang out. go to bars, you know, go to different places to eat and watch that game and, you know the warriors. this is what we call a premier room. john henry, owner of hand lory hotel at union square. he tells me the hotel is close to being sold out from wednesday through the weekend, he says most guests will be coming from different parts of california from monterey to two stocked unde out to auburn up past sacramento. it'll be locals who are going to come in the eight story 377 room hotel is offering specials with parking included he expects last minute bookings very impossible driven. and that's why to be in a position we are now for thursday, and i've got three days to fill. i definitely think we'll fill. there's no question in my mind. i don't care what charles barkley says about san
4:59 pm
francisco. it's a beautiful city like she just said. it's a beautiful city. the restaurant and hotel owners tell me they anticipate the economic impact to be substantial and widespread from street vendors to large businesses alike. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. the frustrating part was i was on hold with 911 for 10 minutes. i had the phone ringing like in my pocket while i'm like running around like trying to put up fire. now at five in east bay family business torched when someone is caught on camera, setting that business on fire, and now it might be two months until the business can make a sale again. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. we'll get to that story in a minute. but first we've got to start with some breaking news right now out of napa. that's where firefighters are battling a new fire. flames first reported around 3 30 this afternoon. on the 2300 block of old soda springs road right now
5:00 pm
, evacuations have been ordered for some homes located along that street. this is just north of the silverado resort and spa . if you're familiar with that area is the east side of napa valley. flames have been burning close to homes and vineyards. multiple engines did quickly respond and pulled the hose lines out and did get water on the fire. sky fox up top right now kind of giving us a wide perspective of that fire. you can tell it is putting off a lot of smoke right now. other other engines did pull up earlier to homes. and firefighters went into structure protection mode. at the same time, we did see an air attack that was launched quickly a number of retardant jobs being made initial reports 50 plus acres right now, with the potential of growth up to 500 acres. no word on those containment numbers again. sky fox giving us this live picture. you can see some wineries down their homes in the area. i want to bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. as we give you this this live picture bill has talk wind in the area. we've been ta


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