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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 3, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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area and we were at sfo when the man was brought back from taiwan and handcuffs, chilling and violent bay area crime taking san francisco police halfway around the world. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes andre. senior police and the fbi have been looking for the suspect for the past two months, and the fugitive was finally found in taiwan as you just heard more than 6500 miles away from the crime scene tvs. evan sernoffsky has details on the frightening crime. and evan. you were at the airport when police and the fbi brought him back. tell us about that's right . andre authorities say their investigation revealed the man robbed $3 million from the victim after duct taping her to a chair after the crime. police say he fled to taiwan, where authorities eventually caught up with him. do you want to say anyt they're very serious allegations. do you have anything to say for yourself? zeng didn't answer any of our questions as he walked through san francisco international airport on friday
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on his way to jail. want to say anything to this woman you allegedly victimized? it all began on march 16th when a woman heard a disturbance inside her home in this neighborhood in bernal heights. here's video from her ring doorbell camera of the suspect breaking in he was wearing goggles, facemask. he had a hoodie up. he was wearing gloves. sergeant john hallisey has been working the case since it happened. he described the harrowing robbery masked individual. jump, sir. hold her down duct tapes, her ends up taking $23 million worth of assets from the victim. police say that 30 year old zang threatened the victim with a knife. but bizarrely, he said nothing the entire time. all his instructions were written on this electronic tablet seen here around his neck. authorities won't say how they were able to track him down or why he chose his victim. shooken up. uh huh. yeah. who wouldn't be, but days
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after the robbery, police say zang left the country and fled to kaohsiung, taiwan. sfpd alerted taiwanese authorities and on may 30th they took him into custody and brought him to taipei. sergeant hallisey obtained an arrest warrant and caught a flight to bring him back to san francisco. zen was booked into custody friday on suspicion of first degree residential burglary. kidnapping for ransom and criminal threats to taiwan. did you think you had gotten away? what's your reaction to being brought back here to san francisco feels good, and it's you know, the long arm of the san francisco pd reaching across the pacific ocean is pretty good, too. you know, bringing this guy back? now we stopped by the home where this happened and spoke to a friend or relative of the victim. they said the woman is not ready to talk about what happened. the case will now be presented to the district attorney's office for charging reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news have they said anything
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about recovering the money that he allegedly took from this woman, andre, the police are still working those details out right now. they're hoping to get that $3 million back to her. as soon as possible. alright, evan sernoffsky reporting for us live on this pretty big story, even thank you. a san jose police arrested a school library aide accused of lewd acts involving combine er, 20 year old and he has brown worked in the library of sylvan dale middle school in the southeast section of san jose. police say , a 13 year old student told her parents about the alleged sexual assault late last month, the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force began investigating leading to the arrest of brown on wednesday. we don't have any additional evidence that there is more victims. but just because of this subject's position in the library at the school, obviously, he had access interactions with many of the juveniles who go to that school. brown was booked into the santa clara county jail on one count of lewd and lascivious acts on a
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minor. police are asking anyone with additional information to please give them a call. caltrans worker died in the hit and run accident while at work on interstate 80 this morning. the chp says the crash happened on the westbound side of 80 near lagoon valley road and back village about 10:30 a.m. the driver involved in the crash did not stop to help. it was later taken into custody by chp. so far, there is no information on the identity of the worker who died or the driver. caltrans says. this is the first worker fatalities since 2000 and 18. we now know the identity of a pedestrian hit and killed in a crash in danville. the contra costa county coroner's office says the victim was joyce wang of denville. the 32 year old was hit and killed. a camino tassajara inwood ranch road around eight o'clock last night. we're told the driver stayed on the scene after that crash. well, it is june and we are talking about some rain something we don't often see this time of year. let's go to our meteorologist mark tamayo with a look at just how much rain is expected mark. either heather yeah. in some parts of
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the bay area, you might say it's pouring enough first thing early sunday morning, so yeah, we're talking about a system that will deliver for the northern half the region. things really fizzle out by the time this system reaches the south bay, but still a chance, even in san jose morgan hill of a few 107 inch so kind of a breakdown with the heavy rain focused up north and those amounts really tapered down to the south. as you do work away closer to monterey bay. so here's the breakdown as we head into a sunday june 5th the especially for the morning hours. that'll be the heaviest period of the rainfall that'll be late saturday night and sunday morning, possibly upwards of a half an inch of rain for the north bay coastal hills for the central portions of the bay place like san francisco could be approaching the 10th of an inch and in san jose may be traced 2.3 so the expectations are expected expectation is pretty low for the santa clara valley. but still maybe a few drops down there. here's a satellite you probably noticed throughout the afternoon hours. it feels a bit muggy out there. all that moisture is kind of racing across the pacific. approaching the state. and right
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now we have a bit of some green on the radar, most of this falling in the upper levels and to the north of the bay area, but here is our live camera looking out towards the base still solid overcast. right now there's still a bit of a breeze. and here's how it breaks down this weekend. saturday morning, maybe some drizzle out there, but still lots of overcast. this is saturday night. we do bring in the chance of some rainfall up and portions of the north bay and then saturday night late saturday into early sunday morning that that activity begins to move in from the north, so we're talking about some rainfall for part of your weekend. in the next week. things changing around, we'll talk more about that with your forecast coming up in a little bit. okay, mark. thank you. we'll be ready for sunday and stay up to date on any possible rain in your neighborhood this weekend. just download the k to the weather app and get the news that you need from anywhere. alright this u. s air force veteran will spend decades behind bars for murdering a federal security officer, the victim gunned down outside the federal building in oakland during the george floyd protests. two summers ago we
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headed for you on the breaking news of families. members now speaking at the packed the courtroom gave impact statements to, but it's crime reporter henry lee shows us right now they never heard directly from the gunman, who was also accused of gunning down a second law enforcement officer. 41 years. does it seem like nearly enough time for someone to take a life angela underwood jacobs was face to face with steven carrillo at the former air force staff sergeant who shot and killed her brother, federal security officer dave pat underwood. federal judge yvonne gonzalez. rogers sentenced career to 41 years in federal prison. carrillo did not make a statement thinking about him today. i hope he feels that justice was served. and that we did the best that we could have done for him pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder for fatally shooting underwood and wounding his partner outside the oakland federal building during george floyd protests in 2020. the defense has highlighted the fact that korea has no criminal
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record model people in good citizens. don't go through trauma that all of a sudden decide to take multiple lives and enter others at the end of the day. 41 years is not enough. he needs to know that he was nothing. underwood's knees trinity, jacobs says, if anything those in the military should be above reproach. in our armed forces. we entrust them to take care of us and to look after us. and if anything, we should have those people and hold them to a higher standard. prosecutors say correo had links to boogaloo a far right extremist movement. the victim's brother in law, michael jacobs says that alone far outweighs any positive actions were deplorable because he knowingly went after. our brother. in an effort to start of riot and a race war. underwood was a family man. he was showing the next generation and how to be successful. and how to be caring that had to be given. we are wanting to find find some way to move forward in all of this is
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still awaiting trial on charges he shot and killed a santa cruz county sheriff's sergeant eight days after he murdered the federal security officer in oakland. in san francisco, henry lee ktvu fox studios. well final exams were held today at berkeley high school s police investigate what's being called a credible, violent threat by 16 year old student okay to be learned that many students and some teachers yesterday's classes as word spread about that arrest authorities say a tip led to a search of the boys home last week where they found explosives and weapons components. they also revealed that the team tried to recruit other students to take part in a potential attack on the school. some parents wondered why it took eight days after his home was searched before police arrested him. officials say he was not allowed on campus while they made their case against him . marches rallies and remembrances are being held across the nation today and tomorrow to honor them more than 18,000. it gives me american lives lost to gun violence so far this year as caroline as foxes. caroline shively shows us
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after years without any movement talks to pass new gun safety laws. are now underway in congress. cities across the us are marking national gun violence awareness day in the wake of mass shootings that killed 10 in buffalo, new york and 21 in uvalde, texas, almost feels like we're screaming at nothing because the people who run this country don't seem to care about us. and that's something president biden is now calling for congress to pass a ban on high capacity magazines and assault weapons. or at least raise the age to purchase those guns from 18 to 21. constant. every member of the house and senate was wanting to talk about guns. it's been a constant interchange, and i've been constantly briefed. i'll do what i can to try to see that we have some real progress sweeping package of bills approved in committee thursday night is headed to the house floor. more gun bills will be voted on next week. but there is little chance something so expansive would pass the senate. this is a heavy
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left. the political arithmetic isn't in democrats favor here. besides the political challenges to the legislation, there could also be a legal one, for example , you could have expanded background checks. i think that would be clearly constitutional, changing the age throughout the whole country for gun ownership. that might run into a second amendment problem. bipartisan group of senators is also working on a more modest proposal that would increase federal funding for gun safety measures on the state level in washington. caroline shively fox news to gun buyback events are planned here in the bay area tomorrow in san rafael, the marin county district attorney is hosting a drive up event starts at nine of the sheriff's office parking lot. there are 1600 los campos drive in san mateo county, a buyback event is being held at 10 50 mission road in south san francisco at 10 a.m. at each event, people can receive 100 to $200 to pending on the type of weapon. no questions asked. well, the
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police chief, you've aldi missing an important piece of equipment on the morning of the deadly school shooting coming up how that could have contributed to the slow response and depending on where you work or live, you may have to mask up indoors once again. why one bay area county is bringing back the mandate when most counties are seeing a spike in covid cases convicted killer escaping from prison and may have killed while on the run. investigators found him and stopped him next. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh.
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fola . police say a man stabbed and critically injured three people inside an emergency room at a hospital in encino.
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investigators say the man walked into the encino hospital medical center there in the san fernando valley just a little over an hour ago and stabbed three staff members. we're told they are all in critical condition. that suspect is also still inside the er. the hospital is on lockdown as officers are in a standoff with the suspect. again at least three staff members at this hospital in encino have been injured during a stabbing attack will continue to monitor this breaking news and bring you any updates as soon as we get any new information. and more details now are emerging about the suspect and victims in a deadly church shooting yesterday near des moines, iowa, according to authorities, the shooting was the result of a domestic situation between the gunman and one of the women killed. police say the gunman, identified as jonathan whiplash, was targeting his ex girlfriend who was walking into a church with two friends. police say the 33 year old suspect pulled up in his truck and began shooting. wetlands fired several rounds out and within a matter of
5:16 pm
seconds, eating, montag and vivian flurries were fatally injured from the gunfire. the third female was able to find a position of safety and was not injured. police say what latch had purchased the ammo he used to kill the women just an hour before the shooting last week he had been arrested for harassing his ex girlfriend. and we have new details in the police response to the texas school massacre, texas state senator roland gutierrez says investigators told him school police chief peter arredondo did not have his radio during the attack are redondo was in charge of the multi agency response. the texas department of public safety chief has said that are dondo believed it had turned into a hostage situation. and made a mistake in that ordering officers to confront the gunman , 19 children and two teachers killed in that mess shooting. a convicted murderer on the run since escaping from a prison bus last month, is dead following a shootout with law enforcement in texas escaped back in may on may
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12th and while free the 46 year old is believed to have killed five members of the same family. including four children, boxes. actually strohmeyer has more on how the manhunt came to a violent end last night near san antonio. after roughly three weeks on the run law enforcement in east texas, announcing early friday morning, they convicted murderer gonzalo lopez is now deceased. he has a disregard for human life. the 46 year old was serving two life sentences for capital murder, attempted capital murder and aggravated kidnapping. he escaped back on may 12th while being transported on a bus to a medical appointment. police say lopez broke free from his restraints and cut through a portion of a metal barricade before stabbing the driver and taking control of the vehicle and officer was able to shoot one of the tires. but lopez managed to get out and disappear into a nearby forest. a manhunt ensued with no signs of lopez until thursday. when police got a call about a concerned person who wasn't
5:18 pm
hearing back from family members staying at their weekend home in leon county officers wanted to a residence on highway seven. and discovered five bodies inside the residence. two adults and three children. missing from the residence is a 1999 white shove re silverado. police believe lopez broke into the house murdered those inside and took firearms before leaving with the truck. authorities in a nearby county later spotted lopez driving that truck trailed gonzalo ah, and then ultimately the tires were spiked on that vehicle. lopez then exited the vehicle where a foot chase turned into a shootout with police who wound up killing him. officials say the gunfire happened in a residential area. no one else was hurt or killed. police are continuing to investigate to see if lopez is tied to those five murders. ashley strohmeyer fox news brisbane city officials say a fire on san bruno mountain has now been contained. the grass
5:19 pm
fire broke out around 2 45 this morning cruz del less when they got there, they found a ring of flames around san bruno mountain. 24 fire engines ended up being called to the scene along with helicopters. the fire burned about 30 acres before crews got it out crusade was a bit surprising to have a fire on such a foggy day. but conditions out there are very dry. it was a little staggering to have it basically raining on me and having active fire up on the hillside, so but thankfully, the weather helped us and kept this thing from getting a lot bigger. we're seeing fuel moistures around october level. what we traditionally see right now, so yeah, we do have it's very, very dry and ready to go. no homes were threatened, but the park was close to the day cruise are investigating what started that fire. firefighters in napa county say the old fire is now up to 65% containment as the weather continues to get cooler . they're expecting that number to grow even more. there is a
5:20 pm
chance for rain in the forecast , which firefighters say will help them mop up any hot spots. this fire burned more than 570 acres, all the evacuation orders and road closures have been lifted. yeah you wouldn't expect to be talking about rainfall for the first weekend of june, but that will be the case, especially up in the north bay for the bay area for one part of your weekend. so, yeah, lots of cloud cover today. some moisture moving in. you may have encountered some drizzle earlier today and the chance of some drizzle for tomorrow as well, especially the coast and ride around the bay, but right on the way, it says sunday but essentially saturday night into early sunday morning. those amounts favoring the north bay, possibly over over approaching a half an inch of rainfall safe for the other couple of coastal hills of sonoma county and the south bay. you can see maybe just trace amounts or point a 1.2 point. oh, three. here's how the forecast model sees it. those numbers definitely going up saturday night and into a sunday morning as that system kind of moves. to the south. quick update on the tropics we
5:21 pm
are talking about. potential tropical cyclone one actually turned into tropical storm alex in the maybe possibly in the next few hours, but you can't see the forecast track into florida and possibly along this track, we could have isolated amounts of rainfall, maybe nine. to 12 inches, so not a tropical storm just yet, but that could be a changing over as we head into the weekend for us right now. lots of clouds streaming across the pacific. i don't know if you're outside noticed just how mcgee it was feeling definitely definitely a change in the overall feel of the burial weather for today. and some green showing up on the radar. most of this is up to our north for your saturday. we're talking about all the clouds out there, but there's still the chance of a light shower that would be favoring the north bay . current number of san francisco 60 degrees san jose, checking in 72 conquered 72 in santa rosa in the upper sixties. here's our live camera, shake it around a bit looking out toward the bay out towards towards san francisco. and we have the low clouds and fog. in fact, an interesting shot here we have
5:22 pm
the fog here kind of right near the surface, and then you have some higher clouds aloft so just kind of in general just mostly cloudy skies and hold on to that first thing tomorrow morning with the possibility of some drizzle temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the fifties. and here's the forecast model. now for your saturday once again the chance of a shower up in the north bay, but the main action moves in maybe saturday evening , but a better bit saturday night and into sunday as a sister. because it kind of falls apart from north. to the south, but it's nice to be talking about some raindrops for portions of the bay area this weekend, and the next week we will be talking about another heat up and possibly some more nineties rain in the short term. more heat in the long term and a lot to talk about the five day we'll have the full update coming up in a few minutes. heart mark. thank you so much. we'll see you. then the warriors are preparing for game two of the nba finals when they hope to make up for their thursday lost. the warriors played well for the 1st 42 minutes and let the boston celtics for most of game one. the warriors had a big lead
5:23 pm
in the third quarter, but things just fell apart in the fourth. they went almost five minutes without scoring, and the celtics won the best of seven finals. 1 20 to 1. oh, eight. game two is sunday night chase center. well still to come here at five. he is accused of a violent racist attack at a bay area store. he was supposed to face. a judge today by the suspect was a no show at six. california has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, and the governor wants to take that one step further. also ahead. the primary election is quickly approaching and a new poll shows were likely voters stand on some key issues. we'll tell you about
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so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ behh violent crime, and cupertino's prosecutors alleged he attacked two workers at a mobile phone store after they simply tried to recover a sign that the men had vandalized. bismarck saer is live now at the courthouse in palo alto, with details in this disturbing case mark indeed, heather and andre, the suspect was supposed to make a court
5:26 pm
appearance here at the palo alto courthouse behind me today, but the suspect refused to be transported to the hearing. so the judge said she had no choice but to continue to hold him without bail. the crime allegedly occurred at this t mobile store on stevens creek boulevard in cupertino. it was during regular business hours last wednesday that the man, clifford ray stewart, allegedly vandalized a sign that the store when the two employees working at the time went outside to recover the sign. prosecutors say he threatened them both and attacked one of them solely on the basis of their race to employees from the store. one hispanic female and the other an asian man went to retrieve the sign, and the defendant then began yelling and screaming at both of them, telling them to go back to where they came from, and calling them ethnic slurs. and then the violence began. and then he attacked hispanic woman kicked her in the stomach, punched her in the face. she
5:27 pm
temporarily lost sight of her vision. was taken to the hospital. stewart is now facing a felony hate crime count for his attack on the hispanic t mobile worker and a misdemeanor for later threatening the hispanic deputy that arrested him after the store workers called 911. rosen says his office prosecuted more hate crime cases in 2021 than ever before, and the trend is disturbing. it's wrong and i'm here because this is a very diverse community that we live in. and for the most part, people get along and are respectful to one another. but we have had some outliers and these individuals have to be held accountable for what they did. now rosen says, is that it is indeed very unusual for a defendant to flat out, refused to attend a court hearing. he says. there are ways, however, to continue to prosecute this case if this defendant continues to behave in this manner. the judge said another hearing in this for monday and we will see
5:28 pm
what happens at that hearing and whether the defendant stewart shows up for court. porting live in palo alto. mark sayer, ktvu fox two news back to you. all right, mark. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll see what happens with that next appearance. alright covid numbers going up and some mask mandates are coming back. next alameda county brings back masked by san francisco is seeing its own spike but is not issuing that same mandate. lots of luck in his trip to the moon president biden burns elon musk , born as fiery come back after the spacex founders comment about the economy. and one california leader, not giving up on his plan to expand bar hours . the fight to keep bars open well past their closing times now, but you can't stay. you hear? no. home
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i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. ♪ ♪
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you don't know everything. i don't. know. everything. i wanna know. show me where we're going! show me. show. me. everything. where is it? outside. the box. box. it is unusual. unique. and unexpectedly hot. ♪ ♪ surprise! a ce went into effect today. the other side of the bay, san francisco, where covid numbers are also on the rise, and no such requirement there. gave his christian captain live now for us in san francisco with what health officials are saying about this latest surge, especially christian as the city hosts several big events in the big crowds that come with them. yeah. you nailed it. covid rates
5:32 pm
are on the rise just as the nba finals and pride are ramping up here in the city. now our medical experts say, you can expect those covid rates to continue to increase. but those same medical experts also say there's some hope. on the horizon. the bustling city of san francisco is busier than ever this month. the nba finals and pride activities are bringing more visitors to the city, just as medical experts say covid rates continue to rise . so what people should know is that there are really high levels of virus circulating right now because the official numbers that only a fraction of the actual number of cases because of home testing. while alameda county has reinstituted it's indoor mask mandate. health leaders in san francisco have not yet taken that step, the department of public health has issued a statement saying now is a prudent time to resume wearing masks and indoor settings. choose outdoor gatherings over indoor gatherings whenever possible, and use rapid tests as needed to determine who is infected. and who should isolate dr chen hong agrees people
5:33 pm
attending large gatherings should keep a mask handy and wear it as needed. i think the chase centers well ventilated, but of course you decrease your risk by wearing the mask. residents in san francisco say they're seeing covid raced through their friends and families. my friend was just coming back from uc santa barbara. and she got it just yesterday, and so now she can't come back and say they're taking steps to stay safe with these big groups of people are having a mask in hand and being ready to protect the people around you. i think it's really important. while cases are on the rise. hope is on the horizon as san francisco's rates are still increasing. they seem to have peaked in some locations on the east coast. the civil lining is right now in the east coast anyway. rhode island, massachusetts, new york, new jersey they've already started to preston come down, so it may mean that we may also be in that situation. medical experts say vaccines and boosters are still a critical factor in checking
5:34 pm
the spread of covid and reducing the severity of cases. once someone contracts it. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. in alameda county. people are once again required to wear a mask indoors in public places in new rule went into effect today. many businesses were ready with science posted outside, letting customers know about the mask mandate. county health say they made the decision to require face coverings again due to an uptick in severe cases. i don't like mandates, but it doesn't necessarily affect me. so you know, a place is going to require me to wear one and i'll wear one in. it's not a big deal. i will comply in the grocery stores because i don't feel it's right for employees have to be the masked police. the order does not affect the city of berkley, which has its own health department. it also does not apply to alameda county schools to keep up to date on covid numbers, mask mandates, vaccines and more. go to ktvu. .com. lawmakers from san
5:35 pm
francisco are making another attempt to try to extend last call at bars and some california cities. now this is the third time the legislature is considering a bill that would let bars stay open until four a.m. this version was authored by state senator scott wiener and assembly member matt haney. the legislation would allow bars in certain cities, including san francisco and oakland to extend their hours advocates say it would help bars and bay area nightlife recover from the pandemic. this bill would help to bring san francisco and some other places that opt in into the upper echelon and world class nightlife that the entire world has been enjoying for generations. and we, for some reason are cut out. senator winners last attempt to extend last call was passed by the legislature in 2018, but vetoed by then governor jerry brown, a similar bill the year before in 2017. did not make it through the state assembly, the latest labor department report shows employers added 390,000 jobs in
5:36 pm
may higher than expected, president biden touted the numbers as a sign of economic recovery. but as lauren blanchard tells us now some ceo is a warning that storm clouds are looming. my goal is to make sure that the end of the month families have a little more breathing room than they have now. president biden knows americans are frustrated by the cost of just about everything. when is it going to end, the labor department's may jobs report showed 390,000 jobs were added, and the unemployment rate stayed steady at 3.6. while the number was better than expected , the recent monthly increases are getting smaller. the report also showed there are nearly two jobs open for every one person looking for work that is driving average hourly wages 5.2% higher , but it also means employers are passing those cost increases to consumers. income is not meeting price increases, and that spells trouble for later this year and early next year.
5:37 pm
the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates by half a percent again this month and next month. they're hoping it will bring down inflation. there's no reason for recession . we're gonna cause it if we raise interest rates high enough triple a showing gas on average is $4.76 a gallon yet another record high day biden administration says they are focused on easing the cost. i'm doing everything i can on my own to help working families during this stretch of higher prices on friday next week, the labor department will release the may consumer price index, it will show if inflation has continued to increase over the current 8.3. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news well, stocks ended another bumpy week with more losses on wall street. today the dow was down 348 points, the nasdaq off by 304 and the s and p. well, that's slumped 68 points. investors say the report of strong hiring in may is likely to keep the
5:38 pm
federal reserve on track. for aggressive interest rate hikes. president biden today dismissed comments from tesla ceo elon musk warning about a recession. in a letter to tesla executives, musk said that he had a quote super bad feeling about the economy, and he indicated that he may cut about 10% of tesla jobs. tesla shares were down more than 9% today on that report, president biden was asked about masks pessimistic outlook. well let me tell you while he was talking about that ford is increasing their investment overwhelmingly, i think ford is increasing investment and building new electric vehicles. 6000. new employees union employees i might add in the midwest, um, the former chrysler corporation's two launches. they are also making similar investments and electric vehicles. intel is about 20,000 new jobs for making computer chips, so you know lots of luck in his trip to the moon. elon
5:39 pm
musk is ceo of the space flight company spacex, which is set to take part in a nasa moon mission . musk later tweeted thanks, mr president. will a high flying delivery. a russian cargo ship docked at the international space station this morning. this marks russia's first resupply mission to the space station. since invading ukraine back in february. the progress 81 cargo aircraft with no crew brought thousands of pounds of supplies , including food, clothing and water. the main message when it comes to the drought use less water will tell you about the efforts, though in some states to make rain using weather modification technology. it's a celebration 70 years in the making the platinum jubilee when the queen was no show on her own party at her own party will tell you about it and 100 days into the invasion of ukraine and
5:40 pm
russia vows to continue fighting as ukrainians continue to push back russian troops.
5:41 pm
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dide advisor peter navarro for contempt of congress. the action was taken after navarro refused to cooperate in the investigation being conducted by the house january 6th committee. navarro is representing himself , and he's accusing prosecutors of using hardball tactics by arresting him at an airport and not allowing him to make a phone call. navarro says he was taken into custody at reagan national airport today when he was on his way to nashville. he is facing two counts of contempt. one is for his alleged failure to produce documents demanded by the committee and the second is for allegedly failing to show up to give testimony before house investigators. on the 1/100 day
5:43 pm
of the war in ukraine. we're seeing the battle line shift with russia, taking solid ground in the east and ukraine, counterattacking in the north and south tree x has more now from keith. the russians were expecting a quick victory in ukraine. but the war is now in its 100 day, and there's no end in sight. moscow is gaining ground in the donbass region, where heavy fighting is being reported up and down the front line. officials here say the russians are reinforcing their troops by mobilizing civilians from areas already under their control, sending them into battle in the first line of attack to protect russian soldiers. ukraine's defense minister says his troops are holding their own but can't compete with moscow's airpower. ah stalled the russian attack. our army is forced to retreat from the council, where no single wall is left standing after the russian bombing, but they're hoping a pledge from the u. s will help to turn the fight around. biden administration says it's shipping multiple launch rocket systems here and
5:44 pm
ukrainian troops are already training on the new weapons. we've come to two. reinforce our allies and will continue to do that going forward. meanwhile the eu is opening a new front in the economic battle officially banning russian oil imports with limited exceptions for some eastern european countries. part of the ongoing effort to isolate moscow and deplete vladimir putin's war chest. 90% of oil is banned, and i think it's really significant unprecedented measures. european officials are also targeting russian banks and military officers in this latest round of fighting. and keith trading next fox news we're adding 8 to 12% of sweet to each seated storm event. all those storms you see that can augment a lot of additional cell is called cloud seeding, and at least one western state is trying to see this way right out of the drought. plus this
5:45 pm
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do y seeing the startling picture. it is making the rounds all over social media ktvu meteorologists roberta gonzalez, snapping this picture of gas costing over. get this now, $9.75. and this was actually taken into gas station in medicine. no one person who lives there told her. he thinks it is the highest price gas in the entire country. and gas prices keep going in the wrong direction to, according to triple a, the us average is up to $4.76, the highest ever. that is up 17 cents in just over a week. in california, regular unleaded is an unheard of $6.24 a gallon. oakland also up $6.38 san jose $6.38 and san francisco's averages up $6.50
5:48 pm
and let's see high demand and the rising price of oil are driving these price increases. well it took berkeley city council hours to approve a plan to build housing at to bart station, parking lots and a special meeting hearing that was like past midnight last night, the council unanimously approved rezoning. the parking lots to allow seven stories of construction of the ashby in north berkeley stations. bart wants to build some 3600 housing units, which include both affordable and market rates. some residents had argued for even more. next up is a vote by the bart board, which is expected to happen later this month. construction in north berkeley will likely come first, followed by the ashby project. this california and other western states deep in a drought and are looking for ways to save water and in some cases make water as valerie mills shows us experts in colorado or cloud seeding to get more water. from snowstorms. helping mother nature make it snow weather modification is the only way to actually increase water.
5:49 pm
squeezing more water out of a storm is what andrew rickert specializes in increase in augment snowpack. so as we move into these uncertain times, with drought and climate change, that we know that we're doing everything we can't protect ourselves colorado's weather modification program when conditions are right, rickard starts seeding clouds, sending tiny particles of silver. iodide into the sky. through a propane generator. you get that orographic lift from the mountains that brings the solution up into the cloud and then create snowflakes, wind speed and direction need to be just right and so do temperatures for the solution to work inside the cloud. the main thing you want is supercooled liquid water in that cloud, and that's what it takes for the silver iodide. molecule to bind with the precipitation keeps binding, binding and till it's large enough to fall out as a snowflake. this particular cloud seeding generator targets winter park. it's one of seven stations
5:50 pm
across colorado with the drought. colorado's facing what the modification is just another tool in the toolbox to help with what we're facing statewide an effort to boost winter snowpack lesson drought conditions and offer more water for colorado and states downstream. we even get funding from lower basin specifically. for the colorado river, you know, one of the most important watersheds rivers in the united states, so it's really a group effort. so how much extra snow do we actually get for any given storm cloud seeding adds an extra inch of snow to every 10 inches that falls naturally, we're at in 8 to 12% of sweet to each seated storm event. all those storms you see that can augment a lot of additional cell typically seed up to 30 storms each year in 2020 extra snow from cloud seeding generated over 300,000 gallons of water, additional water we can squeeze out of the storm. is so important these
5:51 pm
days i meteorologist valerie mills, fox news. edin barry, or whether it's nice to be talking about some rain chances this weekend. if you have outdoor plans sunday morning is kind of the time frame. we're watching these potential raindrops moved into the state. so now we want the rain, but of course, we don't want to cancel the outdoor plans, but we're watching out for that as we head into the weekend. temperatures have been cooling off over the past few days and today no more nineties the warm spot in the eighties but most areas across the bay area in the sixties and the seventies. this afternoon. san francisco 64 conquered mid seventies and antiochus 81 degrees probably noticed it felt a bit humid, muggy out there. wanna hold onto this pattern is almost like a tropical pattern. setting up with the cloud cover the humid conditions in your saturday forecast. sunday the rainfall moves in the focus will be up in the north bay, and this thing really fizzles out by the by the time it approaches the south bay and then his son cloud
5:52 pm
mix into the afternoon hours. here's a satellite that moisture streaming across the pacific so kind of originating to the north of hawaii, and that's why it feels so humid across the region this basically today and into the weekend in terms of the radar, a lot of green showing up on this radar, but the bulk of this is really not hitting the surface just yet, and the bulk of this will be up to the north of the region, although tomorrow there is a chance of a light shower that would be favoring the north bay. especially by tomorrow afternoon. but the main window with this system is saturday night and sunday morning. current numbers out there. san francisco checking in 60 degrees we have san jose 72. fairfield 74 in san santa rosa in the upper sixties. look at this shot here in san francisco , where you have the clouds kind of trying to just kind of kind of hugging the city or outlining the city, and then that big clear spots an interesting the camera shot to show you this afternoon with some areas of fog , but also some breaks and some of the cloud cover as well. this afternoon for your saturday more cloud cover the chance for
5:53 pm
shower that will be focused up in the north bay. but the main activity will be to the north of the bay area, and then on sunday, we're talking about some rainfall up in the north bay a chance in the south bay, the focus will be sunday morning. we are drying things out into the afternoon hours on sunday. here we are. saturday night. once again, maybe a place like cloverdale up towards uk. we could be talking about some rainfall. and then sunday morning, this system kind of fizzles out, but we could actually have some steady rainfall, especially for the coastal hills of sonoma county sunday morning, and then the sun cloud mixed by the afternoon hours. highest for tomorrow. only the sixties and the seventies. the warm spot in the upper seventies temperatures not moving around too much this weekend. there's one rain clouds sunday morning, and then it looks like in a warm things back up by tuesday and into wednesday. so if you want to appreciate the raindrops make the most of sunday morning, because after that we're talking about heat back in the picture. mark thank you so much. meantime on the other coast right now, much of south florida under a tropical storm warning and
5:54 pm
floodwaters as a tropical system interest closer to the sunshine state. it's already being affected by it. the rough weather is expected to affect the area through tomorrow afternoon flight cancelations and delays beginning to pile up. now that system is forecast to bring nearly a foot of rain in several cities, including fort myers, tampa and miami as well. or another big day celebrating the queen of england, coming up the welcome that harry and meghan received today plus while the queen was not at her own event coming up at six o'clock, gun reform advocates were already planning a number of events for this weekend before the recent string of mass shootings. look at how they're taking their calls for action. to the streets and adults. 15 older have been eligible for second coronavirus booster shot for some time, and now the consideration turns to whether consideration turns to whether more groups of people should get
5:55 pm
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be e for prince harry and his wife as they make their first public appearance together in britain since stepping down from the royal duties, they're there to celebrate the queen's platinum jubilee. they were met with some booze and some cheers as they left the thanksgiving service, marking her seven decades as monarch, while harry meghan were there for the platinum jubilee, the queen was not well enough to attend today's gathering. boxes meddling. rivera has the latest from london. a service of thanksgiving honoring the 70 year reign of queen elizabeth on the second day of her platinum jubilee celebration. royal family gathering at st paul's cathedral, but noticeably absent the queen herself. the palace announcing thursday that the 96 year old would not be attending
5:58 pm
friday service after experiencing some discomfort following thursday celebrations this coming after several missed appearances over the last several months due to mobility issues. i think everyone's slightly disappointed, but this won't be a decision that her majesty's taken lightly. so it's really important. you can enjoy this comfort and we know that she will be with us in spirit. her majesty watching the service from windsor and although they couldn't get a glimpse of the queen, some of the crowd outside the cathedral say they just wanted to be present to mark this historic milestone. the queen obviously has been on the throne longer than i've lived. so she's always been in my life right from when i was born, i guess really, it's just fantastic achievement 70 years in one job. i mean, no one ever does that do they attention turning to prince harry and his wife, megan, the couple making their first appearance at the jubilee celebrations friday repair taking a backseat role, no longer senior members of the royal family after giving up
5:59 pm
their duties two years ago and moving to america. no word on whether the queen will attend the star studded platinum party concert at buckingham palace tomorrow in london mouth rivera fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. a u. s air force veteran sentenced to decades in prison he served his country and had no criminal history before killing a federal security officer and the victim's family still struggling with the loss. the act itself is very deliberate, and that in itself makes it evil when you deliberately do something in your well aware of your actions , so, yes, that is, by definition in my mind. evil. the victim's family packed the courtroom today and shared their group before stephen correa was sentenced to 41 years in prison . good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes andre senior. that murder happened during the george floyd protest two years ago, while security officer dave
6:00 pm
pet underwood was protecting the federal building in oakland. and it's ktb crime reporter henry lee explains. the government is also accused of killing a second law enforcement officer. 41 years. does it seem like nearly enough? time for someone to take a life, angela underwood jacobs was face to face with steven carrillo, the former air force staff sergeant who shot and killed her brother, federal security officer dave pat underwood. federal judge yvonne gonzalez. rogers sentenced career to 41 years in federal prison. carrillo did not make a statement thinking about him today. i hope he feels that justice was served. and that we did the best that we could have done for him pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder for fatally shooting underwood and wounding his partner outside the oakland federal building during george floyd protests in 2020. the defense has highlighted the fact that korea has no criminal record model people in good citizens. don't


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