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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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watched closely around the country. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach, but it's not the only race that we're watching for you. we do have live team coverage on what you need to know. entering tomorrow's primary ktvu political reporter greg lee, as some of those ballot highlights. but we begin in the newsroom. with gate reviews evan sernoffsky and the impact the election could have on the criminal justice reform movement. that's right, mike. we started looking at this story after hearing chaser boudin, branding it a republican led recall and his supporters have said it's a test case for the national criminal justice reform. and the progressive prosecutor movement, but experts we talked to say, like most san francisco elections, things aren't so simple and they point exactly to these other elections that are going to be on the very same ballot. as this district attorney recall rob bonta, for example, uh, gavin newsom, for example. all have led on state, national criminal, state and national criminal justice best
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practices. but the d a here and a lot of allah or not allies, but foes in the conservative media are actually in agreement on their messaging leading into this recall effort. they're both pointing the finger and saying that this isn't this is a should take. we're going to get back to this in a minute. i'm sorry. the package. we have a problem with julie back to you. we will get to you in just a little bit, evan. thank you. alright for a look now at some of the other races on the ballot and the themes that we are seeing so far, we're joined now by our political reporter greg lee. so greg, let's start with the numbers registered voters have had their mail in ballots now for weeks, but the returns are very low so far. just how low are we talking julia incredibly low of the about 22 million ballots sent out only about 15% of been returned on this election eve. by comparison, that's incredibly low, even for a nonpresidential year. for example, at this point in the
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attempted recall, the governor newsom about 40% of ballots had been turned in. experts say we are on pace for about 30% total turnout and lots of reasons, including voter fatigue, not only from recent elections, but with all that is going on in the country. and the world now, all this with the caveat that people still have another day to turn in their ballots, and certainly others could be planning to vote in person. tomorrow polls are open until eight pm and there's nothing that says this will be indicative of the november general election turnout. but certainly this is something we will be watching closely because, like we said, those numbers are incredibly low. yeah okay. so greg, seven states in total will hold primaries. california is the only one with a unique format. what do voters need to know? this is important for voters to understand as the results start to come in in 2010. voters approved proposition putting in place a top two primary system. the idea was that it would allow moderate candidates to be competitive in a hyper partisan environment, so
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in all the state and congressional races. the top two vote getters will advance to the november general election. this is regardless of party or affiliation, for example. in the closely watched state attorney general's race that even talked about you have incumbent democrat rob bonta. two republicans eric early and nathan hochman and an independent in ann marie schubert. the sacramento county d. a. all that matters tomorrow. is who comes in 1st and 2nd. and we will wait to see what happens there. alright, and voters will also see an odd format for the u. s senator race, which senator alex padilla is heavily favored in voters will choose twice who they want to send to dc. yes so for those 15% of voters who have already seen their balance and open their ballots, governor newsom appointed alex padilla to ville. vice president harris seat that was temporary. first on your ballot, voters will decide what to candidates will move on in november to compete to serve the remainder of the term, which ends on january. 3rd 2023, then voters will decide on a second question from more than
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20 candidates to see which two will move on to november. to complete a six year term that begins on january. 3rd is a little confusing, but as you said julie recent polling showing padilla and incumbents like governor newsom, rob bonta are all favorited to win their races and keep their current positions and we will be watching it all tomorrow. alright, greg, thanks for the update. all right back now to the newsroom and evan sernoffsky , who is following that other hot race, and that is the recall race of the district attorney of san francisco. chase a boudin evan mike chaser. boudin is branded this a republican led recall in his supporters have said it's a test case for the national criminal justice reform and progressive prosecutor reform movement. but experts we talked to say, like most san francisco elections, things aren't so simple. district attorney chase a boudin on monday dropped off his ballot at city hall in san francisco. voting on prop. eight that's the easy one. there's some
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propositions that are challenging. that's the easy one. on tuesday, the department of elections will start counting ballots that include prop h, the recall measure that will determine his fate in office. do not let republican billionaires by our election messaging has been consistent. a vote for recall is a vote against progressive causes like ending mass incarceration and being tougher on prosecuting police misconduct. we see republicans from coast to coast in virginia and philadelphia and chicago and los angeles, attempting to roll back the victories. at the ballot box of democratic reformers, but experts point out that less than 7% of registered voters in san francisco, a republican, and those who vote for the recall will largely be democrats very much. a democrat on democrat fight here in san francisco, is an executive board member of the state democratic party who recently came out against boudin. he said boudin's policies are more extreme than his progressive predecessors.
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and he isn't doing enough to hold violent offenders accountable. you have multiple multiple examples of decisions, individual decisions that he's made that really do hurt. the reform of men at the end of the day, boudin is lagging. but the d a, has picked up key endorsements from major newspapers in the city's democratic party experts expect it will be a close vote really what the recall says. is really specific to san francisco. max szabo is a progressive political strategist who helped run former d a george gaskins campaign in los angeles. he said the recall will have little impact on criminal justice reform. despite what some people are saying across california and across the nation what you're going to see on tuesday as you're going to continue to see voters select candidates and that are reformers and reform minded, he said. if boudin is recalled the very well may start campaigning to get his seat back in november general election again, you're going to have a more progressive electorate. you're also going to have a war of ideas right?
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instead of what we have right now, which is chaser running against themselves. mike i asked boudin if he plans to run in november if he's recalled, he said, he's keeping his eye on the ball, which is tuesday's election reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two now on this one, and not just here in the bay area, we'll find out those numbers tomorrow night, evan, thank you. and be sure to stay with ktvu for extensive coverage of tomorrow's election coverage will begin at four in the afternoon on air and online and you can also follow complete election results as the night goes on in the south bay, san jose police detectives are looking for clues in the case of a safeway employee who was shot and killed on the job. investigators say the employee manuel cornejo confronted a shoplifter prior to being shot. this happened at the safeway, located on hamilton's avenue that's in the willow glen neighborhood of the city of san jose ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary lying tonight with us outside the store with the latest on this homicide investigation, jesse good evening. my good evening to you
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. san jose police investigators have been canvassing the neighborhood around the store searching for additional surveillance video. they hope they can get an image of the suspect that will lead to his capture. meanwhile a sidewalk memorial outside here on hamilton's avenue that started with just some flowers and candles has grown substantially as the day has moved along. all of this put in place by family and friends who themselves are mourning. he was a sweetie. that sweetie's house. they maricela cornejo lopez says her youngest of four sons, manuel cornejo loved his family, his job and staying physically fit. the 24 year old safeway employees. life was cut short early sunday morning after an altercation at the gunfire. it was just a good kid dedicated work. jim home. he was he was he was not known a australian. he was just a good kid. she loves wwe detectives say the altercation happened
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around 3 30 sunday morning between the suspected gunman and cornejo employees. cornejo was trying to prevent the man from stealing alcohol from the safeway store on hambleton avenue in willow glen. his confrontation led to the suspect firing at least once, killing many before running off in this case, it's very, very delicate because it was late at night. there were not many people inside the store at the time that it occurred. and as we continue on with the investigation, we're hoping again that folks will come forward and help provide us with information. investigators are checking surveillance video from surrounding homes and businesses in hopes of finding an image of the suspect monday morning safeway center statement to fox to that reads in part safeway is mourning the tragic loss of one of our associates were deeply saddened by this tragic incident . our hearts are heavy and our thoughts are with his family were sending out deepest and heartfelt condolences to them. as detectives worked the case, a sidewalk memorial on hamilton's avenue grows as another family
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is shattered by another act of gun violence, people i can't believe it. people don't don't have feelings. good kill people. this marks the 14th homicide in san jose. so far this year, the cornejo family has an active go fund me page. it's raising funds for a funeral, they say will likely be at oak hill cemetery here in san jose. we're live in the willow glen section of the city this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox tuners. we'll head back to you. so jesse, is there no video from inside the store that shows a clear image here of the gunman, apparently not clear enough, mike. um you know, sometimes you you don't have the right angle, and so they want to try and glean other additional surveillance video from neighbors in the area. hopefully that will give them license plate. let's say so. they know which vehicle this person is in
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and they can do a search that way as well. mike alright, jessie. gary live in san jose tonight, jesse. thank you for that. and the city of fremont homicide. investigators are hoping an increased reward will help them solve a 15 year old cold case. in april of 2000 and 7 19 year old aaron anthony bro was found fatally shot in an apartment complex parking lot on fremont boulevard. he lived in a nearby complex with his family. police say errands relatives raised an additional $10,000 to contribute to the existing $50,000 reward. investigators would like anyone who might have information about the case to call fremont police. some tense moments in petaluma today after an explosion and fire it happened inside an airport hangar at petaluma municipal airport in sonoma county. ktvu is tom baker is at the airport now where investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire in the first place, tom we have to remember now this is a secure airport. and if you take a look back at the hangers are you will see one that has scorched doors, and
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that's the one where the fire took place. and what we've seen all afternoon where folks coming by who have the neighboring hangars to find out if their problems have been multiplied by this fire. fact is, it doesn't seem that they have, but for the guy who owns it. it's all over, but the crying and he's got plenty to cry about. about a quarter to noon monday morning, the petaluma fire department got a call about a fire and possible explosion in a private hangar at the petaluma municipal airport. in the hour of the smoky fire burned, the owner lost a vintage, two seat piper cub airplane as well as the vintage corvette sports car. one observer told me that the plane caught on fire inside the open hangar first, and the fire quickly spread throughout the hangar, consuming most of its contents. fortunately the steel hanger did not allow the fire to spread to other adjacent hangars in the hangar itself. did not collapse. the airport director
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told me he could not speak until after the investigation into the cause of the fire is determined. now the reason that this was treated as a big deal is because he's airplanes have lots of fuel in them, and there are all kinds of other things that can burn inside these hangers and solvents and things like that. so the problem, of course, is that if you get a chain reaction going, you have a real real big problem. and there aren't homes to very far away. and there's lots of burnable land around here. so that is the situation. turned out reasonably well, except for the person washed that car and that airplane both real classics, tom vacar ktvu. fox two news. alright yeah. things could have gotten out of control quickly, tom. thank you. cracking down on a rising crime . l. a familiar face in oakland politics, says he believes he can reduce car burglaries also had the bay area getting some rare june rain. what the seldom seen site means for fire season. yeah we did okay with the rainfall there, two inches up in
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the mountain watershed as we move forward, though it heats up fire. danger comes up and temperatures always on the way up. i'll see you back here with all that 13 mass shootings at least 15 people dead, dozens of others injured all since friday. coming up. we will go live to the scene of one of the deadliest weekend shootings as lawmakers in washington debate what can be done to prevent the (music throughout)
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one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. to e killed and more than 60, others injured in eight different states. some of those included shooting at a phoenix strip mall that left a 14 year old dead and eight others injured. in philadelphia, pennsylvania. three people were killed and 11 , others injured when multiple shooters fired into a crowded popular entertainment district
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saturday night in summerton, south carolina. one person was killed and seven others injured in what police say they believe was a drive by shooting. and in chattanooga, tennessee. three people were killed. 14 others injured near a nightclub early yesterday morning boxes. austin westfall joins us live from chattanooga tonight in austin. what's the latest there on that shooting? yes so mike police are saying that this might be a gang related shooting, but there's still some investigating to be done. take a look at some video that we got early yesterday morning as police were still on scene. it happens near a downtown bar and in addition to the three that were killed, at least 14 others were hurt, mayor tim kelly here told fox's america's newsroom this morning . but this was the second recent mass shooting in his city. six teenagers were also shot and injured a little bit over a week ago. we know that it's a small group of people. fortunately that are causing this violence and chattanooga. i mean, against
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the last last 10 days, we've had 23. injured and tragically three dead, but unfortunately it is a relatively small group of people that would appear and we've had great help from our federal partners at the a. t f in the fbi, helping. hopefully, we'll have some folks in custody soon. now police say gunfire hit 14 people yesterday and three others got hit by cars leaving the scene by the evening. the area had been cleaned up with nothing left but a small memorial with flowers and teddy bear on the sidewalk. in addition to chattanooga, we saw mass shootings over the weekend in philadelphia, phoenix, el paso and summerton, south carolina, among others. in total, these shootings killed 17 people. wounded 69. according to the gun violence archive, at least 240 mass shootings have happened in the u. s so far this year. that website defines a mass shooting as when a shooter either injures or kills at least four people. in chattanooga,
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tennessee. austin westfall ktvu . fox two news. alright, austin. i appreciate that. thank you. a bipartisan group of senators is working on a bill focused on reducing gun violence. student activists gathered outside the capital today, calling on lawmakers to pass meaningful gun safety legislation. experts say any proposal would have to be so limited in scope passed both houses of congress that it is unlikely to bring about serious change. the bill being considered would expand background checks encouraged states to have red flag laws and make schools more secure. we're gonna put up or shut up moment. we need to act. and we need to act now seize this moment of opportunity. also today, new york governor kathy hogle signed a bill into law raising the age to own a semiautomatic rifle to 21. it was just one of 10 new gun related bills she signed into law today, the santa rosa fire department says today marks the official start. of fire season, property owners are
5:20 pm
being asked to clear 30 ft. of space around their homes, clean leaves out of those gutters and remove grass and debris from under porches and decks. every household should have an evacuation plan, a place to meet and a go bag with enough supplies to get people through at least 72 hours away from home . the effect of yesterday's rain , minimizing the risk of fire is not really expected. the last for very long. gavin newsom still cool. nice to have it rained like we got two inches of rain up in the marine county watershed up around mount tam and junior is not a typical time for us to get showers, but we did. it does help the fire danger. but mike as mike points out stuff's gonna dry out real quick. but again, we bought ourselves a little time, which is fine with me. most of the rain did fall out in marin county. i'm showing you the numbers again only because two point oh, and on mount tam is pretty impressive, and it shows you the variability based on topography of the bay area. rainfall the microclimates if you will, so right, so melt down there it is two point. oh and you go. what? as the crow flies five miles, eight miles to san
5:21 pm
francisco, and you've got 0.23. it's incredible. so just that topography that marin headlands 2000 over 2000 ft of mount tam, just capturing that moisture and squeezing it out. santa cruz mountains didn't do as great with a quarter of an inch. but again, those showers will dry out quickly. the fuel moistures have come up that helps the ground. moistures come up. all that helps but will dry out pretty quick, especially this week with temperatures. by friday into the upper nineties, maybe some low one hundred's inland. don't think we'll see heat advisory or red flag warning, pretty sure we won't but it's going to be hot and dry. and so you know what that means for the rest of us and means for fire season. here is the plan the increasing temperature little bit tomorrow a little bit on wednesday more on thursday and friday. those were your two warmest or hottest days. if you will, and then temperatures trend down a little bit for the weekend. it's going to be not necessarily an offshore floats can be kind of continued north northwest wind. forecast and so it's not going to be a super dry red flag warning event as much as it is going to be just hot desert
5:22 pm
south or heat coming up from the desert southwest in the onshore wind, continuing coastal areas will stay kind of cool and the reason i bring that up is because it's with heat like that when you get the northeast wind with the super dry humidities going warm all the way to the coast. that's incredibly dangerous for fire. that is our september october really heavy, scary fire, danger wind, and that's not the case. so as you look at the winds right now, you've got 14 mile an hours and napa 13 in oakland and then sfo gusting to 35 miles an hour, so that's pretty typical. and again . you got 12 at hayward, 14 san jose so a little bit breezy onshore, and that's how it stays. here's the model. there's the football right. the red area offshore bodega bay for tomorrow afternoon about 36 miles an hour of around bodega stance in again onshore flow, even though there's going to be more warmth, and then we look into wednesday, same thing. watch that. watch the football developed bodega bay again. 33 miles an hour and then you see the contours as colors. that's typically topography. right. there's funneling, right? you see the
5:23 pm
finally going on up here around alejo and fairfield because the air gets pushed through there and gets flying out through the golden gate bridge. you see it, nicasio gap here up around bodega headlines. there's low lying areas out by the ultimate past. you see the winds pick up so windy conditions, but very typical for this time of year in temperatures that are going to remain on the warm to mild side tomorrow and then gradually stair step climb their way up to friday when we'll see some low 100 possible air quality is pretty good with this pattern. i'll see you back here. we'll do the full forecast that all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you putting young workers on a possible career path, the program providing opportunities for all in san francisco and coming up tonight at six. the future of people's park in berkeley has long been contested, and protesters are fighting to prevent what they say. is a historic site from being de
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carn francisco are keeping busy this
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summer, thanks to a program called opportunities for all ktvu is christian captain reports. the program aims to connect teenagers and young workers with paid internships. and then a possible career path. yeah with the end of the school year, young people from 13 to 24 are gearing up for a busy summer working as paid interns in san francisco as part of the opportunities for all programs program the mayor launched in 2019, hoping a new generation of kids would benefit from mentors . just as she did was more than just about money. it was about an opportunity. it was about people who believed in me when i didn't really believe in myself . program connects young people with employers. 13 year old ruby reynaldo west will spend her summer working in her first real job. i'm doing marketing and i think it sells, but it's something like that. the city's public defender's office is one of the workplace is offering internships, the public defender , saying the program provides
5:27 pm
young people valuable experience . they want to join us in the public defender office. that's wonderful. but if they want to bring some of that public better mentality to other aspects of their career and their future. that's a beautiful thing to the city's police chief agrees, saying, even if the young people don't pursue a career following the path of their internship, they gained critical skills for whatever career they choose whether they want to be a police officer, lawyer, a doctor, schoolteacher. physicists or whatever the case might be. i think the skills they learn in this program will help them get their cheryl davis from the city's human rights commission administers the program. so often we hear people say you don't have enough experience. but if i never get a job, how do i gain the experience and so opportunities for all the same? we want to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to gain some experience to build their networks. the internships aren't just with the city. the young people can work in the public or private sectors for companies, including some big names out there like facebook and google and the host of today's kick off event chase center program is full now, and there's already a wait list, but
5:28 pm
program administrators are encouraging young people to continue to apply. just in case more positions. open up. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. he's fallen victim multiple times to car burglaries in the bay area. how this politician running for office says he would tackle this troublesome issue and during the pandemic, telehealth appointments became a lifeline for many inconvenience for others, but now the price may be going up on those visits and going up big time. the reason behind the increase coming up next
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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thad leaders after an uptake in car break ins at jacqueline in square and in the downtown area . ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke to one of the victims. he is live tonight in the newsroom with more on the story, henry mike. that victim is a familiar face in oakland politics has been hit numerous times by car burglars, he says. there needs to be a crackdown on these thieves to help send a message. surveillance video shows a newer model black bmw five series slowly drive past a buick lacrosse parked in oakland's jack london square. the beamer backs up, a passenger gets out and soon breaks the back window , but he doesn't open the door over and hold the weight and he didn't just stay in the back seat pulled down from the back. the man emerged with a briefcase in laptop computer belonging to former oakland city council president ignacio de la fuente that for generally he was able to get into the trunk. i got my briefcase with not only my laptop and all my documents, but
5:32 pm
very important information. it happened in broad daylight at about 5 30 tuesday afternoon at the corner of second and washington. jack london square seen an increase in car burglaries in recent months in this video from april and audi, a four pulls up to a ford explorer part that second and broadway a man gets out peaks into the suv and then leaves after apparently seeing nothing of value. oakland police recommend that people take all valuables out of their cars, hundreds of lives of hundreds of people every single week, henry in auckland has become, you know, people are afraid to go out to dinner, afraid to borrow the car. some witnesses to car burglaries have been shot in wounded and even killed by car burglars in oakland. lafuente is running for oakland mayor this fall, he says he's a believer in the broken windows theory. in this case, quite literally, absolutely unequivocally. i can tell you that we cannot take care of the little things. and we cannot protect our citizens and our property and the little things we cannot do the job in the big things his buicks been hit once before they broke actually two windows, but that one that was not able to have
5:33 pm
that on the stock, so i just kind of sport twice. lafuente says more needs to be done to stop car burglars don't put the time and therefore to get a couple of these people. he will never stop. oakland police against they keep important things with you. it may look silly, but if i had my laptop with me, for example, i take it everywhere, whether it's grocery shopping or to the bank, and most importantly, if you see a burglary in progress, don't engage. be a good witness. and call police. there you go. henry lee live tonight in the newsroom. henry. thank you. the parents and community activists who have launched a sit in at parker elementary in oakland say they will not end their protests until the board of education rescind its decision to close that school. the group began to sit in shortly after the last day of school on may 25th and has been offering summer school for the neighborhood children ever since. parents say they want the school board to reopen parker and two other schools, community day and the sixth through eighth grades at law, escwa lita we were left very
5:34 pm
confused and devastated with little options being that there are no other k through eight schools in the area, and this area is somewhat of a desert when it comes to social services when it comes to public services. a district spokesperson did not say when the protesters would have to leave or what would happen next . if they don't governor. newsom is highlighting the state's historic investment in community schools. the governor joining virtual gathering this morning with educational leaders. parents and students. last month , the state board of education approved $649 million for california community schools partnership program grants. they are the first round of grants and a seven year $3 billion program. this opportunity around community schools is very exciting. design at the local level, funded by the contribution $3 billion between initiated with the legislature and another 1.5 billion we're requesting of the legislature in
5:35 pm
this fiscal year, the opportunity to reimagine and re engaged a total of 268 school districts county offices of education in charter schools are recipients of the grants. apple fans getting a first look at the company's latest technology. the apple worldwide developers conference kicked off this morning at apple headquarters in cupertino. apple's showcase software updates for the iphone , ipad and apple watch as well as mac computers. the iphones next operating system, called ios 16 will revamp the look of the devices lock screen and make mostly minor improvements to the current software. apple also rolled out two laptops that will be the first available with the next generation of a company designed microprocessor microprocessor. this platforms and the products they drive deliver amazing experiences for users. and provide developers with incredible opportunities so they can use their superpowers to innovate, create and collaborate, making absolute
5:36 pm
continue to change the world. hotel and office virtual conference will run through friday. telehealth visits grew in popularity during the pandemic, but these virtual doctor's visits could soon get pricier for a lot of americans. that's because an emergency health act started during covid is coming to an end. fox news, joy addison joins us now with the details. good evening, joy. hi julie. that's right. healthcare workers say that it was very convenient for them to be able to meet with patients from the convenience of their home and millions of patients use the service. during the pandemic. it's been helpful, but it also had its challenges. and now unless than five months the federal public health emergency act will end and this will make it harder for people on medicare to have those visits and have them covered. the pandemic presents many challenges to the health care system. we've had labor shortages, workforce
5:37 pm
changes significantly things it's been challenging is just trying to make sure that patients have good access to care, houston healthcare's doctor kristin bricker says this is where telemedicine became key during the height of the pandemic, doing a lot of appointments that weren't traditionally um, used by telemedicine just to make sure we were checking in on our patients. medicare paid for 840,000 telehealth visits in 2019, and this number skyrocketed to nearly 52.7 million telehealth visits in 2020 nurse executive named phillips overseas and addresses how hospitals are run, she says. virtual visits, help clear some of the patient backlog because doctors can use them for their regular patients and save their in person time for those who have been skipping routine appointment patients that are coming to our doors for care. being much more complex with multiple comorbidities telehealth does have its challenges, including cost and
5:38 pm
accessibility. medicare will only continue to fully covered telehealth visits intimate october when the public health emergency act is set to end. i think we should try to have a very uniform system. and that's used in order to make sure that this service is provided for everyone, regardless of their insurance coverage. there is currently no word on how these visits will be covered after this public health emergency act in for people with medicare and private insurance, and dr berger's also mentioned some concerns about people who live in rural areas and have relied heavily on telehealth and what they'll do when this ends. um here shortly in less than five months in houston, enjoy. addison ktvu, fox two news. still ahead tonight is the deal dead what elon musk decided to do instead of tweeting his concerns about taking over twitter. also the new message from moscow to ukraine's western allies as the war enters a
5:39 pm
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to . the national average of gas surge 25 cents to hit $4.87. the cost of oil is inching closer to $120 a barrel nearly double from last august. the high demand, especially as summer approaches , will likely put more strain on the already tight global supply in an attempt to lower cost the president is taking executive action to boost domestic production of clean energy. but some energy groups like the american petroleum institute and the consumer energy alliance, are calling on the biden administration to increase domestic production. we've watched this president go after energy so we can no longer be energy independent, the price of gasoline has doubled. president biden has not confirmed whether
5:42 pm
he will go to saudi arabia later this month. but some energy experts say a trip to the oil rich kingdom might not do much to lower the price of gas. in california. the average price for a gallon of regular gas is 6 34 a gallon that, according to triple a, but we found a shell station in menlo park, where drivers are paying more than a dollar more. at $7.45 a gallon gas in san francisco, currently averaging 6 59 a gallon while drivers in alameda county can expect to pay an average of $6.48. a gallon. tesla ceo elon musk is warning that he could walk away from that $44 billion takeover deal for twitter, his lawyers wrote to twitter, saying they have repeatedly asked for data on spam and fake accounts, saying failure to provide that information could constitute a breach of agreement must have said that 20% of twitter's 229 million accounts are fake, which is much higher than twitter's claim. a fewer than 5. this is the first time musk has formally put this warning in writing, as
5:43 pm
opposed to tweeting. some people say that he's having buyer's remorse. and so, um, you know, it seems like perhaps he's looking for a way out. and maybe this isn't exactly what he wanted, and twitter doesn't really have as large of a following as other platforms like facebook and tiktok's, so it would take a lot of work to kind of get it where he wants it. twitter says that it has been sharing information with musk and that they intend to close the transaction at the agreed upon price. if either side cancels the sale, they could be subject to a $1 billion cancelation fee and shares of twitter dropped 1.5% today in wake of elon musk comments closed at 39 56 a share. twitter shareholders have already found the lawsuit against musk for deflating the price of the stock last month. shares of twitter have dropped more than 20% over the past month. overall stocks did see slight gains after a selloff on friday, the dow is up 16 points the nasdaq 48 the s and p 500 closed nearly 13 points higher. by land and on
5:44 pm
beaches, and we thought we would bring priest to the world that it's possible. nearly 80 years after allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy. those who risk their lives for others are watching another war for freedom unfold. alright and i'm tracking that weather is warming up this week. fire danger comes up as well. southern california can have some fire concerns more so than us. we'll look at that and the five day forecast next, also from dentures to clothing to an unusual instrumentalist of some of the strangest things left behind after an uber ride, plus the one item left behind t
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
shie greatest generation and they fought and sacrificed for all of us, not just for americans, but for the entire world. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley, took part in d day ceremonies at the normandy american cemetery in france today, mark nearly 80
5:47 pm
years since nearly 160,000 allied troops fought their way onto normandy's beaches. box news jennifer griffin shows us how those who gave their lives to free. others were honored. it was the largest air land and sea invasion in history. 78 years ago, allied troops landed on the beaches of normandy and helped turn the tide of world war two. we think about lads. okay i didn't get off the beach that day. today crowds paid tribute to the more than 150,000 troops who participated in the invasion . here in the u. s. people commemorated the day with a reef laying ceremony at the world war two memorial more than 4400 allied soldiers lost their lives on d day. nearly half of them were americans. in france, chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milley joined several 1000 visitors at american cemetery in normandy,
5:48 pm
he told veterans the current fighting in ukraine is about honoring them. it's about maintaining the so called global rules based international order the order that was established by the dead that are buried here at this cemetery. charles shea was just 19 years old when he landed on omaha beach as an army medic. he says this year's commemorations holds special meaning as war once again rages in europe, 1944. i landed on the beaches and we thought we would bring priest to the world, but it's not possible. of the 16 million americans who served during world war two only 240,000 are still alive. few if any, thought they would see europe again on the verge of another world war. at the pentagon. jennifer griffin, fox news. ukraine is seeing the most intense fighting since the war started taking place in the luhansk region. military
5:49 pm
observers say ukrainian forces are holding their own as russia makes a push to compete. it's occupied complete its occupation of the area. and then to the west in kiev. officials are assessing the damage after the first russian air strikes on the capital city and more than a month in game along with the new message from moscow, warning western allies if they send long range missiles to ukraine. russia will escalate the war. the longer the range systems supplied to kiev will have the further we will push them from the line where they could threaten russia. aggression left unanswered leads to further aggression what we're seeing in ukraine. his aggression. in this case, it's not left unanswered. both the us and the uk are sending medium range rocket systems do ukraine capable of hitting targets up to 50 miles away? the white house says the shipments will continue until the russians withdraw. we are following some breaking news right now out of the south bay san jose police say officers are on the scene of a shooting in the 1600 block of hopkins drive in east san jose. near a middle
5:50 pm
school. you're looking at live pictures right now, from skybox over that scene. it happened at about 3 30 this afternoon, one adult male was taken to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries. traffic on hopkins drive right now is being impacted. so far, we do not have any details on a suspect. we are following this story working to get more information, and we'll bring you updates as they are made available. already taken a look at today's weather. i mean, it's pretty nice temperatures warmed up today. we didn't have any cloud cover a little bit of apache coastal fog, but not a big deal out there and then yeah, eighties 88 fairfield so warmer today than yesterday, and that's the trend. really. we've been warming up a couple of degrees each day and over the last couple of days and that's how it's going to continue. so these are the highest from today. the hot spots obviously inland. each day. we're going to add three or four degrees, so by the time we get to friday, we're looking at the potential for some triple digits somewhat hunters in the inland bay valleys and increased fire
5:51 pm
danger along the coast. we still have significant onshore flow and we'll see patchy fog at times that will keep us cool. you see the live camera shot of san francisco and pretty good air quality. i mean that rain, you know, the last over the weekend, really? just clean things out nicely, especially in the north bay were again we've increased. fuel moistures and just a little bit, so that's good in southern california. they're in position. i'm going to stop this up for you. this is the national map, but down in, um, didn't grab my thing here down in southern california in the southwest, right in here. this heat is going to start building out from phoenix in the los angeles into out towards the ocean side in those areas in southern california, south of the hatchet peas, and they're going to be looking at strong, gusty winds out of the north northwest. so it's not a santa ana, but it's going to be hot. it's going to be dried. it's going to be dangerous for fire red flag warnings of probably a certainty down there as we get towards the middle end of the week. for us. i don't anticipate red flag warnings doesn't mean it won't happen, but we should just be right on the edge of that on friday. these are the
5:52 pm
current temperatures. they're running ahead of yesterday by nine degrees in napa 10 degrees in santa rosa. beautiful day overnight lows. not bad, right? upper forty's. that's you know, that's not bad fifties, so maybe not a jack. i was gonna say kids new jackets to go to school, but we're not in school right now. the forecast highs. yellows are seventies. oranges are eighties reds are nineties. we're going to be in the mid eighties, even some low nineties possible tomorrow. 88 maniac 88 fairfield , we've got 74 hayward the winds again continuing on shore when those winds switch around. that's when it gets scary when we start talking about north northeast winds, but even those red flag warnings we had earlier this week we're kind of more north northwesterly. meantime you get a little west in there. you're picking up moisture off the pacific ocean, and you're adding humidity to the environment, so that's helpful. here is the five day forecast. we're just kind of working our way up right into wednesday, thursday peak on friday saturday and sunday. temperatures begin to cool down as a kind of a week weather system comes close to us , so not a bad not a bad
5:53 pm
weather. five day for us, considering that our biggest concerns right now are fire until we get to that first rain in october. all right, bill. thank you. the oakland zoo celebrating its 1/100 birthday at the zoo hosted a birthday celebration at snow park right near lake merritt yesterday. that was the zoo's original location. as you can see here, people got up close with some of the zoo's inhabitants. the zoo opened up its gates on june 6th 1922. there are more centennial events planned throughout the year, including their big fundraiser walk in the wild. that's set for june. 25th with food, beer and wine and live music. uber revealed its 2022 lost and found index, which lists writers most unique in most often forgotten belongings for drivers to find some of the most common items topping the list. phones keys, wallet, speakers, headphones, ideas. and items of clothing. but when it came to the unusual items, writers went above and beyond. those items include a pizza costume. tater tots, billie eilish, ukulele and even a pair.
5:54 pm
of grandma's dentures. surviving the biggest test of his political career today, coming up after the break details on the vote of no confidence on uk's prime minister and coming up at six tonight, one of the biggest summits of world leaders from north and south america taking place right now in los angeles, but some have declined. to participate also ahead of high tech upgrade to the electric grid. look at the new ways pg and e. is preparin
5:55 pm
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. endg that it plans to sue the federal government for failing to protect humpback whales in the pacific, the center for
5:57 pm
biological diversity, says 12 pacific humpbacks were caught in nets left in the ocean aimed at catching large fish. today's legal notice criticizes the national marine fisheries service for failing to analyze the fisheries impact on the humpbacks population that were listed under the endangered species act in 2000 and 16. british prime minister boris johnson has avoided being ousted after narrowly winning a confidence vote among his own lawmakers. that's even though 40% of his own party split from him as foxes, alex hogan reports , johnson secured enough support from his conservative party despite a substantial rebellion that political analysts say, leaves him now a weakened leader with an uncertain future. uk prime minister boris johnson facing a watershed moment in his political career, the british leader who won a landslide victory in 2019 on monday, surviving a no confidence vote from members of his own party. calls for the prime minister's removal centered on parties held
5:58 pm
by johnson and his staff when the uk was under lockdown during the pandemic, one such gathering taking place on the eve of prince philips funeral one of johnson's biggest supporter, said the prime minister had quote presided over a culture of casual lawbreaking after lying after lie after lie after cover up after cover up of the change the rules prime minister's apologize he's overhauled number 10. and i think what people in our constituents most expect us to be focusing on them. johnson was in attendance at events over the weekend for queen elizabeth , the second platinum jubilee, where he was met with a mix of cheers and boos. i thought that was so telling that actually, that he got booed. i think that was almost like i felt like a turning point. the booze, i think reflected a mood across the country. um and that's why, amongst other things, i think that's why many tory mps feel that that basic trust has gone. the last time a uk prime minister was removed because of
5:59 pm
a vote of no confidence was in 1979. johnson's predecessor, theresa may survived a vote of no confidence in 2019, but she resigned just a few months later. in london. alex hogan, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. another family is mourning the loss of a loved one to gun violence. a safe way employee in san jose was shot and killed while on the job. he was just a good kid. he loves me. he loves his job and then just happen, you know? investigators say that employee manuel cornejo confronted a shoplifter just before he was shot. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach that shooting took place at the safeway, located on hamilton's avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary. as the latest on the investigation. he was a sweetie. that sweetness how say maricela cornejo lopez
6:00 pm
says her youngest of four sons, manuel cornejo loved his family , his job and staying physically fit. the 24 year old safeway employees. life was cut short early sunday morning after an altercation but the gunfire it was just a good kid dedicated work. jim home. he was he was he was not on a australian. he was just a good kid. she loves wwe detectives say the altercation happened around 3 30 sunday morning between the suspected gunman and cornejo. employees say cornejo was trying to prevent the man from stealing alcohol from the safeway store on hambleton avenue in willow glen. his confrontation led to the suspect firing at least once , killing many before running off in this case, it's very, very delicate because it was late at night. there were not many people inside the store at the time that it occurred and as we continue on with the investigation,


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