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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 7, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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if you don't vote in the bay area and across california right now, voters are voicing their choice in the 2022 primary election in polls will remain open here for the next few hours. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. here's a live look right now from inside one voting location. the santa clara county registrar of voters in san jose . polls across the state are open until eight o'clock tonight. as long as you're in line by then you'll be allowed to cast your ballot and there is still time to drop it off at the ballot box. it needs to be in those by eight o'clock tonight, and here are some statewide key races. we are watching for you tonight. governor newsom facing 25 challengers in his run for a second four year term. incumbent eleni canola kisses running for a second term as the governor's second in command lieutenant governor she became the first woman in state history by the way to sign a bill into law while governor newsom was out of state. three other big races include state attorney general u. s. senator and state superintendent of public instruction here in the bay
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area. san francisco voters are deciding whether or not to recall and battle district attorney chase a boudin. every house seat is on the ballot, including house speaker nancy pelosi. san jose is voting for a new mayor sent sam liccardo is being termed out. santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties are all voting for new sheriffs and alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties are voting for new district attorneys and we have live team coverage across the bay area. ktvu political reporter greg lee is monitoring how the outcome will determine the balance of power. christien kafton is covering the biggest battle in san francisco , but we begin with ktvu s brooks jarocz live at the registrar of voters in contra costa county. brooks. how's it going there? well one of the most things i learned julius in contra costa county over the last several election cycles 95% of voters vote by mail and they have been coming in here is steady stream. we've seen people dropping off votes into one of these boxes. there are 37 across the county of
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contra costa, and i'm told there's actually one box in concord. that has had to be emptied more than four times today. they had to keep going back, and there's a long line of vans all ready to go and pick up those ballots as well as today's ballots that are being cast at the polling places, which is why i want to bring in tommy gone, the chief deputy registrar here and contra costa county, tommy, how has it been here to at the polling place? it's been going slow. and steady. of course, it is a good man. so we don't expect earth turnout, but it's slow and steady. we've had 2 8000 in person voters. so far we're expecting about 13,500 by the end of the day, and that's what we want to encourage voters is that there is still time to go out there and to vote in person or to be sure that they drop off their ballots. and so it's five o'clock. it's the evening rush, and we're hoping voters will make it out. do you believe there are any key races that may drive some people to
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the polls in this county specifically, like the d a s race, for example? yes certainly the d a s race has gotten into the media coverage over the last month or so. and we also see the assessors raised and also we have an open seat for the supervisor county supervisor's race. and so there will be some competition for that one. and so it is. you know, there is some local races that i think that are important to our community. also i know that there is a long line of vans right outside here , and you're really gearing up for the big part of the night described what you and your team have to do once the polls closed tonight. yes. once the polls close is that then the ballots have to be delivered here to our office. and so we have seven depots located throughout the county for the poll. workers are drop off those ballots, and so then, and then they come here for us to begin tabulating them and so were tabulated in here, centrally in terms of counting all the ballots on our voting
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equipment. you know, to see the people come out and vote ahead of time and vote by mail, having done this a few times to this surprise you at all, actually not. you know, since the 2020 november election, we've been sending every registered voter a ballot in the mill. and so those trends have reflected this 90 to 95% of those voting are doing it by mail. and so think vote. are starting to recognize that that is in terms of voting by mail, and they can vote in the comfort of their home. they can take their time to study the issues and the candidates. in order to make sure that their votes count tommy gong will let you get back to work. i appreciate your time here tonight again. the polls do close at eight o'clock across the state, so you still have a few hours if you want to get out and vote for now reporting live in contra costa county, martinez specifically, brooks jarocz ktvu , fox two news and brooks. you said it was a steady stream of voters coming in to cast their ballots there, but overall statewide is supposed to be
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historically low. when it comes to voter turnout. any talk about that there today and why? that could be well, they're hoping to hit 30% they said traditionally primary elections just you don't get that kind of turnout. you may get in a presidential election. it's kind of a different animal. but if they hit that 30% mark, they say that will be good. but they do expect low voter turnout here. alright and again. polls close at eight o'clock tonight. you just have to get your ballot in the mail by then, and you're good to go cue. one key race that's received nationwide. attention is proposition h. the recall effort of san francisco district attorney chase a boudin christian captain continues our live team coverage joining us now from the city and christian. this one's been heated on both sides leading up to today. yeah, that's right, mike. and just the last hour we moved inside san francisco's election center in the recall is the issue that has a lot of san franciscans attorney in their ballots. it's a local race with national attention. san francisco's
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department of elections says as of tuesday morning about 25% of ballots had been returned well on the way to the 39% voter turnout in previous primary elections, voters agree even with senate and gubernatorial races on the ballot. there is one issue driving san franciscans to a firm believer
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that if you don't like an elected official then vote them out next time, that's that's my position. polling places in san
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francisco closed at eight o'clock tonight. we expect our first peek at what those results might be from some of those earlier ballots, which were mailed in to give us our first indication on how voters are leaning when it comes to prop age and previous polling, suggested that the pro recall side was leading. but more recent polling touted by the district attorney showed a tightening race, with voters evenly split on the recall, and we're live in san francisco will continue to monitor this. christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you for that staying in the city covid-19, now affecting the precinct citywide. since yesterday we've had about 100, coworkers cancel, uh, their assignments due to covid related issues. and so this morning we were scrambling a bit too quick . we had stand by poll workers ready to go out about that number. so we were scrambling to get people reassigned to those precincts and transport them from city all out to the to the to the polling places. san francisco elections director john arntz said the sick poll workers today accounted for
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roughly 5% of the total amount of poll workers on the job this election day. so how will congressional races around the state ultimately decide the majority in the house of representatives? our political reporter greg lee joins us now to explain greg. good time to remind people. california has a top two primary system, meaning the top two vote getters, regardless of party advance to the general election in november. and while the congressional races in the bay area very well could end up democrat on democrat, other races in central and southern california, could help determine the balance of power in dc let's look at what the number is currently are in the house of representatives. democrats hold a slim majority to 22 2. oh, eight. there are seven vacancies and the magic number is 2 18 for control. a handful of toss ups in california could certainly be the difference. historically the party in the white house often loses seats in the midterm. if democrats were to lose their majority california republican kevin mccarthy could become the
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next speaker of the house. republicans took back four seats in 2020 from the so called blue wave in 2018. democrats currently hold 43 of 53 house seats in a mostly blue state. both major parties in the state know the impact these congressional races could have. as these results come in, you're going to see some fantastic candidates that can bring the fight to democrats. pick up these seats, um, that are currently held by democrats. have changed significantly redistricting and also an opportunity for pickup in some of these open seats as well. it's not solely about the issues that we find it for day in and day out. it really is about the future of our democracy. in the fight for 2024 is on in 2022. in many ways, i think the future of the house and holding the house and the hands of the democratic speaker runs through california. now analysts say. not only are
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the results of these top two primary race is important. the messaging that sticks with voters out of this primary today may very well dictate how the national party's set their agendas heading into november. on july 4th over the summer into labor day. voters are cementing their impression about democrats about joe biden about how democrats are doing on gas, the economy and on crime and homelessness and what's going on , say in terms of governing los angeles or governing san francisco. all of that means that these table top kitchen table pocketbook issues what's happening in terms of how you feel about the future. about your job, your household financial situation. your assessment there, it's going to be key. professor david mcewan. they're talking about the l. a mayor's race, which is getting a lot of attention because tens of millions of dollars have been spent there. that race looking like a competition between billionaire and former republican rick caruso. who's campaigning on a tough on crime message and progressive
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congresswoman karen bass. a lot of eyes on that race to julie will be watching. and so, greg what are some of the key congressional races to watch tonight? i think for my money, one of the key races to watch is in the central valley or the 22nd district, watching this one for a lot of reasons, experts consider this a toss up districts. the incumbent republican david validator, was one of the 10. house republicans to vote to impeach former president trump and that got the ire of his party. but trump has stayed out of this race. he's facing another republican and one democrat tonight. the question is what will former president trump's impact be, and also could a democrat win this race? because in 2020, this district went to president biden by 13 points. we will wait and see. all right. we'll be watching greg. thank you. and a reminder that the polls close at eight o'clock tonight. be sure to stay with ktvu for extensive primary coverage will have live election results throughout the evening, both on air and online just had two ktvu .com slash election still to come a series
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of strikes on san francisco freeway what police say was to blame for a number of chain crashes early this morning, also had a chilling sight for a south bend mother when she opens her garage door to find her husband at gunpoint. plus. it's been days since water was rushing from the top floors of this high end condo in san francisco, and now residents are left wondering when they'll be able to return home. it was a little bit warmer . today. it's going to continue to warm. we've been talking about that the hottest day that we're going to be friday. we have some heat concerns for thursday, friday and potential fire. obviously, i'll see you this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity.
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be less expensive and safer underground lines in high fire threat areas and underground means fewer public safety power shutoffs. under grounding thousands of miles of power lines and the highest fire threat areas is just one part of our work to improve safety and reliability. we also established the community wildfire safety program to proactively monitor and respond to the threat of wildfire in california. and we're creating green powered micro grids building the nation's largest battery storage facility and using more and more renewables every day, so customers have clean power when they need it. the most i'm patty poppy, the new ceo, pg and e. and it is my mission to work side by side with the people of pg any to rebuild your hometown utility from the underground up. to learn more about our under grounding work. visit pg .com/ under grounding. images from a car's dashcam shows. san jose home invasion in progress
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criminals who say a woman behind the wheel of the vehicle calling 911 then jump into a stolen suv and speed off, leaving the family of three traumatized but otherwise unheard. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary live outside the san jose police headquarters with more on the investigation and how this crime also jesse victimized more than just one family. mike. that's right. investigators say surveillance video like the type you just saw key in identifying and solving these types of crimes. meanwhile one family left shaken by the ordeal. an entire neighborhood is now living in fear. it was great neighborhood until memory, the weekend homeowners and deep kadar says a burglary crew hit two homes that weekend in the barriers, a section of san jose robbery happening, but the #### my husband would ban dashcam video shows his neighbor coming home, only to find her husband held at gunpoint and the couple's 12 month old infant inside, like six people. came in
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, and two of them jumped from the back. fans got in through a window. one of them had a gun. and um, they just took everything they held them. hostage says the father was held at gunpoint while the criminals threatened to kill his child. they took debit cards, electronic jewelry, passports and i d cards. their rampage ended prematurely because the homeowners wife returned. panicked she called 911 blows her horn and scares them off from my home. absolutely traumatic and san jose police spokesman steve aponte says as work from home fades from the norm. criminals are increasingly targeting houses they believed to be empty or with few occupants inside two days before this home invasion for men burglarized an elderly woman's house four blocks away. make sure that you talk to your neighbors. make sure that you're aware that your cameras are on make sure that you have a safety net to make sure that if something happens, you have somebody there to take care of
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your residency, but our says 40 residents in this berryessa neighborhood have joined an online watch group. but in the immediate aftermath, many are afraid to let their children play outside disrupted. everything peace and neighborhood used to have our but your doors open windows open . we just kept everything closed, upgraded. some of the locks and security. and it's just a very scary feeling. detectives say the minivan used in that crime had been stolen hours earlier and has since been returned to found and returned to its owner. police hope to have enough information and video evidence to identify the criminals in this case. we're live outside san jose police headquarters this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox. two news. we'll head back to you have no claim. jesse thank you. six members of a firefighting crew were hospitalized with burn injuries , one of them critically, after working in a remote area near the angeles national forest
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today that incident happened just after 11 this morning there, the golden state highway and templin highway. four people were transported to hospitals in helicopters and two are taken by ambulances. initial reports were that the crew was taking part in a training exercise, no other details or given the napa county board of supervisors heard from pg me today about what the utility is doing to reduce the risk of wildfires, says enhanced power lines. safety settings can shut off power in 1/10 of a second if something hits one of their power lines. that could be something like a branch or a tree or even animals, such as turkey's bobcats or birds. the utility says the rapid shut off reduces the ignition by about 80. pg and e explained what happens after the power is shut off to keep everyone safe. we need to patrol the lines to find out where the damage occurred. make sure that there isn't something on the lines like a branch in this picture that could ignite if we just turn the power back on without patrolling the lines. mark van gorder says
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the pants enhanced rather, power line safety settings were implemented a few times in may. and now, he says, they will be activated more frequently as the weather warms up and fire risk increases will spend years doing what many say should have been done. long ago put those power lines underground in high fire risk areas. ktvu tom baker has more on this massive project from one spot of sonoma county that burned in the 2017 tubbs fire. when all of this is done, pg and e will have buried 10,000 miles of power lines, right smack dab in the middle of the tubbs fire burn path pg and he is in the opening phases of a massive program to bury power lines. the most critical lines in the most risky fire threat areas will be buried first underground, obviously is the best fire reduction tool we have because it reduces the ignition by 99% the utility is starting out slow, then ramping up and racking up big miles. goal is to
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underground 10,000 miles this year, 175 with 43 of those in the bay area, and there's projects going all around the bay area happening right now across the barrier, including here in santa rosa, learning as they go, the cost is expected to drop over $3 million per mile. what we're hoping to do. the next five years is reduced that by a million dollars get us somewhere around two million little over two million. retired teacher nancy thomas has been through three wildfires that have swept through her property over the decades. think in the long run, it's going to be less money for me. um they won't have to be paying all these lawsuits. like they are right now, even though the power lines are waterproof and have all kinds of other environmental protections will still be buried inside this plastic conduit for two reasons . it's also waterproof and in the event of an earthquake very, very flexible intermittently. pg and e will also bury junction boxes. where the lines will be connected to make it easy for cruz to fix brakes or diggins
5:22 pm
quickly. so to get the power back on the line from the box the box pull that line out. a brand new line in definitely will speed up the restoration process where we don't have to use a backhoe to dig up to repair by 2026. we will be one third done total 10,000 mile project all within p genies territories should be done. four years after that, how far is that? well, it's the distance from saint francisco to cape town, south africa. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright or heating up a little bit out there as we go through time, it was cool over the weekend. temperatures are stair stepping up until friday. when we get into the upper nineties, low one hundreds in the inland bay valleys and the concerns for fire. obviously even though we did get some rain, a lot of rain up in marin county earlier up to two inches of rain, some areas in the north bay an inch and a half an inch. um it's drying out quick, and it's that time of
5:23 pm
year that, of course, fire will be back on the tips of our tongs, especially as we go into, uh, friday. so let me change the graphic chill with my controller. but no longer there it is. so this is the trend temperatures going up? you'll see the bell curve, and then it drops and i mentioned this last night. and this is i think super important is that it does drop if you we get these lines, and we'll see him in the fall more typically where you just run and you the whole four days, three days of heat in this case, we're going to have a couple of days with some pretty significant heat and then some cooling influences from the ocean, so that's going to help a lot. in terms of fire danger in our concerns for that, so with that said, there's a heat advisory. it's actually right now. it's excessive heat watch for the inland bay valleys down to san jose, santa clara valley out to livermore valley. out towards santa rosa and those areas in the inland bay valley, so it's going to be pretty hot temperatures in those spots are getting too low. 100 i don't see records, but every time i say that we get a record somewhere, we are going to be concerned about fire. tomorrow is going to
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be a little warmer and then a little warmer. still as we go through the week, so there's a live camera shot. few clouds overhead and then we get a cool off right after friday, so that's the trend warmer, warmer, warmer than cooler. right into the bay area weekend. i'll be back with put it all together, and i'll give you the five day forecast as well. all right, bill. thank you. water streaming down walls and flooded floors, all at a luxury apartment building in san francisco coming up days after the flood residents want to know when they will be allowed back home and coming up tonight at six o'clock. san francisco city leaders say they're still committed to getting to zero pedestrian deaths, but some recent cases have plenty of activists concerned. the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have karl hope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 83331746. or life chat at cal hope .org today. dad i was the
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new sleep rolled mattress has made lazy sunday mornings more comfortable than ever. although i still have to make the coffee received free sheets, pillows and mattress protector with a qualifying mattress purchase of mancini's sleep world .com for details. yeah. garden hoses like roadside assistance. quality matters, so join triple a america's most recommended roadside service $5 a month. if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. hope offers free covid-19 emotional support. 8333174673. or life chat at cal hope .org today. hundreds of residents still displaced from a high rise luxury building in san francisco . days after a water leak shut down the building. and as ktvu cristina rendon reports, residents still not sure when they're actually gonna be able to return home. it's not what
5:27 pm
you'd expect to see inside of a high rise luxury condo in san francisco. this cell phone video shows water streaming down walls and pooling in the hallways of 33 to hama. a water leak forced a mandatory evacuation and shut down the building. that was friday. now it's tuesday and not a lot of answers the second time this year that a pipe has burst that's alarming, structurally and given, you know the structural issues they had when they were building it with a crane almost falling over. that's alarming. people were just gathered all around, not knowing what's going on. so like we still don't know what's going on. we're just waiting for updates. some say updates are hard to come by. residents tell us management put them up in a hotel over the weekend, only to learn they had to be out by monday because the hotel was overbooked. management says they provided hotel accommodations to tenants in various locations and acknowledge they've had to re book some tenants due to limited availability. kind of promised one thing and it hasn't really been the case, so several of us are scrambling to figure out
5:28 pm
where we're going to go. next is very frustrating because the hotel room is very small and, um, the beds are very small arvada grants unit on the lower levels was spared, but she's had to miss work and buy clothes due to the building's closure. she feels for others who have had damage to their apartments on the upper floors. it was an accident. things happen. um and i believe our staff is working to try and get everyone taken care of. people pay a lot to live here and there was least renewal's going around, almost doubling the rent, like maybe like nine. i had one person. that i knew was like there was offered $9000 for, like a one bedroom or something. and then this happened. management says the cause of the water leak is under investigation, and they're working on repairs. there's no estimate on when the building will reopen, but they're letting tenants back into their apartments to get things by appointment. i have absolutely no hope that we're going to be able to move in anytime soon or recover all the lost funds anytime soon, so we're just going to move. many residents
5:29 pm
say they've been told the elevators are damaged beyond repair, so it's going to take a lot of electrical work before things can get back up and running. and they're preparing to be displaced at least a week , if not much longer. in san francisco, cristina rendon ktvu fox two news. city hall up for grabs in san jose a live look at the race for mayor coming up, plus so wild and deadly scene on a bay area freeway. a multi vehicle crash two suspected d u i driver's and a motorcyclist killed after falling dozens of feet. down onto a car. there's was a passionate love story. we had this whirlwind romance romance. my finger was severed became the world's obsession. i thought he was gonna kill me now versus amber from love to hate tonight at nine. checking in on san francisco pride events. what's next for the city's d a. and possible changes to covid restrictions. tomorrow morning's onto is live with mayor breed plus whether you plan to jet set
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three years in a row, man. sleep world your headquarters for temper. pedic visit, sleep world .com. our coverage of the primary continues now at 5 30 attorney general rob bonta turned in his ballot today the attorney general hoping to be elected to a full term, it is a big race we are closely following and in the bay area, san jose voters are deciding on a new mayor with current mayor sam liccardo terming out ktvu lamonica peter is live tonight in the south bay and lamonica. there are a number of people on that ballot looking to become the next mayor of san jose. absolutely there are at least six people on the ballot for mayor here, and i've been here in san jose at the registrar for the last few hours. i've seen people coming in to drop off their ballots to actually do their vote. and they tell me there are a lot of important issues that really matter to them. but first i want to talk to evelyn mendez. she is the public affairs manager for the registrar, and she's going to talk to me about how today's been been going. so evelyn um, i
5:33 pm
want to know what you guys needed to do today to get set up for june 7th. okay well, we had to hire a lot of votes center staff. we have 101 vote centers that are open and 99 drop boxes, so we needed vote center staff and couriers to pick up the ballots at all those locations, so there's staffing. prepping who's going to work in the office to help open and flatten all the ballots that are coming in. so of course, we know that everyone gets a ballad here in california. so this is a midterm and what are how many ballots have come in so far, do you know? yes. so 199,000 have come in have been returned as of about an hour ago. that's 19% were hoping for 35 to 45% by the end of the night or the end of the certification. okay and, um, i know that it's a little early, but when can we expect to have, like a final count or when you know, you know that all of the ballots are in tonight tonight our first results will be up at 801. so by law, that's when we are allowed to release the first set of results. that'll happen
5:34 pm
at 801, and we'll update periodically and then every day at five o'clock, okay and tell us what time the polls close here. the vote centers close at eight p.m. so we're encouraging voters to get to a vote center to drop their ballot off here, get it at a drop box as long as they do it by eight o'clock, or if they're getting it postmarked. it has to be by today. thank you. thank you, evelyn. okay so we are going to stay here and san jose at the registrar and later on tonight, i'll give you more. information about mayor's right. as well. as the all around lamonica peters live there in san jose lamonica. thank you. los angeles voters are picking a new mayor today. there are 12 names on the ballot, but the front runners are democratic congresswoman karen bass and billionaire republican turned democrat rick caruso. if no candidate clears 50% which is likely with the crowded ballot, the top two finishers will advance to a november runoff. incumbent mayor
5:35 pm
eric garcetti is ineligible to seek a third term due to term limits. 18 states are holding primaries throughout the month of june 7th or happening this week along with california, iowa , mississippi, montana, new jersey, new mexico and south dakota, all holding primaries today. in mississippi republican congressman steven palazzo is facing six challengers, his largest ever field of competitors battling for his seat after a congressional ethics group raised questions about his campaign spending. and stay with ktvu. as election results come in, we will have a live blog on our website that will be updating local races throughout the evening. it's all at ktvu .com/ election. the son of an 86 year old woman killed in the racist driven buffalo, mass shooting is calling on congress to act against domestic terrorism. i ask every one of you to imagine. the faces of your mother's as you look at mine. and ask yourself, is there nothing? that we can do. his
5:36 pm
appeal during a senate judiciary committee. domestic terrorism hearing comes as lawmakers are working to region narrow bipartisan deal on gun reform tomorrow, a house committee will hold a hearing on gun violence with testimony from an 11 year old survivor of the body. texas shooting the walnut creek city council is considering an ordinance that would require gun owners to safely store their weapons. now california already makes it a crime for gun owners to leave weapons and any location in which a child can access them without a parent's permission. but there are no state laws requiring safety devices such as lockboxes or trigger locks. several cities, including an attack and pleasant to endure require guns to be locked up inside the home. that meeting starts in less than a half hour. a series of chain reaction crashes at a busy san francisco interchange ended with a motorcyclist dead early this morning. authorities say. two drivers also ended up in jail for suspected d u i r crime reporter henry lee here now with
5:37 pm
the details on what happened, henry julie, this biker was just trying to avoid a crash in the dark, and he ended up losing his life. a series of incidents on a san francisco freeway entertains led to the death of a motorcycle rider and the arrest of two drivers for wi it began at about 3 30 in the morning, the driver of a nissan who the chp says was drunk, spun out on the elevated curve ramp connecting southbound 1012 eastbound 80. vehicles blocking one of the traffic lanes. a witness call 911 but before officers arrived, motorcyclists, um approached the nissan um. and ended up losing control while trying to avoid a collision, but in trying not to hit the disabled nissan tragedy struck assumption is he swerved to the right? and collided with the wall on the right. which then caused him to be thrown over the wall. on the right side. the biker fell about 40 to 50 ft onto a honda traveling on the ramp connecting westbound 82
5:38 pm
southbound 101. the honda stopped and the motorcyclists ended up on the pavement. the motorcyclist is believed to have been struck by at least one possibly more vehicles while he was laying on the pavement, but it wasn't over a subaru, whose driver, according to the chp, was also drunk. rear ended the honda the motorcyclist, a man in his thirties, died. a tow truck removed the honda from the scene . the honda driver suffered minor injuries. the drivers of the nissan that spun out and the subaru were both arrested on suspicion of dui. their arrests , a reminder of the dangers of driving while intoxicated and the fact that you can be arrested even when you weren't pulled over in the first place. the chp says they make do i arrest at all times of the day? not just before dawn. day and night every day of the week. this question. destination is continuing. any witnesses are asked to contact the chp reporting live henry lee ktvu fox studios. still to come. the
5:39 pm
decision today from federal health advisors that could appeal to those who have been hesitant to get a covid shot and we will take you to boston as the warriors get ready for game three coming up here from our joe fonzi, along with steph curry and klay thompson. kyle slogan, the breakers, jordan thomas band one on fox two. ktvu fox two news app. investigators say the man shot and killed a safeway grocery store employee after being confronted over a possible theft, hoping again that folks will come forward and help provide us with information ceo wants to cancel the purchase agreement if twitter does not providing data on spam and fake accounts. this was the scene of an east san jose, hundreds of people cheering on drivers doing illegal stunts. ktvu fox two news app. when it comes to insurance. nobody gives you coverage confidence like triple a only they offer trusted auto and home insurance, plus
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eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pains or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist. about two picks in a breakthrough eczema treatment. a more traditional kind of covid vaccine is a step closer to becoming the fourth option for americans. fda advisers today voted to recommend authorization of shots made by novavax for adults. so this is a protein vaccine more conventional technology than the dominant fighter and moderna shots and the lesser used johnson and johnson option. boxes. jonathan serrie as the story. we could have another vaccine option in the fight against covid-19. today, the fda is vaccine advisers reviewed data on the nova vax formula voting to recommend the shots for americans, 18 years and older. the two dough series uses
5:42 pm
traditional protein technology that is different from fighters and moderna's marin a shots we make it into a little particle about the size of the virus. when i'm use cell sees that it becomes quite activated. the panel weighed the vaccines possible side effects, including rare cases of heart inflammation , novak says maybe coincidental and not caused by the shots. the fda as advisers also considered whether 1/4 vaccine option is needed the drugmaker confident it's formula can play a role in the pandemic, especially among those skeptical of mrna vaccines . anything we can do to get people more comfortable to be able to accept these potentially lifesaving medical product is something that we feel we are compelled to do next week, federal regulators will consider recommending fighters and modernist vaccines. for children as young as six months old. a green light would open up vaccinations to more than 19 million americans. if you look
5:43 pm
at the already existing population, immunity and the low efficacy of these virus of these vaccines in children a lot of people are going to say no, thank you. novak says it will soon asked the fda to authorize it shots for americans as young as 12 years old in atlanta in serie fox news. because the novavax vaccine is more traditional vaccine experts think it may appeal to those who have not been or have been hesitant to get the shot. despite the fact that the m rna vaccines work great, um, essentially only 67% of the us population that's eligible, has had two doses of the m rna vaccine. so we are behind countries, latin america, europe in terms of uptake of the vaccine, there's some people who just don't want it. and they've you know if they don't want it. this is the alternative is the first alternative. that we're going to have in this country with novavax, just a totally traditional protein adjuvant, and it works just as well. novak
5:44 pm
says its next step with the vaccine is to get approval for use in children and then for people who need booster doses to maintain protection against covid-19. gilroy garlic festival is back. with a twist coming up. the planned party will happen this summer, but with a different name in a different city also had the new incentive from animal shelters in the city to encourage more adoptions. and we're looking into that weather is heating up. we talked about that last night, so it gets pretty hot on friday, especially inland will look at the five day forecast next. oh, yeah. second in many places, things that. i swear i live in
5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
floor here in boston today in preparation for game three. they know that things will be different as far as xs and os are concerned, and they also know that they'll be playing in one of the most traditional and hostile venues in the entire nba being hostile environments where you get tested? you get pushed? yeah. in our experience kind of shows at the right time. we always know how to just find a way to win games. no matter what style it is high scoring, low scoring, defensive battle. shoot out whatever it is. and we find, uh. another level of grit and determination. you know, this team plays very well at home. and you know, usually on our championship runs, you have to get a road winner to complete the mission. so this is not a new scenario for us and it comes down to just playing that brand of warrior basketball that allows us to be successful. the warriors currently hold the record for most consecutive playoff series with at least one
5:48 pm
win on the road at 26 to make it four championships in eight years. they'll have to extend that streak to 27. in boston. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. san francisco 49ers held the first practice of a three day mandatory minicamp today in star receiver deebo. samuel was in camp despite his recent request to be treated, samuel did not suit up and did not participate in drills. he is eligible for a contract extension. and after today's practice, head coach kyle shanahan did not comment on the negotiations but indicated that 49ers and deebo samuel are indeed talking. shanahan also said it is unlikely samuel will suit up and practice this week. the california garlic festival is set to make its debut in stockton's later this summer. that event is set to take place at the san joaquin county fairgrounds on august 13th and 14th and is being run by the same person who puts on the asparagus festival in may. the announcement comes more than a month after the cancelation of
5:49 pm
the gilroy garlic festival. organizers cited rising insurance costs and liability concerns santa clara county has created a new office seemed giving children and families the necessary tools to succeed in life. the opposite children and families. policy will assess departments countywide. including public health, public safety and the criminal justice system. the office plans to rely on data and reporting to determine whether children are receiving the assistance they need to succeed. the program is aimed at helping children 17 and younger but is willing to help anyone up to the age of 24. nevada residents are being encouraged to voice their opinion on the issue of gas powered leaf blowers. nobody said city council is considering a ban and wants to hear from the public at its july 12th meeting . city leaders say band gas powered leaf blowers would align with the city's effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. many bay area cities have already been such equipment. residents can also fill out an online survey on the city's website at novato .org. in san francisco,
5:50 pm
both animal care and control and the s p. c. a have waived fees to encourage more dog adoptions . officials say pandemic related delays in spain and neuter surgeries have filled the shelters in the city with homeless dogs and adding to the problem, a decline in the number of people adopting dogs, especially larger dogs, as life slowly returns to normal. the s p. c. a, is now waving adoption fees for all adult dogs aged five months and up as part of its summer of 11 adoption promotion and animal care as wave. adoption fees for all dog. through june 30th. alright temperatures tomorrow going to be just slightly warmer than they were today is going to be a little breezy out there as well as we look at the pressure set up for the next couple of days at high is building out of the desert southwest. that's where the heat's coming from. that's why southern california sort of under the gun. for this, um this pattern. in other words, they're concerned about fire, danger and red flag warnings, obviously, a lot stronger winds, but that
5:51 pm
heat will build up far enough in our direction that we'll see that heat advisory on friday. for the inland valleys of the bay area, down to the santa clara valley and over 100 degrees and again, it's not the end of the world, but it's definitely something to pay attention to. and of course, with the heat comes to dryness and the fire danger concerns, so there's the excessive heat watch in the zones. the forecast is kind of works out pretty well in our favor. here is a long range model, and i'm going to do is show you when things cool off because that's what matters to us. in terms of fire. so there's wednesday tomorrow here comes thursday. see everything pumping up to the north. that's the ridge pushing their everything that way friday saturday, right there, it starts to cool off saturday night into sunday morning, so that's what we're looking for. and that's if we weren't showing that if we didn't have that, to look forward to, i would be a bit more concerned and we'll be talking a little bit more about concerns for fire. obviously so live camera outside beautiful day, beautiful bay area. we are going to be in tron track for another really nice day again
5:52 pm
tomorrow. comma cloud to the north, bringing rain to the pacific northwest. for us, it just increases the pressure grading a little bit so we have winds tomorrow. this is tomorrow afternoon, and then again. tomorrow wednesday, thursday afternoon. pardon me right so you can see that the bulls eyes right? it's kind of more of a on the coastal, but you do notice the wind shift on thursdays coming offshore, so that's going to win. the heat up begins. so right now the winds are still going the right way and they keep going the right way on prior on wednesday, but then on thursday, they'll switch and that's when temperatures warm up. and friday. that's when we get the heat advisory for the inland bay valleys overnight, low forecast in the fifties forecast highs tomorrow easily into the eighties and maybe low nineties and the warmest spots. the forecast for antioch, fairfield upper eighties santa rosa 87 82 in livermore, and in the five day forecast, so the concern here is thursday, friday and friday saturday as well the fogs and come back and see more of an onshore flow. but these
5:53 pm
two days we're going to be seeing the wind switch. that's a dry direction. and that's getting nothing unusual, but just of note, i'll see you back here at six. right, bill. thank you. drought conditions have forced the temporary closure of a popular hiking trail in joshua tree national park in southern california. the national park service, says the trail which leads to 49 palms, oasis is closed so bighorn sheep can have undisturbed access to water. the part is enduring extreme drought conditions in bighorn herds in the area rely on the oasis spring has survived those hot summer months. the closure will remain in effect until summer. monsoon rains provide enough water for the bighorns. a little too close for comfort. here, take a look at this one. a fisherman off the coast of new jersey encountered a great white shark and it was caught on video . jim piazza was fishing off the shore line on saturday when he got up close. at this great white less than a mile off the coast of sea isle city. he estimates that shark to be about 12 ft. long and adds the video
5:54 pm
does not do his size justice. great whites have been seen off the jersey shore, but getting this close to the shoreline is considered rare. a promising cancer study why researchers say their recent drug trial on colon cancer was a real breakthrough and coming up tonight at six o'clock, crime and homelessness are at the top of many voters minds look at how that's shaping some key races here. and the implications. those races may have elsewhere and we are following other news outside the election tonight, including new information about a number of pedestrians killed on san francisco city streets how city leaders are now trying to make those streets safer, moving forward. this portion another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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eat fresh refresh at subway, and now they're refreshing their classics all about you're going to talk about classics. you should get a class classes refresh because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so how are we going to refresh the tom brady and i got an idea. you take the tag line, buddy. you gotta refresh too. ah line on the teleprompter. you had one job subway keep refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. lyric embraces lgbt youth for who they are and works towards social change through education, career training and leadership development. this pride month support lyric by going to ktvu .com/ giving day. meet the parents. leonard's parents, my hateful shrew to you, you wrinkled old #### next big bang tonight at 77 30 on fox two. researchers at a major cancer hospital in new york are
5:57 pm
announcing a potential breakthrough in the ongoing fight against rectal cancer. they say a recent drug trial administered to a small group of patients wiped out the disease in every single patient. but josina iliopoulos has the story. a potential breakthrough for the thousands of people across the globe suffering from rectal cancer. a team of researchers at new york's memorial sloan kettering conducted a trial on 18 rectal cancer patients. all the patients took an experimental drug made by glaxosmithkline every three weeks for six months after six months, researchers were astonished to discover that the cancer had vanished in every single patient, which particularly really exciting about this. is the potential for immunotherapy by itself to be given to patients in a way that they may never need, you know, chemotherapy. researchers described the news as quote unheard of and said, this is the first time a drug had an effect
5:58 pm
like this on a particular cancer. there was also no evidence of cancer during follow up appointments, 6 to 25 months after the trial concluded, doctors were surprised to find that no further treatment was needed, and none of the patients had significant complications during the trial is really a remarkable difference, and it really could dramatically impact , you know, obviously the quality of life and the survival of patients with rectal cancer, doctors caution that more research will need to be done on a larger study group to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. obviously, it's very small and much. you know, much longer follow up will be needed. it's only 12 patients behave. you know, we're in college is we have to be optimists right and the treatment is not cheap. the new york times reports that the price tag is $11,000 per dose. and iliopoulos fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six election night in california, and we are now just two hours away from the polls. closing
5:59 pm
voters stand to make some big decisions on which candidates advanced to the general election. but the question is how low will turn out be good evening, everyone and mike mibach julie julie haener. several important decisions are in front of voters today, including whether governor newsom should be eligible for another term who they want to send to congress and whether to remove san francisco's district attorney from office. the governor faces another vote on his political future, less than nine months after he defeated the attempt to recall him. this time around, he faces none of the challengers from that recall election nor any other prominent names from either major party. recent polling shows republican state senator brian doll or unaffiliated activist michael shellenberger. could challenge newsom in the general election reminder in the majority of elections in california. the top two candidates in the primary advanced to the general election and in the race for attorney general incumbent rob bonta is asking voters for his first full term. it's his first statewide election after governor newsom appointed him when javier
6:00 pm
becerra was named health and human services secretary in washington, d. c some of his most prominent challengers include former federal prosecutor nathan hochman and eric early, the legal counsel for the campaign to recall governor newsom. sacramento. district. and marie schubert also in that race voters have two senate races on their ballots, one on whether senator alex padilla should fill the remainder of kamala harris's term, which expires in january. he faces another race on whether he should get his own six year term. republican attorney mark mosher is among those challenging padilla for reelection, and voters will also be deciding who to send to congress. arguably the biggest race to watch will be who will eventually fill congresswoman jackie speier seats were announced in november that she would not seek re election after representing the peninsula since 2000 and 81 key race that received nationwide attention is proposition h. the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin


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