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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ ktve to recall district attorney chase aberdeen tonight the d a says it's about a reform movement while those who want him out, say it's about leadership. results showed different systems and democrats lost right from every single neighborhood. what new leadership to manage a d a s
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office that has been thrown in the chaos. it was never about specifically which person gets to be in the office of the district attorney. this is a movement, not a moment in history. chaser burdine speaking there just a few minutes ago about not giving up the fight for criminal justice reform, while voters blame san francisco's d, a for an uptick in certain crimes, and tonight they have voted to remove him from office. good evening, everyone and mike mibach julie julie haener, we will show you those recall numbers in just a moment, but first, let's get you caught up on two statewide races in tonight's primary election. governor gavin newsom is facing reelection. this was not expected to be a close race at this hour. the governor has 61% of the vote cruising to an early lead, and we now know he will face republican brian deli on the november ballot, and here's a look at the lieutenant governor's race incumbent eleni cooney. lakis has 56% of the vote. at this point. she's either going to face republican david fennel or republican angela underwood jacobs in
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november's general election. jacobs there with 18% but still there is a race for second place there. all right. here's the big race being watched in san francisco and beyond voters choosing to recall san francisco district attorney chase a boudin here's a look at the results. 60% saying yes, while 40% saying no ktvu is amber lee has been monitoring this race and she joins us not live now from san francisco, where boudin's camp has gathered, amber. julie we're at the ramp. it's an outdoor venue here in the mission bay neighborhood, the d. h just finished speaking just a few minutes ago. he did not officially conceived but did say he's just getting started, he said. this is not a moment, but a movement. people are angry. they're frustrated. and i want to be very clear. about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires. outspent us 3 to 1. they exploited an environment
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in which people are appropriately upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing. voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity. now go to the marina district to delmar bar where the recall chaser boudin campaign is celebrating. they say this is a moment that comes after a lot of hard work. volunteers told me they joined that campaign because they simply did not feel safe. they say this win will make them feel safer. they're more optimistic about the future . now going back to the d a. he did not say whether he plans to run this november, but he did tell me in a way. one on one interview earlier that he does plan to run in november of next
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year. that is the latest from here. julie mike and amber. did you get a sense from the crowd there tonight? whether or not they want chaser burdine to actually run this coming november. mhm absolutely. there's a lot of enthusiasm in this crowd. they were chanting along with him, and they say they are with him. 100% he was introduced by supervisor hillary ronen, who has been a long time supporter. they say this is only the beginning. they're going to fight for criminal justice, reform and amber. what happens now? what's next? is mayor london breed. select someone to be d a until the next election. that's right, julie. so let me explain. there's a that process that department of elections director john arns tells me he has to certify the vote, and he hopes to be able to do that, by the time the board of supervisors meeting that's scheduled for june 28th if he gets that in time, then after that the porter supervisor in
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that meeting, declares the results and then the mayor cannot appoint anyone any earlier than 10 days from that, and if you do the count, that's july that brings us to july 8th. so if everything goes as planned , then the chaser boudin will be out of office in a new d a will be in office by early july. alright? amber lee reporting live there in san francisco. thank you. well san francisco's recall of chasing bodine is a spotlighting a theme up and down the ballot, which is law and order could see voters send a message through a number of big races tonight. political reporter greg lee with us now, and jason between always said that this recall was an attack right out of the republican playbook. but democrats were pointing the finger at him in san francisco. so the debate here greg is, is there something brewing within the democratic party here in california made it beyond or is this you think just an isolated incident? but i think this tells us and you heard amber say it is that voters in san francisco were frustrated with crime in the city, and i think we would be wise to be cautious about
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inferring too much on a grand scale. and you hear chasing boudin talking about republicans , and i think certainly the recall effort was funded in part by some republicans. but let's be square. the percentages are 93 to 7 democrats in san francisco. so certainly a lot of frustrated democrats. we have seen the phrase law and order and races up and down the state and at the root of it. candidates recognizing california voters concerns with issues of crime and homelessness , perhaps the most contentious statewide race, the vote for state attorney general and, as expected, progressive democrat rob bonta, the top vote getter so far 58% of the vote. the question is who would come in a second across a wide spectrum of stances so far republican nathan hochman 17% he's campaign sort of on that middle ground between tough on crime and reform. close behind at 15% is eric early, who was certainly more conservative . he's at 15% and in fourth is the green party candidate.
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notice you do not see d a n. marie schubert from sacramento. she ran as an independent had a lot of name recognition and yet failed to gain any traction there. here is what the two major state parties said about the issue of crime today. when you know you're running for governor, you're running for dog catcher. i think it's going to be incredibly difficult for you to run with that t behind your name is very clear what democrats one party rule has done to our state boat at the statewide level and the local level california voters are sick and tired of the soft on crime policies. they want to bring their streets back to a safe place. where not only they can live and thrive, but they can build their families and where their communities california has continued to lead the way when it comes to lined order and protecting, um all californians , whether they're republicans, democrats or independents and you mentioned you know our attorney general. he is leading the way, ensuring that we are
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protecting a person's right to an abortion or pushing back on senseless gun violence that we're seeing rampant of across the nation. and so, um, you know, i think our statewide lineup is ensuring that we're keeping californians safe. political analysts say tonight's results could cement what we see from campaign messaging moving forward into november, vontaze opponents had tried to tie him to progressive prosecutors like jason bodine. ponds as large lead over the pack right now, perhaps further, emphasizing the point that san francisco's results are not indicative of much more than frustrations specific to the city and boudin. we will wait and see as more votes are counted. who will face bonta in november? not only that race in san francisco, but the mayor's raised down in los angeles is a national story as well. we'll touch on that a little bit later in the newscast, but alright greg lee, thank you. thanks, greg. and while many places around the bay area seeing an uptick in crime, few counties are voting on new districts district attorneys
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that includes contra costa county, dina beckton is running for reelection there, while mary knox is hoping to replace her. bactine currently has 58% of the vote. while knox has 42% pectin has served as d a and contra costa county since 2000 and 18. knox is a deputy district attorney for the county and alameda county is also voting on a new district attorney after three terms, nancy o'malley announced she is retiring. here's a look at who could replace her. the current numbers show civil rights attorney pamela price has 40% of the vote. chief assistant district attorney terry wiley has 31% deputy district attorney jimmy wilson has 20% and seth stewart right now coming in at 9% now to the city of san jose, where city residents are voting for a new mayor, current mayor sam liccardo is being termed out. and two candidates appeared poised to move on to that general election. and that is santa clara county supervisor there. cindy chavez with 40% of the votes so far, and council
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member matt mehan with 32% of the vote mayhem, actually a relative newcomer. to the political scene there in san jose ktvu lamonica peters has been monitoring this race. she joins us live from cindy chavez party lamonica. that's right. mike the people of san jose had seven candidates to choose from for mayor. and now there are two cindy chavez and matt mayhem. now i am at the san jose women's club, and this is where hundreds of chavez his supporters have gathered here tonight. she just spoke about 20 minutes ago. and, of course, she thanked her supporters, but she talked about the people who are supporting her. she mentioned women's groups and labor groups. i also stopped by matt may hands campaign a few minutes ago as well, and he talked about his campaign being very grassroots, he said. in the last couple of weeks, he's been knocking on doors making phone calls, and he wasn't surprised that he is one of the top two candidates left in this race. so i want you to
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take a listen to what they both told me. when i spoke with them earlier, it was all about grassroots engagement. we have knocked on tens of thousands of doors held house parties and every neighborhood across the city. as people hear our message. they come to our side and join our campaign, so we just need to keep doubling down on voter outreach. what people are excited about. is they recognize that you know, i have a track record i'm experiencing, but i'm completely prepared to take us in a new direction. yeah. now for those who may not be clear about this. the reason they are having a runoff in november is because neither candidate earned 50% of the vote so they will be having a runoff race in november, so i'm here in san jose. we're going to stay here for the for the remainder of the night will be back at 11 to tell you what's happening. yeah come november, looks like someone who's been in the political realm here for decades versus someone again, who is a newcomer to the scene there, at least in santa clara county. lamonica peters live in san jose lamonica. thank you for that.
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also in santa clara county, a race to be the next sheriff. five people are running to replace sheriff laurie smith. here are the top two at this point in the evening. you can see bob johnson with 35% of the vote and kevin jensen with 29% of the vote. current sheriff laurie smith if you may remember, announced plans to retire after 49 years where the slant scenic clara county sheriff's office, she has been indicted on multiple civil corruption charges. and has also been criticized for several inmates. sheriff smith has denied the charges against her. it is tabulation time boxes of ballots are being brought here. they're being unpacked. ballots are being scanned. votes are being tallied. we're going to bring you inside the talib room here in contra costa county, coming up in a live report. and for the first time time since 2000 and eight there's a congressional seat that is open on the peninsula coming up. we talk with congresswoman jackie speier and the two candidates who appear to be the top ones
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heading into november. and here's a look now at some other statewide races, state superintendent of public instruction tony thurman is running for re election this year and hoping to hold off six challengers at this hour. thurman has a big lead with 49% of the vote, and here is a quick look at the race for secretary of state here in california, shirley weber was 63% of the vote. ron bernoff ski with 18% at 10 o'clock news back after the break.
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thed from precincts and election workers tabulate those votes. ktvu is brooks jarocz life for us tonight at the contra costa county elections office in martinez can imagine a very busy evening there, brooks it is once nine o'clock hit and just picked up from there to give you an idea. see these boxes over here? there are 153 of them collected from each of the polling locations, and that's what's being loaded into machines. all the ballots inside there being put over here and these machines and then being tabulated. i want to bring in tommy gong, who is the clerk recorder? deputy chief here, tommy. thanks for being with us tonight. tell us a little bit about the work and what we're seeing here behind this. welcome to our ballot counting room. it's actually our most most secure room. in our elections department. and that's
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because we take security, you know, with very, very important to us. so what we're doing here is the ballots are coming in from the polling place and they're being situated by the scanners. staff is imaging them through the machine. and the machine itself through the software is tabulating the ballots. so when this work is done, this isn't just any volunteers over here. these are people who are very highly qualified that you have trained yes, exactly. we bring these folks in about a month before the election to be trained on all the procedures with regard to the machines how they function if there's a jam how to clear the jam. um and you know how to finish off all the counting proper accounting that occurs so this is really, you know, a very high secure arrangement that we have here. these staff that we have here are actually subject to background checks. again chain of custody procedures, always two people with the ballots and we have video surveillance in this room. we saw a lot of those
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boxes getting scanned in. and right now we see behind you a lot of those boxes getting unloaded and then put into these scanners, and i do want to mention something. tommy's son is over here, and he has been working this too. so for you as a dad, what has it been like to see your son involved in work that you do, but also to see that he gets to take part in the election process. this way. yes you know, it brings great pride to me to having you know, a member of my family is actually my son, my oldest son to be part of it, um you know, he was very young when i got started in the elections world and so he had no idea all of the work that we that i do. and especially a later election night. so here he is, you know, standing inside this side. with our staff counting those ballots so far. what would you say about turnout? i know it's on the low side, especially on election day itself. yes we're looking at about 13,700 ballots being cast in person today. and so you are still thinking that we're going
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to hit about 30% overall and turnout when all of a sudden done tommy, thanks so much for your time tonight will let you get back to your crew over here . as they continue to tabulate. we heard someone shout earlier that they're about halfway through, so they're loading up these pallets. there are four of them. so they're getting those results in slowly but surely, and they do hope to be wrapped up by midnight, so we'll see if that happens for now. reporting live in martinez, brooks jarocz . ktvu fox two news broke. don't know if tom is still there was going to ask him. he kept talking a lot of security there. i don't know if this is new security from the last couple of years or if there's also been any bumps in the road just tonight. let's ask him again. tommy has the security changed at all over the you know, the last since the last election you talked about new measures have been put in place. what are we talking about? specifically there. yeah in terms of ballot inventory controls the scanning . we do the boxes at each checkpoint. we're scanning the boxes. to be sure, every boxes being accounted for from the point that is picked up out of
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the out of the vehicle when it goes up to the elevator, and when they checked into this room here so we do that again. the video surveillance. we just installed that recently to be able to see all the action that's going on in the office in this room, especially so that if we ever need to look back on the on the recording them we could do so. and i know some people are not a fan of technology doing all the work, but that's not the case here. i know there still is a lot of checking, double checking triple checking by the human eye as well. yes, that's exactly right. so there is before the election, and before we count any ballots, we go through pre lord free logic and accuracy testing to be sure that the machine is counting properly. and then after election day, we're required to do 1% of the ballots. manually tallied, and then we compare them to the machine count to see if there's any difference, and there never is. there's always something to account for all of the software, counting the
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belgium properly. tommy gong. thanks so much. i know you're on it. and mike like you were saying there are so many different security measures they put in place specifically scanning these boxes, time and time again through several checkpoints as we saw tonight. nice to have it in place right there. tommy brooks. appreciate that. thank you very much. contra costa county is voting in a new sheriff. this has been a heated race leading up to tonight. current sheriff david livingston is running for reelection and at this point he does have 61% of the vote. benjamin theriot has been a police officer in the city of richmond since 2000 and nine is hoping to replace living stand at this point in the evening. he has 39% of the vote. alameda county also voting in on a new sheriff, current sheriff greg hearn, is open for another term . at this point, gregory hearn has 36% of the vote, so he's in second place here to yesenia sanchez. currently alameda county sheriff division commander as you can see there
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in first place with 47% of the vote. this is a tight race and something we're going to keep an eye on here as sheriff ahern has been in office for quite some time there in the county. congresswoman jackie speier has represented the peninsula since 2000 and eight and now she is retiring. here's a look at the candidates hoping to replace her california state assemblyman kevin mullin and san mateo county supervisor david canada were considered front runners heading into tonight's primary. here's a look at the numbers right now. canada has 25% of the vote. mullen has 41% these two are running neck and neck and early polling leading up to today's election. but as you can see right now, kevin mullin with an early lead over david, canada , ktvu jana katsuyama. she's monitoring this race for us tonight. she joins us now live in burlingame. mullins camp is hosting a watch party tonight, janna. that's right, julie. we're here at the watch party and you know, congresswoman jackie speier endorsed kevin
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mullin and actually called him tonight. we're joined by the speaker pro tem right now. thanks so much for joining us, and you know, this was an open primary. so there were seven candidates. how do you feel now, going into november, a general election where it's just going to be you, and it appears to be another democrat. well first of all, we are thrilled with the results tonight. it's a resounding result. and you mentioned jackie speier's endorsement that absolutely was crucial in the size of the margin we have, but also i've been representing many of these voters for the last 10 years and the california state assembly so a bit of a known commodity there and qualifications. that experience was our message, and we will carry that to november. my hope is that we can consolidate support. among the democratic candidates will be reaching out to the other democrats tomorrow. with the exception mr canada who it looks like i'll be competing against certainly hope we have a positive campaign, mr canopy and myself, but i think i'll be called the front runner, but you always run a as if you're the underdog, and that's that's our plan between now and november. thanks so much for
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joining us a big margin, but certainly, as you mentioned quite a little bit of a distance between now and november, assembly member a member kevin mullin, who is the front runner tonight. we also earlier stopped by the watch party of david canada, who's the san mateo county supervisor? take a look at the video. this was his party at atlas pizza in san bruno, the san mateo county supervisor thanked his campaign volunteers and said that he is excited for a potential showdown in november. my vision for this county is to make sure before generation san mateo county resident so that my son can stay here. this county has become a county of the haves and the have have nots. my candidacy represents bringing back the middle class. and this election is going to be quite different from previous elections because of redistricting. the candidates are running in this new congressional district 15 shown
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in this map. congresswoman jackie spears in washington, d. c. talked with me tonight. she said that fundamentally, there won't be huge changes, but she does say with so many critical issues such as gun violence, abortion and housing ahead, she is vowing to help whoever wins this seat to hit the ground running. i want to be there for him or whomever is selected by the voters to make sure that he has a quick start and that he has a head start. so i will be there for my um, person who succeeds me in every way that i can't. and of course, congresswoman spear serving out the rest of her term for congress. congressional district 14. but here both here at the muhlenkamp and also as a kind of canopy camp, both of them are saying they're just really looking forward to trying to put out their best effort, put the issues out in front and let the voters decide. julie and both
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not new to politics. alright, jana katsuyama live for us tonight at the kevin mullin watch party in burlingame. thank you. a number of local u. s. representatives are looking to hold on to their congressional seats and among them, speaker of the house and san francisco representative nancy pelosi. she's running for reelection, aiming to extend her run of more than 30 years in congress right now, as you can see, she is cruised obviously, to an easy victory tonight. she has 72% of the vote early lead there. and east bay representative barbara lee is also running for reelection. right now, here's a look at the latest numbers there . barbara lee in a commanding lead right now, with 85% of the vote. we are following other news outside of the election tonight, coming up in just two minutes here. luxury high rise condo in san francisco facing a massive water leak the hundreds of people displaced tonight. also ahead, a man held at gunpoint in his own home with his baby nearby, how south by neighbors are taking action to keep
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so n home after a water leak forces the closure of a luxury high rise condominium. want to show you cell phone video from friday, showing water streaming down walls and pulling in the hallways of 33 to hema. it's now tuesday, and residents say they have not received a lot of answers. it's the second time this year that a pipe has burst. that's alarming, structurally and given, you know the structural issues that had when they were building it, with the crane almost falling over. that's alarming. people were just gathered all around, not knowing what's going on. so like we still don't know what's going on. we're just waiting for updates. judgment says the cause of the water leak is under investigation and they are working on repairs. meantime there's no estimate on when that building will reopen. police in san francisco have arrested a man who they say attack people at random in the mission district last night. 30 year old milton flores was arrested for
10:29 pm
attempted murder after stabbing someone at 18th and shot well around 11 o'clock, police say flores attacked the 40 year old victim from behind it began to stab him repeatedly. his injuries are considered life threatening. police say floors, then tried to stab three other people a few blocks away, 16th in cap streets. they were not injured. presidents of wen san jose neighborhood have formed an online neighborhood watch group after a home invasion robbery over memorial day weekend dash cam video shows and women coming home to find her husband held at gunpoint and the couple's 12 month old baby inside. police say at least six people came into their house taking debit cards, electronic jewelry, passports and id cards. used to have our what? your doors open our windows open. we just kept everything closed, have upgraded some of the locks and security. and it's just a very scary feeling. investigators are working to identify the suspects
10:30 pm
. police say criminals are increasingly targeting homes believed to be empty as more people returned to the office still to come. we do have much more on tonight's primary election after the break the results setting the stage for november's midterm where power is up for grabs in congress. we'll take a closer look at that coming up next. we're live at san francisco district attorney chase aberdeen's election night gathering. we have an exclusive one on one interview with him about his reaction and what comes next coming up and los angeles voters weighing in on a contentious mayor's race there, look at the latest results and how it
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oh r governor to be close this primary tonight. governor
10:33 pm
gavin newsom cruise to an early lead. here's a look at the current numbers 59% to 15% and we know that who will advance to the november election. it's right there. brian south or brian dalli. excuse me. he's in second again with 15% of the vote. governor newsom reacted to the overwhelming vote saying, quote across the country where republicans are attacking our fundamental rights as americans destroying democracy, stripping a woman of the right to choose and standing idly as gun violence claims too many lives. california is the antidote to their cynicism, leading with compassion, common sense and science. here's to continuing that fight. brian's gavin newsom polling rates are dropping and i think they're going to continue to drop when the power goes out this summer. we've seen drought. we see we have not solving problems, quite frankly, and that's what californians are struggling with the cost of living. so i'm looking forward to this, uh, faced off with gavin newsom. that's gonna be fun. excuse me. dolly carries
10:34 pm
with him the endorsement of the state's republican party and there's a big race on the peninsula to fill. representative jackie speier seats since she is not seeking reelection. here are the results so far tonight assembly member kevin mullin has 22,000 votes there, so he's well ahead. of cemetery county supervisor david cannibal with 13,000 votes again still early in the evening, but it looks like these two will move on to the general election in november. tonight's election is setting the stage for a contentious november primary balance of power is at stake with the majority up for grabs in both the house and the senate. joining us now to talk more about this is our political reporter greg lee, the margins in the house and the senate are incredibly sim slim incumbents in the bay area house seats cruise tonight. some of those races could very well end up democrat on democrat, other races and central and southern california, though, could help determine the balance of power in dc let's look at what the number is currently are in the
10:35 pm
house of representatives. democrats hold a slim majority to 22 to await. there are seven vacancies. the magic number 2 18 for control. a handful of tossups in california could be the difference in the senate and even split it. 50 50 democrats holding the tie breaker from bryce president kamala harris. 35 seats are up for grabs nationwide. now california voters voted twice for us senator today. governor newsom appointed alex padilla to fill vp harris a seat. that appointment was temporary. this first vote to advance to november to finish the term, which ends january. 3rd as expected, padilla easily advancing to november 57% of the vote with 36% reporting. in second republican mark moisture with 19% he will face padilla in that runoff. voters also chimed in on who should compete in november for the full six year term. the two same men there, alex padilla, 57% of the boat. republican mark moisture with 13% padilla the lion's share of
10:36 pm
the vote tonight. now, some history for you the last time we saw a senate vacancy in the middle of a term in california, was in 1991, the appointed senator. john seymour republican . he lost his run to stay in office in 1992 to senator dianne feinstein. guys. greg just looking ahead to the midterm elections in november. financial concerns on the minds of many voters. what do you see as the messaging coming out of both parties, republicans and democrats? when it comes to the economy? i think that was workshopped a little bit tonight from california, right? what we saw is democrats saying things are going to get better, but also focusing on social issues like the issues of abortion rights as well as gun safety for republicans. they will keep hammering the issue of inflation as well as crime, but we should mention five months is an eternity in politics, so we will wait to see as that message evolves until november. uh don't move here because i got another topic we want to ask you about here. i want to get greg's take on that big race down in southern california. also tapping into the mood of voters
10:37 pm
deny this is the race. for the mayor of los angeles billionaire republican turned democrat rick caruso, leading with 41% of the vote at this point, followed by democratic congresswoman karen bass with 37% of the vote. councilman kevin daly on in third with distance 7% here, but this race has largely focused on homelessness on crime. i mean, if you mix this race in with the s fda recall, greg do you believe voters feel like the democratic regime at this moment? really not meeting the moment out there. do you feel like the public just as running out of patients. it maybe is the word we should mention in los angeles. technically this will be a runoff between two democrats billionaire rick caruso, he ditched his republican affiliation turned democrat. came on strong at the end of this race with a lot of spending of his own money and the media blitz. he'll face progressive democrat congresswoman karen bass as you, said caruso, though, as you said, mike, running on a message of law and order, which again when perhaps you consider crime and homelessness being top of mind for a lot of voters,
10:38 pm
including here in san francisco, that message proving to resonate with them, and now you're in a situation where a former republican is in contention to look at the largest city in the bluest state in the nation. national spotlight on los angeles on san francisco and no doubt tonight initiated up to you again at 11. thank you. well back now to the big decision made in san francisco as voters . they're ousted their district attorney chasing boudin tonight . this is a race that has, as we mentioned attracted national attention, even though the race has been called, want to show you again look at the current numbers that are still coming in right now. the yes vote on proposition h 60% of the vote, while 40% saying no ktvu s amberleigh just spoke with boudin one on one. she joins us again live from san francisco. amber. what did he have to say? well he was, he tells me he has a lot to talk about with his family about what he plans to do next. he's still here, working the crowd personally thanking
10:39 pm
them for their support. but let's hear what he had to say. obviously not the results. we were hoping for an election night. we expected that the numbers tonight wouldn't really being our favor, but we hope you'll be closer. there's a lot of ballots left to count, and i'm sure it'll get a lot narrower. but you know the team worked really hard and we wish the results tonight. we're more reflection of the work we've done. you also did not answer my question last time about whether you're going to run in november this november, what are your thoughts? we have a lot of decisions to make between now and then. we have no idea what the timeline will be with. the mayor will appoint and those kinds of life decisions i make with my wife and my family. but you did in the marina district at del mar bar, the recall chase up the dean campaign is celebrating this. they say this is the moment they've waited for after a lot of hard work. they say they didn't feel safe and that was the impetus for a lot of volunteers who joined the campaign now, as for chaser, bodine when he actually leaves office according to department
10:40 pm
of elections, the director says he has he hopes to have the votes certified by the june 28th quarter. supervisors meeting. the board will declare the results and then the mayor has to wait 10 days before appointing the next d a. so it'll be sometime in early july . julie lee amberleigh reporting live from san francisco race that people all across the country have been watching tonight. san francisco voters also appear to be rejecting a measure to limit the recall process. proposition c would restrict recalls until after an elected official has been in office for 12 months. it would also, ban recalls within 18 months of an election. if this measure had been in place, the school board recall back in february would not have qualified. it would also ban anyone appointed to a recall seat from running in the next election. here's a look now at the current numbers. it appears this is going down in defeat. no, saying 61% and 39% saying
10:41 pm
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fora republican against the democrat attorney in stanford law school lecturer lonnie chen right now has 2034% of the vote. excuse me there. while the democrat malia cohen currently has 22% of the vote. cohen is currently the chair of the california board of equalization, which serves as a watchdog for more than $80 billion in california taxes that directly fund schools and local governments elected she would be the states. first black controller. tonight she held a watch party at park lab gardens in san francisco. i have learned is that people don't know about the controller's job. an and
10:44 pm
it's an incredibly important function california, the fifth largest economy in the world, and the state controller, is the accountant for the state of california, the chief fiscal officer. before serving as chair of the board of equalization. cohen served as president of the san francisco board of supervisors. also in san francisco. covid impacted precincts citywide today since yesterday we've had about 100, coworkers cancel, uh, their assignments due to covid related issues. and so this morning we were scrambling a bit. we had stand by poll workers ready to go out about that number, so we were scrambling to get people reassigned to those precincts and transport them from city all out to the to the to the polling places. san francisco elections director john aren't said today . sick poll workers accounted for about 5% of the total poll workers on the job vaccine option could soon join in the fight against covid-19. fda vaccine advisers reviewing data on the novavax formula voted today in favor of recommending the shots for americans, 18 and
10:45 pm
older. the two dough series uses traditional protein technology that's different from fighters and moderna's marin a shots if given full fda approval, health officials say the more traditional vaccine may appeal to those who have been hesitant to get the shots offered by fizer, moderna and johnson and johnson. hope is that people who might have been hesitant because it was relatively new technology for marin, a may feel more comfortable getting this traditional kind of vaccine. novak says its next step with the vaccine is to get approval for use in children and then for people who need booster doses to maintain protection against covid-19. still the common east bay city is considering a new ordinance for gun owners. plus regulations are not a step back. their step forward for civil society and the second amendment
10:46 pm
actor and your valley, texas native matthew mcconaughey goes to the white house to push gun reform. his impassioned plea coming up next also had a serious warm up is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us when
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
(music throughout) need
10:49 pm
to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar 15 rifle. 2 21. we need a waiting period for those rifles. we need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them. actor matthew mcconaughey, making a passionate plea to lawmakers negotiating a gun reform bill on capitol hill . the actor spoke from the white house today about meetings he's held with families who lost loved ones in his hometown. of you validate texas, and senators tonight are voicing some optimism that a deal could be reached boxes madeline rivera as the story from washington. matthew mcconaughey taking on a different role tuesday, using his star power to call on congress to act on gun reform after the mass shooting in his hometown of vivaldi. it happened in the town. i was born in alright, so it got very personal. for me the white house briefing tuesday, mcconaughey grew visibly emotional as he talked about one of the victims , nine year old mighty rodriguez mcconaughey's held my taste green converse's which he says
10:50 pm
is how the little girl's body was identified in. our hope is that we come out of this special from our children. can we come out of this? valuing our own life and value in life more than we did before the actor met with lawmakers on capitol hill as the senate tries to reach a deal on a modest gun bill on the right. there's something that they're willing to not staunchly say no to and consider that on the left . they're willing to say you know what we may want the whole loaf, but we'll take a slice of bread fifteen's appears to be off the table. with republicans focusing on other key issues, hoping to actually get an outcome. it will make a difference in areas of mental health. school safety and things that are related. to the incidents that occurred in texas and in buffalo, but democrats say they're willing to give in just to get something done every day we get closer to an agreement. not further away.
10:51 pm
senate majority leader chuck schumer says he supports the talks, but adds democrats will continue to push for more expansive gun safety legislation in the future, including measures for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. and washington mother rivera fox news the walnut creek city council is considering an ordinance tonight that would require gun owners to safely store their weapons or face fines. california already makes it a crime for gun owners to leave weapons in any location in which a child can access them without a parent's permission. but there are no state laws requiring safety devices such as lockboxes or trigger locks. several cities, including antioco, and pleasant and require guns to be locked up inside the home, and walnut creek is considering a similar measure. but this would be probably primarily a reactive enforcement measuret i think the spirit of the ordinance would be to encourage gun safety and encourage people. to protect their firearms in a way that
10:52 pm
unauthorized people would not have access to it. if approved by the council finds would start at $100 and go up from there. already checking in on the weather. we've had a nice day today. temperatures warmed about the same as yesterday. they're going to warm each day as we enter thursday and friday, thursday and friday will be the warmest days friday, the hottest day highs tomorrow. going to look at quite a bit like these low nineties in antioch and fairfield. tomorrow we'll see 91 92 there. the trend is for friday to peak and then saturday , temperatures start to cool down a little bit. so on friday , of course, we're dealing with samir. quality concerns were dealing with some heat advisories in the inland bay valleys in our inland valleys, and we're also concerned about fire danger, obviously the highest building in the desert southwest and as it does, it pushes the heat from the valley out towards the coast. coastal sections will end up being warm but not baking along the beaches . you'll be in the seventies and
10:53 pm
low eighties at the warmest and there is a slight onshore flow, but there's an offshore flow component that's a little bit bigger. so there is the flow right now. here is the forecast wind forecast for tomorrow. same thing if you're doing anything offshore, just big wind out there 36 mile an hour at bodega bay again. six o'clock. that's the forecast tomorrow night. watch it happen 67 o'clock thursday night or friday or thursday night. pardon me. you can see you've got the winds shifting direction coming a little bit more offshore and still pretty robust. this is going to be where the fire danger increases and that will carry on into friday. so we're gonna see a slight offshore flow. not don't have it yet. that's why temperatures are cool. but that slide offshore close thursday and friday friday temperatures peak uh, air quality. it's something to think about. but i think the fire dangerous what we're most concerned about, obviously, and the heat advisory. that's a big deal. you know, he is the thing that messes with people the most of all the weather we've talked about all the time here. of all the different tornadoes, hurricanes. it's heat. it makes people get sick. they die. it's
10:54 pm
hard on people and affects all of us. right tornado just affects an area but heat can affect an entire region. so as you look at the forecast for tomorrow looks like today. these are the highs 88 in fairfield, 86 antiochus for tomorrow. so about where we were today, maybe a little warmer in some spots partly sunny on wednesday. and then mostly clearing as we head into your bay area weekend. bill thank you. the warriors are in boston gearing up for game three of the nba finals. so too, is our joe fonzi, and he'll have a closer look at today's practice coming up and then on the 11 o'clock news or election coverage continues with that vote to recall san francisco's district attorney more from our one on one interview tonight with
10:55 pm
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in p for tomorrow's game three of the nba finals. right now, the series is tied one game apiece, and the doves are hoping to head back home with two more wins under their belt. ktvu joe fonzi is also in boston and tells us about today's big practice. one of the most interesting things about playoff basketball is watching the changes that happened from game to game as the warriors hit the practice floor here in boston today and preparation for game three. they know that things will be different as far as xs and os are concerned, and they also know that they'll be playing in one of the most traditional and hostile venues in the entire nba being hostile environments where you get tested? you get pushed? yeah. in our experience kind of shows at the right time. we always know how to just find a way to win games. no matter what style it is high scoring, low scoring, defensive battle. shoot out whatever it is. and we find, uh. another level of grit and
10:58 pm
determination. you know, this team plays very well at home. and. you know, usually on our championship runs, you have to get a road winner to complete the mission. so this is not a new scenario for us and it comes down to just playing that brand of warrior basketball that allows us to be successful. the warriors currently hold the record for most consecutive playoff series with at least one win on the road at 26 to make it four championships in eight years. they'll have to extend that streak to 27. in boston. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. and even though the warriors are away, you can still watch the next couple of games at the chase. enter the arena is hosting a watch party both inside and outside. it thrives city tickets for the indoor party right now are $25, and it's still free to watch the thrive city plaza outside the arena, but fans must register in advance. and show
10:59 pm
proof of registration upon entry . ktvu will be out at the chase center tomorrow, and we will have all the sights and sounds, of course. on the 10 o'clock news. 49ers held the first practice of a three day mandatory minicamp today and star receiver devo samuel was there despite his recent request to be traded. samuel did not, though suit up and did not participate in drills. he is eligible for a contract extension after today's mini camp coach kyle shanahan didn't comment on the negotiations, but indicated 49ers and samuel are talking. shanahan also said it's unlikely samuel will practice this week. alright it's primary night and we have more election results right now at 11. some phenomenal there could and should be our district attorney not asked to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity. san francisco district attorney
11:00 pm
chase a boudin on his way out tonight after a successful campaign to recall him 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. san francisco voters made it clear tonight. they want district attorney chase a boudin out of office. people who supported recalling boudin today went to the polls, saying crime is getting out of hand and complained that the d a is not holding criminals accountable. it's an ousting that is getting national attention. supporters call this a vote against progressive causes such as ending mass incarceration. and prosecuting police misconduct and that maybe the bay area's race getting the most attention deny. but we are also watching the race for san jose mayor sam liccardo, by the way, has turned out so six others would like to be the next leader of the most populated city in the bay area. here are the results, including santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez, with 39% of the vote. a few members of the san jose city councilor vying to become the


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