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chase a boudin on his way out tonight after a successful campaign to recall him 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. san francisco voters made it clear tonight. they want district attorney chase a boudin out of office. people who supported recalling boudin today went to the polls, saying crime is getting out of hand and complained that the d a is not holding criminals accountable. it's an ousting that is getting national attention. supporters call this a vote against progressive causes such as ending mass incarceration. and prosecuting police misconduct and that maybe the bay area's race getting the most attention deny. but we are also watching the race for san jose mayor sam liccardo, by the way, has turned out so six others would like to be the next leader of the most populated city in the bay area. here are the results, including santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez, with 39% of the vote. a few members of the san jose city councilor vying to become the
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next mayor as well, including matt mehan, a relative newcomer to the political scene. at this point, he has 32% of the vote. now let's move on to some statewide races. governor gavin newsom cruising to an easy victory in today's primary. here's a look at the numbers. 59% to 15% newsom will meet republican challenger state senator brian dally in the general election, and three republicans in a green party candidate were up against attorney general rob bandit tonight among the republicans attorney eric early, who served as lead counsel for the effort to recall governor newsom, one of the candidates can see bonta at this 10.58% of the vote close race for second with nathan hochman and eric early. and there are six candidates by the way, vying to replace turned out controller betty yee. this position is essentially the state's top accountant and bookkeeper who oversees the pay out of public funds. and at this point, you can see laney channels 34% of the vote. and malia cohen with 22% those are
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the top two vote getters at this point in the evening. alright we have reporters spread out across the bay area tonight, and we're going to begin our live coverage in san francisco were again voters have recalled district attorney chase a boudin amber. julie the election night gathering for d a chaser, boudin is winding down. many supporters have left we had a chance to speak with jason boudin and one on one interview. he said his he'll speak with his family. we first deciding if he'll run again this november. i asked him about what if he made any mistakes during his 2.5 years in office. we have a lot to learn. the main thing is, i want our court system to be functioning again. i've only been in office for i was only in office for two months when covid shut us down, and we really haven't had a chance to function the way the office is meant to function in the way the criminal justice system is meant to function, so i have learned a tremendous amount over the last 2.5 years, and i look forward to having a
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little bit of time to reflect and think about what next steps look like everywhere in this country. we have a failed criminal justice system. we have a system that has recidivism rates rates of re arrest when people come out of prison and more than two thirds it's a system that is absolutely failing, and we've got to do better, and we've got to think outside the box and we've got to implement policies that are based on evidence and that's exactly what we started to do, but it takes time. in the marina district. that yes, on h recall campaign is celebrating. supporters say they worked hard for this victory organizer mary jiang, former san francisco democratic parts party chair shared her thoughts. not surprised. in the least, san francisco has been a leader on criminal justice reform for decades. i know because i've been there and been a part of it. tessa bodine is not the first progressive district attorney we've had. we have been the leader and have started that trend across the nation, so i'm not the least bit surprised
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franciscans have been overwhelmingly supportive of real responsible criminal justice reform for decades. or san francisco will likely have a new d a in office by early july . now bodine tells me he has started to committee has started a community committee. to think about running for re election for the next election in november of next year. julie and amber mayor london breed makes the choice of who to replace chasing boudin with do we have any idea as to some of the potential people that could be put into that position? well a city hall insider shared with me. what do you think? might be? the shortlist includes san francisco supervisor uh, catherine stephanie. nancy tongue, who ran against chaser boudin in 2019. those are some
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of the names and brooke jenkins, one of the former san francisco prosecutors, who was the volunteer spokesperson for the recall of chaser. alright well again, voters a big decision in san francisco tonight that has been a attracting national attention voters saying no, to, uh we want chasing boudin out of office. amber. thank you. all right now to the south bay, the city of san jose, where the mayor's office is up for grabs. sam liccardo has turned out cindy chavez and matt mehan or 12 in this race tonight, you can see the numbers again 39% for chavez, 32% from mayhem ktvu lamonica peters has been following the race and joins us live. from chavez party, lamonica. yeah, that's right, mike. there will be a new mayor in san jose. but we'll have to wait until november because there will be a runoff race. as you mentioned cindy chavez and matt mayhem are the top two candidates, with cindy chavez, bringing in nearly 40% of the vote. right now i'm at the san
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jose women's club, where cindy chavez, his supporters gathered tonight. there's still a few dozen people left here right now, but there were hundreds of people here when she spoke a little over an hour ago. course she thanked her supporters. she talked about her family, and, most importantly, she wanted people to know that she would make san jose city they could be proud of again now. i also spoke with matt mehan earlier this evening, and he talked about making a serious hard push in the last couple of weeks, you know, knocking on doors, talking to voters and letting them know that he is the person that will bring change to san jose. so i want you to take a listen to what they had to say earlier tonight. it was all about grassroots engagement. we have knocked on tens of thousands of doors held house parties and every neighborhood across the city. as people hear our message . they come to our side and join our campaign, so we just need to keep doubling down on voter outreach. people are excited about is they recognize that you know, i have a track record i'm experienced, but i'm completely
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prepared to take us in a new direction. and so just for those who may not understand if you don't get 50% of the vote, there has to be a runoff so because neither of those candidates earned 50% of the vote, they will be running off against each other in november. and that's what's happening here in san jose, right, julie alright lamonica peters in san jose for us tonight. thanks lamonica. alright let's stay in santa clara county right now. here's a look at the race to replace embattled santa clara county sheriff. laurie smith. this is where it stands. bob johnson with 34% of the vote, and kevin jensen with 30% of the vote. it looks like these two will move on to the general election. coming up later the year in no member smith, by the way, is facing a corruption and criminal misconduct in diamond. the sheriff is retiring. ktvu political reporter, greg lee has been watching the election results come in all night. he's here once again with us for one last time here, and we'll talk a
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lot about what's happening up and down and state, the san francisco district attorney jason bodine, he's out. voters recalled. you've talked about law and order something that was a big topic in san francisco, but also really up and down the state. and that could be driving the votes that we're seeing tonight. what we saw from voters in polls leading up to the election was very much that crime and homelessness remained their top issues, and certainly we saw that sort of manifest itself in san francisco. i said this at 10, but i think it bears repeating. we should not read too much into the chase of boudin recall other than voters in san francisco, where frustrated there were some national headlines regarding sort of this national progressive movement, and i think we should be careful to not over generalized and understand the nuance of a city like san francisco or 93% of voters are democrats case in 930.1 of the races were closely watching tonight the race for attorney general. we want to show you those latest numbers, as expected. democrat rob bonta, the incumbent. lead the pack. 57% nathan hochman republican that was trying to tow the
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moderate line at 17% and eric early, more to the right. he's at 15% it will really be a race for second and perhaps what's most surprising out of that is that and marie schubert, sacramento county d. a. ran as an independent really failed to gain any traction at just 8% so this is an example of why perhaps the san francisco recall vote pakistan's in asylum because barter is a progressive that has been tied to the likes of gascogne embody. alright so votes are still being counted. but by all accounts, this could be a historically low voter turnout. why do you think that is? do you think there is voter fatigue voted fatigue for sure, right, typically in an off gubernatorial year earn off presidential year like this, you expect the votes to go down and they're not to be as large of a turnout, but certainly i think a lot of issues were part of this. people are tired. they had a recall election less than a year ago, they have been voicing their concerns. they're worried about how to make ends meet, so perhaps voting was not the number one priority by and large by some of the numbers. what we
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saw tonight is that boaters primarily wore caucasian white, and they were also older. typically your voters who often vote we did not see a lot of votes from young people, and that will be something that certainly both parties would like to address as we go towards the november and the national spotlight, not just on san francisco. it's also in the city of los angeles right now and the race for mayor there. and you could say the public down there also running out of patience, you know? and karen bass, you know that the congresswoman is running for the seat and she's not winning caruso as you see on your screen, the two of them progressive congresswoman karen bass and billionaire rick caruso , who is sort of like a chameleon because he was a republican that an independent then back to republican and now running in this race as a democrat, a lot of focus on this race for a few reasons. caruso running on a campaign of law and order again, tying this all back together that perhaps voters in los angeles are frustrated and concerned. about crime and homelessness, thinks he has promised to address not to mention the fact that he has spent millions of his own money
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in the last three or four months . getting the word out. i mean, you can't go to l a and not see a rick caruso at every three or four commercials, and certainly that's resonating because right now he is leading bass. and so you could see this more moderate conservative candidate leading the largest city in california, pledged if he does win, he vowed to hit the ground running and crack down on crime. so we'll see what that happens. november it may not just be law and order it could be gas prices, inflation pandemics has been a huge concern for a lot of people and again. we say this often, though, but over the next five months we could see things morph and change because you see how quickly those have changed from gun control. abortion rights what supreme court decides as well as talking about major issues like inflation and how is this affecting my pocketbook? interesting story all around the race in november we go. all right, greg. thank you. thanks, greg. election officials have a lot more counting to do coming up. we're going to take you live
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to contra costa county, where some of that work is still underway tonight. and we also will check in on that race to replace congresswoman jackie speier.
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attorney in santa clara county. you can see jeff rosen there at this point in the night with 59% of the vote. here's another race. alameda county district attorney right now, pamela prices in the lead followed by terry wiley with 31% jimmy wilson with 20% and seth stewart with 9% this is the race to replace or take a seat for d a. nancy o'malley, who announced she is retiring it up. one more graphic for you will stay in the east bay here with the race for contra costa county district attorney little bit of a taiwan diana beckton there with 50. cents 7% of the vote in mary knocks with 43% of the vote. not all the precincts reporting yet but again, we're keeping an eye on the races for you here across the bay area. the vote count for today's primary is far from over. that's right. ktvu brooks jarocz is joining us from martinez, where some of that counting as we can tell behind you very much underway here, brooks. oh yes. this is a little different, though about now we're ago we were up in the
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tally room where they were telling all the votes that came in today for people who voted in person at those polling locations. while other crews went out tonight and also unloaded a bunch of those 37 ballot boxes where you can drop off your mail in ballots. and here's what you see behind me. all of those have arrived. and they're now sorting. those are putting those in different boxes i want to bring in tommy gong, who's the chief deputy clerk recorder, and you've been managing all this stuff today and here in the warehouse. i mean, it's almost busier than it is. up in the telly room. tell us about it. yes, exactly. so this is 153 polling place supplies that have come back, you know, at the end of the election and voters, many, many female voters are dropping off their ballots at the polling place on election day. it's kind of like i think their tradition is still going to their polling place yet being able to vote that vote by mail ballot and so here we have, you know some of the bags that are coming back and it's full of open mail ballot and they're all individually numbered and we scan those in and they come with the security tab. on all about
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security here. i know about the charity. the vote by mail ballots are just and just as important as the poll ballots, and so we treat them equally important in terms of the security. you know, i had someone asked me today on twitter. they asked about double voting and the opportunity to vote by mail and in person, but you would say that could never even happened. yes, exactly. it's with our electronic rosters that we have the polling place. even the ballots that are scanned through our envelope scanning machine as soon as they're scan, then the automatically uploaded in terms of giving voter the voting history. so then, if they should go to a polling place to check in those poll pad electronic grocers are going to say, hey, this voter had already voted. hope i know. let's talk about what these people behind you are doing specifically, they're taking all of those vote by mail ballots that they may have dropped off at the polling locations. and what are they doing with them? and where will these ballots go from here? yes so they have to put these all in
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the same orientation. said that when they go through the envelope scanner, all of the proper barcodes and where the signature is located on the envelope. the machine will capture in all of the correct locations on the envelope. so the work doesn't stop tonight, right? this is going to continue for many more hours and days and weeks ahead. really? yes, exactly. you know there is the canvas of the vote. it's a process that lake takes weeks for us to complete. before we certify the election and the four things essentially that we accomplish is number one. we went to count every eligible voter a ballot, whether it's vocal or in person ballot. we want to ensure that voters only voted once we're still going to be checking on the voting history to ensure that and that's not only within the county but across state lines to because of the statewide voter registration database. links of all 58 counties to detect double voting across county lines. two and then third. we want to be sure that all the proper
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procedures were followed at the polling place. and then lastly, that 1% manual tally of our ballots to be sure that the voting equipment is properly counting ballots. we appreciate your time tonight. we know that your team has been working hard, and we're glad to be part of it to kind of show you behind the curtain a little bit about what's going on here and how they take in all of those ballots. not only after you cast a ballot, but where it goes and the entire process. for now, reporting live in martinez, brooks jarocz. ktvu fox two news . it's interesting to get a glimpse inside a very interesting, delicate operation . careful operation and a busy night for mr gong and his crew. brooks thank you all right now to a big race along the peninsula who will succeed congresswoman jackie speier, who is retiring. assembly member kevin mullin ended the night at the top with the big margin there 41% followed by another democrat. san mateo county supervisor david canada. with 25% it appears, these two will
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be headed off for a face off in the general election in november . jana katsuyama spoke with both candidates and congresswoman jackie speier. she joins us now live tonight from burlingame. with more on this story, janna. kevin mullin had his watch party . they're just now finishing up cleaning up after quite a big celebration with such a big margin that they had tonight. you know, this was an open primary with seven candidates, and i spoke with assembly member mullen earlier today about how this changes now that he is moving into a face off with another democrat in november. jackie speier's endorsement that absolutely was crucial in the size of the margin we have, but also i've been representing many of these voters for the last 10 years and the california state assembly so bit of a known commodity there and qualifications. that experience was our message, and we will carry that to november. my hope is that we can consolidate support among the democratic candidates will be reaching out
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to the other democrats tomorrow. the exception, mr canada who looks like i'll be competing against. and earlier we did stop by david canopus watch party that was being held at atlas pizza in san bruno, san mateo county supervisor thank his campaign volunteers. he said he was delighted with the finish that he said was strong and said he's excited for a potential showdown now in november. my vision for this county is to make sure the fourth generation san mateo county resident so that my son can stay here. this county has become a county of the haves and the have have nots. my candidacy represents bringing back the middle class. and this election was quite different from previous ones because of redistricting. the candidates are running in the new congressional district 15 that is shown in this map. congresswoman jackie speier, who is in washington, d. c tonight,
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talked with me and says, with so many critical issues such as gun violence, abortion and housing ahead. she is pledging to help. whoever wins the seat. i want to be there for him or whomever is selected by the voters to make sure that he has a quick start. um, and that he has a head start , so i will be there for my, um person who succeeds me in every way that i can't. and because this was an open primary. we now have two democrats trying to take that new congressional seat in this district. congresswoman spear says she doesn't anticipate that the changes in the district will affect the constitute constituents that much, but she says that it is very important that whoever does take that seat is somebody who speaks out for the people here. especially in these contentious times when there is so much
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partisan politics. yeah congresswoman spirit serving congress since 2000 and eight serving san mateo county for much longer than that, so wishing her a wonderful retirement and it'll be a big race in november. no doubt jana katsuyama live on the peninsula. janet. thank you. already checking in on that weather. it's warming up around here starts off. we'll start a little bit last couple of days, but it really gets going thursday and friday with some heat advisories and some fire concerns back here. with that poll workers did leave election officials in san francisco scrambling a bit today. coming up with the officials did to keep up with the pace of people calling in sick because of covid. this landed on my i got the calling. it happened in the town. i was born in alright, so it got very personal. for me. also ahead. actor matthew mcconaughey takes his plea for gun reform beyond today's impassioned speech at the white house coming up where
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wata surprise race tonight here. current share of greg ahern is hoping to serve another term. but at this point in the evening, he has 36% of the vote. challenger yesenia sanchez, who is the current alameda county sheriff's division commander is on top with 47% of the boat 11% difference there. greg ahern has been sheriff of alameda county. by the way since january of 2000 and seven and he is in a big race tonight to remain sheriff of the county covid impacted poll workers at precincts in san francisco today. since yesterday we've had about 100, coworkers cancel, uh, their assignments due to covid related issues. and so this morning we were scrambling a bit quick. we had stand by poll workers. ready to go out about that number, so we were scrambling to get people reassigned to those precincts
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and transport them from city all out to the to the to the polling places. san francisco elections director john aren't saying there that sick poll workers accounted for about 5% of the total number of poll workers on the job this election day. not ready tomorrow turns out to be a lot like today. it's breezy along the coast. it will be breezy again tomorrow afternoon and again thursday afternoon. onshore winds like you'd expect winds kick a little bit offshore on thursday evening and into friday, and that starts to warm us up. that's why we're concerned about the heat and the heat advisory will be issued. for debate area inland valleys on friday, and we'll see if they adjusted right now it's a it's a heat a heat watch, but it will most likely turn to a heat advisory because it's gonna be over 101 102 in some places. these are the current temperatures pretty mild warm if you will. temperature forecast for tomorrow, yellows or seventies oranges or eighties can be a nice day. the warmest day is going to be friday. then after that temperature start to trend down pretty quickly on saturday, sunday and monday, so
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difr power to call on congress to act on gun reform after the mass shooting in his hometown of you, validly texas hopes that we come out of this, especially from our children. can we come out of this? valuing our own life and value in life more than we did before? the actor met with lawmakers on capitol hill's the senate tries to reach a deal on a modest gun bill. ban on a ar 15 rifles appears to be off the table with republicans focusing on other key issues and thank
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you for watching ktvu news at 11 o'clock. our news will continue with all the election highlights . with mornings onto beginning at four am, they will have much more coming up early in the morning. in the meantime, modern morning. in the meantime, modern family is coming up next. have a cam: look -- in the hallway! it's a bird! it's a plane! - [panting] - it's super-out-of-breath. - happy halloween to you, too. - i'm sorry. i'm just -- i'm really nervous about this closing argument today. is it because you've lost three cases in a row? whispering it doesn't make it any less painful. - sorry. - okay. no, it's just that this case -- it's so hard to hold the jury's attention. well, do you want to run your argument by me? - could i? - sure. um, okay. six years ago, alger equities took investments from municipal pension funds and private investors and funneled all of that into offshore -- and i've already lost you. no. i was just thinking -- because it's halloween, what if you wore these in the courtroom? show the jury "hey, i'm playful." [chuckles] cam, i'm an attorney, not bugs bunny trying to hide on a train. i'm ready. there's waldo!


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