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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  June 10, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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largest ever in san francisco and opening ceremony at 9 30 tomorrow will a performance by members glide memorial church choir and remarks by leaders from the aids movement. the closing ceremony on sunday is at four and will feature the san francisco gay men's chorus. triple digit temperatures have arrived in the bay area, which parts of the bay will be the hottest where you can go today to cool off and the fire danger in the inland areas, plus carnage. it was chaos that day. it was just hours of hand to hand combat. the first public session of the january 6th committee hearings brought new video and information. on a day that shocked so many diving into the evidence laid out by lawmakers and what comes next. and nascar is here for the weekend. we're live from sonoma raceway this morning where preparations and events are happening all weekend long for
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nascar's big toyota safe, mark 3 50. and welcome to mornings onto the nine today is friday, june 10th for looking live at san francisco and the bridge. it is absolutely clear it is going to be very hot. and you know, we are still 11 days away from summer, but today is sure going to feel like it, and it's not just the bay area that's dealing with the summer like heat. the national weather service is placed more than 30 million people across california, arizona and nevada under heat alerts for parts of this weekend. more than 50 daily high temperature records who could be broken this weekend death valley , one of the hottest places on earth is expected to hit 120 degrees last vegas will see 1 10. and garcia. you know, i remember the first time i went to vegas long time ago. it was hot. it was like 90 degrees at night. i'm thinking oh, i don't know if i'm cut out for this right. you don't want to go out for a walk on the strip at like,
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two pm, right? what was the hottest? what was that? the hottest weather you've been in or you've been in higher so i went to phoenix. one time was pretty hot, but i mean a lot hotter than we're used to going up here. i mean, here, steve paulson. you know if it gets above like 84, we start complaining, and today we are way above that in many parts of the bay. now. gas a. you spent time in yuma. what? 1 18, probably like 1 14 1 16 was the highest i worked for one year in yuma, arizona, was brand new 22 years old right out of college and, you know, they say it's a dry heat in the summer summer. it's not a dry heat. steve paulson, you know as well. i think mine's 1 16 or 17 in phoenix. it's an oven. it's not a it's an oven for crying out. yeah, it'll be hard for many to we're not that hot. thank goodness but see when this time of year when the weather when the anchors tossed to the weather person, the first words out of their mouth or where's that monsoon? if you're from arizona, you get that bob barr's own my good friend. are you out there? you get that alright? sixties already up in tahoe and truckee 94 in palm springs, phoenixes 95 flagstaff, almost 80 is hot. sacramento's almost
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81 palm springs, 94. palm springs looking for about 1 11 today, phoenix looking for 1, 13 and speaking of a little bit of moisture sneaking in into parts. arizona won't impact southern california i don't think it will impact there is just too dry for right now. but the monsoon starts on june 15th, by the way for those who keep track these are our forecast highs. antioco one oh, three. san jose 96, santa rosa 100 palo alto, 96 navarro. 99 downtown oakland 88 degrees it is really warm in the higher elevations. if you're in the santa cruz mountains, you're like man. it's already warm. well no kidding. ben lomond mountain has already 77 sonoma mountains 76. diablo 70, although they said 74 not too long ago. fog is trying but has no chance today it's due west of the cemetery cost. what will make it might be late tonight more likely tomorrow morning because the water temperatures are i mean, they're really cold 49 51. they've actually gone down a teeny bit so once you i mean, they're raring to go if
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you want rainbow north. that's all. seattle and portland are talking about between now and monday, seattle of highs in the sixties and often on rain for the next four days. in june. yes. in june seventies eighties near the coast, eighties nineties around the bay nineties to low one hundred's inland, and i mean take your pick. concords already 80 75 livermore 75 napa that's warm for napa airport already. berkeley 71. the city has already 71. navarro says 80 , and you can see the degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago, almost double digits for everyone. almost i mean, santa rosa, plus 12 livermore, plus 13 san jose, plus 11 so that double borough high winds out today, but that's a strong system in the gulf of alaska for this time of year. today the high noses northward warmed hot nineties 100. by saturday and sunday that low digs along the coast bumps the high out of here and mother. nature's air conditioning will be howling, shallow fog bank only impact areas. i think coast and bayside for most of saturday but by sunday, everyone will drop 2025 degrees, so seventies eighties nineties 100 today but
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coolers on the way, especially sunday and monday, you guys well here we are steve paulson at 904 and people. people are already sweating in the east bay. the heat is ramping up and just wait till we get to this afternoon. ktvu s james torrez live at heather farm and walnut creek. you've got your short sleeves on. what are you holding up? i can't quite see what do you have there? james? it's just my phone. i'm just holding my hand up to keep the sun out of my eyes and sun is beaming out here this morning. it's a hot day. it's a hot day. it wasn't all that hot around five or six a.m. but of course, now the sun is up in the sky, very up, high beaming down on us. those temperatures really ramp up here not too far from we're standing here is a golf course where we saw plenty of people pretty much packing the course pretty early in the day we talked to them about why they wanted to avoid getting out here a little later in the day and avoid bt or rather avoid the sun and be sure to beat the heat. 13 off at six o'clock, and it was really it's already really humid and already getting pretty pretty good. so
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that going for this morning, so i gotta get cleaned up for work. the heat? yeah my worry, sweetie. after nine holes, it's crazy. even if you're just standing here, you'll get pretty sweaty too. if you get by today, a cooling relief is on the way this weekend, but today several areas could be seen those triple digits. that's why the national weather service wants you. to be careful and warns, those warm temperatures can quickly become dangerous. they remind everyone first and foremost never to leave kids or pets in a closed car ever but especially during these very high temperatures. where light, loose fitting clothing or short sleeve shirt might do it for you stay as hydrated as possible. drink plenty of water. and if you can get in the shade, getting some a c as much as possible. for some 100 degrees is just way too hot. usually just stay inside. we don't really go out. because we avoid the heat. we don't like to get in the sun, really? don't blame him. he will not just be unique to the east bay today,
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either. santa clara city officials are opening a number of cooling centers at several libraries as well as a santa clare senior center up in the peninsula. we're learning that some of those cooling centers are opening this morning as well . but all over the bay area, including those coastal parts close to the ocean, where you normally think you'll get that ocean breeze. you might, but it's still going to be a lot warmer than what we're used to. so before you head out the door today leave the jackets at home, leave the long sleeves at home. get those light colored light shirts, light pants and you want to be prepared for that heat today. we're live this morning. walnut creek. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news, james, you're doing it right. thank you. james just mentioned. the number of cooling centers are open in the south bay. and we're going to take you live now to one in santa clara county this morning. live pictures inside the mountain view community center all looks very quiet. this is a great place to go if you don't have eric conditioning in your home or apartment, the senate just opened up at 8 30. it's going to stay open until 10 o'clock tonight, and boy i'm sure come 2345 p. m. this place will have quite a bit of
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activity inside. it's nice to have a safe place. you can go so you can cool down if you don't have a c again at home or in your apartment. you don't have to check in. just come on in. there is a full list of cooling centers waiting for you at ktvu .com slash web links to help you out throughout santa clara county firefighters throughout the bay area in northern california are on guard today because of the high inland temperatures and extreme dry conditions. crews battled a wildfire that broke out along basketball road. in wallet boulevard near brentwood and eastern contra costa county burned 200 acres of brush in the area of marsh creek road and came close to homes, ranches and orchards. like so nervous and scared because i have my kid. he's five years old. my family, health, family and other neighborhood. i mean, we were like out here like shaking and like, we don't know what we're going to going on. firefighters from surrounding agencies responded. cal fire brought in air support the fire is under investigation. meantime pg and e
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is warning about possible power outages this weekend because the heat can threaten transformers. however the utility does not anticipate any public safety power shutoffs this weekend. transformers need to cool down overnight and when the temperatures are so high that it does not allow for that equipment cool down. that's when we will sometimes see power outages. today is the barias first spare the air alert for the year this morning. a report from cal fire, says p. j and s b genies. slow response is a major factor in the explosive growth of last year's dixie fire, according to the sacramento bee . cal fire investigators say the utility didn't get the parallel to the power line that had a problem until 10 hours. after the malfunction was reported. they say by then, the fire was just too big to contain. pg and e says it acted prudently and that it's responding employee to fire himself before crews arrived. coming up. w n b a star
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britney griner has been in a russian jail since february next on the nine when russian state media says she may be released and by one american veteran thinks she'll stay longer. because of exactly who she is. plus we'll dive into what the country learned last night in the first of three january sixth committee hearings. political expert walks us through the evidence that was laid out and its impact as well as what comes you deserve more internet than what you get from just your cell phone. get free high-speed internet at home, at $29.95 value, when you qualify for internet essentials plus and the affordable connectivity program. enjoy more streaming, gaming, and video chatting on more devices for free. with unlimited data and a wireless gateway included at no extra cost. no fees,no taxes, and no annual contract! connect to more of what you love for free,
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investigate the january 6th capitol hill riot will convene on monday again. they met last night in a primetime public hearing, blaming former president donald trump for what members described. as an attempted coup. many of those same people have tried to whitewash what happened on january 6th to rewrite history. call it a tourist visit. the panel consisted of nine
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congressional members, seven democrats and two republicans. south bay. zoe lofgren is on the panel. she showed an 11 minute video a new one of the insurrection. the committee interviewed more than 1000 witnesses, including ivanka trump. and former attorney general william barr. i made it clear. i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff, which i told the president was respect to attorney general bar. them, so s saying. the committee says former president trump had a seven point plan to try and overturn the election, including pressuring vice president pence to stop the certification of the vote and encouraging a mob of supporters to protest on capitol hill. carnage it was chaos that day. it was just hours of hand to hand combat. former president
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trump has since gone on social media and criticized the hearing . mr trump still insists there was election fraud and irregularities on a massive scale and joining us now to talk about the january 6th committee findings is san jose state university lecturer robert oh, vets. ah! you know this morning, mr ovitz, one of the things that struck me about yesterday's hearing was that new video. it looked a lot more violent that we saw that day. well i think there was some really shocking footage there and particularly the story told by officer edwards was confirming what other officers had reported. remember five officers have died as a result of that assault that that seditious assault on the capital, but i think that the committee started with that officer is testimony. to build their case towards how violent this seditious conspiracy really was. you know, uh and what are
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the things that came out of this hearing now that the committee was trying to drive home is that the president didn't believe that he had lost, but he kept on. pushing this lie anyway. that's what the committee says that they say that he knew that he had lost in a fair election but continue to say what they called the big lie. so what do you think? you know, first of all, who is complicit besides him? well i think that's what we're looking forward to hearing . um as you reported just a few moments ago, they interviewed 1000 witnesses. we don't know who everyone is. there has been , uh, kind of drip of people who have been subpoenaed who testified we saw some footage some really shocking footage, which you showed again of the attorney general bar, uh, and even the president's own daughter. saying that he was not correct that it was inaccurate that the election had been
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stolen. so i think what they're starting to do is to kind of unfurl. the evidence and the smoking gun. if you will, that they have that there was a seditious conspiracy that started top now i want to emphasize that this is our own sitting president. who was conspiring to steal an election to potentially stay in as long as he wants as an autocrat. ah and was attempting to coordinate so far from a distance, but with several fascist groups, and that is pretty startling evidence and i think there's going to be more to come. you know about these hearings you did. there is a section of the country who thinks who have been saying pretty loudly on social media that this is just political theater. and then a lot of people are saying that's ridiculous. these are serious charges politically, now is the republican party basically
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staking its claim to say this is all politics. and is that going to have an effect on the midterm elections? well i think that the democrats hope that it will affect the outcome of the midterm elections in the next presidential election because they're not doing very well in the polls. but i think that the republicans argument is really a distraction from the reality that this potential seditious conspiracy goes all the way up f the house. and several members of the senate of the republican party who actively engaged in trying to delay the certification and the final counting of the electoral college votes. um in fact, we saw video evidence last year of one member of the house, actually opening a side door for these seditious rioters to enter into the capitol building. we also heard something new yesterday that a member of congress or republican actually petitioned the president for a
9:18 am
pardon. a preemptive pardon because of his role in this, so i think the republicans need to try to get the attention off of them because many of them are actually complicit in what the house committee is going to be informing us about. university senior lecturer university, jose state university senior lecturer robert obits. thank you for joining us. we'll be watching these hearings very closely. thank you, sir. the next hearings will come this monday and wednesday at seven a.m. dates of least three more hearings will be announced at a later time world leaders are wrapping up the summit of the americas in los angeles today. governor gavin newsom greeted canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the california science center in los angeles yesterday. canada and california , signed a joint memorandum of understanding to collaborate on fighting climate change. the planet is running a fever. the hearts are getting a lot hotter drives are getting drier. how do
9:19 am
you as canada see california and the value of doing something california's consistent leadership matters, not just for the weight of the california economy and population. but it's an example of how to do things how to look at climate change. the agreement includes information sharing on a number of topics. both california and canada have committed to conserving 30% of land and waters by the year 2030. according to the napa county d. a no decision has been made yet on charges in the dui arrest case of the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. paul pelosi has a court appearance set for august. 3rd the district attorney's office says it's received hundreds of angry calls on unfounded reports on social media, claiming all charges against mr pelosi have been dropped. well today, the warriors are getting a chance to redeem themselves in boston tonight, coming up on mornings on to the nine steph curry says about playing tonight despite
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over the claims of abuse that the federal women's prison in dublin sherry. dylan says it was punishment after punishment for her inside the prison. she says she was told superiors about fellow inmates being sexually abused by a male correction officer, and as a result, she suffered retaliation. she says she lost good time served and was handcuffed while talking to her husband by phone. i will never tell another inmate that they should go to the, um report anything to anyone higher up. john kostelnik is the western region vice president for the correctional workers union, he says. while there are a number of open investigations on staffers, very few investigations have been opened on managers, he says staffers are afraid to speak out because the retaliatory culture still exist today. yeah agencies
9:23 am
created this culture of blackballing people. um and we're seeing that consistently up in dublin right now, and it's very unfortunate. a spokesperson for the bureau of prison says the agency can't comment on potential allegations of staff misconduct. protesters want the state legislature to reform the way they investigate sexual misconduct allegations against lawmakers and staff. a group named stop sexual harassment in politics or ship demonstrated at the state capitol members are former legislative employees who were sexually abused at work. they're calling for public hearings to evaluate the workplace conduct unit, which investigates misconduct claims. loopholes in the system, a complete lack ofting the currens
9:24 am
for the workplace conduct unit in order to get potential improvements in place this legislative session. everyone wants the legislature's culture to get better palo alto police are now saying a doctortr children or sexually assaulted more women. 61 year old doctor name hashmi was arrested at home in palo alto last d was charged with four felony counts of lewd acts on a child under the age of 14. investigators say the underage victims were not as patients and say he knew them through community and family connections . police say hashmi is facing 1/5 charge in connection with the sexual assault of a woman who worked in his medical office in san jose. police say they think it is possible. there are additional victims who have not yet come forward. drivers who haven't paid their toll bills may be in for a big surprise when it's time to renew their vehicle registration. ktvu is tom baker explains how the state
9:25 am
is trying to collect that money by turning over unpaid bills to the dmp. going back 18 months to the beginning of last year, hundreds of thousands of bridge crossers had failed to pay one or more in tolls before penalties and in the penalties and it's skyrockets to 184 million most people play by the rules. but there are some people that evidently just refused to play by the rules, if not paid a $7 toll, with penalties assessed after invoices are ignored. can rise to $22. the bay area toll authority reports almost 400,000 scofflaws. oh, between 22 $88, some 13,000 drivers have racked up bills in excess of $1600 each hence the 184 million. the
9:26 am
problem grew back in march of 2020 when human toll takers were eliminated, and the option to pay cash at the tollgate went away in favor of invoices sent to non fast track crossers. too often unpaid obligation to collect tolls. the barrier total authority is responsible to pay off voter approved bonds used for bridge maintenance, seismic retrofits and voter approved transportation projects. we're still making payments on the on those bonds. those who do pay say this, even though it sounds like it's you know, taking your money per se, it's what you owed , so i, it seems like that would be a logical thing to do. i think it's a great idea. a lot of people are getting away with it. i mean, we have fast track with all of our cars and we tried to abide by the law, and i agree with it once the unpaid toll is transferred to the department of motor vehicles, it's either pay it all off or no registration for your car.
9:27 am
people can pre qualify for a payment program. individuals or households can pay overtime if they meet certain low income requirements. up to 200% of the federal poverty level, which is approximately $55,000 for a family of four. bottom line. get fast track as 79% of other bridge crossers already have tom baker, ktvu fox two news. leaders at the bart police department say they're working to fill more than two dozen openings, the police chief at alvarez told the park board of directors department wants to hire 26 officers to fill vacant positions on a force with more than 200 sworn officers. the chief says. the problem isn't that officers are quitting, but rather they're losing senior officers to retirement. our goal is to fill all 26 vacancies that we currently have today. and once we do that we have our general managers commitment to open up more positions to continue to grow our department.
9:28 am
part is offering a $15,000 bonus to aid in recruitment, starting pay for bart. police officer $79,000 a year coming up. what could be the hottest drink in the country could help you cool down during this extreme heat today, and it's one where you could easily skip the alcohol. if you'd like coming up on the nine how mark tails are really growing in popularity. one in particular can do double duty and be enjoyed by all your guests. nascar's toyota save mart 3 50 is this weekend after a quick break. we're live from the racetrack at sonoma without the big races, taking over a
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be that the only place where you won't see temperatures at or above 90 degrees today, if you find yourself in san francisco or right there on the coast, you'll be alright. but boy for the rest of us, it's going to get hot and maybe it's already hot where you are. let's talk
9:31 am
about what's coming tonight. although it's not a must win. many people do see tonight's game in the nba finals as a make or break contest for the golden state warriors. as you know the doctor down two games to wander the boston celtics. stefan currie was hit on his left leg chasing after that loose ball in game three. turns out he didn't need an mri says he got plenty of rest right after the game, and he says he will play tonight. about 10.5 hours of sleep. couple of dunks in the ice bucket, and that's about it for now, because i went through what i went through the in the regular season and coming back. i know exactly what it is what i got to deal with and soreness slash pain level. some bench players worked out yesterday, while the regular rested warriors head coach steve kerr wouldn't reveal any adjustments he's making said the coaching staff isn't ruling anything out . this is the kind of game we're getting to that part of the final cell where people make their schedule around what's
9:32 am
happening with this series. absolutely friday night at six o'clock, i think a lot of people you'll be able to go to the store. if you're not a basketball fan at all. in the east bay and san francisco and just, you know, kind of walk right up because people are going to be in there and one of the things i know about the warriors is that you don't count them out down two games to one, but they could easily come back and tie the series and then we have a ball game again, so to speak. alright police in the boston area had been warning about nba playoff ticket scams, and now there has been an arrest boston police say 29 year old connecticut men allegedly in possession of forged or counterfeit tickets, was arrested near the td garden. about an hour and a half before game three officers also learned the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant for alleged ford's admission tickets and unlicensed ticket sales. that person now has a date in court. now. the new number is just out this morning on inflation that were even worse than what financial experts had predicted. lauren blanchard tells us how pressure is mounting on leaders in
9:33 am
continues to skyrocket cost 8.6t only not peeking and not coming down, it is accelerating. this is not a recovery, according to the labor department. the consumer price index rose 1% from april to may. if they're hoping for this to come down. this is not a good report for the biden administration, shelter, gas and food went up the most eggs cost 32% more now than last year. most other grocery items are also in double digit percentage increases. fuel oil is 106% more in 2022 2021. the average price of a gallon of gas, according to triple a is $4.98 and nearly half of states are already over the five buck mark. this is a tremendous burden on american consumers and american businesses because people are going to be unable to purchase the things they want,
9:34 am
according to the latest quinnipiac polling. inflation is the most urgent issue facing the country. the federal reserve is expected to contain in you to raise interest rates again this month. and next to cool the economy behind flay shin numbers will cause the fed, maybe to break the economy. i mean, hopefully they can engineer smooth landing a soft landing, but this does make it incredibly tough to do that. the labor department also reported an increase in average hourly wages , but when combined with the increase in inflation the real take home pay. it's actually less in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. and we'll keep checking stocks as we have been all morning. the entire session in the red dao jones is down by almost 2.5% points losing right about 800 points, right now s and p is down by well over 2.5. nasdaq is still the lowest of all losing almost 3.5% points. markets closed at one o'clock, and we'll watch him till then. gas prices have reached a new national high for the 14th day in a row, according to triple a. the
9:35 am
average cost for a gallon of gas nationwide is now $4.99 a gallon . california has the highest average of any state on average, 6 42 here. californians paying more than $2 above gas prices just one year ago in the bay area, san francisco has the highest average cost of gas 6 62 a gallon get ready for roads to be packed in the north bay's nascar is back at sonoma raceway. today is the beginning of the three day toyota st mark 3 50 race the event is expected to attract about 50,000 nascar fans. to the sonoma raceway. some of the drivers at this year's race include daniel suarez, michael mcdowell and kurt busch, who says he always enjoys returning to sonoma. growing up in vegas. this was always a fun road trip where we would come up and race the southwest tour car on saturday and in the nineties. i won that one of the saturday races and this track will always be special in my heart because i believe it helped springboard my career to the cup series. if you want to make your way out, their
9:36 am
tickets cost $40 for adults and children under 12 are free and joining us now is jill gregory, general manager of sonoma raceway. this is go time for you guys. i know it gets really exciting and packed up there. what are you expecting this year? now that you know, really kind of back from the pandemic. well, thanks for having me on guys. i think we're expecting to have a b property. so first time that we've been able to have a full capacity crowd since 2019 there'll be a ton of action on the track and all sorts of activities for fans off the track. so you know for someone who hasn't gone to a race because i went to my first race, i guess maybe 10 years ago and i didn't even know what to expect. and i'll tell you what i found. first of all, it's a lot louder than i thought, and it's kind of exciting. and the sound of the cars. you know what else can people expect if they're going for the first time? yes i think if you come out on this weekend , you come out saturday. you're
9:37 am
going to have a full day of racing. we've got cars on the track from nine o'clock in the morning until about 6 30 at night. we have the camping world truck series, returning to sonoma raceway for the first time, so it can be a full day for your family. your kids will have shade. we know it's going to be a little warm out here will have earplugs and all the things that you need on sundays. kind of our main event. all the guys are back. um and we can't wait to host everybody like i said, they'll be ferris wheels, hot air balloons, concerts, we have a pre race airshow. we've got a pre race concert with brantley, gilbert and there'll be something for everyone. so tell me more about what this race means to some of the local businesses and to you know the raceway, but there are also a lot of people up there who are going to be getting business and people coming up and maybe after the race, they go to dinner, or they stop at a winery or they do something up there. you know? what does this mean for the region? yeah, it's really important because we are really at the gateway of sonoma valley
9:38 am
. so obviously there's all sorts of things to do in sonoma valley on a regular june weekend, but for us we can be added to that mix, so i think you want to come out. you want to, you know, eat at the local restaurants. maybe go wine tasting on one of your days out here. or you can basically plan your whole weekend on track property and have plenty to do. but the hotels, the restaurants all really benefit from having nascar come to town. you know, jill earlier i was telling people hey, you know if you are not going to the race stay away , however. is that bad advice because, you know, yes, it is going to be a little bit crowded, but you know, some of these other businesses kind of hope you come up and spend money at their place, right? we absolutely do. i mean, yes. there'll be a little bit of traffic. you know when people come in and out, but we've done a lot of communication pre race to not only our race fans coming and when they need to be here, but also to our neighbors and the folks that are just living their day to day life in sonoma
9:39 am
valley, so we think we have a pretty good plan to keep everybody in and out of here pretty quickly. well jill gregory, i'm excited for you guys. i know that this is a big weekend. you know, one of the things about the nascar i do want to mention is this last year or so they've gotten the new next gen cars, so i think i'm gonna come back and see these cars. they're really great . and i'm excited for your weekend. thank you for joining us. thanks for having me look forward to seeing you out here, all right? there's been relatively little news about the fate of a w nba star detained in russia now for almost four months, brittney griner was taken into russian custody at the moscow airport back in mid january after russian officials said they found cannabis oil in her luggage. the u. s state department later classified her as wrongfully detained now in american who spent almost three years detained in russia is calling on the white house to do more to free grinder. this has been a big topic on fox sol, a streaming channel that looks at life through the african
9:40 am
american lens. we welcome as we do every week, the host of the black report. good morning to you, demi lobo. good morning, garcia. it is so great yet again . we missed you last week. we missed each other last week. but we're back and i'm so excited to speak with you today. i'm happy you're here. we have to talk about what trevor reid said he's the recently freed american veteran. he made it very clear that there are racist and homophobic issues in play. when it comes to brittney griner is detention. absolutely you know, he said a lot. actually he is recently released. he's doing a lot of speaking right now. and you know for a good cause. he's trying to help brittney griner get freed and another person that's also currently in russia right now, and so he's saying that. hey you know what britney runners in a worse position because she is a part of the lgbtq plus community as well as a black woman, and he says, a lot of people in russia are racism. so this is going to be a large part. why hey, she could not be released very soon, or even in russia for much longer than we ever expected. so happy that is speaking out, and i'm hoping that his message sends a
9:41 am
message to the vitamin astray shin and everyone else who needs to know we need to get brittney griner home immediately. how do you think your viewers are looking at what's happening between russia and ukraine and whether or not that's impacting brittney griner detention or release well, you know, it's really great. also lebron james has spoken out and so he's a very big icon in our community, so it was really great to hear him speak out the w n b. a. they've spoken out different nba players and warby g on their uniforms for play, and when they're playing in the nba, and so it's really great to see an outcry from our prominent figures speaking out on brittney griner detention in russia, so that's really great, but still there's so much more that needs to be done. you know, it's so interesting because it when this originally happened, we were like, okay, we need to keep it low a low profile and just do the work behind the scenes to get her released and not make too much of a fuss. and now that is transformed into hey, we need to be more loud about getting brittney griner home because her life depends on it. um, we
9:42 am
thought initially just you know, we could just do a fight to get her home. she would come home now. it just seems like it's life or death. now let's move to a recently released report here in california, the california reparations task force just released a large report seen as the first step toward repairing harm done to descendants of enslaved people in our state. covers wealth gap education, health issues. this is coming at a time that the governor has an awful lot on his plate. do your viewers have a lot of hope that this report really is a good first step? i do think this is a good first step with, you know, governor gavin newsom when he had the recall election, the black americans, we rallied behind him, and i think ever since then he's been trying to make things right with the black community in california, and we're happy to see him do that. you know, i thought it was very interesting that he said, you know what? i'm not even worried about lawlessness. i'm worried about gas prices, but it's not my priority. i'm really worried about slavery reparations, and so absolutely this is really great to see. governor gavin newsom putting slavery
9:43 am
reparations at the top of his priority list. he mentioned that he was going to start the task force in may of last year. and so i've been iffy. i think i told you before i've been iffy about reparations task force and the whole reparations movements . we've seen them in different states. but here in california, i do believe because he's making it such a priority. this might be we might be the first state to actually get a real reparations movement taking taking care of for black americans in california, so i think we might be the first to do it. what are some of the key factors from the report? your viewers are really focusing on well again that he's making it more important over everything else. i think that is really what we were talking about just yesterday. actually that governor gavin newsom is saying, hey, we understand that the gas prices are important, understand that there's homeless crisis going on. we understand this gun reform and other things that are on my list. but letting the black americans know in this in california. you guys are my first priority. i care about you. i see you. you what? what you went through in your family and your ancestors went through
9:44 am
is important to me. so that means the world right now to hear that from your governor. and of course, a lot of other cities and states are also looking at the same issues themselves. all right, we'll have to leave it here, demi. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you next week. thank you guys. see a we'll see you next week. you have a wonderful weekend, of course, and until then, a quick reminder here to watch foxhole online at fox hill dot tv.on the foxhole r apple and android devices. well it's about to get easier for tourists to visit the us coming up on mornings on tuesday nine announcement expected from the white house when it comes to covid-19 and travel plus, the fda is getting ready to roll out covid shots for kids under five after the break the plans being laid out by the a cure would mean to my kids that they get their mom back. and people would be saying, hey, remember ms? if no one would have to ever experience this, it would just change the world. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing
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9:47 am
would go into effect sunday. currently you have to test negative before being allowed back into the country that has left many travelers stranded outside the us for weeks or avoiding to leave. the country altogether. the white house says it has a robust plan to vaccinate the youngest children . yet what's the covid vaccine is approved for children under the age of five fda panel will meet tuesday and wednesday to review the data for fighter and moderna's vaccines for children under five. the biden administration says that the fda and cdc authorized the shots. vaccinations could begin as soon as june. 21st. we've been getting ready to launch a comprehensive effort to help america's youngest kids get protected. that means working with state and local health departments. it means working with america's pediatricians and family doctors. the administration is making 10
9:48 am
million doses initially available with millions more in the coming weeks. the white house says it hopes to make the shots available at public health clinics, community health centers, pharmacies and pop up clinics at children's museums. there are four more suspected cases of monkeypox here in the bay area, alameda county health officials have announced it the first possible case in san francisco, the department of public health reported three additional probable cases of monkeypox. the health department says one of those patients recently traveled within the us while the other two did not. monkeypox is usually transmitted from an infected person to another by skin to skin contact. despite monkeypox cases popping up across the country, officials say the risk of getting infected remains low. so far, california has reported a possible or confirmed cases. nationally 45. people in the us have tested positive for the virus and globally more than 1300 have been infected. russian forces are increasing their attacks on eastern ukraine, as ukraine's
9:49 am
president urges the european union to speed up the process of accepting ukraine as a member, mike tobin has more from kiev, ukraine. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky makes a push for his country to be accepted into the european union. in a video address, the lenski called on the eu is on the line. if the poll shows that 71% of you praying you europeans consider ukraine part of the european family. why are there still skeptical politicians who are has it into whether ukraine should be allowed to move to the european union. russian troops have shelled key cities in the donbass region as moscow pushes to gain complete control of ukraine's east. the ukrainian army has defended several positions in the region, inflicting huge losses on russian forces in recent days. despite this, russia says they are making progress as the u. s and its allies. scrambled to provide additional support to ukrainian troops. we remain
9:50 am
fully available to cooperate. towards building anyway out. of the this episode that we, of course never wish had happened between ukraine and russia. meanwhile the eu is expected to unveil fresh new sanctions against russia. the financial and travel sanctions will directly target 100, individuals and entities and will exclude russian and belarusian banks from doing business with several european nations. here we are still open to dialogue with europe, but it takes two to tango. however at the moment our western partners are performing a break dance alone. european commission members are expected to meet next week to discuss ukraine's application to join the eu. in kiev. mike tobin, ktvu fox two news. coming up here on the nine drinks that can be the centerpiece of your pool, party or backyard barbecue without leaving you with a hangover. while dropping the alcohol doesn't mean losing the zinc and how much tails are becoming more popular for a
9:51 am
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minder that zip trips goes on the road again next friday. the nine is traveling to union city will introduce you to the best restaurants, those making a difference in the community and quiz you on the knowledge of your city. will be broadcasting live from 9 to 10 near the east plaza fountain and the union city pyramid union cities are second trip this year will be on the road all summer after union city will head to venetia, santa clara pacific, dublin and martinez put those dates on your calendar and join us when we come to your city. alcohol movement that's taking hold in some parts of the country and mock tails or cocktails about the alcohol are becoming more sophisticated as they appeal to a wider range of the population were so happy to welcome bevo mixologist robert wrote here to the nine year the head of the panel store up there, and you're seeing a trend taking hold in
9:55 am
your store as well when it comes to non alcoholic adult drinks, so we've definitely seen a big old increase on those things. lately. it's definitely been after covid everyone, you know, drinking a little more having good time being trapped at home . we've seen a lot more people gravitate to our non alcoholic options. they can still have the phone without some of those side effects that next day 35% increase in non alcoholic drinks throughout bev, mo. let's talk about the past two years because a lot of people realize pretty quick. there's too much alcohol happening in this house. so what do you suggest to those people who say look, i like to have a good time. i like an instagram herbal drink in my hand, and i don't want to just drink pepsi. exactly so what? that it's that's what we've got going on with our mock tails here today. it's a ton of funds so that you can do you can still have that, you know, picture perfect glass ready at home with some of our non alcohol options. okay, so let's let's mix because you're starting off with something that i haven't heard of the bee's knees. yes so the bees knees here, it's with our ritual zero proof gin. along with some lemon juice and some honey here zero proof gin tastes like so it is
9:56 am
supposed to taste just like gin. they use a lot of the same ingredients. they're the same herbal type of everything you get from a classic gin without all of those, you know additional calories and alcohol. of course. what do we do? this one here? i've got a little bit of gin in there already. okay? take this one here. we're going to do about two ounces here. get that going inside here. already after that we're going to do just a little bit of our lemon juice to do it just a little ounce just to give it some of that flavor there to have a neighbor with a lemon tree next door that is leaving nominal, so i definitely like the fresh squeezed myself just to make a little easier. we're going to go with our good old classic bottle, right? so we'll do a little bit of that. honey bear. can i do this? because this is what we put on this baby open, or does it have this ready to go for much of this half ounce of that there when to stop, so should be good there for extra measure, right? if you want to feel a little bit more on that one. i do. i don't have to ask me twice, right? let's get that going on in there. perfect.
9:57 am
alrighty. drop this one in here if you want to give that guy a little mix in a stir, and i guess if you have folks who want real gin, you can just substitute that for this. no, you can definitely use regular djinn. just this here is their non alcoholic never even had. i've never even tried nonalcoholic jim. so this is going to be this will be something new for me, right? i make lemonade all the time at home. i do like simple syrup. i steal my neighbors. lemons if i'm super fancy all kind of mashed some basil leaves in there where it ends for me, though, so i'm really eager to see what this tastes like. alright sip. of course you can. gonna give it a try here myself that's really complex. yeah you feel like you're drinking a grown up drink without having to suffer from it? you're still getting all those herbals in from that general alternative. there you get that splash the lemon sweetness from the honey. they're kind of such a thing existed. let's make up another one. if i could invite salin here too, because sell some of the products on this table. you
9:58 am
recognize? i know. you said you've tried the non alcoholic beer. from lagunitas. yeah i've tried this hopper. i've tried hot water from lagunitas, but i haven't tried this, but i was surprised at how good it tastes. yeah, no, it's definitely it's. it's a really good alternative there. it's like i drink it at home myself. instead of getting just like a regular water, sitting back and drinking a beer. just going with that hot water there. it's still nice, crisp and refreshing. the aperol spritz, i think was like the drink of the summer last year all over instagram and tiktok. it was everywhere. everyone was going on about it and going through it. everyone friendly version. bingo okay, so tell me how you want to make this one. or you want to do a regular shirley temple so we can go ahead and run into the aperol. alright so we're gonna go ahead and take our lovely free sparkling brut. you want to do the honors? we want to pop this d re okay? alright so now on this, we're going to do three ounces of this. everyone use our little measuring cups there we can hure there. when you're done pouring
9:59 am
, maybe rude and sit from the can sell just because i'm curious. like what? this smells good. yeah that's funny. i've sipped beer before and it's not i've said this before, but i don't drink alcohol just because i don't really like the taste. and you know a lot of people say , you know, but you haven't had good or you have to try and i'm like, yeah, look, you know i mean, this is alright though i would drink this. okay adult drink. it is it's you know exactly like a dr pepper. yeah all right. so we did a little bit more actually going to go ahead and take are liars. it's an italian orange alcohol free opportunity. if aperol normally is that, you know orange upper teeth there, so we're going to take this guy here to mix this quick. we only got seconds left color. okay go ahead and pour him that for me to do this, and i'm gonna squeeze in between these gentlemen for it. ship with little bit of schweppes. yep there we go. how much of the
10:00 am
sparkling should i pour and top it off just a little bit there. i'll do this picked. cheers casa . cheers to you. robert road weekend panel. thank you so much for joining us. thank you guys. so much weekend. mm. i feel like ♪ feel it feel it feel it ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." [ applause ] ♪ ♪ how you doin'wendy ♪ >> announcer: here's our special guest host, michael rapaport. [ applause ] >> michael: oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah.


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