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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvu two. party at chase center after the warriors pull off down to the wire win in boston, tying the finals series two games to two. with a hard fought win. you know, they battled out with warriors. we come back, man. we fight. it was a pivotal game four that came down to the final minute. steph curry's unstoppable count caliber on full display leading the warriors to 172 97 victory over the celtics. good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. now the team is headed back home, where they hope to take the lead in this series. we have live team coverage of tonight's game. ktvu is jana katsuyama is
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that chase center where thousands of fans gathered for watch party but first we take it to joe fonzi at td garden. joe warriors got the win they needed. yes they did. and it's funny when we were sitting here at the end of game three. we were saying steph curry maybe wouldn't be available for game four. after he got his leg rolled up on. well, the words would have been lost tonight if they didn't have him and you know, before tonight's game, the warriors held the nba record, having won at least one road game in a playoff series for 26 consecutive games or 26. consecutive times. that is. and they would have to extend that to 27 in order to have a chance to win the championship. this time around. it was a fired up crowd here at td center in boston as the words had to play with a sense of desperation down two games to one in the series, and for some time, it looked unlikely that the warriors might win. this game of the celtics had control of the game early and much of it and much of the game. the words were battling from behind when marcus smart beat the shot clock with this three. the celtics had a 94 90
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lead. and but then the warriors went on a 10. nothing wrong with 4 26 to play clay thompson hit a three a good night for clay thompson. he had 18 points the words in front 95 94. but this was steph curry's night. no question about it, whether it was leaving boston defenders trying to find him as he made a floater in the lane or whether it was hitting three pointers. all steph did tonight was go for 43 points with 10 rebounds, but he made it three with a minute 42 left to play a 10. nothing run by the words was completed as they took a 100 to 94 lead at that point. as i said 43 points tonight for curry as the warriors win it by a final score of 107 to 97. they even the series now at two games, each as it will head back to san francisco, as you would expect, whether it was his coaches or his fellow teammates. nothing but praise tonight for curry. for stuff to take the. you know that that kind of pressure? uh
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all game long and then still be able to defend at the other end when they're coming at him and shows you i think i think this is the strongest physically that he's ever been in his career, and it's allowing him to do what he's doing. the heart on that man is incredible. ah! you know the things he does. we kind of take for granted from time to time. but to go out there and put us on his back and i mean, we gotta help him out on monday . incredible um, put us on his back will just to win much need to win game we had to have came out and show while he's one of the best players ever played this game. so the warriors now have regained home court with the series even at two apiece. monday they've gone back to san francisco. so the words take care of business at home. they will have a chance again for a championship. it would be their fourth in eight years, but a lot
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more to be played at the one thing that we've been saying throughout this series. you can expect the next game game five to be entirely different than what we saw here tonight in game four, but in a very gutty effort by the warriors are great effort by steph curry, and we're going to hear from staff. coming up in sports with jason appelbaum, but until then, reporting live from boston, joe fonzi back to you guys in the studio trip out east was not was not in vain the warriors do to win. joe. thank you so much. the warriors will soon be heading back to san francisco, as you just heard joe mentioned there, but even though they were away on the road chase center definitely has not been affected, not the arena hosted a huge watch party tonight, and that's where we find ktvu jana katsuyama jenna very different scene from wednesday's game. how it was and let me tell you, andre christina, it was tense. in there. people were up out of their seats they were cheering. i mean, the game was in boston, and you heard all this celtics fans, but really here? it was equally loud and the victory so sweet for all the people who came out here tonight. warriors fans were
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pumped the emotion from the down to the wire. clutch win, spilling out of chase center after the final buzzer. they were down. but you know what? the warriors we come back, man we fight inside. at the watch party friday night, the huge crowd that came to chase center for game four brought their belief in the team, even with the warriors trailing the celtics to one, we came back from 21 down against cleveland and foot line 15. we came back from 31 down against oklahoma. so what makes you think we can come back again today? it's an uphill battle. but we believe believing, though, meant the team and the fans had to put it all on the line. families came from across the region, raising a new generation of fans to enjoy this moment in dub nation history. i think we're ever going to ever see this beautiful dynasty that we're seeing now and him seeing seeing him stephen curry, draymond green, bring me happiness. my niece is a baby, so we got to start them young, right? we gotta start her young son, right? exactly where
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your family that's all it is love of the game, even bringing this celtics fan and his warriors friends together. i share love for the winners and the losers. you know, so the tickets at $25 each went to the warriors foundation. a great show, many said, and fans got a special treat. at halftime. the flippers roller boogie palace roller skating troupe brought their smooth moves to the hard court. the founder liberty, ross has teamed up with usher to put a spotlight on roller skaters. my partner is usher, so he and i put together this flippers troop i think roller skaters are unbelievable athletes and for some reason, they've always been quite a minority community, so i just feel very blessed and honored to be able to kind of put them on this platform and show their incredible talent and skill and staying alive was the disco dance theme for the warriors on this night. and you
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just have to love like all of these little kids who are so excited to see them, you know, just pull out this wind now. i just found out from one of the warriors staff members, they said, of course, game five here on monday. but if you want to catch the next watch party game six watch party tickets go on sale, she says tomorrow at noon on warriors .com. pretty sure they'll be going fast. okay, janet in the city tonight, jenna, thank you. and as you just mentioned game five monday, we could possibly see another three games could go all the way to game seven up to date with all of those developments by downloading our ktvu news app. you can get the latest updates sent straight to your phone. well temperatures cooling down tonight relief for some parts of the bay area that reached triple digits, scream shops and water parks in the east bay packed with families trying to beat the heat today. in brentwood temperature soaring to more than 100 degrees. that's the type of heat that keeps the sip and scoop ice cream shop busy all day long, with families looking for cold treat and air conditioning. and in dublin parents taking advantage of the
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waves free water park splash zone for kids. it's beautiful. it's nice. it's clean. the splash pad is amazing for kids just to come in and just, you know, cool off when we have the a c working definitely is a good spot to come is an ice cream shop. a coffee shop or a restaurant locally, just to get the kids out of the house for more on today's sizzling temperatures and wants to come to let's turn things over to meteorologist mark tamayo. mark tells about either andre yes, stepping outside this morning by 10 o'clock you could just already tell it was going to be a hot day, and that forecast verified nicely. lots of nineties and the hotspots easily up above 100 degrees. so here's kind of a sampling of some of the temperatures from today pleasant in over. 100 gilroy healdsburg 100 degrees while that creek 99. even say mateo 95 degrees, so take a look at all these triple digits for santa rosa to conquer deliver more to antiochus. fairfield san jose. very hot san francisco. very warm and 85 degrees. now things change it around a bit. the heat advisory just expired at 10
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o'clock, so that's no longer in effect for the inland spots, but an excessive heat warning continues for the sacramento valley, also out towards solano county. until 11 o'clock tomorrow night. here is our live camera looking out toward the san francisco completely in the clear, but what's happening right now? some patchy fog is a regrouping or portions of the coastline closer to the san mateo county coast, and that will have an impact on temperatures for tomorrow, but it is 10 o'clock, and we still have 80 degrees in concord right now, santa rosa 76 san francisco 66 degrees so warm to a borderline hot friday night across the region, but i promised some cooling as we head into your weekend, especially by sunday. we'll have more on that the cooling forecast coming up in a few minutes, okay, we'll see you. then mark. new attend a food truck vendor and neighbors in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood say they have never felt so unsafe in their lives in the city for help with violence that spiraled out of control tvs. amberleigh live in the studio now, whenever you met with them about their concerns
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tonight. that's right. andre christina. they shared with me surveillance videos, capturing the violence that has taken place just in the past month. the food truck vendor and neighbors say it's gotten out of control and they don't know what to do. this food truck vendor in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood has been the victim of violence three times in the past four weeks, all during daylight hours , his suits the owner asked us not to show his face. he's fearful of retaliation. i'm scared. asking for my life. this surveillance video shows that his sousse has good reason to be scared. i'm 1/12 around 7 30 in the evening, three men walk up to his food truck robbed his workers and two male customers. while defending themselves one was shot and killed. then on sunday, another surveillance video shows shots being fired from a sedan at the food truck that has customers in line running away. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. tells me bullets struck his truck in two spots. i used to walk over to
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get some food on over on foothill. i don't feel safe. i drive everywhere wednesday, three days after the drive by shooting another car comes by a passenger leans out and pretends to shoot at the food truck. it's unclear if the same suspects are responsible for all three incidents. each time a different vehicle was used. city council member noel gayo says police have not arrested anyone yet. the person that did the shooting and the killing red on the corner they know who it is. they're just trying to find them to arrest them every my permit for the city, the owner of the food truck proudly shows me his permit to operate. he doesn't want to leave this spot. he says he's worked hard to develop a strong customer base here. city come and help police coming. turn around, and others want more police patrols have lived here in this neighborhood for and worked in this neighborhood for 20 years, and i've never felt so unsafe as they do now.
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he sees tells me he's been at this location three years and never experienced this type of violence until last month, he suspects that jealousy over his business success, maybe a motive. city council member gayo is urging people to come forward to report crimes and say, says that's the only way to prevent them. they'll need the help from the community to get these cases solved for sure, thank you so much appreciate. absolutely unique gun buyback event is happening in oakland tomorrow. it's called guns to gardens. the weapons that are collected are melted down and then turned into gardening tools. the location for that event is at the i word ministries at 89 15 international boulevard. it starts at 10 a.m. people who turn in guns will get a gift card in the amount of 100 to $300, depending on the weapon and the 1st 50 people will also get a garden tool that was forged from a gun. the opportunities that this part gives to specifically marginalized communities can't be replicated anywhere else. it
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is the reason a group of people say they will occupy people's park in berkeley after the break what these activities are trying to activists are trying to stop from being built on this piece of land. and a local nonprofit helping ukrainian refugees from the lgbtq community coming up new at 10 30, how they are helping them feel safe even after they have fled war. and wastewater has become a critical tool for tracking covid-19 what data shows about the spread of data shows about the spread of the virus in several ba meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents.
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ruling over people's park in berkeley. uc berkeley is in the process of moving people who sleep there into transitional housing so construction can begin on a housing project. well, today, a group of activists told us they're planning to occupy that park and ktvu elissa harrington joins us live with more on the story, melissa you know that people's park has long been a magnet for the un housed in a place for radical protest. these activists i spoke with said that u c. berkeley is trying to destroy their community. university officials say that they are moving forward with this project , and they want to help people who live at the park. find housing. this is what people's park in berkeley looked like back in april. this is what it looks like. now most tents gone piles of mulch and dirt in their place. you see, berkley is
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preparing to turn people's park into student housing with more than 1000 units, but a group of activists say they aren't leaving and plan to occupy the park. we are going to be occupying until you know the we achieve victory until the university decides to build a hunt. many other spaces they have readily available to be built upon. nicholas alexander, a uc berkeley alumnus, was once a homeless youth and said this park transformed his life. the opportunities that this part gives to specifically marginalized communities can't be replicated anywhere else. the university has given everyone who sleeps or gathers at people's parking option for shelter. in a partnership with the city of berkley. transitional housing is available at the rodeway inn on university avenue. we have a supportive housing environment that's going to include services , including housing, navigation , counseling and medical services, as well as just safe and more stable place for use individuals to sleep as their
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own a pathway to more permanent housing. gibson the director of communications for uc berkeley capital strategies. said the university social worker and the city's homeless response team are at the park on a daily basis. they identified 64 regular residents of the park. 40 of them have already moved into the hotel, he said. tents are only removed after people move out. we're doing this process in a very gradual manner . we want to be very sensitive to the needs of the people with this transition and for it to be a successful transition for everyone out there. we went to the roadway in their security at the entrance and we were told to stay. off the property. university officials say they want to help get people off the streets and into a safe environment. but alexander sees it differently. i think people there feel abandoned. feel like the university just shoved them there because they thought it would be a better space. in reality. this was a community space. this was their home. university officials i spoke
10:19 pm
with said they were not aware of anybody occupying the park, but said if the time comes when they need to close the park to start construction, they will ask those people to leave. porting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, melissa. thank you. bart. board director latifah. simon has ended a month long dispute over her seat on the transit agency's board by moving out of oakland. according to the east bay times, simon has moved to emeryville in order to stay within her district's boundaries. simon bart, only black board member, was removed from the board in march after the agency determined she lived just outside of her district seven boundaries. court management soon backtrack and reinstated simon an outpouring of support for her new data from the cdc shows that covid concentrations in bay area wastewater are on the rise. alameda contra costa in santa clara, also higher levels of the virus over the two weeks ending on june 7th. nationwide the cdc says that over half of the sites that the tracking showed increased levels of the virus in
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may, health officials say wastewater monitoring is becoming a helpful tool to understand the spread of covid. in communities that biden administration is lifting its requirement that international air travelers coming to the us test negative for covid 19 a day before boarding their flight. that change removes one of the last remaining federal mandates meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus. the mandate expires sunday after the cdc determined that it is no longer necessary, but the agency will have the option to reevaluate the need for the testing requirement every 90 days. it could be reinstated if a troubling new variant emerges. new details in the crash of a military aircraft had killed five u. s marines on wednesday. officials say one of those killed was from plaster county 33 year old captain john sacks was and for others died when their osprey aircraft went down during a training, exercise and imperial county. the marines were based at camp pendleton. in a statement, the commanding officers said their primary mission now is taking care of
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the family members of the fallen marines. well barry weather of course we've been advertising today has been the hottest day of the week and that forecast remains right on track, so we still have some hot temperatures inland for tomorrow. but are cooling trend begins in your saturday forecast top row here showing you the highest from this afternoon. very hot, so some areas up above 100 degrees. everybody has a down arrow is you can't see but still some low to mid nineties out there. santa rosa 93 conquered. tomorrow could be 94 degrees. some improvement. if you're not a fan of the heat, the cooling begins. in your saturday forecast, but still hot inland, the big time cooling that's going to move in on sunday with partly cloudy skies and some gusty winds, no triple digits, no nineties, probably no eighties, just some sixties and seventies. and that will be for the second half of the weekend. here's a satellite tonight picking up on some changes just offshore, some patchy fog trying to regroup, but it's just some patchy fog out toward the san mateo county coastline earlier this afternoon. into the evening
10:22 pm
hours, so that's kind of the first of several changes that will cool us off into the weekend. right now. san francisco 66 conquered checking and 80 and santa rosa 76 degrees. here's a live camera tonight, looking out towards the bay bridge towards san francisco completely in the clear for your saturday up for your friday night, talking about saturday, though, here's the forecast for tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours as bright colors still represent some hot temperatures, just not as hot as today as we take a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow hotspots in the mid to maybe the upper nineties, but no more triple digits. and definitely some colin near the coast and right around the bay. we'll talk more about that major drop off in temperatures headed our way, eventually, with your full forecast in a few minutes looking forward to that, mark, thank you still to come tonight, the west coast state putting gun control on the november ballot and san jose. facing backlash over decision not to cut ties with its sister city in russia tonight, a new statement for mayor sam liccardo on this controversy. a red hot inflation
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report leads to a market selloff on wall street i'm david spent in washington w
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on off on wall street. today the government says prices rose 8.6% in may even higher than april's 8.3% jump. the dow was down 880 points. the nasdaq dropped 414 points in the s and p fell 116 points. inflation is at its highest point since 1981. and now some economists are worried that efforts to cool the economy will lead to a recession. yes, that's exactly right. foxes davidson tells us analysts are expecting another interest rate hike from the federal reserve next week. a rough week on wall street. the dow jones fell 880 points after a key inflation report found prices rose 8.6% in may compared to last year. that's the highest level in more than four decades. rising prices
10:26 pm
are hitting american consumers at the grocery store and at the pump, the cost of eggs increased more than 32% meat, fish and milker also up. president biden says fighting inflation is his top economic priority is placing the blame largely on russia's invasion of ukraine. we've never seen anything like putin's tax on both food and gas because the may consumer price index came in higher than expected. many economists are now questioning how far the federal reserve will go in raising interest rates to try to bring costs down real now is the fact that 75 even 1% increases are now absolutely on the table, but some fear of move like that will increase chances of a recession is going to be hiking. as the economy slowing. you've got all this demand destruction coming from inflation. i mean, the fed is in the worst possible place it could be in the next rate hike
10:27 pm
is expected next week, and fed chairman jerome powell will hold a news conference on wednesday. in washington. david spun fox news. these displaced lgbt refugees were fleeing into countries that were very homophobic and additional challenge for some refugees fleeing war torn ukraine. how a bay area nonprofit is aiming to help. and a big weapons bust in the south bay, with officers seizing dozens of illegal guns, the other crime the suspect has been charged with new numbers show massive interest from the american public in the january 6th committee hearing. later tonight what the ratings reveal and how former president trump is reacting to them and the good night for the giants, besting the rival dodgers at home. jason appelbaum show us how they pulled off their first win against l a
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ported in the ukrainian city of donetsk. residential buildings are being destroyed as troops fight street by street occurring is trying to hold off russian forces trying to gain control of this and other eastern cities. this fierce battles coming as ukraine's president vladimir zelensky, is calling on the west for more weapons and to get his country accepted as a member of the european union coming weeks. and days, the european union may take a historic step that will prove that words. about the belonging of ukraine. people to the european family are not just words. hundreds of people are fleeing their homes today about 300 people, mostly women and children, and the elderly, boarded a special evacuation train headed to cities further west. this pride month. we're shining a spotlight on the san francisco nonprofit with a special mission. amid the war in ukraine, the organization is dedicated to helping refugees
10:31 pm
from the lgbtq community. ktvu zach sauces here after speaking to the founder tonight. yeah that group is called a safe place international. since the war began in ukraine, we've told countless stories about the devastation and trauma being experienced by refugees fleeing the region for safety, but for many lgbt refugees. safety isn't automatic once they've crossed the board. all of these displaced lgbt refugees were fleeing into countries that were very homophobic. these days, you'll find justin hilton. either it is desk in san francisco or hopping a flight to romania or poland were millions of refugees are arriving from war torn ukraine. his work zeroing in on those from the lgbtq community, finding jobs in poland and getting integrated and finding other members of the lgbt community where they can feel some degree of safety. some degree of normality. that's what is nonprofit safe place international has been doing to help irena, oman, ceva and hannah, lavish ova. the couple fled ukraine in late february
10:32 pm
during the second day of the russian invasion missiles, um the explosions and the air alarms and we're really scared with just the clothes on their backs arena and hannah boarded a crowded train to poland, leaving behind their parents. hannah's are now in the russian occupied region of donetsk, and that's stressful for me. some bombs are nearer on his house, adding to their stress, they galati of arriving in poland, a country where discrimination against the lgbtq community remains widespread. that's until they were introduced to safe place to somebody who are really friendly. um. makes us to fill in more safe sprays, the nonprofit helping the couple make connections in poland's gay community, pay for an apartment , look for work and receive therapy. the organization started by justin in 2017. i was working in, uh, in india and in
10:33 pm
one of my visits istanbul, a transport person was murdered in the street. she was beheaded by a mob shocked, horrified, he began learning more about the plight of lgbtq refugees. fleeing persecution. they were meeting the same people in istanbul that they were escaping from in their home countries, inspiring him to create shelters and community centers across africa and europe dedicated to the gay community and today near ukraine work, he says he'll continue until he's able to create a world safe for his two children. that world is a world where everyone is included. everyone's taken care of, and generosity is the default. it's where we go. and just some incredible work that organization is doing right now is for arena and hannah. they don't know how long they'll be staying and pulling. they plan on donating part of their salaries to the ukrainian. armed forces christina studio tonight , zack. thank you. san jose mayor sam liccardo is defending the city's decision not to cut
10:34 pm
ties with its sister city in russia. this comes after the president of ukraine called out san jose in his speech urging the city to break its sister city relationship with catherine . excuse me, i can't orenburg in russia. mayor sam liccardo says he has condemned russia's actions and sent a letter to its sister city expressing outrage. but he says sister city relationships do not exist to connect government officials but rather global citizens. in a statement, mayor sam liccardo said, quote if we terminate a sister city relationship because of the evil actions of a national regime than the entire program has little purpose. one of the few ways ordinary americans can contribute to the diplomatic process lies in speaking honestly, with those russian citizens with whom they have any contact. court also in san jose tonight. police seized today huge arsenal illegal guns during a criminal investigation as ktvu evan sernoffsky reports , the investigation began to unfold following a road rage incident. taking those guns off
10:35 pm
the streets. it's most certainly going to lead to saving lives. san jose police seize this hall of firearms this week and arsenal of guns they say we're in the hands of a now accused killer seizure of over 60 firearms. 25 of them being assault weapons and illegal to own in the state of california is huge, officials say moutai amassed the collection before he was arrested last week for murder. it all began on may 21st when police got a call about a man brandishing a gun during a road rage incident at this intersection at blossom hill road and snell avenue assault unit. detectives began the thorough investigation of that incident. and located and identified the suspect. police say ty was arrested on june 4th following a shooting on monterey road and rancho drive in south san jose. authorities say he fatally shot 33 year old san jose resident lloyd tang, i was arraigned on the murder charge
10:36 pm
and is currently in jail where he's being held with on wednesday, police raided his home here on the 400 block of war admiral avenue and uncovered his cache of weapons of those 60 plus firearms. 25 of them were listed as assault weapons in the state of california. two of them were personally manufactured firearms or ghost guns, and two of the other pistols that were located, were also reported stolen last year. police in san jose say they seized more than 950 illegal firearms. most of them home built ghost guns without serial numbers, every firearm that we receive from a criminal or from a drug dealer is one less assault. one less fired, shot one less homicide. and that is the most important reality that we're facing today . police say they're going to add those weapons charges to the murder charged high already faces now we tried to reach out to ties, attorney we're still waiting to hear back at the police headquarters in san jose
10:37 pm
evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11 a stunt gone new video showing how a spideries. . whether we are wrapping up a very hot friday, some neighborhoods up above 100 degrees of this afternoon still hot forecast inland for tomorrow , but eventually it's a big time cooling headed our way. we'll have more your forecast coming up and right after the break new details of the volley massacre why the police chief says he did not have a key tool with them that a gunman stormed the school and killed more than 20 people another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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january 16th direction that's higher than most congressional hearings ever get, according to nielsen ratings. and of those viewers, 15 million were 8, 55 and older and less than one million people aged 18 to 34. former president donald trump, reacting to thursday's hearing with a series of posts on the social media platform, truth social among those, he said the quote so called rush on the capital was not caused by me. it was caused by a rigged and stolen election. something we've heard him say before. and following clips of their testimony. trump referred to former attorney general general bar as quote, weak and frightened and said his daughter ivanka was not involved in looking at or studying election results. meantime on capitol hill, some lawmakers say the hearing wasn't ready for prime time. last night's hearing was a primetime dud. nothing came out of it that we didn't we didn't know before. didn't change anybody's mind. i don't think this is going to change the mind of my colleagues. in the coming days. the panel will examine the pressure campaign on former vice
10:41 pm
president mike pence. plus the committee explores possible links between trump allies and extremists like the proud boys, texas judge issued a temporary restraining order today on child abuse investigations of families with transgender children. the stems from governor greg abbott's directive from february calling for the state to investigate parents who provide gender reforming care to transgender children. three families filed lawsuits after the texas supreme court allowed the state to let those child abuse investigations move forward. the police chief for the volley school district in texas is defending his response to the mass shooting earlier this month. chief pete arredondo told the texas tribune that he did not consider himself to be the incident commander in charge of the shooting response. he also said that he intentionally left behind his police radios before entering the school because he thought they would slow him down. he also said he used his cell phone to call for more technical gear and tried several keys at school administrators gave him to open the door, but that none of them
10:42 pm
worked. that mass shooting in the val, d texas, has spurred a ballot initiative in oregon, it would require permits to purchase firearms and ban large capacity magazines if the initiative gets on the ballot in oregon, and it passes anyone wanting to acquire a firearm would first have to get a permit from local law enforcement that would require safety training, passing a criminal background check. and meeting other requirements to come tonight. how today's heat impacted commencement celebrations at uc davis. plus it doesn't usually get this hot here. so when it does, you know, we want to find stuff to do. and this was that stuff to do. escaping to the beach. look at the busy day in san francisco's coast, and it was really hot today, but it's already cooling down tonight. meteorologists mark tamayo will tell us what we can expect over
10:43 pm
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the commencement ceremony at uc davis to be cut short. the graduation was stopped midway through because of safety concerns, leaving hundreds of graduates unable to walk across the stage. the uc davis fire department says it received dozens of calls for service related to the heat from people who are at that commencement ceremony. seven people were taken to the hospital with heat related issues. remaining students will have a chance to walk this weekend, staying on the same subject. several bay area libraries and community centers are opening up as
10:46 pm
cooling centers in contra costa county, there are six main cooling centers, including one in pleasant hill at the community center on civic drive. public libraries around santa clara county are also open, along with several community centers like the roosevelt community center in san jose on the peninsula in mountain view, the community center on rex trough avenue is being used as a safe, air conditioned space. the city announced the center would open once they knew temperatures would be above 91 degrees. people to get a respite from the heat to be able to feel the cooling of air conditioning have access to free wifi be able to do some things on their own and be able to enjoy a place that's not in the heat. list of cooling centers will be found or can be found in the county health websites. all are set to open from eight am to five pm on days when the heat is extreme. in san francisco, some people headed out to the city's beaches in order to beat the heat. ktvu christian captain spent the day at baker beach, and he tells us he has never seen it so grounded
10:47 pm
in a long time. sky high temperatures had people near and far hitting the beaches in san francisco, locals say when the weather is this warm and foggy san francisco, you have to take advantage. never never get this weather. look at it. look how many people out here. there's so many people and you never see that really at a beach, especially in the city from chico says the mid seventies at the beach beat the temps at home triples. and that's pretty consistent. that's why i'm looking to maybe move back because i'm over the summers up there, and for many, the beach is the perfect family activity. summer just started, so they got out of school and you know we're looking for stuff to do, and it doesn't usually get this hot here. so when it does, you know, we want to find stuff to do, and this one had the idea going to the beach, so we made it happen . the first official day of summer is june 21st, but for a lot of those at the beach here summer began today at baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. okay joining us now to
10:48 pm
talk about the heat, and you know, it was really, really hot today. meteorologists mark tamayo mark typically ever saying june gloom it's foggy at the beach and you bring your thick coat and sweater out there. not the case today, right ? yeah temperature is in fact, the coast a place to be today with temperatures in the seventies. we're talking about heat but just warm out towards the coast, but the inland spots really dealing with the extreme temperatures. the heat advisory that expired at 10 o'clock this evening. you can see one that creek today close to 100 degrees tomorrow. it is still hot. just not as hot as today. and then you can see a big drop off of those readings by sunday, only down into the upper seventies for the second half of the weekend. so here's the plan this weekend for your saturday cooling begins still hot inland and then on sunday partly cloudy definitely cooler. know what triple digits? no nineties, probably no eighties. we're just thinking some sixties and seventies and your sunday forecast the satellite is trying to pick up on some patchy fog just offshore so some patchy fog
10:49 pm
could be developing their portions of the coastline overnight. here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we'll go ahead and drop in some of the current numbers. look at these numbers is 10 o'clock, and it's 80 degrees in concord. right now, san carlos 73 in san jose, checking in 73 degrees. mild start tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the fifties and the sixties, even some lower seventies so fair skies, although we could have some patchy fog kind of drifting around portions. of the coastline today. clearly the hottest day of the week. this big area of high pressure has been strengthening over the past couple days. tomorrow you can see what happens, we will have a stronger onshore breeze. in fact, you may have noticed that wind picking up this afternoon and into the evening hours still hot inland still approaching the mid nineties. it's not as hot as today, and they were watching this cooler system moving from the north and this is on sunday, and this will send temperatures down quite a bit for sunday and then a little bit of some morbid into early next week with this pattern is actually the possibility of a few with showers to the north. of the bay
10:50 pm
area, but probably just some clouds for us definitely cooler to cool down and some gusty winds as well. take a look at the numbers for your saturday afternoon. you can see everybody cooling off a bit, but still some nineties out toward antioch's and fairfield and conquered oakland today, close to 90 tomorrow in the lower eighties and san francisco downtown lower seventies. and the coast back to normal back into the low to mid sixties for tomorrow afternoon. here is look ahead, your five day forecast and temperatures will continue to drop off sunday. so that's a big drop off here for sunday, and then we'll just call it nice with a little bit of a warming trend into a tuesday and into wednesday, so thankfully, we're not talking about an extended period of some real hot triple digit temperatures. a little bit a little bit of relief for tomorrow and definitely some more cooling by sunday. thank you so much mark. appreciate it. the tent 104th annual livermore rodeo cowgirl luncheon was held today, kicking off weekend of rodeo related festivities. 500
10:51 pm
women were at the event at robertson park. the rodeo was canceled the past two years because of the pandemic, but it's now back. better than ever to ktvu roberta gonzalez attended the luncheon and was part of a special announcement. this year. your 2022 calgary of the year. there's sheila foley, otto. events are scheduled for tomorrow and sunday, including the livermore rodeo parade, which kicks off on second street tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. are coming up in sports more on the warriors gutsy win tonight in game four of the nba finals we will hear from steph curry, who refused to let his team lose in boston, then on the 11 o'clock news to 14 year olds killed in a tragic atv accident in vacaville. how the community gathered tonight to remember them.
10:52 pm
♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪
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♪ i got to get back in my zone ♪ ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ alright ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ 3... 2... 1... ♪ ♪ you know i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ hey ladies, don't we look good? ♪ ♪ we came to have a good time baby ♪ ♪ said i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ ♪ me and all of my girls gonna tear it up ♪
10:54 pm
everybody stefan currie delivered one of the greatest performances and warriors history. to help will his team to a crucial game for win tonight in boston. the storyline coming in? how would steph sore left foot? hold up the answer? just fine. thank you. curry was brilliant from the jump 19 points in the first half, including this step back three in the first quarter to put the warriors up by five. curry was exuding emotion all night long, third quarter more curry off the screen. the tough off balance three he gets bumped by jayson tatum. no call. steph is furious looking for the four point play. steph wasn't perfect. did have this one sloppy past jalen brown , picking it off and going the
10:55 pm
other way for the scoop layup. at the other end, brown finished with 21 points. celtics up by four a little over five minutes to go celtics up by one now. looney blocks marcus. smart but smart gets it back outside the arc and hits the three to beat the shot clock. boston goes back up by four. but it was all warriors from there on out jordan's pool too hard off the glass, but andrew wiggins was there all night to clean things up. 17 points. 16 rebounds for wiggins next possession, clay not a great shooting night, but he hits it when it counts. three gives the warriors the lead, which they would never relinquish. steph would finish the celtics off dribbling circles around the defense and then hits the floater after the game curse. ed steph is in the best condition of his life. just unreal. 1 48 to go. draymond doesn't want to shoot it, but he knows who does curry. with the dagger. his 73 pointer of the night 43 points in front of his
10:56 pm
pops 10 rebounds. the warriors close out the last five minutes on a 17 to 3 run to end the game . and when it going away, 107 to 97 all smiles even the series up at two games apiece. and they snatched back home court advantage in boston. it means everything knowing the sense of urgency we had to have tonight to, uh you went up went on the road and keep some life in the series, get a home court advantage back and try to create some momentum our way it was hard fought, win proud of everybody to two is way better than 31 going home. so uh, you know a job well done tonight. so it's now a best of three finals with the series shifting back to san francisco for game five monday night and all i can really think of after tonight's win to steal from former houston rockets head coach rudy tomjanovich. never underestimate
10:57 pm
the heart of a champion. they were outstanding tonight just wouldn't quit. meantime just down the street from the warriors watch party at chase center. the giants opened a three game set. versus the rival dodgers serene mccovey cove on a picture perfect day in the city and darren rough, had himself a night giants up to one of the fourth when ruff takes walker buehler deep and out, the first of his two home runs in the gamt joc pederson, man, he has been outstanding all year long comes up with the clutch single in the fifth. that will play a pair of runs 52 giants. the giants play a great game, and they win their first meeting of the year with the division leading dodgers. 7 to 2 your final the a's in cleveland, trying to halt that nine game losing streak. they got fans everywhere. yes they
10:58 pm
lead for eight of the nine innings of this game. sean murphy puts them up to nothing in the second with his sixth home run of the year and that score. held into the ninth with brilliant pitching from paul blackburn. but danny jimenez blows the save and then with the score tied, luke maley hits one deep enough with the bases loaded off sam. mole, remote laureano throw a little off the mark. oscar gonzalez scores the winning run tough way to lose your 10th in a row, but that's how it ends. guardians win it. 3 to 2. the u. s men's national soccer team had no problem with granada in tonight's nations league opener packed house in austin, texas, and what the crowd saw was a great individual performance. by jesus ferreira. ferreira scored, breaking the lid off the scoring in54th and a wasn't happy with just a hat trick. four goals in all major
10:59 pm
league soccer's leading scorer as team usa cruises to a five nil win. alright, just enough time to show you how this minor league game ended because i have not seen too many walk offs quite like this one. and the pitch is high in the counts fule is over on the throwback baserunning by jared oliva of the indianapolis indians, a walk off steal of home base and a lesson two catchers everywhere. no lazy throws back to the pitcher when you have a speedy base runner at third, indianapolis beat the columbus clippers 65. but obviously the big story, guys the warriors hadn't home. they've got that home court advantage, and we'll have more on that story coming up at 11 25 went off. did alright, put him on his back. exactly. alright. thanks so much, jason appreciate it. next
11:00 pm
at 11. it's scary. that's why i said, i don't want to go out and go out in the neighborhood at all anymore. crime in one oakland neighborhood, longtime longtime neighbors say they have never felt so unsafe and now they're asking the city for help. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. some people in oakland say violence is spiraling out of control, and they no longer feel safe in their community pillow again. i'm cristina rendon andre, senior, a food truck vendor and neighbors now coming together, asking the city to step in and to help as well. new tonight. ktvx amberleigh live in the newsroom with the recent homicide that really rattled everyone ever food truck vendor and neighbors near a busy intersection in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. tell me they've never felt this unsafe. the shared surveillance videos of a recent homicide and a drive by shooting just weeks apart. this food truck vendor in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood has been the victim of violence three tis


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