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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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afternoon. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach, one of the men pistol whipping the victim before they robbed her. this happened along camino diablo right near pleasant hill road, an area where police say crime is a bit unusual. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joining us live tonight from lafayette after speaking with postal inspectors. henry. yeah this attack happened in the middle of the day right outside this office building along highway 24 . now postal inspectors are looking for two men. in an unprovoked attack of a letter carrier making her rounds in lafayette letter carrier was assaulted and robbed on her route around 12 30 this afternoon. it happened outside this office building on camino diablo off highway 24 in lafayette. i have learned that the victim here by two men, at least very shocked an and so the ambulance came and took her
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away. carrier was taken to hospital for injuries that were not life threatening. chris finn works in the building. he says the victim regularly delivers mail to the conflicts on mondays. very nice woman. did have our route for a while and uh, she's just seemed very nice . witnesses say they were after her postal keys. thieves can use these master keys to access mailboxes to steal mail. this is unacceptable to treat people opposed to workers work hard. um and we want that message to get out there. there's a $50,000 reward for tips. in this case, anyone with information is asked to call postal inspectors live in lafayette, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. big reward for an aggressive crime. middle of the day. right there, right, henry. thank you. san jose. police say a security guard trying to protect a woman during a domestic dispute was shot and killed during a triple shooting . it happened at a sprawling
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apartment complex in the 300 block of crescent village circle in north san jose, not far from zanker road and east tasman drive. ktvu jesse gary live now in north san jose with new information on the case, jesse julie. good evening to you. residents here say the most. they've had to deal with his car break ins homicide, not even on their radar. investigators say the incident with the married couple took place in the parking lot behind me. ultimately witnesses tell me the security guard died trying to do the right thing. it's really sad and scary that people have access to guns so easily. that domestic dispute could lead to loss of life so quickly. resident vishnu vital'o lives one floor above the murder scene at the crescent village apartment complex in north san jose. he says his wife heard gunshots early sunday morning, and he awoke to hear the final shot. monday san jose police investigators saying a domestic dispute between a husband and wife turned deadly
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when an apartment security guard intervened. he's trying to do the right thing, right, see somebody in distress and wants to go help and intervene, and unfortunately, the suspect committed a very heinous act that killed him, detectives say. after the suspect killed the security guard, he shot and killed his wife. and then took his own life. the triple loss of life taking place in an exterior parking lot of the tony apartment complex is unnerving for some neighbors was pretty afraid honestly, to kind of shaken. seems like a very random act, and that's not something you want to see any day, but i feel for the victims. of course. one resident says the murdered guard patrol the complex parallel to zanker road and bellagio street. he was a very nice guy, and he used to basically be responsible to make sure nobody got through this door like if he saw somebody trying to stay here for too long and not able to get in, he would like comments a like, what's going on? who are you monday apartment complex. general manager kim robinson emailed a statement to fox to which says
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our entire team is deeply saddened by the lives that were lost in this tragic incident and our thoughts. with their families. we are offering counseling to our employees during this difficult time. investigators say the couple had six children ages 12 months to 10 years, the kids are staying with their maternal grandmother , as detectives try to unravel how our marital dispute led to three deaths, looking down from there every day. and now we don't know. like you'd like, even after a week or 10 days or a month. we'll ever be like look at it in a normal way. detectives are gathering video surveillance evidence, as well as witness statements to try to determine what led up to the initial conflict, which drew the guard to the parking lot. the names of the couple and the guard not released yet by the santa clark county coroner's office. we live in north san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. julie will head back to you and thank you and san jose police just announcing today and arrested a homicide back in march, police say 31 year old
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ryan l. spencer is in custody in chicago for the deadly shooting of an anti ox man. that shooting happened on march 27th around three o'clock in the morning. in the area of south fourth street in east san carlos street near san jose. state police say the arrest warrant was issued last month. detectives just flew out there last week to interview him . he was already in custody on a previous arrest for domestic violence charges in chicago. right now, he's still remains in chicago in custody for that domestic violence charge, and he's waiting formal extradition back to our county to face homicide charges. authorities did not reveal a motive for the deadly shooting surveillance video shows how a car thief drag someone to get away with a vehicle in oakland. it happened in oakland's chinatown, your eighth and jackson you can see someone walk up to a car and get inside. shortly after that the car's owner rushes back to the vehicle and opens the door. the
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thief then took off in the car, dragging that owner or a short distance. the victim was left with cuts and scrapes. oakland police say if you have any information about this case, please give them a call. francisco firefighters rescued a man right near the cliff house. they say he fell over this ledge here early this morning. if you're not familiar with the area, this is kind of just north end of ocean beach. you can see the firefighters. they're able to use their ropes and pull that man up about 20 ft. from the cement barrier down below. now, they say it could have been much worse. he was just about a foot or two away from going even farther down, below all the way down to the ocean. alright turning to the busy bay area night in sports. here is a live look right now. from sky fox. you can see the traffic conditions right now are not that bad. given the busy night that we're about to have here in the bay area when it comes to sports. we were thinking earlier if you didn't need to be on the bay bridge might be a good idea to stay away from the downtown area. but again, we were just
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checking our live traffic cameras. and it's not that bad. maybe because everyone is taking mass transit to get to the games tonight or because they're just staying home to watch it on tv. now the giants are hosting the kansas city royals at oracle park, and the warriors are playing the boston celtics in game five of the nba finals and the winner of tonight's game will wait. be one win away from a championship. and with tip off now, less than an hour away. it's time to begin our team coverage. ktvu is amberleigh with fans that thrive city but first let's go courtside inside chase center with our joe fonzi joe, how's it going? hi julie. what you said, is pretty simple. it's now down to three games, and whoever wins two of those three is the nba champion. if the warriors can win it that would be four championships in eight years, and that's the type of stuff that you talk about when you say dynasties, especially given the fact that they missed two years of playoffs and one of the major reasons that they were not in the playoffs for two years was
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what happened to clay thompson. he was injured in that toronto raptors series that the raptors one in six games, the fifth consecutive trip to the finals for the warriors, and then two years of rehab for clay. so we've been talking about that anniversary it was three years ago. but another anniversary is very interesting. it was brought up tonight. it was 25 years ago that the warrior coach steve kerr had his shot that gave the chicago bulls a win over the utah jazz with five seconds left . that was the fifth of the bulls six championships. they did that in eight years. so another dynasty and obviously when guys are around each other as much as they are in a series like that topics come up like that, and er was asked tonight to reflect on that moment in his career. finals are the finals. whether you're playing or your coaching, it's the ultimate, uh, competition in the world of basketball. and so there's a lot of nerves and a lot of excitement and a lot of stress and all that stuff and i think
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my experience as a player has definitely helped me prepare to coach a team in the finals because i know what these guys are are feeling. and you can see that we're counting down to tip off right now. that's clay thompson out there going through his pregame routine, and i know that he's hoping that he doesn't have too many of those clients like that, as he was. trying for a three pointer there in his warmups, but you know, as i said, guys, it's very simple. now it's just whoever wins two games and you have three opportunities to do that. the other thing that has been kind of a characteristic of this series. neither team has taken full advantage of home court advantage. they've split the two games here. they split the two games in boston. it's home court advantage now to the warriors again. they've regained that if they take care of business at home. they're champions. so that's where we stand right now is both teams want to try to make a big step and win that third game with an eventual four
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necessary to be a champion guys, and we were talking a little bit about this last night, and draymond green's deaf curry klay thompson. they haven't really seemed to be quite in sync like they have been in previous c series. do you think we might see them come out all together tonight, and if so they're going to be a tough matchup against the celtics. yeah no question about that. julia. i was in boston for games three and four and obviously like to listen to what the talk radio is staying in the hometown there and they were saying we saw what steph curry did in game four. he had 43 points. draymond has not had his best games play had 18 in that game and gave the had that big shot that gave them the lead . but i think you could say we have not seen vintage klay thompson and draymond green yet in this series, and what the people in boston fear they know what curry is, if they get vintage of those other two guys, not to mention what andrew wiggins and jordan's pool and kevon looney brings you the picture. they're afraid of the warriors, but so far the words haven't gotten that we'll see if
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they get it tonight. all right. a lot of warriors fans hoping they do get it tonight and we will all be watching joe. thank you. and for those without a ticket inside the arena, there is plenty of space for fans just outside and thrive. city that's where we find ktvu is amber lee and amber, can you feel the energy building out there? absolutely it's on a whole different level when we're talking about the finals, game five. now there is a mood of nervous energy out here. i want to show you what it looks like here at dr city, the doors open to fans at 4 30 fans are still arriving. those who don't have tickets will be watching here at dr city on that huge screen you see up there fans are eager to see the warrior take the lead in the finals for the first time in this series of it isn't infectious. everyone's dressed up. it's loud, it's all ready to go our or something to get here because it's a good vibe out here with other people. we all want the same thing. you know a lot of other world words pants
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and it's a great game is game five. this is a crucial game. many would say it's not must win, but it's must win. it's time to make this thing happen. don't warriors. thanks you're looking at a live picture of fans just arriving getting in into the chase center, and there are again many fans is just going to watch it right out here. tip off is less than one hour away, and fans tell me not only are they excited but anxious on pins and needles, they say this game is a must for mike don't like the nervous energy. i want the confidence. i think they'll start seeing the confidence coming in there, especially after tip off. hopefully the warriors can get the big w tonight. alright amberleigh there and thrive. city amber. thank you, nba commissioner adam silver. canceled plans to attend tonight's game, citing the league's health and safety protocols typically does attend all final games. the league did not say if silver had tested positive for covid or had been deemed a close contact with
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someone who had also no word of silver will be able to attend game six in boston later this week. pairing mental health professionals with police officers plan to expand a plan, which has seen some success here in san jose. i'm mark sayer will have that story just ahead. also for the first time in a long time, congress may be on a path toward gun safety details on the bipartisan deal that comes in response to last month's deadly mass shootings, plus if he really believes this stuff he has, you know, lost contact with with he's become detached from reality summer, former president donald trump's key advisers telling the january 6th committee. he ignored key advice as he fought the results of the 2020 election. we have a live report from washington. following a second day of hearings. and there's a little bit warmer today. noticeable temperatures tomorrow a little bit warmer, still and then a trending to cool as we head towards the five day or deep into the five day i'll have that
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one bank with tools for both. yes capitol has come to an end, in today's testimony suggested former president donald trump was becoming quote detached from reality as his family encloses advisers were telling him that there was no election fraud. foxes madeline rivera lime tonight in washington, d. c with more on what was revealed today. good evening, madeline. good evening, mike and at one point, former attorney general bill barr's said trump no longer appear to be listening after the election, and that gets at a key question whether trump understood that his claims of election fraud or false some of donald trump's closest campaign advisers telling the american
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public, the former president was told repeatedly he could not win at the 2020 election and that there was no evidence of fraud. he really believes this stuff he has, you know. lost contact with with he's become detached from reality. trump's attorney general quit following the disputed election and weeks before january six, citing a struggle to talk trump out of his efforts to overturn the results before the election, it was possible to talk sense to the president after the election. he didn't seem to be listening. former campaign manager bill stepien also stepped down because of the opposing advice inside the campaign being shared with president trump. with one side, rejecting his false claims of voter fraud and the other fueling it didn't think what was happening was necessarily honest or professional. republican liz cheney highlights that saying trump only took advice he wanted to hear no matter how incredible instead followed the course recommended. by an apparently
5:18 pm
inebriated rudy giuliani. to just claim he won. and insist that the vote counting stop to falsely claim everything was fraudulent. critics say these hearings are only giving americans one side of the story . if you would try this in court, you know i could have been very impressive in court if there were no defense lawyers. next hearing is scheduled for wednesday. mike and as those hearings continues, so, too, does the debate on whether or not the former president will run for the oval office. another time. all right, madeline rivera live in washington. thank you, madeline, and you can find coverage of these hearings on our app and website or online coverage includes a breakdown of the people testifying before the committee just head over to ktvu .com. a father and son from delaware, who were the first to storm the u. s capitol last year are now on trial. the father was widely photographed carrying a confederate battle flag during the trial's opening statements today, defense attorney said
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kevin siegfried and his son hunter, never intended to interfere with the electoral college vote count at the capitol on january 6th 2021 federal judges hearing testimony without a jury, siegfried's waived their right to a jury trial, which means the judge will decide their cases. caltrans is working to clean up mudslides that have shut down state route 70 in butte county. the highway is closed due to multiple mudslides and the feather river canyon got trans says the mudslides are still active between rock creek dam and belden. several people had to be rescued after their vehicles became trapped between the slides. no one was hurt. those slides happen in the dixie fire burn scar area during some rainfall yesterday, the chp says it hopes to get the highway reopened by friday. yeah, not a sketchy highway. anyway if you ever been up 70 of the feather river canyon there it is a lot of rockfall in there. i grew up in that area and it's real steep and real narrow. and you get any water in there, especially after you had the dixie fire and then
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the campfire. it started. campfire started polga. which is just before you get to, uh, up up the up the road there so by where the dixie fire was okay, so our story here is warmer today. this is a long range model and pushing it in here because i want you just to get the broad brush. what's happening, long range model. so here's today. here's tomorrow. and what you're going to see is nothing really except clear skies right, indicating high pressure. so tomorrow is warmer. wednesday's warm or the same and then watch what happens on thursday. right, so it's going to cool down. so how do you ask to be warmer? how? you know it's gonna be cooler. if you look at something like this, and you go with the clouds come in, right. and just through the virtue of the cloud, you're gonna be cooler. but there's onshore winds that come with it to friday. looks cool. saturday looks mild to cool sunday looks a little warmer. and then out onto the bridge. we're right now. we don't have any fog to speak of. we've got a pretty nice day out there. good air quality little bit of wind. but overall is a beautiful weekend. we had a little bit of
5:21 pm
everything, and this pattern is a pattern that i'm kind of stoked about because it's similar to the last few weeks or months. but we've had this warm up. cool down right? it's not warm up warm up for a week or two weeks and stays hot inland. we're getting these big heat dumps about halfway through the week, and we're going to have a heat dump again on thursday, which is similar to last week, and the week before that. before that were temperatures go from being in the nineties, back down into the seventies and low eighties in the hot spots, so that's really in terms of concerns for fire. that's what i'm looking for. that's a pattern that we can get through the whole year where the whole fire season with we still could have problems, of course, is all we always do. but the idea that that you're not just extending those heat period, you're getting breaks and you're increasing humidities. so the reason we're warming up is the high pressure. can you see it right there is that big clockwise flow? that's that's a big high pressure. that's the pacific high. that's the dominant weather feature during the summer months. in on the west coast. united states, basically, and that's why it's a wet winter because it's not there. that's why it's a dry summer mediterranean climate. because of that pacific high,
5:22 pm
the pacific high has been getting nudged away, and that's where we're getting these cooling conditions that the get noted away on thursday, just south a little. so here we are. 21 miles an hour right now in santa rosa. that's the gust fairfield 15 miles an hour pretty breezy at the cost has been breezy coast cited. there's been a breezy spring and coming into summer now 35 mile an hour at sfo 32 miles an hour at half loon bay on the gusts and then san carlos 30 miles an hour so very kind of classic. spring summer day in the bay area. air quality is good temperatures warm today. a few degrees, temperatures warm further tomorrow and then they warm a little bit more on wednesday, and then they dropped significantly on thursday. fire danger always something we're talking about here and always something we think about until we get those first big rains in october. but this pattern these patterns this spring and early summer have been really very fortunate. very fortunate for all of us. certainly, cal fire appreciates it. okay, so a little warmer tomorrow. i'll see you back here a few minutes. you
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all now to wall street, where the major indexes continue to drop on fears of rising inflation. investors still reacting to last week's reports that inflation is at a 40 year high. some are speculating that the federal reserve will decide to raise its short term interest rates. by his much as three quarters of a point to try to cool off the economy. this week, the dow was down 876 points and nearly 3% drop. the nasdaq plunged more than 4.5% or 530 points, and the s and p 500 was down. 151 points the s and p now officially in a bear market more than 20% below its record high bitcoin and other
5:26 pm
cryptocurrencies were also collapsing today this after the major crypto lender celsius halted all withdrawal, citing extreme market conditions. it is the second collapse of part of the crypto world in the past two months. the stable coin terror imploded in early may, erasing tens of billions of dollars worth of value in a matter of hours. bitcoin today dropped more than 17% to a new 18 month low and in the past day ethereum another widely followed cryptocurrency was down more than 20. inflation numbers are crushing consumer confidence and could push the federal reserve to do more drastic steps. grady tremble explains the impact on parents trying to raise families. americans are in search of relief as consumer prices hit a 40 year record. but confidence that the white house or the federal reserve can course correct is running low. moms across the country are sounding the alarm on the rising costs of raising children. inflation needs to be top
5:27 pm
priority. because moms and families are hurting where they're struggling, and we need instant relief drivers aren't the only ones unhappy with high gas prices. one minnesota gas station owner put up this sign that says we hate our gas prices, too. the national average for a gallon of gas is now over $5. it's painful to go to the gas station, and i think we're all just feeling that i think it's going to get worse before it gets better, and everyone needs to brace for that to get to school and home every single day. it's costing us $115 a week. all of this amid the hotter than expected reading on the consumer price index for may. it raises concerns that the fed could step up its attempt to contain inflation with higher interest rates, and some say a recession is on the way given where we've gotten to it's more likely than not, that will have a recession within the next two years. survey from the new york fed shows consumers think the
5:28 pm
cost of food, healthcare rent and tuition will fall over the next year. in chicago. grady trimble, fox business. from planning a riot to disrupting a reading our for children at an east bay library to threatening the life of a bay area leader. members of hate groups targeted the lgbtq community this weekend. and with san francisco's pride parade coming up, what's the city doing to prevent similar disturbances? also the proposal from san jose's mayor to permanently plays mental health professionals with officers. all in order to help de escalate tense interactions.
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it's after they say members of the far right group, the proud boys interrupted a drag queen event at the san lorenzo library . alameda county sheriff investigators say five men terrified children and parents and community members who had come to the event to hear a story. they say the men stormed in shouting, homophobic and transphobic slurs. detectives say they will dedicate all resources to ensure the safety of the lgbtq community. at least it's on the radar of law enforcement to be aware of these events that may go on during pride month. another pride drag queen storytime will be happening on friday at the berkeley library and the library there says it is working with their readers and staff to ensure that they all feel secure and comfortable because of what happened in san lorenzo. with a
5:32 pm
number of high profile incidents targeting members of the lgbtq community. san francisco police say they are on high alert leading up to pride events in the city. ktvu christien kafton joins us now live from the castro and christian police say at this point, there are no credible or specific threats targeting the city. yeah that's right. but community groups are saying all of these threats to the lgbt community are simply acts of domestic terrorism. the lgbtq community says there's been a disturbing increase in threats of violence targeting them recently, more than 30. proud boys arrested incurred alene, idaho, one suspicion they were planning a riot at a nearby pride celebration. police in the east bay are investigating members of the same organization for reportedly disrupting a drag queen reading our in san lorenzo at a library and in san francisco. authorities are investigating a threat against state senator scott wiener center is saying he's received thousands of threats over the years, but this was different. this one was quite aggressive.
5:33 pm
and um, uh, you know it and threatened the bomb, and so we took it seriously and called the police and the police came out and checked everything out. and it all checked out, but it was definitely scary. lgbtq community groups say the incidents are more than just threats and intimidation. they crossed the line to domestic terrorism. they want to silence our community. um they are afraid of our community and therefore, um, use, uh, terrorism to try to, uh, invoke fear in our community, san francisco police say with productivity's ramping up in the city, there are still no credible or specific threats to the city's lgbtq community in constant communication with our state, local and federal partners to ensure the safety of everyone in the city of san francisco. um and our staff our department will be staffed to handle all calls for service
5:34 pm
throughout pride month, members of the lgbtq community say these recent events are just efforts to force them back into the closet, but they say they will not be intimidated. we're not going away. we're going to be proud and help this month and we're not going anywhere. in san francisco police tell me that they are on the lookout for chatter or threats, but they need the community's help to let them know about any suspicious activities around pride celebrations. the rule of thumb, as always, is, if you see something say something. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. alright christian. thank you. google has agreed to pay $118 million to settle the lawsuit claiming the company discriminated against women in pay and promotions. the sullivan covers more than 15,000 women who worked at google after september of 2013. google did not admit to any wrongdoing as part of this settlement, but the company agreed to have independent experts review its hiring and pay equity practices.
5:35 pm
yosemite national park is asking for help to figure out who vandalized busy trail in the park. they say they found as many as 30 graffiti tags spray painted along the yosemite falls trail. some of them were as large as eight ft. long san jose city leaders want to make a program that teams up mental health professionals with police officers permanent. the unit tries to deescalate what can be tense interactions and can result in better outcomes for those who need the help. ktvu esmark's air takes a look at the plan. when police get called out in cases involving mental health , especially in circumstances that could be dangerous or violent. it is not just a quick response that matters but also how that response unfolds because we know when responding to somebody with a mental health episode out on the street. it can go very wrong very fast if we don't take the right approach , and that's why mayor sam liccardo in his final budget message to the city council wants to make permanent a
5:36 pm
program where san jose police officers work within a special unit called cat or mobile crisis assessment team and having caring professional who can we hope really significantly deescalate. the situation can be so essential to ensuring a safe outcome. the partnership between sjp d and santa clara county behavioral health services was initially founded in october of 2020 under a grant from the department of justice. but that money is running out. now the mayor is calling for the council to approve four new permanent police officer positions to staff the team and expand the number of hours and days. they work so critically important to have that first person. who reaches somebody who's having a mental health episode. all right to be a person who does not seem threatening. someone who is not carrying a gun. somebody who doesn't have a badge in the uniform that can really help the de escalate the situation. we
5:37 pm
let that be. no, we're not here to arrest you were here to help you. we want to help you. we want to support you. through whatever crisis that is that you're going through and we want to look for ways to help. um divert you to something that will be make sense to you feel better. the mayor's proposals will have a public hearing tonight at six o'clock here at city hall with a final vote set by the full city council at its regular meeting on tuesday. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. traffic was brought to a standstill in the south bay after a big rig caught fire. this happened just before four o'clock this morning on south 101 at lawrence expressway in sunnyvale. the tractor was detached from the trailer after the fire started. no injuries were reported. and at one point, the chp did close all southbound lanes of one. oh, one, allowing firefighters to safely put out that fire. there's no word yet on what was in the trailer or the exact cause of the fire. now to texas, where police shot and
5:38 pm
killed a person with a gun at a day camp for children this morning, parents arrived to take their children home after that ordeal. it happened at a sportscenter in duncanville outside dallas. officers responded after several people called to report a person with a gun in the facility. police say 150 children were inside. fortunately no children or staff were hurt. investigators have not released any information about what led to that incident. attorneys who worked to secure settlements in the collapse of the beachfront florida condominium building are now requesting about $100 million in fees. the request was made today in a court filing. 98 people died in that miami dade county collapsed last june. the attorney's have secured settlements topping $1 billion for the victims. the money would come from those settlements and a hearing on the matter is now set for june 23rd disgraced actor kevin spacey, now facing multiple sexual offense charges in the u. k. the actor was formally charged with four counts of sexual assault against
5:39 pm
three men in britain. spacex expected to appear in the courtroom on thursday. the alleged incidents took place between the years 2000 and five and 2013 spacey has faced multiple sexual assault allegations in his past. and denies those allegations. a small group of senators say they have a bipartisan response to last month's deadly mass shootings. lauren blanchard in washington. what's in the deal and if it stands each chance in congress? also ahead. tonight, there's a race to get tourists into space and to the moon. so what's next? how about out of this world car rentals?
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♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪ to be...unstoppable. that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪ had announced a $6 million grant for gun violence prevention. san francisco police will use the state grant to support and expand the violence reduction
5:42 pm
initiative that works to intervene with those who are at most risk of engaging in or being the victim of gun violence. this year's new grant will fund continued operations that support the city's efforts to prevent violent crime over the next three years, bipartisan group of senators reaching a framework deal to combat gun violence. this announcement came over the weekend, but the modest deal isn't getting great reviews . boxing's lauren blanchard has the details now from washington. senators say they are one step closer to passing a bill following deadly mass shootings last month for the first time in a long time. the senate has a path forward on legislation that will save lives. make no mistake about it. we have a lot of work left to do before we actually pass a bill. the framework deal put together by 10, republicans and democrats would close some loopholes. it would enhance the background check process for gun buyers under 21, incentivize states to adopt or strengthen red flag laws, and it would fund
5:43 pm
more mental health services and more school safety programs. it would not raise the age limit to buy nor ban ar 15 style rifles nor large magazines. we need to embrace the art of the possible that's what politics is about. we won't get what we want. we won't get everything that i've supported or that the democratic caucus has supported, but we are going to make progress here. the framework is only a deal at this point and not finalized legislation. there is no guarantee once the bills are actually written that they will be able to get 60 votes in the senate. it would also have to pass the house before reaching the president's desk. some democrats say the bill goes nowhere near as far as they want not really interested in doing something for show for the american public. i'm interested . i'm really interested in passing a solution for the american public. the senate leader wants the bill on the floor as soon as possible. senators leave for a two week vacation on june 24th. that is exactly one month after the
5:44 pm
school shooting in uvalde, texas. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news gas prices in one northern california community are now the highest in the country coming up after the break where a gallon of gas will cost you nearly $10 also from mail carriers to drone drop offs. another northern california town has been selected to be among the first four drone deliveries. a little warmer today we talked about that little warmer tomorrow and then a cool down as we head towards the weekend. we wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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rising with its customers and employees put up a sign that reads. we hate our gas prices to the price of a gallon. there is less than $5, which is below the national average. back to northern california, one town now charging twice that much. that's where we find fox news. giovanni lee ji. he's in mendocino tonight with the story, giovanni. and julie.
5:47 pm
that's absolutely right. so people behind me have been paying almost $10 for a gallon of gas. people have been stopping. they look at the price, and then they drive away down the road where the gas prices are almost $3 cheaper. some of those people are taking pictures. i spoke to someone they say that they're just frustrated with the situation and how high gas prices are, but this is a unique situation. i spoke to the employee at the gas station. he talks to the owner regularly, and he kind of explain the situation where she's having to pay more for gas as well. they don't have enough of room in the fuel tanks so they can store less. they can only store so much gas. they don't have a convenient store so they aren't making as much profit and he told me that if they were to charge any less for gas, they would end up losing money. triple a is saying that when you are going on road trips and headed to some of these coastal towns or even rural towns if you're headed to a
5:48 pm
national park, for example. plan ahead and find a gas station that has cheaper prices. so that way when you are headed to some of these areas, you don't end up in a situation where you're on e and you have to stop and pay $10 for a gallon of gas like people are having to do here. the factory and transportation costs the proximity to pipelines and refineries, and those could also add up to the price of gasoline . so it really just depends on what your what your where you are traveling, and that's why we always recommend to do your research because if you can find a different route, we may end up in an area that has cheaper prices. and julie one other thing gas, but the experts say that gas prices aren't done going up at this point that the market is so volatile. they could go up. they could go back down. but in the coming weeks and months they do expect those prices to continue climbing, and especially here in california, that just means you're going to be paying more for gas here in,
5:49 pm
um california giovanni luigi ktvu, fox two news. giovanni is just scary when you think they could go even higher than where they are right now, and you're in mendocino. it's nearly $10 a gallon. have you seen anybody stopping today at that little gas station behind you to fill up? yeah that's absolutely right . so people have stopped. they put a couple of dollars in and then it seems like they just get enough of gas to make it down the road and that's where they're filling up for that $6 in 19, since i believe is what it was just about 10 minutes away, so people have stopped and they have gotten some gas here pays to shop around. definitely when prices are that high, giovanni. thank you. according to triple a here in the bay area. the highest gas prices are in marin, san francisco and san mateo counties where it's at least $6.63 for a gallon of regular gas. it's 6 56 in alameda county, 6 54 in santa clara county, and the least expensive area for gas is solano county, where the average price
5:50 pm
right now 6 46 a gallon. general motors says it is launching a vehicle rental program. for lunar exploration. it's teaming up with the aerospace company lockheed martin to develop a line of solar powered lunar rovers for manned missions. gm says the plan is to send those vehicles to the moon before a man mission, then lease them out to different expeditions. the first generation is scheduled to be completed by the year 2025. some amazon customers in california will be among the first to get their deliveries by drone. the town of la oxford has been chosen as one of the initial locations that's located about 20 miles northeast of stockton's amazon is working with the faa and city officials for permits. the drones will be programmed to drop parcels and customers backyards. those deliveries are set to start later this year. well, a big disappointment for rolling stones fans and amsterdam tonight, the band canceled their show just hours before it was supposed to start after lead
5:51 pm
singer mick jagger tested positive for covid. in a statement. the band says the 78 year old front man first had symptoms when he arrived at the stadium. some fans were already there when the show was called off. the band says they will reschedule the amsterdam show. they're scheduled to play in switzerland on friday. international travelers no longer required to test negative for covid as we give you a live look at at san francisco international mid june, no fogging site rule change went into effect yesterday and applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers. the cdc will continue to monitor the pandemic and reassess the rule in 90 days. still struggling with that 10 bucks a gallon. i mean, that's right. no $10 a gallon there that that sounds like they're making bank. i mean, you know, i mean, there's some the lumber mills not open a lot of retirees on fixed incomes. 10 10 bucks a gallon man, that's tough. so i feel you. i feel your pain. i got a bunch of friends up in point arena and up around cape
5:52 pm
mendocino, so i know i know who you are. okay so as we go outside, we got the golden gate bridge. first to show you here we can see the north and south tower. no fog at the coast. um beautiful, beautiful, great, clear atmosphere. greater quality temperatures did warm a little bit today. um you can see the bridge of high pressure. can you see it? i don't know. i was. i think you can. you can see that rotation. but generally that's the jetstream arching upward. so that's that's that's a ridge right there going there . if it was a trough, it could be a subtle as i can get that in here. a trough could be as subtle as yes. so it's the reverse of the ridge, right? and that's that's cooler air when that comes over you so we have a ridge over us that ridge is slowly building and then the trop is going to come replace it on thursday, like last week, so the temperatures are going to trend down. towards the middle of this week. specifically thursday and friday. 35 mile an hour gusts at sfo right now has been windy along the coast breeze along the coast and it continues to be that way. we are looking at another cool down
5:53 pm
this weekend, but not before we have a little bit of a warm up. this isn't going to be a big heat event. it's just going to low nineties on wednesday and then cool around thursday. 83 fairfield right now you see the wind direction. alright so that's kind of an offshore flow. that's one of the reasons we're not seeing a lot of fog at the coast warmer and fairfield than yesterday, but that makes sense. right. we really cooled off on sunday and monday. these are the overnight low forecast upper forties and santa ros. that's kind of cool. most of most spots will be in the fifties. and then you know this map that's ice of their map, and it just gives you an idea of where the heat is the bright colors and where the heat is not is not necessarily so you can see it right there. that's a pretty classic. as classics late spring early summer forecast or map for you so as you look at the temperatures for tomorrow, 87 napa 90 in santa rosa 92 in fairfield. warmer tomorrow. see that little warmer on as we go into wednesday, and then it just caps and drops off on thursday and you'll see that here and i like this. i like this plan a lot because again as we spike.
5:54 pm
we start to get concerned about fires. we might even see if you brush fires on wednesday. that's just how it goes. freeway starts things like that. but then, before things get too dry and too messed up, we get a cool down. so that pops sunday in there too, for you, so the weekend looks kind of mild and mellow as well. so now that that's a good one. i'll see you guys back here at six. well see you then. bill. thank you. triple digit danger a spring heatwave, putting millions of americans at risk for heat related illnesses and coming up new at six. a private lunch with warren buffett is back on the auction block how much you could cost the winning bidder. also new at six why some countries have decided to ban the latest disney pixar movie coming out disney pixar movie coming out this summer. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget,
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after a pan of grease on a stove triggered a burner with his paw . and then that started a fire. this was all caught on video here. no one was home at the time. just the two dogs in the house and firefighters say when the dogs started. that burner took around eight minutes for the greasy pan to explode into flames. firefighters and rescue eventually both dogs from the home. one of them did need oxygen. both of the dogs are expected to be fine. heat wave making its way across the country, bringing triple digit temperatures, especially two states in the southwest conditions have fueled wildfires across the region boxes. will nunley has the details. just a week to go until the start of summer, and americans are already seeing record temperatures, whatever it takes just to jump get ahead of the heat heat wave that began out west is impacting the central and eastern us this week, putting more than 100 million americans under heat alerts. the mercury climbing as much as 30 degrees above average in some locations here in nashville. we're seeing temperatures in the
5:58 pm
nineties, but humidity makes it feel warmer. at times the national weather service urging people to limit their outdoor plans. get out here early, get it in, and it's the beginning of my day. so my exercises already over with at the early part of the day, the extreme conditions have put millions at risk for heat related illnesses. health experts say the warmth from the outside can drive up body temperature like a fever from an infection. what happens is when you get really warm, your blood vessels dilate, they get bigger and that can drop your blood pressure over the weekend. phoenix, las vegas and denver posted record temps, the heat and dry conditions field. multiple wildfires in southern california, including the sheep fire. that blaze now stands at roughly 1000 acres with minimal containment. flames have also broken out in arizona and new mexico, which has already been hit by devastating fires this year, and forecasters expect this heat wave to move a little further east on tuesday. international will not only box weather this is ktvu fox two
5:59 pm
news at six revelations tonight from the january 6th investigation on what was going on behind the scenes on election night in the former president's inner circle, including an allegedly drunk rudy giuliani urging trump to declare victory. the mayor was definitely intoxicated, but i do not. know that his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president good evening. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. the january 6th select committee held its second public hearing today. among the revelations was former attorney general bill barr's concern that the former president was becoming quote detached from reality. madeline rivera joins us live tonight from washington with more on today's hearing, madeline good evening, mike and julie blunt talk from attorney general bill barr today yet none of trump's advisers who testified said trump had accepted that election fraud claims were baseless, a
6:00 pm
key distinction, some say in establishing whether trump had criminal intent. some of donald trump's closest campaign advisers telling the american public, the former president was told repeatedly he could not win the 2020 election and that there was no evidence of fraud. he really believes this stuff he has, you know. lost contact with with he's become detached from reality. trump's attorney general quit following the disputed election and weeks before january six, citing a struggle to talk trump out of his efforts to overturn the results before the election, it was possible to talk sense to the president after the election . he didn't seem to be listening . former campaign manager bill stepien also stepped down because of the opposing advice inside the campaign being shared with president trump with one side. side, rejecting his false claims of voter fraud. and the other fueling it. i didn't think what was happening was necessarily honest or of


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