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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ and warriors are one win away just one win away from the title after andrew wiggins steps up and helps lead the warriors to a game five win at home. wiggins hills is killing into the game. so many rebounds, man, we were just owning it. it's just amazing way and step didn't even
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hit a three and they won. it was amazing. it was an off night for steph curry. but that didn't matter. the warriors took it one oh, 4 to 94. good evening, everyone. i'm julie haney, mike mibach golden state now up three games to two over the boston celtics. we have live team coverage for you from the chase center. ktvu is amberleigh outside the arena. with plenty of that fan excitement, but we begin with ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi inside chase center and joe biden boston. i'm shaking my head here because i just shut down the greatest shooter of all time from beyond the arc. and we're going home with a 10 point. lost tonight's game just typifies the depth of the warriors team. i think yeah , no question about it, mike. we talked about it at the beginning of the evening. how simple the math was. it was the first team to win two games. they had three shots to do that. it got much simpler after tonight's game. all you have to do if you're the warriors is one more win one more, and you have two more opportunities to do that. this game reminded me a little bit of maybe, like two heavyweight boxers. punching it out. the
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warriors certainly dominated the early rounds, and you said it. everyone was still kind of basking in the glow of the steph curry 43 point game in game four in boston. but curry did not hit a three all night tonight, but it was that group of players that core three draymond green, who said he needed to play better in this game. he went strong to the hoop early in the game. he ended up with a very draymond like line eight points , six assists, eight rebounds. and then clay thompson, the words didn't light it up from three point range. but clay was five of 11. he ended up with 21 points and all and the warriors led by 12 at halftime. but here we go back to that heavyweight boxer. the celtics certainly dominated the middle rounds when al horford hit it. three it was 58 55 boston. it was their first lead of the game that was 6 28 left in the quarter. but jordan pool made sure that the warriors would lead going into the fourth quarter. he beat the buzzer with the three he ended up with 14 points. gary payton, the second
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ended up with 15, it was those complimentary players. in addition to the warriors core that contributed tonight, but andrew wiggins was the big guy. another poster ization dunk by wiggins. he ended up with 26 points. 13 rebounds. he had 17 rebounds in game four. that poster ization with two tend to play. the warriors won at 104 94 to take a 3 to 2 lead in the series. we've talked about any number of players in the postseason tonight, steve crew was talking most about andrew wiggins. he's just he's found such a crucial role on our team, and i think that empowers him. he knows how much we need them. and so he's been been fantastic . we had no idea. you know that that he would um, make this kind of contribution, but i think it's a it's a reminder that for every almost every player in the nba circumstances or everything , you know this is the ultimate
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ultimate stage. and then they get bigger than this. so i was out there just being aggressive and you know it was. it was a good game. andrew wiggins might be the epitome of what this organization is about. he was a former number one overall draft pick with the minnesota timberwolves. it didn't work out here. he's found a very comfortable home here, and he's one of those players. you know, you can go right down the list of the guys we mentioned. gary payton, the second the guy jordan's pool, even loony did not have a good game. he was in touch foul trouble tonight. the other guys picked up the slack. steph curry did not have a good shooting game. he was over nine from three point range. the other guys picked up the slack, and that's been the epitome of what this warrior team has been about. in this championship run. one more win for them. that would be four championships and eight years guys. that's the definition of a dynasty, but the warriors no, until they win that one more. they haven't done anything at all yet. they've been here before against cleveland, and it didn't work out, losing in a game seven. so they know what they still have
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to do. but you sure would like to be where they are with the series now headed back to boston. a lot of fun to watch a team. definitely inside and out, joe. thank you from inside center to outside, and ktvu s amberleigh amber chase center might never have been louder than tonight's fourth quarter. julie it was very loud inside chase center. now fans definitely got what they came for a big win in game five. now they're looking forward to game six, hoping that the warriors will win it all in boston. yeah wow. great win. we needed to protect home court. uh this is a big game. now we're up 32, and we could finish it in boston. and six everyone was on fire, but especially wiggins for sure. m v p of the game for sure. pandemonium at chase center after the wars win game five of the finals, leading the series
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for the first time, i had a lot of energy even after the game ended. warriors, playing back at home at chase energized the crowd to a whole new level. a new experience for fans. we've never been here before. i've seen what the atmosphere can be like, but to be here is awesome. it's loud. father and son flew in from nashville, tennessee, for their first finals game. just pull this out when two out of three and win it all. from fresno drove up to san francisco monday afternoon. and plan to return home right after the game . they tell me they paid $1500 a ticket in a lifetime opportunity . the best game they can see. game five. they're tied up warriors. my team right here. concession stands were shorter than normal. fans leaving their seats only when there was a break in the game action. there's so much energy and one step closer to the championship in the sea of gold was some boston green. some flew in from
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los angeles. i wish there was a little more green in the crowd right now. like one out of every 25. i'm not used to that. usually we have a better showing. warriors fans were intent on showing boston the heart of dub nation. we are awesome. andrea hardcore was an amazing experience an amazing game we almost lost our voices shouting. fans didn't lose their voices as they left the game. chanting their support came six will be thursday in boston. there are no more reservations left for people who want to watch outdoors here at dr city, but i'm told there are some tickets left for the indoor watch party at chase julie gold blood running through people's veins tonight, amber. thank you. futures on wall street are up after a very difficult day in the markets today, the dow dropped 876 points down nearly 3% the nasdaq plunged more than
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4.5% or 530 points, and the s and p 500 was down by 151. the s and p, by the way, is now officially in a bear market down more than 20% below its most recent record high ktvu elissa harrington here in studio with the concerns from economists about the overall health of the economy. alyssa you know inflation is soaring. gas prices are way up. it costs a lot more to go to the grocery store these days, and we really don't know how long it will take to recover from this recently. support also found inflation is higher than economists predicted. rough day on wall street, the dow sank the s and p 500 fell into bear market territory. economist gary schlossberg called this an aftershock to a consumer price index report that had inflation at a 40 year high high inflation squeezes income purchasing power , and that's bad news for the economy and, ultimately corporate profits. and at the same time, it adds to the pressure on the federal reserve
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to become more aggressive in raising interest rates. some are speculating that the fed will raise its short term interest rate by three quarters of a point when it meets later this week. schlossberg said. that could be bad for any credit sector of the economy. like the housing market, he expects the u. s could slip into a mild recession with the greatest vulnerability later this year and in early 2023 kayla fernandez, a financial planning executives said. the market dislikes uncertainty. i think you couple the uncertainty with inflation. in addition to the russia ukraine conflict as well as the covid lockdowns in china , and the market had a bit of a fit. it's worrisome. it is worrisome people we spoke with in san francisco's financial district, worried about the impact that tumbling stock market could have on 401 case and other investments. you know, we've got some investments that were kind of worried about that . my husband and i were thinking well, eventually it does go up
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against unknown just how long we can expect to be in a bear market. but if history repeats itself, fernandez said, it could be around the better part of two years. we look at the great financial crisis that took about 22 months to play out. and then if we look at the .com bubble that took about 19 months to play out, ultimately, the market writes itself. we've seen that time and time again. and we fully expect to see that as we get through some of the shocks that were absorbing at the moment. the federal reserve is scheduled to meet tuesday and wednesday. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. centers a police say a security guard trying to protect a woman during a domestic dispute with her husband was shot and killed when he tried to intervene, detectives say after the suspect killed the security guard, he shot and killed his wife and then took his own life. it happened in the parking lot of the crescent village apartment complex in north san jose residents say they heard
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the gunshots early yesterday morning. i was pretty afraid honestly, to kind of shaken. seems like a very random act, and that's not something you want to see any day, but i feel for the victims, of course. investigators say the couple had six children ranging in age from 12 months to 10 years old. the children are now with their maternal grandmother, the names of the couple and the security guard has still not been released. authorities are looking for two men who assaulted and robbed a letter carrier in lafayette. us. postal inspector says the letter carrier was attacked at about 12 30 this afternoon on camino diablo, right near highway 24. a witness says two men were following the letter carrier and pistol whipped her. witnesses also say they believe the two men were after her postal keys. she was very shocked and traumatized. and she had blood all over shirt. and so the ambulance came and took her away. the letter carrier once
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taken to the hospital, but expected to recover the u. s postal inspection service is offering a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. a woman found murdered in an east bay field has never been identified tonight at 10 30, a ktvu investigation reveals decades later, detectives are hopeful for some new leads. little bit warmer today a little bit warmer. tomorrow temperatures coming back warming up, but then they're going to cool off again, so we'll talk about that roller coaster temperatures coming up after the big lie was also a big rip off first, several of former president donald trump's longtime allies testified before congress and they paint a very different picture of what was going on. behind the scenes of the trump campaign.
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formula where a chp officer has been shot in studio city and a suspect is still at large. the chp says the officer was involved in a traffic stop when that officer was shot. the suspect, then ran off. the officer was taken to the hospital and right now is in critical condition. the chp has not given any other information about the suspect. several longtime allies of former president donald trump told the committee on capitol hill today that they repeatedly told him
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that the 2020 election results were legitimate, but that he refused to listen to them. fox's madeline rivera live tonight in washington, d c. with some of the new information coming from today's hearing, madeline hey, good evening, mike. and although several of trump's advisers told him his claims of election fraud were baseless, no one who testified on monday said trump had accepted he had lost the election, and that is a key distinction, some legal experts say. and working to determine whether trump had criminal intent. on the night of the weeks following the 2020 election. several advisers inside the trump campaign tried to urge then president donald trump that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. there was an avalanche of all these allegations of fraud that built up over a number of days, and it was like playing lack, um all because something would come out one day and then the next day it would be another issue advisor after advisor, giving similar testimony before the house january 6th committee monday. he said. there's lots of fraud
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going on here, flat out that much of the information he's getting his false. and or just not supported by the evidence, the committee saying president trump knew he lost but declared victory and spread false claims of fraud anyway. frankly we did win this election something former advisor jason miller said . trump was urged to do by an allegedly drunk, rudy giuliani. the mayor was definitely intoxicated their suggestions. bye. i believe was mayor giuliani to go and declare victory. the investigation aims to show trump knowingly used phony evidence to push a stolen election theory. but critics say these hearings are nothing more than partisan politics. we should have a reliable summary of what happened, but you're not going to get it. if you've convinced people that it's just a partisan exercise, which is what i think they've done. and trump wrote a 12 page rebuttal to the hearing in which he once again rehash those unfounded claims that the election was stolen from him, potentially
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turning it into a campaign issue in the midterms, mike today. madeline jason miller. bill barr , come wednesday's hearing. what are you here in regards to what we should expect? right so wednesday's hearing, according to the committee, should be a little broader, and it should focus on the according to the committee, president trump's or former president trump's efforts to corrupt the department of justice. and then thursday, there's another hearing scheduled for that as well and that will focus on the campaign. pressure campaign on former vice president mike pence. madeline rivera live tonight in washington, d c. madeline, thank you. south bay congresswoman zoloft grin is accusing the trump campaign and raising hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters only to use very little of it on legal action. at today's hearing, the committee presented evidence that the trump campaign repeatedly sent emails to supporters asking them to donate to what it claimed was the official election defense fund. the committee says no such
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funds existed in total, more than $250 million was collected , and most of it went to a trump political action committee. the big lie was also a big rip off. the former president laid the groundwork for these false claims well in advance of the election as early as april, 2020 . mr. trump claimed that the only way he could lose an election. would be as a result of fraud. congresswoman lofgren later told cnn the committee has evidence that the trump family personally benefited from those donations. she also said that trump campaign paid kimberly guilfoyle guilfoyle $60,000 for a two minute speech at the january 6th rally. white house press secretary karine jean pierre says president biden does plan to run for re election in 2020 for the new york times article raised questions about whether the president should have his sights on a second term. 50 democratic party
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officials were interviewed along with what we're called disappointed voters who backed biden in the last election, according to the report. the democratic party is alarmed about republicans, rising strength and extraordinarily pessimistic about the path forward. but jean pierres is the president has no plans to step aside. he has. and first of all. let's let's reset for a second. i cannot talk about elections. i cannot be a political analyst from here or you know, or the midterms or anything like that, or including 2024. the president , as you know, has been asked that question many times, and he has answered it. his answer has been pretty simple. which is yes, he's running for reelection. i can't say more than that. the times reported. democrats are worried about president biden's leadership his age and his capability to campaign against former president donald trump a second time. the latest update to san francisco's election results show the gap over the recall of district attorney chase a. boudin has narrowed the latest
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numbers show 55% of voters voted yes, on the recall. that is a smaller lead, then on election night, more updated results are expected tomorrow. the department of elections says results will be certified sometime next week. alright we're warming up this week and then we're cooling down this week very similar to the last few months. we've had these warm ups first part of the week and then a cool down the second half of the week, which is just like last week. right? so we're peaking the temperature on wednesday. we're cooling it off on thursday and friday and saturday. this is the long range model. i'm going to take you through tomorrow. see that clear sky over us. that's a high. just assume that's high pressure. and then here we go into wednesday. you see the clouds start to move in wednesday's peak heat, and then why does it get cooler? because this system kind of works its way down. you see that counterclockwise flow, so that's a low just going to bring it onshore flow. more clouds would have you in cool us off thursday , friday, saturday and even a little bit into sunday. so the plan this week is warmer
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tomorrow. little bit warmer again on wednesday, nothing crazy low nineties and then a significant cool down that cold. but cooler and the upshot of this is the fire danger. that's why i always talk about right if we have day after day after day of inland heat in the upper nineties, mid nineties, low one hundreds all week, which happens in the summer months. then you get you start seeing brushfires. but this plan works pretty well in terms of abating that these are the highs from today. 86 fairfield 78 in vallejo highs tomorrow at about four degrees to these not much warmer than that, not a hot day, but like fair filigree, 91 or 92 conquer, probably make it to 87 or 88. santa rosa. today was 84 tomorrow. w 87. so back here in a few minutes. we're gonna look at the long range forecast will look at that specific temperature changes. we go into the weekend. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. bill. thank you. supply chain issues, seven lingered since the start of the pandemic, and experts say there's still no easy fix, but first pride events across the country have been the target of
10:22 pm
a number of attacks. and now police and organizers of san francisco's pride parade are on alert. (music throughout)
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now on notice after members of the far right, proud boys interrupted a drag queen event at the san lorenzo library. alameda county sheriff's investigators say five men, terrified kids, parents and community members who had come to the event to hear a story. they say the men stormed in shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs. detectives say they're now dedicating all resources to ensure the safety of the l g b t q community. at least it's on the radar of law enforcement to be aware of these events that may go on during pride month. another pride drag queen storytime will happen at the berkeley library this friday . the library says it's working with their readers and staff to make sure they feel secure and comfortable after what happened
10:25 pm
in san lorenzo, and with the number of high profile incidents targeting members of the lgbtq communities, san francisco police say they are on high alert leading up to the pride parade later this month. but as ktvu christian captain, reports, police say at this point, there is no specific or credible threat targeting the city. the lgbtq community says there has been a disturbing increase in threats of violence targeting them recently, more than 30. proud boys arrested incurred alene, idaho, one suspicion they were planning a riot at a nearby pride celebration. police in the east bay are investigating members of the same organization for reportedly disrupting a drag queen reading our in san lorenzo at a library in san francisco. authorities are investigating a threat against state senator scott wiener. the center, saying he's received thousands of threats over the years, but this was different. this one was quite aggressive. and um, uh, you know it and threatened the bomb. um and so we took it seriously and called the police
10:26 pm
and the police came out and checked everything out of it at all checked out, but it was definitely scary. lgbtq community groups say the incidents are more than just threats and intimidation. they crossed the line to domestic terrorism. they want to silence our community. um they are afraid of our community, and therefore, um, use uh, terrorism to try to invoke fear in our community, san francisco police say with pride activities ramping up in the city. there are still no credible or specific threats to the city's lgbtq community in constant communication with our state, local and federal partners to ensure the safety of everyone in the city of san francisco. um and our staff. our department will be staffed to handle all calls for service throughout pride month, members of the lgbtq community say these recent events are just efforts to force them back into the closet, but
10:27 pm
they say they will not be intimidated. we're not going away. we're going to be proud and help this month and we're not going anywhere. san francisco police tell me they are on the lookout for chatter or threats, but they need the community's help to let them know about any suspicious activities around pride celebrations. the rule of thumb, as always, is, if you see something, say something in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. jfk drive in san francisco has officially been car free for more than a month now, but one group hopes to put the issue in front of voters also, some berkeley city leaders say thousands of housing units are sitting empty their ideas on freeing up the supply. also coming up a little later, and stanford baseball team clinches a spot in the college world series are jason appelbaum will have all the highlights in sports first unsolved and unidentified obey area woman murdered decades ago in her identity is still a mystery. by investigators hope new technology could lead to a break
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here. a bay area killing from 37 years ago, still unsolved, but it gets more complicated because the woman killed has never been identified. over the last few years. decades old cold cases have been reopened in dna technology is uncovering new leads to attend tonight. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz digs into a case in newark. we're determined. detective is hoping these advancements will help crack this case. brooks that's right, and typically, forensic starts with bone blood or tissue. but imagine providing a lab a single
10:31 pm
strand of your hair scientists extracting your dna genealogists tracing your entire family tree. what's happening here in california and across the country, all in an attempt of giving names to the thousands of john and jane does who otherwise may have never been known. like a needle in a haystack. few clues from the crime were found in this field. so right now we're driving adjacent to the field where jane doe was located in 1985, this remote wetlands area of newark off mowry avenue became a homicide scene right out here. back then hunters found something that was badly decomposed, nearly unrecognizable. the banning of a woman in her early thirties shot and killed to this day who she is, remains a mystery. unfortunately, there was. no identification, no purse found. um nothing that would
10:32 pm
immediately identify and give us a name. detective todd no be reopened this cold case a few years ago, while jane doe's body was cremated. polaroid pictures of her skull were in the evidence file, along with a clump of ruthless hair. this led investigators to astri labs in santa cruz. scientists now have the ability to break down and extract dna from even the tiniest strand. advanced computers are used to find patterns in sequence that dna from their profiles are built a sort of road map. it feels really good. to be honest, it feels like um, you know, we're doing some good in the world and that's really what we are setting out to do here, but the work is far from over. genealogists are then tasked with trying to tag dna matches. just specific people. our job is to build out their family trees and look for connections between those family trees. karen binder is with dna dope project, a new initiative that uses genetic
10:33 pm
information to i, d. john and jane does. the newark police department partnered with the nonprofit whose volunteers have solved dozens of cases through genetic genealogy. the same methods were used to find the golden state killer uploading dna to online tools that help pinpoint common segments of dna leading to a specific ancestor. they helped lead me down that path of who? the mother of our jane doe might be but then potential mother, mary ann marie richardson is no longer living. she was from a small town in missouri near the kansas border, far from california. interviews with family members led the detective to texas and ruth ellis, who may be related to jane doe. i thought, well, that's the craziest thing i ever heard of. i don't know anybody in california adopted when she was only a month old ellis agreed to provide her dna. unlike traditional tests, with dozens of dna markers, genealogists say new dna tests
10:34 pm
have hundreds of thousands of markers. these tests are very, very advanced and can predict relationships with much more accuracy and much farther than a traditional dna test. ellis's tests showed she was a match potential half sister to jane doe. of course. i didn't know her didn't know she existed. so it was kind of just the strangest thing you know, i was amazing. i just couldn't believe it. but it was true. because of dna proved it. investigators estimate this all happened in the late 19 forties so far has searched through adoption records has come up empty, and it seems no one ever reported her missing. instead federal records show jane doe listed as one of the 2800 unidentified persons cases in california and one of 14,000 unsolved cases nationwide. we might be losing people that knew her. and that's that's the difficult part is
10:35 pm
just time passing determined. nobody fell back on those photos of her skull and enlisted help from forensic imaging specialist jorge molina with the texas department of public safety school serves as sort of a map for the face using the pictures , molina created a three d model. here are the results. two new pictures of what jane doe might have looked like in 1985, and that's really all we're trying to do is create an image that can trigger recognition from the public. he had no knowledge of ellis or her connection to jane doe, and when she saw those drawings oh, my gosh, she looks like i did when i was younger, much younger. she also had a lot of characteristic spatial. kind of a long face and a pointed chin and of my, um are birth mothers. that was the confirmation for me that wow, this reconstruction is a spitting image of her. which tells me familial. we're on the right track as well. even with
10:36 pm
the forensic advancements, her name is still not known. neither are the circumstances surrounding who murdered her. why and how she ended up in the newark marshlands. once we put that name to her that will lead me to maybe where she worked. who her friends were who were family was who she hung out with. and helped lead me to who possibly the killer was. if jane doe was alive today, she would be in her early seventies. a pathologist report from 1985 says she was missing two bottom front teeth. she was found wearing red or orange, dangling earrings, a timex watch and a white middle ring with the pink stone. had the zodiac sign for cancer or the number six and nine on both sides, if you know anything about this case called newark police, you can remain anonymous and we put that contact information on our website ktvu .com. the us government estimates 4400 unidentified bodies are found
10:37 pm
each year and roughly 1000 remain unidentified. a year or more later, it's fascinating how they took the strand of hair and then the pictures of the school, not even having the skull and then reconstructed and came up with a picture. and really interesting with the woman said . they look so much alike. they do. and now we're just hoping that someone will look at that photo and say, boy, i remember something and maybe you can help so we can solve this. particular cold case and the d n a dope project. you said volunteers from all across the country, including right here in the bay area. law enforcement agencies knocking on their door. i mean, how busy are they in regards to new technology? they have dozens of cases are looking at and it really involves these genealogists going back and looking at dna profiles and trying to rebuild family trees. so if you've ever try to do that with one of those dna test. that's what they're doing to try to look even farther back to see what they may find. you can just imagine how long each one of these takes because it's just
10:38 pm
meticulous work. yeah. alright well, interesting, brooks. thank you appreciate it still to come here. on the 11 o'clock news tonight. silicon valley is sometimes accused of being a boys club and thousands of women say google isn't any different. and back here with the forecast in just a few minutes. we're going up and then we're going down. just like last week. i'll have that temperature forecast in the five day coming up. but first san francisco city leaders decided to keep cars off jfk drive for good, but some opponents say not so fast. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business.
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open jfk drive in san francisco two cars, is hoping to put the issue on the november ballot. a disability advocate has filed paperwork with the city for a ballot measure that would overturn the board of supervisors decision to make jfk pedestrian promenade. the
10:41 pm
measure needs to be certified before supporters can begin gathering signatures to put it on the ballot this fall, supporters would need 9000 signatures to qualify. california lawmakers have passed their own version of a $300 billion budget. is lawmakers voted today to send that bill to governor gavin newsom desk, but the governor does not support this specific spending plan. lawmakers sent him the bill anyway because the california constitution requires them to pass a budget by wednesday, or else they do not get paid, and legislative leaders will continue negotiating. they hope to come to an agreement before the start of the fiscal year on july 1st. according to cal matters. the governor's plan includes an additional $3.5 billion beyond what legislative leaders have proposed to help ease the sting of inflationary costs. napa county department of corrections has now released a booking photos showing the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi after his arrest for allegedly driving under the influence. 82 year old paul
10:42 pm
pelosi was arrested last month by the chp. officers say he was involved in a traffic collision before he was arrested. according to the incident report. his porsche was hit by a jeep while traveling on highway 29. no one was hurt. pelosi was has been released on bail and is scheduled to be back in court on august. 3rd santa rosa police are searching for a man suspected in an attempted homicide. 22 year old t. r. e. thompson is wanted for a shooting. that happened during an illegal sideshow on may 5th the left man in critical condition. officials have issued an arrest for thompson. they say he's five ft. seven inches tall about £180. a reward of $2500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. global supply chain problems are affecting everything from phone chargers to wine corpse, i analysts say there is no end in sight. and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a little bit of a warm up is how long it will last. we'll check in with
10:43 pm
bill after the
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aside whether to tax owners of vacant residential properties. burkley vice mayor kate harrison says she's going to introduce the proposal at tomorrow's city council meeting. she says owners of vacant properties with more than two units. would be taxed 3 to $6000 a year depending on
10:46 pm
size. harrison told us the city has 4700 bagan units, and she hopes the tax plan will help increase the housing supply. we're really busily building housing in berkeley. but we need solutions right now for something that is considered incredibly unfair that there are people that own property that rental property that they are not renting out. so i look at it as a piece of the puzzle. the tax would not apply to single family rental homes or duplexes . if the council approves the measure, it could appear on the november ballot chain bottleneck at the port of oakland and other ports around the country is worsening, and that's causing even longer delays to get products delivered. ktvu is, tom baker tells us when napa wine cork importer says, is now taking twice as long to get what he needs. napa support of cork is one of the world's largest suppliers of corks for the north american wine industry, importing many cork filled containers from portugal to the port of oakland, but supply chain issues continue to plague
10:47 pm
this and all other industries situation has not improved. it's actually gotten worse. that's forced porter cork to ship to the east coast and then truck the containers to napa, which is a drastically increased our cost , but we're in the peak of our business. before the pandemic wrecked the worldwide supply chain puerto cork would order and receive a container in about seven weeks. by last month, seven weeks had climbed to 16 weeks. today, it's 17 weeks and growing before the congestion. puerto cork paid about $2500 in shipping from portugal per container today. the cost, including trucking from the east coast is now $17,000. we've only passed on a fraction of what is we've been hit with its also supply shortages in bottles, bottle top wrappers and labels, forcing many vintners to postpone bottling. according to the man who handles 30% of the port of oakland's total containers, it's way more than wine, entire west coast and the
10:48 pm
country for that matter, uh, the supply chain is in chaos and turmoil. it's everything. ah import exports. uh we desperately need more space. despite some improvements. all of this is further aggravated by equipment out of place and frequent shutdowns of asian ports. those some issues have improved. we start see localized delay. we still see increased 12 times. we still see very high capacity utilization at warehouses. oakland space is at such a premium. now that's why a ballpark is such a hot button have all of our terminals. um at full capacity and running very hard and we're looking for additional space. we need it for empty containers and exports, which is obviously a huge portion of the california economy, there is no end in sight. the supply chain is not working fluidly than nothing works more on this as it
10:49 pm
develops. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. today's temperature's did warm a couple of degrees. we warm a few more tomorrow and a few more on wednesday. it's not a heatwave. it's just a warm up and then we cool down rapidly after that on thursday, friday and the weekend, which is very similar to the last few weeks, we've had a bunch of these heat up early. in the week and then kind of midway through the week. we started cool down like last week. big quote down last week with a lot of wind. we still have some wind out there. these are the temperatures from today if you want the forecast at four degrees to those take them way too soon, but you get the idea. it's going to be temperatures come about four degrees tomorrow, so you'll notice especially inland lamar heat. fog at the coast. not really a thing right now. big high pressure ridge, which is the reason we're warming up and you can see that i'll zoom in or you can see the big spinner right when it's going this way this up here. that whole area that will drop that's going this way. it's going the opposite way, right so counterclockwise, but when you get this big look at that big, that's the pacific high. that is
10:50 pm
our dominant weather feature in the summer months, and it is trying to set up these lows keep going through and pushing it south and that's why temperatures are going to cool down on thursday and friday. that's when that low will bump or nudge in winds blowing right now at sfo, a sustained at 17 livermore three the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. 36 miles an hour bodega bay still windy along the coast gale warnings well, offshore. small craft advisories right by the beach is then we go to wednesday and you see that you see the wind shift. that's the beginning of the court because that's wednesday night wednesday afternoon, so when the wind shifted that's the fog. that's the onshore push of cool air, and that's what happened is going to happen wednesday night and thursday will be the cooler day. these are the current temperatures and you still got a little bit of an offshore wind about four degrees warmer and conquered some areas on the coast, a little cooler overnight lows. mild, so nice. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will look like this in terms of aisa therms, which is the color representing temperature. yellows are seventies. oranges are eighties reds or nineties a couple of nineties but mostly
10:51 pm
upper eighties low nineties which would be a little warmer than today. and then on wednesday are on wednesday. yeah, temperatures will be just a couple of degrees warmer or the same. and then they call i said that like five times, but that's that's the theme. so here's that 90 degrees in santa rosa 90 and conquered tomorrow 88 in livermore. and then the five day forecast, so you see the temperatures kind of work their way up and the wednesday and they cool off, which is a really good thing because we think about fire danger our concerns for that our concerns for our quality. all that gets placed into when you get a good, strong, robust, onshore flow cooler, moister air. works well , for what we need to have happened this this week. i'll see you back here at 11. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. coming up in sports. the warriors are just one win away from another nba championship are jason appelbaum will have all the highlights next and then on the 11 o'clock news state senator scott wiener says he's received plenty of death threats over the years, but the most recent one much different.
10:52 pm
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one more win. good evening, everybody jason appelbaum with you. the warriors are now one win away from another nba championship after taking care of boston tonight. in game five, draymond green showed that he was locked in from the get go going after the loose ball and give it a couple of courtside fans. 43 d experience. i guess you'd call it green was more aggressive offensively early on the ball fake and the slam. that fires up the crowd. green eight points, eight rebounds, six assists before fouling out late in the game. the celtics were sloppy with 18 turnovers. gary payton steal ahead to steph, who finds andrew wiggins for the layup. the warriors led by as many as 16 in the first half. the third quarter normally
10:55 pm
belongs to the warriors. but tonight it was all boston thanks to a barrage of threes after missing their 1st 12 threes. boston hit eight straight to take the lead tatum leading the way with 28 points and 10 rebounds, but the warriors weather the storm. jordan's pool, hitting the shot of the night, beating the third quarter buzzer banking it in from 30 ft. out to give the warriors the lead back and the momentum more importantly, poor with 14 big points off the bench. the fourth belonged to the warriors. klay thompson, exactly three years removed from tearing his a c l came up huge hitting 53 pointers. he had 21 points. but the star of the game was andrew wiggins, his national coming out party. so to speak. he puts the exclamation mark on this one within fatted dunk, 26 points. 13 rebounds for wiggins on a night when stefan currie failed to hit a three pointer for nine from beyond the arc. for the first time in nearly four years
10:56 pm
, but his teammates had his back the warriors win by 10 and after the game, steph and the rest of them all echoed the same theme. the job's not done yet. and that's all you want is an opportunity to, you know, play hopefully the best game of the year. then has to be perfect, but play the best game of the year in terms of intensity. focus execution. know what one more win means. you know, a lot of guys in our locker room had been here before, but just got to go do it. 11 game closer, but we still got another 48 to go out there and play. you know the job's not done, obviously, and we got one more big one to win. it feels good, but we haven't done anything yet in the mission still is the same. and i've never been so excited to go to boston. i'll tell you that. yeah yeah, that'll be thursday night . game six. a warriors win, and it's parade time. a loss in game seven, will be back at chase center on sunday, about an hour after the warriors big win, just
10:57 pm
down the street and park. the giants were putting the finishing touches on the kansas city royals. and a very rough inning for royals pitcher brady singer who walked four batters in a row in the inning, including darren rough with the bases loaded. the giants get on the board, and then he walks joc pederson on fourth straight to bring in the tying run. the giants take a 32 lead in the seventh when brandon crawford rips one down the right field line. the ball rolls all the way in the wall, austin slater and rougher coming around to score. giants attack on another in the eighth, and it's a party at the ballpark. they're dancing, the giants cruised to a 62 to win their fourth straight after sweeping the dodgers. over the weekend, stanford baseball team is headed back to the college world series the cardinals hosting connecticut at sunken diamond winner advances. loser goes home stanford up 43 in the fourth when cody hoff steps to the plate with the bases loaded. and there it goes a grand slam
10:58 pm
for huff, who had a huge game. stanford goes up 8 to 3 now. 10 5 stanford, matt dolan, trying to keep the huskies hopes alive with two outs. in the ninth. here's how it ended. icu foul ground underneath it, and he makes a catch celebrations on the stanford cardinal are going back to omaha's aw, yes, indeed . the cardinal headed to the college world series for the 18th time in program history, one of eight teams still alive. next up, will be arkansas on saturday. 49ers wrapped up their mini camp last week, but reportedly at least one player stayed in town to get more work in and that would be none other than quarterback trey lance, who is entering his second season with the team, but first as the niners presumptive starting quarterback. the future is now for the 22 year old out of north dakota state and who better to ask about lance's progress than
10:59 pm
10, year veteran and six time pro bowl fullback. kyle use check i feel like trey has has done a really good job and really taking on all the different parts of being you know, the qb one. we feel like i've at least myself. i feel like i've seen improvement on the field. as far as his performance. you've seen a lot of big plays out of their out there. um and as a leader, i just feel like he's stepped up. he's just very natural leader guy that people gravitate towards and um, it's all been good so far. and regular camp starts up in a in a week or so. so let's go. i'm ready. but we're still talking warriors at least for a few more days. hopefully right, we'll get there. one went away. thank you, jason. next at 11. got one more game. we're going to close it out andrew wiggins bald out tonight, so we needed somebody to stand up. and andrew wiggins did that. yes indeed. andrew wiggins did just that in golden state fans. are fired up as the team now one win away from
11:00 pm
another nba title. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now team effort tonight out of the chase center where 18,000 came together to watch this big game five win. good evening. once again, i'm mike mibach julie haener, the crowded chase center came alive in the fourth quarter. ktvu is amber lee joins us now outside the arena with more amber. julie fans are absolutely thrilled with the wind here at chase center tonight, there are already looking forward to gain six hoping that the wars will win it all then. yes won't great win. we needed to protect home court. uh this is a big game. now we're up 32, and we could finish it in boston and six everyone was on fire, but especially wiggins for sure. m v p of the game for sure. pandemonium at


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