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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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need people to come forward and be anonymous. we just need help with like justice for this young man's family. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth police are hoping the community can help them solve the case. welcome to the forum. brooks jarocz alex savage. that shooting happened just after nine o'clock last night, and investigators right now are going over surveillance video from that scene. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joining us now live from east palo alto. with the latest on this investigation, henry hey, alex. this teenager had his whole life ahead of an only to be gunned down right outside his home. 15 year old boy was shot in an alley near his apartment complex at manhattan and woodland and east palo alto. at about nine monday night, officers rendered aid at the scene. ah he was transported to stanford, where he was pronounced. disease i've learned that the boy was confronted by two shooters and
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killed with a shot to the head sources. tell me police don't have any evidence at the moment that the shooting is gang related. the victim doesn't have any ties to gangs. but the motive is still unclear. at this point. we believe we have two suspects on the run, but police say they have video of the shooting in our working some leads. we have collected evidence at the scene. and that video footage. it's going to help us a lot, but nonetheless we are hoping that the public can help us comes less than a month after a shootout sand kids scurrying for cover at jack farrell park. the gunfire killed ralph fields jr. cousin of raiders wide receiver davante adams, and injured three. it's just sad and tragic to see a young person who loses his life. east palo alto mayor ruben abric a says more needs to be done to stop gun violence, the fact that there are guns everywhere. that people can get him so easily. and then use them so easily. the teen's family and friends were too grief stricken to comment
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today and ask for privacy. anyone with information is asked to contact east palo alto police live in east palo alto, henry lee ktvu fox studio, tragic killing. hopefully people come forward with information, henry. thank you. largest hours ago, the santa clara county coroner's office released the names of two of three victims killed during a triple shooting over the weekend . ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live near the crime scene in north san jose with details jesse yes, and we now know the name of the young woman who was killed here early sunday morning. she's 29 year old erica pantoja of san jose, investigators say. she and her husband had a domestic dispute in the parking lot behind me that led the security guard to intervene and he was shot and killed. today in downtown oakland, 100 or so security guards gathered members of s e i u united service workers west. they say the strain of facing increased violence on the job led them to take this action.
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security officers respect, dignity and justice on the job. security workers say that covid pandemic changed their working landscape. working the front lines the past two years has too often, but many of these members in the crosshairs of violence, nandi remembered. aki was attacked while working a roving patrol in san francisco. the homeless person got up. ran after me when i had turned my back to walk away and pulled me down. please commit then attacking me beating me. he punched me in the eye cases aree sunday morning, a security guard was killed, intervening in a fight between a married couple, the county coroner says 29 year old erica pantyhose was shot and killed by her husband after he killed the security guard. the man then took his own life. erika's family set up a go fund me page with a message reading. in part. we feel devastated for
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the loss of my sister and ask for your help to contribute to the funeral services, as she stated that it was her last wish to be buried in peace. in addition to this grieving family, those who knew the slain guard are still in shock. just feel really bad for the security guard people that are that are committing violence against security personnel very well made. maybe. prone to do it to police officers. also for this reason, security professionals are demanding better training and higher pay as they confront the new, more dangerous reality to keep others safe. the coroner's office also identified 23 year old marco durant of san jose is one of the people killed, but at this point, it's unknown if duran was the security guard, or if he was the husband that cost three people their lives. we'll have details as soon as the coroner's office provides them alive in north san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, we'll head back to you up in oakland. jesse. quick
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question for you. is there any indication the company's security guards work for are responsive to some of those demands and concerns they have well, considering the rally was just held today. we'll have to give him a little time to respond to that. i know that the company that employed the guard that was killed here they say that they are devastated and grieving and they do plan to have some kind of memorial for him. but beyond that, they're not giving much comment. but this goes just beyond. obviously one person getting killed here. it's stretching and making ripples across the nation as security professionals come forward, saying it's not just getting yelled at or spat on, but it's actual physical violence and in this case death jesse gary in san jose tonight, jesse, thanks san jose police have arrested the owner of a martial arts studio, and he's accused of sexually assaulting a minor 54 year old ernest ramirez owns a martial arts studio in
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san jose. police say he also operated and after school program for trace elementary, where he met the victim. the victim attended the program between august of 2020 and june of 2021, where police say those sexual assaults occurred. anyone who has information on this crime or any similar crimes, is asked to put in a call to san jose police. the san jose city council is sent to vote on the city budget this evening that would extend funding for the city's mobile crisis team the initial funding for mental health professionals to team with police. came from a grant from the department of justice. but that money is running out. the mayor is asking for new funding to create four permanent positions on sj pd staff to assist in responding to people in crisis. so critically important to have that first person. who reaches somebody who's having a mental health episode. uh, to be a person who does not seem threatening.
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someone who is not carrying a gun. somebody who doesn't have a badge in the uniform that can really help the de escalate the situation. the team was first founded at the end of 2020 under an initial federal grant. alright. the golden state warriors are now one win away from capturing another nba title . the team is headed off to boston for game six of the nba finals, holding a 32 lead in this series after beating the celtics last night at chase center in san francisco. and andrew wiggins boy, did he have a great game last night, he led the warriors in scoring with 26 points. and 13 rebounds, which they needed after a rough shooting night for stefan currie . he was oh, for nine from three point range. the warriors built to lead as big as 16 points in the first half. but the celtics climbed back in this game in the third quarter. the warriors, though, were able to hold off boston down the stretch. winning one oh, 4 to 94. yeah. and
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warriors fans, as you can imagine, were fired up as they left chase center last night. golden state now just one win away from 1/4 championship in eight seasons. the dogs have gained a lot of new fans along the way during this dynasty. some of them came to the game last night from as far away as nashville to watch the team in person. nba finals. i've never been to an nba finals game, so it's cool to be in the home arena falling for my son's favorite team. it's great. it's way louder than i thought it would be. we were supposed to win earlier, but it was my birthday, so we had to take it a little bit longer, so we have one more game, but we're going to close it out. all right. we sure hope so. the warriors will be on the road for game six in boston, but they will be hosting a watch party inside chase center. once again, you do need tickets for that they cost $25 with all the proceeds benefiting the warriors community foundation. looking forward to that. it's gonna be fun. president biden hits the road, telling americans he is focused on the economy. his plan to
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bring down inflation without triggering a recession. also robocalls are on the rise, with americans receiving nearly four billion calls just in the month of may alone. what you can do to try to start blocking them. add a burial weather. lots of sunshine today a bit of a warm up with the real heat that's going to move in forward tomorrow. in fact, a few spots tomorrow. in fact, a few spots will be approaching the lower meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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no signs of letting up if it feels like those spam calls from random numbers just keep popping up on your cell phone while you're right, according to the latest robocall index americans received nearly four billion spam calls in may with the monthly volume putting us on track to hit 48 billion robocalls this year. that index compiled combined oiled compiled , i should say by you mail, a company that provides free
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robocall blocking services for more on what's driving these numbers? we are joined now by you, males. ceo alex kill ichi, alex. great to have you on today . we appreciate the time i know you say that these spam calls are becoming more targeted and more dangerous. how have these robocalls evolved? and who are they targeting? so one of the things that's happened is the bad guys are getting list, for example, everybody's a customer particular bank and calling those customers what's driving that is. they know it's harder to get through, so they want to make the robocalls count. alright so we talk about this staggering number four billion s across the country, down just sy from the month before, but are we seeing any sort of trend lines in these numbers that would suggest the spam calls might start to let up anytime soon? no i think we're seeing the opposite. a couple of years
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ago, we hit the peak, which was a little over almost a little under six billion of the calls. we're down to four billion now and have been sitting there off and on for about a year, but we're seeing no signs that it's letting up, and that's despite the effort of the carriers to roll out something called stir shaken, which is authenticated caller i d that was supposed to make it harder for robot collars. just move phone numbers . and what did the bad guys do? they decided to get real phone numbers and just kept right on going explain that because this was an fcc requirements last year that all the cell phone carriers in this company start to use this caller id authentication technology called stir shaken, but but it hasn't really had the intended impact. to bring down the number of robocalls. the scammers are getting around the system. they they're just getting real phone numbers doesn't that eventually make them make it easier to track them down? well yes and no. so what happened was it became much harder for them to just make up a number and use it. that's the good news about about the authenticated color. i
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d. the bad news is they're getting big batches of real phone numbers and then using those and what's really bad about that is those calls can look like they're authenticated. so you can get a call that says i r s, but it's got the green check mark. it looks real, but it's not. it's just a made up phone number, and that's why the robocalls have gotten more dangerous. absolutely that that's pretty concerning what it looks like. it's coming from an actual agency or an actual company. all right, so how much do we know about who is behind most of the robocalls that all of us are getting on our cell phones? so there's two kinds of robocalls. one is what we call a scam. call that somebody literally trying to steal from you, whether it's your identity or your money or whatever else are going after that's one type of robocall. those tend to be mostly from overseas. so in countries like india or pakistan or the philippines, but where call centers are in general, there's just bad call centers, the other kind of robocall. that's a big problem or telemarketing calls, which often
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don't have consent. i'm sure none of us consented to having car warranty calls, yet there were hundreds of millions of them every month. those tend to come from the us and so that's that. that's how they break down . all right. so your your company offers free protection against the scam calls, including, i guess tracing the robocalls back to where they started. how exactly do you do that? well there's two things so we have a free app that allows people to block robocalls on the phone as part of providing that app. we get data on illegal phone calls, and we have partnerships, one with something called the internet or the international trace back group. that can take our data and work with carriers to find out where those called illegal calls originated, and often tell that carrier to stop it, you know, fire the customer get rid of the customer or sometimes it's a bad carrier, and then that carrier has a harder time bringing calls onto the network. so it's a mix of having a software that can help protect people. and then whatever data comes in with
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illegal calls, we provide that to enforcement so that they can help shut these cameras down at the start, which is what all of us want before we wrap up here, alex. i mean, how do you see the situation? improving here? we talk about the fcc requiring this caller id technology for cell phone carriers. that hasn't exactly done the trick. at least not yet. what are the other steps you think need to be taken to address the problem. i think the carriers are going to become much more aggressive and trying to find out who is using their network to make these calls in the first place, so i think that's good news. the bad news is that the robot collars are getting more and more and more targeted, so they're doing smaller volumes, which makes them harder to find and they're starting to move to text. so i'm sure you've seen more and more spam text starting to show up and they can't get through with calls to get through a text. if they can't get through a text, i'll try to get through with email their multi channel marketers in the wrong business. have it just means all of us have to be skeptical and cautious. when we see a phone number we don't know or text
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coming in from someone we don't know. appreciate the insight today and the advice you male ceo alex kill ichi. thank you for doing it. we appreciate it. thank you take care. the next congressional hearing on the january 6th capital ryan, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed. axios reports that delay is to give the video team more time for technical work. during yesterday's hearing, several longtime allies of former president trump told congress that the repeatedly told him he had lost the 2020 election and there was no reason for him to dispute the results. but they say he refused to listen to them. one senior adviser testified. the president instead listen to rudy giuliani, who encouraged president trump to declare victory. in the mirror was definitely intoxicated suggestions by i believe was mayor giuliani to go and declare victory, he said. there's lots of fraud going on here, flat out that much of the information he's getting his false. and or
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just not supported by the evidence. next hearing is thursday. it's expected to look into the pressure campaign on former vice president mike pence. members of the house passed a bill that would enhance security measures for supreme court justices and their families. final vote was 396 to 27, with all nays coming from democrats. the bill's passing comes a week after an armed california man was arrested outside justice brett kavanaugh as house, prompting congress to take action. fox news is mike emanuel has the latest with the supreme court now barricaded behind two rows of fencing. house members passed a bill to beef up security for the justices and their families. the legislation, dubbed the supreme court police parody act was passed last month in the senate with unanimous support. we're gonna continue to take steps. necessary to keep all public servants safe. the approval of
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the bill comes after an armed man was charged last week for the attempted murder of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. democrats and republicans both agree this type of violence will not be tolerated. this should have been done weeks ago. any kind of federal judges are not by law allowed to be threatened that way. it's like the man arrested recently for allegedly plotting against the life of one of our justices or a threat to our democracy. but with the right security, they can also be stopped before they inflict harm . the bills. passing also comes at a crucial time as anxiety rises by the day on a potential ruling on roe versus wade. gop members slammed chuck schumer after the senate majority leader suggested in 2020 that justices will pay the price for their decisions. senator schumer understands what his words have consequences. i believe he should apologize for contributing to this heated climate. why did it take so long ? i mean the protests at their
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home or direct violation of the law. the justice department says it is warning police agencies nationwide about potential violence in advance of the abortion related roe v. wade ruling. in washington. mike emanuel fox news. milpitas firefighters are working to contain a brush fire that's burning along the milpitas san jose city line this afternoon. this fire was first reported just before one o'clock this afternoon. it's burning in some trees and brush right along coyote creek near mccarthy boulevard and tasman drive. the san jose fire department says they have sentenced 70 firefighters to help out in this effort. fortunately there have been no injuries so far, and we're told no buildings or homes are threatened, and there's no word right now on what caused this fire. and i have to take a look at the weather conditions and that portion of the bay area right now it's temperatures right around 80 degrees, and there is a bit of a breeze with winds gusting to about 18 miles an hour, so keep an eye on those
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conditions and the fire activity. but at least for today, a nice day and as we head into your wednesday, it is warming up. thankfully we're not talking about the heat we had last week, but still the hot spots will be approaching the lower nineties. so tomorrow will be one of the warmer days of the week and the winds pick up around 20 to 30 miles an hour. in fact, here's my thinking. with the temperature forecast warm up into wednesday, we got headed into another big time. cool down by thursday, especially by friday, so some big time temperature swings this week. outside right down the satellite. we're showing you lots of clear skies. some cloud cover well offshore and left on the left portion of your screen. so we are in the clear even out towards the coast and we are expecting lots of sunshine for tomorrow. current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour right now. san francisco 66 degrees a bunch of eighties up in the north bay for santa rosa and napa, where the warmer locations 91 san jose, checking in 84 degrees. winds are picking up in a few spots. you can see oakland airport westerly 14 miles an hour and sfo over 20
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miles an hour right now, so a bit of a breeze out there. here's our live camera looking out towards the oakland alameda estuary, and we're gonna hold onto the clear skies for this evening. overnight temperatures will be in the fifties to right around 60 degrees, so not incredibly cold tomorrow morning , and after that mild start, we're going to have a nice warm up into the afternoon hours. thankfully as i mentioned we're not talking about india. triple digits for tomorrow warm spot will be approaching the low to mid nineties for your wednesday afternoon, and that's just about a get ready for another big temperature drop off later in the week. what about shower chances? we'll talk about that with your full update in a few minutes. okay see you. then. mark thank you. up next on the four will introduce you to the rainbow women's chorus that's working together to develop musical excellence in an atmosphere of support and respect.
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(music throughout)
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here at ktvu. we want to recognize an organization that's dedicated to changing the world
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through music. the rainbow women's course of san jose started about 25 years ago, and it's been building community with song ever since ktvu heather holmes spoke with a member of the chorus about its mission. i'm so glad to be singing together because a lot of it is about, um women coming together to support each other to be in community. and to sing everything from the silly to the serious, too. you know something from we've had a broadway one. we had a, uh, a sixties one a hippie one, and it's just been for me. when i first got there they were singing songs by holly near, and chris williamson and pat humphries and some of the people from the women's movement and i just went yes, this is ok , so i was very excited to start
4:26 pm
. today. why is this course so important? especially right now. well i think especially right now, because we are singing a lot of the songs that people need to hear of songs about refugees of one of our goals is to sing songs about peace and justice. and those are the kinds that we're doing. and then i think, wow, i don't know how you feel, but the world is in a mess right now. gun violence and pandemics and blah, blah, blah. and so we i look at this as our way to sing forth. what what could happen? what do you want? the audience who comes to these performances? what do you want them to walk away with? we want them to have a good time. we
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want them to enjoy the music every once in a while we do sing along, so they get to sing with us. um and betsy does this wonderful coral? ah graffiti and i at first thought kirra. la graffiti. i know dance. you know , actually, what i really said was, i'm i'm presbyterian. we just stand and sing. it was so that was kind of funny even once i got into it. oh, i love it. everyone is laughing and because some of this stuff is really funny that we do and it's just kind of a good time is had by all. i can just tell that you really enjoy this. this is a lot of fun. um but, reverend, it goes beyond that. i mean, this is about representation. that is one of our missions and also, um , raising the self esteem of women. and because i hate to say
4:28 pm
it often when things are mixed the main kind of takeover and that's okay. a lot of them are very good leaders. but in terms of the women developing their skills that makes it less and less and so it's been very important that it that it's not a co acquire. it's a women's. it's for all women. so people who identify as a woman are welcome to come and, um and everyone is included. everyone gets to sing. you don't have to be perfect and all that kind of stuff. so there are groups that are, um more perfectionist than we are not that we don't work hard we do, but that's why we don't do auditions that everyone is welcome to come and sing with us and be lifted up in community with each other and know that we're all valuable. we all have something to give. you when you
4:29 pm
send together, not song starts to come together and you're listening to and you say oh, wow . that's that sounds great. no and yes, so it's a little back padding to but also, there's a feeling of having done something good with other people and with other women. and if you would like to donate to the rainbow women's chorus, scan the qr code on your screen or head to ktvu .com slash giving day. coming up at 4 30, a new producer. price indexes released what it means for wholesale sellers and the customers hoping
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tellingly union members in philadelphia that he is focused on the economy. the job market remains strong foxes, lauren blanchard explains. rising prices are essentially giving many americans pay cut. inflation could put a real dent in summer travel budgets for many americans gas now over $5 a gallon on average, with no signs of slowing is just going up. gas prices are going up. better new . i don't anticipate it going down until you know the summer ends. the latest data from the
4:33 pm
labor department shows that in may, wholesale prices were up 10.8% over a year ago, meaning producers are paying more and as people can tell, passing those costs on to the consumer. president biden says his administration has a plan to help my plan for the economy made extraordinary progress. and put america in a position to tackle the word. what worldwide problem is worse everywhere. but here inflation but the u. s at 8.6% does have worse inflation than some other large economies, including germany, france, canada and india. and part of the president's plan to fix it is to leave it to the federal reserve to figure it out the fed meeting tuesday and wednesday as they decide how much to raise interest rates yet again, republicans say the administration and the fed are a step behind and has no plan. nobody that by administration, including biden has any plan to reduce inflation. all they do is
4:34 pm
they wake up every day and say who could i possibly blame it on? the fed has to try to raise interest rates enough to cool inflation, but not so much that they risk a recession will find out their plan wednesday afternoon in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news on wall street stocks were mostly lower today after yesterday's sell off the dow is down. 151 points. the nasdaq gained 19 points and the s and p was down 14 after falling into bear territory yesterday. tomorrow the federal reserve is sent to raise a key interest rate yet again to try to cool the economy. analysts are now expecting in aggressive hike of three quarters of a percent. the biggest increase since 1994. joining us now to discuss our current economic situation is george niche. any wealth adviser morgen, stanley. thanks for taking the time this afternoon, george let's start with the producer price index released today. no surprise that increased last month, but can we
4:35 pm
expect the cost of wholesale goods to remain as is or is going to get more expensive? brooks the producer price index . ppe is probably the most important thing. this is where inflation really starts, the cost that manufacturers have to produce goods to send them to consumers. that's reflected in the cpi. the consumer price index that came out last friday. so right now, supply for manufacturers has been really low, and that's caused a lot of their prices to go up. and so you know, today we saw that the that the ppe i was up 8/10 of a percent. really 10.8% for the for the year that we're in. that's been about six months, so it's high, but we are seeing some softening. we're seeing more supply channel get developed and come into the manufacturers that will help to lower their costs going out. i want to turn to gas prices because that's something that just seems like it won't stop rising, averaging $6.43 a gallon today in california and nearly $10 we saw at one station in mendocino county. will we
4:36 pm
eventually hit a point where transportation by car will be basically impossible for many americans? well it's certainly a pricing problem for people that are on fixed incomes. um but if you notice, um we're pumping more gas every month, and that's because people with means are still paying these high prices. the reason why the prices are so high again. it's simply because of supply and demand. pre covid a barrel of oil was trading at $40 demand was really low, and there was enough supply. fast forward. we now come out of our houses and w want to get out there and we want to travel, so the supply is still the same. but the demand is really high, so it's just a simple equation of taking more fuel out of the ground. and creating a larger supply and price points will will come down. now we're in the process of doing that. the oil developers, refiners or trying to hire people get pipes into the ground existing wells going but that takes quite a while. you know for that to come to market, but when it does, prices will definitely come down a year from now. the prayer won't even
4:37 pm
be talking about this and thank god you're not in the uk or europe because the price per gallon or leader is much, much higher. prices up there. but yesterday the stock market is, you know, took a big hit and all indications were in this sort of bear market slide. does this hinge on investors worried the federal reserve raising that interest rate again as they're set to tomorrow? well we kind of go hand in hand. i mean, if you think about it, uh, the stock market has been on a chair up until january, and we started telling our clients and consumers that about a year ago that we should be de risking portfolios and taking, you know, some out attack, putting it in value. and summoned fixed income . so those that did that? you know, we're losing lesson in the market. and now we have the federal reserve who was trying to control inflation. and by doing that they're going to be raising the rates that they charge. you know banks to lend them money. that's important because the growth company, especially the tech companies, borrow money from the banks, but it will be at a higher cost. so the market worries, you know, will these razors be too high for? will it be too low? will
4:38 pm
they be able to follow the goldilocks syndrome and get it just right, so we're going to find out tomorrow there's going to be an announcement for a race. we had to expecting 50 basis points, one half of 1% but now as a result of last friday when the consumer price index was higher than what we thought it was going to be that maybe pressure on the on the federal reserve to raise it's 75 basis points. and something, even a point. i think it will. it's a 50 50 chance it'll be over 50 basis points in what we'll find out tomorrow. george machete with morgan stanley. great advice as always. thanks for joining us again. alright, brooks, thank you very much. well, relief is on the way for some california homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages. today, the state expanded to covid-19 program that's designed to help those who have fallen behind on their payments during the pandemic. this program has modified the past due requirement to include homeowners who miss payments during the first half of 2022. it's also expanded the income eligibility and will now cover past do property taxes for more homeowners. flooding on the west
4:39 pm
coast and a major heatwave out east all before summer as even officially started. we're going to take a look at the major weather events happening all across the country when we come back. and a burial weather. we're talking about a warm up at least in the short term, but not like last week, but a few spots will be approaching the nineties. that's in the short term later in the week, we're term later in the week, we're talking alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today. another crazy day? of course—you're an a cio in 2022.ce. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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with no out of pocket costs to you. for a free home evaluation, call or click renovation realty what do you call my fries topped with 100% all-white-meat chicken... melty cheese, and good good sauce? i call them roost fries. but you might call them “hey! get your own!” try my $4.00 roost fries. order on the jack app today. tim's families from the yuval, d texas school shooting may never find out exactly what happened that day. the city is trying to block some information from being released using a policy that keeps information private in crimes where no one has been convicted. the gunman was killed by police. so conviction isn't possible if a judge rules in favor of the city, details of
4:42 pm
police movements, body camera footage and communications could be permanently sealed. a new study finds that california's red flag law which removes guns from people deemed threatening may have stopped dozens of gun massacres. the study was done by the violence prevention research program at uc davis. it found that the six year old law has disarmed 58 people, more than half threatened to harm others, often intimate partners and in nearly 30% of cases, police used the launches seized weapons after threats of mass shootings. cell phone video captures a dramatic scene as a home in montana collapses right into the raging yellowstone river. you can see it just washes away. no one was inside that home. this is just some of the damage caused by heavy rains and melting snowpack in montana. the national park service has floodwaters also lead to damage roadways, washed out bridges and
4:43 pm
a number of landslides, several communities in and around yellowstone national park had to be evacuated. and the park is closed until officials can finish assessing all of the damage there. the rain and rapid snow melt comes as a heat wave make fox weathers will nunley tells us in some places people are being told to stay indoors to avoid that dangerous heat. it's very hot. there is no other way to explain, except is extremely hot. she's one of the 107 million americans now being advised to stay indoors after a major heat wave moved into the midwest and east coast. it started out west, breaking high temperature records and causing still frozen snow to melt quickly. resulting in flooding the completely closed down yellowstone national park, now a massive area from the great lakes. down to the gulf coast is baking under triple digits, prompting some folks to get out and about early before the mercury rises cooler in the morning, and they've already talked about how warm it's going to be. i don't want to be out
4:44 pm
here. they're so get out here early. most major cities baking under this heat dome have opened cooling centers, including chicago, minneapolis and memphis and charlotte. where officials are offering free rides to seniors and others at risk from the extreme heat. it's south carolina folks are heading to the polls for one of the hottest primary elections on record the real field. they're topping 110 degrees, and there are also concerns about whether the air conditioning will stay on with some cities, setting new records for electricity demand, and experts are worried about what that means as we head into the summer us actually get above the all time record. um on a sunday in june is alarming t v a, which manages this plant here along the tennessee river is asking its customers to conserve energy for now, during the hottest parts of the day until some cooler temperatures can roll in. in savannah, tennessee. will nunley fox weather. the barriers talking about heat up, but nothing like last week, and nothing like the heatwave across parts of the country right now,
4:45 pm
in fact, let's start nationally where we do have the warm to hot temperatures showing up and if you can't see right now, look at the 96 degrees in chicago right now. minneapolis 94. phoenix 104 degrees, so we have the heat as you would expect out in arizona and for us, we have been trending up with temperatures and we'll continue with that pattern that idea into your wednesday and then a sharp drop off in those numbers beginning beginning thursday, and then by friday. it would be cool around here called the mild with temperatures in the sixties to the lower seventies. what about rainfall with that trough moving in from the north of maybe some shower chances approaching northern california? that would be for friday? that's the day will be watching. you can see some measurable rainfall up to our north, and we'll see that 0.1 verifies it would not produce much, but maybe a few sprinkles and that would be for the friday forecast. here's a satellite right now a lot to clear skies up and down our coastline. you can see those clouds well offshore here in the pacific. so we're not much in the way of fog to speak of. we're gonna start off. your
4:46 pm
wednesday morning with mostly clear skies, and that will set the stage for a pretty warm afternoon. current numbers out there. san francisco 66. we have san jose in the eighties eighties and even a few spots inland. you can see fairfield approaching the lower nineties. as we check out that some wind reports here. there's sfo a bit of a breeze there. gusting over 20 miles an hour. here's a live camera, looking out toward the oakland alameda estuary completely in the clear there is a bit of some haze in the sky. probably notice that some of that hayes for tomorrow in your wednesday forecast, so here we are, tomorrow morning kind of a mild start stepping outside the door temperatures will be in the fifties and the sixties. those bright colors represent some warmer temperatures, and we're talking about some sixties and seventies and eighties, and the warm spots will be approaching the low. maybe the mid nineties . a place like sacramento, forecasting hive 96 degrees for tomorrow, but not in . so here's happening this big area of hig e
4:47 pm
warmer days of the week. and then we begin to cool things off on thursday and look what heads our way into friday. much cooler. mostly cloudy skies, probably some drizzle and maybe the slight chance of a shower that would be favored in the north bay. that would be for friday. here's the forecast models who put this into motion as you can see, here we are in the clear maybe some patchy fog tomorrow morning. for your wednesday but we are expecting lots of sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures ranging from the sixties seventies eighties approaching the lower nineties and to look ahead easy. five day forecast. we're going to heat things up tomorrow. not incredibly hot. and that would be cool things off quite a bit, and by friday, just some sixties and some lower seventies, we'll keep our fingers crossed. maybe some drizzle a few sprinkles headed our way by friday. all right, mark, thanks. parents could soon have another covid vaccine option for their kids. what's next for moderna, as fda advisers met today to discuss safety risks for kids under 17 alright, just a remarkable story
4:48 pm
after a south bay teenager is unexpectedly shot at with a pellet gun. for a few hours after we went to the doctor to get an x ray. and then they said , ok, the bullet is in your lung. five o'clock. that 15 year old explains how close the pellet came to
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
indicates. can make it easier for you to get sick. researchers at the usc say trauma discrimination and job strain can lead to stress which can weaken your immune system. increasing the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illnesses like covid-19, and to find out how stress affects the body. recent researchers analyzed blood samples provided by almost 6000 people over the age of 50. the team found that people dealing with more stress had seemingly older immune systems with more worn out white
4:51 pm
blood cells and fewer new disease fighting t cells. the report appears in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. today fda vaccine advisers voted to recommend covid-19 shots for children as young as six years old. tomorrow the committee will consider recommending fighter and moderna's vaccines for children as young as six months old foxes jonathan serrie has the details. it's a busy week for federal regulators. today the fda is vaccine advisers met to discuss moderna is covid-19 vaccine for children as young as six years old, the panel voting to recommend the shots for this age group. giving parents another option to protect their kids, a advisors and cdc are looking at these carefully and following the normal process. a lot of people have said to you, why weren't these rushed out months ago? clinical trials showed the vaccine was 93% effective in children. 12 to 17 years old and 77% effective in
4:52 pm
younger americans. the panel reviewed the formulas possible side effects. including rare cases of myocardial itis. according to the cdc, the vaccine may pose a higher risk of heart inflammation in some age groups compared to fighters shot. but the agency said recent data suggests most people recover over time is a rare event following him. rna covid-19 vaccination most persons with myocarditis after i'm renee covid-19 vaccination recover from their myocarditis by 90 plus days after diagnosis on wednesday, the committee will consider recommending fighters and moderna's vaccines for children as young as six months old. health experts say it's unclear how high demand will be for those shots, according to the cdc, less than 30% of five through 11 year olds are fully vaccinated. i'm hoping that we're going to have a little better uptake because we have better access to kids. the white house says. these pediatric shots could be administered as
4:53 pm
early as next week. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. yeah. so often, we only do stories when bad things happen to teens or by teens. well, here's the opposite. mimi harris is 17 and just graduated from high school . she was playing in a volleyball tournament with her club team in phoenix. the final point came down to a bad call. her team won. but harris knew they shouldn't have the ball fell in not out. celebrating their full of joy and everyone. i was just like. mm, like i was like it wouldn't sit right with me knowing that we shouldn't really shouldn't have won that game because of a bad call. and if i was the other team, i would be really hurt that, like the game got taken away from us just because of one bad call. so her team lost. mimi says her teammates eventually supported her decision. her mother was proud immediately. mimi has gotten an ethics college scholarship against to throw the first pitch. at the diamondbacks
4:54 pm
game. alright in this edition deserved w w a d. what would alex do case brooks? i like to think that i would have done the same thing as this young woman, but but you never know. when you're in that situation. i know. you know a big victory on the line there. you don't want to root. your teammates are all excited about the wind. you don't want to ruin that for them. but hopefully i would have done what with that young woman did good for her admirable she deserves all the accolades and it's all coming back to her. that's the point. right? you do the right thing. you get rewarded. things happen. yeah, i think so. very good. coming up the fourth of july may look and sound a bit different this year by some major cities are canceling their fireworks shows canceling their fireworks shows altogether. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget,
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wanna help kids get their homework done? all with no monthly service fee. well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. of july. in some places, several
4:57 pm
cities and towns across the country say they're having trouble finding fireworks, and those who do find them are paying a lot more than they're used to the other issue. finding pyrotechnic crews who are able to safely sent them off fox's marisa saalbach reports now from phoenix, where shortages have led that city to cancel the fourth of july show altogether. yeah we know. the city of phoenix is canceling all 3/4 of july celebration simply because they do not have any fireworks. we also know fountain hills has to make changes to make their celebration work, and even local vendors who sell direct to consumer are noticing the supply chain issues. we got all the fireworks in almost, but we paid about 3.5 times more and shipping because of one guy in china, controlling the sport and playing games with the shipping companies, fuel prices to transport products, and many fireworks vendors are feeling the pain this season. jason colt , owner of santan fireworks, says he's been preparing for a possible shortage for a year and
4:58 pm
a half as supply chain issues continue to build. a lot of other people in the industry are having problems getting their fireworks because there's leave long beach and have to get on the rail and the rail is backed up getting it out to the midwest and other places out east. he says he doesn't expect to run out of fireworks this year, but that's because he stopped his inventory in advance. most of my competitors raised their prices about 30% in the last year and a half. i've only raised my prices about 5% so i i'm eating some of that cost but also a shortage of fireworks that towns and cities used to put on their displays because those contained higher levels of explosives. they're regulated by the atf. this year . there are two main problems, a shortage to set them off. fountain hills is having that issue about specialists and these come from the company's having those companies be able to have those people like the fireworks, so to speakf those groups right now. this year, they have to move their fireworks show to july 1st. for
4:59 pm
the first time in about 30 years , they won't have the manpower to light them off on the fourth , and it's not an uncommon situation, the shorts of fireworks and the cruise is pretty much a new deal in a new situation for probably every town in america right now. marissa saalbach for fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. we want now. at five, dozens of security professionals chanting for change today in downtown oakland, they say their industry has become more dangerous during the pandemic. and as a result, members of s e i u united service workers west are asking for better training and better pay. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach heather holmes. this all comes a day after a couple's murder suicide included the death of a security guard who stepped in to help. just hours ago. the santa clara county coroner's office released the names of two of the three people involved. it was just a gary joins us now live
5:00 pm
near that crime scene in north san jose with those details for us, jesse heather. we now know the name domestic dispute. 29 year old erica pantoja of san jose. investigators say domestic dispute between she and her husband in the parking lot behind me drew in that security guard and tried to intervene and break it up. and he was killed and that killing has touched off a wave of reaction around the bay area. tuesday in oakland about 100 security guards members of s e i u united service workers west gathered in downtown. they say the strain of facing increased violence on the job. led them to take this action officers need respect, dignity and justice on the job. the security workers say that covid pandemic changed their working landscape. working the front lines the past two years has too often, but many of these members in the crosshairs of violence nandi remembered. aki was attacked while


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