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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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well it's a day some parents have been expressly awaiting the fda meeting today that could give the green light for children under the age of five to finally get their covid-19 vaccine, plus how much the federal reserve just announced it will raise its key interest rate in its most aggressive move yet to try to control inflation plus hateful act leads to more security at an east bay library during pride month. and the congressman said to visit that branch tomorrow at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good the past hour here, the federal reserve announced it is raising its key interest rate by three quarters of a point. that's the largest rate hike since 1994. the fed also signaled more large rate increases are to come and that would raise the risk of another recession. this is all in an effort to curb record high inflation. we at the fed understand the hardship that
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high inflation is causing were strongly committed to bringing inflation back down and we're moving expeditiously to do so. even if a recession can be avoided, economists say it is almost inevitable, the fed will have to inflict some pain, most likely in the form of higher unemployment will swing over to stocks and see how the dow jones is reacting. we can see investors like this most recent news it's up by well over 1% point gaining 350 points right now, if we look at the other markets, snp also doing well and showing that same spike in the pattern snps by one and almost two thirds of a percent. nasdaq is up a full 2.5. meantime the president is putting to boost ts supply and lower gas prices market. the president wrote letters to executives marathon petroleum valero energy at exxonmobil. the letter is also being sent to chevron phillips 66 shell. in the
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letter, the president said the companies are taking advantage of the crisis when american families are struggling as inflation soars. part of this story. it has been one year since the state of california fully reopened from tough covid-19 restrictions. the state made the decision to reopen for business when covid-19 infections and hospitalizations dropped. now at the time, nearly half of all californians were considered fully vaccinated. now that number is more than 70% and since then we have gone through several more covid surges shortly after the reopening a spike in infections let many communities to reinstate their mask mandates and months later, some of the most contagious variants arrived. in the bay area. and happening now a panel of doctors with the food and drug administration expected to approve the covid vaccine for the youngest americans as soon as today. ktvu sally rasmus is here to explain how those shots could become available as soon as next week. ali meeting has been going on all morning. it is just about to wrap up. i was just listening into it. the doctors on this fda panel are
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getting ready to vote and unless something out of the ordinary happens the expectation is that federal regulators will approve the covid vaccines for the youngest americans, and those shots could become available for kids next week. i'm trying to understand if you look back in december, 2020 when we consider the fires from moderna. the fda panel is meeting right now to discuss the covid vaccine for children younger than five. fda. cdc regulators are expected to approve it this week by area parents. we talked to expressed relief. we're excited. i think it helps us get back to kind of a normal life. i think it will just be like peace of mind and it will just be hopefully a game changer a little bit different than the last time, but it will be nice to have the whole house protected. once the vaccines are approved, there will be two different options. moderna's vaccine will come in two doses for kids six months to six years old. pfizer's vaccine will be a three dose series of shots for children between the ages of six months to four years old. dr christina bow with east bay pediatrics says her office is
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expecting a shipment of these vaccines on monday and tuesday. there are a lot more kids getting covid. luckily, they're not getting very sick. um it seems more like it's acting like a cold for them, and they're not getting hospitalized. even so, dr vose says the omicron variant is more contagious than earlier covid strains, she says once the youngest americans become eligible for a vaccine, it should slow down the spread of the virus and represent a step towards normalcy. we really have seen over the pandemic. um very young kids not really know how to play with each other. uh we've seen families who have been very isolated their grandparents who haven't met their grandkids. it's been hard and it's been a long time. now doctor voth, the pediatrician says most doctors expect it will probably be easier to distribute this vaccine because babies and toddlers go to the doctor's office on a more regular basis than older children. she says it
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is safe to give babies. they're covid shots at the same time as their other regular vaccinations. andre and garcia back to you. all right, alex. thank you so much. meantime there are developments in the rate of covid transmission across the bay area. the latest cdc estimates show marin sonoma and santa clara counties have moved from high to medium covid-19 community levels. joining san francisco and san mateo contra costa and alameda county's moved from medium to high, joining napa and solano counties, according to data released by the california department of public health. the average case count is 16,476. the test positivity rate is just over 9. there are more than 2700 hospitalization. statewide unvaccinated people are seven times more likely to be hospitalist and eight times more likely to die than those who are boosted. there will be extra security at the center renzo public library for the rest of june's pride month as deputies continue to investigate what may have been a hate crime last weekend inside the library congressman eric swalwell will
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be there tomorrow morning to meet with staff ktvu cristina rendon explains the changes the san lorenzo public library put in the national spotlight after drag queens story our was crashed by members of the right wing group proud boys over the weekend, alameda county sheriff's officers are increasing their presence patrolling the library inside and out and keeping an eye on activities like tuesday's pride , button making and key chain class called show your pride. sue princella, showing her support outside with signs. she's a former elementary school teacher in san lorenzo, who feels she needs to be here. it's appalling to me that people could come out and attack people in front of young children just for being who they are named panda, dulcie says. storytime was interrupted right as she was being introduced. she says. they called her quote, a groomer and a pedophile. the sheriff's office is investigating, but says that has spurred anger toward the department and library, each receiving threats
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from across the country. there's been a lot of nasty messages and emails and phone calls. that i know i've received, um about it, and that's fine. but we're not gonna stand down from our mission to make sure we provide safe space for every member of our community. lieutenant ray kelly says hate speech doesn't always constitute a hate crime. this is a complex investigation . balancing a fine line between free speech versus hate, leading to criminal behavior, he says it will be up to the da's office to determine if any crime was committed. mandela says some adults should take a lesson from kids in this situation, one of the beautiful things about working with young children is you get a big sense of hope for the world, and you see how inclusive and accepting children can be. and then we see how awful and intolerant adults can be, and i just think it's shameful. lorenzo cristina rendon ktvu fox two news. the counter cost. the sheriff's department is investigating after a man was
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seen on video, cutting down a pride flag. an american flag, the superintendent of the john sweat unified school district, says he found the flags on the ground when he arrived at district offices on park avenue in rodeo. he says upon close inspection, he realized the rope had been cut surveillance video here shows what happened. this was an intentional act. i watched this individual on videotape. we can all see it that you know he's not believing he's not pulling down the american flag. he's pulling down the pride flag, and that's a hate crime. you know, that's a lack of understanding. it's a it's intolerance. it's bigotry. it's prejudice and that's against everything that we stand for is a district. it's not what we teach. it's not who we are. so we're going to show our students that in our community, we're not going to let this stand. john sweat, unified serves more than 1200 students from the communities of rodeo, hercules, crockett and pork. costa. former south beach congressman in the u. s transportation secretary norman mineta will rest in honor of san jose city hall. his remains arrived at the airport in san jose that bears his name. this
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is video from there just a short time ago, he's remembered as someone who broke ethnic barriers. it was the first asian american in many roles, including one or on the san jose city council as mirrors well and all the way to the white house cabinet. but he's also being remembered for his humor and human touch as much as his groundbreaking political career , the public will be able to pay their respects to mineta from one o'clock until seven o'clock tonight. at the centers, a city hall rotunda. union firefighters in livermore hose down several cars that caught fire this morning. a total of three vehicles were affected by the fire in an apartment complex on portola meadows road near the livermore park and ride fire officials say the flames first affected a single car before spreading to two other vehicles and then the carport. one person was injured while trying to get items out of one of the vehicles and was airlifted to a hospital. another person suffered smoke inhalation. both are expected to be okay firefighters, the flames were ignited by some oily rags that may have combusted in the heat. today marks 10 years since
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the immigration policy, known as deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca, was created. we'll take a look at where the program stands today and what's next for its participants called dreamers, plus we're learning more about the fast spread of the new monkeypox outbreak and the actions that health officials are planning to take in london. i'm alex hogan, with more on this coming up. and in weather, another sunny day out there and temperatures warming up nicely. but today will be the last day in this warm weather stretch. get ready for some big time cooling this we
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here covid-19 shots for us infants, toddlers and preschoolers moved a step closer to reality. today the food and drug administration's outside vaccine advisers gave the thumbs up to modernist to shot regimen for the youngest children. this panel is set to vote later today on whether to also recommend fighters three dose series. today marks the 10th anniversary of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca. it protects undocumented individuals who were brought to this country as children from deportation and allows them to work. ktvu amanda quintana shows us how dark a supporters are marking the anniversary and what's next for daca recipients? there are hundreds of people on capitol hill wednesday trying to convince members of congress to
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pass the dream act. congress can no longer continue to kick this can down the road. we have to have a permanent solution signed into law. it's a way to mark the 10 year anniversary of the obama administration's program known as daca, that brought relief to more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants, allowing them to stay and work in the us, but daca was meant to be temporary. daca was supposed to be a bridge a stopgap measure to measure for long lasting relief in a pathway for citizenship for not just doctor recipients, but all undocumented people. it has been a decade of congressional inaction, and this inaction will get people and has gotten people like me deported and detained since its inception, daca has been challenged by lawsuits. the trump administration wanted to rescind it in 2017, the government vowed to stop accepting daca applications and stop processing renewal's. that set off a series of lawsuits
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resulting in a temporary injunction to keep daca alive. illegal but just last year, another ruling said it was unlawful, allowing it to continue for only current recipients. that ruling has been appealed with oral arguments in just three weeks. the reality is that doctor will end at the supreme court again, leaving immigrant young people like myself and many others in a continued state of limbo. the dream act would permanently protect certain dreamers, giving them a pathway to legal citizenship, and it's not just lawmakers pushing for it to pass more than 550 college presidents and some big businesses are standing up for their students and employees. at microsoft. we have 88 colleagues who are dreamers and who, despite that uncertainty, get up giving us their best every day. we want to keep these valued employees here. ticket to contribute and to help our economy continue to
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grow this country as at a greater lisk risk of losing the talents and skills and needs now more than ever, president biden has noted his intent to preserve and fortified daca, but it's still unclear what that means about the future of the program. dreamers putting their health and that of their families on the line for the rest of the nation. during the pandemic. they deserve better than to live in uncertainty. or fear and change of status and possible deportation are working in our communities. they deserve the right to be on that pathway to be here. they belong. they've been here contributing for so long. how much more do they have to prove? it was introduced more than 20 years ago, and it has been reintroduced at least 11 times despite having bipartisan support. it's still has not become a law in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. yellowstone national park still closed today and could be
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close for a substantial length of time because of damaged infrastructure. we're told, take a look at some video that came into our newsroom this morning. it shows a car. being hit by a rock slide as a driver was trying to leave the park over the weekend. this is pretty scary stuff. a massive storm caused record flooding and rock slides like the one you see here and damaged roads and buildings throughout yellowstone. sections of the parks of northern half could be closed for the rest of the year to much water there. not enough here. temperatures are changing, though, and that puts us in a better position when it comes to fire danger, mark yeah, temperatures will definitely be trending down and you'll notice of changes underlying gaussian that later on this week today, those kind of the last warm day of this little sequence this week and today's the last day we're talking about some nineties across the bay area, so get ready. temperatures will be cooling off later in the week. in fact, we take a look at there are thinking here with the temperature trend here. today the hotspots will be approaching maybe 92 to 94 degrees, cooling things off into thursday and
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into friday with some minor warming as we head into the weekend, and it would be nice to be talking about some rainfall as well as you can see here by friday, some measurable rainfall up to our north upon the north coast of california. maybe out towards the sierra. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or maybe some drizzle. that would be maybe by friday and into saturday for today, those you can't see on the satellite that we have. some looks like the low clouds and fog trying to regroup. just offshore. you'll see that that's stratus approaching our coastline. so that's kind of a key change for today. that may cool off the coastline. current numbers out there. half moon bay 59 degrees san francisco 62. conquered mid eighties and the warm spots inland already in the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. winds will be a factor. it seems like we're talking about the winds each and every day, especially by the afternoon hours, and these numbers will likely go up. by about three or four o'clock sfo right now. westerly 25 miles an hour. here is our live cameras. you can't see here looking above san francisco where we do have some haze out there, but still
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overall fair skies across the entire bay area. this big area of high pressure has been building in so as a result, we've been talking about lots of sunshine over the past couple of days. nice to warm, although we could be talking about libby, tracking some patchy fog near portions of the coastline as you saw that fog bank drifting closer to the shore line, and then in the friday this is the weather system that will produce some rainfall up to our north. this will definitely send temperatures down for us here in the bay area and also boost those wind speeds. so that will be the source of that cool down about friday. we're just talking about some sixties and maybe a few low seventies across parts of the bay area. for today, the temperature is on track to reach the seventies and the eighties, the warm spots inland will be approaching the mid nineties toward fairfield and antioch's this afternoon. san jose 85. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. you can see today the last day of this of this stretch here thursday, we cooled things off friday. more clouds sixties and seventies. and then a little bit of a warm up as we
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head into the weekend. so thankfully, the warm up this week not like last week, and it looks like that big time cooling headed our way. a bipartisan group of senators racing to put together bipartisan gun legislation. but will it pass mike emanuel in washington? i've
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. welcome to the middle of everything! did you know that the corn dog was born right here in illinois? (gasps) woohoo! bye bye! oh, i'm scared of heights too, grandma. but then i got tall! ha ha ha. - [announcer] does your home need upgrades or repairs in order to sell? call renovation realty. their team of licensed professionals will add physical value to the sale of your home with no out of pocket costs to you. for a free home evaluation, call or click renovation realty two police officers who were shot and killed in the line of duty. it happened yesterday in the city of el monte, south east
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of pasadena, where those officers were investigating a domestic violence call at a motel. authorities say shots were fired at the officers when they arrived at the scene. and they were rushed to the hospital where they later died. the l. a county sheriff's department says the shooter was shot and killed at the scene. the community of el monte is grieving. i've heard that the only way to take the sting out of death is to take the love out of life. and believe me, they were loved. these two men were loved. they were good men. they paid the ultimate sacrifice. serving their community trying to help somebody. the names of the two fallen officers have not been released, but one is a 22 year veteran of the department. the other is new to the department with less than a year on the job. the man accused of killing 10 people at a grocery store last month in buffalo, new york, has been charged with federal hate crimes. those charges were announced this morning as attorney general america, garland met with survivors and victims of the attack. investigators say the shooter
12:24 pm
traveled to buffalo to target people in a predominantly black community. these federal charges means the suspect could face the death penalty. he has already pleaded pleaded not guilty to adjust state domestic terrorism charge, including hate motivated domestic terrorism. and murder. there are more signs that bipartisan gun reform legislation has a chance of being passed in the us senate. mike emanuel has the latest from washington, including an endorsement from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. it's too late to prevent the last shooting. we need to act to prevent the next shooting the bipartisan push to combat gun violence ramping up in the senate, with 10, republican senators joining 10 democrats to create the framework. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is the latest to throw his support behind the impending gun agreement. this framework becomes the actual piece of legislation. it's a step forward. step forward on a bipartisan basis. congress hasn't passed a significant piece of gun legislation since
12:25 pm
1993 the framework of this potential legislation, largely spurred by the mass shootings in buffalo, new york. anybody texas includes making juvenile records of gun buyers under age 21, part of required background checks, mental health provision and incentives for local red flag laws, allowing authorities to temporarily remove guns from people consider dangerous. let's make sure the package, however, is worthy of the tragedy, and i think they've made a good start . several senators are waiting to see what the final bill text says. but if it makes it through the senate, it still has to pass the house. i'm starting to get a little concerned, though. um that there are a couple of issues that need to be settled before. um we can reach an agreement frameworks creators are hoping to pass the bill next week ahead of the fourth of july recess in washington. mike emanuel ktvu fox two news the state of california will pay $51 million following the 2018
12:26 pm
shooting at the on field veterans home. three staffers were killed when a gunman a former patient opened fire there. the families of the three women killed will receive part of the payout to other lawsuits against the federal government over the shooting are still pending. still to come this new to large group of unvaccinated individuals could soon be eligible for the covid-19 shot for decisions surrounding moderna vaccine and when we could learn more about fighting, plus this it had collapsed. my lung fractured a rib. um it caused a lot of internal bleeding, and then it almost hit bleeding, and then it almost hit my heart. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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beds. interest rate hikes since 1994 and assurances that such mega hikes would not be common. we see the dow jones spiked on that announcement. it's now up one and almost three quarters of a percent s and p their percentage wise as well. that pattern is the same over on the nasdaq. that index is up by more than three and a quarter percent. let's talk about covid. here is covid vaccines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers moved a step closer to reality today. just minutes ago, an fda panel approved modernist covid vaccine for young children. during his vaccine is for children ages six months to six years, and it will come in two doses. later today.
12:30 pm
the panel is expected to approve pfizer's vaccine for children ages six months to five years. that will be a three dose series. the biden administration says that the vaccines are authorized this week they become available as soon as june. 21st the doctor, at least a pediatric, says her offices except expecting a shipment next week. there are a lot more kids getting covid. luckily, they're not getting very sick. um it seems more like it's acting like a cold for them, and they're not getting hospitalized. if the fda panel approves the fda commissioner signs off on the shots. a cdc advisory panel does the review on friday and saturday. the state health departments, making an effort to get as many people vaccinated against covid as possible this summer and all of california's 58 counties health department held a briefing today on its vaccinate all 58 campaign. i was partnerships with state libraries, parks. first five california, california's after school network trying to educate californians on ways to keep their families safe this summer
12:31 pm
from covid. the timing of this partnership could not have been better as we're all working together to ensure the health and safety california's children and families. the group says it's already received requests for mobile clinics for under five service providers once the vaccine is approved for children of that age. we're hearing about 15 year old girl who is recovering at home after someone shot her with a pellet gun as katy b's tom baker reports. the girl's family says the incident will have a long term impact both physically. and mentally after leaving valley fair mall last friday, 15 year old jonah viterelli was walking with a friend when suddenly something happened. me and her here really loud, black noise and i immediately say out. turns out she was hit by a drive by pellet gun projectile. we turned around to see what that was, and we just see a car driving off rolling up its window after blood started flowing from the wound. paramedics thought it was a relatively minor piercing. her skin. but as her condition
12:32 pm
worsened, and her breathing was labored, doctors found out it was much much worse there. my wife took her to urgent care, and they had done an x ray, and that's where they found the pellet collapsed. my lung fractured a rib. um it caused a lot of internal bleeding, and then it almost hit my heart. that's super serious injury caused jonah to have emergency surgery and spent three days in the senate clara valley medical centers intensive care unit. the pellet is and will remain in her lung. it's gonna take a long time recovering probably has some mental issues or anxiety going out in public walking in a very safe neighborhood, so i feel like now i'm just going to be definitely way more cautious . just walking anywhere. a paramedic told her family that she was the fourth pellet shooting victim of the day. i know there's other bb gun shootings all along stevens creek by the mall. you know, i can't make any sense of it. you know, the more i think about it,
12:33 pm
the more upset i get trying to just stay positive because of all the people that have supported me, so there's a lot of consequences to this action that includes the police department, having already opened and investigative case. police mean to find the perpetrators through neighborhood interviews, business and home security cameras. whatever leads to finding the guilty. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. very security guards are demanding better training and better pay. at a rally in oakland, the guard said . they've seen more violence since the start of the pandemic, and they say they're vulnerable almost any time at their work. a woman who works in san francisco says a homeless person attacked her while on aerobic patrol. since then, she worries about her safety while on the job. a lot of us have died for being done shot, stabbed to death beaten to death and even covid took a lot of us to our death. they see the latest example of that is a security guard who
12:34 pm
died in the san jose apartment complex. on sunday morning. the guard was shot to death by a man who was in a domestic dispute with his wife. that man killed the guard who tried to break up the fight and killed his wife and then killed himself. the santa clara county sheriff's office needs help in identifying the man accused of assaulting evita bus driver last month. this is video of the man they're looking for, is described as being about five ft. 10 weighing £160. he has black hair and mustache and long hair on his chin. officials say the attack happened may 25th is the bus driver was left unconscious. you can help identify the man. please call the santa clara county sheriff's department to the east bay now where the owners of a skate shop in oakland said they are devastated. after a thief burglarized their business. they say they poured their savings into that shop on 15th street in downtown oakland. ktvu s amberleigh reports. the owners of eight ball escaped shop in downtown oakland say they've been in business just over a year. it's kind of like a little baby that we've created, but
12:35 pm
surveillance videos show a man throwing an object at the glass door breaking in early sunday morning around 4 20 everywhere it was it just felt very like we've been violated. the owners say the suspect left in this white truck after stealing 10 to 15 skateboards, accessories, clothing, an ipad and a blue fuji bicycle. the estimate the loss to be thousands of dollars during the quarantine. we put all our money together. and like , you know, pretty much all of our savings, and we open this up to just, you know, not even really, to like, make a lot of money to share their love for skateboarding. the owners say they host block parties and that their neighbors, including other merchants, have been warm and welcoming donations from all friends and everyone in the area . the owners say they're grateful for the support from neighbors and friends after they learned about the burglary. people have donated merchandise and money really amazing, so it's definitely helped alleviate the detention in like the pressure of what we have to do
12:36 pm
here is another look at the suspect. the owners say they don't recognize him and don't know if he has an accomplice. the getaway truck is distinctive looking. the owners say they started a go fund me to improve their security system and recover some of their losses. in oakland and burly ktvu fox two news. over the first time in more than 15 years. alameda county could have a new sheriff , you're sending a sanchez's declaring victory in the sheriff's race has received more than 52% of the votes compared to 31% for the current sheriff, grab a hurt john walker has 15% of the vote in candidates, neither or candidate needs more than 50% to avoid a runoff, which you could see sanchez has more of the more most of the ballots rather on alameda county have been counted so far in the elections office has said they do not expect any more major updates to the vote count. centuries oversees the santa rita jail in dublin and has promised to reshape the facility . incumbent sheriff greg ahern has held the position since 2000
12:37 pm
and seven people in the east bay city of pittsburgh are still on alert after firefighters finally controlled a brush fire that burned right up to their homes. it started yesterday afternoon there golf club road not far from rancho madonna's junior high school south of highway four. this is an area that has been proven dangerous already this season with a number of grass fires out here, the area surrounded by homes, and today we had a number of homes that were threatened huge. i thought i thought it was the house was going to burn down. cal fire and contra costa county firefighters used bulldozers and helicopters . the battle is fire investigators believe someone at a nearby homeless encampments started the fire, and homeowners say that is a big problem. i'm hoping that you know, we can get this transient issue back there resolved so that this doesn't continue to happen. many homeowners worried that there could be another fire and soon and they also worry about the people in that nearby homeless encampment who are using propane
12:38 pm
tanks. the world health organization is creating a new vaccine sharing mechanism to stop the spiraling outbreak of monkeypox reporter alex hogan in london to bring us the latest health officials around the world are working to contain the monkeypox outbreak. the disease is spreading quickly in the cdc says there are now more than 1800 confirmed cases in at least 35 countries, including the us, but europe by far remains the epicenter with more than 85% of the global total. now the world health organization says there's new evidence this monkeypox strain is being transmitted sexually. there are some patients among whom have had semen tested for virus and come back positive. so that's something that we're looking at. the european union responded by purchasing more than 100,000 doses of monkey pox vaccine, a move it says is unprecedented. this is the first time we're using the eu budget to respond to a health emergency. and to
12:39 pm
directly purchased vaccines for member states against monkeypox . but that strategy could run counter to w. h o guidelines, with the agency urging health officials not to stockpile vaccines, especially with supplies already running low currently are limited amounts of vaccines. vaccination is not recommended or needed at this time. the also recommends against canceling large events like parades and concerts, saying that more lockdowns are not necessary. in london. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news send al $1 billion in military aid to ukraine will include anti ship missile launchers, howitzers and more rounds for the high mobility, artillery rocket systems. u. s forces are training ukrainian troops on now. as it comes as us defense secretary lloyd austin convened a meeting in brussels of more than 45 nations to discuss more support for ukraine. at the
12:40 pm
start of that meeting, austin warned the west must step up weapons deliveries to ukraine and prove its commitment to helping the country's military fight. are coming up the warriors and fans gearing up for tomorrow's game six of the nba finals in boston. the special rally being held right now to get people pumped up for the game. and in weather. lots of sunshine today some pretty warm temperatures, but temperatures will be dropping off quite a bit later in the week. we'll have later in the week. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water.
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austin. hopefully can take care of business. come back with the ring. we had to boston to get away. the warriors are in boston now gearing up for game six of the nba finals tomorrow night against the celtics team took a chartered flight out there. look no matter what happens, it's their final road game of the season somewhere. his fans are heading to boston to see the warriors play in game six and try to win another nba title. warriors fans greeted with this surprise pep rally today at sfo as they boarded their flight to boston. you can see the rally featured the warrior's dance team and the warriors. dj fans were also given some warriors swag, including playoff warriors , t shirts and rally towels. makers say the celtics are a 3.5 point favorite tomorrow, but the warriors they're confident knowing they just need one win in the next two games to become
12:44 pm
champs again. the team also expects steph curry to be back after he missed 15 22 shots and, for the first time in nearly four years failed to make a least 13 pointer. oh for nine from three. he's gonna be livid going in the game six. that's exactly what we need. don't think i've ever been happier. um after over whatever type of night just knowing the context of the game. there's a fire burning and i want to make shots, but the rest of it is just about how you win a game. you know, games like this happened and fortunately, they don't happen too often, and you know i like staff coming off of a game like this, too. i like his ability to bounce back. cons series carry remains the overwhelming favorite to win the finals. m v p for a minute, who's known on social media as the fake klay thompson won't be allowed into chase center again. the warriors say dawson girly impersonated the warrior start entered the arena passed through
12:45 pm
security and even shot some hoops on the court. before game five. the 29 year old posted video on youtube, the clay lookalike says he is not mad about the lifetime ban. no hard feelings of the warriors. i'm not mad about getting banned. honestly i deserved it because i infiltrated security twice now, i just want to refund that's the only thing i'm salty belt, but it's all good. still rooting for the warriors. let's go play. little girlies band at both chase center and kaiser permanente arena, home of the santa cruz warriors. officials at san francisco international are warning travelers to expect longer than usual lines to get through security because so many people are traveling again. sfo officials say passengers should get to the airport at least two hours before the departure time for domestic flight and at least three hours before an international flight. for the first time in two years, there were nonstop flights again between san jose and london. there are three flights this week. then, starting saturday, there will be daily nonstops on british airways between mineta, san jose and london's heathrow airport. london is the number
12:46 pm
one transatlantic market for travel to and from silicon valley and is a major hub for british airways flights to other parts of europe, asia, africa and the middle east report is that today showing how many crashes have happened nationwide involving vehicles with partially automated driver assist systems, according to u. s safety regulators. automakers reported nearly 400 crashes. 273 of those crashes involved tesla but the national highway traffic safety administration cautioned against using the numbers to compare automakers saying it didn't weight them by the number of vehicles from each manufacturer that uses system. or how many miles those vehicles travel. a new study finds bad air quality may be harder on your health and smoking or even drinking alcohol. the report from the university of chicago find air pollution takes about two years off of your life expectancy worldwide. it's more project more than projections from smoking, alcohol use and other major diseases. researchers say much of that air pollution comes from burning fossil fuels. but wildfire
12:47 pm
particulates are also a major concern after recent reports just found the air quality in california is the worst in the entire country. mostly because of fires. happening today. fire crews are warning people in alameda in downtown oakland. they might hear sirens and smoke from the webster and posey tubes tonight for training drill. the clothes the webster tube that runs from oakland to alameda. between 10 pm and one am posey tube, which runs back towards oakland from alameda will be closed from 1:30 a.m. to five a.m. to come at noon, the fourth of july still weeks away, but we'll take a look at our supply chain issues, creating a fireworks shortage. leading some big cities to cancel fireworks displays.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
will breeze i love checking in with meteorologist mark tamayo. when he's in his own backyard. we get to see it all happening.
12:51 pm
hi there, guys. yeah, yeah. this tree moved around quite a bit in the afternoon hours. so, yeah, we are expecting the wind to pick up later on today. always great to be outside talking about the weather and actually notice the changes instantly. but, yeah, today is the last warm day of this little warm stretch and they weren't cool things off a bit later in the week. here's what i think you with the temperature graph. we remember yesterday we warmed things up today. another fairly warm day hot spots will be approaching the lower nineties and then you'll notice those changes beginning tomorrow and then later in the week. what about rainfall with the forecast models trying to tease us with some rain chances here in the bay area? it looks like the rainfall we focused up to our north and to our east. there is a slight chance of maybe a sprinkle up in the north bay by friday and maybe in the early saturday. but it looks like the main impact will be cooler temperatures and some gusty winds. the satellite today we are showing you a little batch of some fog. so yesterday we had some clear skies, but today is becoming closer. there's that fog bank closer to our coastline
12:52 pm
right around the same mateo county coastline, so this will bring in some cooling today, right near the immediate shorelines least compared to you yesterday. but still another warm day out there and temperatures already in the mid to upper eighties out toward the fairfield 89. degrees there on tractor at least reached the aloe nineties, if not the mid nineties. this afternoon, san francisco the lower sixties and santa rosa up in sonoma county, reporting 80 degrees as far as the winds. those numbers picking up a little bit, too. throughout the afternoon hours, there is a bit of a breeze. you can see sfor right now sustained out of the west. over 20 miles an hour . here's a live camera, but san francisco in the clear least from this vantage point, so another warm day in the city with temperatures at least downtown approaching the 70 degree mark, but as you can see here, some cooling changes headed our way. so this is a big area of high pressure. this has been the source of the warming temperatures yesterday and today we'll call it nice to warm but then we had this stuff front up to our north. it will not deliver a real rainfall for us.
12:53 pm
but as he mentioned the slight chance of a sprinkle as we head into for friday, maybe friday night and saturday. but definitely a big drop off in those numbers and some gusty winds by the weekend. for today, though, lots of sunshine wind speeds, probably around 20 to 30 miles an hour and temperatures ranging from the sixties coast side warm spots inland in the nineties san jose between a warm 85 degrees and oakland right around 80 degrees later on this afternoon. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast definitely cooling things off into your thursday. warm spot still right around 80 degrees friday, the coolest day of the week that means just some sixties and some lower seventies looks like the weekend will start things off with some cloud cover and a little bit of a warming trend as we head towards saturday and into sunday, so it looks like he's kind of a temperature roller coaster warming up and cooling off and it looks like we'll be headed down to that cooling off phase as we as we check in with the thursday and friday forecast this week, okay, we look forward to it, mark. thank you. let's
12:54 pm
run to san francisco here as supervisors there are calling for more accountability following a number of traffic fatalities. san francisco supervisors dean preston and gordon moore introduced a resolution that calls for a public town hall meeting to be held within two weeks of any traffic fatality. supervisor preston says the town hall would help victims and share information on what happened and what also raise awareness to help prevent more traffic fatalities, as well as served as an open forum to discuss potential traffic improvements. part is up and running through the castro valley station again after firefighters had to rescue a man from underneath the bart train. their search camera helped cruz spot the injured man under the train. the third rail was the energized in the bar. cars were separated to access the patient. no word on how we got under the train. the incident closed the castro valley station for about an hour , four a cell phones and $1000 lost. that's just a glimpse at the fallout from a digital attack on a woman in minnesota. and of sex tells us how the hacker stole her money through wifi. my phone is really my
12:55 pm
lifeline digital attack on gina miller cellphone upended her life hacker stole gina's money, open credit cards in her name and looted payments to our small business. nobody can give me a definitive answer as to what happened and why all this happened in may, gina's cell phone stopped working when she called spectrum to ask why they said she transferred her service to another carrier. and i said, no, i actually just started with spectrum about a month ago, so i am not switching phone companies to hacking technique called porting. the hacker using personal info on gina's phone transfers her number to a new service, giving the hacker full control over her device was in pure panic for a good salad. three weeks tried using her husband's cellphone. the hacker ported that two same thing with her daughter's phone colleagues
12:56 pm
. fraud experts tell gina they don't know for sure how her phone was hacked. but they do have theories, starting with gina's travels just before the attack when she logged onto public wifi at airports in milwaukee and boston explained to me that some of the most unsafe wife eyes to log into our airports, train stations and cruises if you want to log into a private account then it's advisable not to use public wifi . when they took that number from me. it was everything gina reclaimed her phones and accounts. but my biggest fear is tenant happen again tomorrow. and that was jenna sacks reporting for us, experts say if you still need to use wifi in public, they recommend using wifi that's locked and requires a password of what online backing or entering your credit card and double check the network name. it's san francisco warren buffett is ending his affiliation with glides annual
12:57 pm
lunch auction that has raised millions of dollars for people in need. buffet, the legendary investor and philanthropist will host the final charity lunch with the winner of the online auction for one last time this year. currently the bid for a chance to bring in up to seven guests to a one hour lunch with buffett is more than $3 million . glide did not say why this is the last year of the buffet. charity auction glide ceo praised puppets work with them over the last few years. this auction with warren buffett has met a huge amount to our entire community for more than two decades, warren buffett has been our partner. he's been a friend . he's been part of the glide community in a way that's very special and very unique. it's been a gift for us and a gift that is hard to quantify. the auction has raised $35 million over the last 22 years. bidding on this year's power of one auction with warren buffett ends on friday. cities are dealing
12:58 pm
with a shortage of fireworks just ahead of the fourth of july. the city of phoenix had to cancel 3/4 of july celebrations . fireworks shortage is part of the supply chain issues we've had involving chinese imports. fireworks dealers say there may be limited supplies that fireworks stands and at large shows. about having cruz, their pyrotechnic specialists, and these come from the company's having those companies be able to have those people like the fireworks, so to speak, and there's a shortage of those groups right now. marin county fair officials in san rafael tell us they have fireworks for each night of the fair from june 30th to july 4th still waiting to hear back from other cities about their independence day shows, including the big one in san francisco. well, no it near the portrait of former president barack obama and former first lady michelle obama are now at the young museum in san francisco. the obama portraits tour is organized by the smithsonian national portrait gallery. two artists worked independently on the paintings.
12:59 pm
there are striking contrast to the formality of earlier presidential portraits and images of first ladies. the paintings were commissioned by the national portrait gallery and unveiled in 2018. since they were installed in 2000 and 18. millions of visitors traveled to the national portrait gallery to see why this and cheryl's portrait photographs of people, photographs and accounts of people reacting to this work these works. have demonstrated how powerful they can be how powerful it can be. to experience these portraits in person. the obama portraits tour will be open to the public after the young museum from june 18th august 14th last week stocks here they've given back some of the good gains we made after the federal reserve sharpest hiked interest rates since 1994 that increased its key short term rate by three quarters of a percentage point. triple the usual move and its quest to beat back high inflation. now jones is up by exactly one full percentage point. s and p is up
1:00 pm
by 1.5. nasdaq is up by 2.5. we haven't seen numbers like this in a long time in a while, man. it has been different. all right. thank you so much for joining us at noon. the news continues >> there's no place like home cooking. there's no place like home cooking. >> we're dishin with a broadway legend. kristin chenoweth. cheers you guys. >> and whipping up a girlie twist on. >> beer can chicken, a rose. canned chicken. so juicy. oh, look at that. >> plus, a perfect, simple salad. yeah, i can do this, and kristin's go to cocktail. >> the spring cosmo. wiggle it up. hmm. oh, that's nice. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also i'm a


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