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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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attorney allegedly all but admitting before january 6th. their strategy would be rejected 9 to 0 if it reached the supreme court. but today we focus on the earnest efforts of mike pence, who was determined to abide by his oath of office in their latest public hearing. the house like committee investigating the january, 6th capital riot shifted its focus to then vice president mike pence, so called pressure campaign by his boss, president trump to overturn the 2020 election. this is almost no idea more un american then the notion that any one person could choose the american president. lawmakers applauded pets for ultimately certifying the election results, despite urgings from president trump, touting a theory by his attorney, john eastman. that claimed the vice president had the authority not to president pence did the right thing that day. he stayed true to his oath to protect and defend the
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constitution. lawmakers called on two of pence's former advisers to testify and asked both about the legality of the eastman theory. vice president pence. obey the orders. from his president would have plunged america. into what? i believe would have been tantamount. to a revolution. moving forward. the committee has also sent a letter to jenny thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas to talk to them after she reportedly exchanged emails with eastman, mike and julie. madeline based on what we're hearing coming out of these, these hearings back in d. c what are you hearing there in washington? rather the attorney general merrick garland will
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pursue or bring charges against the former president donald trump. not sure what the charges maybe, but is there talk about this? well that's the question is what happens next after the hearing. the committee is not a law enforcement bodies so they can't prosecute anyone. but what they can do is lay out evidence that may pressure the department of justice to take action and to continue to prosecute people they've already indicted. peter navarro and excuse me, peter navarro, and, um, sorry, i'm blanking out of the name here, but i will remember it in just a second. steve bannon. of course. um so they can certainly take action when it when it comes. to that, but i think that's why you see the committee laying out all of this evidence, making the argument that trump and some members of his team knew that what they were doing was illegal because that will certainly be a key factor when it comes to determining whether or not they had criminal intent. interesting interestingly enough when it comes to the department of justice and more progressions,
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and in terms of their investigation, they actually sent a letter to the house select committee, saying that they want the committee to turn over transcripts that they have collected so that way they can move forward with their investigation and prosecute anyone who they think is responsible as well in this scheme might live tonight in washington, madeline thank you for that. and for more on just how much pressure former president actually applied to then vice president pence to overturn the election. we spoke earlier today to robert oh vets, lecturer and political science at san jose state. it was a very complex hearing today, really getting into the weeds of what the 12th amendment says, and the very old 18 87 electoral count act and how that provides a kind of authority to the vice president to run. the counting of the certified electoral votes , but that's all the vice president really does. and what we learned today was that president trump attempted to instigate a constitutional
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crisis. by pressuring the vice president to delay or disrupt that counting process. and today i conservative constitutional scholar testified to the panel that the president's attempt to steal the election was a quote, clear and present danger to american democracy. the committee wants to speak with the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, virginia thomas communicated with people and president trump's inner circle ahead of the riot and the day the attack happened. mississippi representative bennie thompson serves on the january 6th committee. he says it is time for thomas to talk because investigators discovered information that refers to her in communications they have obtained, according to the conservative news site. daily caller. thomas says she is looking forward to talking with the committee. california doctor who is a leading figure in the anti vaccine movement, has been sentenced to 60 days in prison for storming the u. s capitol. the judge in washington, d. c also sentenced dr simone gold at
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12 months supervised release and ordered her to pay a fine of $9500. gold said she deeply regrets entering the capital during that riot on january 6th . she pleaded guilty in march to add misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison. gold a former emergency room physician said she did not intend to get involved in an event that was so destructive to our nation. the san francisco police department is reeling tonight after one of its own dies by suicide has learned. the sergeant was under investigation by the department investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky has more now on what happened and the call for more mental health resources for officers. the sergeant was identified by the medical examiner. today is 40 year old christopher morris, who recently worked out of park station sources told me he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound as internal affairs investigators were serving a warrant at his home. this all happened around 1:20 p.m. wednesday at a home shown here on the 500 block of
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moscow street in san francisco's excelsior district. police were at the home serving that warrant when they heard a shot come from inside the home. officers said they went inside and found morris with a gunshot wound to the head. police officials would not elaborate on any of the details about what happened. they wouldn't say anything about the internal investigation, either. sources told ktvu that morris had recently been out on leave. it was also dealing with issues in his personal life. we spoke to san francisco city supervisor asha safi, whose district this happened in, he said. first responders like police aren't getting the mental health resources they need. these are jobs that are dealing with life and death. and they're tremendously tremendously stressful and we need to find ways to support them. now i reached out to the san francisco police union spokesman said. they're letting everyone mourn this loss and are waiting to issue any statements in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. some people want the d a to go after those who
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recently disrupted drag queens story hour at san lorenzo. library cameras were rolling this weekend when members of the proud boys group storm that event the situation now has east bay congressman eric swalwell stepping in to condemn messages of hate, and ktvu cristina rendon was right there at the library when he showed up today. east bay congressman eric swalwell, visiting san lorenzo library thursday with the message to the far right wing group, proud boys. specifically the men who crashed drag queen story our last weekend, verbally harassing the guest reader, panda dulce. you have nothing to be proud of, for what you did to children, and it would be a compliment to call you boys because you acted like babies. with the maturity level that you brought that down with library staff law enforcement members of the lgbtq community and asian american community to talk about what happened and offer his support. lgbtq activist billy bradford of castro valley says what struck him the most was a vulgar t shirt. one of the proud
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boys was wearing if he wants to find pedophiles. he's not going to find him at a drag queens story, albert he's not going to find him at any drag queen of any is not going to find him. at any part of it. lgbt q elected official, harris mujaddedi is urging the da's office to prosecute the men to the fullest extent of the law. seeing far too much hate. we're seeing it every day, and, sadly, the san francisco bay area is not exempt from this hate. you have to figure out where does the free speech stop? and where does the criminal behavior begin? county sheriff lieutenant ray kelly says the men are part of a small fringe group of proud boys from the bay area, but declined to say which cities there from talking to people that know some of them. they were normal members of the community somewhere along the way, they became more radical interviews. as the investigation continues, he says the department of the library and lgbtq members keep getting threats from people across the country, but they won't stand down. the goal from the proud boys was for us to run away from this fight. we are
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running towards more equality of the goal was for us to cower. we are standing up and if the goal was for us to be silent, we are louder and stronger than ever. in fact, the library will now host multiple pride events celebrating pride, not just in june, but every month in san lorenzo and welcoming back drag queens like panda, dulcie for story hour. this is not the first time um she's experienced these things, but i'm just hoping she'd be willing to come back at some point and do another storytime for us. more pride events have been added the alameda county sheriff's office is stepping up its patrol here at the library and other library locations across the county. they're also working with their law enforcement partners around the bay area to ensure that all productivity's are safe. in san lorenzo cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. new at six tonight. news services could be in the works in san francisco for victims of crime in the asian community. mayor london breed is proposing $500,000 to expand services to victims with limited english proficiency.
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defending includes $240,000 for dedicated trauma recovery clinical services in cantonese, $160,000 to expand treatment in cantonese for community based mental health services and $59,000 for increased senior escort services for the severely disabled also knew at six police in san rafael, have arrested a homicide suspect in connection to a killing earlier this month. police say they were called to the intersection of medway road. and mills street in central felon just before midnight. that was on june 4th. there they found a man who had collapsed. he was transported to the hospital, where he later died yesterday. police arrested 20 year old alan histoire no perez of nevado. he was booked at the marine county jail on a murder charge. honoring the life and legacy of norman mineta as hundreds came out to pay their respects today to san jose's native son, including former president bill clinton. the
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service touched on mineta's outstanding career in politics, his commitment to uplifting those around him and standing up against injustice, ktvu sm a gas reports along with the memorial today was officially declared norman mineta day. our community. no, i'm not as mr mayor. mr secretary, mr. congressman simply is normal, described as the most humble man in politics you'd ever meet norman mineta lived his 90 years to the fullest. so it was only fitting that the san jose community came together thursday him to its fullest at his memorial, san francisco's former mayor, willie brown, described mineta as his mentor and political inspiration. ooh! that norm manetta was different. than any politician you ever know, and you'll ever meet these words of praise from former president bill clinton. i had fortuitous
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opportunity to make him the first asian american ever and the presidential cabinet. i'm grateful to george bush. who were normal estimation i served with him still hated my guts. manera was deeply religious and committed to the methodist church he once taught sunday school decades ago, this man was in his class. when i find that i found out he was running for mayor said, that's the guy that's the guy that japanese community needs. ah to lead leon panetta recalled mineta's heroism on the day of 9 11 when , as transportation secretary, he grounded all airlines norm made some very tough decisions that day and a very tough moment. for our country. but the decisions that he made save lives a man whose family suffered the injustice of incarceration along with other japanese americans during world war two era dedicated his life
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to fighting for democracy that serves everyone and none of this works. if we're all not looking out for each other. that was something that debt dad taught us family has identified for organizations that were important to norman mineta and invites the public to make a donation in his memory. we have a full list of those organizations on our website, ktvu dot com. reporting in san jose magus ktvu, fox two news. have the potential of the world cup right in the middle of the innovation center of the world. that is a major victory tonight . the bay area's celebrating a major get in the sports world. we do now know that the world cup is coming to santa clara. we'll have more on the big plan coming up. inflation drought and supply chain problems. all of this weighing on california farmers coming up how that could impact your future trips to the grocery store. and a big drop in
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temperatures today is going to drop further tomorrow. our temperatures will all have the weekend forecast coming up. it's crazy to me how we like how the internet works. how one day we had, like, maybe 10 customers come in the next day. we have, like hundreds and talk about free advertising coming up at 6 30. see how one viral tiktok post helped keep a family's restaura
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. of going under because inflation is making it too difficult to feed their animals. fox news giovanni luigi shows us what some of those farmers are going through new tonight at six. farmers here say that it's getting harder to keep up with the growing costs of production , and that could lead to less milk on the shelves and beef in stores. you're in rural central california farmers warned prices for food could go up even more in shelves can look even emptier
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worry about you know your cows and the production price for food is already up 10% here in the u. s compared to this time last year, and ultimately our cows have to eat regardless whether the feed prices extremely high or extremely low. poland during remotes on this dairy farm here in central california. if you're getting enough of deliveries of corn to feed their thousands of cattle, so we have enough corn to hold this off for a few more days, and then we're going to be out as well. with no solution in sight. there's concerns production could be slowed. it's not definitely not a short term. short term issue that we're facing. it has the potential being a much longer term challenge, and here in the west farmers were also dealing with drought alongside more than 80 million other americans, so we're really in a position where we have to weather the storm. we have to, uh, absorb those challenges without whole lot of ability to be flexible and to
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navigate our way out of it and about the corn shipments, not making it to farms like this. experts say it's because railyards are backed up at the moment. caused by high demand for services and a labor shortage here in california juvenilia gee ktvu, fox two news stars took a dive on wall street today. some investors are concerned that the fed interest rate hike yesterday could actually cause the economy to cool down too much pushing the u . s into recession. the dow plunged 741 points. the nasdaq lost 453. that's 4% and the s and p fell 123 points. other central banks in the uk, switzerland and taiwan also raised their rates. president biden signed legislation today aimed at lowering the cost of shipping goods. northern california congressman john garamendi was one of the authors of this bill. under the new law, the federal maritime commission can block ocean carriers from refusing to fill cargo space with us exports. it would also give the commission power to investigate late fees charged by
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shippers. during the pandemic, the president said. the small number of foreign companies which do control oceangoing containers, height prices by as much as 1000. these carriers made $190 billion in profit in 2021 7 times higher than the year before, seven times higher than the year before. and they raked in the profits and the cost got passed on as you might guess directly to consumers. if shippers do not lower cost, lawmakers could take further steps, including looking at antitrust violations. already as we head into tomorrow, thursday or friday. pardon me. we're gonna be looking at temperatures cooler. still today's temperatures were cooler by 10 to 15 degrees, and some of those inland bay valleys tomorrow will drop another 5 to 8 degrees, so massive cool down after some pretty warm weather. this is where we go tomorrow. there's today in santa rosa. here's
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tomorrow in santa rosa. there's 10 degrees right there. so temperatures anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than they were today and temperatures today they're pretty cool. i mean, compared right. i mean, although antifa 86 81 in concord , 73 in vallejo, those inland spots down as much as 12 15 degrees along the bay and the coast. we've got kind of windy conditions right now. pretty breezy. the windy conditions are going to last through the evening and a little bit into tomorrow, as well as the cooling continues and fire. danger takes a little bit of a break with this pattern, which is great. tomorrow's forecast highs. you can subtract these are today so you can subtract good eight degrees from these temperatures in many places, 5 to 8 degrees. so here is the plan. the forecast got his peaked in temperatures on wednesday. there it is right there, and then temperatures are working their way down. they bought them out tomorrow. and then they ride the rail all the way through the weekend into monday, and then monday and tuesday. we do what we've been doing for a while, we
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heat right back up. i'll see you back here with the full forecast in a few minutes. all right, bill. thank you. the u. s. forest service has issued a warning against toxic blue green algae detected at to lake tahoe beaches, officials say visitors to akiva beach in the south shore and taylor creek should be cautious as mats of blue green algae have been detected there. the algae can be harmful to humans and pets who should not drink or even swim in the water where that algae has been detected. this is not the first occurrence, also of blue green algae in the state this summer. last month, the department of water resources cautioned against blue green algae that had bloomed in the san luis reservoir in merced county. changes hit a bill designed to allow children to get vaccinated without their parents' permission in california coming up how those changes would give some parents a little more control. also find out what's being done to crack down on being done to crack down on street vendors in - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. ended a bill that would have let preteens be vaccinated without their parents' consent. currently minors aged 12 to 17 in california cannot be vaccinated without permission from their parents or guardians, except for vaccinations that prevent sexually transmitted diseases. but as reporter jose mitri tells us, the bill's author says the measure may not have had enough support to pass the state assembly. this is file item 36 sb 8 66 during today's assembly floor session, lawmakers voted on making
6:25 pm
changes to a bill that would allow kids 12 years or older to get a vaccine approved by the food and drug administration, like the covid-19 vaccine without asking their parents. thank you, mr speaker. i rise to present amendments on behalf of senator scott wiener as the 866 amendments to raise the age from 12 and up to 15 and up senator scott wiener introduced senate bill 8 66 in january. so this is not a new or radical idea. this is very consistent with existing law last month passed in the senate 21 to 8. but as lawmakers ready for a vote in the assembly, some parents have pushed back. the bill, author spokesperson told casey ari. upping the age may give the bill a better path forward after hearing from some concerned families who preferred that republicans opposed the bill. regardless the state over the years has tried to give 17 year olds the right to vote. and 12 year olds right to make medical decisions, but we do not want to prosecute criminals as adults until they're age 25 because their brains are not fully developed. these amendments raise the age from 12 to 15 for
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medical decisions. but that does not go far enough for these reasons. we hope withholding our consent and ask for a roll call vote. lawmakers went on the record with their votes to modify the vaccine consent bill today close the role and talia vote ice 33 nos 21. it is an incredible impactful tool to get people together in a way that quite frankly, no other thing in the world can get people together like area gets ready to play host to the world cup coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 the impact this will have on more than just sports fans and one bay area team is already been a team from boston today later in sports of the oakland a's avoided being swept by the red sox. also had vice president kamala harris gets tasked with leading an effort to crack down on online harassment a
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to our ready-to-wash system that cleans and details. to laser measured floorliners. ♪ and to secure your phone, don't forget the cupfone. weathertech has everything to make it a great father's day. order today at weathertech. made right in america. ktvu has learned that as san francisco police sergeant died by suicide as internal affairs investigators were serving a warrant at his home yesterday afternoon. sources say he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. the sergeant was identified as 40 year old christopher morris. police officials would not elaborate on the investigation. hundreds gathered in san jose today to honor the life and legacy of norman mineta. former president bill clinton was among those who paid tribute to san jose's native son. who served as mayor , congressman and transportation secretary, mineta was remembered
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as a political inspiration who dedicated his life to fighting for democracy that serves everyone on capitol hill. the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection shifted focus to former vice president mike pence. and the pressure he faced from donald trump to overturn the 2020 election. lawmakers applauded pence for fending off trump's repeated call not to certify joe biden victory. the committee said trump's actions put pence in danger, making him a target for rioters. and you are watching ktvu faster news at 6 30. the 2026 world cup is coming to the bay area. it sure is a announced today that santa clara has been selected as one of the cities where the games will play out. ktvu tom baker has more now on the impact the world cup will have on the bay area. and beyond. the golden gate city. of san francisco and the bay area. levi stadium immediately joined the winning cities loved fest for the place they say is best.
6:31 pm
we are thrilled to be selected as a host for fifa world cup 2026. and can't wait to have you join me in my hometown as we celebrate many more amazing world cup memories together, post and routes have equalized. oakland roots professional soccer team is thrilled. the world cup is what every player every coach, and every fan aspires to watch. this is the world tuning in not just america or select few countries. andy dole, it is one of the sporting world's most accomplished folks. serving an executive positions in the nfl, nba nhl mlb and was general manager of a former american soccer league team to have the potential of the world cup right in the middle of the innovation center of the world. that is a major victory area is one of 11 us metroplex is to host the world cup hosting with the bay area will be atlanta, boston, dallas houston, kansas
6:32 pm
city, as well as los angeles. miami new york, new jersey, philadelphia and seattle. also hosting toronto and vancouver, canada. as well as guadalajara and mexico city, mexico. the world cup is like no other tournament on earth all nations represented in this tournament, and it is an incredible impactful tool to get people together in a way that quite frankly, no other thing in the world can get people together to like sport to me. as always been maybe the last town square left in our society where people of all backgrounds actually get together and respect each other. the 2026 world cup will be the first world cup to host not 38 teams. but 48 we will see the effects of it when it happens it last years and years and years afterwards be three for the united states of america. but
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first things first world cup 2022 in the middle east state of color. in november. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. it is enforcement day for new san francisco law aimed at cracking down on the trade in stolen goods. the plaza at 24th street and mission in san francisco is one outdoor marketplace where vendors sell their wares. city officials say they flourished during the pandemic. now a new law co sponsored by supervisor hillary ronen is being enforced targeting those who are clearly trafficking in stolen goods. we've also seen a shift from folks selling. where's that they traded for border for made to obviously stolen goods being sold on the street. and by obviously stolen meaning. you know, hundreds of bottles of shampoo with the walgreens label on the back it up. crews from the city's department of public works are now tasked with enforcing the new law. they will be looking for those selling
6:34 pm
stolen goods, educating vendors when they can and eventually issuing citations at 6 30, vice president kamala harris and administration officials have launched a task force dedicated to fighting online harassment and abuse. the vice president warns that abuse on the internet, especially for women, people of color, and those in the lgbtq community can often lead to real life violence. the task force will address several issues, including prevention of online abuse and services for people who are targeted. this problem. it's not new, but it has taken on new urgency following mass shootings in texas in new york that officials say was fueled in part by misogynist and racist commentary on social media and message boards. harm against her against him against them. is a harm against all of us. as a society. and so it is with that spirit that we are doing the work we are doing today to convene and to inaugurate this task force understanding this affects all of us. if it affects anyone of
6:35 pm
us. the task force is scheduled to issue recommendations for the federal government and private companies in six months. elon musk spent today meeting with twitter staffers. this is the first time the tesla ceo addressed workers in the midst of his $44 billion takeover bid of the company. one of his key points was to make twitter so compelling that you can't live without it. he also said twitter staffers are doing an excellent job and should be allowed to continue to work from home. but he strongly prefers that they work in person. asked if he would cut jobs at twitter if the deal goes through, must reportedly saying quote right now costs exceed revenue. that is not a great situation. as ukrainians continue to fight for their land their military is barely holding on in ukraine's eastern cities, reports relentless russian shelling and air attacks are threatening to overwhelm some of ukraine's defensive line. the war is now
6:36 pm
entering a critical phase. russian forces appear to be close to overtaking the ukrainians in several denied a strategic city key to taking the luhansk region in donbass, which could determine the fate of eastern ukraine. on wednesday, the us pledged another billion dollars worth of weapons and ammunition to help hold the russians back at a nato meeting in brussels, defense secretary lloyd austin said this about the u. s and nato earlier things that we can do and will do. to make sure that it's a lot easier to rapidly deploy forces forward as the fighting escalates. there are new reports of two captured american citizens, both former service members. the russians claimed they were taken while fighting with ukrainians near kharkiv. it's not clear what will happen to them, but pro russian officials in the region recently sentenced to british citizens to death, saying there's no reason to consider a pardon me. i just have the right to pardon, but i can't see any reason to exercise this right? i should rely on the opinion of
6:37 pm
the citizens of the don't ask people's republic. meanwhile the heads of four nato allies france , germany, italy and romania arrived in ukraine for a visit. doubling down on pledges to help the ukrainians push the russians back across the border. this has to end with all the activities we are undertaking, but the aid we have mobilized and also with sanctions, solidarity. we should be hearing more about possible military aid coming out of a nato summit set for later this month focused specifically on ukraine reporting in livid ukraine. i'm native oy, ktvu, fox two news. have you been here before? you know, i actually saw it on tiktok day off some like i might as well post gets credit for saving a family restaurant coming up. see how business has boomed after one video went viral, and we'll show you what's being done to encourage more rescues the pets
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adoptions all month. animal care officials say the shelter has become full for the first time in a couple of years, officials say the shelter is full of available dogs, cats and a lot of adorable kittens. they also have rabbits, a chicken and a guinea pig that all need new homes. well a google employee is facing suspension tonight ever going public with information that he says proves google has
6:41 pm
developed a computer program that thinks and feels emotion. that's right. foxes eden brown breaks down the conversation the employee says he had with the program. it could be a big breakthrough for artificial intelligence or just a computer program outsmarting its creator . an engineer at google is in hot water after coming forward with a shocking claim that an artificial intelligence program the company is developing is evolving into something more. blake lemoine claims that lambda or language model for dialogue applications is now sentient, meaning it is basically a new life form that learns thanks for itself and his interested in self preservation as proof lemoine posted on his medium page. what he claims is a transcript of a conversation he had with lambda. in which the bot describes feeling complicated emotions like loneliness and says it would object to scientists studying its neural network without its consent because it does not want to be manipulated. lambda says
6:42 pm
it forms original thoughts and is not simply responding to questions with scripted answers . google responding with what they call a thorough review of lemoyne claims. concludes there is no evidence lambda is alive after posting that transcript online, lemoine was suspended. google says he violated their confidentiality policies. lemoine says it was worth it in miami. eben brown fox news. alrighty everything is cooling off. you notice it big time today, further cooling tomorrow and then the weekend we'll look into that after the break, and with that we bring in heather holmes with the closer look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plots, either working to try to get people some relief at the pump tonight, one on one conversation with bay area congressman ro khanna on his proposed oil tax. plus a new tool unveiled in south lake tahoe. what this robot will be looking for along the beaches there those stories and a lot more coming up live in
6:43 pm
just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu plus heather. thank you, but first after the break, see how it tiktok video helped bring in 10 times as many restaurant customers than usual restaurant customers than usual the day after it was posted. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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to overcome anything. ♪ to be...unstoppable. that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪ family tonight. fox news. emily tensor shows us how it went viral and then brought customers flowing into a restaurant. sneakers mexican restaurant family business has served enchiladas, tacos and many other meals for almost 10 years. but like many small businesses, the pandemic almost took them out.
6:46 pm
after the pandemic. it was really slow, carlos cardenas watched his dad's dream almost disappear. i see him. like really stressed all the time. pretty like not sad, but he could tell he's trying to hide. it mentioned that he might have to close the restaurant doors for good. carlos asked his dad to let him try one of his ideas. anytime he talks to me about, like wanting to quit or wanting to give up. a kills me because you know our family. we never give up. carlos didn't give up and took their struggles to tiktok. posting this video of nico's hopes, let down once again by lack of customers crazy to me how we like how the internet works. how one day we had, like, maybe 10 customers come in and are like 11 hours that were open. and then the next day we have, like hundreds . the video has over six million views in over a million, likes
6:47 pm
utahns flocked to 14 58 west north temple to give the food a try before you know, i actually saw it on tiktok day off, so i'm like i might as well before nico was hesitant about social media. but now with carlos help some of our. this and menu already made two more videos. i think now he realized, like, okay, i think i got to be more open with social media, and i got to try this out more. carlos says this past week has been the busiest it's ever been in his dad's hard work has only inspired him more seeing him fight and then finally paying off. it just makes me really happy. frank reporting in salt lake city, emily tensor fox news. okay we're looking again at the temperatures from today, temperatures dropped significantly in fairfield inn, antioco and conquered out of the nineties into the eighties. big
6:48 pm
time drop temperatures tomorrow drop another five or eight degrees. the strange the change has been in the last 12 hours or so is this high pressure weekends and the temperatures begin to plummet and they are going to bottom out as we head into tomorrow, then they'll flatten out a little bit after that, um it's good, great for fire danger. as you know, it's windy out there that you can see the bush out there at sfo going at it some, uh, patchy straight us along the coast. not a lot, though. there's a lot of wind and we've got a small craft advisory offshore, and then we got a gale warning down it down towards big the big sur area, but overall, just breezy conditions as this low very unusual. for this time of year comes in and sets up shop and it's a cold, though they'll get get snow at higher elevations. at mount shasta. they'll get snow at higher elevations around lake tahoe, and we might see a slight sprinkle problem. most likely just drizzle it best that's on friday and saturday. and then you can just see this cold air settles and over us, and it's yeah, it's unusual.
6:49 pm
unusual i mentioned it last night, too, right? i mean, this is the model through next week, and you can see all this moisture in the pacific northwest kind of filtering down towards us. it really just equates to higher. relative humidities. here's the system. they're higher relative humidities, and that's going to in turn, help our fire danger ridiculously a lot, so in that as we go into this weekend, we do have some wind. but we don't have the high humidities in the high temperatures. there's the current system that's moving through right now. that might bring a little drizzle over the coast late tonight and early tomorrow morning. and then if you look you see a little green out there, representing perhaps a, um perhaps a little bit of drizzle, or what have you so let me click it in there just have a little computer problems. there are the winds. winds are basically rolling pretty significantly added sfo up into the 30 mile an hour range on the gusts. so just another cool down and this is a long line of cool downs that we've seen each week for the last month or so. we've
6:50 pm
heated up. and then we have cooled down towards the weekend , and that's how this week is acting as well. next week that i know you don't want to think about this, but after the weekend we're going to see temperatures go right back up and fire danger becomes a concern. so it's going to do that. i don't think we're going to see the big cool down next week like we did this week. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. and, yeah, no eighties. i mean, that's a big drop right? so you'll notice that tomorrow is going to feel not at all, like your week and a half from the solstice. it's going to feel more like early spring or mid spring. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. you can see him right there with the five day forecast looks like a good one. just take a slow take a jacket for sure. see you back here. seven. thanks, bill. well we hope you join mornings on to tomorrow. as we continue our summer zip trips. we're going to be in union city to uncover some of the lesser known facts about the city and put locals to the test. where did union city get its name? i have no idea, so they put them together, and i thought maybe that's why they put union city. yeah yeah,
6:51 pm
you're wrong. one of the most popular candies in the united states is actually made in union city has been for 50 years. can you name the candy and the company? no, i don't know what tomorrow, we will explore more facts and trivia about union city will also get a sampling of some of the best foods it has to offer tune in for tomorrow. zip trip to union city on mornings onto the nine. we're also gonna be highlighting other cities across the bay area with more trips throughout the summer. first round of the u. s open now in the book, some big names at the top of the leaderboard and phil mickelson in jeopardy of missing the cut. our jason appelbaum is up next with sp another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud.
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hitting the road, not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than verizon. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g. there's aren't the only big sporting event right now. okay whom? i kidding? of course they are. in fact, we're watching it off to the side here. but since they are in action as we speak, trying to win an nba title, we have a decent plan b for you. how about round one of the u. s open played just outside of boston in brookline, massachusetts. phil mickelson. just playing the live tour. he's
6:55 pm
not an exemption after being banned from the p g. a. he had a very rough opening round. mickelson double bogeys the sixth hole he shot a 78 is tied for 144th place, while mickelson was struggling, rory mcilroy was cruising. he buries the birdie on seven. mcilroy finished at 300 par tied for second. on the power for 12 matt fitzpatrick chipping from just off the green . that's a big green just enough time to tell you that matthew thomas fitzpatrick is 27 years old from sheffield, england, his chip shot eventually drops for birdie. fitzpatrick is 68 today , two strokes back of this man adam had win from moose jaw canada, also on 12 reads the green beautifully. had one with a one stroke lead at the us open after an opening round 400 parts 66 in case you're wondering about tiger woods. he's not playing all right, about four miles from where the u. s open is being played. the a's were at
6:56 pm
fenway park, trying to avoid being swept by the red sox. boston reliever matt strahm, letting us know who he's rooting for tonight. red sox fans rocking their celtics jerseys key moment here in the third that helped turn the tide in the a's favorite christian pop, pops it up. trevor's tory thinks he's got it. but no, the ball drops. so instead of two outs and nobody on ends up at second with what they called a double and only one out, and that opened the floodgates, so to speak. one run already in when christian bethancourt max one to left off rich hill, two more runs coming in to score and just like that pays leads three to nothing. sixth inning great reflexes coming up by rafael devers, who had homered in four straight games. look at devers make the play great snare on sean murphy's liner. it takes a little rest on the field. you got to see that replay to appreciate the catch who failed to hit a home run like we said for the first time in four games
6:57 pm
later in the inning, devers involved in a much easier grounder. only this time it sneaks through elvis andrews through the wickets. it's an error. seth brown scores 4 to 1. a red sox cut it to 4 to 3, but got no closer rob refsnyder grounds. elvis andrus, who throws a double hopper to first for the final out. after getting outscored 16 to in the first two games of the series, the a's leave town with a 43 win in the finale. alright one of the all time great women's basketball players is calling it quits. we're talking about sue bird. who has spent her entire 21 year wnba's career playing for the seattle storm. she announced earlier that she will retire at the end of the season. bird was originally drafted number one overall by seattle back in 2000 and two and the 41 year old bird . she's a four time w n b a champion, a 12 time all star and the all time w. n b, a leader in games played and assist. and second in three pointers. bird,
6:58 pm
along with diana taurasi are also the only two basketball players to win five olympic gold medals. i feel like for every athlete sometimes it really just comes down to you know, and you know, there isn't necessarily a recipe for it. you just know when you know. and now that i know, and now again that this new york game is coming, i get to share it with my family. my friends, which i'm excited about, um, it was the right time for me. all right. we have the weirdest bat break of the year to show you check this out. eric hosmer of the padres checks his swing, but he makes contact with the pitch near the barrel of the bat. and look where the bat snapped. it snaps at the knob, leaving the tip of the bat in one hand and the rest of the bat his other hand. you gotta look at the super slow mo because it's pretty amazing. it is just the handle or that i don't know if i've seen that before. that's different. different hospital ended up with a couple of hits and the padres won the game. 6 to 4. highlights tonight at 10
6:59 pm
highlights good ones joe fonzi in boston. yeah, thanks for in boston. yeah, thanks for joining us, howard's capsule should be reentering the atmosphere any minute. it'll be good to have him back. the fantastic four reunited! (chuckles) yeah, you had a good run, fake wolowitz. we'll remember you with nostalgic fondness. the way we do the dial-up modem, the vhs tape, or... or leonard's gym membership. we're not kicking him out. stuart and i have become good friends. okay, one vote for, one vote against. leonard, you're the tiebreaker. i don't have a problem with stuart. besides, he gives us a 20% discount at his comic book store. well, i don't sell my friendship that cheaply. i can go 30. welcome aboard, old chum. okay, the nasa web site says howard's final descent has begun. (sighs) he left a boy, he returns a boy-sized hero. (wolowitz screaming) (loud rumbling)
7:00 pm
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